Was Nick Gargani hounded to his death by Satanists in Lewes?

  Did he fall 300 feet to his death whilst frantically trying to escape demons who were hunting him down....

...or was he driven to throw himself from the white cliffs in order to escape the thrall of a Satanic Temple which controls this sleepy British seaside town?

These are the scenarios the Guardian newspaper presented to its readers in a four page special feature written by Nick Davies of Flat Earth News fame,, but is Lewes really a centre of Satanic Activity and how did the Sorcerer's Apprentice®  become involved?   Does a Secret Satanic Temple exist there and have they, as the Guardian reported, actually sacrificed Cats, Goats, Sheep and Horses to the Devil at local ancient sacred sites ?  This tale  sounds like some Hammer-Horror film script, but  it is not fiction!   The true story takes some believing and is required reading for any occultist, satanist, pagan, anthropologist or student of apocryphal rumour.

In a four-page special-feature, millions of readers of the normally highly respected Guardian Newspaper were told that a Satanic Murder could have taken place in Lewes, Sussex.   They were regaled with a complex 'whodunit' of mysterious evidence that Nick Gargani's terrible death was the result of foul play by sinister people. The incidents surrounding the fate of Nick Gargani were so convoluted that the coroner recorded an open verdict at the inquest, but when we looked behind the detailed accusations the truth amazed us and was completely different to how the Guardian had it.  

Who will get to know that truth when (although alerted to the background) the Guardian have refused to review their accusations, correct significant errors or print letters about it for public comment?  Is there a cover up and if so why would the Guardian, historical bastion of liberalism in the U.K., perpetrate  such prejudice?

Will the Guardian's DEVIL IN LEWES article be enshrined in history as yet another 'Satanic Murder' to be used as 'proof' of the perceived need to outlaw occultism, or can the forces of truth pierce the veil of silence and get the real facts out to free-thinkers everywhere?

Without the amazing information and research in


you will never know. But this report carries   an even more pertinent message for liberal people in Lewes - and everywhere else. The Lewes Satanic Death Curse Myth is not an isolated or unique happening. We predict it is the first of many to come. These cases have   become modern sectarian 'parables', the next stage in the campaign by fundamentalist agitators to suppress all unorthodox beliefs. First they floated the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth and revitalised their power base within the Establishment; now a well-orchestrated network of local fundamentalists recycle more complex lies into bubbles of   sectarian poison which are waiting to burst into the limelight in localities all over the U.K. You may not live in Sussex, but wherever you live you need to know the truth about THE LEWES SATANIC DEATH CURSE and the technical details of how it happened, because it is the prototype of cases which will be happening near you soon!

Read this insidious form of mind-control and keep your options open. Sooner or later it may happen in your own back yard and segregating the truth from the lies might be the only thing which will enable you to protect your beliefs from attack. You can't find that truth anywhere else but in this special report. Like a modern true-life detective story the revelation of the development of the Lewes Satanic Death Curse makes riveting reading and the unique research which overthrown, it could only have been achieved by the S.A.F.F. National protecting freedom of belief and religious tolerance. Do not miss this influential document.

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