Bowlby Satan Seminar Contaminated By Fundies.

Schizophrenia Patients lined up for Exorcism.

If you thought all that rubbish about Satanists microwaving and eating babies had been consigned to history you were wrong. Next month the new Satanic Ritual Abuse seminar at The Bowlby Centre, Holloway Road, London will feature previously discredited allegations with the addition of idiotic new ideas about Satanic Mind Control and how people properly diagnosed with schizophrenia are really victims of Satanic Abuse!

They could be knocking on YOUR door soon but have no fear, here we show how their conspiracy works and how you can protect your loved ones from the Social Work Stasi.

In this detailed expose we track, analyse,  and undermine the secret network of Satan Hunters who have spun you the yarn of so-called Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Obsessive believers in the dangerous doctrine of SRA have spent the past few years making liaisons with groups and individuals on the periphery of mental health who are apparently unaware of the track record and involvements of these campaigners. Thousands of people afflicted with Schizophrenia could fall into their clutches and be misdiagnosed as Victims of Satanic Abuse and then suffer mind-bending exorcisms to cure it!

Schizophrenia is a terrible and frightening illness, how much more will they suffer with the extra paranoia of thinking their minds are being taken over by Satanists? It is psychotherapeutic Black Magic.  Leaving aside the largely discredited Recovered Memories Syndrome, the Satan Hunters have moved on to promoting the ridiculous idea of Satanic Trigger Words and Mind Control.

If the BMA and the GMC and the government continue to sit back and allow these dangerous people to do their worst many mentally ill people will be caught in their clutches and suffer unnecessarily from being diagnosed as victims of Satanic Mind Control!    Suicides may ensue.    We will reveal how in this comprehensive unravelling of the SRA Conspiracy.

To illustrate how paranoid these satan hunters are. Delegates to this new Satan Seminar are warned that lectures:

'Do not contain any specific images or descriptions of abuse which might be triggering.'

Of course if they omitted this statement hardly any of their cronies would turn up lest they are instantly turned into satanic zombies in their seats by inadvertent exposure to Satanic Triggers!

The organisation which fronts this latest satan seminar is The Bowlby Centre which has reputable trustees but seems to have missed its way somewhere.

Currently it is running three day courses and giving 'qualifications' in satan hunting at £620.00 a time!

Of the nine keynote speakers at the seminar seven are either on the Bowlby Centre staff, have been trained by them, or are officially linked with them. Amongst these is our old friend Valerie Sinason ( See here or, here, or here, and perhaps , here ) you'll find lots more on the SAFF website about this SRA crusader. She is a key member of RAINS (The Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support, ) set up in 1988 to further the meanderings of believers in the myth and all are ardent players in its promotion.   Joan Coleman, also of RAIN is chairing the conference. You can see more of 'Colemanballs' here:

New Stars In The Satan-Scare Firmament

The two new Star speakers are Jacqui Dillon and Ellen Lacter.

Literature from the Bowlby Centre states:

'Jacqui Dillon is a survivor of organised ritual abuse, torture and mind control.'

Dillon heads up the Manchester Hearing Voices Network, a group of people whose common denominator seems to be that they have at one time or another been diagnosed as schizophrenic and who are dissatisfied with the orthodox treatment of the illness. Auditory Illusions are a common schizophrenic phenomenon which most psychiatrists fear the patient must live with but these people have formed a self-help network to help other sufferers to cope with the disturbing nature of voices in the head. Uniquely amongst this network Jacquie Dillon seems to be insisting that the voices people hear in their heads are those of Satanists who abuse them as children and who now have access to the victim's thoughts in some unspecified way. Be sure to understand this because the idea of a separate personality overtaking and controlling a person's mind is the theological definition of possession of the body by devils.

However Dillon is not a psychiatrist and she is not a psychotherapist. We want to know why the Bowlby Centre are allowing an unqualified person to attempt to persuade listeners to redefine the standard psychological definition of schizophrenia?

Although this is not the place for an in-depth debate about the definition of schizophrenia it is important to ensure the reader understands the crux of schizophrenia as depicted in the medical textbooks and that is:

'The subject ceases to experience his mental processes and his will as under his own control; he may insist that thoughts are being put into his mind or removed from it by some alien force, or suspect that he is being hypnotized. He hears voices telling him what to do , commenting on or repeating his thoughts, discussing him between themselves or threatening to kill him. ' Oxford Companion Of The Mind. pp697

The Satan Hunters are on very dangerous ground trying to redefine schizoprhenia as a symptom of Satanic Mind Control. It is the same mediaeval mind-set that caused epiplectics to be forcibly exorcised to rid them of devils. Think that couldn't happen again? Then you are wrong; recently a teenage epileptic was beaten to death in an exorcism ceremony designed to cure him!

Trigger Word Nonsense

Satan Hunters seem to have an irrational fear of having their minds influenced by Satanists. The idea of 'trigger' words or objects (i.e. symbols or sounds which are supposed to trigger a fear response in their victims) was a prime feature of all the major Satanic Abuse cases of the 1990s, in particular Rochdale and Orkney where children who had been kidnapped by social workers in despicable 'dawn lifts' were not allowed any contact with their parents at all. No cards, cuddly toys, taped messages, books etc. The satan hunters insisted that they could contain 'triggers' which would put the children into a zombie-state where they could not give evidence against their parents. Even their beloved teddies were taken from them by the heartless social workers.

In fact recordings of the hours upon hours of questioning which the satan hunters imposed on these children showed that any child who resisted the implied idea that their parents were abusing them were seen by the Satan Hunters to have been 'got at' in some way with 'triggers' and so their answers that their parents had not harmed them were taken as indicative that they had!

We now know of course that all these cases were completely bogus and not one child had been harmed by their parents but what did that matter to the obsessives in social work. The idea of 'trigger-words' stuck and has become a necessary part of their world-view to explain why they can never find proof of their contentions.

The S.A.F.F. has researched the matter of 'trigger-words' at length and completely undermined the idea on every count. You can read our research here, However the idea has remained a powerful witch-pricker for self-styled witch-hunters in the therapy industry who see it as a touchstone of Satanic Ritual Abuse. It goes alongside the other myth which they have promulgated that a cabal of powerful Satanists are running the police and judiciary. This ridiculous idea is another excuse which allows them to retain belief in all their claimed cases - even the ones which have been proved false.


children brainwashedFew realise that the idea of 'trigger-words' grew out of experimental psychological techniques developed in communist countries to convert dissenters amidst their populations in the post-WWII communist expansionism.  This was worked-up in the media to suit the government's own purposes in the 1950sr Reds-Under-The-Beds hysteria as 'Brain-Washing'. The idea formed the background to several influential novels in particular The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon (1959) and The Ipcress File by Len Deighton (1962). A proper study of communist 'brain-washing' shows that ideas of being able to remove and implant memories was an illusion. The human mind is maleable enough to respond to persuasion under stress - dissenters were not 'reprogrammed' but simply convinced in a psychological catharsis similar to a religious conversion.

gniksaM drawkcaB 
Otherwise known as  Backward Masking

A modification of this 'brain-washing' idea was the concept of  'backward masking' invented by Christian fundamentalists in the 1980s after they became convinced that the music industry was taking over the minds of their young by imbedding immoral commands and messages into pop-songs using reverse sound tracks so that the satanic messages became unintelligible to the listener.  Needless to say we completely undermined this barmy idea in our research on 'trigger words' because obviously if it is unintelligible to the listener it will have no impact on them!    However, here we are again twenty years later and the same people are pushing the same discredited and dangerous ideas and appear to have now cosied-up to conspiracy theorists who believe in CIA MK-Ultra State-Mind-Control programs.

