SAFF research and analysis proven right again! Three decades after SAFF published the historic report below which church apologists decried, the government's own Historic Inquiry into child abuse in the Catholic Church concluded that everything the SAFF said was correct. The RC church had colluded to hide abusive priests within its ranks and knowingly covered-up nationwide repetitive abuse of small children. See bottom of this web page for full details:

Perverted Vicar or Priest


"The Historic FIRST Document Which Exposed
The World-Wide Scandal of Christian Child Abuse Which The Child Welfare Charities
Kept Hidden From Your Gaze.



The following extensive research was exclusively complied by the S.A.F.F. to provide incontrovertible proof of the existence of repetitive child abuse within the Christian Church and evidence the fact that it is often covered up both by the churches themselves AND the charities who are supposed to protect children from abuse. Although Priestly Abuse is now acknowledged as a reality this document was the FIRST public expose of this terrible problem which all the other child welfare authorities and the media had for decades swept under the carpet.

At the time we first printed The Black Museum of Priestly Abuse it caused outrage. We were accused of being reactionary liars with a sectarian axe to grind, but over the years as our findings were confirmed time and time again the public's attitude changed until it now begrudingly admits the true awfulness of a society which would sooner stand by whilst little children were consistently abused by members of the clergy than challenge sanctified people about their crimes. The presentation of the Black Museum of Priestly Abuse below reflects the stridency which was necessary to overcome disbelief and shock people out of their complacency at the time it was first published.

  Children are at risk from Priests and nobody in authority will dare to address the problem.   This pamphlet and its following statistical analysis is of supreme importance to Social Workers, child care professionals and Government.  Private individuals should NOT read this pamphlet any further if they are easily shocked or of a sensitive disposition

1978: Priest John Lenihan 44, admitted molesting a girl victim repetitively from ages 13 until 15.

1978: Christian Brother working at Mount Cashel orphanage convicted of repeated sexual assaults on two 8 year old boys. Eight other Brothers were also tried in the same scandal.

1982: Vicar who plies 2 young altar boys (10 & 12) with alcohol and then indecently assaults them gets 5 years at Liverpool Crown Court. Rev Evans, former chaplain at Norwich prison assaulted one boy after he had been placed in care.

1982: Three year old child beaten to death with a wooden bat by his parents, members of an extremist Christian group, to 'save his soul'.

1982: 35 Yr Old Welsh preacher Roger Cox of Denbigh prayed with his wife Elizabeth before cutting off his penis and throwing it in the fire. Claiming that the DIY operation was carried out in accordance with St Matthew's Gospel Chatper 19 V12. Cox said "I have always desired to serve my Lord as best I can without distraction". His wife was in prefect agreement to the act.

1983: Two year old child is beaten to death by parents at Christian commune in public display of religious discipline. Victim Joseph Green died of shock after his parents hit him for two hours with a wooden bat.

1983: Decomposed body of 10 year old girl discovered at the headquarters of Christian fundamentalist sect who had held praying services for her resurection for several months after they allowed her to die from untreated juvenile diabetes.

1983: Methodist Choirmaster admits repetitive abuse of five year old girl but is only cautioned by police. Parents begin private prosecution but Crown Prosecution Service stymie them.

1983: Fifty children taken into care from Christian commune where a 12 year old boy was beaten to death in what its leaders claim was punishment by God. The beatings were accomplished with a pickaxe handle and occurred whilst the victim was locked into a kind of wooden stocks. "John's death was God's Will' said one leader. God tells you to put the rod to the children's back and that is what we are doing". He insisted that the beatings were necessary for children to enter 'the Kingdom of God'.

1983: Jerald Johns, lay preacher who was never without his bible, accused of raping and assaulting more than 100 women.

1984: Methodist Minister Edgar Ford , 69, admitted to running a mailing list of 100 'young things' and housewives who wanted to pose for amateur and professional photographers' that he had taken photographs of housewives and models himself and that on one occasion he did submit to being photographed by a lady whilst they were both nude.

1985: Rev. John Gargano 67 convicted of 14 counts of rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and child endangerment. His four victims, who were repetitively abused said that the minister represented himself to them as the angel Gabriel.

1985: Methodist minister Emyr Owen a homosexual later found to possess a collection of sado-masochistic pornography was imprisoned by Chester Crown Court for secretly cutting the genitals off corpses of his parishoners which were placed in his care for burial and for threatening to murder a four year old girl. Police found photographs of severed genitals together with knives and surgical implements at Owen's vicarage. Owen was in charge of severalchapels in North Wales and at one time had been the Chaplain to the High Sherrif of Gwyned. Sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.

1985: Christian zealot Michael Feeny described by his wife as a 'religious fanatic' read from the bible; stabbed her repetitively in a frenzy and leaving her for dead jumped to his death from a bridge on the M23.

