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Damned Lies?

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission hearing into the Cook Report in London revealed the urgency and importance which the Cook Report Team gave to winning it.

Mr Bray turned up alone to defend himself. Ranged against him was Central TVs barrister, a producer, a researcher, co-Producer Tim Tate, and , though it was unnecessary for him to attend, Roger Cook himself was also there.

This overkill illustrated the precarious position they were in. In fact there were so few places left at the table when the commission convened that some of the Cook Report team were asked to leave the room and Cook said he would wait outside!

Mr Bray in Happier Times
Mr Bray in Happier Times before his persecution by the Cook Report

During the sometimes heated discusion of the facts the Cook Report were having a bad time of it, Eventually, grasping at straws Tate said that Mr Bray was fully cognisant of the implication of an American occultist, Michael Aquino, in satanic abuse allegations yet still published an article by him anyway. Mr Bray responded

"That is a LIE, I did no such thing!".
Mr Bray had no prior knowledge of the enquiry Tate was talking about (but see here below for another example of Cook Report Catch as Catch Can)

Tate said that he had proof that Mr Bray had known.

Mr Bray said,

How can you possibly know what I know and when I first knew it!
Sandy Gall, ex newsreader and one of the commission ajudicators interjected that it was a serious statement.
Mr Bray, unsure as to whether Gall was criticising Tate or himself for being forthright, said that what Tate had said was a CRUCIAL statement and he wasn't leaving until it was retracted or the so-called evidence produced.

Tate is still making films today - but he's never done another about Satanic Ritual Abuse.

The commission asked Tate to show them the evidence. Tate spent a few minutes scrambling in his briefcase but came up with nothing.

Mr Bray then said

"You have no such evidence because it doesn't exist!
The embarrassment of the commission and the rest of the CR team was obvious.

In an attempt to clear the air the chairmain said that Tate could produce the evidence later after the tribunal, at which point Mr Bray said that the supposed evidence never existed in the first place and that he was not about to allow any so-called evidence from these people to be presented after the close of the hearing when he couldn't challenge it.

At that the chairman closed the meeting with the Cook Report team hanging on to ingratiate themselves and restore their somewhat tattered image with the commission.

. What Tate failed to mention was that the allegations against the American occultist were unfounded and had already been withdrawn prior to the BCC hearing!

Now you have to be quick to get your mind around this tautology. Tate was trying to convince the BCC that by publishing an article by Aquino which was not about child abuse Mr Bray had promoted Child Abuse because Aquino was under investigation for it.

The truth is that the article was actually accepted for publication long before the allegations were made against Aquino. Mr Bray was unaware of those at the time of publication but the important point is that even before the Cook Report was broadcast Aquino had been officially CLEARED of these allegations.

So it turned out that, months after Aquino had been cleared, Tim Tate was still trying to convince the BCC that Mr Bray was wrong to publish the article. Tate was aware that Aquino had since been cleared but was acting as though he hadn't been! Without Aquino as the fall-guy Mr Bray's publication of the article was entirely inoccuous and indisputably not evidence of the Cook Report's outrageous claims.

However, the plot thickens because although Tate and Cook lambasted Aquino as a Satanic Ringleader in their programme, privately they had paid to fly him to the U.K. and lavishly treated him to meals and accommodation in a swish country hotel so they could set up a mock initiation for the programme! see here.

Note: Mr Bray won his case against The Cook Report. The BCC ruled they had been unfair to him and this finding was broadcast on prime-time TV It is one of only two occasions when Cook had lost a case in decades of broadcasting. N.B. The Broadcasting Complaints Commission later morphed into the Broadcasting Standards Commission

A Conspiracy of Toddlers

By the time that series of The Cook Report ended, his disgusting The Devil's Work Special was thoroughly discredited and history shows that not a single case he used to convince the British Public of the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse turned out to be substantiated.

As the heat of the hysteria which generated public interest for the Cook Reports 'special' waned, he suffered negative criticism from reviewers within the media itself. Another series was not commissioned.

For some years Cook wallowed in relative obscurity but in the autumn of 2007 Tim Tate organised a composite programme consisting of the 'best' of the Cook Report.

Titled Roger Cook's Greatest Hits. This ended up as 'another chance to see' a composite of sections of previous programmes in self-congratulatory style.

