Shock-Horror Stock Cases used by Satan Hunters are completely undermined by the SAFF

The following Pseudo Cases were originally claimed by Activists in the REACHOUT Christian charity  (the prime-mover in the first claims of Satanic Ritual ABuse in the U.K.) as 'proof' of the existence of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse.  They were compiled using research from leading Satan Hunters, including Rev. Kevin Logan during the first SRA Myth and have been heavily quoted from in other 'research' by believers in Satanic Ritual Abuse since. The Pseudo Cases Jonker and his ilk are producing in South Africa are an exact counterpart.  These original Pseudo Cases were actually presented to a parliamentary committe on child welfare in July 1990 and accepted as real.   Most of the MPs serving on that committee still believe that the interpretations they were given were correct. That's because they are all Xists and WANT to believe the worst. Now you know different.  

The notes on the original cases are reproduced directly from the report .  See how the Satan Hunters omit crucial identifying information on  some cases, possibly to avoid being challenged.  It didn't work because the SAFF , having access to far more detailed research sources, had blasted these cases out of the water within weeks) .  

If you look at the indexes of any books written by Believers in the Myth at the time,

 at least some of the following Pseudo cases will be quoted as 'proof' that Satanic Ritual Child Abuse exists.  Yet it's a bag of tosh.  

However, as an experiment, to see how powerful the emotion generated by the Satan Myth can become, we suggest that you read only column ONE first.  As you read these awful cases, you will quickly come to believe that there can be no other conclusion than that Satanic Ritual Child Abuse is a reality - however when you read column TWO (The Truths) you will see that you have been UTTERLY MISLEAD!



1. Housewife Hazel Paul of Tottenham was jailed for five years in July 1988 by the Old Bailey because she tortured a 15 year old teenage girl victim during ouija board sessions. Two teenagers who were in league with the housewife were given detention. (1) The teenage victim ran away from a children's home and was befriended by Hazel Paul who let the girl stay in her flat. Following disputed theft of money from a gas meter the abuses started and were perpetrated on the victim by a 15 year old youth and an 18 year old girl as well as Paul herself. The use of a Ouija board was incidental to the abuses which also involved beatings with shoes; hammers; banging of head against walls; cutting and imprisonment and burning of genitalia with a candle-flame. This was a terrible case of physical abuse (there was no sexual abuse as such) perpetrated by people who were not part of an occult group, who never claimed to be occultists and who had no connection with Satanism. See Daily Telegraph July 14 1988 for corroboration.
2. A man hooked on Black Magic rituals,including the ouija board and tarot cards,was regularly "instructed by the spirits" to have incestuous relations with his daughter. He made her pregnant five times in 12 years,and then began to have sex with the eldest of the offsprings. Winchester Crown Court jailed him for 12 years on 9th February 1989 (man not named to prevent children being identified). (2) There was no satanic connection in this case. The man was not a member of an occult group. Whilst he may have used a Ouija Board at one time or another, so have many other people who have not the slightest interest in Satanism or evil practices. It is grossly misleading to suggest that the use of the Ouija Board was fundamental to his motivation of the crime. Or that handling or believing in tarot cards can in some way incite people to commit rape. This man lived with his daughter, pretending to be man and wife for over 12 years, with her complicity and co-operation. Neighbours considered them as any normal couple. It was a tragic and unusual case of incest which had nothing whatsoever to do with occult tenets or aims. See Daily Telegraph Feb 10 1989.
3. Two 16 year old girls told an East London courtroom about obscene rituals the forced to endure. Brian Williams,47, of East London,was found guilty of compelling them,and at least 15 other youngsters, to submit to Black Magic rites. He convinced them that he was the Devil. He forced some of them to cut themselves,then made them draw occult symbols in their own blood and indulge in indecent acts. Williams was jailed for 11 years. (3) Brian Williams was the father of one of the 16 year old girls. Det Sgt Byford who prosecuted the case said that he thought that the man used black magic as a sham to influence the girls. See Daily Telegraph 21.7.87 for corroboration.
4. Occult fan Andrew Newell,21,stabbed his flatmate to death on a makeshift Black Magic altar,Shrewsbury Crown Court was told in December,1987. He was jailed for life. (4) Totally misleading but very cleverly phrased. Newell WAS indeed an 'Occult fan' - but he WAS NOT a Satanist. The Court WAS told that he stabbed his flatmate to death on a makeshift black-magic altar BY THE PROSECUTION and Newell WAS jailed for life. However the other significant parts of the case which REACHOUT & Reverend Logan did not mention is that on appeal the judges revoked his sentence to manslaughter, said that the court had been mislead and should have considered a plea of Self-Defence. Newell's flatmate was his best friend. There was no evidence to suggest that he had been killed on an altar, or for ritualistic purposes. Newell was a beginner occultist and he and his father complained bitterly about media exposure which termed him a Satanist. Whatever drove Newell to murder his flatmate it WAS NOT occult involvement.
5. A baby was sacrificed because of a mother's occult beliefs. Sheena McLaughlin,23,pleaded guilty to culpable homicide on the grounds of diminished responsibility when she tried to strangle her three month old baby because her spirit guide told her: "Your child has to die." Glasgow High Court was told in January 1986 that her lover,spiritualist healer Alan Porter finished off the evil deed. Both were jailed for life. (5) This is a tragic case which has nothing to do with organised Satanic Crime or general occult tenets. It is disingenuous of REACHOUT & Reverend Logan to insist that the child was sacrificed .The case was brought to trial in 1986 after McLaughlin, who the court accepted as mentally imbalanced, confessed to having allowed her boyfriend to strangle her baby three years earlier in 1983. The murder was not done in a ritual framework. Ultimately the girl could not stand the guilt any longer. Many atrocities have been committed by misguided people in the name of many religions. To suggest that everyone who follows the same beliefs are perforce guilty of similar crimes is absolute rot and typical of the blind assertions promoted by REACHOUT & Reverend Logan. See East Anglian Daily Times 14.2.86.

