The subject of censorship and the suppression of alternative beliefs is a serious business so here is some comic relief.

The North of England has produced some of the UK's most accomplished comedians and most of their material comes from an acid look at real life. . Here's one that was coined during the Rochdale Satanic Abuse fiasco. Other 'end-time' paranoia was running parallel to the SRA myth and we had a manic debate in the ever ludicrous British press about 'Devil Dogs', mostly demonising Rottweilers and American Pit Bull terrier breeds after several attacks on children.

Q: What's the difference between a Social Worker and a Rottweiler?
A: You get your children back from a Rottweiler.

A humanitarian, a lawyer and a catholic priest are on a ship when it starts to sink.
The humanitarian says: "Save the women and children"
The lawyer says : "Fuck the women and children!"
The priest says : "You two can have the women."

Naughty but true - see this special SAFF report

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