Fanaticism is a form of paranoia resulting from the incitement of insecurities in the human psyche. It is the way that the power-elite have controlled the masses since time immemorial. It is a NATURAL gift of the human psyche to be able to terrify itself and by qualification learn how to terrify others in order to control them through manipulation by fear. 400 years ago a similar paranoia was instilled into the populace by the Establishment (the barons and the bishops) who controlled force of arms, education, hospitals, the money system, and all forms of publishing. Using the power of propaganda and counting on the gullibility of the masses they injected fears and hate into the minds of the population towards a scapegoat to divert attention from the fact that, having total control over the destinies of ordinary people, the Barons and Bishops THEMSELVES were responsible for the appalling living conditions, poverty and unhappiness of the time. Today we are not so far removed from that same situation. Th e new Barons are those from the Press & the Media. Their control over the minds of the populace is greater now than at any other time in the earth's history. Media Communication is the latest power in the history of suppression and like all suppressive devices it appears to offer that which it deprives you of; freedom of speech and interchange of information. The power of the early Media Moguls has grown in tandem with the increasing innovation and effect of communication technologies. Under the guidance and control of those politicians who benefited from their propaganda machines the Media Barons built an industry of immense wealth and power and refined their persuasive methods to a fine technological pitch. Today a well-oiled intelligence gathering machine of global proportions is run by a 'new aristocracy' which has established the industry as a multi-national manipulator of the minds of ordinary people. Europeanisation is set to enhance the media's position and produce an unseen Oligarchy of immens e power. Not so you say, we are intelligent thinking people who can pierce any misdirection or propaganda. Only if you see it coming, is our reply. Successful disinformation is never obvious. You are being manipulated constantly under the two bogus criteria of Public Interest and Leisure /Entertainment. No one ever stops to consider why in the history of the modern media the Public's Interest ALWAYS co-incides with the best interests of the media. If the media didn't keep you 'entertained' with peripheral trivia, what subjects would your mind choose for itself? Consider why it is that images and stereotypes which appear in magazine advertisements and in television programmes exactly co-incide with the adverts they carry? Now the tail wag's the dog. The Media has become above the law. Able to disadvantage candidates and political parties at will, it can and does alter the political course of history and directly affects all of our futures. Politicians pander to the media's requirements sickeningly. In a sup posedly democratic system the politic-nicks take more notice of the views of the media than they do of the electorate! And foolish people fall in with their game. Instead of knocking on the door of their local MP and telling him what they think, they telephone to complain on Radio phone-ins where complaints and responses have to be delivered in 10 seconds. The politicians are secure. They know that any difficulty or embarrassment will soon pass and the public's attention will be diverted to another caller. The politicians don't have to DO anything or solve any real-life problems. It is simply an opportunity to display their self-righteousness. It is all bogus but it has replaced genuine political debate.The Media organises, modifies and directs mass political support usually ( but not necessarily ) through the political bias of its editorial teams. It does so because it is in the nature of the medium to exercise and compound its own power in order to perpetuate itself. The media can hound, victimise, ridic ule and invade the private lives of the greatest in the land with impunity. Bodies set up to police the media are propaganda machines MANNED BY MEDIA PEOPLE who take care not to erode their own power base. Now that the Media is the first power in the land, politicians see a monster of their own making which they cannot control. Attempts to curb their power simply underline who is boss. When Major appointed Mellor to look into legislation to limit the Media, the poor 'Minister for Fun' was immediately given 'the treatment'. His family were terrorised and embarrassed and his private indiscretions laid bare in an orgy of self-righteousness over an infidelity which on the Media's scale of newsworthiness was truly insignificant. Journalists who themselves cheat on their wives held Mellor up as unfit for his job because of his own innocent tryste and millions of smug zombiefied readers fell in with their ruse, calling for Mellor's resignation. Nobody ever considered that his activities were actually good QUALIF ICATIONS for a Minister for Fun. And the press gambit worked. Purely on the basis of exciting