The Lack of Validity in Disclosure Techniques and Impact on The Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare.

The doctrine of Trigger Words has become a kingpin of the promoters of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. Allegations of the use of Trigger Words in telephone conversations are even being used by experts and therapists as an excuse not to speak to occultists or those who do not believe wholeheartedly in the idea of Satanic Child Abuse.

Claims of Satanic Curses or Threats are an insidious form of propaganda which is par for the course with pro-SRAMists. Since the SRAM began we have been treated to articles about Dianne Core,( the head of Childwatch U.K. and early originator of the Myth in social work circles) claiming to have been at the receiving end of Satanic Death Threats on the phone, similar claims by MP Geoffrey Dickens (who is Childwatch's parliamentary representative) inferences by Therapists Heather Wood, Vera Diamond, Maureen Davies and several other greater or lesser promoters of the SRAM.

None of these Satanic Curses or 'Trigger Words' have ever been proven but it is now a common aspect of m any SRAM cases, just like cages, snakes and sticks. In fact many pro-SRAMists would find Trigger Words indicative of a Satanic Abuse Case. as The crux of this fear lies in the fundamentalist inspired idea that Satanists use 'trigger words' to control people in their thrall. The term 'trigger words' has been crucial to evidence given by the social workers in Orkney and featured very greatly in the Rochdale and Manchester Cases. The insidious nature of the idea is simply that it allows a loophole for the sinister interpretations of ANY unreasonable activity or response by a child under disclosure. If a child acts spontaneously (does something unexpected) during disclosure questioning (getting up and leaving the room was quoted as an indicative happening by social workers giving evidence on the 'trigger word' doctrine in the Orkney enquiry recently) then the therapist immediately identifies any toy, word, symbol, drawing, poster, utterance or sound etc. which occurred before that happening as a 'trigger wo rd' or 'trigger-symbol'. Utterly inconsequential and normal events immediately take on a sinister meaning and confirm the therapists / inquisitor's worst expectations.

"On page 343 of Blasphemous Rumours, a recently discredited book by Andrew Boyd which purported to reveal 'new evidence' to prove the existence of Satanic Abuse, 'Janet' who has lied on a repetitive basis in her testimony throughout, expands on the stock-doctrine of the 'trigger-word' in greater detail and gives us a clue as to current thinking in the pro-SRAMist lobby. 'One method the group used to keep control over its members was a form of post-hypnotic suggestion by trigger words.

"A trigger word can be a word or a sentence not usually used in everyday life. If you say anything about the sect or you grass 'em up, when they find out where you are they just send a letter with words that would look very innocent to anyone who read it." Trigger Words, she said, could be used to induce the individual to commit suicide. "The fear of the worst death that you could imagine possible for yourself would happen to you - you would be forced to do it because its been imprinted in your own mind."'

Faced with the belief in the 'trigger-word' doctrine we can see why input from occultists and New Agers is met with unreasonable hysteria within social work circles. The S.A.F.F. has repetitively sent submissions to Social Work Agencies only to have been rebuffed in virtually every instance. Many times has the S.A.F.F. written to gain input to the debate in professional magazines for carers and social workers. But our letters are ignored. When we attempted to affilliate with the British Association of Social Workers they manically defamed us and rejected our application. When we presented a 60 page report to the council of a social work group, they refused to read it.

The Trigger-Word doctrine is perhaps the most pernicious of the rumours surrounding the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. Anyone believing in SRAM must, perforce believe to an extent in 'trigger words'. Trigger words which enable Satanists to stop therapists from getting at truth which doesn't exist from children who don't know anything. Trigger Words which stop adult victim imposters from telling all the truth (and therefore justify their inability to provide checkable evidence to prove their fantasies). Trigger Words which stop pro-Sramists from talking to anyone who is not entirely aligned with their own beliefs in case they are struck dumb or insensible by 'Trigger-Words' from Satanic Sympathisers (leading to a complete rejection of any pro-Occult lobby information and a one-way passage of biased anti-Satanic data).

So prevalent has this ridicuous belief become that in the latest 2009 Satan Seminar one of the key pro-Sramists Sue Richardson, originator of CAUSE (a protection group for the clinicians who were publicly abominated for their idiotic and dangerous activities which caused the Cleveland Scandal in the mid 1980s and which was a fore-runner of the SRAM) and long-time member of RAIN (the Ritual Abuse Information Network) makes sure to pacify other believers by actually stating on the overview of her keynote lecture on Trigger Words and Mind Control that no actual examples of triggers would be used in her lecture. If she didn't give this assurance then of course no other pro-SRAMists would attend for fear of being turned into Satanic Zombies in their seats by exposure to them!

Their belief in the possibility of trigger-words means that one is constantly supposed to be susceptible to influence by conspirators whom one can't identify and by the very nature of the lies surrounding the SRAM could be colleagues, policemen, doctors, lawyers etc. These people may say or show you something which you cannot immediately identify as dangerous but which may turn out to be a 'trigger-word' or symbol which will not only bend your mind but may even lead you to your doom. And if any genuine occult group or association attempts to contradict a social worker then they consider that they have provoked one of the 'Satanic Outreach' organisations then their paranoia soars to new heights with every statement and action they take.

