British government's new Witch-Child Action Plan terminally flawed - Will not stop torture of kids during Christian Exorcism Abuse

Satanic Ritual Abuse is
Back on the cards again....

John Freedom and Claire Ambrose
expose the latest false claims

The Government's new 'Witch-child Action Plan ' to deal with the phenomenon of Children being tortured and killed in Christian exorcism ceremonies is not to prosecute and jail offending pastors who do it, but to pour more money into a bloated and largely ineffective child care industry so they can blame the witches and spare Christian voters the embarrassment of having to face the truth. The truth is that Christian Exorcism Abuse is being perpetrated by hundreds of pastors and evangelists not only in churches throughout the U.K. but also world-wide.

'Witch-Children' is the new top-scare for child charities, do-gooders and interfering busy-bodies everywhere. But that's not the worst of it. The worst of it is that the falsehoods about Witch-children is simply the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth by the back door. Anyone who has read this website knows just what a mess social services, the NSPCC and other child charities made of that last time. It is a 'fools charter' for evangelical Christians to persecute people of other beliefs based on sectarian suspicion - JUST AS THEY DID LAST TIME.

The Sun newspaper harranged by politicians and the twitterati for publishing a photo of a boy with the Devil's Mark 29th July 2014The Human Rights Act: Three Brass Monkeys

Even worse, the government is so dim in its approach to the Witch-children phenomenon that it doesn't realise it is breaching its own human rights laws by framing its Witch-child Action Plan without any reference to the religious rights of the people who might be affected by it! It is the governments duty to make its civil servants aware of citizen's religious rights but these are not mentioned in an Witch-child Action Plan designed to stop the religious abuse of children.

The Same People who Fooled You With Satanic Abuse are making idiots of the public again.

The governments Witch-child Action Plan is a licence for Satan Hunters to begin victimising innocents again based on the popularity or otherwise of their religious beliefs. That's because the same people who pushed the idea of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse in the 1990s switched terminology to hide their past. THEY are the ones who have 'worked-up' the idea of Witch-Children (see here). Yes folks, the same people who told you that 4,000 children a year were being sacrificed to satan, are now telling you that thousands of children are being abused because of 'witchcraft'. The government's Witch-Child Action Plan won't save even one child from Christian Exorcism Abuse because the Great and the Good who control the British Child-Scare Industry are still trying to blame it on Satan instead of the loony Christian extremists who are the ones actually abusing the kids.

Child-Scare Industry Failed Poor Victoria Climbie

The pivotal case upon which the idea of Witch-Children was hiked was the tragic instance of the torture and killing of little 8 year old Victoria Climbie by her religiously obsessed guardians in February 2000. Ironically in the public enquiry which followed almost every one of the social welfare organisations involved in the protracted death of Victoria was found to have failed the little girl.

This was not abuse which went on behind closed doors, it was played out in front of the child scare industry and the people who continually clamour for funds to 'protect' children were the first to fail her.

The NSPCC enjoys an unparalleled and deserved reputation because of its hundred year long historical track record of standing into the breach to protect children long before the state was involved. Since the 1960s the state has taken over much of the work that the NSPCC traditionally did and for the good people who have supported the NSPCC throughout their lives it is difficult for them to corelate their grass-roots NSPCC with the top-heavy corporate highly politicised leading-edge work of the charity which is now being persued by career professionals within it. Such people appear more interested in interfacing with the media and obtaining coverage at any price. Is that why the new director of the NSPCC has no qualifications or experience in child care or social services but comes directly from a career in the media? Traditional grass-roots NSPCC supporters may be upset by the facts in this web-page but as they ARE the NSPCC (i.e. without them the NSPCC would not exist) they need to know the truth in order to avoid being mislead by people at the top who may have a different agenda. The criterion for all of us is the avoidance of harm to children.

