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Latest Tate Humbug: Feb 2016: Latest Tate Humbug: Feb 2016

Tate slates ExaroNews for not being able to substantiate 'Nick's Claims

Tim Tate as he likes to see himself.

Even though Tate never proved Natalie's claims about Satanic Abuse in his own documentary
'The Devil's Work'

In a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black Tim Tate, self-confessed confidant of the Met. police's Operation Midland, this week went public on his own Blog, demanding that ExaroNews, (who had scooped 'Nick's story in 2015), must answer pertinent questions about how they had corroborated the allegations against leading MPs and VIPs. 

The professionally self-righteous tone of Tate's remonstrations to ExaroNews  jar painfully with his own research and work for the Cook Report which helped start the 1989 Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic in which an SRA victim imposter called 'Natalie' gave evidence on camera to the effect that she was used as a 'brood mare' by satanists and that the baby produced was sacrificed in a satanic ceremony.

The twenty alleged cases which Tate researched to underpin that Cook report included allegations of sacrificing, microwaving and eating babies (cannibalism). In contrast ExaroNews's coverage of 'Nick's' allegations about VIPs at Westminster running a paedophile gang were comparatively staid yet Tate jumps on his high-horse demanding that Exaro qualify all their actions.  The word Hypocrite comes to mind.

To ensure that modern-day commentators who read Tate's words can have a truer sense of perspective the SAFF has contrasted some of Tate's questions ( below) with the questions we have ourselves asked of Tate over the past 30 years.

But first here's an example of how closely Tate and the Cook report's portrayal of 'Natalie's' allegations shadowed those of  Exaro's dealings with 'Nick'. Bearing in mind all of Natalie's allegations, which Tate treated as gospel at the time, were ultimately found to be untrue.

Natalie appearing on the Cook Report

Cook Voice-over: "Natalie in London,  now 15, endured 10 years of three satanic rituals a week."

Natalie: "A star in the circle which was on the floor, us kids used to stand in, and the lady who used to be in charge was at the front of the altar and other people used to come in in black robes and hoods and used to come in chanting and they went around the circle and then an animal would be killed..."

Natalie's mother :  "She (Natalie) was made pregnant and the child was allowed to grow to a certain age and they then aborted her baby and they done a sacrificial table, they sacrificed the life of the new-born child, not fully developed, what people call a foetus but as a mother I call a child..."

Natalie: "They used to talk about Lucifer they used to prepare and they used to say it was for him and I thought he was a normal person you know just another normal person who was there but now I know that he was a spirit or something."

Cook:  "An Evil spirit? "
Natalie: "Yes, They were all evil weren't they?"

The Comparisons between Tate's Cook Report and ExaroNews's treatment of 'Nick' is astonishing.

For instance Michael Aquino, the satanist who in 1989 headed up the Temple of Set in the U.S.A. and who Tate featured in his programme was a Major in the U.S. Army. He was accused of satanic abuse in a trumped up charge by the Army Chaplain.   It is noteworthy that even though an investigation into these allegations found them FALSE  before the Cook Report was first broadcast the programme was not changed to reflect this and went ahead to portray Aquino as a key player in SRA!

Article proving Tate knew Aquino innocent prior to broadcast of Cook Report

"Aquino was under investigation for allegedly having sex with a two year old girl but the police investigation was closed without charge." Daily Star: July1st 1989 two weeks before the Cook Report 'The Devil's Work' was first broadcast.

Move forward three decades and we find Tate repeating similar allegations over a new military personality in Nick's claims:

"Nick's story of the US general is very different. There was what a highly experienced prosecutor described as “an open and shut case” to prosecute him. But the Metropolitan Police does not appear even to have begun an investigation.  The American officer is a decorated Vietnam war veteran who went on to play a major role in the planning and execution of America’s wars in the Gulf.   He holds a very senior rank – and, by extension, very high security clearance – in the US Army.  In the late 1970s this officer spent some time in Britain. He was seconded to the British Army Staff College at Camberley in Surrey.   It appears that he used this address to receive a postal mailing of child pornography from an American supplier."

That, innuendo for innuendo, is very similar to how the Cook Report  dealt with Michael Aquino who, 27 years later has never been prosecuted for any crime!

In the light of these statements (and dozens of other unsubstantiated claims made in Tate's  scaremongering programme)  we don't quite know where Tim get's the brass neck to take it upon himself to criticise ExaroNews professionalism today ,but let's look at exactly what Tate is complaining about in Exaro's coverage of 'Nick's'  claims:

Tate's Questions to Exaro:

"Given Exaro’s central role in the alleged VIP paedophile abuse saga, I have asked it six serious questions.  Exaro has credit for assisting the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into Elm Guest House.

Could Exaro please state:-

 What “help” you provided ?
 What independent efforts you made to establish a factual basis for allegations made by complainants to you ?

 Exaro has claimed credit for the Metropolitan Police launching “Operation Midland”.
Note that Tate has singularly failed to substantiate his OWN claims in his research for the Cook Report.  At one point Cook boasted:

"When the Broxtowe case came to court there was no mention of Satanism. The police say they heard the stories but couldn't prove the satanic connection. Until now police and social workers in Nottingham have been at logger-heads but today after we passed on information from our files a new team of police and Social Services have begun to reinvestigate the satanic aspects of this distressing Nottingham case. " 
In fact this was just TV hype.  The police and Nottinghamshire Social Services have ALWAYS denied that there were SRA connections in the Broxtowe case. Even their expensive independent inquiry into it (The JET report) said there was no Satanic context.  So the SAFF again asks why The Cook Report told viewers that the programme had changed the course of that SRA inquiry and give them the idea that Satanism was involved when it did not and was not? 

te's blog continues to demand answers from ExaroNews

 What independent efforts did you make to establish a factual basis for allegations made by the complainant known as “Darren”?

