The Christians are Calling the Satanists Black, Again!

On Thursday March 21st (The day of the Spring Equinox) Lord David Alton will join forces with long-time Satan-Hunter Valerie Sinason  promote claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse.   They are hosting a meeting of 'like-minds' in the Jubilee Room at the Houses of Parliament about Satanic Ritual Abuse.   Thirteen years after Sinason helped create the previous panic she is back again with her persistent tales of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  Why has David Alton given his support to this new push for mediaevalism?    Because he is a Christian activist who is using his political position to further the interests of the Christian lobby.    At a time when confidence within minority cultures in our land is at its most sensitive; when Islamic fanatics are being rightly ostracised by ordinary Moslems in favour of a united society, it appears that some Christian fanatics are trying to seize the middle-ground by depicting Black ancestor worshippers as Satanic Murderers. (The Thames Torso Case - see www.saff.org.uk/ttorso2.htm)  

Is David Alton ignorant of what went on before? -  Certainly not.

Is he unaware of the failure of all 84 previously claimed cases of SRA?  - Can't be, that was what the governments' definitive report concluded.

Does he know that Valerie Sinason,  the woman who has helped organise his conference, was involved in the earlier failed claims and has a track record of making  other failed claims about Satanic Ritual Abuse?  (see www.saff.connectfree.co.uk/dohreply.htm)

Is he aware that the Department of Health, according to the Independent Newspaper, has refused to publish Valerie Sinason's official report on the subject?  (see www.saff.connectfree.co.uk/dohjunk.htm)

Is he aware that Valerie Sinason told an 'Indy'  newspaper Reporter that she had found evidence of Cannibilism on the Internet which resulted in a full page expose which the reporter had to apologise in print for afterwards because it was NOT cannibalism?   (see www.saff.connectfree.co.uk/indyhoax.htm)

Does Alton know that Valerie Sinason has collaborated with extreme Christian Activist Andrew Boyd who broadcast untrue claims about supposed Satanic Ritual Abuse Videos, to the nation?  (see www.saff.connectfree.co.uk/dohreply.htm)

One would have thought that Alton would know enough to be careful, after all one of the first Satanic Ritual Abuse mass - lift cases occurred on his own patch in Liverpool in 1990 ,when eleven children were  mistakenly taken into care . Like the Rochdale, Manchester and Orkney cases, it fell apart in the end, having had no substance whatsoever.

Could it be that Alton's world-view is coloured by his personal sectarian interests?  Well, YES!

After all he is a Christian activist . He used to write a column for the Catholic Herald and the Catholic Universe.  He gave up his seat in Parliament because of the conflict of his beliefs on abortion and that of his party.  He was one of the founders of the Christian Movement for Democracy,  launched  to try  to impose 'Christian Values' on politics. For a time there he was  seriously moving towards starting a Christian Democratic Party.    

Can  Alton be accepted as an unbiased commentator when it comes to claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse?   Or is it possible that he has stepped into the shoes of the late MP for Saddleworth, Geoffrey Dickens, the Christian Lay preacher who worked with the Satan Hunters last time to promote the idea and ended up looking like a fool after making sensational claims which were unfounded?   Study Alton's own actions and statements for the truth of the matter:

In a telling article in the Christian Magazine New Consciousness Alton said:

The Green Movement has very strong paganistic elements and a fascination with the New Age. Because Christianity has not been central to the debate many young people in search of non-materialistic values can easily be lured in to those forces.

What exactly are 'those forces' ?

In May 1992 Alton reviewed Andrew Boyd's pot boiler Blasphemous Rumours on Satanic Ritual Abuse in The Catholic Pictorial. Alton concluded

'Andrew Boyd's carefully researched book contains statement after statement from credible and professionally qualified people...I defy anyone to read 'Blasphemous Rumours and to be neither disturbed nor indifferent to this issue.'  

But Boyd's book was discredited almost immediately it was published with the main 'victim impostor' admitting that she had invented claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse in order to get help. His research was then undermined further when a video he claimed showed actual ritual abuse occurring turned out to be a ten year old little known piece of performance art instead.   One of the crucial contributors to Boyd's book was Valerie Sinason who shared much of the material for her duff Devil Report for the Department of Health.  This was eventually ditched by the DoH. who said

'In the governments view the conclusion of  the earlier study (which found there was no such thing as satanic abuse) has NOT been rendered invalid by the Hale and Sinason study.

