Here are some books which you WON'T find mentioned on the reading lists of those who want to promote the idea of the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse, but which provide a fuller perspective of its origins and the intent behind it.


The definitive British government report called for by the Secretary of State for Health in the aftermath of the Rochdale and Orkney mass child lifts folllowing claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. This report reviewed ALL 84 claimed and then current cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse of children in the U.K. which had occurred during the years 1988 to 1991. Having access to all documentation, witnesses, participants and statements, it concluded that Satanic Ritual Abuse was a myth created and promoted by Christian fundamentalists who infected social work with a hysteria which lead to the institutional abuse of 84 children and innocent families. This report was wholeheartedly accepted by the British government without reservation, but has , as one might expect, been vehemently attacked and criticised by the Satan Hunters in social work who , to this day, still insist they were right! However the proof of the pudding is that, since this report was published and public outrage over the incessant claims occurred there has not been one further claimed case of satanic ritual abuse in the in the intervening six years. See below for how to order this report right now .


The Hammer of The Witches: (Jacob Sprenger, Henry Kramer, Introductions by Montague Summers, Preface by Frater Marabas)  This notorious document was drawn up in 1484 by the Church as a handbook for prelates on how to identify, torture and erradicate Paganism from society. Used as a manual to inflict the most disgusting and horrendous tortures on completely innocent men and women under the guise of God's Holy Writ. This book caused hundreds of years of persecution of non-Christians throughout Europe and in particular subjugated womankind for centuries. It MUST be read by any free thinker, philosopher or Pagan today as required reading on hidden history and an example of the dangers of absolutism. If you want to realise just why the word 'Inquisition' struck terror into the hearts of ordinary folk for hundreds of years this book will explain their methods, tortures, incestuous logic and moral bankruptcy. Superb new digital edition for instant download with the crucial two special introductions by Montague Summers and the exclusive Preface by Frater Marabas which puts the entire history of this infamous work into perspective and which is only available in this special edition.  Download a copy now. 

THE CHILD ABUSE INDUSTRY: Outrageous Facts About the Child ABuse & Everyday Rebellions Against a System that Threatens Every North American Family: (Mary Pride) Crossway Books, Illinois, 60153. 1986: ISBN0891074015.

This book, written by a Christian activist is an onslaught on the ChildScare Industry in the U.S.A. which has wholly influenced the courseof child care in the U.K. over the past 25 years. It begins with thestatement that 'Last Year over one million North American families were falseley accused of child abuse.' and contains some overwhelming statisticsand case histories about the 'witch-hunt' being perpetrated by the Child Scare industry. It succinctly and without fault researches, analyses anddestroys the falsified 'research' and data which the Child Scare Industryhas used to justify it imposing the state parent ideology upon family life. 'They invented statistics to make every tenth husband guilty of incest in order to prove all mothers are incapable of protecting their children.'And shows how by simple comparison with government statistics of population, their claims cannot be true.

IN PURSUIT OF SATAN: The Police & The Occult (Robert D Hicks) Prometheus Books 1991: ISBN 0879756047.

Although this book covers the entire spectrumof so-called cult-crimes it majors heavily on the allegations of SatanicRitual Abuse and Satanic Crime, mutilated animals and all the rest of the genre which the fundamentalists used to hype the SRA Myth. Hicks, a law enforcement specialist explains and reveals genuine police casesand what was really found upon investigation. Has illuminating evidenceabout the 'star' Victim Imposters (e.g. Michelle Smith/Pazder of MichelleRemembers Fame - the prat who virtually single handedly started the Multiple Personality Disorder game.) and what happened when the police actually tested their allegations.

PLANNING STRATEGIES FOR WORLD EVANGELISATION (Dayton E & Fraser D) Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, Grand Rapids Micigan 1980: 0802804225.

Sold through MARC Europe (Missions Advanced Research and Communication) the British arm of the powerful American Moravian Christian missionary group. Gives blow-by-blow account of how the big Protestant fundamentalist groups who powered the self-styled U.S. 'moral majority' movement 1980s will surreptitiously convert Europe. Worked too. A star 'victim imposter' of the 1988/1989 SRA hysteria missionised at universities on behalf of the Moravian church for years before hand without mentioning a word about Satanic Ritual Abuse, but was still portrayed as a non-sectarian victim by the stupid British Press whose idea of 'research' is to talk to someone in a pub

THE SATANIC ABUSE CONTROVERSY: Social Workers & The Social Work Press (Gary Clapton),

University of North London Press 1993 ISBN 1853771546An excellent insiders insight into the turmoil and conflict which the SRA myth caused in practical social work during the height of the hysteria

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: THE POLITICS OF THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT: (Sara Diamond) Pluto Press, 345 Archway Rd, London N6 5AA: 1989: 0745303749.

 This book will make you shudder with apprehension at the conspiratorial activities of American inspired Christian fundamentalist groups world wide who have for the past decade waged a secret war on alternative faiths and beliefs around the world using the most dastardly secret ops and diplomatic outrages as well as a clearly defined strategy of black propaganda. You will see how these people have virtually controlled the course of world history since World War II.Psychiatrists say that people invariably confess their secretambitions in the tales they tell of others and when you read this book you will see where the idea of a pan-global satanic conspiracy to take over society really comes from - it is what the theocratists are actually doing.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: Christian Action That Will Make A Difference (Lyndon Bowring) Kingsway publications 1987; ISBN 0854762868.