the self-righteous indignation of hypocrites the press made Mellor's situation untenable and he was ousted. This warning shot across the bows of parliament was a taste of what the media would do if other politicians dared to challenge their supremacy and this was made clear in a number of editorials which underlined the point. The British Media perpetuates the illusions and stereotypes which the politicians have put into place to control the masses. They SHARE in them. They were warning the politicians that media people weren't controlled by the Cultural Devices which imprint the rif-raf so if the government upset the media's apple-cart then those responsible would be exposed for their own personal excesses. The hypocrisy and unworthiness of the British political system would become apparent and endanger their nice goings on. British Media rules the U.K. because they set the agenda, scope the styles and fashions , establish moral perspectives and misdirect the public's attention away from the real rot. In disseminating information of their own choosing which perpetuates the power-bases of the ruling elite they remain the prime parasite of the system. Of course you never get to hear of the real evil in the Media because they don't report it, instead they keep you busy with peripheral trivia and controversies which hide the true effect. All you hear and see is how courageous, righteous and good-intentioned the media are. How many millions of pounds their latest charity project has pulled in. How they 'smashed' a racket and brought criminals to justice. How they ferret out corruption and how it would flourish if we didn't have the media to protect us. Yet the hypocrisy is daily to be seen in their manipulation of enmity, discord and corruption within their own ranks. When Maxwell fell from grace he was transformed from a media mogul who had influenced the political direction of the U.K, over many years, into a fa t bastard, petty thief and con-man who had victimised thousands of poor pensioners. The people who had worked with him for years helping him to perpetrate his schemes quickly escaped guilt by association by creating a persona for Maxwell which the British public could easily hate, and thereby directed the attention of the masses away from the fact that Maxwell couldn't have achieved what he did if it had not been for the inherent condonation within the media. Ask yourself how Maxwell could have for years got away with scams in an industry which regularly gloats about its ability to feret out corruption? We are treated to pages of self-congratulatory kitsch about how newspapers campaign against the exploitation of children. They do not mention that newspapers are delivered by an army of child slave-workers in pelting rain or freezing conditions. Children out alone in the dark. Some of whom will be abducted and harmed by perverts. Children who are paid a pittance whilst the media executives who earn loadsamon ey off their backs are still in bed sleeping off a bottle of scotch. The British Newspaper industry has got away with relying on child slave-labour for years. With no self-restraint, hardly any legally effective restrictions and no moral code, the press control the people through the manipulation of stereotypes and prejudice which endangers all minorities. In an incestuous process of massaging bigotry and inciting victimisation which it can then report as 'news' it turns the screws on different cultures and beliefs in order to increase its influence and its wealth. The Media pretend to offer balanced reportage and information in order for the viewer / listener / reader to make up his/her own mind. This is the sleight of hand of all propaganda. By directing the viewer's attention to a choice between only those alternatives which THE MEDIA THEMSELVES choose to project, truly spontaneous alternatives are censored and the media restrict independent thought; manipulating the minds of people who soon become zombie s; accepting the standards set for them parrot-fashion, because the TIMING of thought and conclusion is controlled by the Media. By forming the illusion of a debate the Media SEEM to be offering choice but the prime feature of ALL true debate and argument is DIALECTIC. The ability for the viewer/reader to respond on equal terms at the pace of their own intellect is denied them and they therefore are lulled into not challenging assumptions and conclusions.In short the TV and the Media at large, actually construct the character and morality of their viewers to serve their own purposes and in a most insidious, continual way thereby control and manipulate and sculpture our very society itself, creating desires, images and emotions within an individual on a mass scale. NOBODY is safe from propaganda if exposed to it. The technology of broadcasting is a powerful tool which is neither good nor bad but the people who produce the programmes have faulty and human ambitions and motives in doing so. They become part of t he conspiracy by default. Those journalists with integrity are broken on the wheel of expediency. They compromise the truth or fail in their chosen careers. The content and intent