Case Studies in Christian Malevolence

An effigy of 'witch' Katharina Henot

Germany Wants To Be Forgiven For Burning Witches To Death. Should Pagans Do So?

The above photograph is  an effigy of Katharina Henot who was tried for witchcraft by the good Burghers of Cologne.

Today the Fathers of Cologne want to let bygones be bygones. We will let them tell their story first...

 Cologne's notorious 'Witches' pardoned 400 years after executions

"Cologne City Council has pardoned 38 women nearly 400 years after they were sentenced to death for suspected witchcraft, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Katharina Henot - Germany's most notorious "witch" - stood accused of:

  •  having entered into a pact with the devil,
  •  conjured up a plague of caterpillars,
  •  sown strife and
  •  encouraged sexual deviancy.

In 1627 she was sentenced to death by torture by the Cologne Court.

385 years later, in a symbolic gesture by the Cologne City Council, Henot and 37 other "witches" executed by local authorities are to be pardoned and rehabilitated, wrote Die Welt newspaper on Saturday.

Councillors voted unanimously to pardon the former Cologne inhabitants in a vote on Thursday, rejecting "any violation of human dignity and human rights," wrote the paper.

The move was not a judicial act - authorities in modern day Germany do not have the power to overturn rulings made under the Holy Roman Empire.

Instead, the move was intended to highlight how easily a person can be defamed to the point of no longer being seen as human, but a demon that deserves to die a horrible death.

Hartmut Hegeler, a retired pastor from Unna who had submitted a citizen proposal to pardon the "witches" was said to be "very relieved" following the vote on Thursday.

He is now hoping a mass will be held in the Cologne Cathedral as a gesture of reconciliation by the diocese, according to the article.

The decision makes Cologne the 14th local authority in Germany to distance itself from historical witch trials.

But not all rehabilitation gestures have been agreed without opposition, wrote the paper.

When a citizen from Dusseldorf proposed that two women burned at the stake there in 1738 be rehabilitated, there was an objection from a citizen who claimed pardoning the women would amount to challenging his Catholic faith.

His objection was overruled. Historians estimate the total of 25,000 women and men were sentenced to death in Germany in the past for having entered into a pact with the devil....  "

Source:30 Jun 12 12:20 CET


They told you they were sorry for murdering 25,000 witches but the actual total was far far more. Reliable research from various sources estimates that over 100,000 (one hundred thousand) people were executed in the states now comprising Germany.

The vast majority of those victims were women and girls. It is now recognised that ALL the victims were innocent of any involvement in paganism or witchcraft.

The Earliest Nazi?

In  Niesse in Silesia alone the executioner ( in a chilling precursor of the Final Solution) built a   special oven to speed up the burnings. In 1651 he roasted alive 42 women and young girls. Within 9 years he had personally roasted to death over a thousand people accused of witchcraft .

Torture of witches was mandatory in the legal system of the Holy Roman empire.  One woman was tortured on 56 (fifty-six) separate occasions before 'confessing' to being a witch.

Torture was so effective that most victims 'confessed' within two or three applications. Just the threat of it was enough for many. The 56 tortures visited on one woman mentioned in Russel Hope Robbins learned Encyclopaedia of Witchcraft and Demonology is unusual and tends to denote a young and voluptuous victim. Witch-Torture was a form of priestly pornography.

In a time when the turn of an ankle set men's pulses racing where else could a celibate priest strip a woman, chain her to a rack, paw over her naked body and probe into every orifice looking for 'the Devil's mark'?
In the scale of the denegration and suffering imposed on these women by their torturers sexual impositions were a relative trifle - what woman would feel it worthwhile to complain about being raped yesterday when her feet were being smashed to a bloody pulp in The Boot today?
It is not easy, in the modern world, to effectively understand what the word 'torture' meant in Witchcraft trials but the following account gives something of the horror.

Clara Geissler Case

The torture in 1597 of Clara Geissler of Gelnhausen, a 69 year old widow, illustrates this.

 "She resisted the thumbscrews, but when her feet were crushed and her body stretched on the rack, she screamed pitiously and said all was true that they had demanded of her:

she drank the blood of children whom she stole in her night flights and
she had murdered about sixty infants

She named twenty other women who had been with her at the sabbats, and said the wife of a late  burgomaster presided over the flights and banquets.

When released from the rack Clara retracted her accusations and pleaded that what she had said about the others were just rumours.

The judges however arrested those she had named and tortured them.

One of the women admitted crimes beyond that which Clara had mentioned so she (Clara) was again tortured to admit the 'truth'.

Upon her release from torture Clara recanted a second time but was then tortured a third time 'with utmost severity' for several hours.

She them admitted the lies the judges wanted to hear but during the agony she died under torture.

On 23 August 1597 Clara Geissler's body was publicly burned as a witch.