6. Sixteen year old Darren Fowler,addicted to occult videos,was ordered to be detained for life by Oxford Crown Court on 24th June,1988,after shooting the deputy head,a teacher and a pupil. He was acting out a scene from an occult horror video.

(6) This is typical of REACHOUT's brand of 'proof', and is often accepted totally by people who should know better. If violence depicted in Video nasties and horror films did indeed force Darren Fowler to murder then the people to blame are the film industry and the British Board of film Censors not occultism. To try and posit this as 'evidence' of an occult conspiracy is totally illogical. Surely if people were influenced to commit crimes by watching them enacted on TV or film, then there would be predictable and mammoth increases in violence, murder, robbery and rape whenever a film was shown, REACHOUT & Logan wouldn't need to dredge one up from the past; they would have ample proof occurring all around them. This is not the case but it is a matter of accepted psychological principle that people who are mentally disturbed will be precipitated into taking criminal action by very small occurrences which often bear no relation or connection to the crime which is perpetrated. Without a personal admission from Fowler that their assertions are true REACHOUT & Logan's 'evidence' is utterly worthless.

7. Occultist Peter McKenzie involved in a "web of sex and debauchery" with 13 children. Jailed for 15 years by St.Albans Crown Court in December,1987. (7) McKenzie was NOT an occultist. The use of an occult scenario to entice his victims was the equivalent of 'dressing up' to obtain their co-operation . Even the Sun and the Star used quotation marks when calling him a 'wizard'. In reality McKenzie was occultly illiterate and was quoted as getting the girls to swear an oath of allegiance to Asmodeus "the god of lechery and debauchery". In reality Asmodeus, according to the scholarly Dictionary of  Demons (Gettings) was not a god but one of the lesser 72 Spirits of the Lemegeton or Magick of King Solomon. His province was not debauchery but finding buried treasure and teaching arithmetic and invisibility. For REACHOUT & Reverend Logan to suggest that McKenzie was somehow connected with mainstream occultism is very wrong. For them to infer that he was part of a Satanist Child Abuse Conspiracy is ludicrous.