of a programme is subjugated to the wishes and idiocyncracies of the Media Barons based on self-interest and the prevailing political and moral climate. A handful of powerful people control the financing, resources, distribution and broadcasting of programmes in a situation where dictators can stonewall those who buck the system. A subtle form of slavery occurs where, if the programme makers don't do what is expected of them by their bosses, their access to that form of creativity is denied them and they lose an interesting and compelling means of livelihood with the carrot for 'top' people, of fat salaries and plenty of kudos. This results in all programs being corrupted and manipulated into political or sensationalist vehicles. Programmes which seem revolutionary and anti-establishment exist solely BECAUSE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO . Remember! It is not the weight of information within a TV programme or newspaper which gives it its integrity , it is the nature of the news which has been left out. Throughout history the masses have always been controlled by a relatively small clique of self-appointed leaders who have snatched power by the use of an ideological disguise. How well they manipulate their peoples depends upon their success in keeping them in ignorance and whether they are able to complicate their lives with peripheral restrictions. Examples of these control mechanisms are evident everywhere within secular society. The law does not exist to provide justice for the people, but simply to divide communal battles with authority into individual complaints which can be easily despatched leaving the power base of the ruling elite intact. Britain is one of the few countries in the Western World which does not have a bill of rights for its citizens. Children are imprinted with the idea that the Magna Carta was a Global watershed in human rights but they are hardly ever shown a translation of it. Is this because the Magna Carta did not help the plight of ordinary people? It devolved the right of justice EXCLUSIVELY TO THE BISHOPS AND THE BARONS, not to ordinary people. Ordinary People had no rights and could be imprisoned forever or even executed at the whim of the Barons and the Bishops without trial, before and after the Magna Carta was signed. The Magna Carta was a watershed in Cultural Supremacism, not justice.History shows that unworthy leaders always rely upon ideologies to manipulate the masses. Whether that is a religious or a political ideology matters not. Humans are suckers for ideological sales pitch providing it motivates their basic insecurities. This mechanic is preyed upon by the Bishops and the Ayatolahs (with tales of purgatory if one doesn't act, think and behave as they say we should) or by Politicians (who scare us into obedience by threatening us with an alien political system which is all bad and which will rui n our well-being and standard of living). One of the best ideologies for manipulations of this kind has always been 'Satan'. The ultimate threat. Satan is bigger than any Nuclear Bomb, more evil than any dictator. Every major religious orthodoxy has blamed tragic happenings, senseless brutality and perversions onto some Satan or other, by whatever name. In effect it is an excuse by our 'religious leaders' for the failure of their god in the face of natural disasters and meaningless tragedies. Instead of admitting that they were unwise, unprepared or just downright powerless, they blame it on the spite of a supernatural being and sacrifice a scapegoat to vent everyone's hate. In the secular world our political leaders do a similar thing. They blame the situation on the 'experts' who got it wrong and then sack them. If no other scapegoat can be found they produce an occultist or a Saddam Hussein instead. The ruling elite share their power with the Media Barons. As they are in each other's pockets it should be no surprise to find that in the stereotypes of occultism the Cultural Supremacists have a ready made 'patsy' for all the ills of society, TO DIVERT THE PUBLIC'S ATTENTION FROM THE FACT THAT THE SOCIETY WHICH WE NOW HAVE HAS BEEN AS MUCH SCULPTED AND MOULDED BY THEM AS MEDIEVAL SOCIETY WAS BY THE BISHOPS. Many New Agers and Occultists (including myself) have worked hard to give valuable interviews about the genuine aspects of minority beliefs. We had not understood that what seemed an obvious battle between religious viewpoints was in fact a side issue to the much greater game of Controlling the populace. Occultism is, if you like, the sacrificial anode of our society and is picked upon and blamed for all manner of patently ludicrous crimes because Occultists are a disparate lot and haven't the means to speak up for themselves and put the matter right. They are perfect victims because they are permanently unpopular with the rest of the population. It is well known that, being one of the most prominent occultists in the U.K., I was used as a scapegoat by the fundamentalists and the media. My wife and I were victimised by a totally unjust, concerted, conscious and very intricate conspiracy by a large group of people on many different