Torture of 'utmost severity'  was Squassation, a form of strappado where heavy weights were attached to the accused's feet as she hung naked, by her hands tied together at the back.

The accused was then jerked and dropped repeatedly under her own weight.

Squassation completely dislocated the accused's hands, feet, elbows, limbs and shoulders. The pain would be unimaginable and the damage irrepairable. 

The Lutheran Carpzov, the law-giver of Saxony, claimed to have read the bible 53 times. He also claimed to have personally caused the burning to death of twenty thousand ( 20,000 ) people accused of witchcraft.
Philip Adolf von Ehreberg, prince bishop of Wurzburg ruthlessley burned to death hundreds of alleged witches in that town.

There are many, many more outrages by the pious church-people of Germany.


The whole city of Cologne stood aside in 1577 when a mob stoned to death a woman who had been cursorily accused of witchcraft. No investigation was started and nobody brought to book.

Ironically, whilst today mouthing platitudes about exonerating  innocent females burned as witches the city notaries in Cologne  cleverly dodge answering for the town's biggest crime and that was to allow Jacob Sprenger, the author of the hideous Malleus Maleficarum to publish his handbook on how to torture witches to death. 
Sprenger was dean of Koln university and submitted his disgusting book to the powerful University of Cologne for ratification on 18th  March 1479.  The great and the good in Cologne could have rejected the Malleus as  unworthy of publication at this time but they didn't.
Cologne university had been appointed censor of books by papal decree but instead of rejecting the Malleus Maleficarum  they fudged it and allowed Sprenger to falsify their approval without complaint.  
Four faculty members supported Sprenger, the rest (a majority who could have stopped publication) failed in their duty and kept silent.  Thus the Malleus Maleficarum was by default given Cologne University's seal of approval and this terrible book was subsequently used by inquisitors  in hundreds of thousands of cases where innocent people were accused of witchcraft in Germany and indeed throughout Europe.  It systematised and  justified the most horrendous and blood-chilling tortures on women and children.
It is no exaggeration to state that it was the Malleus Maleficarum which coalesced witch-hunt mania and was a prime cause in all subsequent witch-trials throughout Europe.
Bartholomew and Evans in their excellent book "Panic Attacks" (2004) said of Sprenger:
Few books have done as much harm as the Malleus...So great was its impact on humanity that Russel Robbins states that the book and its notorious authors 'set back the orderly development of civilisation by several hundred years'. 
To find the City of Cologne today trying to absolve itself of guilt using crummy PR tactics which pacify public opinion whilst avoiding the issue of their rubber stamping of the very torture techniques used on alleged witches throughout Europe is just too sickening. .
The great and the good in Cologne would rather you not know thisThey would rather you concentrate on a few celebrated cases  the full horror of which has been mitigated by the passage of time.
That is why you must NOT forgive them or give this modern PR stunt any meaning.

Real Cause Of The Genocide

The root cause of this witchcraft mania in Germany was the rise of  protestant dissenters which challenged the power of the Catholi church. Ironically the mania caught on so well that plenty of Protestant churchmen belived the propaganda and started witch-hunting themselves using the Malleus Maleficarum! They were all responsible for many thousands of deaths. 
Cologne may have made a start in admitting to the city's responsibility in this  but the Christian  churches which caused it have NOT. 

The torture of innocent ordinary folk in Germany and Cologne had little if anything to do with Paganism. It was caused by power-struggles within Christian religious factions.  If Germany's absolution from the hundreds of thousands of victims of Christian persecution is to be  anything more than a PR stunt for the local tourist board Cologne will have to address the REAL issues.
On a humanitarian basis and in the memory of hundreds of thousands of now silent victims like poor Clara Geissler whose sufferings were unimaginable, it is essential that people today do not fall for this projection of guilt and allow this evil period in the history of the Christian Church to be sanitised and rationalised by the passage of time.
Pagans had little if anything to do with the Witch-hunts and  pagans cannot and should not  therefore acquiesce to wipe out the guilt of the  Jesuits and the Dominicans who originated, fuelled and orchestrated the mindless mob to sanction the sadistic sectarian torture of innocent men, women and children.

No Cologne.  Until you  admit the truth instead of perpetuating religious propaganda   you will not get our forgiveness;  otherwise the lives of people like Clara Geissler  will have been taken for nothing.

We Shall Remember Them.

John Freedom, Mortlake.


In 1626 Katharina Henot was accused of witchcraft -  by the Nuns of St Clare's convent in Cologne. They said she had 'bewitched' them. 

The accusation is scarily reminiscent of another despicable persecution, that of priest Urban Grandier of Loudoun in France.

The key to the connection is one of the charges made against Khatarina namely that she had "encouraged sexual deviancy. "

The very same accusation had been made against Grandier and he went to the stake because of it.

The story is told in full in Ken Russell;s thought-provoking film  'The Devils' starring Oliver Reed as Grandier, and it would seem that in the rarified atmosphere of convents Nuns sometimes experienced sexual mania.  After being found out they usually blamed it on others.