Poor Victoria Climbie's life might have been saved if she had received proper care

Angus Stickler (BBC Radio 4) did a masterly overview of the results of the public enquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie (the little black girl who was tortured to death by her church-going guardians - and not a witch anywhere in sight). The Inquiry found fault with the way the NSPCC had handled Victoria's case, yet here we are; two decades after their support for the phantom of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse and one decade after the death of poor Victoria whose predicament they could not apparently assist, only to find the NSPCC bullish about convincing the public that they should support them without question over claims that child abuse is 'done in the name of witchcraft' . Read what Stickler had to say about NSPCC deficiencies in the Climbie Case:

   " Is the NSPCC sensationalising threats to gain prominence?"    

NSPCC Put the Frighteners on Householders

The sensationalised leaflet shown above typifies the British child-scare industry as a whole which continually demands more public money to solve sensational types of child abuse which they claim to have uncovered. The research which produces 'evidence' of these new types of abuse is usually the result of feeding back millions of pounds of donors' money into doubtful experimental research by the very same child welfare charities! For instance, the use of witch-costumes, and rubber snakes which created the Satanic Panic of the 1990s. (see here)

The tag line in the NSPCC's letter is precise 'Will you give £15.00 to save a child's life?' but it is a play on words for the NSPCC cannot produce any evidence to show that an increase in money given to them has resulted in a decrease in child harm. However it is possible to show that money given to them was wasted on the false idea of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse in the 1990s and, we predict, more trouble for innocent parents following the Witch-Child Action Plan, an initiative cobbled together by lobbies with a vested interest.

NSPCC is sacked after Rochdale Satanic Abuse Case

New Director For The NSPCC

" Andrew Flanagan's progress will be watched carefully in the light of questions raised in recent years about the NSPCC's strategy. Last year, a report from New Philanthropy Capital argued there was no evidence that the NSPCC's Full Stop campaign, aimed at raising public awareness of child abuse, and which raised around £250m in donations, would make any real dent in child cruelty statistics. Its television adverts have also been criticised for allegedly stoking public fears about the risks posed to children."

Source. The Guardian newspaper


By Angus Stickler

Radio 4 Exposes NSPCC errors The Public Inquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie has heard damning evidence about the role of the NSPCC in events leading up to the little girls death. The eight-year-old was murdered by her great aunt Marie Therese Kouao and Kouao's boyfriend.

She was regularly beaten, trussed up in a bin liner and left in a freezing bath-tub. Victoria was referred to a centre run by the charity, which worked with problem families, it was an urgent case, but no action was taken for nearly seven months. Confidential documents shown to this programme also prove that crucial details on files were changed after Victoria's death. Members of staff were questioned during the inquiry about whether they had falsified documents to hide the truth. And the charity itself has been criticised for providing the inquiry with doctored photocopies rather than original documents.

The NSPCC is keen to promote an image of slick professionalism at the cutting edge of child protection. But this is at odds with evidence heard by the public inquiry into the death of eight year old Victoria Climbie. She was referred to one of the charity's Family Centres in North London on the 5th of August 1999, nearly seven months before her death. There were concerns about poor hygiene, inappropriate dress and that she seemed anxious around her great aunt. She was a child in desperate need. But even though she was referred to the project as an urgent case, staff were preparing for a party. It was a week before she was allocated a social worker. And even then, no one at the project ever went to see her. During the inquiry NSPCC staff admitted that the centre was a shambles, a project in crisis, where the difficulties were so entrenched that it was unable to provide a quality service....

After the NSPCC's farcical actions in respect of Satanic Ritual Abuse the question has to be asked:

Would 250 million pounds save more childrens' lives if we spent it on road safety rather than on sustaining bloated organisations in the child-scare industry who redirect a large slice of income (28 million in the case of the NSPCC), to advertising for more donations?
The sad fact is that the NSPCC has not been able to show any link between increases in the amount of money the public give them and the number of children saved from harm.

Christian Bias in The NSPCC, The Outpost of Evangelical Volunteers Against Other Religions?

"The charity was sent a dossier of alleged cases from a group of evangelical Christians including the Rev Kevin Logan and Maureen Davis of the Reachout Trust. The NSPCC issued several press statements saying the stories were spreading. In March the charity claimed that after a survey, seven of its 66 child protection teams were dealing with allegations of Satanic abuse. The form sent to NSPCC teams asked questions based on the Satanic indicators."

