The Epping Forest Satanic Abuse Case, the latest misjudgement by over-eager Satan Hunters was being hailed by social workers and promoters of the Satanic Child Abuse Myth as THE case which would settle once and for all the debate as to whether Satanic Child Abuse exists. But for the EIGHTH time on major cases these pernicious people have failed to prove their cock-eyed theories. The dramatic collapse of the Epping case, where the chief witness admitted collusion and that they had told lies, vindicates what the S.A.F.F. has always maintained about the gullibility and lack of professionalism of social workers who have become so obsessed with the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth that they will believe any fantasy which leaves a child's lips in order to prove themselves right about so-called Satanic Abuse

The social workers who believe in this stupid idea are obsessive, pernicious, culturally prejudiced people who should be removed from their jobs forthwith along with the 'experts' who touted the idea of Satanic Child Abuse in the first place.There have been enough excuses! To paraphrase Wilde:

"To lose one alleged Satanic Abuse Case might be considered unfortunate. To lose EIGHT cases in a row can only bring into question the mentality of those who pursue the obsession."

What the public doesn't know is that for four years genuine occultists, witches, pagans and yes, even Satanists themselves, have been inviting the authorities within their circles to check out their beliefs and prove once and for all to the Government, Social Workers, The Police and the British Public that Satanic Child Abuse DOES NOT exist. These people who REALLY knew the score have made strenuous and committed efforts beyond the duty of the normal citizen to convey the truth at all levels of our society, but they have been ignored and even conspired against by people in power who have a fanatical belief that Satanic Abuse exists. Time and time again responsible occultists, witches and pagans have said publicly that the hysteria of Satanic Child Abuse could only harm our society and damage the children we ALL wish to protect.

But did Social Workers listen? Did they even CONSIDER our point of view? They did not. Revealing the very prejudices which coloured their understanding of the situation they COMPLETELY IGNORED offers of help from the very people whom they were accusing. Turning to 'experts' within social work itself in order to justify their beliefs about the existence of so-called Satanic Ritual Abuse, they insisted that they were right and that everyone else was wrong. Regardless of the damage and trauma it caused to innocent families the self-appointed Bulldog Drummonds of the social services persisted in their arrogance subjecting already disturbed children to unnecessary pressure and psychological stress during repetitive interrogations. Pressing them to fantasise and 're-live' the most depraved scenario of human perversions possible ( experiences which they would normally be banned from seeing if part of a video or movie) these self-righteous social workers actually perpetrated the evil with which they have becom e obsessed. In the process destroying any vestige of self-worth which these abused children may have retained. Ironically if such extreme and fanatical methods were used by parents against their own children it would be defined, using the NSPCC'S definition, as a definite form of child abuse for which criminal prosecutions might follow.


Well, dear reader, don't fall for the lame excuse that poor misguided Social Workers have been mislead by religious fanatics. It is true that Social Workers and social work 'experts' USED the platform which the religious fanatics whipped up for their own purposes during 1988/9. And it is true that these dishonourable social workers DID lie and say that they had never used the term "Satanic Abuse" when the media rounded on them over Rochdale (but they soon re-adopted the term for the Epping, Strathclyde and Derbyshire cases when it became convenient). No, dear reader, since 1990 when the S.A.F.F. succeeded in discrediting all their previous cases and exposed the lack of 'expertise' of their experts the Social Work Mafia have had NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER for perpetrating the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. IT IS THEY AND THEY ALONE WHO HAVE DONE THIS WICKED THING.

Prominent leaders within Social Work have stuck to their guns regardless of the terrible catalogue of injustice and trauma which it inflicted upon already disturbed children. Relying upon their exalted positions as established referees for large child welfare charities and as lecturers to the million and one seminars which clog up the Social Work conference circuit, they said that Satanic Abuse Exists and that was all the witchunters required of them. Despite the fact that the S.A.F.F. has been writing to these people to ask them to consider our alternatives, they have consistently and despicably refused to entertain ANY input from us. EVEN THOUGH WE COULD HAVE STOPPED THE MISTAKES WITHIN WEEKS and saved a lot of children a great deal of distress.


