Eliphas Levi's drawing of Maledictus Adumbratur (taken from 'Cles Majeurs et Clavicules de Solomon

National Lottery Encourages
Mad-cap Satan Hunters
With Huge Handouts!

Your Lottery Donations Wasted
On Satan Seminars
to Revive Belief in SRA

You probably thought that the persistent, carping clique of Satan Hunters who infect and corrupt social work in the U.K. had got it wrong SO many times that they were just a discredited blast from the past; but now the National Lottery is giving them hundreds of thousands of pounds to restart their Satan Hunt.

Over the past seven years The Lottery fund has given one active group of Satan Hunters in Scotland nearly a half a million pounds of your ticket money to network with other believers about barmy allegations of satanist gangs abusing children in a re-run of the 1990 Satan Myth. Is this where you want your donations to go?

That group is RANS (Ritual Abuse Network Scotland) which works out of Dundee and is headed up by one Laurie Matthews. RANS is an affiliate of the detested British group RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network Support) which is a collection of discredited one-time influential social activists, extreme feminists, experimental psychologists and academics who originally told the government and public of Britain in 1988 that babies were being microwaved and eaten as part of Satanic Rites. Almost all the failed Satan cases foisted onto the British Public during the 1990s had the involvement of RAINS members as key players.

Laurie Matthews, a Scott who had a track record of charitable work with children in a group called 18 and Under, already had the ear of the Scottish Executive attending a number of committees on child care. Matthews even met the Countess of Wessex on one of her visits. In 2002 Camelot (the business behind The Lottery) awarded Matthews a Scottish Oyster Award for protecting children and young people in connection with 'regular' abuse.

Laurie Matthews runs '18 and Under' from premises at 1 Victoria Road, Dundee, RANS uses the same address. Also at this address is 'Izzy's Promise' a charity which Matthews helps run and which was originally called TRASH (Tayside Ritual Abuse Support and Helpline) but which changed it's name to Izzy's Promise on 24th March 2008 '.

" A major step forward was marked when TRASH now Izzy’s Promise secured a five year funding grant from the Big Lottery to advance and develop support services for ritual abuse survivors. This funding has made it possible for Izzy's Promise to recruit two workers who have temporarily taken the burden off the shoulders of the hard working and untiring volunteer-founder members. Temporarily because the founder members and volunteers are still the cog in the wheel of all the activities within Izzy's Promise. They have remained active in inventing new ways of supporting ritual abuse survivors. A large number of ritual abuse survivors have been offered a chance to tell their stories to an organisation that is caring and believes in everything survivors say. Survivors have continuously telephoned us, emailed us, send text messages and even come in personally to tell their untold stories of long suffering that has always been dismissed as paranoic or psychic associated..." SOURCE:

Matthew's charity 18 and Under has its own separate website and appears to assiduously avoid using any reference to Ritual Abuse though it does have links to Izzy's Promise. 18 and Under concentrates solely on helping children with regular abuse and problems with helplines for bullying etc.

It would appear that Izzy's promise is the 'official' mouthpiece of Matthew's RANS work. The link between RANS and RAINS is clear in the RANS forum where a contributor complaining about specific SRA is told to contact RAINS

The earliest Dundee connection with RAINS is in SEPTEMBER 1989, when Norma Howes & Pamela Klein ( Klein's 'expertise' in SRA was subsequently challenged in court in the U.S. and discredited by the presiding judge who castigated her involvement). Howes and Klein (both linked to RAINS) organised a multidisciplinary conference on Satanic Child Abuse at Dundee. Maureen Davies of the Christian Fundamentalist group REACHOUT helped. Davies arranged for David Woodhouse from Ellel Grange (a Christian fundamentalist missionary group from Lancaster, with wacky extreme ideas later exposed by the Daily Mail for its activities) to give a 'Christian presentation' of the Satanic Abuse 'problem'. Ellel Grange teaches 'Christian Counselling courses' as well as performing exorcisms on mentally ill Christians who come for help. One could say then that the fundamentalist poison which drove the Satan Myth was well and truly injected into Dundee's child welfare circuit as early as 1989.

As The 1990s Hysteria Abated Satan Hunters Regrouped To Promote Ritual Abuse

As the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth (SRAM) became to be rejected by mainstream child carers in England some strident activists who believed in it gravitated northwards. For instance, Sue Richardson a leading RAINS member would later head a NCH (National Children's Home) project in Glasgow. Whilst her work for the NCH did not directly relate to SRA the NCH had a long track record of belief in it. They actually asked for money from the public to combat SRA in an appeal for funding in national newspaper adverts in the 1990s. At this time the NCH was a 100% Christian organisation and had a bar on anyone other than Christians working in it. The skewed sectarian bias of believers is clearly evident.


An Extract From RANS 2002 Newsletter, signed by Laurie Matthews

Someone keeps telling me that there are strange goings on in Orkney every year about this time. The bottom line is that someone goes out of their way to shoot a lot of pregnant seals. Reports in the press are nearly as confusing as the rumours. We would be interested in knowing what, if anything our readers think about the strange killings of seals, particularly round the Halloween period.

This year it apparently happened a few weeks earlier than usual due to the seals becoming pregnant earlier? There are many more questions than answers to this happening. Why kill pregnant seals just prior to birth? Who is doing this? Is it associated with anything more sinister? Who if anyone is Investigating this regular and now predictable event? Any thoughts out there?

Ed: This is a classic example of the Satan Hunter's lack of discernment and willingness to turn any misunderstood occurrence into grist for their Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. Twenty years after the Orkney Scandal which the Satan Hunters perpetrated, RANS is back again with despicable inuendo about Orcadians. The simple answer is that local fishermen are shooting the seals because they eat the fish which is their livelihood. Note the fundie link between suspected Satanic killings and Halloween,

See Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare (SAMS) here for background to these perennial false fundie claims about satanists sacrificing animals. Will this Seal nonsense go down as a case of 'ritual abuse' in RANS files?

Later in this newsletter Matthews writes of Halloween:

Halloween is a real bummer for ritual abuse survivors.....At this time of year many children are actively encouraged to go round knocking on doors and asking for money or presents. It is a strange thing that a Christian country encourages a pagan festival.

