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RAINS Satan Hunter evidence is worthless:

At last the SAFF can reveal the source of the flimsy 'evidence' used to back 26 year allegations about Satanic Ritual Abuse

The Ritual Abuse Information Network Support (RAINS) is an organisation which was set up in 1989 by a radical cell of   therapists, psychologists and social workers who believed fanatically that children in the U.K. were being violently abused in satanic rituals.

The intent of RAINS, which according to Joan Coleman, one of it's founders, in a letter to the Independent on 12th Feb 2000,  was to convince their professions, the police and the government that Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) existed and to obtain funds to pursue their campaign to project SRA as the most dangerous risk to children. RAINS claimed to have
over 200 members  Nearly half of their number were therapists who worked with adult 'victims' ,  the next largest bloc being social workers. 

In reality, as history now testifies, SRA was an invention by fundamentalist Christian activists who originally provided 'victim impostors' to 'prove' that the devil was at work. 


When the scandalous dawn-lifts of children from their innocent families occurred in Rochdale,  (more info here)  , and Orkney,  the true extent of the SRA hysteria was seen by the public.  After the government had wasted millions of pounds of taxpayers' money in public enquiries it became clear that the Satan Seminars often promoted and held by RAINS or it's members had directly contributed to the SRA scare.

These Satan Seminars were a travesty of accepted norms, breaking the professional objectivity between therapist and patient and sometimes using patients who were still in therapy, as keynote speakers at the seminars in a strikingly similar way to that in which newly converted born-again Christians are put on the stage to tell their story of personal redemption from evil during tent Crusades. 

Once  Prof. Jean La Fontaine's definitive report on SRA stopped them brainwashing toddlers, (Ed: since that report there has not been a single claim of SRA resulting from cases which involve children - all current quoted allegations come from adults )  the only evidence the Satan Hunters were left with were the fantasies  from  sick adults.    When the truth was uncovered  after Rochdale,  RAINS  regrouped.   They dropped the controversial term 'Satanic Abuse' and began to talk about generalised 'Ritual Abuse' instead.  RAINS membership was by invitation only, admission to seminars was strictly controlled, evidence was censored and distributed mainly between members.  Investigative journalists who were critical of SRA claims were 'blacked' and treated as 'enemies'.  RAINS acted as though anyone who resisted or questioned their nonsense was  a closet satanist and part of the SRA conspiracy.

It basically became a secret society which worked behind the scenes at cultivating those  people in authority who were more ready to accept the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  

Valerie Sinason's Report Criticised by Prof Jean La FontaineSatanic abuse row erupts

Concern over ritual abuse arose in the early 1990s following controversies in Nottingham, Rochdale and the Orkneys. Jean La Fontaine, an anthropologist, was commissioned by the department of health to investigate alleged cases.

Of 84 cases reviewed in her 1994: report, none was considered satanic and three found to have shown any evidence of ritual. Virginia Bottomley, the then Conservative health secretary, declared that the report had exposed satanic abuse as a myth.

It was yesterday confirmed, however, that Valerie Sinason and Rob Hale, who were leading critics of the report, had subsequently received £22,000 from the health department to document evidence of ritual abuse from the reported experiences of their patients.

Ms Sinason, who is based at the Tavistock clinic in London with Dr Hale, who is also a psychiatrist, said 46 of her patients claimed to have witnessed murder of children or adults during ritual abuse ceremonies that had involved up to 300 people at a time.

Interviewed on BBC radio, Prof La Fontaine accused Ms Sinason of being “out of her depth” and unable to produce any hard evidence for her beliefs.

“It’s depressing to find someone who has a position at leading London hospitals who is so cut off from what research methodology is, and what rational evidence is.

A health department spokeswoman said Ms Sinason and Dr Hale were expected to submit their report, which had the status of a pilot study, in the spring.


Founder member Valerie Sinason became one of the official spokespersons for all things SRA and the story of how she pressed  the Department of Health into financing a report on SRA can be seen here : )    

Working for years behind the scenes to promote the idea of child abusing Cults and Satanists RAINS members and associated therapists  built up a tranche of  'victims'  from the pool of recidivist mentally ill. They spent a long time working on the narrative of SRA and defining their victims' experiences with scant checks to avoid the confabulation of  previously 'unremembered'  satanic experiences.

One popular method they used was to allow patients to lie down go into reverie and 'reverse remember' their past. (see example here) These 'Recovered Memories' (most of which were half fact, half fiction) were blithely accepted as whole real memories nevertheless.   

As the RAINS document below clearly shows there was a shocking cross-contamination of  SRA  allegations between patients.  In fact, SRA hunters did all the wrong things necessary to a proper clinical study. Their demand for confirmation of their belief in SRA seemed more important than testing the fantasies of their patients. 


Most of  the first-wave of SRA adult 'victims' (those with the most horrendously violent claims) were fundamentalist agent provocateurs who had been on the born-again circuit for years but never mentioned SRA before. 

See Doreen Irvine, and Audrey Harper speaking on Devil Worship and The Rise of Satanism by Jeremiah Films, a fundamentalist propaganda outfit from the U.S.Audrey Harper whose story was often publicised under a pseudonym which sort of doubled-up on the number of cases which the public saw. She was  anonymised as   'Black Anna' in a salacious double page spread by the Mirror when she claimed that she had seen babies sacrificed. Click on the photo of Harper to hear her tell her story on a USA fundamentalist video called "Devil Worship and The Rise of Satanism". Bear in mind that the Surrey police investigated her claims TWICE  and found no case to answer ).  Harper was a director of the evangelical Christian group Reachout  (see here for more details of the Reachoug Gang of Five and how they spearheaded the SRAM ) and a member of the Protestant Moravian church.

 Another star performer was Lauren Stratford who lied out of her back teeth about SRA, wrote a best selling book about it,  and then did a bunk when an investigation found out it was all fiction.  Stratford (real name Laurel Rose Willson
resurfaced using another name and pretending to be a child victim of the Nazi holocaust! (see here) .  Her book Satan's Underground is still being published and sold on Amazon and it is often  used and recommended by SRA therapists.

These christian fanatics, who obviously had a prejudiced hidden agenda in smearing Satanists and Witches,  might be expected to say anything to get their biblical warnings heard,  but on the back of the sensational publicity caused by the claims of these 'victim impostors'  truly mentally ill and dysfunctional  patients were sucked in who had been circulating in the therapy circuit for some years before.

These were the patients that regular psychiatry could not apparently satisfy.  Many of their earlier therapists were probably glad to hand them over to the SRA contingent! These 'incurable' patients, many with years of analysis and treatment already behind them, now, under 'recovered memory therapy'  began making SRA claims which had not featured in their original medical history. (see Carol Myers story here)   Many patients now believed in memories which had been created by a combination of their confused imaginations and the over-eagerness of therapists;   just as small children had earlier been indoctrinated with SRA motifs which they could not possibly have understood but which they fed back to the SRA hunters who had just put them into their minds.  Nowhere is this more ably illustrated than in the video recordings of the 'disclosures' of the Rochdale children:
"Six year old Daniel was given a doll which had been dressed up to look like a ghost in Daniel's stories. Daniel had said he played a game of Tig with the Ghost but the social workers suspected this could be code for something more sinister. The social workers asked Daniel to point to where he had been touched by the Ghost. Daniel clearly indicated that he had been touched on the tummy but this was ignored and from that the social workers concluded that ALL the children had been satanically abused. " 
Source: When Satan Came to Town

How RAINS indoctrinates the policeHow RAINS Sucked In The Police

RAINS appears to advertise for people it hopes to indoctrinate but censors people who might question their allegations.  They keep the press in the dark:

-"The Press and public were excluded from the seminar" ('Satan Abuse Zealots meet to plan new witch-hunt', Mail on Sunday 15 Sept 1996) 

but actively advertised their seminar in the closed circulation Police Review . (See image above.)  

Catherine Gould, one of the keynote speakers billed to appear as an expert in SRA at the above RAINS conference, is an American Christian activist who invented a now notorious list of symptoms which social workers could supposedly use to indicated whether or not a child had been 'satanically abused'.