Source: Children's Games that bred Alarm over Satanism (see below for full text)

Pro-Christian Bias Endemic in NSPCC
Putting aside the question of whether it is the job of a child charity to take sides in disputed holy-days between religious sects (Halloween or Samhain is the traditional 'New Year' of pagans and has been celebrated for thousands of years in Britain - see here) the fact is that despite rumours started mostly by Christian fanatics (including abduction and invented scares concerning razor blades in candy) there never has been any cases of children harmed at Halloween, though there is lots of evidence of them having a great deal of fun.

Has the NSPCC learned from it's past mistakes?

Apparently not, for the director of the NSPCC went on record recently like this:

"Andrew Flanagan, chief executive of the NSPCC, which has had input into the DforE report is quoted as saying:

"The vast majority of people
in communities where witchcraft is practised
are horrified by these acts and take no part in this atrocious behaviour.

The clear inference in Andrew Flanagan's words perpetuates the despicable falsehood contained in the Witch-Child Action Pack. The assumption that children who are abused by Christian parents in exorcism ceremonies is actually caused by witches or some form of witchcraft. This is FALSE.

The point which Flanagan did not make is that:


NSPCC report on Witch-Children consultation October 2007

In October 2007 the NSPCC published its RESPONSE TO SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN FROM ABUSE LINKED TO A BELIEF IN SPIRIT POSESSION in which it made recommendations to the government for their Witch-Child Action Plan. The NSPCC report is full of prejudiced and inaccurate statements. The opening paragraph itself is a mis-statement of truth.

" In drawing together this consultation we have consulted with NSPCC practitioners who have worked with children who have been abused as a result of a belief in spirit possession and/or witchcraft. This includes abuse linked to beliefs in Celtic witchcraft, spirit possession and witchcraft in Black African communities, and exorcism and deliverance ministry in the Church of England.

Now you have to sit back and contemplate the cheek of this first paragraph because it encapsulates the nub of our complaints against the NSPCC. The cases which prompted the term 'Witch-Child' (Climbie, Bamu etc) all involved black children being abused by black parents or guardians, usually immigrants, who were all members of black Christian churches. Those black christians may have believed that their children had been bewitched but there was no involvement of witchcraft in any form. There has been an imagined link with African Ju-Ju witchcraft, which has been the racist undertone to Witch-Children and it has contaminated the official view of these cases after the "Thames Torso murder but there has never, ever, been any suggestion that Celtic Witchcraft (i.e. the indigenous 'white' paganism of the British Isles) was involved in any of the cases.

For the NSPCC to make this claim so prominently in the first paragraph of their report indicates contamination by believers in the old Satanic Ritual Child Abuse myth which falsely claimed that believers in celtic paganism were microwaving and eating babies. Therefore in one foul stroke we have the re-emergence of the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth within the more recent claims of 'witch-children'.


We don't know why it is so difficult for them to understand. The abuse in 'witch-child' cases occurred because christian parents exorcised their children to beat the devil out of them because they believed that they had been bewitched. Obviously this was superstition, not a statement of fact!

The great and the good in the child scare industry who dealt with these cases were mostly Christians and so subconsciously projected their bias onto the situation. Their tacit belief was that abusers didn't abuse their kids because they were Christians (even though that is exactly what they did!) but because of some awful unspecified and largely mystifying black witchcraft connection which was obviously mumbo-jumbo to the whiteman but only to be expected from half-civilised immigrants!

When the government's first foray into explaining 'Witch-Children' produced The Stobart Report, the author continued to use the 'Witch-children' tag because by that time the whole thing had become highly politicised involving a Pandora's box of racist sub-currents and disturbing questions which the authorities would rather leave unopened. So witches got the blame yet again as a convenient scapegoat.

Exorcism is a component part of the rites of the orthodox church and many, many other Christian denominations, particularly the evangelical and fundamentalist churches in Africa and throughout the world. Trying to suggest that Exorcism is an abberaton or cultish act is downright stupid. Exorcism has been used for hundreds of years and is here to stay. This is the official Vatican List of Signs of Possession which require exorcism.

