Infamous Satanic Abuse Seminars Start Up Again

The witch-hunters who created the Satan Scare in the 1990s are unbelievably trying to re-sell the very same Satan Seminars which, we believe, caused the problem in the first place. They plan a new Satan Seminar at Reading University on  21st September 2001  - the day of the occult Autumn Equinox festival.

In 1994  when the official government report  by Prof. La Fontaine concluded there was no such thing as Satanic Ritual Abuse. RAINS (the key organisation run by activists who believed in the myth ) went underground.

 The previously verbose characters who were ever-ready to give sensational quotes to the media fell silent .  A few, like Sinason, criticised  the conclusions in  Prof. La Fontaine's report but the evidence was too strong to repudiate.  

When challenged further RAINS (the Ritual Abuse Information Network) which had organised the Satan Seminars with direct links to the travesties of  the infamous Orkney, Rochdale and Manchester cases, was said to have become defunct.  RAINS dodged public scrutiny then, but a short time later SAFF research discovered that RAINS was continuing its work behind closed doors.

 Like the  secret societies of  which they had complained,  RAINS members had to take an oath of allegiance and be introduced only by those converts who already believed in the existence of  satanic ritual child abuse - clear evidence that the purpose of  RAINS was not a professional investigation of the pros and cons, but  a propaganda machine to promote and pursue their individual and collective,  sectarian and professional obsessions about Satanic Ritual Abuse.

For years  RAINS has continued to work behind the scenes secretly. It's un-named, un-listed members occasionally foraying forth with individual projects designed to convince the authorities that Satanic Ritual Abuse was a reality.   They changed the dialogue, dropped the 'Satanic' appellation and began using allegorical language.  Check out the Advert above - no mention of Satanism, but the alludation about 'The Dark Side' clearly betrays their gist - to those who know. If you are one of those who cannot conceive why anyone would be so furtive then click on this link to see just what keynote speakers at the new Satan Seminar really have to say on this issue.  

Soon  RAINS members became involved with  further prosecutions of cases  now claimed to be 'ritual abuse'.  But they failed on each and every occasion. The most embarrassing of which was the 'Plymouth case' earlier this year, which collapsed half way through when the rule of law was applied and their evidence turned out to be the usual time-worn blend of wicked prejudice and suspicion.  

Then they were hit by the biggest body-blow. The high-profile failure of  the flagship project, the ill-fated Sinason/Hale Department of Health Devil Report. Originally conceived to repudiate the definitive La Fontaine report on this issue,  it died a slower than usual death  due to the vascillating Department of Health who avoided grasping the nettle by repetitively returning it to the authors for another chance.  The report, originally scheduled to take six months and costing the British Taxpayer an estimated 22,000.00 , was still ongoing four years later but when the SAFF began to press for a definitive response on the Sinason/Hale Devil Report it was ultimately rejected by the DoH (click here for details).

Failure upon failure.  Any regular professional would have jumped ship years ago. But RAINS are  a mix of  obsessives to whom ultimate failure is simply more evidence of their imagined satanic conspiracy.  And like the obsessive religious fundamentalists they have been proven to traffic with ( who have in the past attended and given lectures at their conferences), RAINS have now returned to its most effective project in the history of the Satan Myth - The Satan Seminars which were instrumental in helping create the hysteria in the 1990s.  They are even holding it at the very same venue, Reading University.  

The advertisement  shown above for RAINS' 2001 Satan Seminar has  not been declared to the public . If the SAFF had not exposed it the British Public would have known nothing about it. But has been specifically advertised to the police and other influential groups.  It first appeared in The Police Federation Journal for May 2001.   This is not an advertisement for a  public conference.  If last time is anything to go by you won't get a ticket unless you are already a RAINS member, already a believer or are sitting on the fence and expected to be made a believer soon.   Applications may be picked over and rejected without giving a reason.  Most journalists were refused admittance.  For all the world it appears that RAINs are simply marshalling an army of influential key personnel to drive through their Satanic Abuse theories.    Does that sound like a conference trying to get to the TRUTH of the allegations to you?  Or does it sound like a fifth column  intent on  selling an agenda which the public do not really want?

There has not been an open Satan Seminar for many years - the last one , also planned for Reading University, which the SAFF also highlighted,  was cancelled at the last moment for unspecified reasons.  

Presumably they calculate that , strategically, the time is now ripe for another?    But they are wrong.  The Satan Hunters in RAINS have not understood that times have changed; that since the heyday of the Satan Scare the British Human Rights Act 2000 has been put in place and that puts a direct responsibility onto all government and local government authorities (including education authorities) to actively root out and prevent religious intolerance from happening.   In the bad old days RAINS could get away with defaming the religious liturgy of Paganism, Satanism and New Age beliefs, but now people who believe in minority religions have the same rights as everyone else's - and are protected in law.  If RAINS has new and  genuine evidence to present then we welcome it, but if it comprises the same old sectarian lies  and maybes, then the SAFF will make sure that those rights are respected.  One has to say, based on the balance of probabilities calculated from the past record of  RAINS'  repetitive failures, that the standard required of such evidence would have to be utterly incontrovertible for them to be allowed yet another chance to interfere in this issue.  


Click here to see potted biographies of the main Satan Seminar speakers and their past history of activity promoting the Myth.


Department Of Health: Email the man responsible for handling the Devil Report:  or write to them at : Department of Health, Wellington House, , 135-155 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8UG.

Police Federation Journal:  Email them at  or write to them at:  Editor, Stewart Goodwin,  15 Langley Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 6LP

RAINS:  See contact details on their Seminar advertisement above.

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