In court the Nuns' accusations did not hold up and Katharina was actually found not guilty and released. She must have heaved  a sigh of relief; but the pious Archbishop Ferdinand of Cologne wasn't going to stand for that. He insisted on Katharina being put on trial again, and this time forced a guilty verdict.

Katharina Henot was burned at the stake to cover up the shame of  illicit sexul activity of frustrated nuns.  The  least the nun's of St Clare could do today is apologise to poor Katharina Henot who died for their sins. If the City of Cologne really wanted to absolve those innocent victims that would be a reasonable start.
Until then, our advice is to ignore their platitudes.

A naked woman writes in agony as an all-male
                    audience stares on lasciviously

Lincoln people hang their heads in shame as SAFF presents it with The Most Intolerant City In Britan Award following the Burning Down of a local Mystic Shop

Lincolnshire Echo Front Page 28 January



The Bridge of Dreams New Age Shop in Lincoln was gutted by a petrol-bomb on Tuesday 28 January. The arsonists attacked at night; nothing was taken or stolen, the motive was malice.

This tragedy is the latest of a rising tide of attacks on New Age organisations and businesses in the U.K. and the second firebombing to occur. Yet the government turn a blind eye to the plight of the victims of this constant prejudice. The media and politicians of this country have repetitively failed to address the increasing incidences of Christian fanaticism in inverse proportion to their obsession with highlighting Islamic extremism. In the former all Christians are considered beyond reproach, yet in the latter all Moslems are tarred with the terrorist brush. Neither is true yet politicians and the media perpetrate the harmful stereotypes just the same.

Lincoln's Great and Good Stood By And  Did Nothing

And when short of a target for their hypocrisy it is a time-tested formula for rabid bigots to turn on religious minorities who cannot defend themselves. The petrol-bombing of the Lincoln shop The Bridge of Dreams was the last piece of victimisation in a catalogue of enmity from Lincoln's fundamentalists and evangelicals. Like witnesses at some gang-land killing, the people of quaint Lincoln have stood by and done nothing whilst a clutch of obstreperous religious fanatics mounted campaign after campaign to a level which is astonishing in its vindictiveness.

Not The First

The victimisation of The Bridge of Dreams is a classic example of how far Christian fundamentalists are willing to go but it is not THE classic example. The 'honour' of that title must go to The Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop in Leeds, West Yorkshire,the pre-emminent esoteric bookshop in the U.K. which was first targeted in 1988 in a despicable campaign of lies over four long-years using the dirtiest black propaganda imagineable with a gang of vicious fundamentalist agitators using Christian pillars of the Establishment to back their blatant persecution which was designed to destroy the S.A. and stop it from distributing genuine information on alternative beliefs from across the world. That campaign ended in a firebombing of the S.A. too, but unlike the Bridge of Dreams (which was short of necessary resources) The Sorcerers Apprentice was able to fight off the malice and still remains in business today, decades afterwards.

Lincoln; The Most Intolerant City in Britain

In 1255, the Jews were once again accused of blood libel in Lincoln. A Christian boy, Hugh of Lincoln, was chasing a ball when he fell and drowned in a Jewish cesspool. His body was found 26 days later, when a large Jewish congregation was gathered in Lincoln for a prominent rabbis wedding. Some lincoln Christians speculated that the boy was killed as part of a ritual ceremony and 100 Jews were executed.

By standing fast against religious censorship of an almost insuperable kind the S.A. has earned its place in history for protecting freedom of belief and freedom of thought for all people everywhere. The full story of The victimisation of The Sorcerers Apprentice bookshop would take hundreds of pages to relate (you can see some of it here). We have detailed on this page the much shorter but equally as despicable persecution of The Bridge of Dreams so that you, dear reader, can understand how sectarian persecution still exists today in Britain.

Excesses of Lincolnshire Media Largely to Blame

Just as the national newspapers jumped on the bandwagon and gave space to manic lies by religious fanatics who believed in the now defunct Satanic Child Abuse Myth, Lincoln's media rode high with a non-existent controversy framed for them by local evangelists who decided to rob the owners of Bridge of Dreams of their rights.

Lincolnshire Councilors and Politicians Jumped on Bandwagon

Not just Lincoln's media, but her Town Council and her politicians have for over a year shrugged their shoulders, resorted to expediency and turned a blind eye , allowing non-representative religious extremists to manipulate the political system for their own narrow sectarian ends, inciting hatred against the shop owners and anyone else whom they deemed had challenged the fundamentalists assumed absolute right to dictate how other people should live and what they should believe in.

How could they get away with it?   Why did no one stop them?

The full history of the victimisation of the Bridge of Dreams is astounding in the telling. As soon as the shop opened its doors it became the hub of intense hatred from the fundamentalists. They picketed the shop, distributing scare-mongering leaflets which stated that Lincoln's children were somehow at risk.