levels. It became clear that the fundamentalists and the media were not pursuing the truth, nor the facts. These people were simply attempting to terrorise us into giving up our independence of mind and allow them to reinstate their control mechanisms in us. They were attempting to force us into adopting set stereotypes which they could understand and control. We either had to be Satanists or Crooks, the only other possible stereotype open to us was one of conversion and penitence for daring to be different. The ultimate reabsorption into the Status Quo. We realised that not only did they wish to destroy our spirit but also the knowledge, hope and alternatives which were embodied within the Sorcerer's Apprentice, so that others could not find the doorways to enlightenment t hat we had discovered. If the Cultural Supremacists could smash that eternal hope in us, and thereby display the failure of magical and philosophical alternatives, the forces of ignorance would have achieved a very great victory indeed. I began to realise that this was not simply a form of censorship, it was a method of modifying awareness and perspective through fears which had been imprinted deep down in our psyches during childhood by automatic mechanisms which had been reinforced at every level in a culture whose ruling elite had phased out all alternative options and spiritual freedoms. Disinformation interwoven into our literature, history, archeology, faery tales, poetry, art, architecture resurfaced in a replay of our conditioning. Even the very language itself was pejorative, and disabled us from seeking understanding.An insidious method of changing of one's loyalties and perspectives began. First sowing the seeds of doubt. Then activating the imprinting mechanisms which began to make one's chose n alternative appear an unreasonable and ingenuine superimpositon. An 'unnatural' perspective which demanded too high a personal price. The brainwashing has been so successful over the years because it makes use of the innate apathy of the human mind. Sooner or later, due to exhaustion, awareness dims and the mind sleeps; but the imprinted insecurities never sleep. The subconscious works all the time and when consciousness takes over again, things look less and less good. Your perspective less and less certain. Your convictions less and less solid. I realised that this is how these kind of people had always suppressed alternatives and zombiefied the masses throughout history. I saw just how malleable and fragile the human mind really is against their insidious double-think and I saw how many people throughout history had resisted and posed a threat to the Cultural Supremacists but were banished or extirpated into silence whilst the rest looked on powerless, even disinterested because of the continual proc ess of zombiefication. More importantly I saw the collective strategy and devices which are used to fool people into not knowing their own minds. Few in history have lived through such an extensive period of victimisation where the entire mechanics of Cultural Supremacism were targeted to destroy one's integrity and beliefs in a multi-faceted attack. Fewer still have been able to pierce the spell of Cultural Supremacism and come back to identify the gateways which break the thrall of this ignorance and allow people their own empowerment. Occultists who do not escape the thrall of Cultural Supremacism are insulated from true magical knowledge and personal empowerment. They may wear occult paraphernalia and use occult dialogue but their thought processes are firmly fixed in a value system which bars cosmic consciousness. The most important part is missing. They are not Fey, because their mind is not free.The Sub-Culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation grew out of the Sorcerer's Apprentice Fighting Fund when it became clear that the battle we were fighting for the freedom of belief for occultism was in fact intimately bound up with the welfare of all minorities and particularly with the self-determination of free-thinkers and an ability of all individuals everywhere to identify and escape from the control mechanisms of Cultural Imprinting. The S.A.F.F. exists to identify and promote the common-ground between ALL beliefs and has absolutely no partisan/sectarian axe to grind. People who join the S.A.F.F. support the right for all others to adopt whatever belief they wish, however popular or unpopular that may be, providing its doctrine does not demand absolutist/exclusivist adherence and does not harm another. That is, does not involve a doctrine which disallows other beliefs and does not force actions from people against their will. IN short, TOLERANCE. This can only be achieved by a process of individual development towards a truly free mental perspective and this is concomitant to an understanding of the devi ces which are used to control, modify and direct the mentality of the masses. The process is one of un-learning and then re-education based upon common-wisdom and universal human experience free from artificial political and religious ideologies. Ends:

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