Ill-fated Rikki NeaveThe Vitruvian Man and The Ritual Sacrifrice Case That Never Was.

By Chris Bray

The  Ruth Neave Murder trial opened in a blaze of publicity on October  4th  1996.  The prosecution inferred in their opening statements that Neave had ritually  sacrificed  her  son  and arranged his limbs in special positions known to  be  used  on   sacrificial victims. The prosecutor demanded the Jury return a Murder verdict  and the press went wild: 


    Corpse like Christ on the Cross (Sport 5.10.96)

    MURDERED BOY LAID OUT FOR SACRIFICE (Daily Telegraph 4.10.96)


With  complete disregard of the Orkney and Rochdale victimisations just four  years   earlier,  the  British media fell over themselves to dance once again  to  the  Satan   Hunters  tune.  Unbelievably a second bout of rabid scaremongering was  about  to   begin as yet another 'test' case on Satanic Ritual Child Abuse began.  But like  the   rest  the  Ruth Neave prosecution failed and the Satan Hunters  went  home  empty   handed.   Hogwash about Black Magick Sacrifice didn't convince the jury, who,  in   the absence of genuine evidence to prove her guilt found Ruth Neave totally  inno- 
cent of the Murder and Manslaughter of her child. 
Quite right too, for the single crucial piece of evidence which the prosecution  used   to  link  Rikki Neave's murder with some kind of ritual sacrifice was  so  obviously   flawed that one wonders what logic could have prompted the Office of Public Prosecutions to give permission to go ahead with this trial.   
This  crucial evidence was found by the police in Neave's home. It consisted of  an   "occult magazine" which contained an illustration of a naked man spread eagled in a   similar fashion to her son's body.  The court were told by the prosecution that this   was 'Vitruvian Man' and that it signified a sacrificial position. 
In  an  attempt  to convince the jury of this an 'expert  witness'  (Pathologist  Nat  Cary) told the court that 
    'Rikki's  body was laid out so symmetrically that if  a  mirror  had  been put along a mid-line you  would  have   seen the same pattern on either side.'   
This  statement  is nonsense of course for a mirror only reflects the  side  to  which  it  is pointing and  ALWAYS reflects an exact symmetry  even  if  the   object it is bisecting is unsymmetrical!    The effect of this statement appears   to  have been to try to convince the jury that precise positioning  of  Rikki's   body had occurred.
Prosecution counsel, James Hunt QC,  tried to build upon this by saying that   Rikki's body was:
    'laid out in a star or pentagram shape... the youngster  may  have  been laid out in some  form  of  sacrificial manner. '  
Another witness for the prosecution  compounded the spurious occult link  by   stating that Ruth Neave had claimed to have knowledge of the occult;
    "Ruth told me she was a high priestess of  the Occult, she was into Black Magic"
Then  the  prosecution  introduced the third and last 'Occult  Significator'  a   book written by Aleister Crowley titled MAGICK. First published in 1929  and   republished by mainstream publishers by the thousands in numerous  editions   in  America,  the United Kingdom and elsewhere in  Europe.  Crowley's  book   covers a vast range of perfectly legal magical operations but also contains one   section on 'The Bloody Sacrifice' which Satan Hunters love to quote from  and   which was also read out to the jury in this case.  
If mere possession of a book containing occult material was evidence of having   committed a crime hundreds of thousands of innocent people would have to be   prosecuted. But such lack of intellectual rigour is commonplace amongst Satan   hunters;  Dennis  Wheatley sold occult fiction to hundreds  of  thousands  of   ordinary  folks  and possession of one of his novels was all  the  excuse  the   Social  workers needed to pull in a completely innocent parent in the  Orkney   fiasco!    Did this blind prejudice occur in the Neave Case?  Yes, we believe   it did and will explain how.

The Drawing of Vitruvian ManIf Neave was influenced by Crowley's Magick why did she ignore its requirements and do things differently?

