Applications and use of the SAFF's Satanic Footprint technique in Validating supposed cases of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse: An S.A.F.F. Monograph 26 April 1991

Repetitive allegations about past cases of child abuse which pro-SRAMists (SRAM = Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth; 'pro-SRAMists' = those who believe in the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse) uncover has become a constant feature of attempts to perpetuate the idea of SRAM.

It has taken this route in the U.S.A. and it seems that a permanent controversy over these cases is in view for the U.K. leaving the way open for a continuous debate within which personal prejudices and religious bigotry can manifest.

There was an urgent need to prepare a technique to quickly analyse and validate such claims and the Satanic Footprint is the result.

The difficulty is that answering these type of allegations isvirtually impossible for any discussion becomes fundamentally circular. If there were any REAL proof that SRAM existed the debate would automatically end. Therefore we are dealing with arguments from the convinced and the arena of argument is specified using values which are culturally biased therefore any attempt to explain alternative perspectives is doomed to sound apologetic, unconvincing or paltry.

Before responding to the allegations it is essential to ask the pro-SRAMists to substantiate aspects which must apply to ALL such cases but which have until now not been adequately addressed, thereby scoping a balanced arena of argument. These questions are: