Front page of Der Sturmer official Nazi newspaper showiing Jews drinking the blood of a sacrificed Christian child

Reachout Trust Used Nazi Blood Libels that killed Six Million Jews to Smear Today's Pagans.

The following outright untruths are taken from a 10 page printed document published by Reachout in 1988 at the start of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth which feigned to offer expert knowledge on  occult practices which Reachout claimed were causing horrific abuse of children in the U.K.  

In fact the Blood Libels Reachout repeated against todays Pagans and Satanists were precisely the same false claims the Nazis made about Jews to whip up the German population against them and which lead to the Final Solution.

The illustration at the top of this column is fromm Der Sturmer! an official Nazi propaganda newspaper, which constantly made the Blood Libel against Jews. The drawing depicts two old Jews catching the blood drained from the throats of Christian babies sacrificed to Jewry.

"Der Stürmer was an anti-Semitic "tabloid style" newspaper published by Julius Streicher from 1923 almost continuously through to the end of World War II. Der Stürmer was viewed by Hitler as playing a  significant role in the Nazi propaganda machinery and a useful tool in influencing the "common man on the street".  [Official Holocaust Research Project]

Compare these two statements:

"Whoever had the occasion to be an eye  -witness  he is reminded of the crimes which these evil people have committed for centuries.. He will be reminded of the ritual murder. History points out hundreds of cases in which  children were tortured to death. They also were given the same incision through the throat as is found on slaughtered animals. They also were slowly bled to death while fully conscious" The semen and blood is also wiped all over the dishes before they eat out of them. The blood can be human or from animals....this can be by  slitting their throats, or by stabbing with a dagger through the heart. Before a child is sacrificed, its mouth is taped so it' cannot shout. After the sacrifice they take out the heart, spleen, and. eyes and eat them.  The blood of the infant is then drunk,  then the body is eaten. What is not eaten is stored for the next ritual.

The first column is from Der Sturmer!  The Second is from The Reachout Trust!

Are we saying that people who work for Reachout are Nazis?  NO! Because the Nazis did not invent the Blood Libel, Christians created those ideas hundreds of years before and the Nazis just capitalised on them. 

The earliest claims that Jews killed children and drank their blood was made by fundamentalist Christians during the first crusades of the 11C but in England Satanic Abuse claims were prevalent as long ago as 1144 when a boy was found dead in Norwich and the Jews were blamed for it:

"In this case, the Jews of Norwich were alleged to have "bought a Christian child [the 'boy-martyr' William] before Easter and tortured him with all the tortures wherewith our Lord was tortured, and on Long Friday hanged him on a rood in hatred of our Lord. "

Subsequent Blood Libel cases were recorded in
Gloucester, England (1168);
Blois, France (1171);
Saragossa, Spain (1182);
Bristol, England (1183);
Fulda, Germany (1235);
Lincoln, England (1255); and
Munich, Germany (1286).
Medieval poet Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Prioress's Tale" (in
The Canterbury Tales) also invokes the blood libel motif, describing Jews as aroused by satanic urges to murder Christian children."

You will notice that FIVE of the seven recorded instances of this Blood Libel occurred in England. It is the SAFF's intention to show below how Reachout, a group of fundamentalist Christians, knowingly or unconsciously, created another false scare about the same child-sacrifice in 1988.

Reachout accusations are made as bare fact.
In hindsight it is clear that most of the 'evidence' that the Reachout Trust used to promote the idea of SRA came from the fantasies of children who were sucked into alleged cases of SRA by fundamentalist social workers and foster carers who obsessively questioned the children for evidence of it.  Some of these kids were questioned hour after hour until they stumbled upon a reply which dovetailed with the Blood Libels the fundie questioners wanted in the first place.

Note however that nowhere in any of the statements by Reachout Trust is there any caution or balance.  They didn't say. 

"Children tell us about SRA therefore the claims need investigating because we have no other reliable evidence that it is occurring and don't really know much about Pagan/Satanic ceremonies". 

No. They said,

'Satanic Ritual Abuse exists and children are being abused and killed right now by Satanists and witches in the U.K., We've got to stop them and here's what to watch for and the dates of occult rites when children will be abused and killed.'

This is a sectarian LIE.  So we call Reachout what they are indiscriminate sectarian LIARS.

'Satanic Ritual Abuse' the new Malleus Malleficarum for modern day fundies.

The Reachout text reproduced below, is an extract from just three pages of a document of their's titled
'Satanic Ritual Abuse' which reignited the Blood Libel in the UK.
It was written by Reachout Trust director Maureen Davies , a dental nurse, who had no expertise whatsoever about the real workings of occult beliefs but who had a long history of fundamentalist activity making unproven accusations against New Age philosophies.

Davies was an influential keynote speaker at all the infamous
Satan Seminars
in the 1990s .  Afterwards
this document was distributed to social workers, therapists, police personnel, and academics. She later posted it to other fundamentalist Christians and anyone else who might request it from Reachout HQ. 

This document therefore formed the backbone of the 1990 Satan Scare
yet it has absolutely no child-protection value and is nothing but a pack of historical Sectarian Suspicions.

Police, Social Workers and therapists actually relied on this document for first-hand 'evidence' and the M.O. of the existence of Satanic Ritual Abusers. Yes, really.

It shows that the Reachout Trust was the major promoter of the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the U.K.  Journalists and others actually took these sectarian lies and used them as a framework for persecuting innocent people.

This subsequently created the mass hysteria which still surrounds child-abuse today.  You will be stunned to read below how such mediaeval and illogical concepts could be rehashed to stampede the UK into the biggest hoax in the 20th century.


"Wherever we come across ritual abuse, the same evil practices occur again and again. The following list contains activities reported to me by the children themselves, and these reports are backed up by people I know personally, who have come out of Satanism." [Ed: Maureen Davies said later that this was not true, she had not had these things reported to her by the children. (see Telegraph article in next column )

"1. Children are given drugs,‘by injection, medicine, or in drinks that are laced. This to is either to sedate them or cause them to hallucinate. Muscle relaxants are also given, so that 'if they are young they can still be used in the sexual activities of participants without causing too much physical damage." (Ed: There has not been any case in 30 years where any child has been given drugs to sedate them so they can be abused in a Satanic ceremony, )

"2. Candles are laced with drugs to give the ‘effects mentioned above. Also incense that excites the emotions is used to induce sexual arousal. " (Ed: In 30 years no instances have ever been found of candles being mixed with drugs. The few Witches and Satanists who might take drugs are unlikely to mix it in their candles.   If incense could cause sexual arousal church pews might be fuller than they actually are. )

"3. Some are taught self-hypnosis. and  have a trigger word that starts an abnormal fear." (Ed: The concepts of secret 'trigger-words' is utterly unfounded. In 30 years there has not been one claimed SRA case where a child was subjected to 'trigger-words'. See: )

"4. Chanting takes place during these rituals to call up demons." ( Ed: Pagan/witchcraft ceremonies do NOT call up demons, they observe the natural seasonal cycles of the earth.)

"5. They are taught to hate God, Jesus. and everything that is good, good is evil and evil is good." (Ed: Pagan/Witchcraft is a completely separate religion from Christianity and predates it by thousands of years. There is no devil figure in Pagan cosmology and witches are therefore disinterested in Jesus. The only children who are taught to hate people of other religions appear to be the offspring of  Christian fundamentalists.)

"6. In some of the rituals the people dress up and wear masks e.g. goats heads etc., to frighten the children." (Ed: In Paganism/Witchcraft head-dresses and masks are worn to represent the natural forces of nature (as in all pagan religions the world over) they are NOT worn to 'frighten children' or anyone else.)

"7. Nursery rhymes are recited with indecent overtones e.g. Ring a Ring of Roses, A pocket full of posies, Atishoo! Atishoo! We drop our pants down." (Ed: Do I REALLY have to respond to this nonsense?)

"8. The children are urinated upon frequently and excrement is wiped over their bodies. including their heads.   This is done to defile innocent children and ruin their purity.   Urine and excrement is mixed with blood and semen and the children are made to eat it. The semen and blood is also wiped all over the dishes before they eat out of them. The blood can be human or from animals"

(Ed: Witches/Pagans/Satanists DO NOT smear faeces on anyone or any thing at anytime. Why on earth would they?  There has not been one case of SRA in 30yrs in which children were smeared with faeces. The implication  that Witches/Pagans sacrifice animals is another absurd slander, they are actually animal lovers)

"9. After the blood ritual the children have to drink the blood. Sometimes they have to drink from human skulls of children or adults. The blood is also smeared over their bodies." (Ed: In 30years there has been no claimed case of SRA in which children have been made to drink out of skulls.  No skulls have ever been found that have been drunk out of.  How would Witches/Pagans clean out and prepare rotting skulls so that they can hold blood?  The whole thing is utterly preposterous and those police and social workers still reading and taking this despicable document seriously aught to be sacked. The implication that Witches/Pagans/Satanists commit human sacrifice is a replay of a mediaeval Blood Libel which we cover in detail here:  The religious Blood Libel has caused millions of deaths over history and is a form of fascism, it should never be allowed to stand without challenge. )

"10. These children are threatened with death if they tell what they are involved in. One way they are kept silent is by involving them in the rituals themselves. Fear is a tremendous tool that the people use and of course. if the children have been introduced by a member of their own family, they are doubly trapped."  (Ed. You could postulate exactly the same about Christian Children in church - most are kept there through fear - and it would be just as much a lie!  This is simply bigoted propaganda by one religion against a competing one. Where are the FACTS?)

"11. Children are placed in coffins and buried alive. When they shout for their parents, they do not come, but eventually (perhaps hours later) the satanist leader comes, to show them that he is the only one who really cares! "  (Ed: In 30 years there has never been an instance in which a child was buried alive in a coffin to torture them. 
You cannot shout from a buried coffin. Davies obviously doesn't realise that if they were left there for 'hours' the child would be dead from
asphyxiation. Another Sectarian untruth postulated without ANY evidence to support it.)

"12. Children are also placed in cages. Some children state that they have had an electric shock when they touch the bars." (Ed: In 30 years there has been no example of any cages, electrified or otherwise, ever being found. Here Davies reveals where her 'information' is coming from, the mouths of little children tortured by repetitive questioning from fundie social workers intent on discovering SRA at all costs, in other words FANTASIES. )

"13. Children are made to eat insects such as beetles and spiders, and are told that whenever they see these insects there will be someone watching them and that they can never be away from their grip. You can imagine the fear that this brings on a child." (Ed:
Here Davies reveals where her 'information' is coming from, the mouths of little children tortured by repetitive questioning from fundie social workers intent on discovering SRA at all costs, in other words more FANTASIES. )

"14. Perverted sex takes place the children are passed around as objects for the entertainment of the adults in the group.  Woman are used as altars or placed on altars. The children have objects such as live snakes, crosses, pieces of wood, and other instruments placed up their anus or vagina. This causes great pain to the children." (Ed: There is no known liturgy in history of any Witchcraft/Pagan religion doing any of this.
There has been no investi
gation in the last 30years where any of this featured. Though it DID feature in already discredited stories from Davies' co-director Audrey Harper, another Reachout agent-provocateur whose story we and the Surrey police undermined in the column alongside.)