8. Black Magic disciple Keith Beck,aged 20,was jailed for life by Leeds Crown Court in June,1988,for planting a bomb in a colleague's van,sexually assaulting a 15 year old girl and supplying "magic mushroom" drugs to a boy aged 13. Beck (who's legal name is now Grigori Rasputin by deedpoll) lured schoolgirl virgins into taking part in satanic sex rituals. (8) Total misinterpretations and  half- truths. The Bomb was schoolboy Joke. The girl Beck 'sexually assaulted' was his long- term girlfriend. He DID NOT lure schoolgirl virgins into taking part in satanic sex rituals, the prosecution was based on his having admitted to consenting sex with his girlfriend who was under-age. The case was a travesty of justice because it was caught up in the child abuse hysteria caused in part by REACHOUT & Reverend Logan . Beck was a young rebel, that is all. The Court over-reacted and held him under the prevention of terrorism act. In saner surroundings the appeal court said Beck's sentence was 'entirely inappropriate' and cut it from life imprisonment to 18 months.
9. A group of Satanists killed at least 12 people during their rituals on the Mexican border in April 1989. (9) There was NO group of Satanists, this was media hype. In all these cases REACHOUT & Reverend Logan cleverly omit the exact details of their allegations to avoid anyone cross-checking. We get an odd name or date here and there to convince us but we don't get every name, every place, every date and every conclusion. WHY?  REACHOUT & Reverend Logan here refer to 12 murders which were committed by a drugs baron at Matamoros on the Mexican Border. There was no Satanic connection. There was no ritual involved. See Independent 18.4.89. Police chief Martin Elias Salazar said 'the bodies did not appear to be mutilated and the deaths might have been simple executions connected with a dispute over drugs'. The police eventually shot the ringleader who was wanted for drug crime by police on both sides of the border.

10. Leeds Crown Court jailed horror comic addict Jeremy Bradbbrooke,26,for murder. The stabbing of the victim was said to resemble what he had been reading.

(10) The fuddie-duddies used to say this about the Beano when I was a lad - now it has literary merit and is an art form. I suppose if Bradbrooke was a horror comic addict somewhere in his pile of magazines would be a story which an outsider looking for an excuse would find 'resembled' his crime. What about the thousands upon thousands of other kids who buy and avidly read horror comics and who DO NOT murder other people? Are we seriously supposed to accept this assertion as evidence?
11. A "Satanic" child sex abuse scandal was revealed by three top judges in the High Court on 18th July, 1988. Sir Stephen Brown,President of the Family Division,was unable to give public details because of possible harm to the 17 children who had been abused by 15 adults. The evidence was passed to the Police.

(11) There was absolutely NO satanic connection with this Nottinghamshire Trial. REACHOUT & Reverend Logan know all too well that the social workers working on the case have recently been heavily criticised for their mis-handling of the case and insistence that Satanic Abuse was involved. The police have always maintained that there was no occult connection, even when pressed hard by the media. An internal Social Service enquiry found that one girl victim had later said that she had been pressed into testifying that ritualised abuse occurred in order to escape persistent questioning by social workers. The child had said she witnessed seeing a baby cooked in a microwave oven but the internal enquiry discovered that this tale had been learned by one of the Social Workers at a child-abuse seminar which she had attended a week or so before the child made the statement.  Three enquiries into the case proved  the SRA claims fictitious. Refer to Independent June 1 1990 for corroboration.