The long list of ridiculous 'Satanic Indicators' diagnosed SRA if, for example, children suffered from nightmares, pulled the arms and legs of dolls and farted at the dinner table.

Catherine Gould's List of Satanic Abuse Indicators

The   symptoms' which covered just about every naughtiness healthy children get up to, meant that almost every child would be diagnosed as having been Satanically abused!  And so they were!  It was reminiscent of the injustice of mediaeval witch-trials and shockingly it featured in all the scandalous SRA cases in the U.K. (Broxtowe, Rochdale, Orkney etc).  It was officially condemned afterwards and Gould's 'list' has since been widely discredited in the U.S.A.


 In 1992 Catherine Gould, claimed that Satanists were using poison gas against her team. Gould helped start the Los Angeles Ritual Abuse Task Force (a caucus of believers which was the American counterpart to RAINS). Within months the group was complaining that Satanists were pumping poisoned gas into their homes, offices and vehicles!  Was it a publicity gimmick or typical SRA hunter paranoia? Apparently 43 victims had reported headaches, dizziness, numbness, loss of memory, and other subjective experiences. But when the premises were checked it was all found to be psychosomatic in the end. This is a prime illustration of the fact that people can unconsciously exhibit their worst fears.   Did the Metropolitan police take on those worst fears?


Another American Satan Hunter, Pamela Klein, who was involved with RAINS went into partnership with Norma Howes, a founder member of RAINS, to popularise the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the U.K. based on the premiss that she had leading-edge knowledge from the U.S.  Klein 'diagnosed' one of the first cases of claimed SRA in October 1988 and went on to lecture at Bramshill  Police College: 

'She was employed by Bramshill police college to develop courses on child abuse for senior officers, and she lectured to hundreds of social workers, psychiatrists and other child-care professionals in the U.K.....

before it was discovered that

'she has no licence to practice and is  'not a legitimate therapist' according to a judge in her home state of Illinois'

(Source: Independent on Sunday 24 March 1991.)

After that Klein faded quietly from the U.K. SRA scene.

Alongside this wooing of Britain's police forces by Feminerapists came the Christian activist Maureen Davies, a dental nurse from Rhyll, whose sectarian drivel was accepted at  RAINS conferences and many other authorities at the time as fact:  So much so that in a workshop for other Christians teaching them how to witness before god, entitled  How To Deal With the Occult in Your Area, she wrote:

"Then I started putting letters in the paper and now I have the opportunity to  present a situation to Parliament with some MPs at the Home Office and senior  police officers."

Ms Davies was referring to her seminar at Bramshill Police College   in which she 'taught about black magic rites linked to child abuse and murder'  

The ease at which this lady could gain influence within parliamentarians, police,  government, charitable, and social worker circles to peddle her socially  destructive and totally unproven theories without any qualifications or even direct experience, has GRAVE repercussions for policing and justice in this  country.  It is also very revealling about the gullibility of those in power. Davies was eventually exposed in a TV documentary 'Week in Week Out' as a troublemaker .  See here for SAFFUTUBE clip:

For more information on how RAINS has scoped the attitude of British police in relation to SRA see here:

For more information on RAINS-USA links and supporters see here:

It is clear that the British Police have been on a merry-go-round.


Whilst building up a circus of 'victims' RAINS was also hard at work pressing the authorities in 'strange' cases, reinterpreting their content as SRA.   The celebrated one in which the Metropolitan Police were completely stumped was the discovery of the Thames Torso  (see here).   The direct involvement of RAINS, Sinason and Joan Coleman in the TT case gave the police something to tell the clamouring media and the SRA hysteria began again.  The Thames Torso was not a case of SRA as we explained but the Metropolitan police seconded a detective to work with RAINS founder Valerie Sinason on SRA. In short order RAINS even billed him to speak at their next Satan Seminar! 


This Met-RAINS collaboration resulted in the policeman and Sinason roping in the Independent on Sunday's social affairs editor to go out on a limb with an expose about them having found a photograph of  a Satanist actually eating a baby!   It turned out to be a performance-art  wind-up for which the Independent had to print a public apology.  (see here).

RAINS also liaised with barrister Lee Moore (who herself claimed to have been Satanically abused ) to press the Met into holding private Satan Seminars for the police and these are still ongoing.  This did not result in the discovery of any abusing Satanists but it did result in the  astonishingly crass  St Winebald  farce where, based on faulty information supplied by satan hunters, the Met went out on a limb to predict human sacrifice on St Winebald's day and got national headlines for it.  The full story of how it was a completely untrue assertion and is contained in this SAFF article here.


The policeman who was partially involved in organising and promoting these Satan Seminars for the Met. (commander Peter Spindler) was the same man who later oversaw the original Operation Yew Tree investigation into 'normal' historical abuse where hysterical claims were made about Jimmy Savile being the UK's 'most prolific abuser'  (see here) and which , with the help of the ever-ready NSPCC ("the organisation which never knowingly undersells a statistic")  and Valerie Sinason, ( who tagged on spurrious SRA accusations concerning Savile) , eventually morphed into the Paedo-Celebrity hysteria which is currently crucifying old treasures of the entertainment world for nipping bums in the swinging sixties.


RAINS  insisted that they had  'evidence' to prove the existence of SRA but as all their publications are secret and their contributions confidential it is not possible for outsiders to check and challenge their accusations.

 Indeed anyone joining RAINS has to sign a 'Confidentiality Bond' and agree to keep their work secret.   This combined with the farcical hypocrisy of 'patient confidentiality' (where the identity of victim imposters who name and accuse others is anonymised both during the police investigation and the trial which may ensue; makes it impossible for outsiders to check out or challenge their allegations). 

This lead to the astonishing instance of an anonymous victim who had claimed 25,000.00 from the Criminal Injuries board for giving evidence at a trial where she said she had been raped and then less than two years later giving witness at another trial with different accused claiming that she had been satanically abused.  She had not mentioned Satanic Abuse or the second set of perpetrators at the first trial.

Thus independent observers are unable to criticise or properly review the secret evidence - the allegations are  simply asserted by RAINS to be a fact and we must take their word for it for to do otherwise would put children at risk, they say.  The authorities often DO choose to believe their allegations because of the predisposition (caused by nearly three decades of SRA hysteria) to believe the worst,  just in case!  Until now that is!   The RAINS document below is the first published account which reveals a list of unvarnished claims and allegations from just one fantasist patient, Helen G,  corroborated by her drug-addict friends from a notorious council sink-estate in Havant.

The outpourings of these people, whose word would amount for nothing in normal life without detailed corroboration,  are treated as hallowed fact but as can be seen in the document below, it is simply gossip and rumour.

Because it is apparently unreasonable to think that a therapist's administrations might actually cure her patient, these accusations now span  seventeen years of therapy!  

Thus information from the dysfunctional mind of' Helen G' whose life, like that of her friends, has turned out to be a scrabble of incompetence, dishonour and incapability,  has blamed it all on satanists and accused some of the most influential politicians and policemen in the U.K. without one jot of real evidence or fact.

The shocking thing is that this miasma of  imagination has been completely and uncritically accepted by RAINS and passed on as thought FACT to people within their circle. 


You will note from the document below that stunning allegations of human sacrifice at stately homes attended by 'the highest in the land' are accepted and recorded without any attempt to confirm or qualify the details. The allegations are passed on to others who receive this list as though a proven fact.

There is no mention whether Joan Coleman, who appears to have been the author of this list, actually bothered to tell the police about these 'murders' and what the results of their enquiries, if any, were.  Remember  that  Joan and Valerie were in close touch with officials in the Met. Did they pass on this information? If not why not? If they did then what did the police investigations result in?  Certainly no prosecutions as far as we are aware.


Jimmy Tarbuck Framed but InnocentWas it lunatic accusations of this kind which prepared the ground for the suspicion against and subsequent arrest of Jimmy Tarbuck under Operation Yew Tree in May 2013?  Did an undercurrent of tittle-tattle amass in the Satan-hunter subculture to almost destroy a nationally known celebrity and was only stopped by the fact that Tarbuck could  completely exonerate himself?  Tarbuck is mentioned in this RAINS document below as 'having been seen' during 2008 at the location where human sacrifices took place!  Did the police question him about this incident we wonder?   After the police investigated him,  Jimmy Tarbuck was exonerated and released without charge in March 2014.   It is therefore clear that when checked the  allegations of  Helen G are not upheld in his case which strongly suggests that all her other allegations could also be fantasy.

