Xists continually use their advantage within the media, and the Establishment to disadvantage minorities and free-thinkers. The fundamental revolution in communications brought about by the internet has for the first time in the history of mankind, empowered ordinary individuals with the ability to influence mass thought and action.   The S.A.F.F. is not a political lobby and does not have a political agenda. It seeks only to breach the mass-produced media lies and give a TRUE perspective to all free-thinkers whatever their beliefs.   It is your right to KNOW.

  1. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat the same mistakes in the future.  
  2. Those who control the past, control the future.

You can help simply by forwarding SAFF articles to those whom you believe need to read them,  by emailing editors to make your views on these subjects known and by including links within your own website or/and place links on appropriate bulletin boards/websites elsewhere so that the word goes out.  You can also assist by creating a debate in appropriate newsgroups on these subjects.  We'd like to hear from you but you don't need to register or contribute to help. Just go straight ahead and do your best.  

The first law of  Transpersonal Dynamics states that if you fail to exercise your freedoms  the Establishment will take them from you and they will do this subtly and progressively whilst your attention is focussed elsewhere .  

Western governments are using information technology with the collusion of the media, Establishment academics and the entertainment industries to gain total control of the mass mind. Those who do not keep up; those who do not exercise their right to Know, will be condemned to become the Cyber Serfs of the 21st century. The time to make your choice is NOW!

Please do what you can before creeping globalisation zombifies all our peoples.


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