It was all nonsense but these were mostly the same snipe-nosed killjoy evangelicals who successfully campaigned to have the Lincoln Imp removed from the door of Lincoln cathedral. The bronze door-knocker had been a symbol of the town for hundreds of years and gave rise to the nickname of the local football team but despite businesses and locals lamenting the short-sightedness of it all (because the Imp's celebrity was a proven tourist draw) the snipe-nosed christian evangelists got their way - they saw the Imp as a representation of evil idolatry!

Despicable and Dishonourable Tactics

Some fundamentalist agitators went into The Bridge of Dreams pretending to be customers, and then surreptitiously inserted evangelical tracts in books on their shelves, condemning those who purchased.

Disturbing and abusive telephone calls were received by the shop from spiteful people calling themselves Christians.

The fundamentalists arranged false controversies with the local media who couldn't resist printing every word against The Bridge of Dreams even though the allegations had no substance and there was no evidence to support the fundies' claims.

When the owners pleaded with the media not to print the abject lies for fear of the consequences and explained the ongoing fundamentalist countrywide campaign they were ignored.  The media went ahead with the usual self-righteous kitsch.

Spurred on by their successes with the Lincolnshire Echo and other media clamour the fundamentalists obtained stock-lists from the shop and cut and pasted them up into false advertisement leaflets in an attempt to misrepresent Bridge of Dreams as a threat.  Only legal action and police involvement stopped this fundamentalist plan from working.

Thwarted in their aims these wicked people then sent poisoned pen letters to the media repeating the lies about The Bridge of Dreams which they had themselves fabricated. The media printed the letters before checking the facts. Later the newspaper printed a retraction but the damage had been done, just as the fundamentalists desired it.

Troublemakers Let Off Again and Again

When proof of foul intent was given, the police discovered the poisoned pen letter-writers and their link with evangelical Christianity. But they did not prosecute them.  When the shop owners pleaded with local councillors and officials for help, they were told that there was nothing that could be done. Nothing?  Could not their Councilor or MP take up their case?  Unfortunately not, they said!  Not a word of caution or criticism left anyone's lips. The Great and the Good in Lincoln tacitly approved of the actions of these fundamentalist agitators.   Bad Day At Black Rock PosterLike something out of the 1955 cult movie Bad Day at Black Rock,  Lincoln digniatries turned their heads and remained silent. When it comes to spiritual terrorists disguised as do-gooder Christians the courage of local authorities soon fades. Good Samaritans it would seem, are in pretty short supply in Lincoln.

Spurred on at being able to get away with all this Lincoln fundies may have believed they had a free hand and the vicious evangelicals became more irresponsible by the minute. They claimed that the shop owners had not obtained planning permission and demanded that the Lincoln Planning Department investigate. Like lap-dogs the local authority did so. Much trouble was caused but the shop owners DID have planning permission.

Fundamentalists Brought Orthodox Church Into Campaign

Report in Lincoln Echo 7th Dec 1990
Thwarted in yet another spiteful gambit the rabid Christians fundamentalists of Lincoln sought further opportunities to vent their spleen. Intolerance is the name of their game. The religious fanatics whipped up antagonism against the shop with orthodox Lincoln churches and together these 'good Christians' ganged up against the beleaguered owners and mounted a city-wide petition to try and brow-beat the council into closing the shop.

A special meeting of the Town Council was held and, in direct contravention of the rights of the shop proprietors, councillors and local politicians jumped on the bandwagon and made calls for the shop to be closed. The ensuing publicity in the local press further exacerbated the shop-owners position.

Had it not been for a reverse campaign to protect their rights by the S.A.F.F. which included a mass telephone protest to block the switchboards of Lincoln Town Hall, they might have indeed ordered an unconstitutional and illegal action to close The Bridge of Dreams which would have probably ended up at the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Shop Owners Compromise Seen as Weakness

Exhausted in the face of this hysterical and unreasonable Civic Terrorism the owners, being more responsible than those who attacked them, saw that the only way to avoid further harassment was to compromise and move to a less prominent site in Lincoln in the hope that the fundamentalists would leave them alone. The move took some weeks to organise.

Immediately The Bridge of Dreams closed at the old site the fundamentalists contacted the media and crowed that they had succeeded in closing the shop down!

The local newspaper came calling yet again. Realising that if they told the truth the shop-owners would suffer further victimisation from  a newspaper which had already printed lie upon lie about them, they employed a deception. They informed the reporter that they were moving to Hull. Within a day the fundamentalists had caused front page headlines in the Hull Daily Mail, parading the very same lies and unfounded allegations.

Bishop of Hull Dragged Into Imaginary Controversy

Bishop's Fears Lincoln Adscene 13 Dec 1990

Local fundamentalist agitators who had networked with their Lincoln counterparts even conned the very stupid Bishop of Hull into getting in on the act and criticising the imaginary shop!  Britain; Land of the Brave and home of the Free?