12. A girl told an Old Bailey jury (1989) that she and another 13 year old were raped by Satanists and that a total of 13 foetuses were taken from them over a period of time and used in ritualistic sacrifice. (12) REACHOUT AND LOGAN have been so indiscriminate with the details of their 'evidence' that we can't categorically trace this one. However we CAN say that there has not been one case either in the U.K. or the U.S.A. which included 'breeder' allegations which has been successfully proved.  The SAFF does have lots of evidence that claims like this have been regularly made by mentally distressed teenagers whose testimony was later discredited. In the decade which has passed since this case has never been properly identified.
13. Michael Ryan received instructions to "kill the terrans" in an occult fantasy game. He was told,"You wake up in a forrest. Your gun is in your hand,you know what you must do." These instructions were given to Ryan five weeks before he eventually walked into Savernoak Forrest and killed the first of his 16 Hungerford victims. (13) The 'Occult Fantasy Game' which REACHOUT & Reverend Logan refer to is Dungeons and Dragons. It is strange they should be so recalcitrant about naming it. Perhaps they fear a writ? They have named the game in previous propaganda and broadsheets which they have produced and in recorded tapes. This Fantasy Game is popular world-wide and has MILLIONS of adherents. It is a kind of Monopoly meets Cluedo with Ancient characters as playing pieces. It is as ludicrous to suggest that Dungeons and Dragon characters can enforce criminal actions upon people as it is to suggest that murder implements used as playing pieces in Cluedo foster homicides. There has been only one other reported occurrence of anything untoward happening to players and this previous story, which is again unproven, was hyped by Pat Pulling a U.S.A. Christian fundamentalist activist.  REACHOUT recommend Pat Pulling's books and have invited the campaigner to come over to the U.K. In contradistinction other Gameplayers include a Christian Player Group which considers that DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS is a great game which can be used to bring people to Christ. The manufacturers of the game have repeatedly said that they have no connection with the occult. To suggest that the gamemakers were more responsible for the Hungerford deaths than the people who supplied Ryan with the automatic rifle which he used to kill with is lunacy of the highest order.
14. Satanist guilty of threatening to kill editor and blow up newspaper office,Preston Crown Court,May 1990. (14) Misrepresentation and inversion. Steven Crane was convicted of threatening behaviour towards the editor of Lancashire Evening Telegraph after an article in his paper concerning the Satanic child abuse allegations had identified Crane as Satanist when he was not. Crane asked the editor for a right of reply and when he was refused lost his temper and threatened the editor. NOTE: The pejorative piece on Crane stemmed from an article which involved members of the EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE of which REACHOUT & Reverend Logan are founder members. See Blackburn Evening Post May 26. for corroboration.
15. A clairvoyant used his charms and spells to "cynically and systematically" trick a despairing wife out of her life savings,Norwich Crown Court was told in November 1988. (15) How does a straightforward case of fraud add proof to allegations of human sacrifice and child sexual abuse? Surely confidence tricksters will use any scenario which works in order to obtain money by deception? Jonathan Beale never claimed to be a Satanist and was not involved in murder. There is no suggestion that his case involved sexual abuse of children nor adults so why include it?
16. Audrey Harper,a former witch and now a Christian committed to fighting against her former evil craft,tells how she was used to recruit youngsters into the occult,and of how babies were sacrificed. She stressed that teenagers were enticed into the occult through the ouija board and tarot cards. (16) Misrepresentation, exaggeration and non-substantiated testimony. Audrey Harper is a born-again Christian who is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and who travels the country giving lectures on behalf of REACHOUT. She has made numerous grave allegations in articles on TV about her supposed past occult experiences since the late 1970s and is shortly to have her biography published by a publisher of evangelical tracts. Her allegations have been investigated by the police on at least two occasions and found to be UNPROVEN. REACHOUT & Reverend Logan claim that this is because it all happened too long ago. Apart from the fact that there is no statute of limitations on murder I doubt whether the Home Secretary would be pleased if the police shelved murder enquiries on the pretext that too much time had passed. Of course if Harper's testimony WAS correct then she should be prosecuted as an accessory after the fact for she is admitting complicity in murder. The SAFF holds a complete file of Harper's repetitive media testimonies and can also repeat what she herself admitted on an Anglian TV program during 1988, that she was sectioned to a mental hospital as 'insane'.

17. Occult enthusiast and Devil Worshipper Paul Bostock committed his second murder on his way to gloat over his first victim's grave. Leicester Crown Court judge,Mr.Justice Tucker,described Bostock as a "very dangerous man" before ordering him to be detained indefinitely in June 1986. (17) Bostock was indeed a murderer. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that his murders were linked with any occult activity. The murders were not ritual sacrifices. Nobody, except REACHOUT & Reverend Logan, has ever claimed they were. According to the Occult Census published in 1989 there are an estimated 250,000 occultists in the U.K. Bostocks is the only case of murder REACHOUT can find in which the murderer had an interest in occultism, he committed his crimes five years ago. Bouts of recent media publicity have not unearthed further examples. Hardly evidence of a pan-global sectarian criminal conspiracy and nothing whatsoever to do with child sexual abuse..

18. Interpol searching for a Nigerian woman who fled the country after being seen by neighbours "doing voodoo dances and smearing blood on doorsteps." She did this over a cesspit in the back garden of her home in East Winch,Norfolk,where her murdered husband was eventually found buried (March 1987).

