"It is absurd to suggest that the S.A.F.F. works against the best interests of women."

The S.A.F.F. was founded to protect the best interests of all people who are involved in alternative beliefs and religions which come under the banner of what has been termed the New Age. This new age is linked to changes in planetary consciousness due to the precession of the equinoxes as planets move along the plane of the zodiac. As the Age of Aquarius takes over from the Piscean age, which was hallmarked by the imposition of restriction on personal empowerment, lack of individualism and the ascendency of monotheistic religions, war and disharmony.

No one can deny that human history to date has been a travesty of injustice and violence due to male dominance. History and anthropoligists testify to the fact that in pre Piscean ages cultures were predominantly pantheistic and their religions and cosmic philosophies centered on equally balanced dieties where the Mother Divinity and the Father Divinity represented the perfect harmony of function and form between the sexes. Marriages of the gods, made in heaven, to last for lifetimes.

Icons of harmonious male-female interaction as an example for lesser mortals to emulate in a self-regulatory influencing of pantheistic societies. In some instances the female divinity was paramount and in other cultures there are plenty of examples of women taking their rightful place as equals in all areas of society. In the Viking cultures women warriors were accorded equal respect and the awe with which ancient man viewed the Amazon warrior caste are but two examples; there are many, many more. Women contributed both their unique perspectives and equal talents to societies. Everything was balanced with female gods controlling one part of the year and male gods the other. Allegiance and respect was accorded as was due. Only with the advent of monotheism, with its emphasis on the vengeful male god and its absolutist doctrine to do away with any other form or belief, did the role of women begin to be subverted.

In the early stages of the Judaic, Christian and Islamic religions the attack was on those pagan cultures which respected and harmonised with women as a natural part of gaia. Soon women became as chattel, a sub-species made up of the secondary parts of man (Adam's rib). In pantheistic cultures women had equal if not superior rights and obtained influence on the growth and development of their society through a sharing of power by priests and priestesses, but that was now put assunder. Celibacy was invented by monotheism to short-circuit the interplay of male-female within our society and circumvent the power and influence of women. Their bodily functions began to be damned as evil or corrupt and their sex was defamed with the eternal black-propaganda of Eve. The woman, like all women - the monotheists said, who corrupted mankind and created evil on the earth (Eve-ill).

These twisted and imbalanced views of womanhood continued throughout the centuries until women were utlimately de-empowered through the development of the stereotype of the female Wicked Wit ch, an icon of those things men found distasteful in the young women they had abused and used. These women they said, were in league with the devil (D-Eve-ill). There was little space in society then, as now, for un-beautiful, post-menopausal crones who had outlived their husbands. Such women, left with the comfort of their pets (or familiars) were hated by such men because they displeased them by losing their 'useful' form and were a danger to male dominance because of their accumulated wisdom of life. These corrupting motifs are paramount today within society in a much subtler guise.

The constant emphasis by the male dominated media on the transient veneer of female youth and beauty is but the reverse side of the coin. The displacement of key expertise which empowered women (such as midwifery) and the suppression of natural healing processes by the medical monopoly. Or have you not noticed how much womens' lives are controlled by the male medical monopoly in comparison with the cursory interest in males? In the same way that monotheistic orthodoxies outcast the priestesses of old as Witches, so they demonised the priests of old as D-Eve-ill worshipers or Satanists and now, today, in the confusion which reigns amidst the justified anger which they have caused amongst women who have contracted into this dis-eased society of ours, the ultimate irony is that activists in the womens' movement are actually conforming to the monotheists trap and attacking the stereotypes set for them. Chaining themselves to de-empowerment by following a false-trail on the assumption that all men are evil and the most evil are those who worship Satan.

Let it be known by these foolish women and by the foolish men. If Satanism is an antidote to monotheism then they are attacking their saviours! Pagans and satanists do not abuse women or children. They have never done so. Pagans have respect for the goddess and for her sisters. It has never been required to torture, rape or maim women, but to nurture, respect and behold them as unique contributors to each of the seven ages of life. All is plain to see, it is the prejudice and hate which monotheism has infected womankind with, which causes these tales of Satanic Ritual Abuse, for how else can women who have been so badly abused by men express the horror of their predicament using a language which is conditioned to de-empower women and create verbal restraint? Do you still not believe? Then you should turn straightaway for proof to the Book of Revelation in the monotheistic bible where the entire Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth, including baby-breeders and the rest, is laid out almost word-for-word and based squarely on the Whore of Babylon, the monotheist's first and most audacious attack on womanhood.

The idea that people who have worked for years in the S.A.F.F. to uphold the rights of women and publicise the manacles of monotheism are somehow in league with rapists and abusers of women is the ultimate absurdity. Not all women have suckered into the monotheist trap but the S.A.F.F. warn women activists who have of their self-denial and we do not need to apologise for doing so. We do not require anyone to adopt any religious belief we support. The teachings of original Christianity are as valid as any free from the corrupted interpretations of the past thousand years, however, if you spend your time chasing the wild goose of Satanic Ritual Abuse you are destroying your path to self-empowerment by working to further the black-propaganda which has for millennia always deletoriously affected women. Clever aren't they? Let it be known to all: The S.A.F.F. never works against the best interests of anyone, man, woman or child. So mote it be:

Reference for further reading: The Woman's Encyclopaedia of Myths and Secrets (Barbara G Walker) Harper and Row ISBN 006250925X

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