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Can You Give Us A Helping Hand?

The SAFF has campaigned for and protected freedom of thought and belief for over two decades using entirely voluntary unpaid help with the aid of donations from well-wishers large and small.

Unlike many non-profitmaking organisations in this field, the SAFF is unique in never ever paying anyone a wage or wasting contributions on 'professional' services or advertising. All donations go directly to the sharp end of protecting freedom of belief. I know it's hard to believe but the fantastic research and achievements of the SAFF over the years has all been done by talented people with an unshakeable committment to what is right, who have never taken any money for all their hard work - but we can't do it alone.

If you would like to ensure that we continue to expand our work on an individual and global level you can join as an active member and get involved or simply use the donation button below to send us a vote of thanks.

Donations are handled for us on-line by Paypal via The Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop (the one that was firebombed in 1989 by fundamentalist agitators and which has been providing a trustworthy service to freethinkers since 1975). Every single penny of your donation comes direct to us - the S.A. does not charge us for handling it. This system ensures that nobody but Paypal sees your card and personal details; further you can remain anonymous if you wish. You choose the amount you can afford to donate. A penny, pound or tenner or anything in between.

By donating using the button below you can help strike a significant blow at the forces of oppression which seek to deny you your freedom of choice. Simply click the donate button and relax in the knowledge that we will get on with the job.

A Message From Darren
SAFF Helper Hi there, I'm Darren Smith. I volunteered to work with the SAFF and ended up doing a two year stint almost full time! But I loved every minute of it.

When I started my own business I could only volunteer for one day a week but I've done that for 18 months. I doubt if anyone could quantify just how many people have been helped out of difficult situations by the SAFF, thousands probably, I've personally been instrumental in assisting dozens and I can tell you just how grateful they are to have somehwere to go where good people with tons of experience can cut through the confusion for them.

My main message to you is that we could achieve so much more if our resources were even greater and on behalf of my volunteer friends here at the SAFF I promise you that we will make 100% best use of any donation you make. Please consider donating something, even a pound or two will swell the coffers and help us to continue the fight.