Ultimately the hard-core of pro-SRAMists embattle themselves within a siege mentality where every contact has to be checked and cross-checked to de-satanise it in order to protect the grouup mind. Anyone who has ANY contact with the occult lobby or New Age people becomes 'tainted' and a possible deliverer of the 'trigger-words' and so the people who have actually dreamed up the Satanic Ritual ABuse Myth actively work to isolate themselves from outsiders who can best help them to shed their paranoia and fear. Caught in their own feedback loop the weakest amongst them eventually succumb to their own hypochondria and psychosomatic illnesses become evident. As they call for help from special therapists to protect carers who have to 'deal with' Satanic Abuse they confirm and declare themselves living proof of the existence of the Satanic Conspiracy, even though it is all their own invention.

At this point their professional relationship with 'victim imposters' alters radically until empathy and sympathy, rather than professional expertise, become the order of the day for we are all human and human fear results in phobia regardless of professional knowledge, intellect or expertise. Look again at the professional literature the pro-SRAMists have put out. More than 50% deals not with problems of children, but with the tribulations and afflictions which social workers and therapists themselves suffer from whilst under 'threat' from the Satanic Conspiracy. Many reasonable people have listened to the prattlings of pro-SRAMist 'therapists' on the basis that these 'experts' must know that of which they speak. The public have perhaps discounted the fundamentalists but h ave believed that something in the doctrine of Satanic Child Abuse must have some direct foundation in professional child abuse experience for well-respected therapists and carers to be so adamant about its existence. But that is incorrect. What these people are doing is offering professional rationalisation for their own fears. These people may start out as professionals but prolonged exposure to their own scare results in an obsession which causes tragedies based on wrong-headed thinking. It is a perfect example of mass hysteria.

Any expert in hypnosis will tell you that the doctrine of 'trigger-words' is incorrect. Hypnotism doesn't work like that. Post Hypnotic suggestion DOES work but ONLY partially and by degree relating to the exposure of the patient to the suggestion. Hypnotised people do not lose their identity or personality. There is ALWAYS co-operation between the hypnotised and the hypnotist. Any post hypnotic suggestion must be, or must APPEAR to be, amusing, entertaining, desireable or/and in the best interests of the patient. Only when the circumstances and surroundings are entirely relevant to that suggestion will the patient ignore his or her other senses and follow the preconception.

Basically post hypnotic suggestion is simply a pre-arranged reaction to a certain set of stimuli. A 'mood 'which is created in the subconscious of the patient and invoked at the call of a command or keyword. Such a mechanic of mind is commonplace in daily life. Many people do not realise that the mind is constantly in a state of suggestion of varying degrees. If this was not the case advertising and education would simply not work. In fact there is a strong theory to support the idea that people who are intellectually adept at absorbing masses of factual information in order to become 'expert' are just the type of people who can easily be imprinted with infactual information providing the same academic framework is used to indoctrinate them.

In this we have the root cause of professional involvement in the Sata nic Abuse Myth which has been continually peddled at social workersworkshops/conferences and seminars. Similarly when we teach children the Green Cross Code we could genuinely be said to be hypnotising them with 'trigger words', yet many kids who have learned the Green Cross Code subconsciously still forget to apply it and unfortunately get run over. Special 'trigger words' like 'Emergency', 'Danger' , 'Look out!', 'Fire', 'Help' and so on, are universal prompts which invoke a certain mood and reaction.

If a person caught in a fire shouts 'Help Fire' then we will instinctively rush to help but we will always estimate the risk to ourselves beforehand and always have the facility of using our common wisdom and life-skills to extricate ourselves if we make the wrong decision about, say, the fierceness of heat or toxicity of smoke etc. We always remain in control because INSTINCT for self-preservation is, unlike suggestion, a permanent and prioritised part of our psyche. So it is with post-hypnotic suggestio n. The degree of prior arrangement of circumstances and events that would be necessary in order to make a person do what they do not wish to do, against their will, under any set of circumstances including ignoring the presence of other people, their interference, interjection and interception of the attention of the 'target' , means that the doctrine of 'trigger words' is practically impossible.

Even if the 'target' was available to the criminal hypnotist for frequent and regular periods of time, the effect of such post-hypnotic suggestion would begin to wane immediately that the target broke off contact with the hypnotist and within weeks would be very weak. The idea therefore that children can be affected by trigger-words months after being taken into care is preposterous. Of course the greatest argument against such post-hypnotic suggestion (and this also applies to its fundamentalist counterpart - backward masking of Rock Albums) is simply that you can never find anyone who has claimed to have been so programmed yet who is unable to free themselves from the trigger-word. One would have thought the simplest way to check out the validity of the effect of the 'trigger words' claimed by Orkney social workers, would be to produce one of the children and test it on them. If the doctrine of 'Trigger Words' is correct then the child would not know what was happening but would alternately switch in and out of unreasonable behaviour or deviant personalities every time the word was uttered.This would prove beyond doubt that 'trigger-word' doctrine was either real, or reveal it as having its root in the same type of hysteria which fueled the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. Ends:

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