SIGNS OF POSSESSION (from the Roman Ritual of Exorcism)

The following are official symptoms of possession as represented in the Roman Ritual of Exorcism. In most cases, a victim will have one or more of the traits listed.
  • Victim speaks or understands unknown languages without ever studying the language being spoken or heard
  • Victim clearly knows things that are distant or hidden
  • Victim can predict future events (sometimes through dreams)
  • Victim has an intense hatred for holy things
  • Victim shows a physical strength far above his age or normal condition

External Pain - deals strictly with physical suffering. This includes the beatings, scourging, and injuries caused by inexplicable pushing, falling objects, and so on, that we read about in the lives of many saints, such as the Curé of Ars. Saint Paul of the Cross, and Padre Pio. These occurrences are not as rare as we may think, and the demon's activity is usually confined to external activity; internal activity, if any, is only temporary and limited to the duration of a particular disturbance.

Diabolic Possession - is the gravest form of demonic activity, which allows a continuing presence of a demon in a human body. The evil symptoms do not have to be continuous but can alternate between periods of crisis and periods of rest. Possession implies intervals of temporary suspension of mental, intellectual, affective, and volitive faculties. Symptoms can include the knowledge of languages unknown to the victim, superhuman strength, and the ability to know the occult or someone else's thoughts. Typically, there is an aversion to anything sacred, often in conjunction with blasphemy.

Exorcism and Christianity go together like a pea in a pod. Yet look at this: In the NSPCC's 40 page document there are no less than 39 (thirty nine) mentions of 'witch' or 'witchcraft'. THERE IS NOT ONE MENTION OF CHRISTIANITY. Yet the people who abused these 'witch-children' were all church-going christians who believed in the power of exorcism. Every single one of the children was tortured to purify them of supposed witchcraft. It is CHRISTIAN EXORCISM which is the prime common-denominator in ALL these cases yet the NSPCC assiduously avoids mentioning Christianity. Does it mention 'exorcism' in its report? Yes, it couldn't very well ignore it but it mollifies it this way:

We also recommend to add the sentence which states that there have been cases of individuals who present themselves as faith leaders being paid by parents to “exorcise” children suggests that abuse linked to a belief in spirit possession and witchcraft is perpetrated by a minority of rogue faith leaders.

But the world-wide FACTS clearly show that the vast majority of children who have been accused of being witches, have been accused of being witches by GENUINE christian pastors, not rogue con-men. The PRIME cause of witch-children is the eager accusations from christian ministers that misbehaving children brought to church by their parents are witches who must undergo exorcism. They obviously are NOT witches, but once this accusation has been injected into the minds of parents who believe in the fundamentals of the Christian faith, they follow through with repeated exorcisms until the child is tortured to death. That is the nub of it, yet the NSPCC is here inferring that exorcism is some kind of secondary factor!

Continuing their ignorant overview the NSPCC then wraps all of their religious prejudice up in one recommendation.

Under part (b) How do I best promote the welfare of the child? we suggest a new bullet point is added stating that professionals should not be afraid to ask questions or seek advice about a religion, culture or set of beliefs they are not familiar with or do not understand. It is important that professionals are encouraged to ask questions if they are not fully equipped and knowledgeable about another faith, culture or religion.

But, dear reader, it is not necessary to posit difficulties with identifying beliefs or to infer that there is some mystifying obstruction causing difficulty in identifying children at risk because it is as plain as the nose no your face - THE PEOPLE DOING IT ARE FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS WHO ATTEND CHURCH AND BELIEVE IN HOLY WRIT. The fact that not EVERY Christian believes in or welcomes exorcism is of little consequence. Those that do (and there are hundreds of thousands of them) will always exorcise their children whatever the NSPCC has to say. It is therefore not necessary to try to find some abstruse connection in the obscure animistic beliefs of Africans because IT IS MISGUIDED OR EVIL CHRISTIANS WHO ARE DOING IT NOT WITCH-DOCTORS! Teaching social workers about the intricacies of minority faiths will not make one iota of difference if they are looking the wrong way when it matters. Is it any wonder poor Victoria Climbie died when idiots like this are in charge of safeguarding children?