Devil Cult Slays 100


More than 100 children have been murdered in satanist sex rituals shocked MPs heard ysterday...at a conference at the House of Commons ...organised by three MPs...who are demanding setting up of police teams backed by psychiatrists to crack the evil cults. .....

..Dr Joan Coleman said:

"We know murder is common, as is physical and sexual abuse of the children.  They are mutilated, made pregnant and their babies used in sacrifies. They are tortured and killed and the bodies disposed of. "


Sometimes the SRA contingent make a mistake and actually give dates which are then caught out by the procession of time.  In September 1994 Maureen Davies, doyenne of Satan Hunters, told the Guardian that:

There's one Group, the Order of the Werewolf which hopes to eradicate everybody except their group by the year 2000'

  (Source: In search of Satan, Guardian Weekend 10 September 1994 )

Davies must have felt confident getting column inches for allegations predicted six years afterwards, but fourteen years later her allegations can be seen to be absolute bunkum.  The dramatic sounding 'Order of the Werewolf' has never been found and appears to be nothing more than the figment of some fanatic's imagination.

You will see that many famous names are included in RAINS' pernicious document. These good people are grossly defamed without any apparent attempt to qualify the statements.  These very serious accusations are  written for other SRA believers.  Do they push agents of influence into believing the accusations?  

 'Helen G' wrongly accused Tarbuck;  she might have wrongly accused everyone else! 
Yet polemically it would be difficult for RAINS to challenge ANY of Helen G's accusations for fear of undermining the 'evidence' of their star-victim in relation to Satanic Ritual Abuse generally.  They seem content to repeat ALL her fantasies as though real. 

We know, for instance of French and Spanish pro-SRA websites which also promote the dangerous New World Order Myth so popular amongst
anti-papist, anti-semitic and subliminally Neo-Nazi people, who have used this RAINS information to promote their own twised world-view.  Their followers will presumably also now be spreading the poison.

The untrue meanderings of a dysfunctional patient appears to have become Global FACT to convince followers of the extreme right that Satanic Jews are responsible for killing Christian babies!   The very same accusations the Papacy made against Jews for hundreds of years and the Nazis repeated just 70 years ago


Now before you begin to read the document that follows, we want to make it abundantly clear to  every single person who reads this webpage that  the RAINS document is utterly defamatory in  almost every nuance and statement.  It's a pack of untruths.

This poses a problem. We had to decide whether or not to publish those  evil defamations against innocent people.  We thought long and hard.  We concluded that rather than allowing these lies to fester in an undercurrent of tittle-tattle to circulate amongst troublemakers in the SRA fold, on the net and elsewhere, ( which might eventually amass sufficient impetus to cause these innocent people trouble ) , that we should reproduce the document here and let those who have been secretly defamed know about it. 

By doing this they will have the opportunity to challenge, repudiate and correct the allegations publicly and maybe get their lawyers to do something about it legally as well.  Either way, as in the case of  Lord McAlpine  (defamed below in this RAINS document in 2007) who eventually had to sue everyone in sight in  November 2012 after the BBC tried to 'out' him on the say so of unreliable 'victims' 'in therapy' who, when shove came to push, capitulated and admitted they couldn't actually identify him at all!  

We are worried that people mentioned in this document may have been the unknowing victims of prejudice and police attention over the years and have been kept in the dark about the origins of the accusations so are unable to clear  them.  To emphasis this point we are making this offer:

Anyone named in the RAINS document here, famous or ordinary, are invited to contact us (email address at foot of page) and repudiate the statements. We will gladly publish their repudiation to counteract this nonsense and prove that RAINS is  predisposed to accept  and distribute unchecked allegations of a very serious nature.

Maybe then this witch-hunt (for that is what it is) might come to an end before any more innocent people have their lives destroyed by fanatical believers in SRA.

Tony Rhodes and John Freedom  July 2014

NOTES: The RAINS document 'People and Places 1:' below  is reproduced in the same format as it was printed and distributed.  The document is probably a collaboration but much of it is apparently from the pen of Joan Coleman, one of the founders of RAINS.  We have inserted clarification edits so :
[Ed: this is untrue because..... ]  everything else is exactly as it appears in the original printed document save for the addresses of people HG has named, for obvious reasons these had to be changed but if any interested parties require the full unexpurgated document we can provide the original on application.

 Patient Confidentiality.

Note well that we have not publicised or revealed any details of patient Helen G's medical situation or treatment.

RAINS' People and Places 1: list is not a medical document in the sense that it reveals someon's private medical notes - it is instead a diary of accusations made by Helen G and a number of other  contacts and patients whom Joan Coleman and her RAINS buddies were using as 'informants' about an SRA 'cult' in which they variously claimed they were all peripherally involved.   Helen G is the pseudonym chosen and used by RAINS.  We have no idea who Helen G is and we have not therefore breached any patient confidentiality laws by publishing this document.

How Do-Gooders Perpetrate Evil, Demonise an Innocent Man and may help start another Holy War

The victimisation of  Mr Chris Bray, of the Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop in Leeds is a unique example of religious persecution. It has lead to believers in SRA trying to destroy his good name in a modern day witch-hunt spanning a quarter of a century!  His story is useful because it illustrates precisely the way RAINS portrays unsubstantiated rumour and gossip as 'evidence' and it is a real life story showing the repercussions  which may occur to those who are glibly named in the RAINS 'secret' document below

Firstly let us make clear that Chris is not a Satanist;' but that didn't stop RAINS supporters accusing him of SRA in 1989! 

They worked with Roger Cook, who broadcast his now discredited The Devil's Work programme which told the nation that their kids were at risk from a world-wide Satanic conspiracy to abuse kids. Twenty Six years later none of the 20 cases covered in that programme has ever been confirmed in court.

It is from that despicable programme, that the ENTIRE  history of SRA flows. You can see the astonishing story of how a clique of sectarians joined with feminist social engineers and salacious media hacks to conspire against Mr Bray in what must be the worst ever example of collective bullying ever.  ( See here).

After Cook broadcast his false allegations to the nation Mr Bray's bookshop was firebombed by fanatics. 

An interior shot of the Sorcerer's Apprentice after the firebombing

 Being an honest and sincere person, Chris rebuilt his business and continued to exert his legal right to distribute information on ALL religions and spiritual beliefs so that others could make their personal philosophical choice - and, lest you think that he is in some way anti-Christian, note that his range of books includes  literature on mystical Christianity which he says is very valid.

Basically the Satan Hunters made the biggest mistake they could in targetting him and cannot now put it right. Ever since then Chris Bray has been a thorn in the flesh of the Satan Hunters.    Because he is entirely innocent of the accusations made against him he knows that Satan Hunters are purveying falsehoods.  Consider this carefully.  Chris was accused of being a key organiser of SRA in the U.K. but he knew he wasn't and that what these people were saying was therefore fiction.  They had to be either mislead, mad, or manipulating the truth for their own pecuniary advantage He was in the best position of anyone to see the truth on this issue.

It has become clear over the decades that his insistence on the TRUTH completely undermines the ability of the fanatics to push their ideas onto others.   So  his existence as a wronged party disables them from getting 100% ACCEPTANCE  of the idea of SRA.  You cannot float a lie and get funding to specialise in a problem if the majority of people don't believe there is one.  

Photo of TV times page where Roger Cook had to apologise to Chris BrayOf course when the true story came out Cook was forced to publish an apology to Mr Bray on prime-time TV and in adverts in  TV magazines, an example of which is shown alongside as proof, because recently Roger Cook has astonishingly been telling people that this never happened!

Now the die was cast.  Until then, Chris had been in business peacefully and lawfully  for over 14 successful years and had 70,000 customers world-wide who used his mail-order business.  He was now  forced either to pack in his career and allow the biggest lie in modern history to stand, or take on the might of fundamentalism and the power of the Child Scare Industry combined to get at the Truth. 