Cook included the 'celebrated' cases he had filmed, such as the Elephant poachers and the Costa Crime gangs - and of course the inevitable shots of pensioners attacking him with brollies - but what they DID NOT cover was the fateful show that virtually demolished his reputation, The Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth, the biggest show of all, was noticeable by it's complete and utter absence. Not one mention of it! Tate apparently no longer thought it worthy of attention and so must have concluded that there really was a conspiracy by two year olds after all! Today Tate runs his own film company called Interesting Films and guess who is an associated director of the company? That's right, Roger Cook.

Cook Report Cheats

The Cook Report needed a face to demonise on camera. That was their usual show format. All they had from their storming of the Sorcerer's Apprentice bookshop was a Dracula Mask (see the story of The Seige of the S.A. elsewhere on this website).

Cook's team scoured the archives and found an interview which Mr Bray had given several years before to a current affairs programme about the burgeoning interest in Witchcraft.

During an otherwise balanced and fair interview lasting about four minutes of airtime, the interviewer threw in the inevitable question about sexuality along the lines of 'aren't most people in it for weird sex?'

The transcript of the interview informs us that Mr Bray actually said in reply:

"Now unfortunately there are people in creation; there must be room for them; for all potentialities, and it is unfortunate that they do exist, who are more inclined towards the sinister aspects of magic. Towards the darker aspects - primarily because it gives them a vicarious thrill or an excuse for their own sexual abnormalities. There is nothing wrong with that providing they do not harm another and unfortunately because most of them are exhibitionists they tend to be the ones that the newspapers get hold of and that is the image that has been presented of occultism generally.

Unbelievably the Cook Report dishonestly siezed upon this and re-edited the audiotrack to fraudulently implicate Mr Bray in their imagined pan-global satanic conspiracy. In the voice-over on the Cook Report after 'doorstepping' Mr Bray Cook said

But Bray is on public record as saying that he has no responsibility for people who buy his goods......'

which as you can see from the complete text of what Mr Bray had said was completely untrue. Then Cook showed the old interview with the new, fraudulently altered soundtrack in which Mr Bray was apparently heard saying.

'Now unfortunately there are people in creation who are more inclined towards the sinister aspects of magic. Towards the darker aspects primarily because it gives them a vicarious thrill or an excluse for their own sexual abnormalities.'

So a statement which was proportional, fair, honest, sincere and true had been purposefully edited to make it sound careless, irresponsible, viscious and threatening in a way which supported the false allegations against him.

The evil and duplicit Cook Report team could not find any evidence to substantiate their prejudiced suspicions about Mr Bray so they simply framed him!

They had taken out the all-important qualification "There is nothing wrong with that providing they do not harm another" which actually proved that he DID care.

In the context of the outrageous and scandalous claims which Cook knew his programme was going to make about satanists sacrificing babies that piece of deviousness was evil of the first order.

So blatant was this dishonourable lie by the Cook Report Team that when Mr Bray pointed it out and asked the Broadcasting Complaints Commission to request a copy of the video to check it out, the Cook Report REFUSED point blank to send one! A tacit admission of guilt if ever there was one.

Luckily Mr Bray already had a copy of the original recording as proof and so another scum-sucking attempt by the Cook Report to viciously and unfairly attack Mr Bray had fallen flat on its face.

Mr Bray's intuition had been correct right from the start. There was no way he could have spoken to these people or trusted them. Cook came gunning for him right from the start in an indefensible trial by TV. Their purpose was to blame everything on him from day one regardless of the fact that they had no proof to back up their prejudices.

To this day Mr Bray maintains that the awful allegations they made and the terrible crimes they unjustly linked him with in the eyes of the public were a direct cause of the firebombing of his bookstore.


Chris Bray And Tim Tate -
Head to Head

TIM TATE (Producer of The Cook Report)
On The John Hammond Show 18 July 1989-
The Day After The Cook Report Broadcast their Poison To The Nation

HAMMOND: "Good Morning Tim Tate and Chris Bray"

TATE: -" Good morning indeed . I think the first thing I would like to say is that, and I'm not sure that Chris would agree with this is that I support a good deal of what Chris Bray and a good deal of what Chris Bray stands for. I think that he has misunderstood perhaps deliberately or perhaps myopically the aim of the programme and the particular focus of the programme and I think we should stress...."

