Secret History Reveals How British Govt. Squanders Taxpayer's Money Chasing Satan


Observer Newspaper Ridicules Sinason's SRA Hogwash

....In the medical records, Sinason noted that Carole was her first chronic sadistic-abuse patient. Today, when I ask about her first patient, Sinason describes the arrival of two medical professionals – a nurse and a psychologist – one of whom was limping.

"I just had that nasty feeling," she says. "It's her, and she's been hurt by them."

"You could tell that from the limp?" I ask.


Soon, we get to the actual satanism. Sinason talks of a popular ritual in which a child is stitched inside the belly of a dying animal before being 'reborn to satan'. During other celebrations, "people eat faeces, menstrual blood, semen, urine. There's cannibalism." Some groups have doctors performing abortions. "They give the foetus to the mother and she's made to kill the baby."

"And the cannibalism – that's foetuses?" I clarify.

"Foetuses and bits of bodies."

"Raw or cooked?"

"The foetuses are raw."

"Not even a bit of salt and pepper?" I ask.

"Raw. And handed round like communion. On one major festival, the babies are barbecued. I can still remember one survivor saying how easy it is to pull apart the ribs on a baby. But adults are tougher to eat."

She describes large gatherings in woodlands and castles, with huge cloths being laid out.

That's normally when there's a sacrifice,"

she notes,

"and because the rapes are happening all over the place. There's a small amount of cannon fodder in terms of runaways, drug addicts, prostitutes and tramps that are used. There's sex with animals. Horses, dogs, goats. Being hanged upside down. In the woods, on a tree."

"How do they get an animal to have sex with a human?" I wonder.

Sinason's husband thinks for a moment.

"Well," he says, "plenty of dogs have a go at people's legs."

"True," says Sinason, adding poignantly:

"However horrible it sounds, the dog, at least, is friendly afterwards."

"Because at least the dog's had a good time," I say.

"And the child loves the pet," Sinason nods. "The pet is made to have sex with the child – but the pet, at least, is still their friend."

Sunday Sport April 9 1989

If there were any evidence needed of the sheer irresponsibility of Satan Hunters in social work and the therapist arena Sinason's ideas and assertions are it. It is unbelievable to think that, over twenty years after the original claims which caused so much tragedy at the time, could be rehashed and reused today, to justify the obsessive beliefs of a small but vocal minority of leading edge therapists and social workers. Read more of the Observer's article here: to see how Valerie Sinason admits she used Carole Myers' confabulations in her 'Devil Report'

A week later I ask Sinason if Carole was the patient she'd described, with the limp. She denies this and refuses to answer questions about her, citing confidentiality. Despite the medical records, she insists she never treated Carole, admitting only to having seen her as part of a study into ritual abuse for the Department of Health.

Read more about the tragic case of Carol Myers/Felstead here:


Professor La Fontaine demands explanation from DoH for authorising Devil Report

Government blames Health Authorities for overspend whilst Department of Health squander £22,000 on another bout of Satanic Abuse madness.

Who's kidding who?

As Tony Blair blamed local health trusts for squandering public money his own Department of Health was admitting to having spent twenty thousand pounds of taxpayers money on duplicate research into yet more lurid claims of satanic ritual abuse! A week beforehand the government agreed to pay out millions of pounds in compensation payments to victims of child abusers in children's homes throughout the U.K. yet the same week that the Whitehouse Public Inquiry was published new claims of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse stole the thunder.

Why, when ordinary child-care is so starved of resources is the Department of Health paying for duplicate and unnecessary research?

That £22,000.00 could have saved the life of at least one person in a hospital queue, or paid for an extra social worker in those unglamorous grass-roots situations which really matter to the dysfunctional families who need their help but which doesn't make banner headlines like claims of Satanic abuse.

The world knows that every one of those first satanic ritual abuse claims, and the judgement of most of the people who promoted them, were utterly discredited. When the governments' definitive report (The Extent and Nature of Ritual and Organised Abuse, Prof. Jean La Fontaine 1994) was published, the truth of the matter was clearly seen.