(18) As per usual hearsay evidence presented as fact. The Nigerian woman Blessings Burgess flew back home before police discovered her husbands body in the house where they had both lived for 19 years. Mr Burgess, a retired civil engineer 'vanished' the previous year. The basis of REACHOUT & LOGAN's proof is that a neighbour commented to the press ' she did ritual voodoo dances in the garden". How would the neighbour know what a voodoo dance looked like? See Daily Telegraph March 13 1987
19. Law enforcement authorities (Guardian, Feb '87),in Washington,Florida and Virginia were intensifying investigations into a high-tech,hippie cult,the Flinders,which has been connected to child abuse,Satanic practices and extremist political groups. The group,which reportedly has 40 members,may have some inroads into Britain. (19) Total inaccuracy and mis- direction. REACHOUT & REVEREND LOGAN even get the name wrong, can we trust anything they say? The FINDERS (not Flinders) came to prominence in Tallahassee Florida after the local Social department discovered disheveled children in the commune which consisted of about a dozen adults and six children. Initial hysteria prompted by the Satanic Child Abuse Scare and REACHOUT counterparts in the U.S.A. did indeed make the inevitable allegations of child sacrifice but the commune had been in existence for seven 'happy' years. Associated Press journalist Ed Birk reported on the aftermath of the police investigation 18.2.89. 'The case of the children, the man and the five women drew national attention as early police reports said the Finders was a group centered on Satanic worship and might have trafficked in Children. Authorities now believe the Finders is more likely a group of people trying to live an alternative culture. In another article by Associated Press one of the Finders mothers is interviewed. The article reads 'But the Finders are no more, its members said. "If I wanted to be a Finders right now, I couldn't . There aren't any"'. Elsewhere in the article it says ' Two other mothers had their children returned in juvenile court session last week and have gone to Colorado.' The assertion that the Finders have a branch in the U.K. is preposterous. What do you do with people like REACHOUT & Reverend Logan who are so irresponsible about accuracy that they almost resort to fictionalising known cases? Well, Mr Policeman and Mrs Social Worker. YOU DON'T BELIEVE THEM WITHOUT CHECKING EVERYTHING THEY SAY.
20. Mirella Beechook was given two life sentences for the "hideous" murders of her seven year old daughter,and the girl's four year old playmate under the influence of Black Magic and Voodoo. After killing the children,she stood over their shallow graves in her garden and pleaded before cameras for the children to be returned by their abducters them (July,1986). (20) This is perhaps the worst exaggeration and mistruth presented by REACHOUT & LOGAN. Mirella Beechook admitted killing her children and pleaded diminished responsibility. She was a Catholic who had married a Hindu. The marriage broke up and Beechook murdered her children whilst mentally disturbed. Broadmore medical director Dr John Hamilton gave evidence that Beechook desperately wanted to hit back at her husband when he abandoned her. She thought that people would link both deaths to her husband. Beechooks husband gave evidence that she was a good mother and that the marriage broke up because of irreconcilable differences over his wife's Catholicism. Southwark social services said there was never any suggestion of abuse. The court heard that Beechook had claimed IN MITIGATION that she was haunted by black magic & voodoo and said she heard a voice saying 'strangle, strangle'. She was not involved in any occult group nor did she have any occult knowledge. The bodies were not buried in her garden. There was NO occult connection in this case. See Guardian 25 June 1986.
21. Satanist Derry Mainwaring knight was jailed for six years by Maidstone Crown Court in March,1986,for trying to obtain 200,00.00 by deception (21) This one would be laughable if it were not so serious. Derry Mainwaring Knight was a confidence trickster pure and simple. He had ABSOLUTELY NO PROVEN CONNECTION with occultism and perpetrated his con on the members of a Christian Group who with the same prejudices and ignorance as many in the current upset, who were lead into funding a campaign against a Satanic Order which simply did not exist. The members of this ardent Christian Group included a handful of very influential and titled people including Susan Sainsbury, the wife of MP Timothy Sainsbury, who paid over more than 80,000.00 to Knight so that he could buy Satanic Regalia and paraphernalia and then destroy them because he claimed to want to escape the clutches of Satanists. Viscount Hampden and Lord Brentford were also involved. In reality Mainwaring Knight was an assumed name and the man hailed from Leeds where he had a long record of petty pilfering and handling stolen goods. Even more indicative of the fabulous nature of REACHOUT & REVEREND LOGAN's 'facts' is that REACHOUT produce a tape for the converted entitled SET FREE IN CHRIST in which one Peggy Knight a born-again REACHOUT member gives a lecture to a live audience and claims that Derry was her son and that his evil life in Satanism is still causing repercussions. These people will tell you anything you want to hear.
22. Lyn Loughrey,29,tried to summon messages from the spirit world by using a ouija board. One message repeatedly told her that her son was Satan and that his two year old brother was Jesus. Lyn stabbed Ben to death with a pair of scissors (September,1986). (22) Total mis-direction by REACHOUT & LOGAN here. This case should not have been included in this list at all. Loughrey was in fact a born-again Christian who had a history of mental illness. The prosecuting counsel said of the Christian group she attended " Such groups tend to practice their faith with a particular evangelical fervour. She attended meetings and went to Bible Study Sessions. It appears that she may have undergone some form of spiritual conversion." The prosecution continued saying that her belief 'became a delusion that Ben (her son) was Satan and that her youngest son was Christ reborn - and that her duty was to kill Ben and then herself to save the Reborn Christ.' Despite REACHOUT & LOGANS categoric assertions otherwise BEN WAS NOT KILLED, he 'escaped without serious injury' and his mother was given probation for unlawfully wounding him. See East Anglian Daily Times, 11 Sept 1986. There is absolutely no occult or satanic connection in this case. Can we believe anything these people put forward as evidence?