We draw you attention to the fact that these 'Experts' are also in charge of interpreting and investigating alleged 'normal' child abuse. The truth is that the Myth of Satanic Abuse was simply an extreme manifestation of the same emotional and moral blackmail which the social services and countless numbers of child welfare charities had used to gain support from the populace over the past two decades. The CHILD ABUSE INDUSTRY SOLD YOU A PUP. Fanatical about their professional standing, they are trained to believe in ideological philosophies about social work before mundane practicalities. Their sincerity was undoubted and it triggered your emotions so easily that exaggerations and fears became solid fact to a sold audience. They found you so simple to manipulate and their own faith in their own ideologies was so strong that they never once expected their bubble to burst. Even know they monopolise the moral high-ground and cow government and the police, into submission. One daren't say ANYTHING against the m for fear of being branded an un-loving human being. Such is the power of the emotional guilt and moral blackmail which the social services and child-welfare charities have become adept at weilding. These people rely upon the short attention-span of the British Public and it takes organisations like the S.A.F.F. to track and piece together what has really happened. The British Public should thank goodness that we did.


It is noteworthy that theories of Satanic Abuse put 'normal' abuse into the shade at just about the time when some observers were beginning to demand that child welfare workers produce statistics instead of scare stories and opinions to justify their earlier claims of an epidemic of child incest. Remember the 27 Cleveland families involved in accusations of incest and the hundreds of children diagnosed as being possibly at risk from abuse in the area during that controversy? You will know that the authorities have recently paid the parents a million pounds in compensation. What you might not know is that during the whole of 1990 only four children were referred for suspected child abuse by Middlesbrough paediatricians. How and why did the high frequency of earlier cases manifest?


In her best-selling book, THE CHILD ABUSE INDUSTRY, Mary Pride (A championing Christian) takes apart virtually every cornerstone 'fact' which social workers and child welfare experts have used to capture power and influence within society. There is a well-attested 'fact' within social work which nearly ALL child welfare workers believe and promote. It is that 'statistics' prove that people who are abused as children will abuse children themselves when they become adults, UNLESS THEY RECEIVE SPECIALIST THERAPY FROM THE CHILD ABUSE INDUSTRY ITSELF. Pride blows this lie apart with simple arithmetical analysis. Read what Mary Pride has to say and remember that THOUSANDS of sincere social workers have been taught by their 'experts' to believe utterly in the 'abused children turn into offenders' lie. She says

"Can it really be true that every child with abusive parents grows up to abuse his or her own kids? Let's say that back in 1700 there were only one thousand mean, nasty abusers in the U.S.A. Let's say that each of them married and each family had only two children (considerably less than the birth-rate back then) Let's say their children grew up to be abusers, married and became perpetrators themselves, and so on." BY 1980 YOU WOULD HAVE OVER THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY MILLION ABUSERS.

Even allowing for higher incidences of female births, increased longevity, lower infant mortality, smaller families and a 50% non-recidivist rate, you would still have the astonishing fact that, if what the social workers were saying was true, virtually the entire population of the U.S.A. (200 million people) would be child abusers. Let's compare two further lies from the ever present 'child abuse experts'. The first is the well-publicised: 'Statistics show that one out of very four children will be sexually abused by the time they are 18" and the second is the equally as well published statement that ' Only one out of every ten cases is reported'. Mary Pride deals with this so:

"If 'statistics show' that one quarter of the female population will be unwillingly defiled by age 18 and only one-tenth of cases are reported, that means over 200 percent of the female population are victims of sex abuse. TWICE AS MANY GIRLS WILL BE RAPED AS EXIST."