Her conclusion was that a small number of gullible leading-edge social-work activists had conjoined with christian fundamentalist agitators to whip up hysteria in other social workers which had no basis in fact

So why then, are we being treated to another bout of satanic abuse claims? Those who have observed the antics of Satan Hunters over the past decade see sensational renewed claims about satanic ritual abuse as a political device. A timely smokescreen to direct attention away from the appalling fact that whilst the 'experts' in child care were occupying the DoH's attention with their repertoire of fringe-scares, HUNDREDS of children were being systematically and institutionally abused BY SOCIAL WORKERS AND CARE WORKERS IN THEIR OWN INDUSTRY.

If the public cottoned-on to the fact that the majority of children who are 'in care' are MORE at risk from harm there, than if they were left at home, the true ineffectiveness of social work would be plain for everyone to see and the big bucks would dry up.

Hence the ground-breakers in social work have habitually refocussed public attention on 'star-issues' by exaggerating the risks to children and promoting a chain of scares to push the public into giving the Child Scare Industry support. Does anyone remember the 'one in four children have been abused' claim (a statistical impossibility). Or the 'children never lie' claim? (when we all know we can lie and if we can do so we must have learned to do so as kids). Or the 'bogus social worker epidemic' which they said was paedophiles kidnapping children from home, but actually turned out to be free-lance do-gooders overstepping their authority and taking the law into their own hands over prejudiced suspicions about abuse in their locality. These and many, many more hysterias have been foisted on the British public by the Child Scare Industry since they came to power in the 1970s.. We believe The Satanic Child Abuse scare is just the end result of scaremongers having run out of ideas to justify extra funding or extra charitable donations from the British public. At least two major child charities asked the public for money to deal with cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse which did not exist!

Four hundred years ago, when the Catholic church saw its grip on the population shrinking as protestant faiths developed, the papacy invented the Inquisition and blamed Satanists for the troubles in society which the churchmen had themselves created. Today the fundamentalists in social work appear to be doing the very same thing - blaming the witches for child abuse even if massive symptoms of repetitive and continual abuse in their own ranks. Consider this;

Why has the Department of Health thrown away 22,000 pounds on research into supposed claims of Satanic Abuse for a SECOND time, when it has not acted upon the horrific catalogue of abuses which priests and clergymen are committing in the U.K. RIGHT NOW under their noses?

The S.A.F.F.'s research on the UNDENIABLE incidence of organised priestly abuse has spanned a decade and incontrovertibly proves that at least three new cases of child abuse by the clergy occur EVERY WEEK, year in, year out. These are not fairy stories, lies or legends; they are genuine proven instances of Clergy abuse which go through the courts and are fully documented. Real clergymen, real abuse, real convictions. This is not a hidden or secret criminality. The social workers and therapists don't need to ferret around in dark corners for fleeting phantoms here, because, somewhere along the line, social workers are involved in virtually every one of these cases!

Yet the Child Scare Industry and the DoH appear to have turned a blind eye to endemic Clergy Abuse in preference to drivelling on about the 'imagined threat' of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Just as some turned a blind eye to the hundreds of children who were being systematically abused by their own colleagues within the governments' care homes. Statistics show that a child is one thousand times more likely to be abused by a priest than by a satanist! But even more shocking, if that could be possible, is the fact that our statistics also show that a child is more likely to be abused by SOCIAL WORKERS, COUNSELLORS OR THERAPISTS than by satanists! And where, may we ask, are the campaigns to stop that!

The Child Scare industry keeps you in the dark with exaggerated tales and bogus statistics. Champions of child welfare appear to point-blank refuse to address the REAL child abuse which is endemic in this country and it is a national scandal. SAFF research spanning ten years has highlighted the type and age of children who are most at risk from priestly abuse but the DoH will not inform or warn parents of THAT so their sons and daughters are lead like lambs to the slaughter and put in the trust of paedophile priests who will destroy their lives. The churches spend more time warning the public about satanic abuse and the danger of occultism than working with the authorities to erradicate paedophile priests.

