All emails to the S.A.F.F. should be addressed to Tony Rhodes, (Director) see below
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Contributions will fall into the followng categories:

Personal examples of religious prejudice, state intolerance or victimisation

Please email or post a detailed statement of your experiences. All such information will be treated in the strictest of confidences. If your statement becomes of strategic use as an example or for statistical purposes we will not reuse or refer to it without asking you for your permission first. It is normal practice to provide contributors with pseudonyms and false identities if parts of their story are to be used in a public medium so that no identification can be made and we would never release you name or identifying details without your permission.. However you must add your name and address to the statement and use real names and dates and details within it otherwise it is legaly invalid and cannot be used..

Complaints about things which appear in SAFF documents

We have an excellent reputation for the accuracy of our research. Often the statements may appear unbelievable but we never publish facts unless we have documentary evidence to support them. It is our purpose to promote the truth. If you discover any fact which is in error or has been misrepresented then please write or email making sure that you give relevant corrections (i.e. dates, times, people, details, page numbers of publications referred to, authors, titles and date of publication etc.) and if in error we will gladly correct. If your name or organisation is mentioned in any of our documents and you think we have interpreted the situation incorrectly we will be pleased to see your version of it and we promise to be fair in juxtaposing any relevant information on this site.

Debate and discussion about published material or current controversies

We welcome input from any perspective on these issues. When sending emails make sure that you give a good description of the content of your email in the subject heading. Do NOT send everything in an attachment as attachments or web-pages which are not introduced first by email will be deleted as a virus security risk. We will answer debate and correspondence in order of priority, please be patient if a reply seems slow in coming as the SAFF is organised by volunteers and time is always short. The sending of an email under this section will be deemed to incorporate tacit approval for its publication but we may edit (fairly) to fit available space.

Research material: Cuttings, Documentary evidence, Audio-tracks, Videos, supplementary evidence.

We are very grateful for any contributions you may care to make but to be useful to us they must contain the following information: (1) Your name and address: (2) Title of newspaper/magazine/program. (3) Time and date of publication or broadcast. (4) Names of producer, or journalist involved. If you are posting newspaper/magazine cuttings to us then please, (pretty please!) past them on to A4 sheets [you can cut them up to fit] and add therelevant detail from above, or email us the webpage making sure you send an email first explaining the contents and giving the URL.

Requests for more information or for permission to mirror or reuse information

If you want to access our research work and documentary evidence we will need to have your full name and address. If you are a journalist or media researcher we need to know the program or article you are working on, who else is contributing, what the scope of it is and who the producer and director are. If you are undertaking work for a charity or other independent organisation then you need to tell us all about your work and your group and give details of the application you have in mind. We do not normally charge for research assistance but may offset costs in faxing / posting / production / the supply of books and audio and video tapes to TV, Film or Newspapers. If you want to re-use or mirror our documentation please state where and why, whereupon we will usually grant permission gladly.

Unsubstantiated information and rumour

Rumour diminishes in accuracy in inverse proportion to the square of its distance from source. Letting us know what happened to your friend is useful, particularly if he/she will cooperate with us. Any anecdote more than twice removed is likely to be so inaccurate as to not be worth pursuing. Unless you feel it important enough, or can substantiate it in some other way please try to trace reliable evidence first before sending.

We want this website to represent a fair cross-section of opinion. Would you like to add more Information, Observations, Personal Experience, Criticisms or Corrections to SAFF files and publications?
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