Is it really possible that the NSPCC is so inefficient and its expertise so inaccurate that they would actually make the biggest mistake the charity has ever made a SECOND time? YES! They've already done it, as you will read below:


Rosie Waterhouse examines how cases in Nottinghamshire led to hysteria about 'ritual abuse'

Children's Games That Bred Alarm Over Satanism,
 Independent on Sunday 23 September 1990 During therapy with an NSPCC social-worker in nottingham in 1988 sexually abused childre were encouraged to play with witches costumes rubber snakes toy babies, monsters,animals and a=syringe for extracting blood.

In a technique learnt from an article by a former NSPCC colleague, the toys were supposed to be symbols, representing good and bad, to encourage the children to act out roles and illustrate how they had been abused.

Soon afterwards the children began telling their foster mother strange stories of witches, snakes, monsters, babies and blood.

As instructed by the judge who made the children wards of court, the foster mother kept a diary of everything noteworthy they said.

Nottinghamshire social workers were baffled and alarmed by the children's stories and sought advice from sex abuse experts on "witchcraft". They were told of an apparently new phenomenon sweeping towns and cities across the United States: Satanic child abuse. They were then given a checklist of "Satanic indicators", the signs and symptoms that would show if a child had been the victim of such abuse. Using the checklist, the joint team of NSPCC and local authority social workers were confronted by further disclosures: of bizarre black magic rituals which included sacrificing animals, drinking blood and killing and eating babies.

It seemed they had stumbled across one of the first British examples of children being victims of a Satanic cult. The 21 children in their care had been horrifically abused - the case went to court and eight members of a family and a friend were jailed. But of the Satanism claims, the police could find no evidence at all.

That sequence of events was uncovered by an inquiry into the allegations of Satanism set up by Nottinghamshire's chief constable and director of social services. The report was completed last December but it is still unpublished [SAFF Ed: now available on mirrors around the net - search for Nottinghamshire J.E.T. report] and the findings are confidential. It helps explain how hysteria about Satanic child abuse began and has spread across Britain from Kent to Strachclyde, with similar panics in Cheshire, Merseyside Manchester and now Rochdale.

Timeline of NSPCC Scaremonering about Satanic Ritual Child Abuse There are striking similarities in the Rochdale case, in which, over six months, 20 children have been taken from their families by a team of NSPCC and local authority; social workers and police officers and made wards of court; Fifteen are in care; five have been returned but are wards of court. Police found no evidence of Satanic rituals and said no criminal prosecutions were expected.

The parents are fighting to get their children back. Sir Stephen Brown, President of the Family Division, is to examine the evidence tomorrow and decide if and when wardship proceedings should go ahead.

The Rochdale stories of monsters, ghosts, killing babies, slaughtering sheep and drinking blood can all be related to various versions of Satanic indicators that have been circulated to all NSPCC and most council social workers, as well as to police and other child-care professionals.

Peter Thompson, a local councillor, believes the stories originated in the imagination of a six-year-old boy who was allowed to watch vile horror films, and were wrongly interpreted by "over zealous" social workers using the Satanic indicators for guidance.

The "diagnosis" of Satanic abuse in Rochdale came a few weeks after a police officer, at least one social worker and the director of social services, Gordon Littlemore, attended a seminar on the subject. [SAFF Ed. Littlemore later resigned over the mistakes made saying: "I would like to say that we regret the mistakes that were made and we accept the comments and recommendations of the judge."]

In Nottingham, the inquiry team established that childrens' talk of monsters and witches came only after the "disclosure" interviews of four children by an NSPCC social worker. They found that all the social workers confused different techniques for disclosure and therapy.

The inquiry team concluded that the Satanic abuse scare in Nottingham was produced by the introduction by the NSPCC social worker of symbols suggesting witchcraft and Satanic rites; the use of Satanic indicators originating from the US; the spreading of stories between the children while in care; unreliable testimony from adult witnesses; and above all, the interview techniques used by all the social workers involved.