Victims Is As Victims Does

The notion, widely accepted within social work circles, that therapists and social workers who crusade against Satanists are somehow always victims themselves is a dangerous psychological inversion which amounts to nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy when their irrational antics get up everyone else's noses.

It has peppered the entire course of this myth, witness the spectacle, in 1992 of Catherine Gould, a key instigator of the SRA myth in the U.S.A. claiming that Satanists were using poison gas against her team. Gould helped start the Los Angeles Ritual Abuse Task Force (a caucus of believers which was the American counterpart to RAIN). Within months the group was complaining that Satanists were pumping poisoned gas into their homes, offices and vehicles!

Was it a publicity gimmick? Apparently 43 victims had reported headaches, dizziness, numbness, loss of memory, and other subjective experiences. But it was all psychosomatic in the end. This is a prime illustration of the fact that people can unconsciously exhibit their worst fears yet that observation seems to have escaped the Satan Hunters who will be at the Bowlby Satan Seminar.

Their logic is incestuous - anyone who tries to shed the cold light of reason on their manic allegations is immediately seen as a Satanic Mind Control operative and proof of their original contentions. This rabid response applies not only to outsiders but equally to those within the therapy, psychiatric, law enforcement and academic arenas. Let anyone suggest that the Satan Hunters have got it wrong and these vicious people immediately turn on an incessant campaign to silence or discredit them. The extent to which this 'intellectual war' is going on behind the scenes is amazing. Witness the antics of Diana Napolis a close colleague of Ellen Lacter who last year filed a suit against six prominent academics, a newspaper and a university for supposedly breaching her rights to scaremonger about Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Witness the antics of Diana Napolis a close colleague of Ellen Lacter who last year filed a suit against six prominent academics, a newspaper and a university for supposedly breaching her rights to scaremonger about Satanic Ritual Abuse.

This is why only believers of the SRA myth are allowed to attend these Satan Seminars and also why those who are allowed to attend are made to sign a confidentiality contract!

When Secrecy Becomes Censorship

When critical journalists actually get access to believers and start asking troublesome questions about their claims it is par for the course for the Satan Hunters to retort that they need help not criticism - the situation is so 'covered-up' that they simply don't have all the answers and so they welcome all input - but that is just a lie to avoid having to produce REAL evidence which they haven't got.

We at the SAFF have many times tried to communicate with these Satan Hunters. They have assiduously avoided any contact in the most devious ways. In 1991 we worked with an enlightened council member of the British Association Of Social Workers who was shocked and astonished at the research we had unearthed which had been kept from ordinary social workers. The SAFF produced a superb presentation document on SRA and sent 60 copies to the next BASW council meeting. Before the meeting could start SRA radicals who attended removed the papers so others couldnt' see them. When the BASW council member we had laised with tried to intervene the Satan Hunters accused us of being Neo-Nazis in order to have our report binned! It was a lie, but the report was junked and the Satan Hunters went on to perpetrate case after unnecsesary case of SRA because of it.

The more we expose their imaginings the more convinced they are that we are part of the Satanic Conspiracy even though volunteers here come from all religious backgrounds and Satanists do not head our group. According to the textbooks that's a classic case of paranoia.

Keynote Speaker Lacter Has Fundamentalist Connections

The main Keynote speaker at the London Bowlby 2009 Satan Seminar is Ellen Lacter who has no less than two lectures/workshops.
One on Torture-based Mind Control and the other on
Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Overcoming Mind Control Programming.
Of course anyone with an understanding of logic will be the first to ask how Lacter became a specialist in Satanic Mind Control without actually having her mind controlled by the Satanists.

Lacter is an American who has been in touch with RAIN and Sinason for some years. In fact when Private Eye magazine took a crack at Valerie Sinason in December 2007 it was Lacter who wrote in to complain and support her ideas of Dissociative Identity Disorder and Ritual Abuse.

Lacter is being touted as the Key Speaker at the conference. Her job, the Centre says, is to back up British SRA beliefs with reference to the American situation.

A deeper look into the activities of Lacter is revealing. Her 'professional-facing' website contains links to many of the old satan scare motifs, but she also has another site where links to claptrap on Satanic Worldwide Conspiracies occurs. According to letters from Lacter published on some of these links she appears to agree with and assist people who believe in the Illuminati conspiracies. (The Illuminati are supposed to be a race of demi-gods from a distant planet who have steered mankind's progress by occasionally transmogrifying into the bodies of great and influential historical personages like George Washington at crucial points in world history... need I go on?)

Fundamentalist Holy Roller Mentors Lacter

Oglevie sued over false memoriesOn both sites Ellen Lacter promotes the Satan Seminars of the Reverend Stephen Oglevie,
consultant to  Elijah House ministries
also minister of The Church of the Nazarene.

This one-time Radio Holy-Roller, runs regular workshops to train people how to detect and deal with Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Lacter thinks a lot of Oglevie. She states that she learned about Satanic Ritual Abuse from him.

She also claims to have attended 'every' seminar he has held on the subject of satanic ritual abuse.

She says Oglevie is her 'Mentor' .

Finally she declares that she has:

'worked closely with him for the past 8 years'.

It seems certain that Oglevie's extreme Christian stance on SRA will have contaminated Lacter's approach but will she mention the source of her information at the conference, or will she explain Oglevie's controversial ideas to the delegates?

One of the key assertions in Oglevie's seminars is that witches put demons into children and adults which then have to be drawn out in a full-blown exorcism ceremony. Let's get this right.

Oglevie is talking about demonic possession not psychological mind-control and he claims to have exorcised 350 such people.

The dangers in acceding to the belief that a child's inappropriate behaviour is caused by demon infestation was clearly illustrated in the recent high profile cases in the U.K. of wicked child abuse by fundamentalist Christians who tortured children over prolonged periods of time to drive the devil out of them. You can see the dangers if you read our research here The London Social Services were implicated in not taking sufficient action to protect those children and high-profile resignations occurred. Astonishingly we now find London hosting a conference on Satanic Ritual Abuse with links to Christian fundamentalist agitators whose cure for it is to perform exorcism on the children!