Yes, the social workers ARE barmy, BUT YOU ARE THE BIGGER FOOLS FOR LISTENING TO THEIR SCAREMONGERING. The fact is, as investigations into the CHILD ABUSE INDUSTRY by the S.A.F.F. will shortly show, that child-abuse statistics of this kind are totally unreliable and cannot be properly checked. Just as with the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth we only ever have the social workers' opinion that it exists and is a problem to the level which they assert. The conclusion is that not only did the Social Services of this country waste MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers money on the scare of Satanic Abuse (which had absolutely no basis in reality), but they had also exaggerated the threat of child incest in the same way. So contradictory and astounding is this fact that the majority of people will not believe it. They would prefer to believe what they have been told about the epidemic of incest. Just as they would prefer to believe in what they have been told about the extent of Satanic Ritual Abuse, when, in fact, both are fraudulent conclusions.


If the social services disagree with our statistical interpretations then we challenge them to provide their own statistical proof. NOT opinion, not exaggerations, but definite statistical proof. We are eager to see it.The NSPCC, one of the major supporters of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth during 1989/90, officially decided last year not to emphasise statistics because they can sometimes give a misleading impression. Yet recently an NSPCC Christmas appeal leaflet came through my letter-box. Accompanied by terrible photograph of a badly beaten child it sensationally claimed that 4 children die every week due to abuse or neglect. How can this be possible? Whenever such a case occurs it is attended with massive media publicity, inquests, official investigations, prosecutions and inquiries. The newspapers are full of any such news. This kind of thing obviously does not happen four times a week. In fact our records show it happening about six times a year. We could be wrong. So could the NSPCC . Where d id they get those terrible statistics? They don't say; we have to take their word for it.

The Incest and Child Crises lines have been well established for nearly a decade. They obtain large amounts of government grants and funding. We see continual publicity about how many thousands of calls they receive, but we hardly ever hear about how many of those calls end up as genuine investigations and, subsequently ,prosecutions. These child charities must know these nitty-gritty statistics but they don't usually TELL US. Could it be that the genuine cases which come to light are disproportional to the inquiries made and inconsistent with the overall level of operations of these organisations? Could it be that, shall we say, exaggeration has crept in somewhere down the line? To those people who consider these suggestions an affront, we respond that we believe we not only have a right to request the substantiation of quoted statistics but, indeed, a RESPONSIBILITY to do so. We would expect all genuine child welfare charities to be happy to produce such statistics to prove their worth.

Most of the larger child welfare charities use similar sensational and disturbing advertising material which includes statistical approximations and claims specifically provided to elicit funding. For example, in a recent attempt to gain the complicity of the public in watching out for child abusers the NSPCC spent a quarter of a million pounds in an advertising campaign, the basis of which was an official report widely circulated to other child-care organisations, social workers, child experts and the media which analysed the public's attitude towards child abuse. In order to support its theory that there is still a wide spread of child abuse which has yet to be uncovered the NSPCC report quoted a survey by Dianne Core's CHILDWATCH organisation which claimed that 1 in 10 people had reported that they had suffered some form of abuse as children.

Presumably the idea was to convey to the public that the frequency of child-abuse was more prevalent than they might otherwise think. We don't know how Mrs Core came about these 1 in 10 statistics. We don't know how the questions were couched, nor what size of sample was used; whether it was a local or national sample. Indeed, we don't even know whether the NSPCC knows. What we do know is that Mrs Core has previously claimed, to great media attention, that 4,000 children per year are sacrificially murdered by Satanists in the U.K. She has never substantiated that statement.

The Epping Satanic Ritual Abuse Case (which was begun on 13 November 1991 and ended on 19 November) was hailed by social workers as THE case which was going to absolutely prove the existence of Satanic Child Abuse. The social workers again got it terribly wrong by listening to the fantasies of children who could obviously sense what their adult questioners wanted to hear. The rallying cry from the experts was clear; " BELIEVE THE CHILDREN". The NSPCC has been prompting social workers to adhere to this view for years. "CHILDREN DON'T MAKE THESE THINGS UP". "WE KNOW IT (Satanic Abuse) IS HAPPENING BECAUSE WE HAVE THE TESTIMONY OF THE CHILDREN". Etc.

