A year after the S.A.F.F. warned the Pagan Federation to rethink their approach to the involvement of children in Paganism their newly appointed National Youth Manager was suspended from his teaching job in a hail of negative publicity like the one shown below. It just goes to prove once again, that the people who run the PF are not up to the job of looking after the best interests of paganism.

witch lessons suspended

Ralph Morse has stepped into a highly charged controversy and is being unfairly treated due to the inherent prejudice within the system. It provides the fundies with more 'evidence' of pagan missionary activity and the matter of Morse's rights have been occluded. As if to further underline SAFF warnings, by April 22, a fundie teacher's group unveiled MORI research which claimed that occult groups and covens were using the internet to prey on children. A simultaneous campaign imported from the U.S.A. to ban Harry Potter books from school as being dangerous to children's minds was also picked up on by the toady media, ever ready to print fundamentalist propaganda and lies. The PF have foolishly given the fundies everything they need for another bout of pagan bashing.

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