HAMMOND: "Your'e supporting Chris Bray?"

TATE: "In a sense.."

HAMMOND: "Which didn't come through the programme at all last night!"

TATE: "Give me a chance. At the outset you said the Cook Report was about Occultism - it wasn't it was about Satanism and I must stress that there is a complete difference."

BRAY: "You would know all about this being an expert"?

TATE: "I don't think it's going to get anywhere by being sarcastic"

TATE: "It was about Satanism not Occultism in general."

"HAMMOND: " Chris has said categorically that Child Sexual Abuse which is something you covered on your programme last night that none of this goes on that there has been no examples of this."

"TATE: "In Satanism? I think Chris need to look again at the evidence. The evidence is very very clear. I can happily quote some if you'd like me to? O.K. Chris said that there is no such thing as sacrifice in Satanism? I think he needs to consider what he has actually published and what he has actually sold. I draw his attention to a magazine which he sold in his shop called Nox which is a Satanic magazine .I think you probably know the one I mean Chris? Nox 5 and it has an article and I quote entitled on Human Sacrifice written by a man called Anton Long who runs the Order of the nine Angles which begins traditional Satanists have and still do conduct human sacrifice. Now I know that you sell that and you know that you sell that- let's not be silly about it

BRAY: Mr Bray replies that an article discussing the historical and other implications of Human Sacrifice is not evidence of Human Sacrifice having been committed and that subject was not regularly aired in any of the books he sells as Tate perfectly well knows because this is the exception which proves the rule.

TATE: "I would be interested in talking about it to Mr. Long. Mr Long did not want to talk to us either. Chris obviously has information about the nature of his operation that I don't have.

BRAY: Tells Tate that he is perfectly aware that he (Bray) sent Tate a statement of intent along with a long history of his shop and that he himself is not a satanist and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Order of the Nine Angles so he should stop insinuating that he has..

TATE: (interrupting). "I must say this you've had an awful long time to talk. You didn't want to talk to us at the time."

BRAY: Retorts that Tate very well knows that Mr Bray made an offer through his solicitor to speak to the Cook Report off-camera when they were doing the research for this programe and that Tate must stop trying to blacken Mr Bray by being economical with the truth. Hammond steps in to stop Mr Bray and let Tate talk.

TATE: "Let me start very briefly I think Chris has a very valid point in what he says that there is some form of organised campaign against Occultism and I must stress that the Cook Report had no part in that. I share Chris's view that it is unhealthy for Fundamentalist Christians or Fundamentalist whatever else to persecute someone whose ordinary religion is part of that religion

BRAY: At this Mr Bray becomes very angry and interrupts making it clear to listeners that Tate knew very well all about the involvement of fundamentalist Christians because four of the six 'experts' he used on the Cook Report for his Research were Christian fundamentalists! Hammond interjects and again lets Tate undermine the importance of what Mr Bray is saying.

TATE: "You are now seeing the kind of difficulty we had in trying to talk to Chris Bray."

BRAY: Now gets to talk saying that he invited himself on the Cook Report to set the record straight because he knew that they had been given corrupted and biased information by Christian Fundamentalists whose purpose was to disenfranchise the whole of occultism, not save children from harm. When it became clear that the Cook Report were simply gunning for him regardless of the facts Mr Bray felt that there was no point in helping them establish lies which could deletoriously affect the freedom of belief and besmirch his good character.

HAMMOND: asks why Mr Bray would not talk to the camera

BRAY: "Because you saw the result - it was a hatchet job"

TATE: This is absolute nonsense it really is a distortion of the facts"

BRAY: interrupts and asks TATE to be specific. What is he actually alleging?

TATE: "We wanted to talk to you specifically about the article and adverts in your publication which is the Lamp of Thoth. We specifically wanted to talk to him about the piece from the Process Church of the final Judgement The Rite of Transmutational Sorcery, we specifically wanted to talk to Chris about that and, let me finish, it includes the suggestion from the author that the person who uses this rite should use Henbane or Deadly Nightshade Psychotropic Drugs which are extraordinarily dangerous."

