Flashing Fundies!

Chris Bray didn't just coin the terms 'Xist' and 'Xism', he also popularised the shortform 'Fundie' for a fundamentalist. Although 'Fundie' is a natural contraction which Chris began to use in 1988 he later found it had been used before in Isaac Assimov's "I Robot". Chris WAS the first to rationalise it in the U.K. as a regular pejorative noun to describe any form of religious fundamentalism because, he said,
with those people "Fun Dies" .

Today the word has become so popular on the internet that Google shows nearly 200,000 hits for it. We've even heard it being used in a movie soundtrack as a scathing term for a fundamentalist.

The image above shows an interesting new application of 'Fundies' as in Fun Undies. It's real, honest, but the spectacle of a 'one size fits all' unisex Fundie which flashes on and off when you stick batteries in it is too horrendous to contemplate.


A fundie photographed in the wild in the middle of it's territory display emitting it's raucous warning call
"You Will Burn In Hell!"
Do you think she is wearing Fundies perhaps?

R U Xist?

How indoctrinated are you by the Establishment?
Read the followingand find out.

Definition of an Xist: (Xism/Xist:)

Our Founder Mr Chris Bray coined this phrase in his book Secrets of Mind Control (see below ). This book would be an essential read for anyone to further their spiritual evolution and release themselves from the thrall of Xist thinking.

An Xist is a person who is in the grip of our societies' mass mind set which has in turn been created and scoped in a negative way for the past 1,000 years.

People do not fully understand that everything they are allowed to do by the strictures set out of by society does not constitute a freedom but actually manacles them to a particular paradigm. People are only motivated or allowed to do what the mind controllers want them to do. Thus Xists are the zombies of the Western World.

This goes to the very core of each individual and EVERYONE is manipulated by Xism before they are even self-aware. Therefore, without illumination / right-thinking / esoteric awareness, the ideas, conclusions and constructs one uses to judge one's decisions and actions have been programmed into the subconscious so early that the responses are automatic and unquestioned.

People do not even know they are being controlled yet will regularly make life-changing decisions based on value sets which have been imposed upon them.

Xists can be ordinary folk or very influential people (politicians and other 'pillars of society'). Xism is no respecter of high or low IQ levels. People who are intellectually powerful can be controlled as easily as those who are dim. The ability to manipulate people in this way is kind of understood intuitively by great manipulators. Stalin, Hitler and Churchill all knew about it.

Indeed Lenin wrote about it clearly, making this mechanism the foundation of his 'Long March' to take over the world for Communism by using Agents of Influence within the West.

The decisions and value sets of Xists are so completely controlled by Xism that they can live and die without any understanding of their true potential and not knowing that there is an alternative. Worse - Xism rewards those zombies who comply eagerly with the system and thus a feedback loop is created where the people in power will always perpetuate the evils of Xism because it is in their best interests to do so.

That is why humankind never learns from History - each generation of Xists make the same mistakes again and again like some horrid reoccurring dream.

To fully understand this process in order to free yourself from it you need to read Secrets of Mind Control (Chris Bray) details of which are at the foot of this page.

Meanwhile, take our Two Minute Test to see if you have freedom of thought or whether the Xists have got to you sometime in the past......

SITUATION (1): THE TRAIN CRASH: You are sat watching the TV news which is carrying the tragic news of a runaway train which has careered down an embankment and crashed into some houses killing a dozen people in the train and several more in their homes.

Three distraught residents are interviewed about their part in the emergency and then the report cuts to the local Vicar who is asked what can be done for the bereaved and those who have been left behind.

THE ASSUMPTION: The Xist assumption is that everyone killed or maimed in the crash is a White Anglo Saxon Christian Protestant, but in reality the passengers will reflect our multicultural society and may have a proportion of Jews, Atheists, Buddhists, Sikhs, Moslems etc which the Xist interviewer has completely disenfranchised.

The Vicar makes the same assumption and speaks for every passenger as though he has some mandate to do so. It is a completely false perception based on Xist colonial thinking.

Not only does the Vicar have no mandate to care for the souls of the dead and injured but his habitual involvement actually deprives people of the care of their proper religious officiators.

The subconscious conclusion has to be that non-White, non-Christian people are not as important as WASPs.

SAFF statistical research shows that, unless the report solely concerns a large and easily identifiable cultural community the media ALWAYS turns to representatives of the Christian Church for opinion and spiritual advice.

SITUATION (2): THE MAD MULLAH: There is a mad fundamentalist leader pursuing a suicidal holy war worldwide. This 'mad mullah' believes he has a personal line to Allah and is campaigning take over the world for God and force everyone in it to convert. He controls a faction absolutely convinced of their own superiority and ntends to challenge every unbeliever in religious hot-spots throughout the world . He has already ordered the bombing of civilians in Iraq....... but with any luck the Yanks will vote George Bush out at the next election .

SITUATION 3: THE HIMALAYAN EARTHQUAKE There is a terrible earthquake in the region of the Himalayas and the devastation covers hundreds of miles in area. Thousands of people are killed outright under fallen buildings, hundreds of thousands more are injured and dying; millions are made homeless.

You sit in your comfy armchair in your climate controlled living room watching all this unfold on your wide screen plasma television. Well-fed, nattily dressed ace-reporters use up essential resources to travel to the stricken areas and peer into the faces of dying people with their cameras and then after getting their 'award winning coverage' they escape the horror in their helicopters and return to their five star hotels to indulge themselves in the bar.

The media people didn't bring anything with them and they certainly ain't taking any stricken natives back.