The prosecution must have known that the Crowley link wasn't going to  wash   -  particularly as the requirements in MAGICK for arranging a  sacrifice  did   NOT  specify a 'sacrificial position' of any kind.   If Neave was  influenced  by   Crowley's  MAGICK (as the prosecution appeared to want the jury to  accept)   why would she ignore all of its requirements and do things entirely differently?   The prosecution had a problem. If the jury looked into MAGICK  in  too   much  detail it would actually contradict the prosecution's  sacrificial  position   theory!
No, the entire case for the motive of the prosecution was based on the single   link of this 'Occult Magazine' and its Vitruvian Man illustration.
Vitruvian  Man! Sounds a bit strange and weird doesn't it?  Just the type  of   thing  that might convince a Jury that something bizarre was afoot.  In  fact   'The Vitruvian Man' is nothing more than a classical proportional drawing  by   Leonardo  Da Vinci. It is called Vitruvian Man after the  Roman  architectural   theoretician  Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, commonly known as 'Vitruvius' who  had   absolutely  no  connection whatsoever with any form of occultism but  who  is   famous  amongst artists and architects as the writer of seminal source  works   on the PROPORTION and DESIGN of BUILDINGS.  Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian  Man'   is simply a perfect illustration of the human form and how it fits proportionally  within a circle. But wait, Da Vinci drew TWO male forms in the same  circle.  The  prosecution arbitrarily chose to see only the one which  was  most   similar to the position of poor Rikki's body, ignoring the other image which wasn't.   

THE  VITRUVIAN MAN DRAWING HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO  DO  WITH   BLACK  MAGIC OR SACRIFICE but it does appear frequently in books of  art   and  architecture.  It is also used to front the titles to the World  in  Action   TV  series and is known to millions by sight, although unidentifiable to  most   by name.  Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man drawing has even been beamed into space   by  Dr  Carl Sagan of Cornell University. Sagan chose the  drawing  for  his  S.E.T.I project  because it is the most perfect illustration of Human  Anatomy  and  therefore would give any extra terrestrials who received the  picture  a   proper understanding of what humans are like whilst bypassing any  language   difficulties.    Let us hope that extra-terrestrials  who receive Sagan's  message have a tad more discernment than the Office of Public Prosecutions.    
So Vitruvian Man has nothing whatsoever to do with any kind of cult, occult,  ritual, mystical, religious rite or any form of sacrifice.  Surely those involved   in  bringing the Ruth Neave murder case were educated people who might  be   expected  to know about Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man Surely  one  of   their number would have been sent out to check on it?  But wait, there was no need for that, the  'occult   magazine'  in which the illustration was found,  actually  explained   what  Vitruvian  Man  really was! Why anyone seeing this  in  that  magazine   would  think it proof of a link to  Black Magic Sacrifice is beyond  me,  for   the  innocuous  information about the architect Marcus  Vitruvius  is  printed   alongside the drawing!   They must have read that text.  How else would they   get to know that it was called Vitruvian Man?  The implications are immense.  

We Explain The Unexplained

The front cover of issue 1 of The Unexplained.Additionally  although described in court as an 'occult magazine' the  publication  in question was not. It was a mass market part-work titled 'THE  UNEXPLAINED'  which  had been advertised heavily on TV and  sold  by  virtually   every newsagent and book stall in the country when first published in  1984.   Tens of thousands of them will be in circulation.  First produced by Orbis in   over  20 separate volumes, each sold at 1.95 per copy they were issued one  a   fortnight.   THE UNEXPLAINED was later republished in various  bound  editions  and  has latterly appeared in large quantities  in  discount  book stores   throughout the U.K.  Dealing with all manner of unexplained mysteries, it  is   not  an  'occult'  magazine, as the jury was told, but is in  fact  a  pictorial   encyclopaedia which anyone interested in UFO's, X Files, The Bermuda Triangle and other anomalous phenomena might want to buy and read.  
In fact the illustration of Vitruvian Man was just one out of an average of 270  illustrations  per  issue, many of which were much more prominent.   In  the SAFF Research Library's copy of THE UNEXPLAINED, the text which  accompanies  the Vitruvian Man drawing has no mention of Black Magick,  Crowley,   Satanism,  Witchcraft or anything else which was identified with it in  during   the  trial.  In fact we have been not been able to find ANY such link in  any   occult books in the Research Library or elsewhere. So where did the prosecution get it from?