BRAY: interrupts and says that these are not "Dangerous Drugs"

TATE: "That's not what you said in your gloss in the magazine Chris you said that they shouldn't use them because thay are dangerous

BRAY: interjects again saying that Tate must know the difference between the term "Dangerous Drug" and a 'dangerous drug' in that the former means it is scheduled under the Dangerous Drugs Act and therefore part of the Drug War and the latter means only that it is injurous to health. Mr Bray is trying to avoid the listener being nuanced into thinking that he is somehow connected to or condones the use of Dangerous Drugs which he does not.

TATE: "One day you say one thing the other another."

Lamp of Thoth No 24 If interested observers want to make up their minds about the content and responsible editing of the Lamp of Thoth magazine they can obtain sample issues by clicking on this link

"HAMMOND: again interrupts Mr Bray as he is trying to reply to Tates' provocations and continuing inferences that he is not telling the truth. Hammond takes Tate's side because 'All Tate wants to do is ask about your publications'.

BRAY : "Come on then Tim give me some information and I'll answer it."

TATE: " I'd like to ask you a very specific question. Why when you know the nature of the Process Church of the final Judgemant did you (a) decide to print what you yourself called Psycopathic garbage and (b)give a contact address for anyone who wanted to get in touch with this bunch of Psycopaths? "

BRAY: Asks Tate why he's questioning him about the Process Church when the Cook Report could have got in touch with the contact address he gave and asked them directly! That's why he published their address - so interested observers could contact them if they wished. Mr Bray also asks Tate why he is trying to suggest that Mr Bray is proselytising the Process Church when Tate knows very well that he put an editoral comment at the bottom of the article clearly lambasting the Process Church and warning people off them?

HAMMOND: Hammond interrupts saying certain psychopaths may get hold of this etc

BRAY: says to get all into proportion that there has not been one ritual murder- not one prosecution but is again overtalked by Tate and Hammond

TATE: "A very carefully phrased answer; there has been a ritual manslaughter put it that way"

BRAY: "Whats this?

TATE: "That's the Newall case which you saw featured in the programme last night"

BRAY: Reveals that he was approached by detectives working on that case before it went to court. They wanted Bray to be an expert witness. After being shown the evidence including artifacts Bray told the police that the killing was NOT a ritual murder and officially provided them with a full statement and analysis of his conclusions. He agreed to give evidence to the police to that effect.

TATE: "Did they take you up on the offer?"

BRAY: States that they did not. The police inspector leading the investigation had taken other advice and chose to go with that. However Tate now full well-knows that Chris Bray's view was confirmed correct in the court of appeal where self-defence was a component in Newall's defence - you don't get a self-defence ruling in a ritual murder! .. again overtalking by everyone

TATE: " Blurb Blurb and never get down to talking straight facts. If we can get back to the point when you say that you wrote three letters to us we wrote umpteen to you."

BRAY: "No you didn't you wrote one letter and I have it here".

TATE: "Thats not true I have a file...." There is arguing again and Tate doesn't finish producing evidence of the phantom letters - (see similar performance at the BCC hearing [details in leftmost column])

HAMMOND: "Tim are you going to pursue this and hopefully talk to Chris again in the future? "

TATE: "I would love to. The one thing I would like to say very briefly is that if you have children round the world saying this goes on extremely bizarre phenomenon, extremely bizarre abuse of children of Two or Three you either have an international conspiracy of toddlers which is extremely unlikely or some rather more intelligent adult organisation doing it."

BRAY: Mr Bray concludes by saying that Satanic Ritual Child Abuse is a Myth. It does not exist except in the minds of Christian fundamentalist agitators and social workers on the make. He prophecies that he will return for a re-match with Tate in 5 years which is when he estimates this present bought of hysteria has culminated "and make Tate eat his words".

The Extent And Nature of Organised and Ritual Abuse Epilogue: Professor La Fontaine's definitive report on Satanic Ritual Abuse was commissioned by the government after the Orkney child-lifts fiasco, and accepted by them in full. As Mr Bray had prophecied the results of this government investigation was published almost five years to the month of this Radio Leeds interview. It concluded that every case in the Cook Report was worked-up and did not constitute Satanic Ritual Abuse. That of the 84 cases since then in which children were said by social workers to have been satanically abused, none of the cases could actually qualify for that description when the facts were looked at objectively. This definitive and extensive report found that there was no such thing as Satanic Ritual Abuse. Moreover it declared that the idea had been promoted into Social Work by fundamentalist Christians for sectarian purposes. The report fully vindicated everything Chris Bray had said about the hysteria in this now historic interview and made a mockery of allegations by Tim Tate and the Cook Report that Britain was held in the grip of a cult of child-abusing satanists. It was all bunkum.