We might well ask the same about Carl Hughes in the Cook Report. Hughes was billed as an example of a Satanist who had gone off the rails and then 'repented'.
Cook voice-over: "But heavy metal fan Carl Hughes did try to conjure up the devil. He desecrated his local church in Conway and stole vestments and altar ornaments for use in his own satanic rituals."

Carl: "It changes your personality totally, it did with me. I dressed all in black long hair pentagrams at one time an inverted cross. At home I had ritual equipment in my room, phallic candles, an altar cloth and many books on the occult"

Cook: He was arrested as he left the church and was convicted of desecration but that was only the beginnings of his problems.

Carl: "My mum threw me out whilst I was out she got the vicar to consecrate the house with holy water, I went to live in a tent, eventually I got back in with my mother but it appeared she was rather frightened of me. "

Cook: "She thought you were a force of evil perhaps?"

Carl (who looks as though he couldn't suck the skin off a rice-pudding) : "Yes."

Cook: "But you didn't know how far you'd really gone or what you were dabbling in did you?"

Carl: "You don't realise at the time it's a really dangerous thing to get into."

Cook: "It's dangerous; and it's deadly!"

Unfortunately in each and every case a quick look at the true background always undermines these stories. 

Carl Hughes was featured in  the Cook Report as an example of an ordinary teenager who became  ensnared in the evils of Satanism through Heavy Metal Music and ended up desecrating a church. 

What the Cook Report did  not say was that the desecration occurred  when Hughes and a friend  (who has never claimed to be a Satanist and did not contribute to the Cook Report) couldn't find a public  toilet after a binge drinking session.  Local news reports show how they both broke into a church  and relieved themselves on the altar, being caught 'red handed' immediately afterwards. When vandalism  is transformed into satanic desecration by a hysterical media 
it is an indication that something is seriously wrong with our  society and the way it is reported, as the following example shows.

The sloppy nature of Tate's research was illustrated following Carl Hughes interview. Cook went on to tell viewers about  Anthony Newell.  Cook stated that Newell had ritually killed his flatmate in a satanic ceremony.  In fact Newell killed his flatmate during a drunken argument and was later found guilty of MANSLAUGHTER ( because he was acting in  self-defence during the fight). Newell never claimed to be a satanist. There was no satanic ceremony.  In fact Newell's dad officially complained to CTV about his son being wrongly portrayed as a satanist.

Tate must have forgotten all this indiscriminate reporting in the Cook Report. In his blog he rounds on Exaro demanding further answers as though all his past journalistic efforts have been of the highest quality and beyond reproach.
  You have stated that your original report on the Dolphin Square allegations contained only “what had been corroborated”.

Could you please state:-

    Exactly which allegations you corroborated ?
    How you corroborated these allegations.
Could you please state:-

    Whether this “identification” came from a claim from one complainant or more than one complainant ?

Which is an interesting point because in Tate's Devil's Work, he actually liaised with a gang of five totally biased religious activists from a fundamentalist Christian group which provided him with sectarian propaganda on Satanic Ritual Abuse.  THREE of these fundamentalist agitators were actually filmed in the programme as 'witnesses' to the existence of SRA!

One key consultant to Tate's Cook Report who  was part of this group of agent-provocateurs was Maureen Davies. Prior to the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse claims, she had spent years giving out tracts in the street and protesting about aspects of the New Age which most people would find quite innocuous. Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Astrology, Tarot Cards, Heavy Metal music, Fantasy Games and all the usual nonsense came within her remit as symptoms of 'Satanism'.

She was a director of the Reachout Trust, an evangelical action group which took a major part in floating the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse myth in the U.K. but which prior to 1988 had spent decades attacking the New Age without even mentioning it!

Not only did Davies act as a consultant for the Cook Report but she also managed the 'helplines' set up after The Devil's Work was broadcast.  She was also  shown being interviewed by Roger Cook in the Cook Report Update and claimed that 900 calls about satanism had been received.  Davies used to lecture to church audiences on 'How To Deal With The Occult In Your Area'  and sells recordings of her lectures to other fundamentalist activists. She also attended all the first Satan Seminars as an 'expert' on Satanic Abuse where everyone ignored the sectarian axe she was grinding. Including, apparently, Tim Tate.  It is clear that she thinks everything which is not Holy Writ is somehow a gateway to Satan!

I wonder why Tate is attacking ExaroNews for using multiple informants when that's exactly what he did with the 1990 Satan Scare? Particularly when Tate admonishes ExaroNews in this sneering fashion:
    In the event that more than one complainant “identified” the property, what steps you took to ensure there was no cross-contamination between these claims ?
Because it is obvious he never did that in relation to allegations made against a Leeds' bookshop owner, entirely innocent of any involvement in SRA but fingered by the programme as the man to 'doorstep' for the programme's finale.   One of the 'experts' his programme paid a retainer to was on public record demanding the closing down of his shop in a radio interview!  Did Tate 'take steps' to ensure there was no cross-contamination with Dianne Core's clear sectarian objection to the Leeds shop and the Cook Report's attempt to blame him for things he had never done?   Not quite for after the Cook Report his bookshop was firebombed by fanatics. 

Did Tim Tate ensure there was no-cross-contamination between  that Leeds bookshop owner and
Kevin Logan, the vicar who appeared at length in the Cook Report exorcising children who had supposedly suffered satanic abuse? Because that same vicar had a year earlier published a religious attack on paganism  specifically criticising the bookshop and it's owner for selling New Age items?

