1989 Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare 2001 Muti African Ritual Killings Scare.
Sensational claims made by self-styled
'experts' on Satanic Ritual Abuse who 
turned out to be fundamentalist agitators 
but nobody bothered to ask at the time 
(Maureen Davies et al)
Ditto:  Kobus Jonker, former South.African 
policeman contributes 'expertise' to The Met. 
Do they know he is a Christian fundamentalist
 agitator who believes in demons and  possession.
A seminar at Bramshill Police College to teach
 police leaders about the 'symptoms' of satanic abuse. 
Ditto in Britain Held on 29 Jan 2002,  
Satan Seminar for South African police 
also held  in J'oburg in August 1998
A list of 'indicators' of  Satanic Ritual Abuse
 imported from the U.S.A.
List of 'muti' ritual killing 'indicators'
imported from South Africa
Dubious Claims of animal sacrifice 
(e.g. RSPCA)  and church 'desecrations' 
used to bolster claimed cases of human 
sacrifice (for which there is no proof).
Preacher's dog killed and hung from fence,
Cat Killings and incidents of  Church 
desecration claimed by Jonker, Sept 1994 
The involvement of a crusading MP campaigning 
for children. (the late Geoffrey Dickens,
Lay preacher  and committed Christian)
Lord David Alton, Christan evangelical
activist and believer in Satanic Ritual Abuse
gives his support to Valerie Sinason and 
Andrew Boyd.
The involvement of  RAIN (the ritual Abuse
 Information  Network) a 'secret society' of
 therapists and social workers who believe
 in Satanic Ritual Abuse, who organise the
infamous Satan Seminars but who forbid
entry  to anyone who does not believe in 
the SRA myth.
Police attended the 2001 RAIN Satan Seminar
to hear claims of  ritual abuse from people 
who were involved in the first Satan

The compilation of lists of  'horrific cases' 
which turned out to be nothing of the kind
when subjected to rules of hard evidence. 
see link Tales and Truths
See Facts expounded in main article
Evidence' from 'victim impostors' and 'turncoats'
who confirm the worst fears of believers
(Audrey Harper, Caroline Marchant, 
Doreen Irvine et al) 
South African Murderer turned Christian Convert
Maurice Smith provides 'satanic indicators' 
to Jonker etc, 
The convenient blurring and purposeful 
cross-over of  terminology to suit the 
prejudices of the believers
e.g:  confusion of witches with Satanists,  
the mixu up of concepts of
psychological ritual types with ceremonial ritual. 
The confusion of  Amuti with Ackavoudon
Mix up of African Rituals with 
Satanic Rituals; the use of murders 
committed by white men to supposedly
claims of  Black African Muti killings.  
The involvement of Cult Cops
and sectarian pseudo crime-fighting organisations,
such as; the 
U.S.A.'s  Randy Eamon, The American Cult
Crime Information Network, run by 
fundamentalist police officers etc.
 The Occult Related Crime Squad 
(Jonker, Everton),
The forming of a 'travelling circus' of Christian
fundamentalist agitators who spread the 
disinformation on ritual abuse to local 
Christian activists in public meetings and lectures.
(Doug Harris, Kevin Logan, et al) 
Kobus Jonker et al.  South Africa, Western
 Cape, March 1999:
Sensational Press Conferences announcing the 
publication of 'new' evidence of the existence 
of Satanic Ritual Abuse (Valerie Sinason's 
Treating Survivors of  Satanist Abuse) 1994
Valerie Sinason's book  'Attachment 
Trauma and Multiplicity in
 survivors of ritual abuse'. Press 
conference held at the Houses of
Parliament and chaired by Alton Spring 2001
The involvement and backing of nationally
 recognised child care charities such as
 The NSPCC, Childline, Childwatch,
 The National Children's Home who 
quickly back-out of the controversy when the 
disastrous results of Rochdale and Orkney manifest
Yet to jump on the bandwagon. 
Watch this space. 
The involvement of crusading journalists who
at first support and promote the idea of 
Satanic Ritual Abuse, but who then realise
they have been had and turn on their 
manipulators to expose them in print. 
(e.g.Independent on Sunday, Sunday Mirror, 
The Times et al)  
The Daily Express and others yet to
 be announced
The production of an utterly sensational and
 irresponsible TV 'expose' of  an 'epidemic'
 of Satanic Ritual Abuse.( The Cook Report's
 The Devil's Work,  Dispatches' Beyond Belief)
and inciting articles from She magazine.
BBC2's: Nobody's Child, Muti Killings
Channel 4's: Witness, Satanic Crime., etc., 


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