What you are about to read is the tip of a U.K. conspiracy which has altered your mind and affected our society.

INTERVIEWER: Can we start first with the facts? What evidence are you putting forward that ritual or satanic abuse actually exists?

TIM TATE: "I Think the easiest evidence is that there have been six successful prosecutions for child sexual abuse in satanic rituals. Explicit prosecutions. In Britain between 1982 and 1990. All that evidence was introduced in court. The jury accepted it and convicted the adults responsible." [ BBC Radio 4 'SUNDAY' religious affairs programme 1.9.91]

Do you believe what Tim Tate said? Then you've been fooled, for although it may seem that Mr Tate is announcing incontrovertible FACTS he is in fact simply misinterpreting EVENTS in order to convince you that Satanic Ritual Abuse exists. Unlike Mr Tate we seek the whole truth and do not attempt to insult your intelligence by manipulating you with half-truths. There is a conspiracy to dupe the British public. That means YOU. Will you let them do it? Compare for yourself what Tate said above about his 'celebrated' cases and the REAL background to them to learn how they have kept you blindfold for the past four years.

MALCOLM SMITH/HICKMAN SALVATION ARMY SISTER CASE: Tate begins his cases with this one and says boldly that the Judge and the police were wrong not to accept it as a case of Satanic Ritualised Abuse. Is Tate attempting to say that he has new evidence which proves this? No. Is he saying that there was a cover up? No. He is simply saying that his INTERPRETATION of the trial and the police investigation, which he was not involved in, was wrong. Yet during the trial the prosecution admitted that the 'Satanic Rituals' were 'largely a subterfuge by which children and young girls were ensnared into the whole business'. The relationships of the perpetrators in this case are confusing and Tate paints a picture of Malcolm Smith as a committed Satanist ringleader who pursued satanic principles and philosophies in abusing children. This is not the case. The facts are that Smith was an already convicted paedophile who had no interest in occultism or Satanism until his sister in law Carole Hickman, who had previo usly been a member of the Salvation Army along with her sister, spent a few months studying the occult and persuaded Smith and his wife to be 'initiated'. This and only this was the 'catalyst' for the crimes. There was no lineage of Satanism, no connection with any other Satanic Group or Satanist. Not all the abuses took place during ceremonies and one perpetrator, Albert Hickman, would have nothing to do with the occult aspect. The prosecutor clearly stated that Carole Hickman was a 'novice in these matters [ the occult]' The occult overtones and pseudo ceremonies were used initially to 'spice' legal but excessive sexual indulgence between Malcolm Smith and the two sisters which later drew in two teenage girls who were sexually abused. Tate fails to mention that Smith was a Walter Mitty character who lived in a fantasy world. The 28 year old volunteer radio presenter told neighbours and friends that he was an S.A.S.. agent, that he had been a fighter pilot in WWII, that he had a luxurious flat in London's Mayfair, that he was a secret service agent and that he had a rich uncle who owned a ranch in Dallas. Tate would have you believe that this was a clever well-planned conspiracy by a committed group of Satanists who wholeheartedly believed in and pursued a dangerous satanic creed. In fact these perverts were acting alone, on their own behalf, having no connection with any outside satanic group and their motive was purely perversion. Perversion which would have occurred whether or not there had been any occult connection. Two of the four had been committed Christians and came from a very religious background. Smith's wife converted back to Christianity during the trial. Tate announces this case as proof of Satanic Ritualised Abuse when it is entirely inconclusive

. BRIAN WILLIAMS: Again Tate completely misrepresents this vile case of child sexual abuse claiming that the perpetrator Brian Williams, took the devil name of "Biran" and overlooks the fact that there is no such devil name but that Biran is an anagram of Brian. Tate misleads the reader by saying that he abused more than 15 under age girls and boys. In fact Williams was sentenced for 14 OFFENCES which included 5 girls. Williams also sexually abused his daughter and his son. Williams had no connection with other Satanists or satanic groups. The sexual abuses were not motivated by Satanic philosophy or belief but by perverted desire. Williams was clearly ill and said he was 'slowly dying'. Tate prattles on about 'wealth of authentic Satanic detail' when the use of a pentagram (one of his main pieces of evidence) is not a Satanic symbol and the situations were not 'performed in accordance with historic satanic ceremonies'. Det. Sgt David Byford who brought the case to court said that he though t that Williams used black magic as a sham to influence the girls. Tate would have you believe that this is FACTUAL PROOF of satanic ritualise abuse. It is nothing of the kind.