You can read this man's full story here about how Tate entrapped him and unfairly accused him of serious crimes which he had nothing to do withand then judge whether Tate had cross-contaminated his own journalism and whether he has any moral right to demand higher principles from ExaroNews.

Yet despite this chequered history Tate seizes the moral high-ground in his attack on ExaroNews.
Could you please state whether Exaro as an organization or any of its reporters (including freelance associates) is/are the complainant in this matter ?

Whether you possess documentary evidence to substantiate this allegation ?

Of course the SAFF has been demanding documentary evidence from Tim Tate about HIS programmes in exactly the same fashion for the past 30 years and each time he ignores us.

Tim Tate Failing to give Documentary evidence about his claims

We will try again.  The 20 cases of SRA which Tate claimed to have uncovered in his Cook Report 'The Devil's Work' all failed in the course of time.

Tate can criticise ExaroNews  AFTER he has revealed the documentary evidence he says holds which enabled him to tell the British Public that he had discovered 20 definite cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the U.K. in 1989?

Because none of them ever came to pass.

Watch this space!

Tim Tate: the Man Who Cooked up Satanic Ritual Abuse restarts the Cleveland Scandal 27 years after it was laid to rest.

Tim Tate at homeOn 18th July 2015 in an on-line interview with the 'Peoples Tribunal', (  a grand sounding but completely voluntary self-help group with an eclectic mix of supporters initially set up to influence the government's Inquiry into Sexual Abuse Allegations at Westminster)  Tim Tate began to substantiate his 27 year campaign to convince us all that SRA exists.

Some PT supporters openly maintain that a Satanic Conspiracy exists within the top flights of the British Establishment to sexually abuse and murder  little children,  Many of them think Ted Heath murdered a 13 year old boy and threw him off his yacht mid-channel.  Yes, astonishing isn't it, but not so for those who have been subjected to the constant drip of evil propaganda from people who support the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Many hundreds if not thousands of 'believers' actually think this murder happened and the police are dutifully going through the motions of looking into it!

Although in at the start, in 1988, Tim Tate has previously taken a back seat publicly but now appears to have decided to come out to convince the public that The 1988 Cleveland Scandal had been a government cover-up. 

This interview was one of the few occasions when Tate, who has for three decades worked behind the scenes in contact with a coterie of feminist social engineers,  fringe false-memory therapists, rabid fundamentalists and radical social workers, actually submitted to being questioned about his history and his campaigns to float the idea of a pan-global conspiracy of satanists intent on murdering children which he first outlined publicly in 1989 following his now discredited Cook Report Special 'The Devil's Work' when he said:

Tate on BBC World Service Sept 1989

Of course the Satanic Connection was poppycock but that didn't stop Tate making numerous documentaries about it, speaking at Satan Seminars and generally working long-term with those who were also obsessed with it until their numbers were swelled by ranks of todays' crop of dysfunctional victim imposters who find an excuse for their failure not in Labour's appalling comprehensive educational system or the free-wheeling benefits system which generated unmotivated couch-potatoes for two generations, but at some imagined abuse one has suffered as a child.  Under the ever-expanding definition of 'abuse' promulgated by the ever ready NSPCC this may have been a dysfunctional parent who shouted hysterically at you when you were a child - or one of those evil parents who smacked their children to stop them running into the road and getting killed.  Almost every adult today can have their childhood redefined as abusive under the uber-sensitive definitions of the chattering classes.   Not only does it seem to explain why these lost-souls are on the bottom rung of society, but also offers a muted class-war which brings its own rewards to a large section of the populace who have been made totally reliant upon the state by left-wing political changes.

The Hidden Political Strategy You Need to Know About:  

The SAFF has for decades maintained that the child-scare lobby invented mass-cases of child abuse, including allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse to suit it's own purposes which were to hi-jack the media and use it for propaganda purposes to restructure society along radical feminist lines, break patriarchal strongholds within it, bring down the political right-wing, disenfranchise parents and impose a state-parent mentality on the courts and government.

The Truth Tim Tate doesn't want you to seeThe 1988 Cleveland Scandal was in fact the first shots in an intellectual revolution following on from the failure of the Miner's Strike in 1984 and encapsulated a hatred for everyone in the Tory Government which brought the unions to their knees. This can clearly be seen in the constant left wing derision of Thatcher as a 'stealer of milk from children' and the more recent allegations of child sex abuse aimed at most of the people in her cabinet and the Tory party of the time, dead or alive.  

"THE POLITICS OF GENDER:  Or how feminists plan to create a scare which brands all male authorities as rapists to bring down a patriarchal government Otherwise known as the Westminster Paedo Allegations: With the added frisson of the truth about why Butler-Sloss was hounded out of the Government Child Abuse Inquiry. ........................ Following the publication of the Cleveland Butler Sloss report in 1988, public meetings were held which included journalist Beatrix Campbell and the disgraced professionals. Campbell had taken a stand of supporting the professionals early on in the scandal in 1987. Rallying to their cause, she had monitored the inquiry and published the first edition of her book Unofficial Secrets on publication of the report ( which basically attempted to repudiate the entire inquiry.) As a feminist Marxist who frequently wrote for the Guardian, Campbell was an influential propagandist with a large following among left-leaning welfare professionals. Her platform throughout the Cleveland saga and beyond, was not the traditional class warfare but the new politics of gender. This became translated into a theory where men were substituted for the capitalist ruling class as the oppressors with women and children their captives. In this world vision sexual abuse was posited as a universal means of control of women and children (with boys as well as girls abused by their fathers as a method of induction into patriarchy). This perversion of dogma was not new. It had begun in the 1970s and became closely aligned with what would come to be known as "repressed memory" theory. This methodology of abuse "disclosure" became linked with the family dysfunction model of child sexual abuse that had taken root in the UK in the early 1980s at Great Ormond St Hospital, the Tavistock Clinic and the NSPCC. ........  (source:

It can also be seen in the recent hail of abuse and condemnation of Baroness Butler-Sloss  after she was given the job of running the government's child abuse Inquiry. Why so vehement? Because Butler-Sloss was the judge who oversaw the 1988 Cleveland Inquiry which found that there was no child abuse in any of the cases and that a coterie of feminist activists combined with crusading paediatricians who had invented a trick method of 'detecting abuse'.   Much like a Rorschach inkblot test, they checked the shape of the anal sphinctres of children who came to them with other problems when there was no other evidence of abuse, and pronounced over 130 of them positive! This lead to the first ever mass-lifts of children from their (innocent) families as The Sunday Telegraph made clear at the time:

Sunday Telegraph article by Anthea Turner on Cleveland, Rochdale etc "....the danger that the Butler-Sloss report did not spell out is that trouble starts when a fashionable theory tempts social workers to go out and seek to prove it.  Reflex Anal Dilation, was a medical theory and it was Dr Marietta Higgs who sought (on one memorable occasion late at night in a hospital ward) to demonstrate such dilation in a number of sleeping children and from this to conclude they had been sexually abused...... In Middlesbrough, nurses on night duty who watched Marietta Higgs and Geoffrey Wyatt apparently touring wards to examine children, expressed the view that the doctors had taken leave of their senses, but it did not save the children.  "Sunday Telegraph Page 11; 7th April 1991.

Of course today we have a new generation of people who do not remember the past and who are ready to accept the opinions of people like Tate (and 2nd rate alternative comedians) that Thatcher and her ilk made this country worse not better. People who are constantly reminded, amongst other things, of the 'appalling' actions of the police against the poor miners, but who never once mention the miners who Killed poor taxi driver David Wilke just because he was ferrying other miners to work by stoving his chest in when they ambushed a column of vehicles by throwing a large concrete block through his windscreen from a bridge on the M1. Nor do you often hear of the many instances of mob-violence, fire-setting and serious assaults on other miners at pits in Nottinghamshire which did not follow the NUM line and continued to work normally.  So many are fooled by the left-wing propaganda in the media these days that there is a general lack of discernment which makes SRA claims more readily believable.

"Across Britain, most devastatingly in Cleveland in 1987, when more than 100 children were taken into care, effectively kidnapped by the state after social workers said they had been abused in sex rings, well-educated, ostensibly liberal campaigners promoted the idea that hooded Satanists and other sickos were ritualistically raping kids.   This panic was not the work of salacious tabloids but of left-leaning social workers, left-wing magazines like Marxism Today and the New Statesman, and charities like the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children." Source:

Some people Tim Tate supports

"We have to look at the labyrinthine world of the sexual abuse industry and those who influence it; individuals such as Bea Campbell, the writer and former Stalinist, Judith Dawson-Jones,  the   social   worker  at   the   centre  of   the, 'Nottingham Broxtowe SRA child abuse case and formerly with the National Children Home (NCH),  and Sue Richardson, the social worker 'at the heart of the Cleveland child abuse fiasco and recently also with  NCH.  

 All  three campaign vigorously for the vindication of their practices and beliefs and are deeply  enmeshed in what is going on. Another influential lobbyist is  Dr. Arnon Bentovim from the Great Ormond Street Hospital Sexual Abuse Unit. Among others involved are Liz Kelly, an  academic in the Child and Women Abuse Studies Unit at the University of North London, Julie Bindel, Assistant Director of The Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations Unit at Leeds Metropolitan   University  and   Helen   McCollum,   a   Policy Manager in the Strategic Policy Unit of Hackney Council. Their 'subject' is taught in education institutions and finds its way on to training courses and workplace seminars. This is Sexual Abuse PLC - who have inserted the parlance of sexual abuse into the language.
In his interview Tate rehearses the Cleveland Scandal as though there was some debate about it.  He insinuates that the public were hoodwinked by a media complicit in a campaign to hush it up. He blames the government and in particular Butler-Sloss for hiding the truth in the Cleveland Inquiry. He makes statement after shocking statement which viewers have to simply accept, but for those in the know, Tate's clever use of the English language is telling.  For instance in one part where he is trying to prove that a conspiracy existed to hide the truth about Cleveland,Tate says:

'In one case a judge refused to allow physical evidence relating to a child's, (short pause whilst Tate's mind grasps for a word other than Anus) backside, because that child had been abused, refused to allow that in the courtoom, he just said, 'I'm not having that evidence in my courtoom' and this was only one of a number of examples of the whole hostile tenor of the press and the media stopped the child protection system working'. 

But Tate is here misrepresenting the fact that the judge was simply refusing to accept the Anal Dilation Syndrome (ADS, RADS) method used by Higgs and Wynn to mis-identify child-abuse. The ADS method was and still is, 27 years later, thoroughly derided by the vast majority of all child-care professionals. Tate omits to mention that. Instead he makes it appear that the judge refused to accept valid evidence when presented to him.  Once Middlesbrough banned the use of Anal Dilation testing incidences of child abuse in Cleveland dropped to just FOUR per year, which was the normal rate of occurrence in the time preceding Higgs use of ADS.  Thus Tate posits a discredited method of detecting abuse as 'evidence' and uses that to convince his viewers that the police and courts were conspiring to hide incidences of abuse in Cleveland when nothing of the kind occurred.  