Daily Star SRA Coverage July 1st 1989


There is much more to this spectacle of Media Assassination than appears here or in any of the reports and articles about it which have been made public so far. (this will give you the flavour of it)

The despicable Daily Star 'special feature' shown alongside is a litany of lies which can only be described as advance publicity for the Cook Report's 'Devil's Work'.

It was published on July 1st 1989 SIXTEEN DAYS before the scheduled broadcast of the programme. Why so long in advance? The programme was so over-the- top that it was held back from its regular slot until TV mandarins had viewed it. It was broadcast on July 17th and only allowed to go out after the 9.00pm watershed. One can conjecture that the Star, like most of the other tabloids, had already jumped on the bandwagon and pocketed the story ready for it's planned broadcast date. When the programme was held back they simply couldn't wait to capitalise on the shock-horror which they knew would traverse the nation.

This article aptly illustrates the utterly irresponsible reporting of the British media at the time and epitomises the hysteria well, for it includes 'testimony' from biased Cult Cops and fundamentalist agent provocateurs with an axe to grind but not one comment from any expert who did not believe the allegations and certainly no quotes from any esotericist or occultist in reply.

Note well the unbridled detailed descriptions of abhorrent violence and murderous acts against children as though fact when these stories were backed by no evidence other than the fantasies of the fundamentalists who imagined them - and a TV programme which gave them credence.

Cook is protected by an iron clad contract which enables him to use the legal resources of a multi million pound Media Giant to check-mate, silence and suppress a completely innocent man whom he not only victimised in the worst possible way, but when Mr Bray fought back for his rights, the 'Taped Crusader' began a campaign to besmirch him yet again with lies and inuendo. In Cook's latest book "Dangerous Ground" the oaf actually had the nerve to claim that Mr Bray was involved in a long-term conspiracy involving the News of the World to bring Cook down!

If this farcical statement were not a clear case of projection readers who might be dim enough to consider it should consider that here is Cook, again telling you, the public, without ANY evidence to support his contentions other than his own persecution complex, that Mr Bray is in league with the News of the World to bring him down! He is not!

Unlike most of his victims, who were in fact guilty, Cook knows that Mr Bray is innocent of the many untrue allegations and inuendos he made about him and that he will not rest until the truth will out. Some time soon, Mr Bray will be released from the shackles of censorship and be able to tell you, the British Public, the full story about this appalling period in British history where the media were able to peddle complete and utter fantasies as though fact and ruin the lives of 86 children and their innocent parents in the process. THEN you will have something to read. .

Daily Star Article on Cook Report in detail

What this outraged report doesn't say is that Cook paid for Arch-Satanist Aquino to travel to the U.K. himself! Cook put Aquino up in a swish country-club. The mock 'initiation rite' was performed in its grounds! Tate and Cook also liased with Aquino's right-hand man in the U.K., David Austen, to set up the initation rite for TV.

David Austen, Aquino's Head of Operations in the U.K. Revealingly, Cook's producer, Tim Tate, travelled personally to Leeds and without Mr Bray's knowledge secretly bought the occult paraphernalia used in filming from Mr Bray's store! We understand Aquino and Austen were allowed to keep it afterwards.

The outraged response from Diane Core in the article is somewhat of a mystery considering that she was paid by Cook for acting as an advisor on his programme. Did Cook really pull the wool over her eyes and not tell her that he was wining and dining Aquino? Or was it publicity that was too good to miss? After all, it was Diane Core who told other media, earlier the same year, that 4,000 children a year were sacrificed by satanists in the U.K when none actually were!

Note well that in this article the Star confirms that Aquino was cleared of all allegations in May 1989, yet Tate continued to refer to the investigation, as though live, to discredit Mr Bray in the BCC hearing in December 1989!



"..if you have children round the world saying this goes on extremely bizarre phenomenon, extremely bizarre abuse of children of Two or Three you either have an international conspiracy of toddlers which is extremely unlikely or some rather more intelligent adult organisation doing it...."
Tim Tate, Producer, The Cook Report.

The British Press - Primary Cause of Truth Decay


Interior Shot of Astonishing Books following its firebombing after the Cook Report

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