In THE UNEXPLAINED the drawing and article comes under   the  section on SACRED GEOMETRY and beside the subheading  'HARMONIOUS   MAN'.  A completely different and innocuous perspective to that presented  by the  prosecution during the trial. So exactly where is this evidence which  so  certainly  links  the  Vitruvian Man drawing to Sacrifice  and  why  was  the  drawing used in this way if, as we suspect, there is no real evidence at all? 
One  can be forgiven for thinking that this was simply wild  speculation  fostered  by  yet  another clutch of Satan Hunters in the  local  social  services   department, because that's exactly what it was.   Prejudiced people who have   been weaned on the same outrageous bigotry fostered by 'experts' at  Satanic   Ritual  Abuse  Seminars which are STILL occurring despite the  Orkney  Inquiry.   Witch  hunters who will stop at nothing in their rush to  ignore  the   facts  and  ferret out purposefully misconstrued information to  pursue  their   dangerous prejudices.   
If any further examples were needed, the Satanic Ritual Abuse myth can  now   be seen for what it really is.  As much a licence for crusading social workers   to  exceed their legal parameters as the best excuse possible to divert  blame   for  not  actually  doing their job properly in the first place.  For  all  Ruth  Neave's  shortcomings, she has been a product of the Social Services  system   since birth. The social services have constantly overseen and interfered  with   her  own  welfare  and that of her family.  Under the  microscope  of  Social   Services  for most of her life they still failed Neave and her son when  shove   came to push. They tracked her all her life - they KNEW what she was. What she WAS NOT was a Satanic Priestess.  

Found Out or Fitted up?

The  Ruth Neave case broadcasts a serious warning that despite   continuous   self-advertisement,  Social Work isn't working. So what do they do about  it?   Revert to demonising someone they should have helped and sidestep their  responsibility by misdirecting the public's attention away from their own  blunders and on to some mythical Satanic Conspiracy. That's how. Result: nothing changes and the social work system continues to abuse its clients. This  case   testifies  not  about evil in occultism, but rather the  inadequacies  and  evil   inherent  in the Social Services system where a misfit mum  appeals  for  aide from  the statutory body charged with helping them, is virtually ignored  and   then victimised for being unable to cope when things go wrong. 


  1. The Vitruvian Man Drawing has nothing whatsoever to do with Sacrifice  or Black Magick
  2. There is no pentagram shape in the Vitruvian Man Drawing, see for yourself above. 
  3. There is a choice of TWO positions actually in the drawing, one of which was nothing like how Rikki's body was found so the prosecution just ignored it in favour of the one which confirmed their prejudices.
  4. The Social Services was watching Neave continually, they knew she  wasn't a High Priestess of any Cult.
  5. The magazine/book offered as proof that the Vitruvian Man was a sacrificial position actually explained that it wasn't!
  6.  The book which the prosecution inferred had influenced Neave  towards sacrifice actually contained information which contradicted their claims about sacrificial positions. 
The government will have to act when the next batch of innocents are abducted  by the Social Work Inquisition but if the Office of Public Prosecutions  is   going to pander to the new Witch Finder Generals on the basis of such  weak evidence  as that which put Ruth Neave into the dock for murder, no one  is  safe.  All it needs is a wicked neighbour with an axe to grind and the  Social Services  Storm  troopers will be in your private corners in an  instant;  unearthing 'evidence' of some kind to pacify their manic obsessions about  Satanic Ritual Abuse?  Nothing you say then will make any difference.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:   Information  recovered from The extensive Sub-Culture Alternatives Freedom  Foundation  Research Library.  A library set up by visionary people many of whom donated books and literature so that a  body of  genuine research information can be made available to inquirers to inject sanity into situations just  such   as this.   

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