HAZEL PAUL/OUIJA BOARD CASE: Continuing his arrogance Mr Tate again challenges the informed comments of the Judge and the police in this case and really scrapes the bottom of the barrel. Hazel Paul was not a satanist and had no connection with any other satanist or satanic group. The abused 15 year old had run away from a children's home and was taken in by Hazel Paul. The abuse against the single victim was more physical than sexual and the beatings and torture were motivated by accusations that the 15 year old had stolen money from the gas meter. The family used a ouija board in one instance. Tate emphasises those tortures which he can twist into sounding occult and leaves out the fact that the victim was terribly and variously tortured outside of any ritual or physical framework by being beaten with a hammer, cut with an electric carving knife and had her head banged against a wall and her hair pulled out. also There was no black magic ceremony. Hazel Paul was found guilty of grievous bodily harm not sexual abuse. To suggest that this case is proof of Ritualised Abuse is laughable were it not so serious. Yet Tate is telling you that this is a FACT.

PETER MCKENZIE 'WIZARD' CASE: Both the Judge and the police stated in court that McKenzie used occult dialogue as a pretence to ensnare children. McKenzie was NOT a Satanist, did not call himself a Satanist, did not believe in Satanism and was not connected to other Satanists or Satanic groups. Detective Chief Inspector Richard Pottinger said "[the pretend ceremonies] were purely a device that McKenzie used to abuse young girls". Tate infers that this is incorrect and that McKenzie was very knowledgeable about Satanism alleging that he went to great lengths to research prayers to Asmodeus, linking this with the Black Mass. In fact Asmodeus has nothing to do with Black Magick and is one of 42 spirits which supposedly occupy the zodiacal belt in 'white magic' operations. Asmodeus does not 'control' 'debauchery and lechery' as was claimed by the prosecution council and Tate but is ( according to all ancient books on magic) supposed to teach the 'arts of arithmetic Astronomy, Geometry and all han dicrafts'. The prosecution also confused the trial abominably by using the words Satanist and Witch interchangeably when the two things are entirely different (Witches do not believe in or worship a devil figure). Tate is well aware of this for he spends several pages in his new book exonerating witches from implication in his allegations. The Prosecution claimed that McKenzie told his victims that they could become 'witches' in a 'magic circle' and that there were 'five stages to becoming a witch'. There are in fact three stages to becoming a witch. It would seem neither McKenzie nor Tate know what they are talking about. Tate conveniently fails to mention that a crony of McKenzie who was jailed along with him for involvement in the string of abuses had absolutely no Satanic or Occult interest whatsoever. There is no doubt that McKenzie abuse children horribly but this case is NOT evidence of satanic ritualised abuse.

REGINALD HARRIS: What a pathetic case. If Tate has to rely upon this kind of 'evidence' to 'prove' that Satanic Ritual Abuse exists then his allegations are nothing short of an insult to one's intelligence. 65 year old Harris became involved in the occult after he nearly died during a stomach operation which left him reliant upon drugs which altered his personality. His wife said "The drugs altered him completely. He got giddy and would flake out. He suffered terrible migraines." Apparently Harris lost the will to live and his wife had to sell the furniture to pay the rent. "He tried to make believe he knew all about black magic" his wife said "He felt inadequate when he couldn't' work and it gave him something to talk about". Tate despicably avoids the tragic background behind this case and tries to project Harris as an Arch Satanist. In his book "CHILDREN FOR THE DEVIL: RITUAL ABUSE AND SATANIC CRIME: " Tate allegedd that although Harris was tried for sexually abu sing two teenage girls that his deeds were part of a much greater reign of repetitive satanic ritualised abuse which the police failed to unearth. His sole reason for this theory is that Tate says Harris used a 'particular satanic pseudonym - SANTANAS.' "This alone should have indicated a certain seriousness in his rituals." Tate pronounces. In fact this is another one of Tate's liberties. There is no 'satanic pseudonym' of SANTANAS. The word Satan is derived from the Arabic Shatana. In Hebrew it is Shaitan, In Greek, Old English, Latin Vulgate and Old High German it is Satanas. In Gothic it is Satana and in French it is Satanis. Satanists regularly use SATANAS. There has never been an occasion etymologically where SANtanas has been used and Harris didn't use it either. The court records show that he used SANTAMAS which is a name he invented. How did Tate get this so badly wrong? Tate's SANTANAS blunder reveals just how stupid Mr Tate is and how unreliable his research can be.

CONCLUSIONS: Tate's cases are valueless in reference to the allegations his book makes. Tate is to lecture at a number of seminars and is constantly working behind the scenes to promote the idea of the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse. There are unwise social workers, policemen and women, politicians and journalists listening to the biased and inaccurate research which Mr Tate is producing. This situation is VERY dangerous for our society and for minorities within it who hold unpopular or misunderstood beliefs.It would be impossible to deny the logical argument that there may be some occultists somewhere who might at sometime abuse children in some-way. THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING AS SUGGESTING THAT RITUALISED ABUSE EXISTS. It is equally impossible for Social Workers to deny that some of their colleagues have gone to prison for crimes of child-abuse and that over the past few years over 100 cases of child abuse by members of the clergy have occurred. Sexual abuse of children is, unfortunately, an eve r present threat in our society and social work experience shows that it can be perpetrated by any person in any guise. Allegations of Ritualised Abuse are completely different in scope and intention and allow hidden religious prejudices to manifest in a witch-hunt atmosphere. We do not bring in laws to outlaw Christianity when the ever- present instances of child-abuse by the clergy occur. We do not entertain special social work training to cope with Clergy Abuse, even though the extent of it puts Tate's six cases of alleged Satanic Abuse into the shade. We do not begin conspiracy theories and witchunts against Social Workers when a handful of their number take advantage of their position of trust with children. Yet these false alternatives and modes of action are immediately seized upon by social workers in reference to allegations of Satanic Abuse. What happened to professional discernment? They went out of the window and have been replaced with intolerance caused by emotional hatred stemming from ign orance of minority beliefs. DOES THIS COUNTRY WANT ANOTHER ROCHDALE TRAGEDY? Of course not. So please don't allow paranoid people like Tate a platform with their shock-horror lies. Disallow them the humbug and self-righteous waffle for if you do not the phantom of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth will continue to plague that section of our society who are ripe for victimisation. Those in the poverty trap who are educationally and socially debilitated rely upon the sanity of those in positions of influence. Of YOU perhaps? It is about time those in a position of influence stopped relying upon deceptive interpreters like Tim Tate. Those who desire to know the truth should obtain 'CODSWALLOP' our review of Mr Tate's book. Learn the TRUE FACTS , historical reference and read for yourself the factual evidence which discredits virtually every page in the despicable book CHILDREN FOR THE DEVIL. ask for our 24 page critical review which reveal the true facts and how Mr Tate ignores them when they disallow his obsessi on about Satanic Ritual Abuse. You won't believe it until you read it.

FOOTNOTE: The S.A.F.F. publication What a Load of Codswallop became the subject of some interesting correspondence in the letters pages of Private Eye magazine where the Eye recommended it for anyone who wanted to know more about the true background to the SRA issue. Tate wrote in to complain and there followed a series of even more bizarre accusations which did nothing for the accuracy of Tim Tate's research.

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