Lacter's website includes full promotional material for the contents of one of Oglevie's regular Satanic Abuse Seminars, which states:

Day Three: Recognising Spiritual Evil, Recognising Dissociated and Disembodied Foreign Human Spirits and "Installed" Personalities, Understanding of Spiritual Evil and how it Interferes in the Therapy Process.

The therapist will be introduced to the very complex field of dissociated and disembodied foreign human spirits including their level of attachment to the client and ways in which they can be successfully disentangled from the true humanity and sent away . Therapists will be introduced to understanding installed personalities and how to differentiate between installed and genuine personalities.

The therapist will be presented with a diagnostic tool to distinguish between genuine human personalities, "installed" personalities, foreign human spirits, and spiritual evil.

Now before any attendee at the London Conference accepts information from Lacter would it not be wise for her to state categorically what her Mentor's teachings are? Does Lacter maintain that children are psychologically programmed using trick methods of mental persuasion or does she mean that they have been possessed by demons as the mentor who taught her believes? And what about that term 'disentangled and sent away' - it's simply fundie-speak for 'EXORCISM' Does Lacter agree with the exorcism of children and adults?

Lacter just one in a long line of U.S. SRA hot-shots

But this isn't the half of it. In 1996 - just after the government had published it's definitive report by Professor Jean La Fontaine which said that Satanic Ritual Abuse did NOT exist, RAIN organised a Satan Seminar at Warwick for believers at which the key speakers were Valerie Sinason and Catherine Gould.

Catherine Gould was a Key player in the American satan hunter movement. She was the person who drew up the now infamous 'indicators' of Satanic Abuse which were believed to have mislead social workers in just about every case of suspected satanic ritual abuse in the U.K. in the 1990s.

Over 17,000 copies of her handbook on satanic abuse were sold in the U.S. alone.

You may remember the triteness of these symptoms, particularly the one which indicated a child had been satanically abused if it farted at the dinner table! It is astonishing to think that families were broken up and innocent children taken into care for YEARS based on this rubbish.

Gould's list of dozens of every-day happenings which she had categorised as indicating satanic abuse was apparently developed from her work with children but many people see it as gibberish. Gould fell from view along with her indicator list when the public enquiries into the failed SRA cases (Rochdale and Orkney etc) pointed the finger of blame at it.

This coupled with the complete U-turn of the most celebrated American 'Cult Cop' Randy Emon, who in 1992 recanted everything he had previously said to support the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse in an interview with Cornerstone Magazine.

'I believe the MPD movement, fuelled by Bennet Braun and Catherine Gould has been instrumental and knowingly or unknowingly creating this hysteria.... there is Zero evidence that there is a multigenerational satanic conspiracy'.... What I stated originally was that SRA was the crime of the Nineties, what I should have said is this is the SCAM of the Nineties"(Cornerstone Christian Magazine Vol 20 No 97)

If you care to look on Lacter's web-site you will see that as recently as 2004 she replicated a form of Gould's list (minus the farting of course). Her essay: Child Indicators of Ritual Abuse Trauma in Play and Art must mean that she is using these indicators herself, and perhaps teaching it to any other delegates who will listen, as an aid to detecting and treating Satanic Ritual Abuse twenty years after these barmy ideas were first thought up and subsequently discredited. Perhaps they think we have forgotten! Let's give you a small extract and you will see immediately that ANY kid would give apparent indications of satanic abuse if his or her play was gauged by Lacter's ambiguous list.

This list looks like it was written by a Spinster. Anyone who has kids know that they ALL exhibit some or all of these actions as they grow up. Yet this palpable nonsense is what may be being taught to British therapists at the Bowlby Satan Seminar!

  • G15. Child obsessively chooses toys such as dinosaurs, monsters, or hooded figures, engaging them in frightening, aggressive and/or destructive scenarios
  • G17. Child gets on the floor and pretends to be an animal, or believes he/she is an animal at any given moment
  • LG18. Child hurts other children
  • G19. Child is extremely controlling with other children or siblings, and constantly plays chase games
  • LG20. Child talks to an imaginary friend or says an evil/aggressive animal/entity made him/her do bad things.

Based on this list your kid would be judged to have been satanically abused and you can expect police to come barging through your door at dawn, arrest you, lift your kids off to some unknown location and you are unlikely to see them again for a decade. Because that's exactly what happened to the innocent parents in Manchester, Rochdale, Ayrshire, Isle of Lewis SRA cases last time.

Do you think this can't happen to you because you are honest and decent and haven't done anything wrong?
Then think again!
Many of SAFF members who have tracked this myth for decades believe that it was the hysteria of the Satan Myth which first indoctrinated the public into believing that abuse of children in Britain is endemic when it is not.

The revulsion caused by these untrue claims and faux-statistics enabled empire-builders in social work to push through draconian laws to suit themselves which enabled them to persecute anyone they wanted without recourse to human rights and fair jurisprudence.

Ordinary members of the public who unquestioningly went along with this moral blackmail thinking that they could not object to any attempt to protect children are themselves to blame for creating a climate of family persecution which has resulted in appalling victimisations such as the recent Dog Docking case where a man who was under surveillance by the RSPCA for docking puppies tails eventually had his children taken away from him! Read of this appalling case here and after you have wept for this family you will lay awake at night wondering how you gave the Social Work Stasi these powers and whether they will knock at your door next.

Mind Control and Brainwashing

Lacter's speciality is supposed to be mind control and brain-washing but the idea of mind-control being involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse is not new to proponents of SRA.  Catherine Gould's own Reading List of books published in 1988 contained titles on Combatting Mind Control and she told a meeting of the California State Psychological Association in 1988 that she was treating 20 children who had been forced to take part in satanic worship including ritual murders. Like many astounding allegations at that time this turned out to be totally untrue.

Natalie on the cook report special The Devil's WorkThe NSPCC also claimed to have 20 cases in the U.K.  These formed the backbone to the despicable Cook Report, 'The Devil's Work'. Every case turned out to be false. The NSPCC were heavily involved in promoting the Satan Myth, from misrepresented branch 'statistics' through funding and providing networking for leading edge Satan Hunters, to working with the Cook Report and other tabloid media, issuing misleading and exaggerated press-releases etc.

Without the NSPCC's stamp the original 1988 Satan Scare would not have exploded as it did. We would go so far as to say that if it had not been for the NSPCC's involvement most journalists would have simply laughed at the irrational allegations which were being made. When the publicity turned back in on them, the NSPCC claimed they had never officially said that Satanic Ritual Abuse existed! They lost the child care registers in most of the places where bogus SRA cases had been claimed and eventually ended up legally threatening us when we said we were going to publish the correspondence we had had with them where we had for months tried to tell them that SRA did not exist and would be prepared to come and help them sort it out.

Nothing New

Gould herself wrote what is probably the first speculative 'clinical' explanation of SRA mind control in 1995. Hence today's Bowlby Satan Seminar is just more of the same under a slightly different disguise and the first thing any independent delegate should do is realise that what is being offered is nothing new but just a revamped and refined projection of the 1988 Satan-Ate-My-Baby scare.