Key points in the Cleveland Mass-Lifts Inquiry

  • There had been an increase in diagnoses of child sexual abuse following the arrival of Dr Marietta Higgs at Middlesbrough General Hospital in January 1987.
  • Some of these diagnoses had identified hitherto unsuspected abuse but most children had been returned to their families.
  • Generally the professionals had been inconsiderate to parents, failed to communicate and failed to undertake any wider assessment of the situation.
  • There was a long-standing unresolved tension between the police and social services over the investigation of child sexual abuse.
  • There were significant procedural failings in the handling of many of the cases as well as some dubious professional decisions.
  • The police were unable to follow up many inquiries, not just because of denial by the children but also because of failures by professionals to provide statements and other forms of corroboration.
  • The proper use of Place of Safety Orders at the outset was replaced by the use of Orders not supported by a wider assessment for the improper purposes of denying parental access and ‘disclosure work’.
  • This in turn led to huge increases in contested Interim Care Orders and then in wardship proceedings to relieve the burden on the juvenile courts.
  • Senior managers were not informed by middle managers of the growing crisis until quite late in the day.
  • Communication between senior managers in the police and social services was ineffective.
  • The police surgeon who led the opposition to the diagnoses should have taken more action to resolve the situation.
  • Dr Higgs denied responsibility for much of what happened, never gave pause for thought, was unable to understand other points of view, saw opposition as ‘denial,’ caused unnecessary stress to children and families and failed to take account of resource issues.
  • Therapy should never be offered on the assumption that abuse has taken place.
  • Stuart Bell MP had overstated the case in relation to the diagnoses and the social services response but some of his complaints about the police being obstructed were justified.
  • Social services Court Liaison Officers should have sought legal advice.
  • Social workers failed to explain to parents how they could appeal against restrictions on access.
  • The use and behaviour of some Guardians ad Litem was improper .
  • Consent to examinations should be sought explicitly and an explanation given.
  • Do not assume that abuse has taken place and that lack of disclosure is a sign of denial.
  • The interviews done in Cleveland mostly failed the standards agreed by professionals working in the area of child sexual abuse.
  • Avoid trying to improve systems rather than skills because this can create the illusion that knowledge exists when it does not.
  • All those involved need to improve what they do and how they do it in the interests of the welfare of children.
Again Tate twists the narrative unfairly when he infers along with his interviewer that the Butler-Sloss report on Cleveland has somehow been rarified and become unobtainable on the net.  This enables them both to ignore it's ample evidence and detailed analysis of the case. The fact is of course that no government documents were published on the net in 1988 because it didn't then exist!  Butler-Sloss's full inquiry report into Cleveland can be purchased from HMSO publications, but here's a keypoint list on the right to show how wide of the mark Tate's estimation of it really is, in particular the bit about Stuart Bell being criticised by the inquiry and the inference that Higgs was not censured.

Tate tells viewers that he was the only person to interview Marietta Higgs about the Cleveland affair and found her evidence compelling. When he got back to the office with a report supporting her he said that other people in the office 'threatened to punch me'. Tate infers that this is good evidence of bias against Higgs whereas others find what she did unforgiveable and his support of her mystifying. 
"This is absolutely pathetic and very frightening. The GMC are totaly out of order and need a big slap on the wrist for this one. There was a case 20 years ago which most will remember whereby a disgraceful woman doctor in Cleveland working in cahoots with a uber numpty social worker made accusations of this type in many many cases and the results were that these unfortunate children she examined were taken away causing unbelievable heartache until an American professor of pediatrics showed conclusively that she was carrying out her examinations incorrectly and her assumptions were very wrong. What happened to this banshee? She was quietly moved on instead of being struck off."  Source:
Of course Tate failed to mention that when he portrayed Higgs as being unfairly treated.

In another section Tate says that a documentary for Channel 4 was scotched the night prior to filming because

"they had been lobbied by an MP, one of the MPs for the Cleveland Area who had been severely criticised in the Butler-Sloss report and who was going to get criticised in our film and he had simply cancelled the film." 

What Tate fails to mention is that the MP, whom he avoids naming, can be no other than Sir Stuart Bell, who died in 2012 from cancer.  Bell was a champion, indeed the ONLY champion of the parents in the early days of the scandal before the extent of the injustice was known. He made it his priority  to get justice for the Cleveland Families and it was his hard work in parliament and in the media which broke the silence of the social work mafia and revealed the extent of what went wrong in Cleveland.  

Tate infers that Bell had somehow 'sat on' his production company. The likelihood is much more prosaic, a lack of sufficient evidence may have lead the team to shelve the program.  I don't know any journalist who would capitulate to an MP forcing his views upon them do you?  Tate is no stranger to making statements which turn out to be untrue. His first book on SRA, Children for The Devil, was pulped after he libelled a serving police officer (see here)

Stuart Bell was a fine MP and has an excellent reputation.   In connection with this programme Tate insists that he was 'sacked' by the commissioning editors, but then goes on to explain that this was a technical dodge to release him from ties with the company so he could go off and produce the programme on his own whereupon he was then reinstated. So he WASNT' really sacked was he?  Inferring  that he'd been sacked for wanting to publish information others wanted him to keep quiet is grossly misleading and demands factual proof.  The SAFF research library contains information to the effect that this YTV programme was being produced in two parts. Only one part of which was being done by Tate, the other gave an opportunity for the Cleveland victims (i.e. the falsely accused families) to give their version of events.

Another glaring example of Tate's elastane thinking comes in another section of the interview where he says: 

"The question people should be asking is...about the government handling of those government order, by order of the Department of Health all records relating to those children as a group were destroyed. Now there is no good reason to do that...I think people have a right to ask why that happened."

"In 1988 Beatrix Campbell wrote the article Child sexual abuse and the pro-family State in Britain published in Radical America Vol 21:4 that detailed her long-standing belief that the family is an institution primarily conceived for the mass abuse of children.

