S.A.G.A.F.I: Explains How Fundamentalist Agitators Are Taking Over British Politics for Missionary Purposes


What you will read below is not exclusively specific to Southport or Lancashire but it is an excellent case history of an unmandated threat to democracy. Far-right Christian groups fielded many candidates at the recent local elections and are remodelling local democracy countrywide in imitation of the gains and influence made by their American cousins..
By S.A.G.A.F.I: (Southport Action Group Against Fundamentalist Insurgency)

The Southport Independent Voice Party proudly announced in their May 2000 election literature that they were just "ordinary citizens." The truth is however somewhat more complex. Many of these self-proclaimed 'Independent' candidates are members of hard line evangelical groups. Their moderate political campaigning is a disguise for their totalitarian religious agenda which would be considered highly abhorrent to most fair-minded people. We have traced many connections with the SIV party and other fundamentalist agitators, some of which are targeting local schools with their controversial and peremptory world view. Read on and discover the growing 'Fundamentalist Menace' behind the surface politics which we believe could destroy Southport democracy and freedom of choice.


The Champion Newspaper printed a disturbing tale of clandestine religious indoctrination with its heading: 'SCHOOL IN CULT ROW,' (April 28th 1999).This article gave evidence of a Fundamentalist Christian group, Label of Love, which was said to have traumatised local 15 year old twins Emma and Abigail Jackson by telling the girls, during a religious workshop at Ainsdale High School, that their deceased father had gone to Hell because "he wasn't a Christian"! Another Parent whose children attended the School, Mr Ian Crosbie, reportedly said that Label of Love were "Religious Nutters" who should never have been allowed into the school in the first place! The Regan family also have a daughter who attends Ainsdale School who confirmed that 'evangelical activists' connected to L.O.L. were not only attending Religious Education classes and Assemblies but also, incredibly, getting into 'Personal and Social Education' classes too. This makes a mockery of later denial s by the group that they were not out to 'missionise' the children! The Regans, who are atheists, wrote to the Champion, the Director of Education and the school Head, Mr Gordon in depth, complaining about this disgraceful situation. Mr and Mrs Regan say they never received a satisfactory explanation about why such groups were permitted to spread their intolerant religious propaganda in Southport schools. Mr Gordon told the Regans: "I cannot agree that they have infiltrated as you suggest." He then sought to reassure the Regans that L.O.L. were not interested in conversions at his school. Mr Gordon continued: 'I cannot guarantee the specific contents oftheir talks.' A letter from Sefton Council's Education Director also tried to reassure the Regans that all was well and that they ensure that children are educated but not subjected to any form of indoctrination under the education syllabus. Naturally, the L.O.L. group denied all claims made by parents and media that they were seeking to 'evangelise' the town's children against their parents' wishes. They even went to great lengths in the Champion newspaper to try and convince the public that they were just 'ordinary Christians' with no desire to target kids for their own intolerant brand of Christian doctrine.The following will put the record straight and prove beyond doubt that Southport is now seen by these hard line missionary groups as an easy pickings ground for overt religious indoctrination on the younger generation


The Champion disclosure opened a very revealing debate for all local residents and most especially parents with youngsters attending schools in the region. However the full, shocking facts of the'missionisation' of Southport's children and the apathy of the authorities is even more incredible as you will now see!


The main period of 'Label of Love's' school activity in Southport preceded a visit by world famous Evangelist, Luis Palau. This high profile 'Missionary for Jesus' was supported at the Southport Theatre (May 7th-9th 1999) by Label of Love. Here L.O.L.performed as part of the 'Youth Band.' We later discovered that a 'Youth Missionary Activist' who regularly visited Ainsdale High School, one Steve Kenyon was mentioned in the Southport Visitor as being a 'contact number' for the Luis Palau mission. We also found out that Kenyon was a member of the non-denominational Southport Youth Leaders Forum. Luis Palau was seen in the Southport Visitor (14th May 1 999) with Rev. Stewart Reid of Christ Church, lord Street-