"15. Sex with animals, humans and dead bodies takes place. Children take part in these activities. with some of the

children actually abusing others. Those who been abused in this way then have to abuse others the same way. The victim then becomes the victimiser in the rituals." (Ed: What is  Davies trying to say here?  Children are made to have sex with dead bodies of other children and the dead bodies of animals? I mean what type of mental cripple listens seriously to this nonsense? in 30yrs there has never been a case of one child found dead through 'ordinary' SRA let alone Necrophilic SRA.  Sex with the dead is not part of the liturgy of any Witchcraft/Pagan/Satanic philosophy.  IT IS A MONSTROUS FABRICATION )

"16. Snakes seem to play an important part in the torture. The children can be tied to trees or to upside down crosses where the snake is allowed to roam over the children. Younger children are also left on the floor with snakes roaming around them. They report that when they are screaming the adults are laughing at them." (Ed: Another child fantasy forced out of them by Christian counsellors and their trick-cyclists.  Witches/Pagans do not use crosses of any sort, upside down or not.  Snakes? What snakes? Is she talking about Adders, the only native snake in Britain and very rare? The Adder's bite will kill a child and make an adult very ill. In 30 years there has never been a case where Snakes were found.  There's never been an instance of any child being hospitalised by snakebite in any claimed SRA case.   Witches/Pagans/Satanists do NOT use snakes in their worship or ceremonies. In fact the only snake-cults we can find are the ones from Maureen's own fundie religion! 

"17. Upside down crosses are used to inflict pain or punishment. Children are left to hang upon them for hours if they have been naughty. The children are tortured because satanists say the pain makes them purer. " (Ed: Show me any document or liturgy, modern or historical, where Witches, Pagans or Satanists state that pain makes children purer? It is a mendacious assertion.  In 30 years there has not been one case of SRA where children were hung on inverted crosses.   However the Christian bible does insist that parents beat their children and some fundies have actually killed their offspring as a consequence. There was a case where an evil Priest inserted his blessed crucifix up the vagina of an 8 year old girl. Perhaps Davies is getting confused with the criminals in her own religion?
/Pagans do not use crosses of any kind in their ceremonies. )

"18. Sacrifice. The children have to witness and take part in a variety of sacrifices: In the temples or covens they have young girls or older women that they call "Brood Mares". These girls are there to be made pregnant purely for the sacrifices. when they are five and a half months pregnant, the birth is induced. At this stage the foetus is alive and can be sacrificed. The blood of the infant is then drunk,  then the body is eaten. What is not eaten is stored for the next ritual."  (Ed: The Blood Libel clear for all to see.  Little evidence needed, apparently, for Davies to make the most serious and most despicable allegations against Witches and  Pagans whose bona-fide religion is far older and more established than hers.  The ramblings of a six year old prompted by fundie social workers is entirely sufficient to smear hundreds of thousands of innocent Witches and Pagans as ritual murderers!
There has not been one instance in 30 years of any Brood Mares being foun
d. In one case a teenager (who now an adult, has recanted her earlier lies) lied under fundie interrogation and said she had been forced to produce foetuses for sacrifice. The trial caused by her case in 1989 at the Old Bailey in which Reachout was involved, was thrown out after 3 days  as poppycock.  Of course the 'Brood Mares'  fantasy is simply a worst case scenario for all anti-abortionists and the fact that, without ANY proof or forensic evidence whatsoever Davies insists that the foetus is always removed by Satanists/Witches/Pagans after five and a half months because it is at that stage 'alive' , appears simply to be a reference to complaints by anti-abortionists about the cut-off date for legal abortions. ) 

"Full term babies whose births have not been registered: Children who have been born into the temple or coven before the time of registering are also used as sacrifice. These leave no trace as they have not been registered.(Ed: Teenagers attending school cannot escape without discovery if they are pregnant.  Neighbours who see pregnant  young women and then no baby afterwards call the NSPCC or the police. Complications in the pregnancy and associated medical matters mean it is NOT possible for babies to be born anonymously in the U.K.
In 30 yrs of Reach
out peddling their myths there has not been one instance of anyone found from the Pagan/Witchcraft community murdering a baby which has not been registered. The suggestion is a downright Sectarian Lie.)

"Older children:  The children have told me about older children being sacrificed. This can be either by placing on an upside cross and slitting their throats, or by stabbing with a dagger through their heart, after which the bodies are set on fire. The children state that before a child is sacrificed, its mouth is taped so it' cannot shout." (Ed: Again Maureen Davies is telling her audience that child victims of SRA have told her personally of these things, yet she has denied having any first-hand contact with SRA child victims when challenged about it before.  In short her words are untrustworthy.   There has been no instance in 30 years of any case where a child has been killed by being placed on a cross and having its throat slit. Not one. Yet here Davies is talking about it as though it is absolute fact. She's trying to convince readers that Witches/Pagans/Satanists murder children repetitively. Blood Libel!) 