Torture Techniques and the Art of False Confession

Malleus MaleficarumEllen Lacter has produced a second list of 'indicators', this time of torture linked to SRA mind control. Another witch-pricker for therapists to use with their patients. You will find the complete Lacter Torture List below-right for your perusal but the main point we want to make here is that many of these stress methods were actually first recommended in the Malleus Maleficarum, 'The Hammer of The Witches', published in 1486!

This infamous book was drawn up by two dominican monks (Krammer and Sprenger) as a manual to show Church inquisitors how to extract confessions from people accused of witchcraft. You can see further information about this book and how it is even today influencing and promoting misogynist attitudes by going here.  We are not suggesting that Lacter took these ideas directly from the Malleus, but that there is a limit to what one evil person can do to another by way of torture and this book was the first to lay out the techniques which have been used consciously or unconsciously ever since in torture situations. In short Lacter's list is just a list of how people can torture other people. It is not a definitive list of what Satanists have done.

Lacter does not succeed in translating 'traditional' techniques of Institutionalised Torture (the use of racks, thumbscrews, strapado, iron boots, Iron Maidens, Molten Lead and the like) as described by the Malleus, into the SRA arena simply by adding the word 'satanic' to them. She claims that there is a world-wide criminal conspiracy by Satanists to hide their abuse of children by using systematic torture to brainwash them into compliance but she has not established any cogent evidence to support this and ultimately seems to be inferring that Satanists do it because they are 'nasty people'. Well we have met quite a few Satanists who are a lot less nasty than some of the Satan Hunters and we haven't met any Satanists who do the type of things Lacter believes they do so there is obviously a major fault in either her logic or her research.

Making a list of what already disturbed people fantasise during therapy sessions does not constitute proof of a Global Satanic Conspiracy and it is fairly obvious that anyone, children included, can be terrified into compliance by the use of fearful images and consequences. That's how renegade paedophile priests in Ireland continued to abuse thousands of children over many years. Frightening children is pretty easy for people like them (see here).

The point is that after 20 years of the SRA myth there is NO proof to suggest that what these Satan Hunters say Satanists do is actually what Satanists do, but these Christian inspired Satan Hunters are like a dog with a bone - they just won't give it up!  Having nailed their colours to the mast they MUST go forward because they are in a permanent state of cognitive dissonance.  And to go backwards would be professional suicide.

I will use extracts from some Lacter's definitions to illustrate how weak her arguments really are:

  • Ritual abuse survivors may experience intense phobic reactions to spiders or maggots (item 19) [Ed: which kid doesn't dislike spiders?].
  • They may fear water and baths (item 4) [Ed: which Kid wouldn't sooner play out than have a bath?].
  • They often fear hypodermic needles (item 16) [Ed: Adults too!].
  • They become easily too cold, too hot (item 5), or thirsty (item 12). [Ed: Can't win with this one can we?]
  • They may have aversive reactions to cameras (item 23). [Don't be coy in front of the camera little-one or you may never see your mum again!]
  • They may become upset upon seeing babies, abused and abandoned animals and children (items 22 and 24). [Ed: Of course if the poor kid doesn't identify with the suffering of animals and other children then I suppose Lacter would think that a good symptom of having been Satanically mind controlled too?]

And so it goes on. This tripe is being passed to British Satan Hunters, Social Workers, Police and Therapists across the country in exactly the same way it was in 1988. Will it cause similar miscarriages of justice and suffering? You Betcha! Because it is all simply a new Demonology to power another witch-hunt so that do-gooders can feel blessed whilst they root out and pursue imagined Satanists.  And like all witch-hunts, it will inevitably be used to victimise the weakest amongst our society in the end. The trustees of the Bowlby Center (Amongst whom is James Sainsbury and Sir Richard Bowlby) should be horrified at allowing this travesty to occur particularly as most of it contradicts the teachings of 'attachment theory' which John Bowlby originated.

15c Witch-Trials Revisited in 21st Century Britain

My similie with the Malleus Maleficarum was closer than you might think. The SRA therapy movement could quite easily be subconsciously copying the techniques used by Witchcraft Inquisitors during the Witch-craze of the 15th century.   And this is how it happened:

Someone, usually for ulterior purposes (enmity, boundary disputes, jealousy etc) would make an allegation and the more impossible and whacky the allegation the better.  The very outlandish nature of the allegations mean that the event is taken out of the remit of the judiciary and put into the Ecclesiastical Courts which specialised in breaches of Holy Writ. In today's world similar allegations are so outlandish that they are ignored by the police and fall into the jurisdiction of the self-appointed Satan Hunters. Using Torture (in today's world repetitive questioning, regression hypnosis, and other incentives -  all forms of mind control in themselves!) the accused is made to fabricate a narrative which satisfies their inquisitors because if they don't then the torture or questioning continues ad infinitum or they are denied the sympathy and medical help they require.

From these horrible imaginings, dredged up by the subconsciousnesses of people in pain or under severe emotional stress, the sordid tales of supposed Witch Coven activities in the Dark Ages were created.   Just as in the modern world the same mind-set created the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. And if you compare the tales of the tortured in the 15th century you will see a REMARKABLE similarity to the imaginings of people undergoing therapy in the chairs of the Satan Hunters today.

More than anything else the one crucial part which was an absolute must was not only that the tortured victim should recant their previous beliefs and tell what abominations occurred but that they must then inform on the other people in their Coven or Group so that fresh victims were created for the Inquisition. And this is how and why the terrible witch-hunts which claimed the lives of at least a million innocent people during the Burning Times spread like wildfire throughout Europe.

That is why, today, during the Westminster VIP paedophile Myth allegations, there is a growing tranche of 'victim-imposters' being produced by Satan Hunter therapists making the most outlandish and completely untrue false accusations against key members of our society, judiciary and government.  Just as happened during the Witch-trials of the 15c.

The Satan Hunters complacently crow to themselves about helping children but are simply the wicked left-overs from a mediaeval mindset that science should have long since suppressed.  Sectarian Crusaders who widen their remit by including any stupid nonsense in lists and who pore over any unremarkable and ordinary occurrences in behaviour to 'discover' imagined wrongdoings. And then, after exhausting their 'patients' of any fantasies they can create, they smugly add the fictions to their lists of 'indicators', to haul in some other unsuspecting person with a mental illness who will be grist to their mill. This sequence causes severe long-term harm to susceptible people and has even driven some to kill themselves.

A Travesty of Psychoanalysis: Freud admits to false memories.

But this is completely contrary to what psychoanalysis is all about. People who do not understand Freud's system have inverted it to suit their own prejudices. Freud pioneered the use of Word Association and Hypnosis techniques to open a door into the subconsciousnesses of his patients. Both techniques were used very simply.