'Christ Church' was interestingly mentioned in another earlier (April 9th) Southport Visitor piece entitled: 'SCHOOLS TO RECEIVE CHRISTIAN MESSAGE.' This told readers about the advent of one Susie Wright, Christian Schools Worker, who had graduated in 'psychology' at Sheffield University. She also previously undertook work with the Scripture Union as a warden in a Girls' Hostel. Prior to Wright's arrival in Southport the Independent newspaper ran a revealing disclosure (4th March 1999) on a serious infringement of human and religious rights. The Independent went on to say that a diploma course aimed at teaching adults how to 'evangelise children' was validated by Sheffield University and organised by the Scripture Union. The British Humanist's Association vented firm opposition to the course saying that children should be given the right to choose their own faith system in a multi-faith society and not be evangelised! They could just as easily have said that it was an afront to the children of parents of non-Christian faiths who were not consulted before their kids were brainwashed under this scheme. The article continued. 'The main theme of this course is to equip adults to become 'Childrens' Missionaries' and infiltrate Youth groups,clubs and schools etc. Label of Love are also members of the Evangelical Alliance which is an umbrella religious grouping for many fundamentalist religious clans intent on spreading a certain 'Biblical' credo which claims to be the 'only' true way to the Godhead! Susie Wright's link with the Sheffield University, missionary course, indicates her intentions to promote the hard line recruiting drive for our children's minds! Missionary, Steve Kenyon also has connections with Christ Church and L.O.L. which makes his attraction to Ainsdale High blatantly clear as we saw in the origina hampion article! Their target is YOUR child's mind but the authorities are virtually turning a blind eye to this p roblem. Each week similar smiling missionaries may be visiting YOUR child's school and being given carte blanche to indoctrinate their minds with Holy Writ, including all the traditional hates which have for so long divided our society. Are you happy with this situation? We certainly are not! It is clear that Southport is a haven for hard line missionaries to peddle their sectarian myths in local schools.


These evangelists are obviously more than just nominal Christians. They follow a strict Biblical doctrine that many people would find offensive and they are now adopting a country-wide campaign of gaining political power to impose their holy writ. Such Evangelists regularly target dignitaries who fail to comply with their intolerant demands such as Southports' MP, Ronnie Fearn, who was attacked in the Champion by S.I.V. for his liberal minded views on Gay Rights, (April 12th, 2000). Evangelical activists now regularly polarise election meetings aiming emotive questions at councillors. They are trained to do so by fundamentalist cells but few ever introduce themsleves at these mettings as sectarian agitators. Instead they pose as 'ordinary voters' and other members of the public can, unwittingly, end up giving an airing to the rational gloss on a completely irrational intent. It is however the larger groups like the Movement for Christian Democracy via it's evangelical supporters in C.A-R.E.(Christian Action for Research & Education) which have the real clout when push comes to shove! CARE is the British version of the American Moral Majority movement, turns over millions of pounds in funding and has lobbying offices in London and Brussells. Herein lies the REAL DANGER TO DEMOCRACY IN SOCIETY! All the major political parties have religious groups working as fifth columns, often against the party line, but in accord with holy writ. Even the Lib/Dems have their 'Christian Forum' which works quietly behindthe scenes! How very interesting, but unsurprising it is to find that most all S. I.V. candidates who stood for the May election were members of the 'Elim Pentecostal' (Evangelical) Church. Just to remind my readers, it was the Pentecostal Assemblies of God, which ran the TV ministries and the Moral Majority in the U.S. Steve Kenyon is a Youth Leader with them. It doesn't take an Einstein to make the relevant connections and see how there is a concerte d campaign to indoctrinate British Children regardless of what their parents want. The S.I.V. groups have proclaimed that they are just 'Ordinary Citizens', we believe that their hidden agenda is something altogether different. Fundamentalists are seasoned campaigners who seek to replace liberal and pluralist societies with anti-social intolerance. All like-minded religious activists oppose essential 'freedom of belief' issues. They are against Divorce, Unmarried mothers, Living in 'sin', Abortion, Homosexuality (as theChampion recently proved!), Complementary Medicine, Voluntary Euthanasia, Sexual emancipation, Sikhism, Psychism, self-empowerment, the Multi-Faith Society and many other things which THEY declare to be against their Bible and must therefore be erradicated! These people openly desire not a democracy but a THEOCRACY controlled by themselves and their 'Born-Again'brethren. In the name of 'Human Freedom' we must combat the menace posed to society by these totalitari an Spiritual Storm Troopers at everypossible opportunity.ENDS

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