This CARE (Christian Action Resource and Education) manual of democratically subversive 'pretence' action (e.g. telephone chainsfor complaining about TV content; chain-letters to sway the government on secular issues, entrapment of liberal MPs over controversial issues such as abortion, gay rights etc in local and nationalelection meetings and lots, lots more) Designed to mobilise the Christian fundamentalist militia to create a theocracy within a democratic state by side-stepping the pluralist mandate. Similar manualsare common amongst fundamentalist networks here and in the U.S.A. but CARE turns over millions of pounds worth of donations in the U.K. has lobbying offices for both parliament and the European parliament and has successfully influenced the scope and range of legislation by pressing Xist buttons in the emocratic process in the U.K. Using the techniques and methods outlined in this book an unrepresentative section of the British public are inexorably imposingholy writ. These 'tricks and cons' were faithfully reproduced by the Christian activists who promoted the initial wave of the SRA Myth in 1988.whilst the arrogant media whom they manipulated wrote them off as 'loonies'.

SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN: (Dr. D.H.S. Reid) Published by MIRICC (Medical Institute for Research into Child Cruelty) 1992: 1871479037.

Reid was one of the consultant paediatricians who examined the children who were lifted in the Orkney Satanic Abuse fiasco. Being involved at the heart of the case his is the only factual report of what happened to the children behind the closed doors of the Orkney social work department. He was absolutely appalled at the institutional victimisation of children and families and the extent that the social services mafia went to consolidate the barmy Satanic Abuse motifs in the original claims. He put this book into print to counteract the disinformation by the social work department. Privately printed limited edition containing essential inside information on how SRA was promoted by a clique of Satan Hunters in Orkney. Always difficult to obtain and now generally out of print but a few copies are available from us at £16.97 including postage U.K. or 18.97 swift airmail to anywhere overseas (see below for one-click Paypal ordering).

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WOUNDED INNOCENTS: 'The Real Victims of The War Against Child Abuse: (Richard Wexler) Prometheus Books Buffalo NY 14215. 1990: ISBN 0879756020.

'The war against child abuse has become a war against children. Every year hundreds of children die, thouands more are forced to live with strangers, and countless American families are torn apart.' This book gives horrifying case histories of the violent and dispassionate abuse perpetrated upon children 'for their own good' by a Child Scare Industry which is at war with everyone save itself.' Gives a nice perspective on how the Cleveland, Rochdale and Orkney cases were a result of the importation of this war into the U.K.


 Free booklet containing frequently Asked Questions on False Memory Syndrome. The British False Memory Society, Bradford on Avon Wilts, ( Contact the British False Memory Society by clicking on this link

Witches and Demons, a comparative perspective on witchcraft and satanism by prof. Jean La Fontaine


A Comparative Perspective on Witchcraft and Satanism: 

By Prof. Jean La Fontaine

As the distinguished author of the government's 1994 report on the hysteria of so-called Satanic Ritual Abuse which occurred in the early 1990s, Professor Jean La Fontaine is better placed than most to write  a book entitled 'Witches and Demons'.  Forming an omnibus of the best of La Fontaine's lifetime of work in this field from Africa to the European continent, it ably illuminates for both expert and the ordinary reader the crucial effects that superstition has had on our society in modern times. 

Because of the author's independent research and access to confidential data in key cases, it is one of the few books which has been able to capture and dissect the confusing tentacles of  modern scares about witchcraft and devil worship; unravelling that hysteria from the traditional and historical remnants of paganism and African shamanism.  

She begins a decade before the turn of the 21st century by explaining how fundamentalist Christians revivified the ancient idea of a conspiracy of Hidden Enemies and introduced it to social work in the early 1990s. She cites the explosion of interest in the New Age as being seen as a threat by Christian evangelists who saw all alternative beliefs as counterfeit and a precursor to the 'end-times'. La Fontaine suggests that as people took up Neo-paganism  (a belief which is very different from the stereotypical ideas about witchcraft drawn from the Witch Hunts of the 14-16 centuries) Christian activists projected  mediaeval ideas onto these New Pagans and sought confirmation of their evilness by hunting down examples of their 'heinous abuses' to prove it.  A self-fulfilling prophecy which has cost society dear over the past 30 years.

In her formative years in Africa  Jean La Fontaine studied native shamanism and lived with tribes to fully understand their thought processes.  This proved particularly valuable during 2005 when a sub-set of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth began to appear in claims that so-called 'Witch Children' were being ritually killed.    In this section of her book (Child Witches in London) La Fontaine links the exaggerated allegations and ignorance surrounding the source of this scare to the infamous Victoria Climbie case which occurred  in February 2000. ( Ed:Though she fails to note that the re-interpretation by the NSPCC of that case which involved  'church deliverance ministry gone wrong' as some kind of ritual abuse ceremony did much to avoid that organisation having to answer for the fact that they were in charge of Climbie's welfare at the time and should have saved her. It was an easy smoke-screen. ) 

Analysing the missionary activity of Christian fringe churches in Africa and the way that their 'revivalist' ideas and exorcism methods were imported into the U.K. in what she terms 'the African Diaspora' she amply documents the flow of supernatural ideas which were allowed to manifest by child protection and the police due to official charm initiatives linked to hypersensitivity about institutional racism in London at the time.