There are plenty of factual instances where the churches have covered up the 'indiscretions' of their clerlgymen and secretly placed them in new parishes where the perverts abused another clutch of children. The child Scare Industry appears to ignore our research in favour of chasing mythical satanists and is as tight-lipped about the existence of Clergy Abuse as it is effulgent about the probability of Satanic Ritual Abuse The DoH has NOT spent 22,000.00 into research on Clergy Abuse! It does not even mention it in its guidelines - but, as Bruce Clark says in his official response, their guidelines DO mention the possibility, thoroughly discredited and ever so slight though the risk may be, of so-called Ritual Abuse. What kind of 'guidelines' are these?

A DEFINITE and quantifiable threat to this nations' children from renegade priests is swept under the carpet by the very government department which is charged with the responsibility of protecting them. Why? Because upsetting the Christian voters with hard-facts will not do. Telling Christians that a minority of their priests persistently and consistently abuse children in horrific ways is beyond the pale! Instead the institutional prejudice within the DoH panders to the verbosity of Christian evangelists who blame Satanists and Witches for everything under the sun! Now the DoH has dolled out more wasted money on an already investigated and disproved myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse and continued its stonewalling against Clergy Abuse. How can this be happening in a supposedly civilised and democratic society?

Was it just coincidance that the DoH's new Devil report hit the headlines in the same week that the Waterhouse report published the biggest investigation into child-abuse by carers and social workers in the history of child care?

That's right. Hundreds upon hundreds of cases of repetitive and consistent abuse in children's homes - and not a Satanist in sight dear reader.

Almost every one of the abused children who gave evidence to the Waterhouse enquiry had attempted to get the attention and help of other social workers to stop the continuing abuse but. Perhaps they were too busy chasing scare stories to do anything about REAL abuse which their own colleagues were perpetrating?

Is the myth of satanic abuse a get-out-clause for overpressed grass-roots social workers, and an unnecessary junket for therapists who have become bored with the humdrum of caring?

Must the Labour government learn by falling for the same mistakes which beset the Conservatives and wasted over twenty million pounds of taxpayers money last time?

After you have read the links below you will come to only one conclusion, far from protecting children from harm, the government and its health department, consciously or unconsciously, fudge the focus of grass-roots level social work. The Department of Health appears to be being emotionally blackmailed over hysteria about child abuse and hasn't the guts or the sense to tell the Satan Hunters to get lost. Until they do, the poison of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth will continue to infect child care and institutionally abuse children nationally. The DoH are knowingly or unknowingly institutionalising prejudice against anyone who is not a WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant).

Since the Stephen Lawrence enquiry the government is, rightly, highly sensitive against any form of 'institutionalised racism' yet appears perfectly willing to allow institutionalised religious discrimination in the department of health. Perhaps a few unnecessary deaths and an expensive public enquiry into religious discrimination will be necessary before the witch-hunters in the DoH are told to disist with their antiquated religious discrimination? These mediaeval attitudes are utterly inappropriate to Britain today. Is it any wonder that the Commission for Racial Equality is banging the drum to obtain legislative powers to protect people who hold minority religious beliefs?

Ends: 31st March 2000

Sinason's Devil Report -
Over-cooked and Two Years Overdue!

On 5th October 1996, before the ink was dry on the Department of Health's cheque, news of Valerie Sinason's and Dr Hale's Devil Report was leaked in front page headlines by the fundamentalist Christian magazine New Christian Herald. Before the study had even been concluded the NCH crowed

Andrew Boyd's Leader Article The Christian Herald


The article went on to lambast Professor La Fontaine's report and claimed that Sinason's report ' will turn on its head the previous findings and is set to call for a U-turn in Government thinking'.

The front page article, claimed to be an 'exclusive' was penned by Andrew Boyd. Boyd is a fundamentalist Christian agitator who has played a key part in promoting the existence of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth for sectarian purposes. He is well known to the SAFF. He has a background of intense christian sectarian activity including publishing religious tracts and organising their distribution amongst the public. He was the producer and presenter of a documentary now known amongst satan-hunter watchers as the Bogus Devil Video Programme.

Boyd claimed to present a film showing actual satanic ritual abuse in a Channel 4 Dispatches programme The claims of the video's existence had believers in the myth rushing into print with 'told-you-so' articles and demands that the government act against Satanic Abuse - however they fell strangely silent when it was found that the 'satanic' video turned out to be a piece of performance art !