Professor John Nelson, head of the Child Development Research Unit at the University of Nottingham, who advised the enquiry team, found that the interview techniques were tantamount to brainwashing". He said: "Throughout this report I nave expressed my concern that the disclosure procedures followed by social workers may well be doing positive harm to the young people they are questioning. I therefore strongly recommend that these be discontinued."

The inquiry team particularly criticized the use of leading and limited choice questions such as: "you killed three or thirty babies?"; "did you sexually abuse the little boy before you were made to kill it?"; "who ate it?" and 'what parts did you eat?"

The NSPCC has played a crucial role in the spread of the Satanic abuse scare. In Manchester, where a case has been investigated but no evidence of Satanism found, the NSPCC first warned police to watch out for Satanic or ritual abuse early in 1988. They were given further warnings and literature after five Manchester NSPCC social workers attended a conference on the subject in Reading in September 1989.

The charity was sent a dossier of alleged cases from a group of evangelical Christians including the Rev Kevin Logan and Maureen Davis of the Reachout Trust. The NSPCC issued several press statements saying the stories were spreading. In March the charity claimed that after a survey, seven of its 66 child protection teams were dealing with allegations of Satanic abuse. The form sent to teams asked questions based on the Satanic indicators.

Apart from the NSPCC's role in spreading the stories, many local authority social workers have ' also come to believe in Satanic abuse, almost with a blind faith.

Elizabeth Newson, professor of developmental psychology at the University of Nottingham, who was also consulted with her husband in the Nottingham case, believes social workers are not adequately trained to deal with sexual abuse and that a nationally co-ordinated and approved training system should be introduced.

She said: "If there is no evidence for Satanic abuse - and there remains no evidence - then we have to consider that what is operating may be professional hysteria.

"There is a sort of excitement about ritual abuse. I'm wondering whether these are professional myths, like urban myths. I would like the NSPCC to give us chapter and verse not allegations but evidence."

Additional reporting by Sarah Strickland and John Thompson

Source: Independent on Sunday 23 September 1990

"The inquiry team concluded that the Satanic abuse scare in Nottingham was produced by the introduction by the NSPCC social worker of symbols suggesting witchcraft and Satanic rites.."

"The NSPCC has played a crucial role in the spread of the Satanic abuse scare."

"If there is no evidence for Satanic abuse - and there remains no evidence - then we have to consider that what is operating may be professional hysteria."


This is the infamous list of Satanic Indicators, various editions of which were taken up and used by the NSPCC and British Social Services in the 1990s to 'discover' cases of supposed Satanic Abuse. The indicators are so general and loose that I defy you to check this list with your own child without finding some 'evidence' of satanic abuse in the process! It is this list combined with inquisitorial practices used by social workers when questioning kids which produced 'evidence' in all the early cases.

Symptoms Characterising Satanic Ritual Abuse Not usually seen in sexual abuse cases
Preschool Age children
By Catherine Gould PhD. Clinical Psychology