The Independent newspaper  put it this way:

'In other words, the claims about Satanic abuse are to say the least , dubious.   (see www.saff.connectfree.co.uk/indyhoax.htm)

Thirteen years of sensational claims, failures and inaccuracies.  How could David Alton find Boyd's work valid enough to recommend?  

Yes folks the fundies are at it again. That's exactly what the first government report concluded, and that's exactly what is happening now. Prejudiced, ignorant Christian  fundamentalists going for the easy target and creating social stress and discord in the process in order to supplant political pluralism with a theocracy.   Alton may not have actually aided and abetted these troublemakers, yet - but he is not ignorant of the status quo as the following chronology illustrates.

In November 1990 Alton's Movement for Christian Democracy (MCD) issued The Westminster Declaration, a political manifesto which hid Christian holy writ within acres of hyperbole and which was intended to polarise Christians from all parties in the House towards a fifth column of Christian-favoured policies and activities. It's six major points read:  

Of course they fulfilled this last one perfectly; hence Tony Blair's muted tolerance of Christian Schools replacing the Theory of Evolution in science classes with mythical tales of God making the earth in six days! In June 1992 in his column for the Catholic Universe, Alton wrote 'The 'Darwinian Tendency' will be rejoicing at their victory in reducing these questions (on embryo research) simply to a matter of science.

 Ipso Facto that must mean if science conflicts with religious myths then science is unquestionably wrong!  As when in the same month Alton demanded that Christian parents should have the right to remove their children from science classes which taught about Aids and HIV as it involved the use of condoms which  he inferred was a religious matter and nothing to do with science.  

Six months after Alton launches the Movement for Christian Democracy he appears on a rostrum to celebrate its success with Chris Williams, a member of the MCDs 'steering committee' . Williams is also billed as the Pastor of New Life Church, Loughton.  

Would this be the same New Life Church which has as its mouthpiece the New Life Christian outreach newspaper which features the headline:

Ye Shall Have No Other Gods'

in an article about prophecies concerning Britain coming under God's judgment 'for its worship of foreign gods',

New Life Magazine also features an article about how Christian Evangelists in Baghdad converted Muslims to Christ during the Gulf War as the bombs were dropping.

And how a Spanish woman was healed of AIDS by praying British Christians,

It covers Tory MP in Waiting John Taylor glorying that he had become a born-again Christian through Clive Calver, leader of the Evangelical Alliance,

They carry  a story about a Bradford preacher who they claim, ' raised the dead 14 times',

Perhaps their most wacky article is the one about scientists discovering the Gates of Hell. It claims geologists have drilled through the earth's crust in Sibera and found a hollow section through which they heard human voices screaming in pain.   Hellfire and damnation indeed!

No, it probably isn't THAT New Life Church.  Or is it?  Please correct us Mr Williams.

Alton's prejudices in favour of Christianity over other non-Christian beliefs are clear but he  is not slow in complaining when the boot is on the other foot.  In April 1993 he complained publicly about the Muslim government in Egypt 'persecuting'  Egyptian Christians.  He claimed that

'all children, regardless of faith, are forced to learn the Koran.'  

Such bleating from the lobby which worked to reform the 1988 education act to enforce 'majority Christian religious education', in British Schools and which has spent years trying to modify religious education to their benefit.

In November 1993 Christopher Graffius, co-leader of the MCD reports on the progress of the 3 year old Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, where MPs from across  all parties 'meet every Monday lunchtime to study a reading from the bible and pray'. He brags that the PCF will this year organise a Prayer Breakfast at the Houses of Parliament which will be attended by over eight hundred Christians.  Yet another example of the religious fifth column in British politics.  

 The Catholic Times reported in February 1994 that the MCD had plans to train up Christian politicians by seeking to provide the opportunity for young Christian people to spend a year studying Christianity and politics.  Insidious or what?  Can you imagine the outrage if Moslems did the same thing?

February 1994: The Catholic Times reports that the MCD collected 47,500 signatures from Christians to present as a petition to the Lords  and successfully killed off the Euthanasia bill.  (forgive the pun)

In Spring 1994 the MCD was reported in the Catholic Times as 'welcoming Alton's victorious campaign against so-called Video Nasties.  The campaign was planned and launched at a meeting at the MCDs conference in January together with The Evangelical Alliance.  (ed: The EA was founded by fundamentalist Christians and its leaders were involved in the promotion of the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse during the early 1990s)

It's now April 1994 and  Christopher Graffius, a leader of the MCD, writes bullishly about the Christian Axis in European politics.