Bearing in mind that sections of her book were written at different times and mainly for an academic audience, the SAFF feels that, when collating, a link should have been made in 'Child Witches in London' with the Thames Torso case which occurred in Sept 2001 relatively soon after the Climbie case and just a year or two before the 'Witch-Children' scare began.  We believe they are contiguous.

The torso found in the Thames in 2001 was of an 8 year old  black male child. Despite the authorities having evidence of the excesses of black fundamentalist Christians in the Climbie case a year earlier, the Child Scare Industry and the Police immediately designated the crime as linked to voodoo and witchcraft.

Professor La Fontaine gives detailed insider information on  the Thames Torso case in a later section in her book titled Magic and Medicine. She says:

“This case has been widely accepted as an instance of human sacrifice (Hoskins 2012). The label evokes the myth discussed earlier in Chapters 2 and 3. It evokes the witches, servants of supreme evil, and contrasts them with the image of slaughtered innocence. In early modern Europe this myth was used to justify the torture and killing of large numbers of people who were accused of being witches..... It is another example of ethnocentric distortion of perception; in this instance it may have hampered police endeavours and has probably fuelled racist publicity. “

She then outlines the mistakes the police made by focussing on their prejudices instead of the facts available to them.  In particular the presentation of a 'voodoo sheet' with candles bound together and found in the Thames. Much heralded by the British Media at the time as proof of black magic, this turned out to be a 

'wholly Christian thanksgiving celebration of a family member's escape from the disaster of the Twin Towers in New York.'

It was another tip from the gods to the Metropolitan police about unorthodox Christian religious activities, but the police had already heavily invested in the 'Voodoo' killing of the Thames Torso and so missed it. 

'The Metropolitan police had long decided that 'Adam's' killing was a human sacrifice so they searched for cults that might be performing human sacrifice.....' 

explaining in detail how anthropologists and critical observers had tried to influence the investigation and were sidelined La Fontaine notes that

'other anthropologists who offered their services were ignored' 

Instead the Metropolitan police sent two detectives to Africa to investigate Muti, the tribal healing methods of West Africa.   La Fontaine, a specialist in African tribes, quotes little-known sources about the activities of Muti native practitioners and concludes that:

'What is notable however is that as in the case of Adam, although the soft external parts of the body might be excised no internal organs were used. The disposal of the body subsequently had no ritual or magical significance.'

All of which went against the line the police were taking in their press conferences. 

La Fontaine then goes on to show how mediaeval ideas about the magical significance of corpses occurs in the development of all religions and examples the historical use of body parts for healing and other purposes in the Christian religion.

What this does of course is show how the Metropolitan Police unit given the job of investigating the Thames Torso was thrown off the scent of a murder inquiry by pure prejudice and an unwillingness to accept contrary advice.  That case is still open today but much quoted by believers in the myth of Satanic Abuse who use it regularly as 'proof' of their contentions.

Witches and Demons  is copiously annotated with lengthy notes and bibliographies of each chapter so the reader can pursue La Fontaine's conclusions and sources.  It is undoubtedly the clearest, least jargon filed and intrinsically unprejudiced overview of the unconscious beliefs and superstitions which caused the police and child protection agencies to waste millions of pounds on mediaeval ideas most people thought had been consigned to the waste basket of history. 

La Fontaine points out that, In a technological age where science rules and directs almost every move of the State it is ironic that beliefs in supernatural conspiracies are not only prevalent but still growing in the populace.

 This superstition which should have been nipped in the bud by our politicians and the educational system, has been supported by various governments over the years with grants and training schemes for social workers aimed at 'educating' them about the fact that belief an evil anthropomorphic deity with horns and cloven feet still holds sway.  It is an indictment of the failure of modern social work.

As  child-protection is removed from the grasp of charitable bodies historically fossilised in a Christian world perspective ( such as the NSPCC and the NCH etc.,)  towards a secular state organised child protection system, the old prejudices and self-righteous moralising have been carried over to cloud the judgement and actions of those working in child care today.     The value of anthropology to the State is to point all this out and avoid prejudice but going by La Fontaine's book the authorities simply de valued their anthropologists and refused to listen. 

Jean La Fontaine's purpose is to replace that superstition and seemingly unending ignorance, with anthropological research showing the mechanics of prejudice.  In this she has ably succeeded.  Anyone wanting a true account of how this modern Witch-hunt started and a reliable analysis of the facts will find it in this book which gives the lie to the  numerous pseudo-research published by believers in the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth and its corollary, the Witch Children scare.  

WITCHES AND DEMONS: a Comparative Perspective on Witchcraft and Satanism; ISBN:9781785331527  Berghahn Books: (Vol:10. Studies in public and Applied Anthropology.

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