  • "1) Preoccupation with urine and feces. Use of words for urine and feces that are not used at home (especially 'baby' words like 'poopoo').
  • "2) Discussion of feces or urine on the face or in the mouth. Constant discussion of urine and feces at the dinner table.
  • "3) Urine or feces strewn or smeared in the bathroom.
  • "4) Inability to toilet train a child because the child is afraid (as opposed to not ready to be toilet trained or in a power struggle with the parent). The child may reveal fears of having to eat the feces if (s)he uses the toilet.
  • "5) Preoccupation with passing gas. Using mouth to make gas sounds repeatedly, attempting to pass gas purposefully, wild laughter when the child or someone else passes gas. Use of words for passing gas that are not used at home.
  • "6) Aggressive play that has a marked sadistic quality. The child hurts others intentionally, and seems to derive pleasure from doing so. Child destroys toys.
  • "7) Mutilation themes predominate. Child acts out severing, sawing off, twisting or pulling off body parts. Aggressive words include cut, saw, slice, chop. Taking out eyes or removing other parts of the face and head are common themes.
  • "8) Harming animals, or discussion of animals being hurt or killed.
  • "9) Preoccupation with death. Child 'practices' being dead, asks if (s)he will die at age 6 (the Satanic number), asks whether we eat dead people. Questions are distinguishable from normal curiosity about death by their bizarre quality.
  • "10) Fear that there is something foreign inside the child's body- e.g., ants, ice, a bomb.
  • "11) Fear of going to jail, being tied up or caged. References to the police coming after the child.
  • "12) Fear of ghosts and monsters. Child's play frequently involves ghosts and monsters.
  • "13) Fear of 'bad people' taking the child away, breaking into the house, killing the child or the parents, burning the house down.
  • "14) Child is clingy and may resist being left with baby sitters, especially overnight.
  • "15) Child's level of emotional or behavioural disturbance or developmental delay seems inconsistent with the parent's level of functioning.
  • "16) Preoccupation with the devil, magic, potions, supernatural powers, crucifixions. Questions about these topics in families who do not believe in or discuss them are significant.
  • "17) Odd songs or chants by the child that are sexual or otherwise bizarre, or that have a "you better not tell" theme.
  • "18) Numbers or letters always written backwards (as opposed to a child who sometimes or often reverses numbers or letters). This is the 'devil's alphabet'.
  • "19) References to drugs, 'pills', candy, mushrooms, 'bad medicine', or injections that seem peculiar for a preschool age child. References to drug-like or diaretic (sic) affects.
  • "20) Constant fatigue, illness, flare-up of allergies. Vomiting.
  • "21) References to people at school who are not school personnel. (This is because other adults join teachers for the abusive activities.)
  • "22) References to 'my other daddy', 'my other mommy', or 'my other family' (meaning 'at school').
  • "23) References to television characters as real people. (this is because perpetrators take on names like "Barney Flintstone" so child's disclosures will be dismissed as television-inspired fantasies).
  • "24) References to people in scary costumes, especially monsters, ghosts, devils, dracula.
  • "25) References to sexual activity with other children at school.
  • "26) Discussion of being taken to people's houses or other locations (junkyard, church, hospital, another school) that are not normal school outings for which parents have given permission.
  • "27) References to pictures or films being taken at the school at times other than when school pictures would normally be taken. Peculiar descriptions or references to nudity, sexual acts, unusual costuming, or animal involvement when discussing photography at school.
  • "28) Marks on the child's back, unusual bruising, especially in patterns.
  • "29) Nightmares or dreams of any of the above."

We reproduce these indicators in full here to illustrate how dim a social worker would have to be to take them seriously yet fundamentalist christians with an axe to grind were believing in them and infecting social work with their expectancies during the 1990s. Now the child-scare industry is falling for it again with the witch-child scare. Look at this:

Catherine Gould is still at it. She has contributed articles on Satanic Ritual Abuse to a U.S. organisation called S.M.A.R.T. which has for 20 years been busily working up contacts with believers in SRA worldwide. Another busy contributor to S.M.A.R.T. is Elen Lacter, ( an American self-professed 'expert' in SRA who runs Lacter penned a modified list of Indicators of Satanic Child Abuse in 2004 which was obviously based on Gould's earlier list minus the now unfashionable sections on farting and faeces. Even though Lacter is a Christian fundamentalist she was invited as a keynote speaker at a big multi-disciplinary Satan Seminar in the U.K. in 2009 (see here). Soon we find Laurie Matthews, the woman who heads up the Ritual Abuse Information Network Scotland travelling to the U.S. to lecture at a S.M.A.R.T. conference there. Matthews later obtained half a million of Lottery Funding to finance research work on ritual and sexual abuse, slavery and torture in immigrant communities in Britain. No doubt the results of that research have been fed into the witch-children scare. And the NSPCC have the audacity to blame everything on witchcraft.