Freud Finds False MemoriesIn Word Association a selection of specifically unconnected words with a relation to childhood is used to focus the subconscious of the patient and then during the flow of replies crucial words like Mother, Hate, Love, Father etc.,are injected. The idea is that these will unexpectedly bypass the psychic censor and obtain an unthinking (subconscious) response from the patient and that these auto-responses will reveal to the skilled psychotherapist what the patient really believes about crucial relationships and lead to conversations where the conscious mind of the patient can actually face the neuroses which are causing him or her problems.

As you might imagine, working out the right words to prime the patient with is crucial and very time consuming. It needs to be tailored for each case and each session. Freud began to use reverie as an alternative. When the patient was in a relaxed state the resistance of the conscious mind to unconscious ideas was weakest. Just getting the patient to talk randomly about his childhood whilst in a relaxed state was enough to allow some subconscious material to come through which the skilled psychotherapist would note and then feedback to the patient as keys to unlock situations which had created neuroses.

Now the patient's ramblings during hypnosis were not considered by Freud to be real or false, but simply an outpouring of the subconscious. Just as dreams are not real, but simply a method by which the conscious disguises unacceptable or repressed thoughts which arise from the subconscious.

However some psychotherapists who came after Freud became literal about ramblings under reverie and assumed that these were real memories. Chief amongst these was J.A. Hadfield, a founder member of the Tavistock Clinic (begun in the 1950s) whose 'contribution' to psychotherapy was the idea that patients could be put into reverie and recover memories right back to when they were actually born. Hadfield's techniques basically relied on patients curing themselves by unearthing which memory in childhood was most unpleasant and then apportioning a neuroses to it as an explanation of the patient's current illness/problem. Consciously recognising this, the patient was freed from the neurosis.

This lead to the fundamental Tavistock idea that all adult psychological problems and illnesses are created in early infancy. It is interesting to note that John Bowlby (the founder of The John Bowlby Center) worked at the Tavistock Clinic under Hadfield and later developed an additional theory to expand this called 'attachment theory'. This insists that all psychological problems result from the way a baby psychologically 'attaches' itself to the mother within the first 12 months of its existence and that regressing a patient back to being a baby will reveal crucial memories which will explain current neuroses. However, as we have seen with Freud in the extract from Sargant's book (above right) , this is a psychological fallacy.   It is perhaps no accident that one of the foremost exponents of the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Valerie Sinason, works out of the Tavistock Clinic. 

There is a major problem with these ideas.  Memories under hypnosis are NOT literal. Under hypnosis or reverie the mind randomly confabulates ideas and images in order to produce a thread which appears logical. This technique is the basis of all imagination and without it there would be no fictional literature, drama, story-telling etc.

When listening to memories under hypnosis or reverie the therapist has to rely totally on the assumption that the patient is, knowingly or unknowingly, telling the truth but there may be many instances where the patient does not subconsciously want to tell the truth. This is particularly the case with a deep seated neurosis and the patient can easily cover-up for these. If the therapist is not skilled and relies on what is said rather than reading between the lines a completely fictitious story can occur which will derail the patient's treatment and misguide the therapist.

Confabulation not admissible in law

Confabulation is where the imagination unconsciously interferes with the memory to fill in gaps in a narrative.   The problem of confabulation under hypnosis/reverie is well known amongst professionals and is why evidence gained under hypnosis is not admissible in law.  Particularly is this the case if the therapist consciously or unconsciously primes the patient with a thread, as in the case of Satan Hunter therapists prompting the hypnotised person for information about evil, dark caves, being trapped in cages, etc.  Confabulated information of that kind is absolutely worthless as evidence  and the same goes for imaginings when the psychotherapists prime their patient about their first year of life . In Hadfield's 'Childhood and Adolescene' (1962) the author illustrates what he sees as a classic example of regression hypnosis back to just after birth:

I have a burrowy feeling - everything is so big and open and I hate everything; I hate being alive. I want somebody close with their arms right around me so that I feel protected and close. I want to be all inside something so that I can be protected. I don't like the light or the noise or anything. If somebody would allow me to burrow in their arms and let me be close properly! I do hate everything! I'm so cold and miserable and lonely, Everything is like a pandemonium, like a nightmare'.

The 'patient' in this case was a woman doctor. Readers can be forgiven for thinking that this is simply an adult woman's imagined empathy of what it might be like for a baby who has just entered the world. It is of course of absolutely no value except as an indication of the doctor's own subconscious beliefs that babies need protection.

In fact it is generally agreed that a baby does not develop the capacity of reason until later in the second year of its life. Prior to that all actions and reactions are instinctive. It is not possible for anyone to retain memories of feelings of intellectual comparison (like that in the passage) before they can reason. Thus using regression hypnosis to try to discover 'attachments' in the first year of life (which Bowlby and Hadfield suggested) is impossible yet most of the people trained at the Tavistock Clinic believe that patients allowed to ramble during hypnosis are giving 'evidence' of real happenings of satanic ritual abuse. All their claims and allegations of abuse are based on evidence gleaned through therapeutic sessions of this kind. They are simply providing an arena for mentally disturbed people to fantasise about dark things and then the Satan Hunters gleefully report them as real occurrences.

They are simply providing an arena for mentally disturbed people to fantasise about dark things and then the Satan Hunters gleefully report them as real occurrences.

Ultimately therefore it is paramount to realise that hypnosis in regular (i.e. non-SRA) psychotherapy is not about locating lost memories but about deceiving the patient's consciousness into revealing deeply embeded emotions which are normally kept from view. It is not so much what they say which is of interest to the therapist but why they are saying it. 

The Tavistock Clinic was a centre of believers in Satanic Ritual Abuse from 1988 onwards and Valerie Sinason worked there for many years. The Bowlby Centre now seems to be taking over from the Tavistock and you can see how the unquestioning belief in the ramblings of patients has caused a continuation of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. .

Classic Illustration of SRA Therapy Failure

Satan's UndergroundEllen Lacter's reading list includes ,as a reliable source on Satanic Ritual Abuse, the book 'Satan's Underground' by Lauren Stratford. Presumably delegates at the conference may purchase it and believe what Stratford says, but it is all complete fiction.

Lauren Stratford was the patient of Lynn Laboriel. Laboriel was a member of Catherine Gould's L.A. Ritual Abuse Task Force. Stratford's astonishing and shocking personal testimony of the horrors of being a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse was pivotal to the acceptance of SRA both in the U.S. and later in the U.K. Stratford was the archetypal Satanic Victim Imposter. After she had done her worst she was exposed by the Christian Magazine Cornerstone as a complete fraud. She had made it all up to satisfy her inquisitors and pacify her lust for attention.

Stratford faded quietly from the scene and wasn't heard of for some time. Then some years later this compulsive liar was discovered pretending to be a Jewish Holocaust Survivor! .

Using the same victim-imposter techniques practiced in her therapist's chair Stratford convinced a Holocaust Survivors group to accept her as an ex-concentration camp inmate when she had never ever been outside the U.S.!