He chose Truth and began to look into the other sensational claims made by RAINs and their supporters. He found so many inconsistences, errors and falsehoods about other people, times and places, that he realised he couldn't put things right all by himself. He invited a group of knowledgeable people to set up the SAFF which, manned by dedicated volunteers,  has now grown into one of the most crucial organisations to protect the interests of free-thinkers in the world. 

But by that time the scare of Satanic Ritual Abuse had  grown into enormous dimensions with hundreds of greedy therapists, psychiatrists, female activists, social workers, sectarian policemen, fundamentalist agitators, hacks and media comentators jumping onto the bandwagon to make a career  for themselves.

The falsity was SO big it was impossible for the people who originally promoted it to retract the untruths they had told about Mr Bray, even though he is completely innocent.  So they let them stand and never apologised.  They just continued to act as though SRA existed and let others think the evil things said about him were true! 

Worse. To counter the discoveries which Mr Bray began unearthing which directly challenged their stories they inferred he had no sympathy for children and adults who had been abused.  A stupid point of view considering that it was Chris Bray who financed the first proper statistical analysis of  Priestly Abuse in the U.K. and published the results for all to see here.  Over the years he has  probably saved thousands of children from abuse by doing this.


A History of Satanic Abuse by Joan ColemanIn 1998 Joan Coleman wrote a history of Satanic Ritual Abuse (see pic alongside) which was a  'round-up' of  what had happened in the 10 years since the Cook Report.

In it she AGAIN defamed Mr Bray by  inferring that his intention in repudiating RAINS evidence is not to clear his name but to cover the tracks of  Satanic Abusers!  Coleman wrote: 

Those involved in abuse of any kind need to convince the world it is not true in order to continue practising these activities with impunity.

... and then she makes a list of names of people who she  presumably thinks are involved in doing just that!   She includes in this list academics, lawyers, psychiatrists, journalists and others who have at any time disagreed with what Coleman believes about SRA.  She unfairly associates these honourable and completely innocent people with defending paedophile activities; or criticises them for having a liberal attitude to sex.

In this  list she despicably  includes Mr Bray's name:

"Christopher Bray, (who runs a shop and large mail order business selling occult paraphernalia - The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Leeds)"

Now, dear reader,  you have to keep reminding yourself here that Chris Bray has done nothing wrong, has proved himself innocent of all accusations, has made his opposition to all forms of child abuse absolutely clear and  there is absolutely no evidence to suggest otherwise.  Yet RAINS just can't let go.

Satan Hunters have spent 26 years trying to discredit Chris Bray and have failed BECAUSE HE IS ENTIRELY INNOCENT.   Yet Coleman continues to include him in this list ; not because she has any evidence you understand, but because she doesn't believe him!

Such is the twisted waffle of those who want to sell you the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse. You will see more in the 'secret' document below.  These are dangerous fantasies gained from  repetitive questioning of mentally unstable women who often have an axe to grind. Many of whom may be Christians and prejudiced or sincere believers in the NWO myth (see later).   No one can really tell whether they are simply flights of fancy with no basis in fact because the allegations are never corroborated, they are just called out.  These nonsensical statements are filtered and represented to the public in a convincing form -  but you will find examples of  the original tittle-tattle when you read Coleman's 'secret document'  below and you will be astounded at its rumour-mongering . 


Now you may think that after 26 years of persecuting Chris Bray and failing that the Satan Hunters would avoid him but they can't because as long as just one person resists their fantasies about SRA their position is insecure.  It is the same with religious fundamentalists which the language of RAINS closely resembles.  So in July 2014  ( almost to the day the 25th anniversary of when the fundies burned down his bookstore )  Chris Bray was attacked again by RAINS supporters on the Russia TV website.

Tony Gosling's pack of Lies about Chris BrayThe ill-informed hack Tony Gosling, who wrote this barrel of dross (alongside) works out of Bristol community Radio, hosting a programme which often relies on internet rumour and conspiracy for its content.   It is no coincidence that Roger Cook lives just outside Bristol and that the radio station earlier broadcast libelous statements from Cook about Chris Bray in an interview for the Drivetime series, then refused to retract them when Chris asked.   This  is  what Gosling wrote in his RT article above.
"Sinason has not been the only one to talk of satanic ritual abuse in connection with Savile. Britain's most popular TV journalist ever, Roger Cook, also exposed what he believed was a satanic ritual abuse ring in Savile's home town of Leeds, Yorkshire. During the airing of an edition called the 'The Devil's Work'' (Cook Report' series), witnesses told Cook that a certain 'Sorcerer's Apprentice shop', run by one Chris Bray, was connected to a ritual abuse ring in the city."

This is an absolute fabrication but incontrovertibly illustrates the evil little way that SRA hunters create spurrious links by association. 

The justification for this poisonous and dangerous allegation is, apparently, that the Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop is located in Leeds where, years before, Savile grew up!   The fact that Chris Bray and Savile never met nor communicated  is irrelevant to Gosling even though there are over three quarters of a million people living there.  Can you imagine writing something like that without checking out the accusation first?  There's a reason why Gosling didn't (see later).  For the record here's the real background.

(1) There is no anecdotal evidence from a 'victim' who spoke to the Cook Report.   If there was it would have featured in the programme, not been kept for 25 years until it can now be conveniently used to confirm some imagined link between Savile and Satanism.

(2) Cook did not feature any SRA ring in Leeds in his programme. The idiot Gosling has obviously never viewed it.

(3) Mr Bray is not a Satanist.

(4) There is no SRA ring in Leeds and never has been.

Gosling's allegations are an attempt to convince readers that Valerie Sinason (a founder member of RAINS who has made many madcap accusations since 1989) has been right all along about SRA and therefore it does exist.    This procedure is strikingly similar to one which occurred in the early part of the hysteria when a fundamentalist Christian called Andrew Boyd, with Sinason's help, dutifuly produced a Dispatches documentary which claimed to  'prove' the existence of SRA . It turned out to be a complete hoax -
see here.

Of course the true background behind Tony Gosling's intent might make things a little clearer:  In May 2013 Gosling interviewed Sinason at length about her manic SRA allegations about Savile being a Satanist on Bristol Community Radio. The SAFF reproduced the interview in a critical review here: 

Our analysis made both her and him look stupid so it may have angered him  but what Gosling fails to make clear in his article is that he is a died-in-the-wool Christian fundamentalist who believes in the rabid Bilderberger myth which blames the Jews for killing Jesus.  You can look at the extremist language and the unproven fancies he writes about on his own private website:

Gosling is a fundamentalist Christian who believes in the rabid Bilderberger myth which blames the Jews for all the trouble in the modern world.

Tony Gosling at work at Bristol fm not mentioning his fundie agendaGosling Writes:

 "I have looked at many spiritual beliefs but nothing has spoken to me on as high a level as Jesus' teachings and actions. The sermon on the mount (Matthew 5-7) shows that no-one has ever understood the importance of love, nor exactly what it means, more than the Messiah long-promised by God.

Many problems have been caused by some of the Jewish people's refusal to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah. Many Jews, for example, live in old Testament Torah Times - believeing they are still 'God's chosen people'. It seems clear to me that God cut off the Jewish heirarchy from his favour after they pleaded successfully for the unjust death of his only son. The Israeli state's brutal and racist treatment of the Palestinian people makes it clear to me that Israel is no longer interested in the will of God."


Gosling's  strong belief in the existence of SRA and his willingness to make despicable accusations at the drop of a hat now take on a new perspective do they not?  Same old Same old.!  If you look on his website you will find that he speaks at Christianised workshops.  Did Sinason know about Gosling's hellfire and brimstone when she gave him an interview? 

The cadre of Satan Hunters who were given the prototype Satan Myth by  evangelical Christians in 1989, took it from them; and ran with the ball.  They cut out the biblical nonsense and hyped the fantasies of individual fundies who claimed to have been 'victims'. They pushed evangelical activists into giving interviews to the press to  convince outsiders. They created the fear of the greatest threat to children the world has ever known with the aid of Christian activists. RAINS is doing it again with Gosling's help.   But it was and is all bunkum.