[Ed: Well, Laurie, it's strange perhaps if you are an ignorant Scot, but not if you have an elementary grasp of history. The British Isles was pagan for thousands of years before Christian missionaries came to our shores and drove the Old Religion underground by torturing, hanging and burning harmless celtic rustics who adhered to it. All the major cultural festivals are pagan ( even the days of the week are named after pagan gods). You are obviously so dim, Laurie, that you don't know just how much pagan culture is intertwined in your own life which would be a lot poorer without it. Aye Lassie! Rabbie Burns, (whose famous poem Halloween written in Braid Scotts, can be seen here ) will be turning o'er in his grave to see you repudiate the Scots' Culture in such a silly way! Why even the festival of Halloween is Scottish and was originally called Samhain in Gaelic, yet here you are wanting to ban it because you believe its SRA! According to your rules that must mean all Scot families are Satanic Abusers. I can almost see the headlines now. 'Shock-Horror Scotland Entirely Satanic - Lottery Gives Biggest Handout Ever to Hunt Down Five Million Satanists'! That should do Scotland's Tourist industry a lot of good. ]

Despite the infamous Orkney case of SRA (1990) which caused a public enquiry and wasted over 20 million pounds of taxpayers money, Scottish folk might also remember the Ayrshire Case of claimed Satanic Ritual Abuse in 1991 which also, failed after grabbing the headlines for weeks, just like all the rest.

The children,in that case (now adults), who were manipulated by social workers to give misleading stories to justify the persecution of innocent adults and the destruction of innocent families, began an action to sue the social work department in 2001.

This is just one of many private suits which local authorities have had to cope with (see : Orkney Child Victims Sue) to tidy up the fallout of Satan Hunter types. Those who actually cause the injustices always seem to get away with it to continue their troublemaking because they are apparently absolved of the repercussions of their actions by their employment contracts!

You would have thought by then that Scottish children's groups might have been alerted to the harm and destruction the SRA myth had caused on both sides of the border but NO! Just a handful of years later the Isle of Lewis case burst on the scene in 2003. Another eight innocent people were arrested and persecuted both by the Scottish authorities and also their neighbours in the type of vigilante action promoted by the News of the World in their paedophile campaign in 2000 when after publishing the whereabouts of paedophiles they got one address wrong and an innocent man was killed by the mob.

The Isle of Lewis case was also begun on the evidence of children who were led to confabulate memories which didn't exist by Satan Hunters whom idiots in the Scottish legal system seem to unerringly turn to whenever claims of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse are made. And as we have seen, there are always RAINS type groups hovering like vultures in the wind ready to pounce on panicking politicians who are clueless as to what action to take. The Lewis case also fell completely through in the end and no charges were ever brought - Like all the other claimed SRA cases in Scotland, it was complete fiction.

With a history like this you would have thought that the Lottery Fund would have taken extra care but they have ended up encouraging and funding the continuation of this despicable myth by giving both succour and resources to people who after two decades of proof to the contrary, still continue to insist that Satanic Ritual Abuse exists.

"They seek them here,They seek them there,
Believers in SRA seek them everywhere!
Are they in heaven? Are they in Hell?
Where are those damn elusive Satanicals!"
...............With apologies to Baroness Emma Orczy

You've Got To Be In It To Win It

Some observers have commented that most of the therapists, social workers and child care specialists who have jumped on the SRA bandwagon have done it because it pays big money; there is a busy lecture circuit and yearly round of conferences where believers in SRA indulge their fantasies and gain support from thick-heads who don't remember the past. Modern Satan-hunter mumbo-jumbo provides a convincing rationale to those in whose interest it is to fear the worst for children.

Personally I think that most of them really do think they have found the most dastardly form of child abuse on the planet. They haven't, but it nicely comforts and supports their religious, professional or political convictions.

However, up to this point, the kind of cash handed out to these people has only enabled them to eke out an interesting living. To actually make an effect beyond their number they needed far more resources.

In 2000 one of the key believers in SRA , Valerie Sinason was given a grant of 22,000.00 by the Department of Health ( see here) to research the incidence of it even though the government's own definitive report in 1994 actually said that SRA didn't exist! Apparently Sinason's report was so appallingly done that it was never published.

The funding given to Izzy's Promise by The Lottery Fund is astronomic in comparison with that - and The Lottery Fund can't say they weren't warned because Izzy's Promise clearly said they wanted the money to
further research into Ritual and Organised abuse.

Of course the term 'ritual and organised abuse' doesn't quite evoke the same emotions as the term Satanic Ritual Child Abuse and this is an important point. Whenever the caucus of satan hunters are addressing outsiders they tend to prefer to use the term 'Ritual and Organised Abuse'. but within their own ranks they use the term Satanic Ritual Abuse or SRA because when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of listing the evil actions taken by abusers, they fall back on lies given to them by people who have claimed to be abused by Satanists. The very thing which distinguishes ordinary abuse from claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse is the use of the word RITUAL.

Now we might have forgiven The Lottery Fund for not asking what the term Ritualised and Organised abuse meant if the application had just been for a few thousand quid but based on this 'plan' Laurie Matthew's charity received GBP:£320,464.00 from The Lottery Fund and for that kind of money one might have thought they should have asked!

It has enabled RANS to expand their empire dramatically as they clearly state here and readers should note that their coverage is now national in scope and not limited to Scotland.

Don't Ever Use The S Word Darling...

