Don't Be Duped Over Halloween.

Learn The Truth About Your Own Heritage.


Ever wondered why snipe-nosed religious zealots get so upset by Halloween every year and spend more effort trying to spoil all the kid's fun than seeing to the REALLY important problems in life?

Why do these killjoys get so hot under the collar about what amounts to a yearly fancy dress party where the kids get a chance to turn the tables on the adults and have fun with harmless harum-scarum jokes and tricks? There must be more to it than appears at first glance. There is and you will be astonished to learn the truth and how it effects you. Halloween is the last vestiges of a powerful culture which has been written out of the history books. The religious fanatics who did that want to keep YOU blind. They don't want you to know that for thousands of years before Christian Missionaries arrived at our shores we already had a successful, workable and highly effective British Heritage which knocked the spots off theirs. The fact is that Christianity is not our 'normal' culture. Britain was MISSIONISED.

Christianity was imposed upon us just in the same way that missionaries invaded Africa and destroyed all the native religions there. Just in the same way that they did it in Australia to the Aborigines and in North America to the Amerindians. Just as they are doing it again, right now as you read this, to tribes in the Amazon basin. Destroying or corrupting the original successful native culture and their ancient beliefs and folklore which are deemed 'incompatible' with Christian Supremacist doctrines.

Britain has a vital, expansive and valuable Celtic Pagan Culture which the Christian Church has tried to suppress for over a thousand years. Halloween is symbolic as the only completely pagan festival which they have been unable to usurp. EVERY major Christian festival in this country is based upon a Pagan festival. All the really enjoyable parts of these occasions are leftovers from the original pagan festivals and are part and parcel of the ancient culture of our peoples.

The Christmas Yule Log fire, Christmas trees, santa claus, giving presents, mistletoe, ribald carols, Morris Dancing, St George & the Dragon, Easter Eggs, etc, etc. These are just a few examples - our whole culture is shot through with pagan influence and folklore. Its collective meaning and identity is lost because in the book of British Heritage the religious fanatics have re-written between the lines.

The first missionaries befriended the easy going pagans and then amalgamated their worship with ours building churches on pagan sacred hills and sites, incorporating pagan altars in the churches and dedicating them with representations of pagan nature spirits carved upon roof bosses etc. Bit by bit the Christian missionaries usurped the British Pagan Heritage but later when they had obtained political power, they used the iron first of intolerance to outlaw paganism and wipe out the pagan culture using lies and deceit. The official Histories were re-written and in order to keep this massive lie under wraps we have been treated to a thousands years of evil propaganda about how awful witches and pagans were supposed to have been.

Our nursery rhymes are replete with Good Fairys but never Good Witches even though the first free National Health service was run by Witches who used their knowledge of herbal lore and drugs to heal their communities free of charge or for a pittance.

Instead we are conditioned in childhood to identify the 'The Wicked Witch' stereotype; ugly, deformed, nasty & withered. The very word Paganism is identified with barbarous acts, profanity and defilement in the popular mind. The hatchet-job continues in the Oxford English Dictionary. When defining Hinduism it says

"The doctrines and rites of Hinduism.

When defining Pagan it states

"One who worships false Gods".

Of course the gods of Hinduism and Celtic Paganism are derived from the same source but the OED, one of the most respected academic institutions in the world continues to refuse to change its clearly prejudiced definition of Paganism; and so the British public continue to be insulated from their heritage

Yet the truth is that the Pagan culture is one of the most gentle, all-embracing, socially responsible, pluralistic, easy-going, pro-ecological, anti-sexist, anti-racist, life-loving beliefs in the world. Paganism in fact has for thousands of years embodied those communal values, social morality and ecological responsibility which have recently been 'discovered' by people everywhere.

They were there all the time of course. Conclusions and perceptions which have been heavily suppressed for over a thousand years by people like those who campaign about Halloween. What do the anti-Halloween stick-in-the-muds say to you? They say:


When what they REALLY mean is that if you find out the truth it will destroy THEIR power over you because you will escape the thrall of their spiritual terrorism. Christian evangelists would have you believe that before Christianity came to our shores that our British ancestors, YOUR British Ancestors, were part of a vile licentious, criminal, society who were in league with the devil and that by observing their festival of Halloween (the Ancient Celtic fire feast of 'Samhain') you are allowing their influence to continue to harm and affect our society in some unspecified way.