23. Southwark Crown Court jailed a former Gambian cabinet minister for six months for organising a 20,000.00 swindle involving occult rituals and an African witchdoctor (March '87). (23) This is not conclusive proof of anything other than the gullibility of some people and the greed of others. Arguments referred to in (15) apply here too.
24. Ouija Boards,tarot cards etc. were used to lure 25 boys into homosexual Black Magic rituals at East Mount Junior High School,Hull,in October,1988. (24) Misrepresentation and exaggeration. 25 Boys aged between 8 & 11 regularly played truant from school over an 18 month period and became involved in homosexual activities within the group. Following a thorough police investigation three men were arrested. Two were freed because of insufficient evidence and one was given a conditional discharge. There was no Satanic conspiracy involved and the sex offences did not occur as part of an occult ritual, nor were they sparked off by the use of a Ouija Board.
25. A Lancashire teenager was remanded to Risley,Warrington,on two occasions after being caught while acting as a "look-out" for a Satanist gang on a drugs raid. He was in a bad way psychologically and spiritually (25) What garbage. An UNSPECIFIED teenager who is SAID TO HAVE acted as a lookout for a SO-CALLED 'drugs-gang' SAID TO BE Satanists, at an UNSPECIFIED time in an UNSPECIFIED place and because an UNSPECIFIED 'expert' opines that the lad is 'in a bad way' REACHOUT AND LOGAN rush to use this as 'evidence' of satanic crime conspiracy?  Clutching at straws more like.

26. A Blackburn man was caught up in Satanism. It directly led to him assaulting people outside his temple in his home. Stephen Crane was jailed for a month. (26) This is simply a re-hash (14) with extra deviousness larded on top. Crane was not a Satanist and the breach of the peace outside his home was part of the victimisation Crane suffered after being 'exposed' as a Satanist and linked with child sexual abuse by the Lancashire Evening Telegraph. It can hardly be considered ethical for Reverend Logan who was involved in this case, to quote it in such a way in order to support his and REACHOUT's allegations.

27. Two students in London,Elizabeth Rozanne Haysom and Jens Soering were jailed for fraud,but two detectives from the States were waiting to take them back to stand trial for the Black Magic killings of Haysom's parents (S.London Court,1987). (27) There is little doubt that Haysom did murder her parents and that Soering helped her and then fled to Britain. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that there was any definite occult connection. Police were simply reported as saying that there were 'Black Magic Overtones'. At the time the U.S.A. law enforcement agencies were dealing with over EIGHT HUNDRED cases which someone somewhere had labelled 'Occult' .The epithet 'black magick overtones' seemed to be a prelude to most homicide reports. Years after the hullabaloo there are still no convictions to prove that such a thing as satanic crime exists in the U.S.A. and the leading FBI expert on the subject has categorically written that, following research, crimes involving people said to be satanists either did not exist or were limited to vandalism, small- change extortion and petty thievery. (See 'Satanic, Occult, Ritualist Crime: A Law Enforcement Perspective' [published October 1989] by K Lanning of the National Center for the Analysis of Violet Crime at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia.)