Believers in the existence of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse, often, soft-peddle their terminology in order not to scare the horses. They have developed a two level dialogue. The first is aimed at the untutored listener, taking the words at face value. This is where a reasonable person applies their own reasonable ideas to the words and sees nothing amiss. But anyone who is truly versed in satan-hunting knows what is really meant when words like 'spiritual' or 'religion' are mentioned alongside the term 'ritual abuse'. Look at this gobbledegook from Izzy's Promise:
Izzy’s Promise has come in at the right time when there have been cases all over the UK of abuse in places such as Cleveland, Orkney and Jersey. All these have been chilling stories that have been met with mixed reactions of either disbelief or anger about how society has failed to protect its own people from abusive situations. These stories have led to new terminologies being coined to explain scenarios not usually associated with a developed society like ours ........................ These stories have thrown policy makers, social workers, the police, the legal justice system, religious folk and traditionalists into disarray. Some, in an attempt to uphold the sanity and to avert panic amongst the people, have resorted to using terms which are perceived to be understandable and easier to be believed by the society as a whole. In most of the stories that have been aired around these abuse occurrences the main term that has been employed by many investigators, social workers and other reporters has been ‘child abuse’ or ‘sexual abuse’. However, said boldly all these stories and the pattern of the occurences point to the term ritual abuse. ........ It is evident however that whenever this term is invoked in normal conversations most people tend to freak out while others panic. The panic and freaking as a result of people hearing the term ritual abuse is not a new phenomenon "

RANS Shadow-speak Exposed

Tips on Training Professionals about R.A.

From the RANS 2002 newsletter

It takes many years for survivors to train professionals to a satisfactory degree so they are able to provide some level of support. Be aware that this process will be time consuming for you and make sure you maintain firm boundaries with your trainee professionals. Do not let them know they are in training as this undermines their professional confidence.

First, it is recommended you never mention the word 'ritual' to a professional unless you have trained them for at least 3 years. The word 'abuse' might also cause some problems and definitely never, ever put the two words together.

The Police: main trick with police is to use titles (unless only a constable), allow them to ask the questions and make sure that you let them think they are in control.... Never tell them the whole truth as you may well end up in court.

Social Work: Ask lots of easy questions (they like to impart information), ask to be referred to any other agency (except for social work) and they will work flat out for you.

As far as we are aware nobody has ever 'freaked out' over the term 'ritual abuse' but the game is up when satan hunters use the term 'Satanic Abuse'. That's when normal people 'freak out'. The writer would obviously have preferred to say ' The panic and freaking as a result of people hearing the term Satanic Abuse is not a new phenomenon.' which is a far more accurate statement, yet the new wave of satan hunters MUST NOT EVER use the term Satanism and so the term Satanic Abuse is changed for the words 'ritual abuse', The sentence doesn't make sense to most people, but it makes sense to those who know....

Izzy's Promise continues to try to have their cake and eat it:

"Ritual abuse is organised sexual, physical and psychological abuse, which is systematic and may be sustained over a long period of time. It may involve the use of rituals, with or without a belief system, and usually involves more than one abuser. Other organisations expand that definition to include ‘spiritual’ abuse, although how this is defined seems to depend on religious orientation. Various ritual abuse support organisations and websites do vary in the definition of what constitutes ritual abuse, especially depending on religious, cultural or political bias. The terms ritual and organised abuse can be applied to many reported instances and cases of abuse such as those detailed in this article. It is worth mentioning at this stage that the definition of ritual abuse especially is a matter of great debate and controversy. Elements and practices of various religious, institutional, political and cultural authorities have been subjected to accusations of abuse and defined by others or ideologically opposed parties as ritual abuse.
source:www.izzyspromise.org.uk 'article 100808.PDF' March 2008.
What all this verbage is skirting around using is the SATAN word. In order not to give the game away, they must avoid using the terms 'Satanism', 'Occult', 'Witchcraft'. They know that if they can avoid using the S word slumbering idiots in local authorities will slumber on, Oh, and by the way, despite the clear insistence in the above piece there has been absolutely NO successful proven cases of Satanic or Ritual abuse in Cleveland, Orkney and Jersey though you can read about the claims which said there was here.

To see how the satan-hunters have surreptitiously changed their approach to 'Ritual Abuse' but are still chasing The Devil one only needs to look at the titles in the literature they circulate amongst themselves. In the recommended reading list of www.endritualabuse.org you will find that of the 50 books in the list those which were published prior to 1996 almost all have SATAN in the title in contradistinction those commencing in the late 1990s to date all have 'Ritual Abuse' in the title. Judicious use of language like this has opened many doors for satan hunters which would otherwise have been closed to them.

You don't need to look far to see examples of this change of emphasis. One of the main players in the Satan Scandal of the 1990s was Valerie Sinason, a one-time member of RAINS who had no problem in using the S word in the early days but in February 1994 on the back of a dubious and still unpublished report for the DoH (see here)Sinason published a book titled 'Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse' (no equivocation at this point!). The abbreviation for Satanic Ritual Abuse is of course SRA and by the turn of the century there were literally thousands of articles on the net pushing the idea of SRA. Google 'SRA Abuse' today and you will come up with over two million hits. The SRA acronym had been fixed for all time in the minds of both supporters and detractors. However even the term SRA was too open and obvious for some. By 2003 dear Valerie was trying to move the goalposts with 'SADISTIC Ritual Abuse' (SRA) Readers might be forgiven for thinking this was an attempt to get rid of the Satan word and replace it with Sadistic to get the best of both worlds? In an interview with Graeme Galton in 2003 she said she was already networking with RAINS and the newly formed LASA, (The League Against Sadistic Abuse), a shadowy and subversive organisation which, in the NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood) directory is listed as:

'a support network for the carers and family of people who allege they've been abused in a ritual setting. Contact details: The address of this organisation is kept confidential'
A short extract from the 2003 Sinason/Graeme Galton interview will fill readers in on the mentality of most Satan Hunters which as you will see has about as much intellectual rigour as that of Alien Abductees.
"Every week the narrative of the patient would go a bit further. We put some examples in a joint chapter in the book I edited, Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse (Sinason, 1994). For instance, the patient would say to Anders, `Mummy's cold and hard and smells'. Anders sounding shocked, `But your mother's dead'. The patient crying, `I don't know, I don't know'. In the luxury of the supervision position, I could say, `Whenever a patient says, ` `I don`t know'', they do know but they don't know you can bear it. And it could be a bereavement psychosis, we don't know what it is, but you pre-empted her response by saying, ``But your mother's dead'', sounding so shocked yourself'. The next week Anders would go back, `You said your mother was cold and hard'. Then she could carry on, `Yes, but they said if I lie on Mummy, now she's dead, they won't hurt her any more, now she's dead'. Each bit where Anders could not bear it, and I supported him, the patient was then able to tell something a bit more that was even worse . I felt sick and petrified every week ............ In other words, I used confidentiality as a defence against hiding the fact that I was terrorized, even living in another country, by the traumatic secondary counter-transference.....