1985: Church pastor Andrew Hope from Nottingham arrested for soliciting sex from prostitutes

1986: Minister Richard Kearney found guilty of molesting 4 boys over a 5 year period. One victim said he had been abused 20 times and another said he was molested whilst under Confirmation instruction by Kearney.

1987: Vicar pleads guilty after being caught peeping on young women in a changing room at a Leisure Centre sports complex in Yorkshire. Admits he did it because he had been aroused by watching young girls.

1987: Catholic priest who specialised in counselling on child abuse and incest faces charges of importing paedophile videos and slides.

1987: Vicar Cecil Rothery, 63, sentenced to probation at Retford for indecently assaulting a teenage boy.

1987: Jehovah's Witness given 8 years at Chelmsford for raping two girls. Yeates chanted "Satan. Satan" whilst raping them and claimed the devil made him do it.

1988: Pentecostal minister Rev John Terry beheaded one of his parishoners and burned down his church with the body in it in an attempt to assume a new identity and disappear with 25,000 of church money.

1988: Congregational Church Minister Ian Garvock 45, of Lanarkshire found guilty of raping a four year old girl in park. Judge said "The offence was an appalling one of a very severe kind with incalcuable consequences to the young child.

1988: Public school chaplain prosecuted for possessing pornographic pictures of under-age children.

1988: Priest Dino Cinel admitted intending to have sex with young men and was found to possess numerous pornographic videos & magazines of children and teenagers.

1988: Preacher Wilfred Glew sentenced to life at St Albans Crown Court for the unprovoked battering to death of the fiance of a young girl whom he had seduced when she came to him for spiritual guidance.

1988: Baptist minister Johnathen Hamlin shot his live-in girlfriend dead and then went to church and preached. He was sentenced to 15 years.

1988: Massive child porn ring smashed when police officers arrested a church official and siezed cache of indecent video tapes magazines and child pornography photos in a raid on a church in London.

1988: Church of England Vicar Michael Walter, already having served time for indecently assaulting little boys yet allowed to continue his clerical career by the church, is found guilty of further assaults on children.

1988: Stephen Wilcock, religious fanatic and teacher at a Catholic School is exposed as a pervert when hundreds of polaroid snapshots involving Wilcock, a female teacher and teenage pupils in various erotic poses were discovered.

1988: Local church official and foster father Reginald Palmer who played Santa Claus at children's parties tortured boys and girls, one as young as 30 months old, who were stripped naked and filmed in their agonies. At one point he became godfather to one child and then went on to assault the youngster. Palmer strung children upside down by the feet, beat them and encouraged children in his care to play sex games with each other. "Children can be seen and heard screaming, crying, pleading and begging for the defendant to stop" the prosecutor said. Sentenced to Six years at Exeter Crown Court.

1988: Two Vicars, a choirmaster, a solicitor and an already convicted child molester all jailed at Winchester Crown Court on 21 specimen charges of sexual abuse of boys as young as seven which were carried out on them at church outings, at the YMCA and in churchyards. The men made the children take an oath never to breathe a word of what was going on and paid them 1.00 for each session. Sometimes the children's private parts were beaten with a fly swatter.

1988: Born Again Christian Tate who works for a religous magazine, confesses to seducing ten year old girl.

1988: Vicar Trevor Ward jailed for 7 years for using pornographic books to corrupt boys as young as eleven. Ward arranged sex 'threesomes'. Ward admitted offences of indecent assault, gross indecency and buggery over an 8 year period.

1988: Rev. Joseph Got jailed for indecently assaulting a 10 year old boy and taking obscene photographs of him. Glos. Crown Court.

1988: R.A.F. Roman Catholic Priest fined for gross indecency after picking up a man at public toilets and committing sex act in a supermarket car-park.

1988: Mormon preacher from Manchester shoots two women neighbours and then fires random shots from a magnum .35 revolver (for which he had a firearms certificate) before killing himself and his pet Alsation.

1988: A 'God Fearing' 38 yr old Foster Parent sentenced to 4 years for indecently assaulting three girls aged 8 at Bodmin Crown Court.

1989 A 'devout Christian; and a Sunday School teacher, Scott Williams, 29, admitted to raping a 13 year old girl and strangling and beating her to death.

1989: Christian Evangelist Darlene Jackson, 33, starved her 4 year old daughter to death to exorcise her of evil spirits. She was sentenced to 7 years.

1989: 'Church-affiliated psychologists and attorneys concede that, in the past 10 years, hundreds of priests have molested thousands of children in the U.S. More than 600 paedohpiliac priests have been counselled at a New Mexico facility in that time' Aberdeen Press & Journal 7.12.89.