The Satan Hunters now rarely mention Lauren Stratford but are still producing reading lists which feature her book to convince wet-behind-the-ears newcomers (as might attend this crappy little seminar) that SRA exists, when it doesn't.

The point is this. If many of them are still promoting her fictional book as a real survivor's tale. Have they deleted Stratford's imaginings from their list of Satanic Indicators? Very Unlikely. This classic failed case of SRA therapy seriously undermines if not invalidates the Satan Hunters research and arguments yet Lacter is still promoting it. 

The following is a partial list of Lacter's ideas on SRA torture:

1. Sexual abuse and torture.
2. Confinement in boxes, cages, coffins, etc, or burial (often with an opening or air-tube for oxygen).
3. Restraint; with ropes, chains, cuffs, etc.
4. Near-drowning.
5. Extremes of heat and cold, including submersion in ice water, and burning chemicals.
6. Skinning (only top layers of the skin are removed in victims intended to survive).
7. Spinning.
8. Blinding light.
9. Electric shock.
10. Forced ingestion of offensive body fluids and matter, such as blood, urine, feces, flesh, etc.
11. Hung in painful positions or upside down.
12. Hunger and thirst.
13. Sleep deprivation.
14 Compression with weights and devices.
15. Sensory deprivation.
16. Drugs to create illusion, confusion, and amnesia, often given by injection or intravenously.
17. Ingestion or intravenous toxic chemicals to create pain or illness, including chemotherapy agents.
18. Limbs pulled or dislocated.
19. Application of snakes, spiders, maggots, rats, and other animals to induce fear and disgust.
20. Near-death experiences; commonly asphyxiation by choking or drowning, with immediate resuscitation.
22. Forced to perform or witness abuse, torture and sacrifice of people and animals, usually with knives.
23. Forced participation in child pornography and prostitution.
24. Raped to become pregnant; the fetus is then aborted for ritual use, or the baby is taken for sacrifice or enslavement.
25. Spiritual abuse to cause victim to feel possessed, harassed, and controlled internally by spirits or demons.
26. Desecration of Judeo-Christian beliefs and forms of worship; Dedication to Satan or other deities.
27. Abuse and illusion to convince victims that God is evil, such as convincing a child that God has raped her.
28. Surgery to torture, experiment, or cause the perception of physical or spiritual bombs or implants.
29. Harm or threats of harm to family, friends, loved ones, pets, and other victims, to force compliance.
30. Use of illusion and virtual reality to confuse and create non-credible disclosure.

The Bowlby Centre states clearly that the purpose of inviting Lacter to Britain to lecture on Satanic Mind Control and Abuse is to confirm the experience of workers in SRA in Britian. In short to prove that SRA exists. What they fail to mention is that the experience of British therapists and social workers has been totally controlled by input from America right from the start.   If there's any mind-control going on then it is mind-control within the Child-Scare Industry and has nothing to do with satanists.

In November 1990 The Guardian published an article by Valerie Sinason about the then current claims of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse ('Talk of The Devil' P12. November 3/4 1990). Sinason started by trying to compare the 'evidence' and experience gained in the Nottinghamshire Broxtowe Case (Britain's first claimed SRA case which underpinned the Cook Report's The Devil's Work (later discredited) and which caused the hysteria to conflagrate throughout the U.K. ) with the first case of supposed Satanic Ritual Child Abuse found in America.

Valerie Sinason's Talk of The Devil'IN 1985 in America a social worker who specialised in child abuse was referred several children for therapy by concerned parents. Slowly, painfully and unwillingly, Pamela Hudson came to realise that all the children had been systematically abused by staff at the same local day care centre. It finally emerged that over 25 had been abused. Pamela Hudson was frightened and distressed by what she was learning, as well as by the depth of the children's fear.

It took them nearly eight months in private individual sessions before they could begin to talk about the ritual aspects of their abuse, being held under water, or buried in coffins of adults in cloaks and masks who abused them, the sacrifice of animals, circles with lighted candles, dead babies. They expressed terror not only of being killed for telling but of their families being killed or tortured. ''

The admission is plain to see but in their blindness the Satan Hunters cannot see it. The children were subjected to 'disclosure' questioning for EIGHT MONTHS until they, like the eponymous chimpanzee left playing with a typewriter who would one day type out the entire works of William Shakespeare by accident, actually confirmed the Inquisitors prejudices. The point is, dear reader, questioning of that kind is totally illegal for the police to apply and adults have at least some resistance. What in heaven's name it does to emotionally stressed children is anyone's guess.

In fact this case was the notorious McMartin Pre-School Nursery case which, like the Broxtowe case in the U.K. became a battleground of pro and anti SRA observers for years until it fell apart like all the rest. The Story of the McMartin SRA Scandal is astonishing in its illustration of the extent to which SRA believers will go to confirm their prejudices and you will only need to Google 'McMartin Pre-School' to savour the madness of it all.

Calvary Chapel of West Covina

Pamela Hudson was a colleague of Catherine Gould and appeared in Gould's training videos These 'New Training Videos on Ritual Child Abuse' sold through Cavalcade Productions in the U.S. at, in 1990s money, 195.00 dollars for a 25-30 minute tape to 345.00 dollars for a 19 minute tape. Pamela Hudson also appeard on a Pittsburgh talk-show relating her experiences of SRA and was billed as Counselling Satanically abused kids. Though we have no evidence that Gould or Hudson were Christian fundamentalists the owner of Cavalcade Productions, Dale McCulley is also apparently the organiser of North American Conferences, a front organisation for the Calvary Chapel of West Covina which is a fundamentalist Christian missionary group.

In "America's Best Kept Secret," an article appearing in Calvary Chapel of West Covina's Passport Magazine (special edition), author John Frattarola writes of

'a devil-worshiping conspiracy that is responsible for the deaths of 5,000 unidentifiable children whose bodies are found each year and for the deaths of another 2,000,000 missing children. '
Ridiculous claims like these were actually considered worthy of consideration in the hysteria of the 1990s! Gould attended and lectured at North American Conferences seminars held to promote the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth.

But this isn't the first time British Satan Hunters have tried to reinforce their power-shadow by importing an American 'expert'. As early as 1989 RAIN held a Satan Seminar in Reading where the Key U.S. speaker was Pamela Klein, a self-appointed Chicago specialist in SRA who is said to have eventually 'diagnosed' one of the first British cases of so-called Satanic Abuse in Kent' (Independent on Sunday March 24 1991.) She began lecturing on SRA to hundreds of social workers psychiatrists and other child care professionals nation wide.

Earlier, in the U.S.A. (1988), Kline had met up with Jacquie Balodis, who claims to have more than 100 'alters' (multiple personalities). Balodis and Klein trained and 'informed' Kansas City area police and mental health professionals on SRA according to an article in the 26 March 1988 Kansas City Times.

Balodis's first entry into the British SRA hysteria was in a front-page article for the Sunday Sport on 9 April 1989 four months before the scare reached it's peak with the infamous NSPCC press-conference on July 1989 which rubber-stamped the myth. The infamous headline ran

'I Skinned My Baby For Satan'.