Laurie Matthews On Halloween

Taken from RANS newsletter 2002
"Few people think any more of Halloween than children dressing up, parties and 'docking' for apples. At this time of year, many children are actively encouraged to go round knocking at doors and asking for money or presents. It is a strange thing that a Christian country encourages a pagan festival. On All Hallow's Eve, the witches abound, ghosts appear and the veil between worlds is supposed to be at it's thinnest... What is it about? This is a genuine question I ask.

As a survivor of RA I learned as a child that outsiders also 'celebrated' the power of the witches, I would see the symbols appearing in windows and shops as an accepted part of our culture. I accepted it too. When I escaped and for a long time afterwards. I used to dread the memories that all the cultural trapping would raise each year. Only after a few years had gone by did I start to wonder why. Why, in the year 2002. do we keep the whole thing going? We encourage children to fear witches, knock at people's doors, take sweets, money and food from people and generally celebrate a pagan festival. Is it harmless? I don't know. I know that I don't like it, but then I am biased.

Halloween Survival Tips

  • 1. Pretend it's Xmas instead.
  • 2. Tell every adult you meet your experience of what really goes on at Halloween. Spare them no details.
  • 3. Fly out to a country that does not celebrate it. Try Egypt!|
  • 4. Book a rocket flight to the space lab. You may need to raise some funds for this first.
  • 5. Buy lots of garlic, surround your house with salt and draw funny symbols round your bed. You are sure to be sectioned if you do all this and hospital is a nice safe place to sit it out.
  • 6. Come to Dundee and become a full-time volunteer over the period. Guaranteed to take your mind off it.
  • 7. Pretend it's Easter!

[Ed: Does Matthews' preoccupation with Christianity's age-old attack on Paganism indicate a well-informed objective observer, or an off the wall Fundie? I hope she will 'spare us no details'. ]

If this wasn't enough to convince readers that when OTT therapists talk of 'Ritual Abuse' they really mean 'Satanic Ritual Abuse', I append a short extract from a Paper given at a RAINS Conference held at Warwick University, England, 13/14 September 1996. It is headed Satanist Ritual Abuse: Challenges To The Mental Health System and was written and delivered by Sarah Nelson (an old RAINS trooper) who at this point was working out of the Dept of Sociology at the University of Edinburgh. The clue of course is in the title and you have to ask yourself if the people at RAINS and RANS, it's Scottish affiliate, have changed tack and don't believe in the Satanic connection any more? Or are they just pretending not to?


In Satanic Ritual Abuse, living creatures are used to terrorise children in several ways: as agents in themselves, as objects to be killed, mutilated or ingested, and as supposed watchers and spies (the spider will tell us if you talk). In later life the same creatures may well invoke all these different fears, and for people whose memories are repressed, they may be one of the few phenomena which "ring a bell". I learned of the disgusting defilement Satanic Ritual Abuse victims must endure, the use of filth, excrement, blood, body fluids, the innards of animals and humans....... I learned of the noxious things Satanic Ritual Abuse victims must eat and drink: human and animal flesh, blood, urine, excrement, vomit, maggoty meat, drugged drinks. Many have to endure long, unpredictable periods of starvation. Most have experienced extensive oral abuse, often from babyhood....
Wow! By 1996, with an invited audience of pre-sold minds, there was no coyness about the term Satanic Ritual Abuse, yet you won't find it anywhere in RANS public literature today.

So much verbage, so many words and so little actually said. The hallmark of a Satan-hunter is an appeal to the emotions, not to scientific rigour. In fact the SAFF have challenged the satan-hunters numerous times to actually come up with a proper and full definition of 'Ritual Abuse' but they have always dodged the issue, just as they have done here.

In February 1996 SAFF founder, Chris Bray, was invited by RAINS to lecture at a forthcoming conference - to give the SAFF's perspective. He gladly agreed to this but asked for a definition of Ritual Abuse so he could challenge it. Not only did he not get a definition. His invitation to speak at the conference was quickly rescinded in a single sentence letter with no reason given!

In our experience it is terribly important for satan hunters to keep their audiences in the dark. We have to just trust in their conclusions. It is surprising how many fools will submit to this.

They can chew your ear off with peripheral nonsense about the minutiae of so-called Ritual Abuse, but they have always, always, always, refrained from actually defining it. This enables each satan-hunter to travel their own path with impunity, and network with others from areas which some people might find worrying.

For instance, with Christian fundamentalist fanatics in the U.S. who maintain that Ritual Abuse is part of a pan-global Freemasonic-Satanic New World Order system run by Jewish Bankers and designed to bring down Western Society by corrupting the young. But surely after reading the blurb above it is clear that Izzy's Promise would have little to do with anti-semitic nonsense of that kind? Not quite. The first grant to Izzy's Promise from the Lottery Fund was in 2004 where they got a few thousand pounds so they could:

...relieve the mental and physical distress of people who have suffered from ritual abuse. The grant is for premises hire, travel......
In the same year Laurie Matthews travelled to the U.S.A. to lecture about Ritual Abuse. She appeared as a keynote speaker at The Seventh Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference held on August 6, 2004 in Connecticut. The conference was sponsored by S.M.A.R.T., 'a newsletter that examines the possible connections between ritual abuse and secretive organizations'. Organisers offered tapes of previous conferences but warned delegates that 'Some of the topics discussed on these tapes may be very triggering


I Thought I had Discovered a Trigger But it Turned Out To Be Roy Roger's Horse

Roy Rogers and Trigger The term 'triggers' was wholly and specifically developed by satan hunters in the 1990s in order to cleverly isolate victim imposters from questioning by critical outsiders all of whom were suspected by the clique of being Satanists or Satanist sympathisers.