In order to continue to support themselves and their family the owners of The Bridge of Dreams took a temporary stall in a nearby market. Within days they were located by the fundamentalists and subjected to protest demonstrations, threats and intimidation at their stall.

The main protagonist was a fanatical fundamentalist Christian group which gave out leaflets in the marketplace which inferred that the shop-owners were involved in Satanic Child Abuse, a most despicable slur without any foundation whatsoever. The Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth was invented by fundamentalists in the U.S.A. precisely to oppress and suppress  freedom of religious choice and here is an illustration of how it was used.

The group making the criminal allegations, like thousands of such fundamentalist groups in the U.K. today, is a registered religious charity with our society bestows with special tax advantages!

Fundies Demand Stall Is Closed Down

The evangelicals demanded that the market operators close down the stall. Please note that the demand was not to remove offending items from the stall (for their were none) but to close the entire stall down.

The market owners met with the proprietors of Bridge of Dreams over the issue. The man and wife team who run Bridge of Dreams are responsible and law abiding people and they sell entirely safe and legal goods. They have every right to co-exist and continue in business both morally and legally under the terms of EEC competitive trading rules.

Unbelievably during this entire debacle The Market Operators were the only authorities to have actually bothered to talk directly with the shop owners! Far from finding them 'agents of the evil' they saw that they were good, kind people. Accordingly they rejected the complaints by the evangelicals and allowed the owners to continue trading.

Devil Doll Lie

Thwarted in their intolerance the fundamentalists then made up a totally untrue story about a child who was supposed to have purchased a 'devil doll' from the stall. The extent of the warped nature of these peoples' minds and their willingness to misrepresent the truth can be seen from the fact that the 'devil doll' turned out to be a set of hand-made Guatemalan Worry Dolls. The same ones that the United Nations sell and feature in their ethnic goods mail order catalogue to raise money for Third World Relief projects!

Yet on the basis of this lie a local MP jumped on the bandwagon to condemn the stall in the press.

The fundamentalists milked this controversy well, starting another petition with which they assailed customers in the marketplace.

In the face of growing antagonism, in order not to jeopardise the safety of others in the marketplace, the shop-owners decided to call it a day, leave the market and rush through the refurbishment of their new premises in Lincoln.

The nasty fundamentalist trouble-makers then celebrated again, claiming to have succeeded in putting them out of business for a 'second' time.

The new Bridge of Dreams shop is tucked away down an arcade situated in a secondary location. Yet within days of its opening fundamentalists had located the shop and , unbelievably, began their terror-tactics again, using the local newspapers as their 'Witches Hammer' and repeating outrageous and untrue allegations.

Typically the Lincoln media, inconsiderate to the consequences, gave these pernicious people front page headlines yet again.

A spate of 'anonymous complaints' brought a long queue of local authority officers to the shop. Complaints of Noise, fire-risks, public health and so on; all designed, so the shop owners maintain, as a form of terrorism by religious terrorists who immorally work the system to suit themselves.

Bookshop Petrol-bombed

Interior shot of the
                    Bridge of Dreams After the Firebomb

The new Bridge of Dreams shop was open for just a few weeks before it was finally petrol-bombed.

The perpetrators have yet to be found but there is no doubt in the minds of the shop-owners and many thousands of people in the New Age movement that here is yet another example of the inevitable violence which people of alternative beliefs have to suffer if they refuse to capitulate to the Cultural Supremacists of Christian fanaticism.

For the past four years the S.A.F.F. has been warning the media and the government of this country about the growing political influence and hidden social agenda of the fundamentalist lobby, but nobody has bothered to take our views seriously or come and look at our evidence. The biggest mistake our so-called leaders have made is to underestimate the impact of fundamentalism nationally and to consider all fundamentalists to be hare-brained seven day wonders.

This is not the first time politicians have made such a mistake. Many of you may remember that during the Sixties, the British Press applied a similarly shortsighted approach by publishing lampooning articles which ridiculed the newly reformed I.R.A. They showed pictures of I.R.A. 'troops' undergoing secret training with broomsticks instead of guns and passed the whole thing off as a seven day wonder. A mistake which is having negative repercussions decades later.

Fundamentalists Are Not Misguided

Fundamentalist 'generals' are certainly not peripheral crackpots. Their stated intentions are clever and clear and, like Hitler (who outlined his intentions against the Jews in his Mine Kampf decades before he came to power) their writings show that they know exactly where they are going and how to get there.

These fundamentalist leaders number amongst the most well-informed and influential in the land and many are esconsed within National Institutions, well-placed to advise and direct the future course of Britain towards their sectarian ends. Why else would they have 'Breakfast Prayer Meetings on a regular basis in the Houses of Parliament?  Such people will rarely be found in market-places handing out leaflets, they leave that kind of thing to the disposable dimwits whom their doctrines are designed to incite.