1989: Bartley Dobben, a member Member of a Christian evangelical fellowship killed his sons, aged 2 and 15 months, as a sacrifice to God by putting them into a red-hot foundry ladle because "God had dictated through the bible" that he should do so.

1989: Minister Bernard Ponder 46, already on probation for the sexual abuse of boys now accused of sexually abusing a deaf boy.

1989: Salvation Army member sexually abuses 14 year old girl whom he met at Sunday School. Jailed at York Crown Court.

1989: Chapel child care volunteer charged with 50 counts of of child molestation, kidnapping, child abuse and other offences at Spring Valley church. A former youth minister was convicted of molesting teenagers at the church in the early 1980s.

1989: Baptist Christian fundamentalist found guilty of starting 19 fires at bookstores and sex shops causing 90,000.00 worth of damage and injuring two firemen.

1989: Rev William Thompson 45, Headmaster at an Episcopal church pleaded guilty to charges of child ponrography and molesting 7 boys aged 11 to 16.

1989: A devout British Moslem ritually killed his daughter by saying Bismilla and then slitting her throat and allowing her to bleed to death because she had declared that she was to convert to Christianity after she had been enticed into a gospel meeting by Jehovah's Witnesses.

1989: Robert Messersmith, 46, a catechism instructor found guilty of coercing boys (12 to 15 years) to perform sex acts by showing them pornography.1989: Christian Evangelist Tony Leyva sentenced to 2 years for running a child prostitution ring.

1989: Baptist minister Henry Waters, convicted of sexually abusing young boys whose souls he claimed would be 'saved' through his 'sex instruction'.

1989: Salvation Army Captain Jack Holcomb, 50, pleaded guilty to unlawful intercourse with a 14 year old girl Salvation Army member.

1989: Vicar quits his job after allegations of sexual indecency with girl.

1989: London Vicar and church school Governer exposed, along with the deputy headmaster of the school for 11 year olds, for hosting perverted homosexual parties where drugs are smoked and hard core porno films are screened before group sex orgies commence.

1989: Rev Robert Halverstadt, 61, jailed after admitting to using games, coercion and drugs to sexually molest 3 girls in his congregation. One girl said he gave her something to drink that made her fall asleep.

1989: Bible School teacher Stanley Cummings sentenced to more than 2,000 years in prison after conviction on 60 counts of child molestation and sexual exploitation of minors. Cummings molested, sodomised, photographed and tape recorded beating his victims whom he met through his church.

1989: Foster parent Reverend Robert Schultz, 52, who had been honoured for his voluntary services to the community was sentenced to 30 years after confessing to acts described as 'horribly perverse' on foster children in his care.

1989: Baptist minister William Hendricks, 50, pleaded guilty to sexual assault on his 7 year old girl victim whom he molested on consecrated ground.

1989: Pentecostal evangelist Antonio S Martinez 'married' a 12 year old girl whose grandmother forced her into the arrangement. He first assaulted her when she was 11. He was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault after taking her to a doctor to ask why she wasn't pregnant.

1989: Catholic priest George Bredemann, 47 convicted of molesting boys sent to him for counselling for previous sexual abuse, later admitted 15 similar assaults.

1989: Rev. Thomas Welsch 39, and his wife accomplice were sentenced to 30 years in prison for a string of abuses on twin sisters (13) and a 17 year old girl, both members of his congregation.

1989: Bible fanatic Jehovah's Witness Robin Baker who attended church three times a week beat up a mother of three who disagreed with his beliefs. Baker knocked her down, dragged her by the hair and punched and kicked her. The year previously Baker had assaulted a disabled woman. He was sentenced to a year's imprisonment.

1989: Christian Childcare worker Heath Turner, employed by First United Methodist Church convicted of sexually abusing a child in his care with toy boat, finger, and ice.

1989: Six girls abused by Rev Francis Haight, Baptist leader, sentenced to 20 years.

1990: 'Praying Rapist' murders 68 year old woman after raping her. Man repeats Church periapts whilst committing his horrible sex attacks on aged women in South East London.

1990: British & American Catholic church officials shuttle around a priest accused of child sexual abuse who is evading arrest. Priest eventually extradited and sentenced to 6 years for sexually abusing 4 boys.

1990: Christian Evangelists rioted with police when they tried to question a member of the congregation in Kensington. A police van was set upon, a sergeant was dragged out and punched in the face and another officer was spat on whilst the mob tried to turn the van over.

1990: Bishop tries to hush-up Goat in Churchyard sex scandal of divorcee and Vicar by persuading her to destroy erotic love letters. Vicar had seduced the divorcee after calling on her to give advice on treating an ache in her shoulder.

1990: Slough Christian Social Worker sentenced to jail at Old Bailey for taking indecent photographs of a mentally retarded 8 year old boy. His job was to look after handicaped children to give parents a break.