'Triggers' were supposed to be symbols, words, or sounds which once heard, immediately caused a post-hypnotic state in the hearer so that Satanists could gain control of the mind of the subject. This was a cross-over from conspiracy nuts who had established the idea of CIA involvement in mind control techniques through the MK-Ultra experimental program coupled with the sensation caused by the entirely fictional 1959 novel by Richard Condon titled The Manchurian Candidate where a soldier taken prisoner by the Koreans is brainwased and released to return to the U.S. and kill the president of the United Sates when he is 'triggered' to do so using a post hypnotic command.

The novel was made into a highly successful film in 1962 starring Frank Sinatra and Laurence Harvey. Even though the book was entirely fictional it was given cult status when later that year President John F Kennedy was shot in Dallas. The film was subsequently withdrawn from distribution for 25 years. An action which made conspiracy nuts think it held truths those in power didn't want the population to know about. Public interest over the years held up and a remake was done in 2004 which kind of cemented the beliefs of those who thought brainwashing possible.

In the foment of fear at the growing Communist Menace in the Cold War which followed WWII, ideas of brainwashing were rampant but as William Sargant (possibly the world's foremost authority on the subject) pointed out in his Battle for the Mind, first published in 1957 and which greatly influenced Condon, whereas it is possible to convince someone at length to change sides (The Stockholm Syndrome) it is not possible to program a person to take any action at the inception of a 'trigger' of which he is not an agreed and conscious participant.

It was because of the barmy idea of triggerwords that the children taken into care during the Orkney SRA case were not allowed any contact with their parents. Even birthday cards their parents sent to them were destroyed. Much the same thing happened in the other failed SRAM cases.

Sheebur Detnemed Fo Doahl Ataw

Long time observers of the SRAM may remember the fore-runner of 'Triggers'. Backward Masking. This manic idea was invented and promoted by Christian Fundamentalists in the U.S.A. in the mid 1980s and helped piggy-back the Satan Myth. The allegation was that death-metal rock-bands were outreaches of Satanism and put subconscious hypnotic commands into their music in order to control the minds of the young. These commands were recorded 'backwards' underneath the regular music and so couldn't be detected save by fundie agitators who spent months recording and reverse-tracking heavy metal music and then trying to convince outsiders that random unintelligible weird screeching sounds that made no sense would cause children to kill for satan. Whilst they were doing this they completely ignored the rather obvious lyrics which anyone could hear which said much the same thing! Fundie Backward Masking was surreptitiously turned into the idea of 'Triggers' by the secular child scare industry.

So prevalent has this ridicuous belief in 'triggers' become that in one Satan Seminar (2009) one of the key speakers Sue Richardson, originator of CAUSE (a protection group for the clinicians who were publicly abominated for their idiotic and dangerous activities which caused the Cleveland Scandal in the mid 1980s and which was a fore-runner of the SRAM) and long-time member of RAINS who subsequently worked for the National Children's Home in Glasgow,) makes sure to pacify other believers by actually stating on the overview of her keynote lecture on Trigger Words and Mind Control that no actual examples of triggers would be used in her lecture. If she didn't give this assurance then of course no other pro-SRAMists would attend for fear of being turned into Satanic Zombies in their seats by exposure to them! This clearly shows the like-mindedness of SMART and RAINS.

Top Conference Billing

The Opposition

"If any readers with a computer want a laugh, look up SAFF (The sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation) on the Internet. The site is an absolute scream. It took me ages to work out that it is all meant to be serious. Remember that they are part of the opposition so don't be surprised if you read something which might upset you. Me I just thought it was all so funny. It is now my life ambition to have my name printed in their Hall of Shame. When I get there, I will know at last for certain that I have seriously pissed off the baddies."

[Ed: Laurie Matthews writing in 2002. This is the way that RAINS types have always responded to SAFF input to avoid having to address the serious deficiencies in their beliefs and research. With this kind of fixed mentality how could this woman possibly produce objective research on SRA which could be of serious use to child care organisations? Yet that is what The Lottery Fund has given her the money to do...]

In the list of SMART conference keynote speakers Laurie Matthews gets second billing. The title of her lecture is: The Fight Against Ritual Abuse in Scotland." - although as yet there hasn't been a case of it to fight! We are told by SMART that Matthews has been fighting ritual abuse in Scotland 'for 30 years'. Which is strange considering that the idea of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse was only invented 24 years ago. Does that mean Matthews has been fighting SRA before it even existed? Laurie Matthews has not published the text of her lecture in the U.K. and we challenge her to do so. Did The Lottery Fund see it before they gave the money?

Another speaker after Matthews is Helen L. McGonigle whose speciality is Ritual Abuse and Torture which we will look at in a moment.

The approach of SMART to Ritual Abuse is a world away from the platitudinous and sympathetic writings on the Izzy's Promise website. For example Kristine Constance wrote an article for SMART members concerning the anti-semitic Freemasonic-Satanic New World Order Conspiracy theories which back up many claims of Ritualised Abuse.

"Just before coming to the conference, my sister said she had read positive on the E meter to memories of being raped on an altar, having electric shock treatment, seeing men in black robes and being forced to drink blood and eat human faeces.

I also consider myself lucky because 17 years ago when I confronted my mother and father with the ritual abuse, my mother said she was not involved with that but here is the suitcase of your grandfather’s Masonic paraphernalia. She has apologised for not being a good mother to me. I think this is the closest acknowledgement of the abuse I will get.

This suitcase has confirmed so much for me. It has copies of passwords, hand signals and ritual information for the Freemasons along with aprons, jewels and medals that my grandmother and grandfather wore at meetings. I had remembered the colours of the star and my 'alters' coincided with the points of the star. I felt like I had found the key. On the order of the eastern star emblem, red is on the top left point of the star and blue is the top right point. In my mind Red had control of the left side of the body and Blue had control of the right side of the body. The emblem was found on paraphernalia that could be found throughout my Grandfather’s house.

I have integrated 26 personalities during my years in therapy and I only have two left that are being stubborn and demand more answers before they integrate. I have integrated animal 'alters' which were mostly cats and tigers. My animal 'alters' helped me survive basic life and death situations. My tigers supported me during starvation and imprisonment. My left red split took all the pain. My right blue split was strong and continued to get stronger.