Obscure though the video may have been, it had a film rating and anyone over 1 could walk into music shops in major cities and buy a copy.

When the people who made the video turned up on Right to Reply to challenge Boyd he admitted that he DID know the true origins of the film, there were many people in the Establishment with egg on their faces, including Channel 4 TV who have still to this day not apologised for foisting what was essentially sectarian propaganda upon the British public.

The Obscene Publications Squad carried out a raid on a South Coast address on the strength of Boyd's claims. That investigation simply proved the video was not what Boyd said and no prosecutions followed.

Boyd also networked with the star fundamentalist christian agitators involved in the 1988/89 scare some of whom were publicly disgraced by media exposes when their true sectarian intentions became known.

Boyd has written books attacking the occult which are published and distributed by Christian publishing outfits.

He was/is a leading member of an American based fundamentalist Christian outreach called Prophetic World Ministries which has as its declaration of intent enforced acceptance of the bible as the word of god.

The Prophetic World Ministries magazine has in the past carried what we see as clearly racist (anti-muslim) and anti-semitic articles.

Boyd used to edit an off-the-wall pull-out supplement to PWM's magazine called God's Word Now which he also supplied in bulk to fundamentalist activists for distribution on the streets.

At the time of writing the above article Boyd was the acting editor of The New Christian Herald. We do not doubt Mr Boyd's sincerity in his own beliefs, but there is absolutely no way that Mr Boyd can be described as anything other than a fundamentalist christian missionary agitator who spends the majority of his time promoting christianity at the expense of other beliefs.

Boyd is a key member of the Satan Hunter clique yet there are MANY more like him, pressing the DoH for, as Bruce Clark has already admitted, they funded Sinason's research because people who believed in Satanic Ritual Abuse complained!

Here, clearly, right at the outset of the Sinason-Hale research is indisputable evidence of the old links to the anti-occult sectarian agenda and pre-digested conclusions from the FIRST satan scare which caused so much trouble in the U.K.

This is PRECISELY what Professor La Fontaines' report warned the government had caused the first hysteria in 1988. Social work therapists using unproven methodology getting into bed with Christian activists with a sectarian axe to grind. The question therefore has to be asked:

Why was Boyd so close to Sinason that he became the first journalist to scoop this 'exclusive' and announce the report to the thirty thousand evangelical Christians who read his newspaper?

Probably because the general media weren't interested in such silly claims after being bitten before in 1988/89. But there could be another possibility. SAFF research has shown that 90% of those who claim to have been abused by Satanists have been routed through Christian evangelical groups and organisations. Was this mega-sensational article a recruitment drive for more data for the Devil Report or simply Boyd's way of recovering the ground lost in his Bogus Devil Video debacle?

During 1999 Sinason appeared on TV in a series based at the Tavistock Clinic which she helps run. The six programmes covered many therapeutic aspects and showed many patients in therapy but never once covered Sinason's research into satanic abuse nor did it include any of the 50 cases which Boyd claimed were the basis of her research.

In 1996 Boyd claimed that Sinason's Devil Report was due out in the next three months - four years later it has not been released to public view. Yet the satan-hunters have repetitively reaped propaganda from the data claimed to be within it.

Two years ago (29 May 1998) the SAFF presented yet another paper directly to the DoH on the dangers of their stated intention of embodying the term 'ritual abuse' within the DoH Guidelines. The DoH had asked for comments on their proposed change. We believed that the change was forced by a cabal of satan-hunters within the DoH whose intention was to re-hike the scare. The same cabal which was involved with the original scare in 1988/89. Our published paper in response (DANGERS POSED TO CHILDREN IF THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH ALLOW THE TERM RITUAL ABUSE TO BE INCOPRORATED WITHIN PROPOSED NEW WORKING TOGETHER GUIDELINES FOR SOCIAL WORKERS) warned the responsible DoH officer, and his colleagues that this would provide the thin end of the wedge for the Satan Hunters and that they would then increase their efforts to revitalise the original scare.

The bias in the Department of Health against information disproving the satan scare was proved when they did not even have the decency or fairness to acknowledge our paper or comment on our data, but you can obtain a copy by sending us 3.95 (U.K) and see just how accurate and prophetic our research has been.