Observers should discard their intellectual smuggery and face the facts. Anyone who is capable of manipulating the entire British population into a hysterical panic over Satanic Abuse for five years whilst commandeering the Department of Health and almost every local and national police force in the process  can hardly be described as incapable when that is precisely what they set out to do in the first place!

Add to this the manipulation of central/local governnment, the judiciary and hundreds of MPs into squandering millions of pounds of taxpayers money on financing a wild goose chase, ( from which many of their own charitable organisations benefit in the way of project grants, propaganda and public support), and you begin to wonder whether it is the fundamentalists who are loony, or people who refuse to see what they are doing and let them get away with it.

Decades of Warnings Go Unheeded

For years the S.A.F.F. has been warning that these people knowingly hi-jack the high moral ground and prey on national and racial xenophobias. But their power play is global in context. This tranche here may act as though they are British but their first allegiance is to their sectarian beliefs.  They may hi-jack the moral high-ground but morality is not their major goal. They may act as though they have the best interests of our Nation at heart; but in reality they seek to manipulate the folds of democracy in order to reinstate a GLOBAL THEOCRACY based on strict biblical writ in which our nation will be just an ancilliary part.

This can be clearly seen by the public when it applies to Islam. There is no question that Islamic fundamentalists aim to impose a theocracy upon their nations and the world, yet when it comes to the same thing happening more subtly under the average citizens' noses the media are not only silent about the risks to society, but actively participate in the tacit conspiracy to restrict and censor freedom of religious belief by ramping-up the ancient untrue stereotypes about human sacrifice and evil deeds whenever the fundies tell them to!

Which is more despicable, the fundamentalist wolves disguised as ordinary Christians; or the sheep who allow them to achieve their ends by doing nothing to help innocent people like the owners of The Bridge of Dreams?

Continuous examples of extensive prejudice, discrimination and victimisation reach our offices daily. The terrible and unnecessary tragedy experienced by the owners of Bridge of Dreams is just one part of a continuous breach of human rights which the British authorities are turning a blind eye to.

Spiritually minded, honest and well meaning people are suffering repetitive bouts of institutionalised prejudice, arson, vandalism, wrongful incarceration, break-up of loving families and terrible victimisations. Such conflicts would be condemned out of hand if they were based on race or sexual discrimination.

Our politicians pompously condemn such victimisation when it occurs in other countries, yet even the most radical parliamentarians and liberal minded politicians make excuses when it happens on their own doorstep.

New Laws Protect a Little

Of course since the persecution of the Bridge of Dreams new Religious and Racial Hatred laws have been put in place in Britain which mean that what happened to the owners of the Bridge of Dreams would today be classed as a crime of Religious Hatred but  don't let this fool you into thinking that it couldn't happen again in a more subtle  way.  Plenty of  instances of religious hatred fall through the gaps because the  police and  govt.  decide not to follow through with a prosecution for politicial reasons.  The very same turning of  a blind eye which  caused the Bridge of Dreams so much trouble.

Hypocrisy of the Establishment

Instead of pursuing the perpetrators of real and terrible crimes against innocent New Age people we have Scotland Yard's 'pythonesque' Satan Squad which spends all its time attempting to discover whether Satanic Abuse Exists!  Our politicians keep quiet about these things because they are given to short-term solutions and cannot see the long-term dangers of attempting to brush such injustice under the carpet.

There is a tacit understanding that it really does not matter in the long-run and that some of those 'awful' Pagan people perhaps might actually deserve all they get. Our politicians do not understand that there is an insidious wave of intolerance coming towards us ALL, regardless of religious belief, which if not checked, will destroy co-existence between competing facets of our society at ALL levels and including ALL minority groupings.

This has happened before; there is no excuse for ignorance. The unnecessary religious conflict between protestants and catholics created England's only Civil War.  The 'Reformation' created rifts which still cause killing and murder in Northern Ireland today.

State within a State

A State within a State is forming right now. The Absolutists owe allegiance to Divine authority before Nation or Democracy. They attempt control without accountability. They can be seen but they will not stand up and be counted until they have already won the war of domination over all other religious beliefs, not just paganism.

One only has to look at the effect of fundamentalism in the Middle East and meditate upon the conflict between the Koran and the Bible to discover the real reason for the Gulf War. 

One only has to ponder on the demise of the Russian nuclear threat and the inevitability of the 'Islamic Bomb' to see the shift of the world power structure into an arena where values will be based on Holy Writ and where political compromise takes second place.

One only has to compare the recent route to power of fundamentalism in the  Middle East with the rise of White Supremacist Neo-Fascists in France and Germany to see the same appeal to mindless xenophobia which self-seeks the destruction of everyone else. How many more innocent people will have to suffer before people listen and act upon this information?