[Ed:Just a small note of clarification to avoid any confusion between 'altars' and 'alters'. 'Alters' is a colloquialism often used by those undergoing 'perpetual psychotherapy' for Multiple Personality Disorder (also called DID - Disassociatve Identity Disorder). The idea that the patient 'uncovers' (usually with the aid of 'recovered memory therapy') personalities or identities lying beneath their day to day personality. Pro-SRAMists maintain that these 'identities' or 'alters' are invoked to lock away stressful or terryfing situations but there is nothing to suggest that they are not simply fantasies of the patient. The more a person has been Satanically Abused the more 'alters' they are likely to claim; although 26 alters is rather more than average. An 'E-Meter' measures the electrical conductivity of the skin and is basically nothing more than a glorified Ohmmeter. ]

Most people will see Kristine's story as a result of the intensive experimental psychological treatment she has been getting fuelled by a rich diet of internet conspiracy nuts from the caucus of Ritual Abuse activists who have over the years become closely acquainted with madcap conspiracy theories. For instance Valerie Sinason works with David Icke who has spoken at some conferences. Icke believes implicitly not only in the Freemasonic-Satanic conspiracy hawked by satan-hunters but also that Aliens are roaming the earth in reptile form. Listening to personal anecdotes offered as 'evidence' by mentally insecure patients is very much akin to asking someone who believes themselves to have been Napoleon Bonaparte in a previous life to write about The Peninsular War. We may feel we want to be polite and sympathetic but what comes out will be nonsense just the same.

Kristine is the latest in a long-line of victim imposters and we make no apologies for saying so. Victimhood is a product of the modern mind where the media constantly dramatise and ooze sympathy for anyone who can claim victimhood. Everyone is a victim. Everyone has everyone else to blame. Today's problems are always caused by someone else, never ones'self. Because this is a fantasy it makes it impossible for psychologically imbalanced patients to regain control and move forward with their lives. Victim Imposters can't exist without their regular 'fix' of victimhood and are perpetually trapped in a fiction of their own making. The only escape from the fiction is escape from the Satan Myth itself; though an unfortunate few have chosen to kill themselves as an alternative. (see here) To see how the mental state of 'Victimhood' was created and used by Feminerapists for their own social engineering purposes check out this amazing expose.

So Many Victim Imposters, So few Victims

Satanic Ritual Abuse Has Grown Into a Multi-million Dollar Industry

If you want to see the enormity of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Circus look at The Abuse Network Survivor Aid Links (TANSAL) site here: The following list of books was taken from that site in 2004. You will see the high proportion of books on SATANIC Ritual Abuse and in amongst them two books written by Laurie Matthews.

The Politics and Experience of Ritual Abuse: Beyond Disbelief by Sara Scott (RAINS member)
'Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse' & 'Cover-up of the Century' both by Daniel Ryder
'Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity, Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder' ed. Valeric Sinason (RAINS member)
'Satan's Power, a deviant psychotherapy cult' by William Sims Bainbridge
Where Angels Fear: Ritual Abuse in Scotland'by Laurie Matthews (RANS member)
'Satanism in South Africa' by Lien Els & Kobus Jonker (RAINS lecturer)
Who Dares'Wins' by Laurie Matthews's Army (Dundee Yong Women's Centre) (RANS member)
'Satan's High Priest' by Judith Spencer
'Cult Ritual Abuse; its history, anthropology, and recent discovery in contemporary America' by James Randall
'Raising Hell, an A-Z of the occult/satanic underworld' by Michael Newton,
'RitualAbuse, what it is and why it happens by Margaret J Smith, survivor & researcher
'Say You Love Satan', a chilling true story of devil worship and murder' by David St Clair
Reaching for the Light, a Guide for Ritual Abuse Survivors and their Therapists' by Emily P. Rose
Recovery from Cults: Help for victims of psychological & spiritual abuse' edited by Michael D. Langone
'Combating Cult Mind Control: Protection, rescue and recovery from destructive cults' by Steven Hassan
'The Secret World of Cults, Inside the sects that take over lives' by Jean Ritchie,
'Cults that Kill, occult crime' by Larry Kahaner

Some people become totally dependent on the therapists in the SRA hunters ranks and many are the main-stream psychiatrists who have condemned their interferences, but some victim imposters can cause so much trouble that they are eventually ostracised. Lauren Stratford, author of Satan's Underground was one such. Her book, (produced as the outpourings of supposed psychiatric care) was promoted as a true account of Satanic secrets for the simple reason that it was an amalgam of the fictions the Satan Hunters WANTED to uncover. It became the 'Bible' of SRA enthusiasts and for years was portrayed as a seminal work to explain the activities and motives of Satanic Abusers. It was recommended by many RAINS people and read by police and therapists in the U.K. But the bubble eventually burst. Stratford told so many lies that she was caught out and exposed by the very media which had promoted her fantasies. (Read the original expose in pdf form here: Lauren Stratford: From Satanic Ritual Abuse to Jewish Holocaust Survivor By Bob & Gretchen Passantino and Jon Trott )

Ostracised from the Ritual Abuse taskforces and therapists who had originally pandered to her victimhood and with the media on her trail Lauren Stratford did a bunk; but within a few months this once star turn in the Satanic Ritual Abuse firmament was discovered ensconsed within a Holocaust Survivor's group claiming to be a child inmate of the Nazi Death Camps! Everything was untrue, but it had fooled the therapists, the child carers and even hard nosed Jewish Concentration Camp Victims. Victim Imposters are good at what they do. (see here). Often they are more self-possessed than the gushingly sentimental and cloying therapists who are supposed to be treating them.

Helen McGonigle is a major SMART contributor. She is a US Attorney and has presented her evidence about Ritual Abuse 'at the United Nations 48th session' by demanding new statutes in the UNHCR to recognise Ritualised Abuse. However, like many satan hunters her paper is full of falsehoods and misdirections. For instance, to convince readers she makes a long list of supposed cases which 'prove' that Satanic Ritual Child Abuse exists. This tactic was used decades ago by British Satan Hunters (see here) when a similar list of completely ingenuine cases was presented to try to sway the judgement of a British parliamentary committee on child welfare. We could undermine most of McGonigle's cases but I will just mention one crucial example.