"Another disturbing factor that has been reported to us is ’ the willingness of some of those who are going to be sacrificed. They are promised a better life after they have died because they believe in reincarnation".  (Ed: . Witches/Pagans do not believe in reincarnation and neither do Satanists. Witches/Pagans believe in life after death in the Summerlands, the Christian equivalent of Heaven.  Most Satanists are hedonistic atheists and don't believe in a hereafter or reincarnation.     She accuses victims of Satanists of being happy to go to their deaths then blames that falsely on a belief in Reincarnation, without noticing that her own religion offers redemption in Heaven! )

"Adult sacrifice. The.children state how someone goes "shopping for a victim" and comes back with an individual who is then ritually murdered either by slitting the throat, by stabbing through the heart, or by being burnt. In certain cases the children themselves take part in the sacrifice. Teenage girls and adult women have to sacrifice their own children. This makes them guilty of murder which is then used to bring about another aspect of showing them they are in the system and can’t get out."  (Ed: Another flight of hypothetical fancy. Several women victim-imposters have claimed to have borne and murdered their offspring for cults but in every instance when investigated by the police these turned out to be liars or fundie agent-provocateurs. 
The idea that if women
are forced to murder their baby they would then forever be in the control of the Satanists is bunkum - as is proven by Maureen Davies'  friend Audrey Harper who has claimed many times that she took part in the sacrifice of a child in a satanic ceremony.  This would make her an accessory and subject to a life-term in prison. However the police investigated her  SRA claims TWICE and said that there was no case to answer.  If Harper can escape Satanic cults then so can others. If human sacrifice like this was even a small part of Satanic practices then there would be an army of women claiming they were murderesses and hundreds of cases successfully prosecuted.  It's all Blood Libel nonsense!)

"After the sacrifice they take out the heart, spleen, and. eyes and eat them. The children are also taught how to remove these parts of the body. The children state how bodies are chopped up. What is not eaten of the foetus is stored. Some of the bodies are melted down. The fat is used for candles and the bones are ground down and the powder is used as an aphrodisiac."
Someone is making this up. Firstly in sympathetic magic the world over anthropologists' research has shown that aphrodisiac potions are exclusively made from the sexual parts, not from heart, spleen, eyes or bones!
, the idea that babies' fat is melted down to form candles is an  historic lie first used during the 14c witch trials to justify burning innocent old women alive.    There has never been any evidence historically or in modern times to suggest that human fat was so used.  In the Nazi period human fat from Jewish inmates exterminated in the camps was used in a project to produce SOAP but not candles.  Horrific untrue claims like this are frequent from Satan Hunters like Davies and have been made in previous centuries by other ardent Christians. Dianne Core of the Childwatch charity, ( a colleague of Maureen who attended many of the same Satan seminars) ,  actually stated on film that Satanists strung finger bones from children they had sacrificed on cord and wore them around their necks.  Where is the evidence?  None exists!  No such bones or candles have ever been found. It's all part of the Blood Libel. )

"What I have reported so far is only a partial picture. I know that there are other types of rituals which I have not mentioned. From our information a lot of these rituals are videoed by the people involved"  .(Ed: Are they?
In which case why ha
ve none of these many hundreds of videos turned up? Why has Reachout not found one to show us? 30 years have now passed since Maureen Davies made this claim and not one example of any such 'snuff movie' has ever been found. There is no evidence whatsoever for those vicious claims but Reachout and their friends did try hard on this one, witness the Channel 4 Beyond Belief documentary which tried to pass extracts from a 1970s Performance Art video off as actual footage of Satanic Abuse.  SAFF found the complete video and it was all shown to be Sectarian Lies. See:  )

Note: The above is a three-page extract from 'Satanic Ritual Abuse' which states the main accusations by Reachout against Witchcraft, Paganism and Satanism.
The other 7 pages of this document are
equally in error.  Anyone interested in seeing the full document can email us on
SAFF email address

and we will send them a copy.

Drawing of an imaginary Ritual Murder of Children published in Der Sturmer! 1938

Kevin Logan, a director of the Reachout Trust boasts about Casting out Demons and exaggerates the dangers of the Esoteric.THE REACHOUT TRUST : 


A group of Christian Fundamentalists intent on unfairly discrediting  New Age beliefs and alternative religions through the promotion of falsehoods about Satanic Ritual Child Abuse

The Reachout Trust was a sectarian Christian charity originally established in the 1980s to discredit Jehovah's Witnesses whom its leader Doug Harris (deceased) believed was a 'cult' .   They 'refined' their later technique of slanderous accusations against other religions by libellous tracts against the JWs and by exaggerating the supposed negative mental effects of remaining a JW. They set up support and safe havens for any  ex-JW 'survivors'.  Observers of the recent false-accusation phenomenon will see in Reachout a prototype of the 'survivor' movement.   Although largely hidden from view to all but the most persistent inquirer Reachout's intent was not psychological help but SPIRITUAL help,
their main 'therapy' was Deliverance Ministry a buzzword for EXORCISM.

' alongside churches in what it calls it's work of Deliverance.   "We avoid the emotive word 'exorcism' said national organiser Mr Dough Harris. 'The sufferer says: I want to be delivered in the name of Jesus' There's no pummelling.
The demons react to that.
It is they who throw people to the ground." '

North Wales Weekly News, March 1988

Reachout's philosophy was that everything which is not strictly of god is a symptom of the Devil's Work and thus possessed the souls of adults and children who bought into it.  At first Reachout therefore campaigned against stupid things, like Hypnosis, Transcendental Meditation, Tarot Cards, Christian Spiritualists, Halloween, Fantasy Games, Rock Music and later on even Harry Potter books. At this point they were just run-of-the-mill  hyper-sensitive fundie troublemakers and had NO expertise whatsoever of child-protection or child-abuse. But then came Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens and his 'Children abused in witchcraft ceremonies' lies. This was a platform too good to miss.  Reachout Trust was the first fundie group to jump on that bandwagon and their 'knowledge' of demonology enabled them to pretend to know all about Satanism and Witchcraft to child-charities like the NSPCC and Childline, NCH etc. who were clamouring for more insight after the first false claims were made. 