I skinned my baby for satanThe paper reported that Balodis said she had confessed to skinning and eating her babies in satanic rituals and 'bred' children to be sacrificed. Although she hailed from Garden Grove in California, the newspaper reported Balodis saying that her experiences had happened

'here in a small house in the Bristol region, I don't remember exactly where it was'.
What is one to make of these allegations and if they were completely unsupported by any evidence why did the British press publish these lunatic utterings? Because it was commonplace during the Satan Hysteria of those times. Even today millions of people think that someone called Jacquie Balodis was eating babies in Bristol; but don't worry, it was probably one of her 'alters'.

When the first wave of SRA allegations began to fail in 1990 and the idiocy of social workers had become apparent in the Rochdale and then Orkney cases, the Satan Hunters retorted in their own defence that their approach had been serious and questioning, That they had never sensationalised the issue but that the hysteria was caused by the British Media which was to blame for it all, not them.

The fact is, as the SAFF have consistently proved, the professional believers in SRA always put the media into contact with various victim imposters like Balodis who made the sensational allegations on their behalf. To suggest that this was not part of their campaign is just deceitful.

We don't know what Balodis and Klein told the Kansas City professionals but we do understand that she contributed to the Cook Report's discredited TV hackumentary 'The Devil's Work'. Three years later in the U.S. Klein's status was dismissed by Judge Morgan Hamilton who ruled that Ms Klein was not a legitimate therapist. Klein's soicitor said

'Ms Klein is not a psychologist. She has never described herself as a psychologist. She has never held herself out to be. She is not responsible for what other people print about her".
Pamela Klein has also dropped from view in the International SRA scene and no longer speaks at conferences.

Two Way Current of Looniness?

4000 kids a year sacrificed in the U.K.I wouldn't like my readers to get the wrong idea. This technique of bringing in hired guns to strengthen support isn't all one-way. In the 1990s Dianne Core an ex social worker and head of Childwatch, a Hull children's charity, travelled to the U.S. and gave interviews to the American media. She told them that 4,000 children a year are sacrificed in Britain! Even though there had not been one instance of any case diagnosed as Satanic by the Satan Hunters which had actually been successfully prosecuted in the U.K. and none at all involved cases of homicide.

One may be forgiven for thinking that in relation to allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse nothing succeeds like excess.

Now bear in mind here that Dianne Core was not some peripheral character - she along with Geoffrey Dickens MP (Childwatch's parliamentary representative) had spearheaded the idea of a wave of satanic crime and abuse in the U.K. and had enjoyed massive media support. Indeed Core was an advisor for Roger Cook's shameful 'Devil's Work' programme.

Maureeen Davies and the CCIN 'Conspiracy'

Another early star of the SRA scene whose activities are still having a ripple effect on the Bowlby Seminar is Maureen Davies a dental nurse from Rhyll in North Wales who was also a director of a Christian activist group called The Reachout Trust. Without any apparent qualifications appropriate for doing so she became a 'specialist' in lecturing on how to detect Satanic Ritual Abuse. Not only did she speak at many RAIN Satan Seminars but she also lectured on SRA to police chiefs at Bramshill Police College.

Most of Maureen's knowledge on SRA had apparently been gleaned from importing, photocopying and distributing OTT articles, documents and information packs from the coterie of Christian satan hunters in the U.S. that she had been in touch with for some time in her campaign to ban psychic fayres and outlaw Transcendental Meditation, long before the idea of Satanic Abuse had flared up.

She imported propaganda from Groups like:

All of these groups and more were cross linked with the network of American fundamentalist activists who were also influencing therapists and the media in the U.S. (e.g. Mike Warnke Ministries was recommended as a source by Gould's Cavalcade Productions. )

In 1989 at the height of the Satan Scare, when police forces, local authorities, the NSPCC, Childline, and most social workers had bought into the Satan Scare, Davies travelled to the U.S. to tell them about the many cases of SRA which had been 'uncovered' in the U.K.

Of course SRA had NOT been proven in the U.K. but Davies gave permission for the Cult Crime Impact Network to publish her lecture 'Satanic Ritual Abuse' , a paper she usually presented at British SRA conferences. When it was published the editor of CCINs journal prefaced the article by saying that the article clearly showed that British experience proved the existence of SRA to doubters in the U.S.

'Where do the contrived controversies of 'urban myth' and statistical dinosaurs stand now in the light of international confirmation (underlined in original) that the same satanic crime problem exists across the globe.... the stark facts presented in Marueen Davies's article are identical to those we have encountered in the U.S. Canada and Mexico. '

Well of course they would be wouldn't they?
Because they were the same set of unproven conclusions that CCIN and their fundamentalist friends had sent to Maureen in the first place, rewritten to suit the European market!

Of course there never was any proof of any of the cases Maureen Davies referred to in the U.K.
There was no evidence, no bodies, no forensic evidence anywhere.
Not one of the alleged crimes ever took place in the way the Satan Hunters said it did.
It was all hysteria.

So American fundamentalists and therapists on the make had created a hysteria in the U.S. and then exported that to the U.K. When the scare bit deep here their British counterparts used anecdotal evidence and sensationalist media reporting (like the Balodis interview) to export the same stuff back into the U.S. as proof that SRA existed here in the U.K. It was, and still is, the biggest hoax in modern history.     We are not suggesting that these fundamentalists are lying. We are sure that they absolutely believe what they are saying, just as many of the claimed victims of SRA do. The point is that what they might want to believe to confirm their religious prejudices is not factual evidence and is socially harmful.

Same Old Same Old

So is Lacter's contribution going to be any different to what has gone before? Judge for yourself. Lacter says clearly that she learned most of what she knows about SRA from Stephen Oglevie, head of Elijah House Ministries, but is what Oglevie knows worth anything to British social workers? The judge in the case of Donna M Krahn didn't think so.

'VANCOUVER, B.C. A woman who sought Christian marriage counselling from Elijah House has sued the society, claiming its conspiratorial theories caused her to lose custody of her seven children and fall into depression. Donna Marie Krahn claims the society taught her that repression of memories, dissociative identity disorder and satanic ritual abuse are widespread in society. She says the defendants encouraged her to develop false memories that she was physically, sexually and satanically abused by her husband, his family, her family, and others. She claims defendants induced her and her children to believe that satanic cults and witchcraft had penetrated all levels of society, that she had 500 alternate personalities, and that demons posed a present danger to her and her children. The judge in divorce court found the children are extremely well cared for physically and, but for the exposure to Elijah House philosophy, would be well cared for mentally as well. Full story here:

An earlier profile of Oglevie in the Los Angeles Times contained information about how he became a Satan Hunter. He claimed that he had been introduced to the problem of SRA by CCIN The Cult Crime Impact Network. (one of the fundamentalist Satan Hunter groups which heavily influenced Maureen Davies' approach to SRA.)