Just Who, exactly, will consult over the flawed Devil Report?

The DoH personnel who have been involved in authorising Sinason's Devil Report consider it a 'consultative document' which they intend to use as justification to decide upon future funding and action against Satanic Ritual Abuse'. ( Pause whilst single parents, new-age travellers, everyone in Orkney, and Rochdale as well as the millions of people with non-Christian beliefs gasp for breath and check the door bolts.) We give notice to the Department of Health that we are watching. Responsible officials will NOT be allowed to merge into the shadows, when the satan-hunters arise again to destroy the lives of innocent children and their families a second time.

We shall be watching and the British Public will Know. The ONLY organisation which has had its finger on the pulse of these allegations is the SAFF. We have conducted diligent, accurate and essential work behind the scenes for over a decade, to avoid religious discrimination infecting the institutions of state. Unique work from which everyone in society benefits. The Satan-hunters would like to ignore the SAFF. They would like us to go away and leave them free to work their wickedness.

The nameless officials hate us because we actually work on behalf of the best interests of ALL the people and illustrate the shortcomings in the system. This society does not know the half of it, yet the SAFF has been the ONLY organisation to see the satanic ritual abuse myth for what it really is. Right from the start, back in 1988 it was clear to our founder that the Satanic Ritual Abuse myth was an attack on religious freedom of expression and individuality. A new Dark Ages where the future of society is not decided by the democratic process but by people who pretend to be working in everyones' best interests but who seek to connive behind closed doors to their own personal and sectarian agendas.

You have been warned.

Ends: 31st March 2000


Private Eye Magazine Masthead


Devil woman

An unregistered and unregulated clinic for disturbed and mentally ill children and adults, run by a woman who believes in Satanic ritual abuse, is being solely funded by the NHS. The Clinic for Dissociative Studies in Harley Street, London, is run by Valerie Sinason (Eyes passim), who describes herself as a "poet, writer, child psychotherapist and adult psychoanalyst" and treats victims of "ritual abuse and mind control". Sinason is prominent among a small but vocal international network of believers in the existence of Satanic ritual abuse, despite hundreds of police investigations having found no evidence of it and government inquiries in the US and UK in the mid-1990s concluding it was a myth.

Sinason and fellow believers - including psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists - specialise in treating patients they claim suffer from dissociative identity disorder (DID), a controversial diagnosis formerly known as multiple personality disorder, supposedly suffered after extreme childhood trauma. Patients are encouraged to recover "repressed" memories in order to heal but critics argue this leads to false memories of abuse which never occurred.

Sinason's first "Satanic abuse" patient in the UK was Carol Felstead, whose nightmarish story was detailed last November in Eye 1302. She died , in mysterious circumstances after 20 years of being treated as a victim of Satanic abuse. Her parents were supposed to have been the high priest and priestess of a Satanic cult that dug up graves and performed ritual sacrifices, including murder - allegations police established were all demonstrably false (see

"Where helpful, we can offer clinical supervision and even treatment via telephone or webcam."

With the NHS logo on every page, the website of Sinason's clinic states: "As an Independent Provider to the NHS it is commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups, former PCTs (Primary Care' Trusts), mental health trusts and local authorities nationally to provide diagnosis, outpatient treatment, clinical supervision and training... The clinic does not treat patients privately but only via NHS referral."
Valerie Sinason's Masthead

The Eye asked the Department of Health (DoH) by what process the clinic had been vetted as an "independent provider" to the NHS, how much it had paid the clinic over the years, and by what process and by whom it was registered and regulated. Incredibly it was not apparently vetted and is not registered or regulated by anyone.

The last government was committed to introducing statutory regulation of the "talking therapies" including psychotherapists but this was dropped by the coalition. A system of voluntary registration, accredited by the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence, comes into effect on 1 December.

A DoH statement said: "The department does not recommend the use of recovered memory therapy and it is not a treatment recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Deciding what services NHS patients have access to has been the responsibility of local organisations since the mid-2000s. It is up to the funding organisations to ensure that a service is safe. If we have evidence patients are being referred for inappropriate services the local NHS will investigate."

by Rosie Waterhouse

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