1990: A Bradford man described in mitigation by his church leader as a 'devoted practising Christian' made menacing telephone calls to young mothers threatening to throw acid in their children's faces, stab and burn them.

1990: Vicar's wife runs off with 14 year old choirboy. Vicar claims the lad is a "son of satan" . "This unholy union is the work of the devil"

1990: Cathedral Sidesman jailed for life for murdering his mistress and her new lover. Clive Crawshaw, well connected with leading clergymen in Exeter, poured petrol over his victims and set them alight.

1990: Pentecostal Minister D Stenhouse from Solihull sent to jail after admitting five charges of indecently assaulting boys aged 12 to 15.

1990: Priest Domenico Bernard, 65 arrested for molesting women who came to his home for distressed females.

1990: Priest James Morrow found guilty of attacking pregnant woman at abortion clinic. Morrow had appeared in court four times in the previous year for similar protests.

1990: Archbishop Penney resigns following report of him having ignored or denied reports of child sex abuse by Catholic Priests. Sinc

1988 TWENTY of his priests have been convicted of sexually abusing boys.

1990: Catholic Priest Anton Mowat 45, pleaded guilty to sexually molesting four altar boys between ages 12 and 14. Sentenced to 6 years imprisonment in May for 2 charges of child molestation , two of cruelty to children, two of enticing boys for indecent purposes and four charges of battery.

1990: Priest Kenneth Arkley, pleaded guilty at Old Bailey to soliciting homeless young 'runaways' for sex at railway stations and repetitive homosexual acts with underage youth in his love nest.

1990: Rev Gordon Haggarty, TV vicar and celebrity jailed for lewd and libidinous practices at Edinburgh Crown Court. He bound, blindfolded and gagged girls in his care aged from 8 to 12 years, then took photographs of them.

1990: Nineteen members of Roman Catholic lay order charged with 149 counts of physical and sexual abuse at a boys training school (now closed down)

1990: Jehovah's Witness Thomas Rosserr, 38, pleaded guilty to two sexual intercourse with a 13 year old girl at Bible Classes and was sentenced to 21 months at Teeside Crown Court.

1990: Prison Chaplain replies to sexual contact mag advert and is blackmailed after writing pornographic letters about his erotic fantasies.

1990: Priests of a wealthy Roman Catholic break-away sect are given emergency hospital treatment after self-castration. Followers of the Christian sect are also reported to insert rings through their genitals as penitence or to prevent sexual temptation.

1990: Rev Stephen Horkin pays rent-boy to sadistically abuse him whilst dressing up as the devil.

1990: Methodist Reverend Paul Flowers, vice--chairman of Rochdale social services committee which had control over the Rochdale Satanic Abuse Cases is discovered to have a conviction for indecency during the height of the allegations. Flowers was caught in a public lavatory with another man.

1991: Lord Justice Butler-Sloss (author of the definitive Cleveland report on child abuse) cautioned a Christian 'religious fanatic' who had appealed to see his two children who feared him because of his obsession with Christianity. He had tried to force his strict beliefs on the children and they were frightened of him when he questioned their own beliefs. The judge said "Don't push your beliefs too far or you may lose them forever."

1991: Priest allows filming and broadcast of the 'exorcism' of 16 year old girl who is tied down and traumatised with spitting, screaming and retching.

1991: Rev Elias Sark convicted of rape and gross sexual imposition on a female parishioner.

1991: A Christian religious fanatic whose father had died after drinking strychnine during a service was killed during another church service where attendees were encouraged to handle Snakes.

1991: Church Choir tenor and dole fraud investigator Ian MacKenzie, 35, was jailed for four years for sexually assaulting boys aged between 12 and 14. MacKenzie forced them into felatio after making them shackle him with chains and rope and then thrashing him with a horsewhip. 1991: Rev. John Stockwell found guilty of kerb-crawling and soliciting prostitutes.

1991: Fallen priest Roy Yanke robbed 14 banks and stole 24,000. Yanke admitted spending the money on his obsession with prostitutes.

1991: Church Organist Vincent Smith jailed at Leeds Crown Court for repetitive sexual abuse of a 9 year old boy which extended over a six year period.

1991: Priest Norbert LaCosse, sentenced to 15 years for molesting his 12 year old Altar boy, admitted to repeatedly abusing him.

1991: Rev G Snow, 38 jailed for sexually assaulting a 10 year old boy. Police found two suitcases filled with indecent photographs of boys and men in Snow's vicarage.

1991: 52 yr old Priest pleaded guilty to sexually abusing children aged 13 to 15 in dormitories whilst they slept. He was the second priest to be convicted in the scandal.

1991: Evangelist preacher Alan Bradley of Skipton convicted of indecent behaviour. Caught by police after revealing himself to young girls wearing a rubber penis and false breasts.