Solutions which when their need becomes obvious, will be by then well past their sell-by date. If the problem is not addressed by choice, the crisis will have to be tackled later. The politicians dare not grasp this nettle. The majority of them owe their position to Christian voters. That means individuals like YOU have to get the debate going and become aware and informed. The S.A.F.F. can provide extensive background information and documentary evidence about the situation for all seriously interested observers.

(c) world copyright holdler: The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (S.A.F.F.) Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K.
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Think this constant hidden persecution of non-Christians by Christians who are aided and abetted by the Institutions of State is a rare occurrence? Then learn of The Seekers Temple scandal below: 

The Township of Beebe in Arkansas should forever hang it's head in shame for the way they have victimised and persecuted the Seekers Temple, run by a man and wife Pagan couple.   Bert and Felicia, the owners of The Seekers Temple made three crucial mistakes when relocating their business to Beebe. The first was that like many pagans they thought their beliefs, being essentially inoccuous and tolerant, would be recognised as such by others in a liberal world. The second was opening across the street from a Christian church which was always going to see their 'temple' as  'Satan's challenge to Christianity', and the third was their ignorance in their choice of name for their shop and temple. 'The Seekers' was originally a prophetic Chicago based Cult in the 1950s who had apocalyptic beliefs and links to Hubbard;  but the name The Seekers was also re-applied to an imaginary group in a list of threats by satan-hunters in the 1990 Satanic Ritual Abuse myth.  Anyone seeking negative prejudicial information on 'The Seekers Temple' would have easily found propaganda to confirm their bigotry.    We shall let the pair tell their story in their own words:

How The Christian Mafia Gave the Old One-Two to a pair of niave Pagans with the criminal help of local authorities and police.

  " I have been a Pagan Priest since 1985.  I am also a disabled vet from the U.S. Army and a stay-at-home father.  My wife is also a Pagan Priest.  We opened Seekers Temple in 2008 Dec 13.  We were in operation in El Paso, AR. until 2013 Jan, when we moved to Beebe, AR.  The Pagans of Beebe, AR. had ask us to move here, as it is a more public location, making it more convenient for a great deal of Arkansas Pagans to find.  

    We spent nine months in negotiations for our house (2013 June - 2014 Mar).  It has a building which is of the size and location we needed to move our temple and store into.  During this time, we talked to Mayor Mike Robertson about our intent to move our church in that building.  The mayor was very nice to us and welcomed us and even gave us useful information, such as the local utilities we would need to contact.  He even sold us three couches from his furniture store to put in the new home.  

    About the last week of Jan, we noticed the town had a nice park where we could hold our annual event, Arkansas Pagan Pride (now in its 12th year).  We ask the town parks manager about renting it.  He was very helpful, like everyone else,  and told us they rent the whole park for the weekend to the Boy Scouts for $600.  Since we only needed a small part of it for one day, he said that price could come way down for us.  We told him that our event involved the vending of items and we needed to know the rules on knives and herbs.  Since he didn’t seem to understand why a church would have knives and herbs, we pointed out our web page ( and ask him to let us know if there was anything that would not be allowed in the park.   

    Until that time, we had talked about our church but it had not come up that we were a Pagan church.  Once they saw the site, the city told us they could not rent the ball park to us unless we would pay them $600 for one pavilion for one day (the rate they charge for the whole park for the whole weekend to others) and we would have to agree not to vend anything (knowing this was part of the event).  So we declined the park.  

    Before we could even got unpacked, get a permit and put a sign out, the city delivered a Cease and Desist notice and told us we must shut down all aspects of Seekers Temple.  We ask how they could shut us down when we had not opened and what we had done to cause this and the officer said “Well, you were going to open, and now you’re not”.  We were also given a Denial for a Permit to open, even though we had not yet applied for it.  

    We ask for and was granted a meeting with the mayor.  As he had encouraged us with our church before, we felt there must be some misunderstanding.  During this meeting, the mayor told us we would not be opening a Pagan anything in his town.  When we told him we wanted to talk to the town counsel about this, he told us that if we showed our face at the town meeting, we would not be on the docket and we would not be heard.  We told the mayor that this seemed like Religious Persecution and he responded with “I don’t care, it’s not going to happen”.  (We later found that he is on record at ’Having God’s back’ and being against anything not Christian.  This leads us to ask if he can truly represent a town fairly).

    Mayor Robertson said that we were not zoned for a church or business, so we pointed out two churches across the street.  He said that our side of the street is not zoned for it, so we pointed out commercial property for sale next to us and a business out of a barn next to that and a business out of a house next to that (run by our alderman).  He said that the business zone ends at our property and was not allowed from there on down, so we pointed out a business next to us on the other side, run out of a home.  He said that in Beebe, they zone individual property and ours was not zoned for it, so we ask what we had to do to get it re-zoned.  He said we do not have enough parking, so we pointed out that we have more parking than some of the restaurants in town and much more than the other businesses run out of homes.  He said there was no way we were having our church there, so we ask about just opening the store and keeping our group as a small in-house meeting of friends.  He admitted that he can not stop us from having friends over, but that he would be watching and he would break it up if we had too many people over (true to his word, police sit and watch our house often).  He said we would have to speak with the city attorney about opening a store and what we could have in it and he would have that person call us (this never happened) and that was the end of our meeting.  We have ask many times since then, but he has not granted us another meeting.  