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND 25 children were removed from an extended family and taken into foster care following disclosures of incest and ritual child abuse. In February, 1989, nine adults were sentenced for up to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to 53 charges of incest, cruelty and indecent assault. The children described being abused wearing costumes, being forced to eat excrement and drink blood, and witnessing the killing of animals and babies.
Although McGonigle's summation is sparse of details this is the Broxtowe SATANIC Ritual Child Abuse case which was the first claimed case of SATANIC ritual abuse in the U.K. It started in October 1987 but a thorough investigation proved it wasn't any such thing; though it was a despicable case of family incest. The police said it wasn't anything to do with SATANISM but the S word was all over the newspapers as the lying British media gave vent to their prejudiced expectancies, backed by the misleading testimony of sectarian victim imposters who fabricated experiences to fit the worst fears of onlookers.

The Nottinghamshire police checked out the conflicting stories of the kids who made up the allegations and exaggerations. Whilst this was ongoing the case became a cause-celebre amongst Satan-hunters. The SATANIC content was worked up by social workers involved in the case amongst whom were crusaders who had imported ridiculous SRA 'indicators' from the US fundie circuit and abjectly believed in them. Their approach formed part of the research for the Cook Report's discredited documentary on SATANIC Ritual Abuse, The Devil's Work in July 1989. RAINS was started by the clique of child-care workers, therapists and academics who coalesced around this case hoping it would 'prove' the existence of SRA. The case was crucial to the advancement of the myth.

Claims of SATANISM were in surfeit in the Broxtowe case;. It was the pivotal single most celebrated case of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the U.K. Yet notice how McGonigle utterly fails to mention that dreaded SATAN word! Outsiders reading it would simply not know. Broxtowe has now metamorphised into a case of 'ritual abuse'. A classic example of their double-talk.

The conflict between the Satan-hunters in Nottingham social work department and the police were so acute in this case that a special enquiry was set up to get at the truth. The JET report (see here) was probably the most complete and all consuming overview of any of the claimed satan cases and it proved beyond doubt that there was no ritual abuse nor satanism involved in this case. Yet over 20 years later we find McGonigle rewriting history and presenting it as a case of Ritual Abuse to the U.N. Will U.N. delegates believe her? Did Laurie Matthews believe her? Is Laurie Matthews' organisation passing on these falsehoods in the training regimes which The National Lottery has subsidised? Is Laurie Matthews importing this speculative nonsense and accepting it as real? Is she repackaging it to avoid others 'panicking and freaking'?

Empire Building Satan Hunters Turn On Black Voodooists

In 2001 the Satan Hunters at RAINS had a windfall. During that year's RAINS conference in Reading the mutilated corpse of a small boy was found floating in the Thames near Tower Bridge. Although the poor boy could have been murdered for entirely 'ordinary' reasons, the fact that the body had been dismembered made sensational news and RAINS immediately got involved in the case. This gave the Thames Torso case an SRA 'spin' from which it has never recovered. (see here for full background) Still unsolved a decade later it falsely established the possibility that trafficked children were being involved in or sacrificed during Satanic or Witchcraft or Voodoo rites.

The existence of black children from war torn parts of Africa being sent to live with relatives in Britain for their own safety was turned into an evil after several high profile cases where such children were tortured and killed by CHRISTIAN relatives who believed the children were possessed by Satan (The Victoria Climbe case et al). During a time when racial tensions were high the authorities chose to ignore the true source of 'Witch-Children' (i.e. innocent kids who were accused of witchcraft during Christian exorcism ceremonies) and blamed it on Witchcraft instead. A befuddled report on the issue also missed the truth and opened up a new 'market' for the Satan Hunters.

Joyce Osiagede Ironically, the Nigerian woman whom the police questioned at length over the Thames Torso death was an immigrant who had been living in a block of flats in Glasgow. Even though Joyce Osiagede was not implicated in the London murder and was eventually deported back to Nigeria by Immigration control, it was enough for satan hunters to posit a countrywide network of trafficked children involved in Satanist or Voodoo Rituals.

It is no surprise to us therefore that we find Izzy's Promise and RANS trying to collate evidence of Satanically Abused 'Witch-Children' who are trafficked from Africa to Scotland.

In order to do this they have adopted the exact same speculative method used by the NSPCC when activists in their midst began to push for the existence of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse in 1987 following the Broxtowe Case. The NSPCC simply distributed questionnaires to their branches asking if volunteers and activists THOUGHT that some cases they had dealt with had aspects which could be described as having ritualised overtones. The response was positive and the NSPCC used the results of what was basically a vox-pop survey as 'scientific' evidence to claim they had found a new hidden form of child abuse. This gained them thousands of column inches of publicity nationwide and justified a hysterical campaign which attacked the religious freedom and beliefs of innocent people on a whim.

Today Izzy's Promise website now carries a questionnaire for the 'Black and Ethnic Minority initiative' (BEM) which carefully avoids using the words Witchcraft, Satanism and Occult. Instead the spider says to the fly:




Apart from the sheer lack of scientific credibility in questionnaires of this kind which allow people to relate unchecked anecdotal prejudices and stereotypes on a subjective basis there are other serious problems. For example they do not ask the respondent to rate 'harmful practices' on a scale of 1 to 10 so have to 'guess' how harmful the traditional practice is. The questionnaire does not differentiate between personal first hand experience and experiences told to them by a third party, and the questionnire is fundamentally flawed because it is entirely anonymous so practical jokers could fill out dozens of them and Izzy's Promise wouldn't know which if any was real. Lastly, the questionnaire is an opportunity for both subconsciously racist and overtly racist people to victimise a minority. Looked at this way it probably breaches the race relations laws.

What this questionnaire tests is the inherent western prejudices against Black peoples' tribal cultures. It begins to look like Izzy's Promise is simply making it SO easy to fill in the questionnaire that the main purpose is to harvest exaggerated statistics on the fears of over-sensitive people in order to justify RANS existing beliefs in Satanic Ritual Child Abuse. The following rationale from Izzy's Promise June 2010 update: does nothing to dispel this belief.