Jean La Fontaine's government report, The Nature and Extent of Satanic Ritual AbuseWhen Prof. Jean La Fontaine  looked at the facts and inspected all the cases for her 1994 official government report on SRA it pronounced that the whole thing was a figment of the imagination of Christian activists. (see news report here)  RAINS  has ever since tried to belittle this amazing research (Coleman does it again in the 'secret' document below). RAINS said they had evidence from adult patients not child cases (you can  read the 'evidence' in Coleman's secret document below and see what you think )  but RAINS have never commented to our knowledge on the way that SRA believers worked with fundamentalists who were later discredited.

Now, 20 years after the publication of La Fontaine's definitive report  they are again roping in  fundie reporters like Gosling  to push the untruths a second time on the back of the Savilemonster allegations.  As before, with Andrew Boyd and his Devil Video, the fact that Gosling is a christian agent-provocateur ready to print any old tosh against people who hold beliefs he doesn't agree with, is kept under wraps. His personal agenda is not mentioned.  He is first and foremost acting as god's emissary in fighting the devil wherever he is found - not  writing a balanced article  on whether or not  SRA exists. 

New World Order Christian Nazism?

For two decades the SAFF has warned politicians and journalists in this country of the dangers of the New World Order Myth which has gained credence on the internet.  It is no exaggeration to say that prior to the 1930s  the NWO myth gave justification for the Nazi death camps and the killing of millions of Jews in WWII.

In recent times clued-in Islamic minds  have seen the fault-lines and teach the NWO to the next generation as a double-think designed to manipulate the West into weakening itself.  Islamic agents of influence have injected the NWO idea into forums peopled by crass minds who promote the idea of a Zionist-satanic conspiracy.  The official Hamas website is 'befriending' Christians and driving a wedge between them and the Jews here:  After all, as Gosling points out,  The Jews killed Jesus didn't they?  What could be more satanic than that?  Stupid people like Gosling just fall for it all if it confirms their sectarian prejudices.

This meld of minds has resulted in another set of strange bedfellows.  Not only did we have the sight of leftist  intellectuals joining right wing Christian fundamentalists to further SRA but we also see common ground between the extreme political right and Islamists;  both of whom hate the Jews.

Poster portraying the jew as a stereotypical devil / satan figure

On 16 October 1991 Lady Birdwood was found guilty at the Old Bailey of distributing propaganda leaflets which claimed that Jews 'ritually sacrificed' Christian children. 

The comparison of this allegation in relation to the then ongoing hysteria surrounding completely unfounded allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse by Christian fundamentalists  was lost on our tunnel-vision media who continued to print uncorroborated allegations of Satanic Abuse as though fact whilst agreeing among themselves that it would be immoral to give Birdwood 's theories space.

Within a month another batch of similar leaflets were distributed within Cambridge and Oxford Colleges which:

'resurrected medieval claims of Jewish ritual murder of Christian children.'

The recent shifting of public opinion away from Israel and towards the Palestinians has been caused largely by the 're-education' of the masses with the fiction of the New World Order myth which has been powered by and underpinned by the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth.

People who have suckered into the NWO idea should realise their minds have been contaminated. They should read David Aaronovitch's VOODOO HISTORIES which contains the authenticated false origins of the Protocols of The Elders of Zion and chases down  the deaths these teachings have caused in unexpected places over the last century.

Throughout history the Jews have been repetitively accused of sacrificing Christian babies at Passover.  We warned our society YEARS ago that the SRAM was simply a rehash of those mediaeval sectarian blood libels made by the type of literal-minded christians whose intellectual descendants are still willing to blame Jews today;  but our political leaders are so stupid, and our population so ignorant that even those who trot out the usual platitudes about ridding the world of fascism  are queuing up to pursue this evil path laid out for them by dim people who do their worst disguised as children's rights campaigners and other things.  Gosling is a classic example of it. On one page of his website he accuses Jews of killing Jesus and on another he complains about the problem of Neo-Nazis! 

Now just to make sure you, dear reader, understand our position in all this. We are not Satanists and we are not pushing the Israeli cause. There are many things that Israel does which we find repulsive and only a dimwit could not see the valid case the Palestinians have for getting back a homeland. We are simply pointing out historicTruths and evil gambits which keep the human race in its sinful state.

Many times the people who perpetrate and promote these ideas are so deluded that they do not fully realise the dangers of their actions, nor its terrible repercussions. Tony Gosling probably thinks he is acting as an agent of god and doing god's work by slandering Chris Bray. Victimising an innocent man in Leeds is just fair-game perhaps?  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.   Creating a climate which can cause the deaths of those they are supposed to be saving  is unthinkable to them, yet that is what they are, inevitably, doing and in the process damning their own souls.


1. Relevant to case of Helen G

Key to terms and abbreviations used:
HG . Helen G.
RAINS. Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support. Founded 1989.
Alters. Other personalities in those who have DID.

[Ed: Definition of 'Alters': Numerous personalities collectivley inhabiting the mind of a patient,
each one apparently becoming dominant over the ordinary personality and supposedly controlling selective memories
which are unreachable by the ordinary personality but which are supposed to explain why the ordinary personality
is dysfunctional.  It is the worst kind of therapeutic mumbo-jumbo akin to mediaval ideas on possession.
A  step back into the Dark Ages for psychiatry. - The syndrome is completely unproven and unaccepted by
mainstream psychologists but very popular with SRA fanatics.

DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder.

[Ed: DID was earlier termed Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) but MPD fell into disrepute
and was repackaged as DID.]

Mart. (Cult name of Joseph Stein.
Peter. Cult name of Don Taylor.
James. Cult name of William Rattray.
Pals. My informants, held in Leigh Park, Havant.
JLF. Jean La Fontaine. Prof. Emeritus. LSE, Founder Member of INFORM
KM. Keeper Master, Mark Davis. aka The Marquis.
SRA. Satanist Ritual Abuse.

[Ed: The original term widely used by therapists, fundamentalists and the media during the
early 1990s was 'Satanic Ritual Abuse' but in the mid 2000s SRA hunters took to using
the term 'Satanist Ritual Abuse' as a synonym. Presumably because Satanic Ritual Abuse can
refer to anyone using Satanic motifs to abuse, whereas Satanist Ritual Abuse means abuse perpetrated
specifically by Satanists, something that has never ever been proven ]

SRAS. Satanist Ritual Abuse Survivor.
BS. Barbara S.
VH. Veronica H.
NJ. Natasha]. (Maiden name,as when I first new her).
ACPO. Association of Chief Police Officers.
HP. High Priest.


I will write these in the order in which they were given to me. The following 20 or so were given by
HG or her alters, over the years, from 1997 onwards. Most of them have since been confirmed by
those we speak of as Pals, who have provided many more names in addition.

Joseph Stein, aka 'Martin'. 2 Bxxxxxxx Wxxx, Lxxxx, Havant. (Believed to be currrent address). He was described
as HG's Keeper and he formerly had considerable power over her. Many of her alters were hypnotised to believe they
were in love with him and that he loved her, even though he abused her. Most 'alters' are wise to him now. 'Sue' is still
vulnerable. He is still very much involved with trying to get at HG. Can appear v. charming but in reality is extremely sadistic.

Julie Stein, was married to Martin. She used to text me frequently and sometimes left answerphone messages on the RAINS phone.
I once lifted the phone in the middle and she immediately rang off. I am told that in 2006, she found out that Mart had taken up with
another woman and she threatened to expose the group and him. I understand that she was disposed of - no details. Certainly,
I have heard nothing from her in a long time. Martin apparently had a cult 'marriage' to the new woman, q.v. in London, on 17.11.06.

Page 2  begins   ----------------------

Matthew Stein.
son of Martin and Julie. Have his address as: 15 Sxxxx Axxxxx, Hxx Ixxx, Hants. Tel. 0xxx2 4xxxx6. I don't know if this is current.

Don Taylor, aka '˜Peter', a Clinical Psychologist, who does the hypnosis, using blue lights. I have ' several addresses and phone no's.for him,
 all in Sxxxx.

2 Uxxxxx Rd, Soton Tel 02xxxxx 3xxxxx76 and 02xxxx0 55xxxx3
Don Taylor and Associates Ltd. 023xxx 67xxxx.
Also address at 5| Rxxxxx Rd, Soton. but told he may live in Kxxxxxx Rd, Soton.
Website: www.dontaylor.org.uk
I haven't heard anything of him for the last 2 years or so.