This is LUDICROUS. The truth is that the Celts were extremely able and talented people with a brilliance for art and innovation. They were the original Europhiles. The Celts believed in reincarnation and so to them life and death were but cycles of maturity in a divine plan. This 'infinite' philosophy gave a completely different perspective to life than the finite, one-time-hit, get-it-all-right-or-go-to-hell state of paranoia which fundamentalist Christianity espouses. To the Celts Halloween was looked forward to with anticipation as an opportunity to remember the beloved Grandparents, parents, tribal chiefs and immediate generations of ancestors who had already passed to the'summerlands'.

They feasted and celebrated on 'autumn-fruits'. To the Celts it was their 'new year' and their calendar turned at this point. Psychically it was believed to be a special time of year when the veil between the world of spirit and the physical world grew thin enough to enable divination to succeed and the whole festival was one of a joyful reunion tinged with mystery and imagination. A positive look towards the future beyond the dark winter ahead.

The festival is not unique to the Celts. The ancient Egyptians had a similar festival where mummys of ancestors were brought out to celebrate with the living. Judaism has its feasts of the dead where the departed are remembered and vestiges of similar celebrations occur in other religions.

Halloween was the last Pagan festival to be suppressed. There was no equivalent celebration in Christianity until 993 AD when the feast of All-hallows was invented and overlaid onto the Ancient Samhain festival. From that point on the church attempted to change the nature of Halloween and pervert its original symbolism. They are still doing it.

Halloween Killjoys therefore want to ban the festival for both political and personal reasons. First they don't want Europeans to even know that they have a bona-fide religious alternative which existed for thousands of years before Christian evangelical missionaries came to brainwash us into their absolutist theocracy and suppress the valuable traditions of the British Heritage.  

Secondly, they are themselves a product of the up-tight, narrow-minded restrictive, puritanical philosophies of the fundamentalist interpretation of the bible. They can't release the joie-de-vivre in themselves and hate to see a joy of life in others unless it conforms to their inflexible code of morality and conduct. Remember that the people who campaign to ban Halloween aren't 'ordinary' Christian folk, they are activist religious fanatics.  Fundamentalists who flaunt their social-responsibility before the media but keep their 'hidden-agenda' of  subconscious racism and religious suppression quiet.

They might SEEM like everyone else but they are NOT. By definition fundamentalists believe that the devil really exists. That's right they believe that a personified form of the devil lurks somewhere out there lying in wait to attack and possess people. That his demons can infest the bodies of everyone who has not committed their life strictly by biblical writ. This barmy Supremacist philosophy immediately groups people into two classes, those that are human and those that have become non-human because they don't believe in the same gods. The Jews, the Gypsies, the Aboriginies and the Maories are all very well aware of the despicable treatment meted out to people who are considered non-human. Cultural Prejudice is at the root of ALL racial and sexual prejudice and overcoming it is the key to true pluralism.  Our society has yet to learn that but it will have to if we want to live in harmony in a true global-community.

These Christian Supremacists come on strong with their self-righteous moralising  using window-dressing debates which sound like reasonable arguments. No one ever asks them about their OTHER campaigns or beliefs. The fact that they consider ordinary Christian Folk, no matter how pious they may be, to be agents of the devil unless they undergo exorcism and conform to the fundamentalist's unreasonable interpretation of biblical writ. Halloween is the thin end of the wedge. When you support their banning of Halloween celebrations in schools you are not saving children from danger, you are giving in to spiritual terrorism, to emotional blackmail and thereby lending power to pernicious people who want to also outlaw homosexuality, alternative healing, rock-music, sex education, one-parent families, divorce, artificial insemination, transplant surgery, ethnic schools, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and any other religion which they see as 'competing' with their theocracy. That's the kind of treatment they have given Paganism over the past thousand or so years. Well here's the real truth of the matter:

The terms Witchcraft and Paganism are interchangeable but Witchcraft/Paganism has nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism. Witches/Pagans do not believe in the devil. The Devil is a Christian concept. We have no devil-figure in our cosmology. We do not worship the Devil so don't project your repressed psychoses onto us. The devil was invented by Christian theologists to account for the ever present evil occurrences in a world which is supposedly controlled by an omnipotent & omniscient god. If god created and controls the world then he/she/it must also have created and therefore be responsible for the evil in it.  If God does not create & control evil then he/she/it is not omnipotent and therefore not the all powerful and only god. To escape this chicken-and-egg situation theologians came up with THE DEVIL.The fallen angel whom God DID create in order to inflict pain, death and suffering upon us so we can be 'tested' to see whether we are good enough to get into heaven. We are told that we have freewill and that we don't HAVE to suffer evil; we have a choice between God or The Devil. (Some choice)

The matter of the deaths of millions of people who have been killed en-masse by natural disasters such as earthquakes and tidal waves is another thing entirely. Pagans/Witches , on the other hand, realise that all evil comes from within the individual and is caused by spite, vengeance, misjudged actions or inactions in the face of questions of principle. We believe that evil is a power HUMANS exert and can only be erradicated by an understanding of self, a fulfillment of human potential within a sympathetic culture which glorifies idiosyncrasy and difference instead of attempting to stamp out individuality through the imposition of artificial values.We recognise and accept the personal responsibility for one's actions on other people.

Paganism/Witchcraft is very similar in its practical applications to Humanism except that we believe in a divine force or Creative Intelligence which permeates and vitalises everything in an inextricable matrix which connects all sentient and non-sentient things. Pagans are not anti-Christian and co-exist with all other non-absolutist beliefs.

Now we come to the final gambit which the spiritual gangsters DEFINITELY don't want you to consider. To keep THIS quiet they have killed MILLIONS of people on trumped up charges throughout history. Satanism is an exclusive part of the Christian Theology. As defined by Christian Theology the idea of Satanism appears nowhere else in world religions. Even Judaism, who gave the word Satan into our language from their word SHAITAN do not consider Satan in the same superstitious way that fundamentalist do, rather they see instead a natural force of negativity. If you like the negative part of the inner conscience which justifies acts which the personality knows to be wrong and a necessary part of the inner dialouge of self above which we must all rise. In Biblical Hebrew SHAITAN means 'adversary'.

The autonomous evil/demonic force attributed to it by Christian fundamentalists is entirely unique to their mind-set. accordingly without their unique construct of Satanism, Christianity would be incomplete. By inventing the antidote along with the poison they have a captured market. In order to become a Satanist you have to be a lapsed Christian and believe not only in the same devil, but the same god. Satanism and Christianity are therefore two ends of the same stick. That's right. Christianity perpetuates itself by generating its own evil. They get away with doing this by scapegoating Paganism/Witchcraft and confusing us with Satanists. Of course whilst people are prepared to project the blame for their own actions onto scapegoats then evil, injustice and intolerance will continue to exist ad infinitum. In fact that's the spiritual feedback loop which we've been locked into for a thousand years. 

Amazingly all that is needed to break the cycle is a look beyond the obvious into our own heritage. An easy thing to do but something which up until 1951 was ILLEGAL and which has been socially TABOO for over a thousand years.

There we go. You thought the controversy over Halloween had something to do with the danger from dark occult forces. Now you know that it has more to do with controlling and suppressing independent thought and action. The bottom line is that this isn't a Christian vs Pagan conflict. It is a power-play by a handful of unrepresentational religious fanatics who want to reinstate a theocracy. In order to do so they use medieval superstition to manipulate the insecurities of the ignorant. The fundamentalists claim that they are protecting the weak and gullible in our society. In fact those are exactly the people they seek to gain control over with their fear and superstition. The people who will eventually suffer from their enforced ignorance.

Do society and yourself a favour. Don't entertain these people. Don't provide them with the arena of argument which they thrive upon to further their ends. See how they have blinded you. Seek the truth. Seek your own heritage and know it as it is.


(c) world copyright holders: The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (S.A.F.F.) Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K.

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