Her 1988 book Unofficial Secrets: Child Sexual Abuse - The Cleveland Case details her 'take' on the Cleveland RAD Scandal, and contrasts heavily with local Labour MP Stuart Bells account of the same events detailed in When Salem Came to the Boro, The True Story of the Cleveland Child Abuse Crisis (also 1988).

The 1987 Cleveland Scandal is regarded by many observers as being the 'tipping' moment at which child protection in England and Wales diverted from the normal standards of professionalism seen elsewhere in Europe, and at that time, even in the US. The Cleveland Scandal though incorporated no elements of religious fundamentalism. Following the Cleveland Scandal, allegations of mass child abuse in England and Wales would originate from rhetoric derived from right-wing religious fundamentalists.
Source: Dramatispersonnae 

More on Beatrix Campbell's attempt to promote Satanic Ritual Child Abuse for gender-politics here:
But there is an excellent reason why the DoH ordered the destruction on the files of these children.  Cases against every single one of them were found to be false and thus social services records HAD to be destroyed to avoid libellous information colouring the children's future lives and that of their parents.  In fact the families were also paid over a million pounds in compensation for the mistakes of the social workers and authorities involved in this case.  Destroying false reports in SS files is a required act, thank goodness,  yet Tate portrays it as though it is a mysterious part of a 'cover-up'.  Why?

Tate goes on to say that because the records had been destroyed it is not now possible to follow up on them and get the information directly from the kids when they reached adulthood.  Tate omits to mention that all SS documentation is in any event ciphered to avoid identification so the records would have been useless anyway!  His inference is that the Cleveland children might be able to at last vindicate the beliefs of those who originally insisted that they were abused - but all 130 children have lived good lives with their families for the past 27 years and none of them have attempted to do anything, to our knowledge, except insist that the Cleveland lifts were a horrendous mistake.   Let me assure Tate that the children we are in contact with would dearly love to tell what it felt like to be ripped from a loving family in mass-lifts by state persecutors. He doesn't have to appeal for it. 

In January 2006 in the Real Story documentary series that's EXACTLY what the children, now adults, who were scooped in the 'dawn lifts' during the Rochdale SRA scandal, did. They spoke to Fionna Bruce honestly and blamed bloody-minded Social Services in every single instance.  Their records too were, rightly, eventually expunged.  Does Tate think that also mysterious? 


1986: October: Wynne and Hobbs' paper ‘Buggery in Childhood — a common syndrome of child abuse’ appears in the Lancet
1987: January:Marietta Higgs is appointed as Cleveland paediatrician
1987: May: Sue Richardson promulgates a new Cleveland sex-abuse policy
1987: May–June: scandal in Cleveland as 197 children are falsely taken into care.
1987: June: support group started for the Cleveland families.
1987: October: Broxtowe estate, near Nottingham: 7 children removed
1987: High Court hearings on the Cleveland crisis are held in Leeds
1987: first report of a ‘satanic abuse’ case in Congleton Cheshire
1987–8:Butler-Sloss Judicial Enquiry and Report on Cleveland
1988: January: first British satanic-abuse propaganda item, Colchester Gazette, about Cult-Cop Sandi-Gallant in U.S.
1988: April 15: Geoffrey Dickens,  forces an adjournment debate in the House of Commons and makes reference to Witchcraft linked child abuse.
1988: a stacked Evangelical Alliance committee ‘examines’ satanic abuse with input of fundamentalist group Reachout Trust.
1988: two books with opposed views on the Cleveland scandal: Stuart Bell, When Salem Came to the Boro’ and Campbell, Unofficial Secrets
1988: Klein and Howes set up a child-abuse business in southeast England
1988: October: Klein ‘diagnoses’ the first case of ‘satanic abuse’, from Kent
1988: November: Nottingham workers agree they have a satanic sex ring

1989: January
31: Tim Tate, co-producer of the Cook Report asks  Mr Bray for an interview for The Devil's Work. Bray refuses.
1989: February: ten adults face trial in Nottingham on sex offences against 21 children; eight are convicted (but not for ‘satanism’)
1989: April: Christian Psychiatrists at Royal Society of Medicine, London

1989: March: Judith Dawson-Jones and Christine Johnstone co-author ‘When the truth hurts’ for Community Care
MAY 2:  Tim Tate calls at Mr Bray's shop incognito. Buys occult paraphernalia later used to set up a filmed reconstruction for the Devil's Work.
1989 May 3: Tim Tate's production crew turn up to 'Doorstep' Mr Bray outside his bookshop.
1989: 18 July: ‘Devil’s Work’, Central TV’s Cook Report television is broadcast. Claims satanic abuse is rife with 20 cases so far found (All eventually turn out to be false).
1989: September: there are satanism conferences at Reading and Dundee
1989: October: girls are taken into care and questioned at Trafford
1989: November: a claim of ‘satanic abuse’ stems from a boy in Rochdale
1989: to December: Klein is director of a child advocacy centre, Chicago
1990: January: the first Trafford arrest, but the suspect is released

1990: March: Rochdale’s social services head to a London ‘satan’ course
1990: May: Klein introduces satanic child abuse to New Zealand
1990: June: a Cardiff satanism conference, attended by Rochdale workers
1990: June: Rochdale workers are ‘trained’ in SRA by the Reachout Trust
N.B. Tim Tate used information and personnel from the Reachout Trust in his Cook Report programme.
1990: June: sixteen children in Rochdale are forcibly removed
1990: July–September: hysteria in Rochdale as 3 more children are taken