    On 2014 Mar 14 we decided to go to City Hall and officially ask for the permit.   
We had been turned down without even applying, but we thought we would officially apply anyway.  The secretary called the mayor and said on the phone “He is standing right here in front of me”.  And after a few moments of listening to him, she hung up and told me the mayor said “We will not be granting any permit of any kind to you”.  We were then informed (though they would not put it in writing) that we could not have any application, that there would be no permit of any kind for us and that we could not speak with the city attorney as previously promised.  We  were convinced by this that we had a clear case of Religious Persecution.  We called the FBI, who told us that the City obstructing us was a Civil matter and they could not get involved.

    After that, we started getting visits from the Lighthouse Pentecostal Church from across the street.  They gave us pamphlets and invited us to come worship at their church.  
Surprised they had somehow missed the van, which clearly states
Pagan Temple and Store

We pointed it out to them and explained that we were Pagan and would not be interested in their church.  The next time they came, we insisted that they not come over again with this already declined invitation.  The last time they came, the person who we would later find to be Bishop John Scheel began to warn us of the ’evil trickery of the Pagan Devil’ and how it would be best if we came to the church.  At this, I got insistent that we have no interest in his church and began to talk about the fact that we don’t have a ’devil’ nor do we believe in ’evil’.  Mr. Scheel began, in a military style to say “Yes Sir!” very loudly.  Being disabled from the Army, this insulted me, so I closed the door in his face.   

    The Lighthouse Pentecostal Church then built a working lighthouse on their front lawn and began beaming a spotlight across our house every FIVE seconds (that is the time it takes to spin around and hit us again.  This was not only annoying to my wife, and causing me nightmares, as I suffer from PTSD, but also began disturbing the sleep of our children (four year old Isis and one year old Bertram IV).  Isis would come into our room and tell us that someone is shining a light in her window.  

    I went to the church and was given the number, which I called about the light.  They would raise the beam for a day or two, but still hit our trees and light up our house, and then they would lower it again.  I would call and they would raise it for a few days and then lower it again.  This went on for weeks and then they began to just ignore our complaints.  So, I went to the church and ask for a meeting with the elders.  They ignored us.  

On 2014 May 21, as the members of the church were gathering, I walked into the church and ask for there attention.  I told them what was going on and how the Pastor and the Elders were ignoring our pleas.  I asserted that we did not believe they would all approve of what was going on and ask for their help in talking to their church leaders about not harassing us.  I left the church and went home in the hopes of having a meeting with some of the members and finding a solution.  Instead of having members show up, I was ask to come out of my home by three police officers and told we were no longer welcome at the Lighthouse Pentecostal Church.  The officers told me I would have to take the matter to the courts and they left.  I have not been over there since.  

    The next week, to the day, 2014 May 28, two officers came and arrested me for Disorderly Conduct and Harassing Communications.  This had been filled by Jason E. Scheel and John Scheel.  The City must have informed Mr. Scheel that they were coming to arrest me as is evident by his sitting in a car across the street watching me be arrested.  We had to pay $320 to get me out of jail with a plea date of July 9.  

    We called the FBI again and were told now that they have had me arrested, a file could be started.  I am told by the Prosecutor that I could face up to $2,000 in fines and a year in jail for calling the church (though I had been given the number) and going onto church property and asking them to stop harassing us with the light (though I had been invited).  The Prosecutor also tells me that he will not file against the church leaders for coming to our temple and for calling us.  Somehow, when they do it, there is no crime.  

    The Lighthouse Pentecostal Church continues to make my home and temple look like a prison camp with the spotlight coming over our heads every five seconds, but the police tell us they don’t have a disturbing the peace law in the town of Beebe, AR. and we can not stop them from shining the spotlight.  Both our temple and our family are being harassed in this manner in a clear effort to remove us from the town of Beebe and we are asking for any help we can get.  

    We simply want to complete the move of Seekers Temple to the town of Beebe, AR. and to be allowed to worship in peace.  

 We are asking that people write a letter of support in opening our temple in Beebe, AR. and send it to the

City of Beebe. 321 North Elm Street, Beebe, AR. 72012 

Thank you for your time and for any help you can be to Seekers Temple, 
Blessed Be,  

Bert and Felicia,  High Priest and Priestess of ,
Seekers Temple  
608 E. DeWitt Henry Dr.  
Beebe, AR.  72012  
870-448-6473  "

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