In an effort to try and respond to problems affecting Black Ethnic Minority (BEM) groups, we are conducting a survey aimed at identifying the support needs by such groups. This project is also aimed at raising awareness and developing a training pack for use by support agencies and statutory agencies in understanding the needs of BEM groups in the UK. Please take some time to complete the survey by following this link http://www.smart- survey.co.uk/v.asp?i=22813xeete . This will take at least 10 minutes to complete and the results of the survey will be used in designing a training pack on BME awareness. The pack will shed some light on the evidence that rituals are being used in trafficking young people to the UK for prostitution and exploitation. This pack will be useful for voluntary and statutory agencies that are in contact with BEM groups.

Note well that the intention of the questionnaire is not to discover WHETHER rituals are being used on Immigrant children but HOW they are being used. It prime-facie begins with the assumption that the abuse of immigrant children in native Witchcraft ceremonies is a reality. It is sweeping assumptions of this kind which underpin ALL the false allegations related to satanic ritual child abuse and any director of any government dept or local authority which considers the results of this survey as statistically valid should be made to resign.

Hoodoo That Voodoo That You Do So Well?

Met Police Hold Up The False Voodoo Sheet This is not a balanced and responsible enquiry into the possibility of general abuse of children in immigrant communities because further examination of their approach reveals the same Satan Hunter obsessions where Izzy's Promise completely ignores the massive and indisputable evidence to suggest that virtually all cases of abuse against immigrant children have been committed by CHRISTIANS because of warped CHRISTIAN beliefs and has had nothing whatsoever to do with Voodooists or any other form of occultism. Izzy's Promise turns a blind eye to this proven problem and instead announces:
Content of the BEM training will include:
Impacts of ‘rituals’ (voodoo and juju) on trafficked people and support services for trafficked abuse survivors...'
To anyone versed in comparative religions this statement is both racist and religiously prejudiced. Voodoo is the patois word used by Slaves. It was originally taken from the Yoruban 'Ackavoudoun'. Ackavoudoun is a Dahomey ancestor religion which reveres family and tribal forebears. It is thousands of years old and a key part of the culture of the Yoruba speaking tribes of Nigeria.

Similarly, Ju-Ju means spirit, or the spirit which animates things. In short the vital spark of spirituality in all things and objects. Neither Ju-Ju nor Ackavoudoun involve any form of child torture or abuse. In fact the Yoruba peoples are excellent parents who can show the average Western family a thing or two. They pride themselves in never hitting or smacking their kids. Yet here we are again, with a poisonous evil questionnaire posed by subconsciously racist and religiously prejudiced white people which embodies all the supercilious arrogance of Christian missionaryism with the tacit understanding that those 'savages' will be chopping up their kids in Voodoo ceremonies and then throwing them into the Thames.

By itself this would be absolutely reprehensible and should disqualify Izzy's Promise from any further grant aid but when I tell you dear reader that these Voodoo claims were made very early on in the Thames Torso investigation and then thrown out, you might like to question why RANS would re-use those links?

No It's Not a Voodoo Sheet The Voodoo association occurred when half burned candles were found floating in the Thames wrapped in a white sheet with a Nigerian name written on it in red. Scotland Yard detectives were shown in the media holding up the sheet and pronouncing it part of a Voodoo ritual. The insinuation was that the red letters might be blood. But within days the Metropolitan Police had egg on their faces and had to sheepishly hold a press conference to correct themselves when a family came forward. The sheet and candles were a thank you prayer to their Christian God. The name on the sheet was that of their son who lived in New York. They were giving thanks because he had been spared in the 9/11 Twin Towers attack! The whole thing was entirely innocuous and had nothing whatsoever to do with the Thames Torso case.

Note well the use of the words Ritual Killing in both shots of the BBC news reports (top right and second right). The first report has no quotation marks and reports it as a fact. The second report correcting the falsehood 20 days later has quotation marks to show that the term 'ritual abuse' has been demoted to a suspicion and not a fact, yet three weeks later the BBC fall back into VOODOO overkill (see third image below right) portraying the already discredited sheet and including hearsay statements as though fact. The hack who penned this report then adds a police statement nullyfing everything at the foot of the article, as though that makes up for a complete lack of professionalism in the rest of the story. This aptly portrays the irresponsible way the British media treat occult-linked stories. The headline should of course have been:

"We Have No Evidence
To Say Any Human Sacrifice
Has Ever Taken Place In The U.K."

It's Voodoo But Not Voodoo

There has not been another incident linking Voodoo with child abuse in the U.K. but there has been DOZENS of cases linking Black Christians mis-using their religious beliefs to harm Black Children without any form of trafficking being involved.(see here)

Yes folks, we are at it again. When it comes right down to it, the Lottery Fund is giving your charitable donations to another SRA group on the make. It's that old Black Magick again! Watch this space for a list of immigrant kids dragged away from their parents for no good reason.

If you would like to comment on this situation you can send your opinions to the Minister at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport which controls and oversees fair working of the Lottery. You can reach them on-line and leave your comments here

Ends: John Freedom, Mortlake, Samhain/Halloween 2011.

2014 UPDATE:  Now with wads of Lottery Cash, look what Satan Hunters can do to convince gullible hacks that Satanic Abuse exists when it's really a figment of their warped imagination!

Rans child murder and sacrifice claims

Yes folks, it's Laurie Matthews' RANS again using the same unsubstantiated scaremongering that sold you SRA lies in 1990 come back to haunt the British Public - and create even more false allegations and ruined lives in the process.

 Like it's English counterpart  RANS just won't give up and goes from strength to strength peddling it's poison because stupid people suck it in!   Here's the latest utterly unsupportable claims from the satan hunters who've made a career out of selling religious hatred disguised as caring for children.  

Jimmy Savile and the satanic abuse hunters

Of course the irresponsible and disreputable media which again promotes these lies three decades after they were first proven false don't care whether the charities are telling lies or not. They only want the shock-horror headline which will sell another 500,000 copies and pay their stonking bonuses.

Where's the Charity Commission in all this?

Using a charity for sectarian purposes is anti-social and beyond charitable remit. It makes Kids Company look look positively benevolent yet the Charity Commission do nothing to reign in RANS excesses. 

Watch this space!

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