Reachout's swift move to monopolise the supply of information on Witchcraft, Paganism and Satanism (to exclude ACTUAL representatives of today's REAL Witches and Satanists ) was very clever and very successful. You might be interested to hear that  the SAFF tried over many months to provide GENUINE information on current occult beliefs to the NSPCC at the same time as the charity was listening to Reachout  . The NSPCC actively dodged any contact with us and refused information from us, leading us a dance in the process.  We wrote frequently to Ian Gilmour (then Director of the NSPCC) and offered help and insight. We kept up consistent communication with their Press Officer Kevin Barrett. We even offered to come down to their HQ and do a presentation for them on the True nature of Paganism etc., but they simply would not listen.  After dozens of letters over the space of many months and being rebuffed every single time, sometimes snidely, the SAFF wrote one last time and told them that we were going to publish our train of correspondence with the NSPCC to show the public how the charity appeared to be censoring facts about SRA to suit the SRA narrative which was giving them lots of free advertising and coverage.   The NSPCC immediately ordered blue-chip barristers Mischon de Reya to threaten the SAFF with legal action to stop us from telling the world what they'd done.   Naturally we told them to get lost and have made a point of often reminding the public of the dastardly actions of the country's 'most treasured child charity' in respect of pushing the SRA myth for all it was worth.  You can find it here:

As Reachout Trust became almost the sole go-to for Media, Social Workers, Therapists and Police it meant of course that nobody in social work or child-protection was getting any REAL facts about what witches and satanists actually did. Allegations about abusing and sacrificing children was simply age-old lies. This closed shop of belief was bound to result in false allegations against innocent people in a modern witch-hunt and it did so in spades destroying the lives of many children and their parents.  86 children were kidnapped from their parents, some for over a decade. Some children were actually put into permanent adoption. It was a despicable period which need not have happened had the government and the police and social workers listened to the S.A.F.F.  What we had here was an extreme fundamentalist Christian group dictating mediaeval dogma to destroy any group or philosophy which was not aligned with Christian Holy Writ.

A group of Christian fundamentalists picketting Astonishing Books in Hyde Park, LeedsDough Harris had networked amongst the thousands of fringe Christian groups in the U.K., many from the 'House Church' movement which was fashionable at the time. These 'House Churches' were cells of 'renegade' Christians, who ran parallel to the orthodox churches, holding small religious meetings in their homes, usually consisting of hard-line fundamentalists, who were not welcome in the orthodox churches. The types that accost you in city centres with loud Reachout directors Audrey Harper, Kevin Logan, Maureen Daviesspeakers, pushing tracts into the hands of passers by.  In this hierarchy adamance rates highly and the most radical Christians rise to the top. Eventually Harris built a small coterie of  Christian evangelists which included Maureen Davies (a dental nurse from Rhyl who from an early age 'put religious tracts on car wind shields and complained about astrology books in WHSmiths), Audrey Harper, the prototype Victim-Imposter,  and a renegade CofE vicar called Kevin Logan, an ex Coal-Board journalist who had campaigned to get a giant crucifix erected on the top of Pendle Hill to 'counter' it's use by Satanists due to its historical connection with the 17th century Lancaster Witch Trials!  In short Reachout amounted to a core of extreme fundie activists.  How would anyone take this bunch seriously?  You will find out below how influential they were at twisting history.

Maureen  Davies wrote a fundamentalist Christian training manual entitled 'How to Deal with the Occult in your Area' which was distributed by Reachout as both a pamphlet and an audio recording taped during one of her many visits to other Churches to enthuse and train-up erstwhile fundie recruits. She taught them how to complain to schools and local councils and generally object to anything in the area that was not Holy Writ.

First example of Reachout Trust training stupid policemen in hunting down phantoms of Satanic AbuseIt was Maureen Davies (director of Reachout's specialist department on Satanic Ritual Child Abuse) who acted as the 'expert' on SRA in an attempt to convince unbelievers, starting around 1988.

She got so good at it that she was invited to lecture to the police officer training college at Bramshill!  (Cue a generation of infected leaders of the police some of whom just happen to also be evangelical Christians -   )

Maureen Davies appeared as a star keynote speaker promoting false ideas about Satanic Abuseat  every one of the notorious  Satan Seminars held for police, social workers, aligned Christian groups, child-care charities and therapists during that time.   Not one of her claimed cases proved to be what she said it was and her invented stories of the 'Satanic Method'  were utterly in error, being a rehashing of details from the Inquisitors' 14C Malleus Maleficarum rather than an overview of what modern Satanists and Pagans actually did. .

Despite her manic claims of SRA she and Reachout never had ANY real cases. All the supposed cases of claimed SRA which Reachout highlighted failed in the course of time.  SAFF can dispense with every single one of them. Give us the dates and names and we will explain how every one failed (see Pennel case below for a classic example)


One of the key players in the Reachout Trust was Audrey Harper, An ex-Bernardo's girl who became a member of the Moravian church.
SAFF asked Surrey police for information but were refused it.Harper began telling anyone who would listen that she'd been present at the ritual murder of a baby whose throat had been cut in a Satanic ceremony. 

Harper had plied this unprovable claim prior to linking up with the Reachout Trust.  Note that one component of it was the location she gave of the supposed 'sacrifice' , Virginia Water, right next to the Queen's Windsor Estate ( cue mad claims of later Royal Satanic Goings on by Jim Phillips - see below ) 

During her pre-Reachout days Harper's 'witnessing' or rather religious grandstanding at various church meetings caused the Surrey police to investigate her claims.
They found no case to answer. 

When Harper joined Reachout she soon began  promoting her SRA story.   Unlike the unreliable anecdotal third and fourth hand false claims from others which made up much of Reachout's 'evidence' her story was first-hand and she repeated it interminably in dozens of newspaper articles all over the country.   She appeared in so many newspaper articles they actually used a silhouetted photo of her and gave her a pseudonyms;  perhaps in case people began to question whether she was the only first-hand SRA 'witness' ? 

