Orkney Social Workers have attempted a cover up of the mistakes of their colleagues after institutionally abusing children from the Orkney Satan Scandal. When independent experts discovered what had happened they put their own interests before those of the children and conspired against them.

These are just a sample of many sensational conclusions in the book SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN , by Consultant Paediatrician Dr D. H. S. Reid. It is set to rock British Social Work to its foundations.

Dr Reid's book corroborates, from inside the system, the conspiracy of silence and thirst for power which ordinary folk have long-considered endemic within social work. It gives a shockingly detailed blow-by-blow account of the improper methods and vindictive misuse of power which regularly destroys the legal and human rights of its victims and which was used to terrible effect by social workers in Orkney.

Written by a professional with over 30 years experience of paediatric care this book shows that no parents or children are safe from victimisation by the Child Abuse Industry.

Despite propaganda to the contrary Dr Reid's book shows that there are NO devices which can safeguard your human rights or those of your children when you fall into the clutches of the Social Work Mafia. Dr Reid compares the rights of children and families in a child abuse inquiry to that of a criminals' rights and finds Criminals better off:

"The child is not allowed any right of silence. He is questioned endlessly until he gives the desired answer. For 50 or 150 interrogations he may give the truth that there has been no child abuse.  This evidence may be concealed from the parents, from the lawyers of the parents, from the court. Evidence favourable to the parents or others may be withheld from them. Independent assessment  by doctors psychologists and other professionals may be made impossible. The lawyer for the accused may be unable to interview or get information from the witnesses for the Crown. He may be prevented from seeing those witnesses."

But it is in the previously unpublished details and background to the tragic and unnecessary Orkney Child Abuse Scandal that Dr Reid really lays bare the faults in the Social Work System.  Backing up his claims and allegations with documentation and copious notes he pulls no punches.

Dr Reid had professional input into the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal. He was asked to contribute in Orkney and produced an in-depth study of the circumstances after accessing information which has not until now been made public. His conclusions make astounding reading?

"The parents in Orkney are wholly innocent....Even if the accusations
had been correct, the [dawn] raids should not have happened "

"I am the only consultant paediatrician as far as I know, who
has interviewed the doctors on South Ronaldsay and seen parents
and children...What did I find? Not one symptom or sign of child
abuse amongst the nine children....accusations of child abuse
are completely false .....There is no medical evidence that the
three W children were sexually abused."

Social Worker's justification for action in Orkney came from the testimony ( during disclosure questioning) of  child O.W. who gave evidence against other children who were later lifted. Dr Reid points out that that girl (OW) was examined by two psychologists and one psychiatrist and has been pronounced Psychotic by all three. The day before her sixteenth birthday OW was taken into care by Social Workers for 'disclosures to continue. At age sixteen this would have been illegal.

Dr Reid does not value the statements obtained by those Orkney social workers "...confessions made by the W children or by any of the nine children removed on the dawn raid on 27th February 1991 were false"  He shows how the suspicions of satanic ritual abuse in Orkney began during June 1989 (a couple of weeks before the despicable Cook Report special which imported the hysteria into Britain from the U.S.A. and co-inciding with the campaign launched by the N.S.P.C.C. to highlight the 'dangers' of Satanic Abuse).

He goes on to infer that a purposeful confusion has been used to obscure the rights of parents and children. "Social Workers are allowed in the Clyde Inquiry to say what they like about the W children. Nobody, including Mrs W, on the other side of the argument, is allowed to refute this so-called evidence.."  Dr Reid Criticises the Clyde Inquiry for overlooking important evidence and is not confident that it will provide a definitive solution.

Perhaps the most heart-rending information which Reid presents is that provided by Dr Boyle's series of interviews of the children during August 1991. One child said:

 " nothing happened between J and me, the Social Workers lied, I didn't know what I was saying to them."  In another interview child QW said "..Social workers say they [perpetrators] hurt me, they didn't, if they did I'd tell".

When asked why the social workers would make up stories she replied

 "how should I know?"

The evidence provided in this book DEMANDS an urgent countrywide overhaul of the Social Services into a grass-roots caring system which actually takes pressure OFF families under stress, instead of victimising them. The increasing institutional abuse of small children and innocent parents is nothing less than a national scandal.  SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN should be read by parents and professionals for if Orkney has proved anything, it is that every family is susceptible to victimisation by the present system. British Social Work MUST change and Dr Reid's innovative and commonsensical book bypasses the stock Child Abuse Industry excuses about limited resources showing clearly how easily and cheaply a more humane system could be achieved.

As a society we ignore Dr Reid's views at our peril.


        SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN (ISBN 1871479037) From:
Dr., D.H.S. Reid, Medical Institute for Research into Child Cruelty (M.I.R.I.C.), Step Rock House, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9AT. Tel:(0334-73599)

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