1990: October: 20 Rochdale children are in care; 5 are returned
 1990: October: Campbell's Dispatches 'discovers' satanism in Nottingham
1990: November: eight ‘W’ children are disappeared on South Ronaldsay
1990: December: some of the Manchester children are released
1990–1: the satanic abuse crisis peaks in Trafford and Rochdale
1991: February: Orkneys girl reports satanism; 9 more children are taken

1991: March: High Court frees remaining ten Rochdale children
1991: March: 9 recently-removed Orkneys children are ordered home
1991: the new Children Act comes into force; the number of British children placed in care falls by one third to 40,000 per annum
1991–5: eight children are removed and kept from their homes in Ayr

1992: Judith Dawson-Jones is running the Kite project, Sunderland
1992: October: the Clyde Report on the South Ronaldsay abductions
1992: November: an Edinburgh conference on the South Ronaldsay cas
Tate complains about 'tabloid' coverage confusing the issues in Cleveland but his Cook Report Special on Satanic Ritual Abuse, the most prominent example of tabloidese imaginable, probably did more to foster the idea in social workers' minds of the existence of SRA than any other. Strangely whilst recounting his previous documentary work Tate makes no mention whatsoever of The Cook Report even though he worked closely with Roger Cook for years. 

Tate says: Out on the internet there is a lot of false information. There certain is Tim!   "They say Cleveland was the first instance of Ritual Abuse investigation in the U.K. but that's nonsense", Tate adds as if to distance himself from the more outlandish allegations made about SRA ignoring the fact that the Hampstead false Satanic Abuse Case occurred a few months earlier, and proved that those manic fantastic, unproveable and unthinkable accusations which Tated first aired in The Devil's Work are still working their magic in the minds of the susceptible.  Tate full well knows that many on his side think Cleveland and SRA are intimately entwined - what makes him think they are not?
"Cleveland was the moment in British contemporary social history when child protection and family justice went distinctly off-track, diverting from other European nations significantly. The Broxtowe scandal (Ed: Broxtowe occurred three months after the Cleveland Scandal exploded into the headlines) is generally recognised as the first case in which  SRA allegations were made, but Cleveland may perhaps have to be considered by social historians as not the 'precursor' of the SRA Myth, but rather the first genuine case; certainly, with its idea of a Vast Conspiracy; anal rapes being inflicted leaving no injuries, the absence of any forensic evidence, no disclosures and the desire by those professionals engaged, such as Dr Marietta Higgs, Dr Geoffrey Wyatt and social worker Sue Richardson (a confirmed SRA Myth/DID/Mind Control advocate to this day) to press-on regardless, even in the face of a hopeless lack-of-evidence. Dr. Higgs and Dr. Wyatt's would later attend early SRA Myth conference. Cleveland is very similar to the later false SRA Myth scandals, and the question as to whether it should be treated as the first SRA Myth scandal in the UK is still open for debate. What was missing though was the obvious facet; no-one was mentioning 'satanic abuse'; apparently because Cleveland Police would have certainly figured rapidly they were being hoodwinked by dogmatic obsessions. "

Tate worked with and had contact with many in this caucus, particularly in the Broxtowe case in 1988/89.  How the Cook Report had to apologise to Mr BrayTate is no stranger to making allegations which he has failed to substantiate: During the Broadcasting Complaints Commission hearing which was held to test the claims made in Tate's notorious Cook Report Special 'The Devil's Work',  Tate accused Mr Bray, of The Sorcerer's Apprentice bookshop of knowing about the investigation of a U.S. satanist for SRA before publishing an article from him in his Lamp of Thoth magazine.  The implication was that Mr Bray knew of the indictment yet still went ahead with promoting the magical group which the satanist ran, therefore was tacitly promoting SRA. 

That allegation, the only one the Cook Report said they could substantiate from the litany of inferences and implications in Tate's disgusting programme,  was false.

Mr Bray had published the article long-before those allegations (which were incidentally false and later officially dropped as there was no case to answer) had come to light. 

The repartee at the hearing is interesting:
Mr Bray tells BCC council 'That's a lie!'
Tate insisted that he had written proof.
Bray demanded it.
Tate shuffles through pile of papers in panicky fashion.
Everyone waits.
Tate shuffles again. Then says that he doesn't appear to have that piece of documentary evidence with him - can he send it on to the BCC afterwards?
 'It doesn't exist' says Bray.
The BCC, somewhat unfairly, agrees Tate can send on afterwards - but it is never produced. 
Strangely the Cook Team also can't produce the original of a filmed interview with Mr Bray which they deceitfully doctored to make him appear to be condemning himself.  They obviously had the tape otherwise they couldn't have used it, but now say they can't find it. Hmnn. 
The BCC hearing eventually admonishes Tate and Cook for being unfair to Mr Bray and not making clear on camera that he is not involved in any form of abuse.  This ruling is published in TV times, Radio Times and broadcast on ITV. You can see one of them in the pic above.

To see the full amazing story of how Tate and Cook misrepresented Mr Bray and used him as a patsy for allegations of SRA in conjunction with sectarian activists who intended to try to close down his business click on this link:

Tate gets tough in a high-noon with David Aaronovitch

David Aaronovitch tells is how it isThis 'People's Tribunal' interview with Tim Tate is valuable because it shows just how easily Tate adjusts facts to suit himself.  He recently tried this with the respected David Aaronovitch, a professional writer who has spent years at the Times and has produced various documentaries in a varied career.  Aaronovitch recently interviewed Tate and other SRA believers for a two-part documentary in the BBC Radio 4 Analysis series the first part of which was broadcast on 25 May 2015. Following on from Aaronovitch's earlier book Voodoo Histories (which analysed and debunked all kinds of apocryphal rumour) and particularly his personal experience of a perniciously hateful false SRA case in his own neighbourhood (The Hampstead SRA case) , Aaronovitch wanted to know why the SRA myth had had such a profound effect on child protection in the U.K.  Entitled Satanic Abuse, Anatomy of a Panic, (a fairly inoccuous title considering that is exactly what it has been for 27 years). 

