In terms of folklore and linguistices the main mechanism of Cultural Supremacism is known as 'verbal constraint'. There is no debate over the fact that the choice of both language and educational emphasis is pivotal to the creation or suppression of alternative paradigms within the consciousnesses of children. Knowledge of the devices of Cultural Supremacism is to be an exceedingly important issue in the future of our nation, without which true pluralism and cross-cultural cooperation will fail. S.A.F.F. researches show that much of our country's history and the meaning and influence of folklore, has been corrupted by both a conscious and subconscious sectarian brainwashing. A form of censorship andmisrepresentation which was/is designed to disable individuals from reaching their tribal, ethnic, psychological and perhaps genetic roots in order to hide from them alternative paradigms which, although historical, are still vital and purposeful but which, if allowed to develop, would challenge the status quo and interfere with the control of the masses by the ruling classes.

It is important to realise at the outset that this theory is not an attempt to politicise the situation, nor is it an attempt to replace one sectarian dogma with another. In the U.K. the existing cultural supremacism depends upon the Christian paradigm and so we criticise that monopoly. Other countries have identical problems of their own. Other examples would perhaps be Iran and Islam or China and Communism. S.A.F.F. studies show that the basic manipulatory factor of all Cultural Supremacism is fear. By providing the masses with only one paradigm, and then exacerbating insecurities inherent in that world-view, the paranoia manifests both in those who are unconscious of the mechanism, and those who see its effect but who believe it to be a truth. By this method command is taken of whole populations. The process of imprinting Cultural Supremacism in individuals demands a monopoly of the educational and social processes. In order to achieve that the 'old gods' are turned into the 'new devils' via propaganda designed to scapegoat minority groups by a misrepresentation of their ideals, religious or political activities, personal and group beliefs and preferences.

The spoken word is the most volatile and representational aspect of common-knowledge. Although much Common Wisdom survives from its dramatisation within art or storytelling/myth, it has no real institutional permenency. It is this aspect of ethnicity which is first to give way to the onslaught of Cultural Supremacism. The cycle completes itself when children, insulated from their folk-wisdom by Cultural Supremacist derived ridicule/social disdain, are also conditioned into prejudice by a biased educational perspective and unconsciously turn against their own heritage. In this way people are deprived of access to the myriad of influences which have contributed to their lineage and end up imprinted with a homogeneous identity which demeans the true value of these alternatives. The superimposed identity is tailor-made by Cultural Supremacists to comply with the status quo.

From this results a devaluing of alternative perspectives as being either outmoded or rejected by progress as a failure. In misunderstanding both themselves and the value of alternative perceptions to the community the seeds are sown for a prejudice which increases in ratio to the 'observable' differences, linked to the degree of slander / libel which has become embeded as 'truth' within common-knowledge. This ultimately results in racism, whether indirect or direct. E.G. When in biblical times, the early Christians could not hope to challenge the Paganism of Rome, they began their ascendancy by displacing Judaism which was naturally closer, culturally, than Roman paradigms. In order to turn the old gods into the new devils, Christians blamed the Jews for crucifying Jesus, even though it was Romans who condemned him and Romans who physically crucified him. This aeonic lie caused the scapegoating and expulsion of the Jews from England in the 12th Century and eventually combined (with many other complex

political and racial stresses) into the Nazi Holocaust. The historical lie that Jews killed Jesus was promulgated in text-books for hundreds of years and today provides justification for self-righteous, highly religious White Christian Ango-Saxon Ku Klux Klan members (amongst others). It might be thought astonishing but it is a fact that the Vatican only officially absolved the Jews from murdering Christ in 1964. The KKK still exist and so does Neo-nazism. Anti-Semitism has been culturally enshrined within a large proportion of Western minds, and exists as a poison which continues to corrupt and deprave ordinary people who, having no alternative self-identity, seek to assuage their insecurities by looking for justification to take out their frustrations on others.It is widely believed that the thing which most contributes to racial and religious prejudice is differences in culture and a resistance to integration and cooperation by minorities. This puts pressure on minorities to change and conform with the monoply culture. In fact the cause is antipodean and prejudice comes from LACK OF alternative perspectives within the monopoly culture. This breeds an ignorance of the advantages of a multi-cultural contribution to our society in people who, when the wrong buttons are pressed, are more likely to become racists and bigots.

Although this might sound like a political or religious sales pitch it is not. The S.A.F.F. is not a sectarian organisation. We seek to burst the Cultural Supremacist bubble which perpetuates all evils and injustices within society, so everyone can have a fair deal and just life. Our research has unearthed a number of linguistic control mechanisms which you yourself seem to have also discovered in relation to the education of children Oral Folk-history is bound up with language. By making commonphrases/statements taboo or illegal, the mind of the user is trained to re-orientate towards the required paradigm. The Anglo-Saxon word Cunt is a classic example. You can still be prosecuted for using this word in public yet it was/is a component part of a bona-fide language. Although it has been regularly applied coloquially throughout English speaking countries for many years, it is still censored from regularly available English dictionaries.You cannot imprint a society with sexual guilt if it has a language which contains dialogue to express sexuality.

Note well that Christianised English contains no 'dirty' words, rather borrowing technical jargon (i.e. restricted/professional dialogue - Vagina / Penis) or by using allegory when forced into addressing the female's 'private parts'. Yet in general languageuseage we are entreated to call a spade a spade, not a digging instrument. Examples of this type of suppression appear in profusion in literature where alternative paradigms are culturally censored. The original ribald carol Holly & The Ivy will give you some idea of the sequence of events. Originally the Holly King and Ivy Goddess fuck together to revitalise the sun for next year.

Nowadays the Holly appears as a harmful and vindictive agent, piercing the head of Jesus on the Cross and drawing blood as a crown of thorns. Or tied into a wreath and nailed to the front door as a symbol of death and resurrection. Perhaps one person in a hundred thousand knows the sexually explicit true origins of this and many other christianised carols. So it is throughout 'our' literature; or what is presented as representative of 'our' literature by cultural supremacists. The S.A.F.F. contend that knowing the 'true origins' of corrupted information and being able to access alternative perspectives is psychologicaly therapeutic and allows an individual to place themselves within their localised history ( family, friends, location and tribal significance). We maintain that this knowledge gives a proper perspective which benefits all communities because it reveals the very great differences within a national identity. Yorkshire Tykes and Cockneys have as many differences as similarities yet both types may consider themselves the epitome of an Enlishman. Ultimately there is a common-thread of self-interest among all communities. This is stronger and more meaningful than the peripheral differences which are used to justify prejudice based on cultural supremacism and it should not be confused with them. Ends:

(c) world copyright holders: The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (S.A.F.F.) Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K.

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