William Rattray, aka 'James' , 23 Wxxxxxx Rd, Pxxx, Nr. Salisbury. 01xxx 6xxx80. Has had below-knee amputation of one leg.
Used some sort of prosthesis. Have not heard anything of him for about 5 years. Could be dead.

For the first few years that I knew HG, these were the only people she mentioned and appeared to
be her main controllers and abusers. Gradually, over the years, she began to talk of others, but at
  that time there were still many cult-loyal 'alters' who tried to prevent these disclosures.

 [Ed: perhaps it was simply that HG needed more experience of what questioners wanted to be able to fantisise 'false alters'
and build characters in her so-called satanic 'cult' ?]

Les Saunders, (died a few years ago). Owned The Qxxx Hxxx. in Lxxxxxll, near Axxxx. Helen lived in a caravan in grounds,
when she was about 16. Was re-introduced into cult by Les Saunders. (Had been in Children's Homes after her mother died.) .

Lord William Rees-Mogg. Former Editor, Writer and Director of various publishing companies etc
Address (from Who's Who, 1999) 17 Pxxx Mxxxx London SWxxxx. Now aged 79.

 [Ed:  Rees-Mogg was born in July 1928 thus this dates the first writing of this RAINS document to
circa 2007 though other comments (see Terry Grange below) indicate that this list is randomly updated ]

Geoffrey Levy. Daily Mail Columnist.

Peter King. Electrician. Formerly of 4 Txxxx Cxxxxt, Rxxx Wxxx, Andover. 1Tel. 01xxx4 3xxxx8. Have heard nothing of him for 5 years.

Paul Beadle. Formerly of 44 Rxxx Cxxxxe. Axxx Rd, Anxxxr. (believed to have moved).

Susan James. Records Dept. Bxxxxl Rxxxx xxxxx. Passes on messages and gives info about patients.

Bruce Parker. Winchester. Works as a presenter on Southern TV. '

Lord Montagu. b 1926. Palace House, Beaulieu. Hants. SO42 7ZN. Tel. 01590 612623. Also has a flat in London. He is very important in
the group and is known as the Grand Master. Many of the Cult Festival Ceremonies are held either at the Palace (in parts not open to the public),
or in the ruined Abbey. Some are held partly in the New Forest, which is all around Beaulieu. Although parts of his Estate, including the car
museum, are open to the public, there are many other parts that are not. [Ed: all stately homes have reserved private areas  - this inferrence is
All ceremonies take place at night when gates are locked.

Mike Hancock. MP for Portsmouth. Lib. Dem No details about him re cult involvement. Not
mentioned by Pals. [She means Hancock's cult connection not  confirmed by Pals]

Max Hastings. Editor and Joumalist. Again not mentioned by Pals.   [She means cult connection not  confirmed by Pals]

Page 3. begins:  -----------------------------------------------------------

Duke of Norfolk. Add. Arundel Castle, W. Sussex. b. 1915, so may be dead now. He was 17th Duke.
Arundel Castle and he were mentioned by the 1st and 3rd Satanist Ritual Abuse Survivors (SRAS)
 I worked with, Barbara S.(BS) and Veronica H. (VH). Sadly. both are now dead.
His second daughter is now Lady Carina Frost. (Married David Frost I983).

Sir David Frost. Mentioned as attending some ceremonies, not simply that he married into the Norfolk family.

Dr Katrina Prescott. 57 Wxxxxxxx Drive, Bxxxx. Bxx 7xx.

Darren Jackson. Junkie. Killed by group. (No details). 

Virginia Bottomley. Sec of State for Health during early l990s. She authorised lean La Fontaine's research into Organised and Ritual Abuse and
when the report came out she announced on BBC Radio 4, that she was 'delighted that the myth of ritual abuse had been exploded'.....

[Ed: That's not what Virginia Bottomley actually said: She said the myth of ritual abuse had been  'EXPOSED' not 'exploded'. Freudian slip? On the BBC program in which Joan Coleman took part Bottomley said:

" I support this report. We commissioned it because of the public confusion and the excessive speculation about ritual or Satanic Abuse and this brings a clear exposition, a carefully undertaken study, 
which has now I believe exposed the myth of Satanic Abuse. ".

.......Was mentioned frequently by Veronica Hook, in considerable detail. Address in Who's Who given as House of Commons
but I believe she has a house in Godalming and she also has property on the Isle of Wight.

Ted Heath. Former Prime Minister. Homosexual but not exclusively, where children are concerned, [Ed: What does this mean?
Ted Heath was either heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual surely?  Is it perhaps a way of uniting pre SRA rumours of  Heath's alleged homosexuality with later unproven allegations by women of being abused by him? ] 
He has been mentioned by at least 5 SRAS,
 none of whom know each other. Several have described long finger nails. Am told that he wore false claws added to his nails, with which he clawed his child victims. He died in 2005. The cult held their own funeral on 31st July - 1st August 2005, qv.

[Ed: factually incorrect. Heath's Christian funeral took place in Salisbury cathedral in 25th July 2005 with over
1,600 guests attending.   Heath has become the bogey-man of the anti-jewish, anti-zionist,  anti-Papist,
extreme anti-European  political activist lobby.   Paedophile allegations about him and a band of supposed
homosexual politicians who have 'ruined Britain', abound on the net:  For instance:

"Well we can be guided by history.  Cromwell's (yes I know he made one good speech) body was exhumed, hung at Tyburn  and then his head cut off and put on public display for 20 years outside Westminster.  Good enough for the man who  allowed the Jews back into our country and so started a fire that is still burning almost 400 years after his death. With the traitor and pervert Heath, I suggest we have "Pervert and Paedophile" added to his memorial, drill a hole through it and down into where his ashes are, and invite members of the public (including women who Heath hated) to urinate down it."  Source:

Hundreds of thousands of mislead people read and believe this kind of improperganda, including it would seem,
Helen G and her 'Pals' but Joan Coleman apparently ignores this background and reports the allegations as though there is some reality to them!  ]

Dr Robert Wells. Police Surgeon, Winchester and Southampton, convicted in June 2004 of raping and sexually assaulting young girls.
Winchester Crown Court sentenced him to 15 years in jail.  [Ed: True, but this paedophile predator's  ONLY link with the occult was that it was reported that he abused children on what he jokingly termed 'Satan's Pillow'.  In all other respects his abuses and rapes were 'ordinary', occurred in 'ordinary' places and not stately homes,  and had no similarity with any established SRA claims.  Note that his mention by Helen G came AFTER he was arrested for his crimes, not before and it may simply have stuck in Helen G's mind because of the comprehensive local news reports. Did Coleman check this at the time? ]

Dr Shreyas Deepak Raj. 20 Bxxxxxxm Dxxxx, Rxxxx. Littlexxxx, W. Sussex. Bxx 3xxx. ls available to the group for treatment of any members  who are excessively beaten etc. Also does experimental operations to practice his surgical skills. Some years ago. did bilateral mastectomy and  tracheostorny on M. The latter went wrong and caused severe damage to her larynx, for which she had to have a surgical repair job in France. Voice still very husky last time I heard it.

David Queen. Formerly of Sxxxx Rd, Andover. Killed by the group 2004. (No details).

Michael Winner. Actor, Writer and Director. Often on TV.

Lord (Peter) Goldsmith. Attorney General under Tony Blair's government. 9 Bxxxxx Gxxxxx, London SW. This information came before he was so well known. At the time, I showed Helen a photo of him with all writing obscured. Immediately, she said '˜That's Peter Goldsmith. I've seen him at Beaulieu and other places.'

John Hoddinott. Former Chief Constable, Hants.

Michael Barrimore.TV Personality and presenter.

Clive Johnston. Was Keeper-Master before Mark Davis

Brian Farmer. Was forger on Isle of Wight (IoW).

Page 4: begins : ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Charlotte Beasley. Aged 14. Made pregnant by cult. Baby removed for sacrifice, by Caesarean Section without anaesthetic. Despite Raj's efforts to save her, she died.

Jason McAtteer. Junkie and Enforcer. Killed by cult with overdose of drugs.