Aaronovitch's approach was that false allegations were interrupting real help to children in real need and diverting resources away from proper child-care.  Tate was far more self-possessed than he appears in the 'People's Tribunal' interview. Unfortunately no mention was made of the ludicrous allegations Tim Tate had researched for the Cook Report so the outcome was a conclusion that sat on the fence.  

The SAFF warned David Aaronovitch on Twitter (@SAFFtweets / @Daaronovitch ) that his programme had missed the boat and that he had effectively let the pro-SRAMist believers off the hook.  We predicted that because he had not backed them 100% he would now be hounded and attacked at every turn by the hard-core believers.  Within days it began.  Tate attacked and professionally criticised Aaronovitch in two major articles on-line, so did Beatrix Campbell and Sarah Nelson, both influential activists who have been involved in promoting this myth since the early 1980s.  The criticisms were the usual mix of uber-feminist allegations that anyone who does not support their contentions, no matter how batty, are a tacit part of the abuse of children themselves.   Not only that but their comrades-in-battle in the Rape Crisis Centre and some victim-support groups also jumped on the 'Let's Shout Down  Aaronovitch' campaign. At one time there were at least four formal complaints made to the BBC and other authorities about Aaronovitch's documentary.  This overkill (from our point of view Aaronovitch had dealt very sympathetically with the believers and certainly given them time to speak their mind) eventually brought a stinging response from David Aaronovitch which did what his earlier radio programme should have done in the first place.  Tell the truth about these people and their SRA beliefs.  You can see this article here: 

False Accusations from WomenVictim-Imposters - modern day Spectral Evidence?

The problem of course with Tate and his coterie of SRA believers is that they've built, consciously or not, a caucus of supporters over a quarter of a century of gullible people who undoubtedly include many Christian fundamentalists as well as nominal Christians who EXPECT to find Satan under every Sofa.

False memories are planted in Christian Counselling sessions and patients are passed over into permanent therapy for memory consolidation.  Then paraded to the media in order to qualify for continued therapy, support and of course high payouts.  All the while they are entitled to keep their sectarian beliefs disguised.  The people who head-up this propaganda machine are using mentally imbalanced people to interfere with the course of justice in the U.K.  To enact new laws to the detriment of our justice system.

The next new law they are pushing for, and will get, is to make it mandatory for any person in any professional capacity to have a legal responsibility to report any form of abuse or be prosecuted for not doing so.  Can you imagine how many 'victims' this will produce as grist for their mill?  This means that if you are in a position of responsibility you MUST denounce any inkling of abuse immediately or risk prison yourself.  This just underlines the similarity between false abuse accusations and the Stalinist show-trials in post-war Russia.  Watch how this new law is implemented in the next year or so.

It was this lobby which has recently altered our laws so much that anyone can now make any ridiculous allegation about any other person and on their word only that person can be found guilty, have their life destroyed and very probably end up in prison based on advocacy WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE BEING PUT FORWARD AS PROOF other than the word of the person accusing them. 

The police have been a target of the pro-SRAMists for years (left-wing allegations of Freemasonic membership - now outlawed in the police - was a direct result of the pro-SRAMists putting political pressure on the police ). Police have been trained to respond to any silly allegation as though it is absolute fact for fear of being accused of being unsympathetic to 'victims'.  For fear of losing public sympathy and votes the government plays along with the indulgence of public confession.  Dysfunctional people wanting sympathy roll forward in increasing numbers and their ridiculous assertions are never fully tested.  It has become common knowledge that the best way to get help, therapy, and financial support is to claim that one has been sexually abused. It's all win win, except for those who are falsely accused. 

False sex abuse allegations commonAnonymity for accusers coupled with exceedingly large payouts of tens of thousands of pounds has combined with a proliferation of ambulance-chasing injury-lawyers who scoop up thousands more in charges. In one exemplary instance we know of, the person alleging abuse got 3,000.00 compensation whilst the solicitors who handled his case achieved 16,000.00!  

The cost of this worthless witch-hunt to the taxpayers of the U.K. is IMMENSE. The anonymity awarded to victims is being misused in many cases. We know of at least two where women have made SUCCESSIVE allegations after the first trial and obtained damages TWICE.  This has given rise to a tremendous number of false allegations caused by women from broken marriages who want to ensure custody of the children, to women who get revenge on boyfriends after a breakup.  The pro-SRAMists would like you to believe that these are rare cases but in fact they are very common and innocent people are being sent to prison because of it.   Giving believers in SRA your tacit support is like digging your own grave.  The population of Germany did much the same thing with the Jews - tacitly agreed that the Nazis propaganda about Jews was correct, accusations of Jews killing and drinking the blood of childen in Der Sturmer were trusted and the population applauded Nuremberg laws which deprived Jews of their rights and eventually lead to the Final Solution where six million Jews were slaughtered.  Like them YOU are responsible for suckering in to these lies.  "Those who do not remember history are compelled to repeat it." 

Remember. Most of the people accused in this witch-hunt were ordinary folk, not satanists.  You are not helping the cause of children by believing tall tales that there is a pan-global conspiracy of satanists in high-places murdering them. SAFF research has shown that the only thing which is a certainty after 27 years of this pernicious myth is the HARM it has caused to children and innocent parents across our land. Everyone wants to protect children - it is a primal human motivation,  but giving power and influence to people whose political ideology is to destroy our society from within is not going to help children.   Think!

John Freedom and Tony Rhodes, Mortlake,  July 2015.


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