1991: Catholic Priest tape recorded soliciting sex from policewoman. Priest Dominic Candappa (official exorcist) entrapped and arrested between church services on Good Friday.

1991: Baptist Minister Ashby Breneman gets 18 yrs for molesting six boys at a Christian Youth Camp he ran.

1991: 62 yr old Sunday School teacher sentenced to 10 years for sexually assaulting numerous children who attended Sunday School classes.

1991: Baptist Minister Rev. Robert Burton charged after admitting long-term serious sexual abuse of his six and eight year old stepsons.

1991: Pentecostal Religious teacher who already had convictions for indecency against chldren was allowed to teach bible classes at a Cornwall church and used his position to sexually assault an 8 year old boy who attended his classes.

1991: Minister Alfred Gatehouse 62, sentenced to 10 years for sodomy and soliciting paid sex with teenage girls.

1991: Baptist Minister Larry Bernard 45, sentenced to 7 years for molesting a boy of 14.

1991 Reverend S Pusateria 40, sentenced to 6 years for criminal sexual assault. He molested his victim repeatedly for over a year.

1991: Priest sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for repeatedly sexually assaulting a 13 year old boy.

1991: 51yr old Minister's Wife convicted of inducing a minor in her foster care to engage in sexual intercourse. -------------


 This list finalised July 1991. Every case has been thoroughly researched and can be fully supported with documented evidence of dates, places, court records, sources, times and names. It is highly abbreviated here for practical purposes but we can say that the details of the abuses are exceedingly horrible and many exhibit virtually identical abuses to those alleged to take place in so-called Satanic Ritualised Abuse. We invite further correspondence and offer free research facilities on all our data to any serious enquirer.

FREQUENCY OF CHRISTIAN RITUAL ABUSE: The S.A.F.F. only began collecting, collating and analysing Sexual Abuse linked with ecclesiastics during 1989 hence the sample of cases grew as our scope and ability to source them increased. The early years are therefore sparse but this reflects the lack of attention so far applied to them. Since 1978 we have logged over ONE HUNDRED convictions of Christian Ritualised Abuse. Compare these DEFINITE cases with the six uncorroborated cases promoters of Satanic Ritualised Abuse have unearthed over the same period and the true nature of both is immediately apparent. The average yearly level of abuse going by our 1989/90 & 91 figures can be considered representational at two dozen cases per year, a shocking figure. We did not collate cases prior to 1989 and we must remember that not all cases are detected and brought to court but applying the average from the firm statistics we do have we come up with the terrible result that whilst Time Tate and his pro-SRAMists have been occupying the nation with sensationalism about six cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse, more than TWO HUNDRED cases of Christian Ritual Abuse are likely to have occurred. The tragedy of the suffering of innocent children in this situation is too miserable to contemplate.

COVERAGE: Please note that we have NOT included ALL the cases we have on file. There are many further cases which we have researched which confirm the overall picture but which are insignificantly unique and which we have therefore left out. These are open to scrutiny if needed. We also have a large pile of quite serious and shocking Christian Ritual Abuse cases which were reported mid-trial and which look likely to have ended in convictions but which we have not yet sourced the verdicts for.

STATISTICAL COMPARISONS: The data from our research is now large enough to form predictions of the yearly frequency of what can now be seen to be a very serious problem of Christian Ritual Abuse. We are not here looking at a sporadic and unusual manifestation of Christian Ritual Abuse caused by a handful of rogue Vicars. The shocking facts are that statistics show a definite and continuing proportion of the clergy who are pre-disposed to commit terrible crimes against children in their care. This phenomenon carries across all age levels and is represented in novitiates as well as established ecclesiastics - it is not a passing node which will eventually dissipate itself given time. Action must be called for from government to deal with this problem. Additionally it has to be said that a not insignificant portion of these Christian Ritual Abusers re-offend when allowed to continue in their work.

CONCLUSIONS AND CONTINGENCIES: We want to know what our social services and the Department of Health are doing about this crisis and why they haven't identified it as a problem? Why was it left to us to highlight? Additionally we would like to know why there has been such an immense amount of professional time and resources squandered over the past three years upon the Wild Goose chase of so-called Satanic Ritualised Abuse, when its leading promoter , journalist Tim Tate, has only been able to cobble together six possible cases in the past eight years? (an average of 1.3 cases per year)Even if we leave aside the argument over validation of these cases; even if we avoid the controversy over whether Satanic Abuse actually exists (and our research shows that it does not) then we are still left with the statistical certainty that more than 100 children WILL be abused by Christian Sexual Abusers EVERY year yet Social Workers have 'turned a blind eye' to this DEFINITE sickening threat to the well-being of our nation's children in favour of chasing the Devil. This certainly isn't through ignorance of Christian Sexual Abuse for the profession is well aware of the problem but seems to avoid addressing it as a public issue whenever it can. Ray Wyre, head of the Gracewell Clinic for male sexual abusers, one of the countries foremost experts in child-abuse re-offenders, and an advisor to many local social services departments. He has admitted that Christian Ritualised Abuse is a well-known phenomenon within social work. He is on record as saying:

"I have worked with more vicars who have abused than ever Satan Worshippers"

(Interview with the Northern Echo, August 24 1990)

Additionally as early as 1987, Dianne Core of the CHILDWATCH group acknowledged the problem with Christian Ritualised Abuse by personally travelling to London to present a confidential 'dossier' to the Archbishop of Canterbury which involved data on 10 Christian Ritual Abuse cases under Childwatch surveillance, five of which were then unresolved. No specific action was taken by Lambeth Palace on this issue in response to the dossier and a year later Ms Core took an entirely different tack and became one of the major players in promoting the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Had Ms Core forgotten about Christian Ritualised Abuse? Did Ms Core's surveillance of the child abuse scene fail to catch the HUNDREDS of cases of Christian Ritual Abuse which occurred during the next few years? And what about her parliamentary representative Geoffrey Dickens? During 1987 he was claiming that

"There had been a significant increase in homosexual clergymen leading to an increase in abuse of young boys"

Yet by 1988 he had joined forces with Ms Core to become a major player in the promotion of the idea of Satanic Ritualised Abuse and has not made mention of Christian Ritualised Abuse since. Additionally, why is it that, in his scouring of court records on child-abuse to obtain data for his recent book "Children for the Devil - Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crime " in which he attempts, and fails, to prove a connection, the journalist Tim Tate never stumbled across or became alerted to the significant frequency of cases of Christian Ritualised Abuse? So if those at the leading edge of social work, child-care and the treatment of sexual abuse offenders are aware of the risk, why have they spent so much time, like Mr Tate, flogging the dead horse of Satanic Ritual Abuse and ignoring Christian Ritual Abuse? Our data shows that sentences for NON-clerics who abuse are very much stronger than for clerics whose crimes tend to be looked upon as 'abnormalities' of behaviour. Yet our research shows that their crimes are anything but. They are predictable, repetitive and, unfortunately, far from 'abnormal' in the general way of things.


Methods and contacts put in place to research the groundbreaking Black Museum of Priestly Abuse continued to net further cases as expected. Wider coverage (including information sent to the SAFF by people who had read BM1] resulted in the publication of a much larger dossier of evil paedophile acts by priests and clergymen in the SAFF's BLACK MUSEUM II. which was published several years later. The S.A.F.F.s dogged research for BMII confirmed the resuls of BM1 but the increased bandwidth UPPED the statistical incidence of child abuse by priests to THREE per week. Our research categorically proves that Clergymen are a MAJOR factor in the abuse of children accounting for at least 150 cases PER YEAR and EVERY YEAR, yet the self-righteous 'advocates of children' who have become obsessed with Satan Hunting turned a blind eye. That suits the churches very well of course. Those hollier-than-thou people who have pursued the 'smokescreen' of Satanic Ritual Abuse have aided and abetted the abuse of children, NOT alleviated it. Copies of BM2 can be see here.  

(c) world copyright holders July 1991: The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (S.A.F.F.) Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K.
Extracts from the above research may be used copyright free and without prior permission providing that this copyright statement, including the html link, is attached to it. Any use of this information without this statement is a breach of copyright. Would users please alert us to their link so we can reciprocate.

British government Inquiry into Priestly Abuse finds Church Cover-up.

Damning report says Catholic Church put own reputation over the welfare of vunerable children

By Nigel Barlow -

The Catholic Church prioritised its own reputation over the welfare of vulnerable children, with its moral purpose betrayed by those who sexually abused children, according to an independent inquiry.

The 162 page report by the the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse found that ” the Catholic Church repeatedly failed to support victims and survivors, while taking positive action to protect alleged perpetrators, including moving them to different parishes,” the inquiry said.

“Victims described the profound and lifelong effects of abuse, including depression, anxiety, self-harming and trust issues.”

Between 1970 and 2015, the Catholic Church received more than 900 complaints involving over 3,000 instances of child sexual abuse in England and Wales. Since 2016, there have been more than 100 reported allegations each year. The true scale of abuse over the last 50 years is likely to have been far higher.

This report finds that the Catholic Church repeatedly failed to support victims and survivors, while taking positive action to protect alleged perpetrators, including moving them to different parishes. Victims described the profound and lifelong effects of abuse, including depression, anxiety, self-harming and trust issues.

In recent years, senior leaders have been resistant to external oversight and have only partially implemented the recommendations of previous reviews, such as the 2001 Nolan report and 2007 Cumberlege report.