All this Reachout publicity caused a SECOND investigation into Harper's  false claims by the Police.  The SAFF corresponded with the Chief Constable of Surrey Police at the time, alerting him to the earlier investigation and asking for a detailed statement about the second.  He point blank refused to communicate any details to us other than there was
'no case to answer'.   

How fundamentalists work to a tacit agenda which few outsiders see:

fundamentalist christians the Pennels jump on the SRA bandwagon to ban Paganism and HomosexualityWe point out that many of the 'cases' Reachout used were from other fundamentalist Christians, who worked-up situations which did not exist or exaggerated and misinterpreted innocuous situations. They often told third and fourth hand stories which had no basis in fact.   The Pennels case from the North East was a classic example. In March 1988 they claimed their cat had been sacrificed by Satanists because the Pennels were high-profile Christians. A local newspaper report of the incident actually said local youths had done it and implied that the Pennels were hypersensitive, they actually used the term 'bible thumpers'

The Pennel's uncorroborated testimony about Satanic cat sacrifice was printed in their local newspaper alongside an article containing allegations of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse and included an interview with the committed Christian and anti-Witchcraft campaigner Geoffrey Dickens MP. Dickens had that month made his first announcement in the Commons about his campaign against what he termed child abuse within witchcraft, making the perennial mistake that all bigots make of confusing Satanism (a sub-text of the Christian belief) with Paganism (the original religion of prehistory which covered the globe millennia before Christianity was thought of).

At around the same time Dianne Core of Childwatch , one of the most obsessive early believers in the doctrine, who had claimed that 4,000 children a year were being sacrificed to Satan, visited the Pennel's locality to investigate allegations of Satanic Abuse.  Dianne Core is an ardent Christian. Geoffrey Dickens was her 'parliamentary representative' and she was his close 'aide'. A great deal of the information in Dicken's Dossier came through her and she helped organise his anti-occult campaign. Dianne Core was in close touch with and regularly worked with the directors of the Reachout Trust.

You will see a cutting on the right about the Pennels campaigning for the banning of the religions of Satanism and Paganism, and, just to add another fundamentalist hatred,  a repeal of the laws permitting homosexuality as well!  You can see from this letter how opportunist Christian fundamentalist activists will do anything to try to suppress competing religions.  Personally I wouldn't believe a word they said.

 Even though the Pennels' 'cat case' was hearsay it was sent to Geoffrey Dickens MP (Christian lay-preacher ) as though a genuine Satanic attack and formed part of his now infamous 'dossier' on SRA which SRAhunters today love to quote as 'evidence' but which was SO appallingly weak and unsubstantiated that it was never sent to the Home Office as Dickens promised it would be.

Associated Press cutting announcing Geoffrey Dickens attempted new law to ban paganismOrdinary folk often see the over-egged claims from Christian evangelicals as societal aberrations. They think that loopy fundies are just whistling in the dark and nobody takes them seriously.  However when the dots are joined things can look far more sinister.  For instance on April 15th 1988, less than a month after the Pennells sent their letter to the Home Secretary demanding a change in the law to ban witchcraft, Geoffrey Dickens announced in parliament that he would be seeking to introduce amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill, then in process, to ban children from any Satanic or Pagan ceremony

One report of this by Associated Press, (see left) interviewed Dickens who, to provide 'evidence' to support his amendment, quoted from a statistical survey saying that 87% of schoolchildren had dabbled in the occult (see last paragraph of the cutting). That 'survey' was actually undertaken by Rev. Kevin Logan for the Reachout Trust and has been widely quoted in the media since as 'proof' of the insidious nature of occultism snaring youngsters, yet it was all a con. A form with leading questions provided to a single CofE school in Blackburn which teenage pupils were forced to fill in. It included 'An interest in Rock Music' and 'fantasy games', and TV programmes like 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a positive indicator of occult involvement!  I ask you, which teenager do you know who DOESN'T like pop music and electronic games?  As statistical research it was absolutely worthless yet these false 'results' went around the world and the survey was seriously quoted as 'proof' that there was a problem with the way Pagan parents were bringing up their kids and that their offspring may be at risk.   This is a classic example of the way that fundamentalist troublemakers create conflict in the media without either the public, or the journalists who report on it, knowing they are acting as their shills. 

The SAFF put up a powerful fight against Dicken's amendment based on the U.N. declaration of Human Rights which protects the right of parents to pass on their religious beliefs to their offspring.  After a great deal of work and correspondence with the Home Office, plus a lot of publicity and lobbying, the SAFF won the day for all free-thinkers. Parliament's lawyers told Dickens that his amendment would be unconstitutional and so it was dropped.   The evil man promised to reframe it and try again but fortunately died before he could do so.  

Audrey Harpers book on ExorcismJust to give you an extra flavour of the chummy network behind the false SRA claims, Dickens later wrote the Foreward to a reprint of Audrey Harper's book Dance with The Devil, an autobiography of her time as a 'witch'.  He said:

'With the support of Christ I am glad Audrey Harper has has the strength to tell her story'
And just in case  you think there's no objection to a person writing an autobiography about being an SRA victim, here's the cover of another book she wrote in 1992 about the pleasures of Exorcism.


Telegraph article 7th April 1991 The national and international controversy over the  Rochdale and Orkney false SRA cases is now largely forgotten it would seem, but at the time it caused hundreds of hours of TV coverage and millions of column inches of newspaper reports. Rochdale and Orkney had high-level repercussions, entailed special inquiries, even caused a judge led public inquiry, all of which resulted in the conclusion that there was no satanic involvement to any of it.   Yet today a new generation of fundamentalist untruthers lead by Australian criminologist Mark Salter and others have actually had the gall to try to suggest that both Rochdale and Orkney WERE cases of Satanic Abuse!

