The Curse of the Satanic Child Abuse Myth has consumed its most active promoter. Tim Tate, the man who unveiled the 'threat' of Satanic Abuse to the British Public in the Cook Report's DEVIL'S WORK, has admitted in the High Court that allegations contained in his book, CHILDREN FOR THE DEVIL, were 'utterly without foundation' and agreed to pay out 'very substantial damages'.

In Tate's compulsion to validate the obsessive belief of social workers involved in Britain's first alleged Satanic Child Abuse Case, his book had included 'very grave allegations' which in his court retraction he admitted were ' unfounded and should never have been published.'

Originator of Roger Cook's discredited DEVIL'S WORK, lecturer at Satanic Abuse Seminars, promoter of the Satanic Abuse Myth in numerous TV, Radio and Newspaper articles and interviews, Tate is well-known as an ace promoter of the doctrine of Satanic Abuse. The Satan Scare has perpetuated itself by his hand more than any other.

Tate hailed his book CHILDREN FOR THE DEVIL as definite proof of the existence of Satanic Abuse. It was reviewed as such in professional journals and newspapers country-wide, yet it has now been withdrawn from sale because of its libelous inaccuracies.

As the humiliating court apology indicates, Tate's reporting of key situations and 'very grave allegations' relating to the police investigation into the Nottinghamshire Broxtowe case was 'utterly wrong and without foundation'.

CHILDREN FOR THE DEVIL gave Peter Cole the kind of 'character assassination' which Tate honed to perfection on the occult sub-culture. In a satirical attempt to ridicule the Detective Superintendent, who has been a serving police officer for 30 years, Tate wrote that 'Cole had a face like a well-aged baked potato', that he was 'arrogant' and 'had a distrust of women'. That he became 'angry' when Satanic Abuse was discussed, that he was a 'sceptic' who was 'unable to substantiate his theories' and found 'anodyne explanations' to avoid addressing the alleged Satanic aspects of the case. Tate said that Coles 'didn't look too hard or too far' and that there were 'conundrums that he was not prepared to face'.

As if this wasn't bad enough, Tate suggested that Peter Cole obstructed the social workers and kept them under illegal surveillance. An entirely untrue assertion. Tate's book made a distinct inference that Coles' attitude had left children trapped in the misery of abuse when in fact he had given strict instructions that their interests would be paramount.

These and other falsehoods, when put to the test, failed miserably and CHILDREN FOR THE DEVIL sank without trace bringing a new meaning to the term 'pulp-fiction'.  Tate found it relatively easy to misrepresent and accuse people from the occult-subculture but his Track record speaks for itself. The Broadcasting Complaints Commission censured Tate's Cook Report on Satanic Abuse. The programme criminally misrepresented the man they doorstepped including 'fixing' an old interview to make him appear to be condoning Satanic Abuse. Why pick a victim for doorstepping in a programme 'unveiling' Satanic Abuse if the man had absolutely nothing to do with Satanic Abuse?

We understand that Peter Coles pursued this litigation on a personal basis and funded the action himself. In the process he won an unqualified vindication of his honour and a great victory for the truth about Satanic Abuse. Tate was unable to substantiate any of his criticisms against the policeman in charge of the Broxtowe (so-called) Satanic Abuse Case. The ramifications of this are immense.

The Broxtowe Case was the first incident upon which all further alleged Satanic Abuse Cases in the U.K. were built and was absolutely pivotal to the acceptance of the Myth. Tate played an instrumental part in promoting and publicising it in the discredited Cook Report and collaborating with key social workers in seminars and programmes. In the process Tate brought the public and many professionals to believe in his interpretation of events at Nottingham, yet when brought to book, Tate has been forced to eat his words. The interpretation we were being sold as fact, turned out to be Tate's personal opinion and supposition.

Peter Coles action vindicated himself and his colleagues in Nottinghamshire Police Force. The outcome of this case also vindicates those people who have maintained, despite a welter of accusations by Tate, that Satanic Abuse is a figment of the imagination of obsessed religious fanatics. When the first real test was applied to Tate's main case, the Satanic Abuse Myth crumbled instantly to dust.

The veracity of Tate's allegations have regularly been challenged by the S.A.F.F. Our technical criticisms of his research for his book were legion and were published in detail in our 24 page analysis WHAT A LOAD OF OLD CODSWALLOP. (Send 2 x 24p stamps & order CODSWALLOP)

The long battle of wills between radical social workers in Nottinghamshire and a bobby with his feet on the ground, who stuck to his professional standards and was pilloried for it, is over. The Broxtowe Satanic Abuse Case is dead and buried. Along with Tim Tate's awful book.

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