'It was in the state of Washington, in 1977, that he'd first brushed up against what he understood to be satanic ritualism. A 19-year-old woman arrived one day at the Church of the Nazarene in Wenatchee. I'm married to a warlock, she said. I've been up to the altar. I've suffered physical and sexual abuse. I can't get away. The lady's eyes appeared demonic and possessed, and she sometimes spoke in a deep man's voice......"

[Ed: Deep Man's Voice? What? Like the possessed girl in The Exorcist Film? It was still doing the rounds in 1977.]

Oglevie's move to Idaho came because "the Lord wanted me here," a wish revealed by means of a job offer to replace a departing pastor. "I thought this was a clean place, if any place was," he says. "I thought I was getting away from all that junk. I really thought that chapter of my life was over with."

Oglevie maintains that he held to this belief even after he attended a five-day seminar in Boise offered by the Cult Crime Impact Network, a privately funded clearinghouse on satanic crimes. He took copious notes at the 1988 seminar, and upon his return to Rupert began sharing his insights with others..."

Now you need to keep two things in mind here:

(1) The first claimed case of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the U.K. (The Broxtowe Case) was being pursued by Nottingham Social Services during early 1988. The investigation was split about whether there was in fact any Satanic aspect of the case and ultimately the police and several enquiries concluded there wasn't but a hard-core team of radical social workers and feminists insisted there was and began attending Satan Seminars at which the SRA ideas of Americans such as Klein, Gould, Hudson etc were being distributed to eager Satan Hunters in the child care services of various U.K. organisations.

Thus, and mark this well, Oglevie was apparently being taught about the existence of SRA by CCIN before there were any cases alleged to have occurred in the U.K. and as he says set about campaigning against SRA immediately in the U.S. 

We are not suggesting that Oglevie contributed directly to any early U.K. cases.

What we are pointing out is that the SRA movement in the U.S. preceeded and created the one in the U.K. and was fundamentally driven by the input of fanatical Christians.

Therefore as we at the SAFF have maintained right from the start, the entire edifice of the Satanic Ritual Abuse myth was a product of the fevered minds of Christian fanatics in the U.S who stumbled upon a radical and influential feminist lobby within the therapy and child-scare industries who were not choosey about where their evidence came from if it furthered their own ambitions. It suited both sides admirably and the cross-overs occured.

The presentation of extreme SRA information from U.S. adherents whose 'therapeutic' information was being contaminated by religious lies and sectarian misinterpretation was CRUCIAL to the scandal which unfolded and which ruined the lives of at least 86 children, destroyed dozens of innocent families, wreaked havoc with genuine child-care resources, wasted at least 20 million pounds worth of British taxpayers money in the process and caused dozens of miscarriages of justice, leading to the current Westminster VIP paedophile false allegations which have actually damaged democracy in the U.K.

The Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth lead to the current Westminster VIP paedophile false allegations which have actually damaged democracy in the U.K.

(2) If Lacter was trained in SRA by Oglevie and Oglevie was in turn trained by the zealots at CCIN then he, Oglevie, would presumably have been using the very same fundamentalist inspired, Occult Diaries, Satanic Symbol Dictionaries, Scene Of Cult Crime Check Sheets and Lists of Satanic Symptoms which Maureen Davies also sourced from the U.S. and used as a framework.   Now, courtesy of the SAFF, you can see how these fictional 'aids' to detecting supposed Satanic Ritual Abuse caused the waste of millions of pounds of taxpayers money and police time. They even ended up causing the Metropolitan police to chase phantom murderers on St Winebald's Day. See here:

In the 23 October 1987 CCIN Newsletter, these fundamentalists are clear about what Multiple Personality or Dissociative Identity Disorder means to them.

(Editor's Note: Rebecca Brown, M. D., in her new book PREPARE FOR WAR, Chick Publications, maintains that every "multiple personality" manifested in a ritualized abuse survivor is, in fact, a demon. The very purpose for the bizarre rituals, she says, is to implant such entities into the abuse victim. She cautions therapists and counselors not to overlook this fact or fail to deal with it on an appropriate spiritual basis.), c.)

They are of course talking about POSSESSION. Silly British therapists and social workers think they are talking about multiple personalities!

Oglevie seems to have taken up this banner, though when he speaks to a mixed audience, as in his recent trip to lecture to Australian Satan Hunters comprising mostly social workers and therapists, he rarely if ever uses terms like Exorcism, Demon, Possession, etc.

The LA Ritual Abuse Taskforce, of which Catherine Gould was a member, was inaugurated in February 1988. The Broxtowe Case was being pursued in 1988 as a regular case of familial sex abuse but was then re-defined as Ritual Abuse using SRA 'indicators' from the U.S.

CCIN published Maureen Davie's article 'Satanic Ritual Abuse' in October 1989, three months after the NSPCC had launched its campaign against SRA in Britain and almost contemporary with Oglevie's involvement with CCIN. Thus it is our contention that Lacter's knowledge and training in SRA cannot but be, contaminated with this false and sectarian information because the idea of Satanic Abuse started with U.S.fundamentalists who then fed the idea into social work. This is exactly what the Government's 1994 report (prof J.La Fontaine) said had happened.

To the fundies SRA was an opportunity to display their commitedness to their cause. To the social workers and therapists it opened up a new industry of sensational leading edge 'discoveries'. An exciting move away from the mundane world-weary task of having to deal with the queue of boring dysfunctional folk who queue up outside the NHS for treatment. For the feminists it was doubly gold-plated for, as one of them gleefully explained;

'Satan is the ultimate male rapist'

Stephen Oglevie, a retired law enforcement chaplain has gathered extensive knowledge in the removal of mind control programming through his 15-year journey and in-depth work with over 350 mind control victims. In Mind Control; An Introduction, he lists the following indicators that may aid in the recognition and proper assessment of an adult client who may harbor mind control programming

The indicators include the following:

Client constantly wears black, red, orange or purple clothing.

Client assigns numbers to names, dates, months, and years that are between 1 and 9. Client reports number series run through their minds repeatedly that seemly have no correlation to anything in their lives.

...Client is fascinated with the German Third Reich, the swastika symbol, and concentration camps, or conversely is very fearful of these things. The combinations of red and black clothing may also serve as indicators.

...Client repeatedly makes the following statements during the therapy sessions or by the telephone following a therapy session: "It’s all just a bad dream." "I made it all up." "I’m lying to you." "I must be crazy." "I’m a bad girl / boy to be telling you this." "I must be a very bad girl/boy to be here." "I deserve to be punished." "I am really in trouble now." These are typical programmed denial/punishment phrases.

[Ed: The author of this profile ends with:]

Alas, Oglevie neglected to include "I'm going to sue you" to the list of "denial/punishment phrases". Of course, this interest in mind control is very ironic given the legal action he is now facing.

What have we learned?

Thirty years after the lies were first floated the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth is still infecting social work and corrupting child protection