In 1991 just after the headline grabbing nationwide scandal over Rochdale and Orkney, which had caused the media to realise the dangers of the SRAmyth, they began to turn on Social services and the 'experts' who had earlier mislead them.  Davies and Reachout, who had  influenced Rochdale and Orkney and other major cases in various ways ,  were exposed in a full page Daily Telegraph article written by Victoria Macdonald headed
'Holy Crusader on The Trail of Satanism'
it showed that Maureen Davies really had no expertise in the matter at all. The Social Services and the Police and various government Departments had been listening to Sectarian nonsense from a group of bigots.

When Macdonald challenged Davies, who had spearheaded Reachout's SRA campaign, she backtracked and claimed that despite being on record as saying otherwise now claimed that she had actually never personally dealt with any child SRA victims! This was a key point for it was social workers who forced SRA ideas into the minds of small children in their care which was found to be the cause of not only the Rochdale and Orkney fiascos but also,  (according to Prof La Fontaine's 1994 definitive government report on the issue), ALL of the other cases in the U.K. involving 86 children which were previously claimed as SRA during that period The entire SRA allegations were unsubstantiated untruths. Not one case was real.   Here is a sample of Macdonald's piece:

"It is said that. she (Davies) spoke to a group of Scottish social workers shortly before the first children were taken from the Orkneys. It was also claimed that she became involved in the Rochdale saga.  She denies this. She says she addressed a Scottish,conference organised by church leaders but does not know whether social workers were in the audience. "In the Rochdale,. case, if anything I was on the side of the parents" she says.- Mrs Davies says she can back up her claims of widespread satanic abuses with evidence from the mouths of the abused, from adults desperate to get out of the "hundreds of sects”, and from occult magazines.  She refers to cases of babies and virgins being sacrificed on altars, of urination and defecation on victims, and of blood- drinking. She says she has never had to deal with anyone younger than a teenager. But in one of the Beacon Foundation's pamphlet ” handed out " to social workers and at the mainly church-organised  meetings she addresses she writes; "The following list contains, activities reported to me by the  children themselves...".
Sunday Telegraph 7th April 1991 

Kevin Logan, Maureen Davies, Audrey Harper, in a church deliverance for children supposedly caught up in satanic abuseBut that statement by Davies wasn't quite true.  She must have forgotten how she was filmed in Kevin Logan's church by the Cook Report attending the exorcism of young children who had, the programme claimed, been affected by Satanic Abuse.  Here's a clip from the Devil's work showing Davies stood next to Audrey Harper , dressed in blue.

Maureen Davies 'doorstepped' at her home in RhylDavies' ducking and diving, after being probably the most high-profile and adamant promoter of SRA untruths during the Satan Scare of the 1990s, was also evident a few months later as her bubble began to collapse further.  In October 1991  BBC Wales documentary series Week In Week Out broadcast a stunning programme (which like many of the time used SAFF research and documentation) on the SRA myth in connection with the tragic death of Caroline Marchant, a young SRA victim-imposter who killed herself at the Reverend Kevin Logan's vicarage in Blackburn.

Logan, a long-time fundie activist was also a director of The Reachout Trust.  He had appeared alongside Davies and Harper in many newspaper articles wearing his dog-collar.  Readers might be forgiven for thinking that as a representative of the Church of England he sort of ratified and normalised the extreme allegations coming from other fundamentalists?   They wouldn't have known that he once tore-down a Sunday Trading banner outside a Blackburn supermarket in protest against relaxation of laws against shopping on the Lord's Day.  

Davies was involved with meeting and handling poor Caroline as an ace witness.  Reportedly, Audrey Harper sat by her bedside in tears as poor Caroline expired from her overdose.  Yet sterling journalistic work by Nick Anning and Dave Hebditch who wrote a three page special for the Independent newspaper on Caroline's death, clearly showed with documentary evidence that Caroline's SRA story was an utter lie.  ( More on the Marchant suicide here:  )

The two part Week in Week Out  documentary eventually ended with 'doorstepping' Davies at her home in Rhyl.  In juxtaposition to her years of eagerness to talk to the media about Satanic Abuse she definitely didn't want to answer ANY questions on camera as you will see from this clip:

Due to SAFF work over the years, the first 1990 wave of the SRAmyth began to collapse quickly from then on.  Harris, the founder of the Reachout Trust distanced himself from Davies and she set up her own specialised SRA charity called The Beacon Foundation. If you Google Beacon Foundation you will find dozens of Christian activist groups using the same or similar names.  Here are the details of Maureen Davies' Beacon Foundation;
3 Grosvenor Avenue,  Rhyl,  LL18 4HA
Helpline:  01745 343600

National telephone helpline for survivors of ritual abuse and those supporting them. Also act as a referral point in the North Wales area for survivors of sexual abuse.

Last Updated:  16/07/2007

For some time Harris used to direct SRA enquiries to The Beacon Foundation but as the hue and cry subsided, the Reachout Trust  itself began to pick up the reins again and use the SRAmyth to promote its Christian perspectives. 