Barry ?. (sic) Messenger. Drove silver hatchback Peugeot. Reg No. CGxxxxxxFJ.

Charles Clarke MP.Former Labour Education Secretary, later Home Secretary. Master. His name has been mentioned by another RAINS member who has no connections with Helen. She told me that her client was abused frequently by him and also taken abroad for further abuse.

Philip Thomson. Drove Volvo silver estate ear, possible Reg No. ExxxxM.

Charlotte Jainee. Age l0. Sold to KM (Mark Davis) for £400.

Peter de Savory. International Entrepreneur. Add. Skibo Castle, Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland. Also has property in the South.

Ray Aldridge-Morris. Psychologist. Wrote many sceptical papers on SRA.

Lord McAlpine. Present Baron's father, also called Robert, was mentioned by BS in late 80s. [Ed N.B. In 2012, five years after RAINS listed him, Lord McAlpine was wrongly publicly implicated in the Savilemonster hysteria precisely due to lies of this kind which had gained currency on the internet. McAlpine sued the BBC and many other people for making false accusations of child abuse against him on the net and elsewhere. Every single accusation by his accusers (including seasoned 'victim imposters of the type RAINS listens to) was recanted and retracted. He was given public apologies and paid considerable sums by many people and organisations.

Alvin Stardust. 1970s Pop singer. He was mentioned by BS in 1986, but she always felt that he was more into homosexual paedophilia than cult stuff.

Dr Bill Thompson. Lecturer in Criminology. Reading University. On Advisory Board of British False Memory Society and has been an expert witness for the defence in many cases where accusations of child sexual abuse (CSA). In 2004, police raided his home and found many images of child pornography on his computer. He claimed they were all there because of his court work He was suspended from his employment, but later reinstated, I think Private Eye was hot in his defence. He has written many sceptical and scathing articles about SRA, also broadcasts. He was mentioned as a definite cult member, both by BS and VH as well as Pals In I994, I had a confrontation with him on The World at One, BBC Radio 4, just after JLF's report came out.

 [Ed The interview described as a 'confrontation' on the World at One (which here identifies Coleman as the writer of or contributor to this document) was broadcast at 1.10pm on 2nd June 1994 upon publication of Prof. Jean La Fontaine's government report concluding that Satanic Ritual Abuse was a figment of the imaginations of religious extremists and fringe therapists. Coleman was interviewed alongside Dr Bill Thompson. You can listen to a copy of the recording on the SAFF Youtube channel here. Coleman did not accuse Thompson, nor when given the opportunity did she mention any of the key figures in the Establishment which RAINS is claiming in this document belonged to murderous cults and conspired to hide the evidence of SRA from the British public].

Michael Portillo. Politician.

Rod Matthews. Was very high in cult, being a Commander. In 2004, he had some dispute and decided to give evidence to the police. He was forced to attend a cult trial, was found guilty and ltilled by them at Halloween. 31.10.2004.

David Richardson. New Male Enforcer (ME) Jan 2005. Both from Winchester.

Di Williams. New Female Enforcer (FE) Jan 2005.

Both these two were considered not to have fulfilled their duties. Later learned that they had been tried by the cult and punished. Both killed in Ceremony 17.3.06.

The following names given at some time in Jan. 05. All are said to be Watchers.

Stevie Peters.
 Tom Reynolds
Ian Cunliffe.

Page 5:  begins: ------------------------------------------------------

Brian? ... Messenger.

Bertram Hodinkson. He is a Mason and member of The Grand Order of Water Rats. He is important in cult. Commander.

Dr Tony Baker. Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Haslemere/Woking. (Apparently belongs to another group but is known to our informants because he is prepared to help groups nationwide). I have had a number of encounters with him. Back in 1989, when I was working with BS, my first SRA survivor, Guildford CID called him in for second opinion. His conclusion was that I had invented the entire story and suggested it all to her, causing her to believe all the elaborate detail she had given us. This finished the police investigation on that case. He later caused considerable damage to a family in LASA,  [Ed: LASA is the acronym for The League Against Satanic Abuse, a radical organisation of 'victims', social workers and therapist satan hunters which in 1996 Joan Coleman was said to professionally advise]  which resulted in both the children being taken away from the entirely innocent mother. Both returned to her voluntarily as soon as they were old enough. He was also involved in the Broxtowe Case 1987, before it was known to be SRA rather than only CSA.

[Ed: N.B. The Broxtowe case was the first UK case which satan hunters in social work tried to redefine as satanic. A coterie of fundamentalists, feminists and therapists corrupted the case beyond measure. The controversy caused much conflict inside the Nottinghamshire Social Services. A full police and internal enquiry concluded that although child abuse had occurred there was absolutely no evidence of any cult connections or satanic involvement. The coterie of SRA hunters in Team 4 in Nottingham, lead by Judith Dawson (then also a member of RAINS) refuted the Joint Enquiry Team report but you can find the official JET Report on the internet here: http://www.religioustolerance.org/ra_notti.htm and read it yourself. From this it is clear that Tony Baker was right and RAINS utterly incorrect, yet 20 years later when there has been absolutely no further corroboration or evidence of RAINS allegations in Nottingham they are at it again, quoting the Broxtowe Case as though it was a real established and proven case of SRA. RAINS appears to be in a perpetual state of denial about any report or evidence which disproves their manic theories! ]

Ruth Kelly. MP. Education Secretary. Later, Transport Secretary. Member of Opus Dei. She is frequently in press re dilemma about IVF etc being acceptable to RCs. Also re lowering the foetal age of permissible abortion. Attended Ted Heath's Cult Funeral. q.v.

David Whiting-Johns. Commander.

Ricky West. To be punished soon.

Georgina Mitchell To be punished soon.

Lord Caernarvon. Owner of Highclere Castle, Nr. Newbury.

William Chambers. Solicitor. Helps cult for cash. May not be cult member or need to attend ceremonies.

John Rose. London. Is called "Your Lordship" by group.

Margaret Kenwood. Winchester. Junkie. Recruits runaway kids

Stuart Campbell. Portsmouth. Sentenced to 5 years in jail for burglary.

Sir Edward Hulse. Owner of Braemer House a few miles south of Salisbury. (See Places).

Rt. Rev. Crispian Hollis, RC Bishop of Portsmouth. (Referred to by group in text to me on day of Pope John Paul's funeral, as being 'so good to us'). He has also been mentioned by a male survivor with whom another RAINS member is working. This young man lived in Portsmouth and he said that Crispian Hollis organised the group he was abused by.

Cardinal Cormack Murphy O'Connor. Head of RC Church in Britain. (Mentioned in same text by group). Years ago, when he was Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, I met him and tried to talk to him about SRA. He was very dismissive. Was responsible for moving several RC Priests to other Dioceses when there were allegations of Child Abuse, including one whom he transferred to London Airport, who was later convicted and imprisoned. Has been mentioned by other unconnected survivors.

[Ed: Note the veiled anti-Papist undercurrents which are part of the Zionist New World Order conspiracy theory cocktail ]

Page: 6. Begins: -------------------------------------------------

Terry Grange. Ch. Const. Dyfed-Powys. On fringe. Helps groups. In Jan.2005, I was asked by Lee Moore to write to him in his capacity as holder of Violent Crimes Portfolio for ACPO, supporting her request for a national Police Unit to be set up, to deal with the subject of Ritual Crime and Abuse. She received a scathing reply, of which I was sent a copy, stating that there is no evidence, past or present, that SRA is a reality. He referred to JLF's research and maintained that there were 'myths' in the early 90's resulting in children being taken into care, but as soon as the allegations were dismissed, the children were returned home. He himself has now been discredited. On May 6th 2008, IPCC upheld 4 allegations made by his former mistress regarding misuse of police funds and computer. He subsequently requested retirement, which the authority accepted.

[Ed:  Selective reporting and exagerration demonise all those who resist RAINs wishes.  Terry Grange (who died in May 2012) was a well liked and accomplished policeman who did a great deal for victims of sexual abuse as this page reveals .  Grange's spurned mistress caused the scandal which ended his career.  He had used his police credit card to pay for a few meals and additionally missed one ACPO meeting in order to see his mistress. The 'and a computer' mention might make it appear that he was downloading porn or something. It was nothing of the kind.  He had used police computers to send regular emails to his mistress, which was not allowed;  that is all.     ]

Philip Maston. Became new ME 21.5.05. Height 5'10". Stocky build.