As the most senior Catholic leader in England and Wales, Cardinal Nichols should be leading by example. However, when he apologised for the Catholic Church’s failings in our 2018 hearing, he did not acknowledge any personal responsibility or show compassion for victims in the recent cases we examined.

At times, the report finds, Cardinal Nichols has shown he cares more about the impact of child sexual abuse on the Catholic Church’s reputation than on victims and survivors.

The Holy See and the Apostolic Nuncio, its ambassador to the UK, did not provide a witness statement to this Inquiry despite repeated requests. They had been asked about the Apostolic Nuncio’s involvement in handling child sexual abuse allegations at Ealing Abbey, as well as other issues. The Inquiry could not understand their lack of cooperation. 

[SAFF edit: Compare this official Church obfuscation with the very same situation during the Irish government's investigation into abusing priests in the Ryan & Murphy Reports in the panel below.  Clear evidence of an organised cover-up.]

So arrogant and powerful did the Irish Church feel itself to be that the cover-up went right through the Vatican. When the report's authors contacted the Vatican a cover-up began:

Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza, the Irish papal nuncio failed to respond to a request from the Murphy inquiry because...wait for it....

' the government-ordered inquiry did not go through the appropriate diplomatic channels.'

But this fine example of priestly double-talk was not the only one.    In 2006, the commission wrote to the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith asking for reports about clerical sexual abuse that had been sent to it from the Dublin archdiocese over a 30-year period. The congregation did not respond.

A year later the inquiry wrote to Archbishop Giuseppe Lanzzarotto, asking him to forward any documents in his possession relating to clerical abuse in the Dublin diocese, or to confirm that he had no such material. The archbishop did not reply.   
Full article:

The report concludes that the Holy See’s actions stand in direct contrast with Pope Francis’ public statement on child sexual abuse in 2019, calling for “concrete and effective actions that involve everyone in the Church”.

The Inquiry has held seven weeks of public hearings in this investigation, including case studies into the English Benedictine Congregation and the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

It makes seven recommendations to better protect children in future, focusing on key issues including leadership, training and external auditing.

Professor Alexis Jay OBE, Chair of the Inquiry, said:

“For decades, the Catholic Church’s failure to tackle child sexual abuse consigned many more children to the same fate.

“It is clear that the Church’s reputation was valued above the welfare of victims, with allegations ignored and perpetrators protected.

“Even today, the responses of the Holy See appear at odds with the Pope’s promise to take action on this hugely important problem.

“While some progress has been made, there still needs to be lasting change to culture and attitudes to avoid repeating the failures of the past.”

Full IICSA report available at:

News Report:

Breaking News On Irish Priestly Abuse Scandal : Breaking News on Irish Priestly Abuse Scandal : Breaking News on Irish Priestly Abuse Scandal :


The mighty waves of truth flowing out following the groundbreaking work of the SAFF on the incidences of Priestly Abuse have reached tsunami proportions in Ireland where a recent official report actually exposed collusion between the Catholic Church of Ireland and the Irish Government to hide thousands of cases of child abuse by Catholic Clergy.

Only a person who is blind, deaf and dumb can now repudiate the claims we originally made twenty years ago, yet the Satan Hunters in Social work are still wasting their time and child-care resources at Satan Seminars to learn how to detect the phantom of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse!

Note well that they are NOT attending Seminars about the epidemic of abuse of children by Priests and the Clergy! Social Workers have not set up working groups and networks to ferret THEM out!

It becomes clear that claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse from therapists and social workers have nothing to do with protecting children from harm - it is simply a gravy train for prejudiced people which diverts them from dealing with real people who need real help.

If people of influence had acted on our research twenty years ago thousands of children could have been saved from harm from paedophile priests. THOUSANDS. Remember that when you next hear a Satan Hunter in social work bleating that nobody takes them seriously.


'A long-awaited report into clerical abuse in the Diocese of Dublin is expected to be published this week and bishops are bracing themselves for another round of public anger. It will be a horror story of how known paedophile priests were shunted from parish to parish by their religious seniors. The number of children who suffered as a result of the Church's cover-up could run into thousands....' (21 Oct 2009 )

Link to the full story of thousands more Cases of Priestly Abuse here

Link to report of Irish Government and Church colusion to hide the incidence of Priestly Abuse


Think this pioneer research by the SAFF is shocking? Then discover more about the thousands of cases of sex crimes by the hypocritical priests and clergymen who constantly whine about so-called Satanic Child Abuse, 'renegade Cults' and the supposed evils of Paganism; whilst turning a blind-eye to the plight of children abused by their own colleagues! Bypass the self-censoring genuflection of the media, police and child charities and discover what really happens to thousands of suffering children today in the hands of abusing priests in the biggest cover-up of the 20th and 21st century. Catch up with up to the minute cases on BishopAccountability.orgwhose sterling work has created the following list of valuable links