It is ABUNDANTLY clear, as the SAFF has continuously pointed out and just proved above, that the SRAmyth has been invented by and promoted by activist fundamentalist and evangelical Christians first in the U.S. and thence in the U.K.   The SAFF has a photograph of Davies stood in her office in 1988 before the Satan Scare hit the U.K. with box-files behind her listing documents from most of the dangerous extreme fundie groups and outfits which promoted the SRA scare in the U.S. a few years earlier;  and which were subsequently discredited.  Amongst these were The Christian Lydia Fellowship, The notorious Mark Warnke Ministries, Multiple Personality/DID groups in USA, Exodus, Eagle Forum, the manic File 18, Pat Pulling's Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons (a fundie anti-fantasy game campaign which falsely claimed DD forced teenagers to commit suicide when it didn't), and COIN  a group of Christian Cult Cops in U.S. etc.  A veritable who's who of fundie Satanic Abuse untruthers.

Maureen Davies handling Cook Report Helplines after The Devil's Work was broadcastThat U.S. sectarian information came into the country through Davies and her fundie friends and helped to create the first claimed UK SRA case in Broxtowe in Nottingham in 1988.  Davies worked with Tim Tate a TV producer who worked with Roger Cook's team, and Ray Wyre, ( an ex baptist minister turned paedophile-therapist)  who according to the official Notts inquiry into Broxtowe, imported biased SRA evidence from the same U.S. fundie clique and gave it to the Foster Carers of the children who straight away forced Satanic motifs into the poor kids' little brains.  Davies not only 'advised' on the appallingly tabloid Cook Report: Devil's Work (which Tate, a Theology graduate,  produced) but she actually handled the Helplines after the programme! (see pic right) 

You can view important clips from Roger Cook's disgusting Devil's Work programme here:

I can assure you that as time progresses it is being revealed as the worst example of Tabloid Hoax TV in history.


Reachout Trust had doors opened for it at a high level in British society by other fundamentalist Christians who are, naturally, enmeshed in the state machinery of a Christian country.  Reachout got entry to parliament early on and submitted presentations on SRA to the parliamentary committee of Dame Jill Knight an evangelical Christian.  All the 'cases' put forward by Reachout in that presentation were utterly false and disprovable AT THE TIME THEY WERE PRESENTED.  SAFF tried to correspond and warn Dame Jill Knight of this but she refused to listen. She continued to believe in those false cases and presumably influenced others within her clique. 
See those false cases itemised and disproved by the SAFF here:

Other well-meaning Christians have also been overgenerous with their sympathy and time to Reachout, including  Lord David Alton, Baroness Cox and many others.   Reachout Trust also coalesced support for their belief in SRA from the inter-denominational Evangelical Alliance which gave them a mandate of thousands of supporters to brow-beat police and media with to get their way to promote uncorroborated SRA allegations and the weakest of anecdotal cases. See


  SAFF have said it before and we will say it again now.  The SRA myth is an ecclesiastical Witch-Hunt.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with child or adult victims of abuse. It is all about re-igniting Christian platforms of control within society to usher in a Neo-Puritan agenda.

They succeed because the vast majority of nominal Christians always assume that any devout Christian cannot lie or cheat and so listen to the untruths, whereas time and 40,000 child abusing priests, has shown that some Christians will gladly lie, cheat and even kill to pursue their ends.  

Any politician who listens to or repeats Reachout's cases today when their failures and dishonour are so well documented should be called out for working against the best interests of society and wasting taxpayers' money on the biggest hoax of the 21st century.

Dr Jim Phillips set up the Jubilee Trust to train SRA victims. Here he is being interviewed and looking stupid on In Satan's NameThe moment the SAFF got near to exposing the Truth about this religious fifth-column back in the 1990s, it melted into the background and turned to promoting and opening doors for loonies to do their dirty work for them.   Loonies like Jim Phillips the Birmingham doctor who created a 'stable' of SRA victim-imposters from existing mentally ill patents whom orthodox psychiatry could not satisfy. He was subsequently struck-off the Medical Register for making his patients' illnesses worse.  Later he committed suicide.  

He and other fundies kept the pot boiling and as their narrative has become more polished and perfected with its retelling over the years, star fundies are now being brought back into the fold, as with Wedger, Wong, Kurz, Lacter and the current crop of influential SRA campaigners.  Not only do they believe EXACTLY THE SAME FALSE ALLEGATIONS which were proved to be abject lies in the 1990s but they are, apparently using exactly the same corrupted evidence and cases which have been categorically undermined decades before.  Gullible MPs who cannot resist the opportunity to align themselves with 'survivors' are giving them credence so we appear to be set for a re-run of the 1990 scare, see Rumpelstilzchen Syndrome below left

Dim Rainer Kurz thinks that a foklore statue in Switzerland is evidence of Satanic Ritual AbuseUnless this religious fifth-column is recognised and discredited they will continue to press for the institutionalisation of  SRA as a real problem when it is complete fiction; because doing it gives them power to influence laws, curb free-speech and generally impose bigotry upon society.  They are now MUCH stronger than they were, due entirely to the lies about SRA coalescing their network internationally.  

The SAFF has mountains of accurate, tested information, cuttings, documents, recorded interviews both here and in the U.S. on the Reachout Trust, it's personnel and the people who networked with it.   We can prove everything we say without question, for instance ALL the correspondence we sent to government departments and VIPs were sent Advice of Recorded Delivery. We have documentary proof that they got them and know when they got them. These people cannot hide behind the excuse that they didn't get our correspondence;  it was all signed for. 

If anyone wants to challenge our statements, you are invited to test us.   All this documentary evidence is available to any journalist or researcher for free, as it always has been.  Please note that if you right click on the images above they should open up in large format so you can study them in greater detail.

"Those who do not remember the evils of the past are condemned to repeat them."

John Freedom,  Samhain 2018.

Maureen Davis peddling her sectarian myths

Reachout primed bible-thumpers minds with SRA in Scotland then denied they were involved in Orkney false SRA case

 Reachout found exaggerating incidence of Children's involvement in the Occult in Cambridgeshire

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