28. The biggest cemetery in the country, raided 12 times in one average year. In one attack,a man carrying a severed head was arrested and tried. He was fined 150.00 for the offence.
(28) There was no proven occult connection in this case. Police files show that the most usual motivation for vandalism of graves is a bet or a dare.  If Satanists are supposed to resort to human sacrifice so readily why would they need to dig up someone already dead? However the truth of the matter is that the man fined 150.00 did not 'severe' the head but was part of a clutch of youths playing ghoulish pranks who unearthed it. He maintains that he didn't do the head but was the one who got caught. Because he refused to inform on his friends he was prosecuted for it.  There was absolutely no satanism or occultism involved, it was just high-jinks.   Thirty years later this youth has matured into a law abiding responsible professional supporting himself and his family whilst helping others, yet Logan et al were willing to falsely write him off as a 'killer satanist' back in 1988 and use his case to press parliamentarians into bringing in laws to restrict New Age beliefs. So the wheel turns!
29. Hadyn Evans,of Southgate,London, a self-acclaimed sorcerer,jailed for eight years for rape of a girl (20-3-87) (29) SELF-ACCLAIMED SORCERER? Evans could have proclaimed himself an all-singing all-dancing banana. Self-acclaim is not proof. Evans raped the poor girl because of sexual urges he could not control, not because he had proclaimed himself a 'sorcerer'. There is no evidence in this case to suggest that Evans' slight interest in the occult caused him to rape, nor that the rape was perpetrated in a ritual.
30. Department of Health,the NSPCC,the Church,and various other authorities have recently set up working parties to look into the numerous reports of ritual child abuse associated with Satanism. Some of the case currently being investigated are based in Liverpool, Bolton, Manchester and Alferton (30) The working parties were set up AT THE INSTIGATION OF REACHOUT amongst others and in response to their lobbying and presentation of wicked 'evidence' such as you see here from REACHOUT & REVEREND LOGAN. There is no evidence to prove that cases under review by the police at this moment in time have any Satanic ritual abuse context. On the contrary there have now been so many DISPROVED cases that only the totally prejudiced would insist that there is still some chance a Satanic child abuser can actually be found to exist. The investigation in Liverpool which REACHOUT & REVEREND LOGAN refer to actually involves people who are members of a fringe Christian church including its EVANGELIST leader. After investigating it the police found no case to answer.  The Manchester and Derbyshire cases also fell through in sensational style just like Rochdale and Orkney.

31. A 16-year-old was jailed for five years-to-life for killing an 11-year-old in a murder that authorities linked to the occult fantasy computer game Dungeons and Dragons. (New York Times report) David Ventiquattro said he killed Martin Howland because the younger boy was evil, and the game required that he had to "extinguish evil." (31) This is a rehash of (13) and refers to the case used by Pat Pullings to campaign against Dungeons and Dragons. There is NO connection between Occultism and Dungeons and Dragons and there is no proof that watching horror movies or role-playing can force a normal individual to commit psychopathic crimes. True psychopaths are dangerous whatever games they play; did not The Yorkshire Ripper claim to commit his murders because God told him so to do?

So that's it. The definitive caseload of REACHOUT & REVEREND LOGAN totally and utterly undermined. It must have been a whiz for REACHOUT to have been able to present any old claptrap and have it accepted without a murmur simply on no other evidence than their say so. REMEMBER that this 'evidence' is all they have to prove their allegations of Satanic Crime/child sexual abuse.

It is this 'evidence' which has prompted sensational outbursts from MPs, outrage from child welfare agencies and hysteria from the media. WHY?

The truth behind the cases put forward by REACHOUT AND LOGAN is readily checkable in any cuttings libraries, police records and reference libraries but the Department of Health didn't bother checking the facts. They gave REACHOUT every consideration and added weight to what they were saying.

The NSPCC claim to have undertaken serious investigations of the matter before joining with REACHOUT to pursue the phantom campaign. Yet the NSPCC had been provided by the S.A.F.F. with similar information to undermine cases hi- jacked by REACHOUT and they STILL backed REACHOUT. Their own 'investigation' was a TRAVESTY of research and involved the most INEPT three page tick-the-box questionnaire to their branches. Yet the NSPCC termed this 'in depth research and investigation' and 'definite evidence' of the existence of cases of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse. Like hundreds of other well-meaning individuals/organisations THEY WERE TOO READY TO ACCEPT THE WORST BECAUSE OF INNATE PREJUDICE WITHIN THEMSELVES.

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