'The Christian founding fathers of the European Union saw their task as the destruction of the system of competing national self-interests.'  

About the European Flag he says

' The stars refer not to the countries of the Union but the twelve stars that crown Our Lady in the Apocalypse.'

And at  a stroke lays claim to the entire European continent for Christianity.

He has need to be confident - the majority of seats in the Euro Parliament are owned by the various Christian Democratic Parties of Europe, all of which the Christian Fifth Column is closely in touch with.

In July 1994:  David Alton clashes with Baroness Chalker over claimed subsidies to two family planning organisations in China which , he says, results in torture, violence, murder and slavery. The article reports Alton as stating:

'Large numbers of baby girls are murdered every year by parents wanting their only child to be a son..'  

 Is it me being over-sensitive , or does anyone else see the overtones in this statement?   Does it infer to you what it infers to me?  That the Chinese are all atheists who wouldn't think twice about killing their offspring?  Perhaps if they were converted to Christianity they might spare a few eh?  Shades of Chinese Satanic Abuse Myth perhaps?  I would be interested in seeing evidence to corroborate these claims.

It's August 1995 and  The Church of England Newspaper reports that the MCD is campaigning for a new law to force women who choose to have an abortion to sign an official form giving permission

'for pain to be caused to the foetus'.  

The piece reported Alton as believing that foetal pain can be detected at nine weeks, the point when most abortions take place.  The BMA and the Birth Control Trust opposed Alton's attempts to change the law saying that it was

'insidious and intended to introduce an element of guilt both for doctors and women seeking abortions'.

1995: The rich and influential political lobbying organisation Christian Action Research and Education (CARE) which exists to link together pan-European Christian Democracy politicians and political action, admits to having funded research and work for David Alton and Michael Alison (the co-founder of the MCD)

In January 1995 Alton addressed the MCD's Epiphany Conference and said that Christian values had already risen on the political agenda thanks to the MCD, he called on the movement to

'remember its prophetic role as Christians'

and issued five challenges to members the main one of which was to

'remember the centrality of God to their work and the centrality of his agenda.'     

February 1996:  the MCD publishes and distributes to Church schools and and non-Christian schools a Statement of Christian Inspired Values to be used in religious education.

In October 1996 Alton jumped to the high moral ground by penning a column in the Guardian headed Cleaning Up The Sleaze in the wake of the Cash for Questions affair.   He probably wasn't aware at that time that the journal of the organisation he founded The Movement for Christian Democracy had accepted a whacking £200,000.00 donation from Mohammed Al Fayed, owner of Harrods.  In the dry humour of the British Press this became known colloquially as the Cash for Christians affair.  One thing is for sure, you can do a lot of political lobbying with £200.000.00 and that is exactly what most of the work of the MCD journal is, rallying Christians countrywide to affect the political status quo.

In November 1996 It was reported that Alton admitted to having backroom discussions with Christians from all political parties with the possibility of setting up the Christian Democrat Party. David Hunt MP  refused,  reportedly saying that he did not want to be associated with a 'God-squad organisation'.

This is just a small sample of  David Alton's continuous Christian Campaigning.  It is clear that he wants to avert the suffering of small children wherever it occurs, just as much as everyone else, but equally he cannot deny that he is driven by a biblical world view which decries all other religious beliefs as inferior, and which is more ready to accept tall tales of Satanic Ritual Abuse than otherwise would be the case.

The point is this:  David Alton is not just another parliamentarian, he is a Christian Activist, seeking to impose a Christian View on the entire country. When the Christian 'fifth column' has finished with the Satanists, who will they start on next?  New Agers? Spiritualists?  Hindus?  The Moslems?  The Buddhists? Atheists? Scientists?  Artists? Writers? Journalists? Academe?  

In Alton's Satanic Ritual Abuse conference on March 21st, the British Populace will be told tall tales of shock-horror ritual abuse;  but  what they won't see is the institutionalised religious bigotry and abuse of human rights forming itself  within British Democracy.


(c) John Freedom, Mortlake March 20th 2002


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