Media and Academic Web Sources on the Crisis
Including Newspaper Features with Links to Many Stories

* The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church - David M. Cheney's very useful resource providing "current and historical information about the bishops and dioceses" of the Catholic church

* Abuse Tracker (a daily digest of links to media coverage of clergy abuse, financial accountability, and related issues)
* Behind the Pine Curtain (successor site to the Abuse Disclosure Project, on abuse at St. John's in Collegeville)
Catholic World Report - "Scandal Coverage" back to 1993
* The Church in the 21st Century (Boston College)
* Google News on Catholic Abuse Crisis
* Father Lasch
* First Things (Google search)
* National Catholic Reporter
* National Public Radio
* New Oxford Review and its dossiers on the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal and "The Lavender Mafia Files"
* Poster Boy Priest (journal site by accused priest Thaddeus J. Kardas, now deceased)
* Renegade Catholic, main site of Jay Nelson, former webmaster of The Linkup and editor of the Missing Link, with links to his other projects
* Richard Sipe: Priests, Celibacy, and Sexuality
* Sister Jane McDonald

* Clergy Abuse page from the Rick A. Ross Institute
* Yahoo - Catholic Church Abuse Scandal

* Baltimore MD - Baltimore Sun (2002-2006)
* Boston MA - Boston Globe (2002-2004); Boston Phoenix (2001-2003)
* Cincinnati OH - Cincinnati Enquirer (2002-2003)
* Cleveland OH - Plain Dealer (2002-2004)
* Joliet IL - Herald News (2002)
* Los Angeles - Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission (Google search 1998-2006); Ron Russell in New Times
* Milwaukee WI - Milwaukee Sentinel (2002-2005)
* New York NY - BeliefNet (2002-2004)
* Niagara Falls NY - LifeSite (2002-2005)
* Philadelphia PA - Philadelphia Inquirer (mostly 2005)
* Portland OR - Oregonian (1999-2004)
* St. Louis MO - St. Louis Post-Dispatch (2002-2004)
* San Francisco CA - Catholic World Report (1993-2002)
* San Francisco CA - San Francisco Chronicle (1995-2009) (site search)
* Spokane WA - Spokesman Review (2002-2008)
* Tampa Bay FL - Tampa Bay Coalition (2002)
* Washington DC - Catholic News Service (2004)
* Washington DC - PBS NewsHour (2002-2004)

* Boston archdiocese's For the Record feature, which responded to media coverage in 2003

Vatican Documents and News

* Vatican - The official Web site, with documents of Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II, Vatican II, and much else
* Zenit - "the world seen from Rome," with document archive and a daily email service
* All Things Catholic - weekly column by John Allen, Vatican reporter for the National Catholic Reporter, with an archive of previous columns
* Catholic World News

Organizations and Other Sources of Information and Analysis

* Jeff Anderson & Associates (with links to documents)
* Call to Action
* Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
* Child Abuse Prevention Requires Education (CARE)
* Child Victim's Voice (Delaware statute-of-limitations reform)
* (documents and anti-embezzlement measures)
* Coalition of Catholics & Survivors
* Crusade against Clergy Abuse
* Dignity
* Fix the Law
* Foundation to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse
* Freedom from Religion Foundation
* Justice for Priests & Deacons
* William F. McMurry & Associates (with feature on the Catholic cases and links to news reports)
* NAPSAC (National Association to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children)
National Federation of Priest Councils
* The National Institute for the Renewal of the Priesthood
Opus Bono Sacerdotii (Work for the Good of the Priesthood)
* Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and their feature on Secret Justice
Roman Catholic Faithful (including their exposé [p. 21] of St. Sebastian's Angels)
* SafeNet (Survivors Alliance and Franciscan Exchange Network)
* Speak Truth to Power
* Survivor Connections
* Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (See also the Web sites for the chapters in the Great Plains, the Midwest, Tennessee, and Louisiana.)
* United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the USCCB's abuse-related Web page (see also the USCCB's convenient lists of bishops and dioceses with links to diocesan websites)
* Voice of the Faithful (VOTF), and see also VOTF's links to Web sites of their local affiliates, including the Bridgeport CT VOTF affiliate's site, as well as two sites started in response to VOTF, Faithful Voice and Your Catholic Voice
* Worcester Voice

Abuse in Other Religious Institutions

* The Awareness Center (Jewish Community)
* Pokrov (Orthodox Churches)
* silentlambs (Jehovah's Witnesses)

Blogs and Message Boards

Web logs and message boards have been an important forum during the crisis.

* SNAP Discussion Board

* City of Angels by Kay Ebeling
* Clergy Abuse and the Catholic Church by Patrick J. Wall
* Voice from the Desert by Frank Douglas




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