Nursery World, Quick off the mark Witch-child Action Plan  prepares the ground for the next witch-hunt

If corroboration were ever needed of our fear that ordinary social workers, Christian activists, therapists, teachers and most untutored people who work with kids will completely misread and mis-apply the Government's 'Witch-Child Action Plan ' the unquestioning way it was reported in the influential Nursery World makes the fact utterly clear.

Parents, particularly those who have a (perfectly legal) belief in paganism, or whose religions involve harmless 'cults' and obscure faiths will be targeted whilst the real culprits, Christian evangelists and fundamentalists, will be left to torture and kill children with impunity in exorcism ceremonies. Can we remind readers that the problem is not witches but Christian evangelists who believe children are bewitched.

In case the facts revealed on this webpage haven't yet made it abundantly clear these Witch-Child cases are NOT cases of witchcraft or voodoo.

  • None of the murderers or participants were witches.
  • No witches were involved.
  • There were no witchcraft rituals involved in the murders.
  • There were no witchcraft implements or paraphernalia involved.
  • There were no witchcraft chants, dances, mixtures or concoctions.
  • There were no witches involved in the cases AT ALL.

None of the murderers or participants were involved in voodoo, santeria, kindoki, Muti, Celtic Witchcraft, Paganism, Neo-Paganism, Black Magic, Satanism OR ANY OTHER FORM OF WITCHCRAFT known to humankind; yet the head of the NSPCC is telling the British public that there is some connection. Does that ring a bell?

This Was The Press Conference Which Started The Hysteria

Press Association

July 17, 1989, Monday


BYLINE: Sally Weale, Press Association

A child protection society warned tonight that it was becoming "increasingly concerned" about the ritualistic abuse of children in occult ceremonies.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children urged parents and professionals not to simply dismiss childrens' accounts as "fantasy" but to listen and offer help and protection.......

The NSPCC said a major fear must now be that some children have been killed during ceremonies and that others were seriously at risk.

The problem is highlighted on ITV tonight by The Cook Report.

After the investigative programme, helplines will be opened for people who have fallen victim to satanic groups.

Cases which have come to light involve young girls being raped and babies being induced five-and-a-half months into pregnancy then killed and eaten during satanic ceremonies.

The national network of counsellors is made up of experts from organisations already dealing with occult-related problems and has been brought together by the Evangelical Alliance, an inter-denominational church body.

Copyright 1989 The Press Association Limited

Note: All the cases mentioned as ongoing in this press-release proved false when brought to fruition.

But as we all now know, the claims turned out to be FALSE.
The Guardian put it this way:

The [NSPCC] press release claimed that children throughout Britain were being exploited by a highly organised and planned sexual abuse, involving not only sex rings and child pornography but satanic rituals and rituals and bizarre ceremonies such as using masks or costumes, drinking blood or urine, bizarre use of animals, invocation of satanic powers and sexual activity in front of or involving children....

But the NSPCC made these claims about satanic practices without any firm evidence. There is no corroboration for any of it; the police officer in charge of the Scotland Yard unit Investigating child sex rings says he's had no evidence of such ritual abuse of children.

To make such claims without proper evidence is, to put it mildly, exceedingly unwise and ill advised...

[The NSPCC] themselves seemed belatedly embarrassed by their own presentation; references in their briefing notes to human sacrifice and a baby in a microwave were deleted from their remarks, although the Daily Mirror got hold of them and duly plastered them across its front page. The charity's press manager said these claims were "uncorroborated" — but since all the other claims were similarly unsubstantiated. what's the difference?

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that this was the NSPCC's latest publicity stunt to raise funds in a viciously competitive financial climate for all charities.

Melanie Phillips: COMMENTARY: Guardian 16th March 1990

Why is the NSPCC is unable to see the difference between witchcraft
and Christians who believe their kids have been bewitched?
Those people who believe in Satanic Ritual Child Abuse appear to have been given a green light to do their worst.

All pagans and holders of unorthodox beliefs should gird themselves for
what could turn out to be another bout of kids being taken in the middle of the night.

The problem is not witchcraft but Christian evangelists who believe children are bewitched.
They Torture and beat the 'devil' out of them until they die.
Witchcraft has nothing to do with it.

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