Seeking out footage of mutilated children screaming for help the manipulative media create guilt throughout the nation. The cry goes up: Something Must Be Done! The government charter a plane (don't they have a few hundred of those already in Iraq bombing innocent people there?) and we have the inevitable sight of some rich overseas aid charity forklifting palettes of food and water into the bowels of the aircraft.

Ho Hum. There are MILLIONS of people made destitute by the earthquake and the extremely well-paid graduates who run these charities have ordered someone else to load about five minutes worth of aid - but it makes you feel better that 'something' is being done doesn't it?

The government wastes millions of your tax money on political dowerage supporting evil regimes (Zimbabwe got 40 million pounds last year from the British Government and it regularly kills and starves its own people) but you feel that you just must give the 'suits' in the charities a little bit more to help them along otherwise you just couldn't live with yourself.

And so everyone joins in to display their moral credentials. The Banks, Post Offices, Local Grocers all have a donation box, everyone is wearing bright plastic bangles to assuage their guilt - but nobody is actually DOING anything - because the poor sods dying in the Hindu Kush live in an area of no intrinsic value to the Xists in the West so there is no infrastructure for the aid to get through.

The people there are as they have been for centuries - on their own reconnaissance. Earthquakes are common in The Himalayas and Nature is cruel - the people there are resilient because they have to be. They have survived there for thousands of years, yet are portrayed by the Xist media as helpless, dim, unresourceful peasants who haven't the wit or will to cope.

In the old days they built their single story bungalow houses out of wood and stone from materials that were scattered around them by Nature. Nothing is earthquake proof but you can always build your house again with the same stones. Nature gives - nature takes away and nature gives again, but not in the Western Cities which Xism has imposed upon this area.

There the reinforced concrete hi-rise housing, designed by Western 'experts' and financed by 'overseas aid' kills thousands as each building collapses in on itself like so many packs of cards. Western governments don't give foreign aid to build mud-huts - but they do give money if the government 'benefitting' from the aid re-routes it back by awarding building contracts to British or American Firms to build in this conventional manner.

In the country those who have been dispossessed by the earthquake can find shelter under trees - they can find wild plants to allay pain, heal cuts and broken bones with. And there's lots of wild-food about for the picking. Once they have recovered their senses they can rebuild temporary shelters like their forefathers did and get fresh water from the clear mountain streams.

But not many do that, because Xism has destroyed and devalued the link between the environment, the culture, the ancient skills and the people in these outlying areas and replaced them with Nike Baseball Caps and bottles of Coca Cola.

Now when an earthquake hits most people from the outlying districts flock into the cities making things worse for everyone.

No sanitation, No clean water - but there's always the chance that the Xist Western Aid people will care for them with free rice and flour and some of that nice Perrier water. People who could have sorted their own problems have been made reliant upon the Western world-view and are being educated into believing that they cannot help themselves.

A glance at the balance sheet of any charity will show the disproportionately small level of donations which actually go to helping the people the charity is supposedly set up to aid.

The NSPCC for example spends Millions of pounds worth of the donations you give it in advertising for more money to cope with child abuse. The people who run these aid charities often get remuneration equivalent to the best in the PR industry.

It is not uncommon to find directors paid over 100,000.00 and the cost of keeping the infrastructure of these charities going is often more than half of the donations given.

Why does this rigmarole continue. Because of Xism. Because the people of the U.K. and elsewhere are not suspicoius enough to see that areas at risk from earthquakes, typhoons and tidal waves have ALWAYS been at risk from those things for thousands of years.

It doesn't take a degree in seismology to know that earthquake are going to happen regularly in the foothills of the Himalayas - that's why the largest mountain range in the world is there init?

Well-placed , visionary aid could produce REAL plans put into effect IN ADVANCE to limit the human suffering that is caused in these 'hot-spots' but why, I hear you muse, isn't that happening?

Well dear reader, if you think that foreign aid is given by governments to limit the suffering of starving people in the third world then you are not just an Xist, you are a dim Xist. Foreign aid is given by governments in return for geo-political advantage.

The Charities all know this and keep the truth from the public (though continually blackmail the government into giving them more money and influence to compensate). It's all a disgraceful Xist illusion. 'Entertainment' provided to keep the masses thinking that 'something is being done' whilst lining the pockets of corrupt dictators and emotional blackmailers.

When the Indian Ocean Tsunami killed hundreds of thousands of people the British Public gave so much money that the charity organisers didn't know how to spend it.

There is a tipping point, when the donations coming in vastly exceeds the actual aid that can be physically undertaken. The first few million takes care of medicines, temporary accommodation and food. After the first couple of weeks all those who are going to die have died. Where else can the charities' money be crucially spent?

After the first couple of weeks the government of the country concerned takes over (you surely don't think in your Imperialistic Xist way that these countries are incapable of helping themselves do you?).

Often the extra long-term funding required for local governments to rebuild is given by Western Government in the form of overseas aid. So why are these extremely wealthy charities now asking for more donations from us 'urgently' to cope with this latest disaster?

For many decades it has been clear that there is a need for the setting up of a world-wide disaster force with the equipment and the personnel available to move into a disaster area within hours and which does not rely on voluntary help and voluntary donations.

If this pro-active pan-global disaster agency was created it would minimise the effects, save millions of lives and probably cost 'first world' governments far LESS than they pay out in aid at the moment. Why won't they do it?

Because Xist politicians use foreign aid as a lever for their own geopolitical purposes. When shove comes to push Xism always sacrifices hundreds of thousands of innocents yearly to keep its power base intact. And in order to keep the supremacy of the Western World intact they rely on YOUR misplaced trusting nature.


This page is in process and will be continued soon, ;contributions welcome........................


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