Have Satan Hunters found their first proven case of Satanic Ritual Abuse?
We reveal how the British Gutter Press lie and cheat their way to another sensational story.

'Black Magic' Child Abuser Jailed

A former police officer who claimed he was a "black magic" high priest while sexually abusing three children has been jailed for seven years. John McFadden, 42, from Bearsden, was found guilty of abusing a boy between 1988 and 1992 in Kirkintilloch. He was also convicted of abusing two other youngsters at various addresses in Kirkintilloch between 1983 and 1990. At the High Court in Glasgow, judge Lord Matthews also placed McFadden on the sex offenders register.

He befriended the boy, invited him to stay overnight and told him that demons and spirits would kill him and drag him to hell unless he carried out sex acts. He dressed in a black cloak and used a crucifix with a skull and crossbones and an onyx ring, which he claimed gave him power, to terrify the youngster into keeping the abuse a secret.

The victim said:

"He started to get us into this black magic. He described himself as a high priest with this black magic circle.

"He said he could have out of body experiences and could talk to demons and spirits.

"One day he said he was going to initiate me into the circle and this became the main driver for my silence.

"He had a cast iron bowl and he pricked my finger and put some blood in it, then he took some of my hair and said that he had to have some of my semen and then it all had to be burned."

John McFadden told one of his victims - a 12-year-old boy - that demons and spirits would kill him and his parents and drag them to hell unless he carried out vile sex acts.

"I had to be naked and he had to be naked with this black cloak over him. I was thinking 'this isn't right' but I was told that if I was to speak out me and my mum and dad would be killed and sent to hell. I was terrified. I basically went home and just cried."


Indeed it does, this appalling case sounds as though it might have been created by SRA believers to portray every claim they have ever made and 'prove' the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse. All their manic motifs are so contiguous in this report that they must have been salivating at the prospect.

Clearly an open and shut case?

Not quite.
When we look carefully into the actual FACTS of the case another story emerges which is a world away from the images of horror and the occult which the Scaremongers have created.

McFadden's 'Magical Onyx Ring' is pictured here to the right: It is simply an Onyx Ring in a plain filigree setting. There is no esoteric engraving, sigilising, intaglio or symbolic mounting to indicate any link with Satanism or the occult. It is just a plain Onyx ring. There is no occult symbolism to Black Onyx but there is considerable Christian symbolism as it is mentioned in the bible as forming one of the gemstones on the High Priest's breastplate and is traditionally used in the manufacture of rosaries and religious rings. It is also one of the most popular Men's rings.

When we get to the Abominated Inverted Crucifix with a Skull we find that even the august Daily Express carefully omitted the illustration of it (probably because it was simply a Catholic Pectorial Crucifix, Like the one on the left, which if shown would have completely undermined the story because every catholic reading it would know it did not have a Satanic connection and would have been alerted to the possible falsities in the rest of the report). If you look very carefully you will see the Golgotha Skull and Bones symbol at the foot of the Crucifix and you may wonder, like me, why so much was made of this by the police and the prosecution. The use of a skull and bones on a crucifix is an ancient but mainstream Christian symbol. These type of crucifixes were very popular with Nuns, Priests and laypreachers during the 1800s though are only occasionally seen today. In short the Crucifix McFadden used is just a normal crucifix which any ardent catholic might want to own. The suggestion that it was some kind of Satanic symbol is completely false.

Satanic Is As Catholic Does

The newspapers reported a self-declared Black Magician who tried to 'groom' children into the occult but when we look again at the transcripts during the trial we see a completely different picture and discover that McFadden is and always has been an ardent catholic whose ownership of a Crucifix is just a sign of his Christian religious convictions....


Scottish Daily Record 08-Jun-2009 'A former cop yesterday denied performing satanic sex abuse on a child and told a court he was a churchgoer who had met the Pope. John McFadden told the High Court in Glasgow he had never practised black magic and was a Roman Catholic who regularly attended Mass. '

Well there you go. I bet you thought that when the British Press printed the statement "A former police officer claimed he was a black magic high priest" you thought that meant McFadden had claimed to be a Black Magic High Priest - when under oath in court he is on record as claiming that he is an ardent Catholic and directly refuted claims that he was involved in Satanism or the occult. After all, obtaining an audience with the Pope is not something which comes easily just for the asking, one has to be a paramount Catholic to be invited anywhere near the Pope. Just another media lie to fool you into believing all that tosh about Satanism eh?

We are not for one minute suggesting that McFadden did not abuse his victims.
What we are saying is that he isn't a Satanist and he didn't abuse them because of a belief in Satanism or the occult.
In fact once you have all the details of this case to hand it sadly turns out to be yet another instance of the abuse of children by a Christian and disguising it as a Satanic crime may put other children further at risk from Paedophile priests and clergy as our Black Museum of Priestly Abuse here amply proves. If the court testimony is anything to go by McFadden put the fear of god into his victims by threatening them with hellfire and damnation in order to frighten them into compliance. This has nothing to do with Occultism or Satanism.

We confidently expect the Satan Hunters to use this case in their future propaganda as a 'proven' case of Satanic Ritual Abuse which upholds all their other contentions but once again their rush to condemn and misdirect really proves the reverse. Despite all the ballyhoo and the baloney of the past twenty years there has not been one case which proves the existence of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse.

John Freedom, Mortlake.

(c) world copyright holdler: The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (S.A.F.F.) Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K.

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