A classic example of the head-in-the-sand approach is the response of Mr Phillip Measures, the Derbyshire Branch Secretary of the British Association of Social Workers. In response to a most sensible and entirely accurate 50 page paper provided to BASW by the S.A.F.F. Mr Measures ranted in his branch newsletter:

"It (Satanic and Ritual Abuse) was not a myth to those children describing it nor to professionals working with those children. Whilst proof may not be available as such we know that children are describing experiences very real to them."

Mr Measures has yet to explain HOW he/they know this and why some social workers have this skill and some, (such as the ones in the Epping Case), obviously don't. In fact, when the S.A.F.F. later tried to telephone Mr Measures to informally overcome misunderstandings of this kind he slammed the phone down on us before we had a chance to speak, telling us that he would call the police if we rang again.But, every parent knows children DO lie and they do so without realising the serious allegations with which they are dealing. Only a fool would fail to realise that adults can and do lie often and that they must have learned to do so as children. More and more it seems that instead of dealing with 'child abuse experts' we are in fact dealing with misguided fools

Do not mistake our intent. We do not in any way wish to make it harder for criminals who abuse children to be brought to justice; but we do demand that justice, human rights and over-imaginative children are protected from the machinations of inept social workers who have lost the ability of discernment. In the Epping Case Judge Justice Turner dismissed the case saying that The Girl's evidence was "uncertain, inconsistent, and improbable." The key to the collapse of the Epping Case was simply that the defence council asked the child whether she was lying and she said she was. She admitted to making up the names of people she had claimed were involved. She admitted that her testimony about Ritual Sacrifice might not be true

"I am not sure if it did happen or if I was just imagining it.. the bits with the killings and that, I am not sure of".

If this poor child was honestly and openly ready to admit that she had made up important parts of her story why did the Social Services not discover this beforehand? Why did they not ask the same questions? Is it not indicative that although taken into care in February 1990 this child only began to talk about Satanic Abuse in the September of 1990 after protracted disclosure questioning? Is it not the case that the social workers were seeking evidence of satanic ritual abuse and simply produced a self-fulfilling prophecy? The prosecution had no evidence other than the testimony of the children. Michael Lawson QC readily admitted that the police had found NO forensic or other evidence to back up the children's allegations about so-called ritual murders

To an objective observer the case was IDENTICAL in composition and scope to those held during the witchunts of the 15/16 Centuries. Quite rightly the judge directed the jury to bring not-guilty counts on all charges. The social workers, ever ready with a justification, are already complaining about the way British Justice works, and are trying to suggest that the trial failed because of the stresses put on children when giving evidence. This is an unfair misinterpretation of events. An example of the use of emotional blackmail to carry favour. Had the judge thought that the children were indeed suffering from the court situation he had the powers to intervene and he would have rearranged things to avoid that problem. The facts are that the judge instructed the jurors to return a not guilty verdict because 'the girl's evidence was so uncertain, inconsistent and improbable that IT WOULD NOT BE RIGHT TO SEEK A CONVICTION' using her testimony alone and there was no other evidence to support a prosecution. T hese comments from the protagonists in the Child Abuse Industry should be seen for what they are, excuses!

What they are really trying to say is that the social workers were right all along and that despite the fact that the court has found the defendants not guilty the plain inference is that these people ARE GUILTY. What happened to being 'innocent until proven guilty', (what happened to being innocent when proven innocent? ). Social workers are never wrong you know. Judge Jury and executioners all. Indeed, contrary to their bleatings, it is precisely the workings of our present judicial system which has brought to light the fantasies of the witness. Fantasies which, if accepted, could have resulted in virtual life-sentences for the accused. It is plain that the whole prosecution was riddled with inconsistencies. Those being tried had been charged with various counts of child abuse NOT murder so why did the Crown Prosecution Service bring such unproveable allegations to court in the first place and involve peripheral claims which were destined to damage their case right from the off? Had they not made a llegations about Satanic abuse then the case for 'normal' child abuse would have been tried on its merits only.


The Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth is ripping Social Work apart. The Social Work Mafia won't let the matter drop. They CANNOT let the matter drop because to admit defeat or error is to undermine the whole of social work. Social Work is up for grabs and needs a complete overhaul and re-assessment of responsibilities. It is falling apart at the seams. It is time for the public to show it has had enough of this pantomime. Time to demand that heads roll. Time to demand cashiering of 'experts' who get it wrong. It is time make social workers responsible for their own mistakes. Why should local authorities use OUR taxmoney to pay damages for mistakes made by professionals who are being paid fat salaries for their expertise?

It is time for the public to note that a more than significant factor in the ability of social workers to float their stupid ideas about Satanic Child Abuse has been the willingness with which the Great British Press jumped to publicise the phenomenon, accepting every trite assertion without corroboration and reporting without balance or due regard to human rights for minority beliefs. If the appalling headlines during 1989 have faded from memory the way the press dealt with the Epping Case will provide a good example of their fickle and anti-social behaviour. Last Week the headlines screamed from the front pages.




. Perhaps you caught "GIRLS RAPED IN DEVIL RITE".


And don't think this was just the Tabloid Press; the WHOLE of the British Press has been guilty, witness:




These are a few of the irresponsible sensationalist front-page headlines from the Great British Press. But note carefully what happened when the case collapsed. The British Press acted like the Sun did and spared 3 column inches tucked away at the bottom of page 13!

Is it any wonder that you the British Public are ill informed enough to think that Satanic Abuse might really exist and therefore be more ready to listen to batty social workers? You hear about its postulated existence on the front pages but you are hardly ever told when, how and why the cases fail as they ALWAYS do


Months ago we warned MPs and Government, The Media and the Social Services that another Orkney or Rochdale would occur if our voice was not heeded. We warned that the same prejudice and ignorance was in place and that the same people were pursuing their fanatical ideologies. We said that UNLESS THOSE PEOPLE ARE REMOVED FROM POWER AND INFLUENCE more Rochdales and Orkneys would occur. As usual WE WERE RIGHT but we were ignored just the same. If the government does not learn from these mistakes and stop social workers from persuing this obsession then further injustices will occur. Perhaps to YOU

. The S.A.F.F. has been the only organisation to track the history, development and promotion of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth over the past four years. A growing membership of over 600 people have donated cash and their talents and abilities to bring this country back from a precipice which the politicians, the government and local authorities could not see coming. We have been, slandered, defamed, dishonoured, victimised, discriminated against and ignored as worthless with the same kind of ignorant suspicion which motivates belief in Satanic Ritualised Abuse. YET HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THOSE 600 GOOD PEOPLE THIS COUNTRY WOULD HAVE SUFFERED ANOTHER MEDIAEVAL WITCH HUNT OF HORRENDOUS PROPORTIONS.

The S.A.F.F. has been keeping the lid on the hysteria of Satanic Ritualised Abuse for YOUR benefit. It is time that people in positions of influence begin to listen to what we have to say because the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth is not a passing fad, it is just the forerunner of tremendous forces of restriction and repression which will impact upon our culture and cause changes and violence within it of a kind before unseen. Prejudices and anti-evolutionary restrictions which are ready to usher in a new Dark Ages and which stem from the same cultural supremacism which spawned the idea of and will not give up The Satanic Ritualised Abuse Myth

. Like so many Neros the media of this country fiddle with sixties controversies about racial or sexual conflict; about political extremism and the new Europe. The Cynicism of politicians renders a general pessimism about society which makes people to ready to accept that today's situation is an unfortunate natural progression from yesterday's. In this they are wrong. They do not realise that a wind of change is upon us which is speedily and irreversibly transforming the whole structure of our society for the worse and that this change has little to do with old style power politics nor the usual Xenophobias which divide societies and nations. We have made this request for communication before. We can only inform. It is up to people in power to get in synch with what is occurring and see how it affects their own sphere of influence. Surely there must be someone out there who realises that this situation matters to THEM personally? If so please telephone or write or eamil so we can exchange ideas

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