Howard Locke. Inquisitor. From Bromley. Thin, 5'4", dark hair.

Barbara North. Hospital Administrator. Lives in Axxxx. Gives information. On fringe.

Phil Compton. Driver for group. Drives silver estate car.

Lord Porchester. Son of Lord Caernarvon. Newbury.

Ann Mahony. Wales. In national news. Kept dead babies in her attic.

[Ed:  Yes she did, but they had nothing whatsoever to do with any cult activity.  Mahony an ex nurse had three still born babies over a period of  20 years and could not dispense with the bodies so kept them in the attic.  She was given 12 months community rehabilitation. See here.  Is Coleman trying to infer that these babies were ritually bred for sacrifice because they obviously weren't ?     ]

John Morriston. High Commander. London. Very important in group.

Kathleen Taylor. Group member who took part in TV film Exorcism ~ 24.02.05.
Guy Claxton " " " " " Group member who took part in TV film Exorcism ~ 24.02.05
Evan Lewis " " " " "  Group member who took part in TV film Exorcism ~ 24.02.05

Marquis of Blandford. ?Blenheim Palace. Junkie.

Paul Boeteng. MP. He has been mentioned by other survivors.

Greg Brant. Age 23 (Would now be 25-6). Minder.

Henry Marshall. Dorchester, Dorset. MASTER. Very important in group. Has scar on R. shoulder.

Lord Moyne. Biddeston House, nr Andover. Connections with Guinness family.

Marquis of Bath. Longleat, Warminster. Mentioned also by BS in late 80s early 90s. She claimed ceremonies held there and has seen bodies buried in grounds.

Luke Killick. Soton.

From 11th June 2005 onwards. I have included on the list, the date the person was first mentioned.

Giles . 11.06.05. Hypnotist.

Alan Williams. 14.06.05. New Commander. Known as Judge.

Page 7 Begins:  ----------------------------------------------------------------------

David Hunt. 23.06.05. Known as Merlin.

Noel Jadeson. 07.07.05. Minder.

Lucas Bentley. 11.0105. East Ham.

George Spanner. 13.0105. Biker, followed HG & me to a pub The Weyhill Fayre, near Andover, for lunch. Took great interest in us. Watcher. AKA ‘Brother’.

Josephine Mulji. 15.07.05. Member of Guinness Family. Biddeston House, Nr Andover.

Stephanie Wiseman. 26.07.05. Junkie. Used to produce babies for sacrifice or abuse.

Julian Kent. 3 1 .0105. Priest, London.

Chia Mekali. 02.08.05. London. Commander.

Patrice Chambres. 04.08.05. French. Works as Surveyor and Interior Designer. Overseer. Pals refer to him frequently, as FROG. In London much of the time. Appears to be v important in group.

Carl Merrington. 06.08. 05. Age 36 (then). Attended Ted Heath's cult funeral. (See later).

Nick Fuller. 06.08.05. Age 29  (Attended Ted Heath's cult funeral)

Josh Robbins. 06.08.05. Age 49. From Shirley, Soton.  (Attended Ted Heath's cult funeral)

James Goodlilfe. 06.08.05. Works in M.O.D.  (Attended Ted Heath's cult funeral)

Nigel Traylen. 06.08.05. Owns bookshop on I.O.W. called Ventnor Rare Books. Have heard of him many tima from BS, who died 1993. Very friendly with her husband, Ian Stedman. ls allegedly HP of group on Isle of Wight. I have met him twice. 1st time was in about 1990, when he and his father Charles (also in cult) ran a bookshop in Guildford. Charles is now dead. Second meeting with Nigel was when he came to my house with Ian Stedman in about 2004 and bought some old books from me. The only outstanding thing about him was his terrible halitosis. Mentioned by Pals, several times. Attended Ted Heath’: Cult funeral. q.v.

 The following people allegedly attended Ted Heath's Cult Funeral Ceremony in Salisbury. Held
on night of 31.07.-01.08.05 (Info received 06. 08. 05)

Virginia Bottomly
Jean La Fontaine
Lord Montague
Lord Moyne (Guinness family)
Ruth Kelly (Education Minister)
Charles Clarke (Home Secretary)
James Goodliffe (MOD)
Carl Merrington
Nick Fuller
Josh Robbins
Nigel Traylen, (See above).
Page 8. Begins   --------------------------------------------------------------

David Brindle. 16.08.05. Writes for Guardian.

Hugh Muir. 16.08.05. Writes for Telegraph.

Graeme Mostin. 20.08.05. Frorn London.

Dr John Bancroft. 02.09.05. Rtd. Psychiatrist. Psychosexual Disorders. Oxford.

Hugh Freeman. 14.09.05. Former Editor of British Journal of Psychiatry.

Father Des Connolly. 16.09.05. St John the Baptist Church, Andover.

Father Michael O’Kelly. 16.09.05.

Tina & Richard Sullivan. 03.11.05. Worcs. Featured on Crimewatch. 02.11.05 ( Witness Protection 2104)

Brian Duke. 04.11.05. Teacher

Haken Dacar. 18.11.05. (Greek). Overseer. into Sado-masochism.

Stefan ?. 18.11.05.

Mary Anne Wootten. 19.11.05. SW Andover. On fringe.

Martin Covington. 19.11.05. SW Andover.

Johan Heilt. 3.12.05. Grerman/Dutch Teacher‘, from Brussels. EU Connections.

SW. 16.12.05. Later referred to by H and me as PAL. He first appeared at the time HG was badly ' assaulted and taken to Winchester Hosp. M said he was new Minder. Came from London. Has family in N. Ireland and Co. Sligo, Eire. Controlled by group because addicted to Heroin. Later, the girls helped him to get off it. Has no allegiance to the cult and has been a tremendous help to us, not only in giving names and places, but also warning us of impending visits and when there are special dangers. Still in his 20s I think

New cult members: 11.01.06.

Simon Walters.
Mike Hopgood.
Patricia Jones.
Ann Stockton.
Brian Mason.
Collette Hollis.
 Andrew Collins.
Jeanette Griffin.

Linda & John? ’ Rochdale Parents. Shown on film proclaiming their innocence. The following also came into the film. All names given to me on 12.01.06.   [Ed: 'the film' is  'When Satan Came To Town" by Fiona Bruce, a Real Story special first broadcast 11 January 2006 which exposed social services and therapist excesses in the Rochdale case in a masterly way. Is Helen G saying that these parents were guilty when the public inquiry completely exonerated them?  You can see excerpts from it here: SAFFUTUBE

Page 9 Begins:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tony Heaford. Councillor in Rochdale.

Cyril Smith,  (Councillor in Rochdale) Since died, I think. (`Mentioned by more than one survivor. One claimed she had been raped by him, but because he weighed so rnuch, was allowed to sit astride him.)  [Ed: clearly indicates a link between those who make Satanist Ritual Abuse accusations and the more recent paedo-celebrity allegations.  Cyril Smith actually died 3 September 2010 so the comment 'since died I think' was an amendment to this list added after September 2010 but, presumably, before the Savile allegation links with Smith were mooted in April 2014 ]

Elizabeth Newson. Child Psychiatrist, Nottingham. Also mentioned by Nottingham SWs involved in Broxtowe case and by VH.

Bruce Parker, Political Journalist, Winchester.

Tom Josephs. 16.01.06. Known as TJ. From I.O.W. Recruiter. Killed by cult, 13-14.04.06.

Barrington Okabe. 19.01.05.Aka Barry Otway. Age 26. Black Drug dealer. V'.vioIent. Messenger.

Mark Oaten, MP. 23.01.06. On hinge. Gets boys from cult. (See also 12.03.08).

Jason Browning 19.02.06, Hurt Reggie [alter of HG] in town on 16.02.06 Fiona Kernp : Hurt Reggie [alter of HG) in town on 16.02.06

Carl Bayer. 25.02.06. Age 27. Height 5`10". Slirn. From Basingstoke. R. 5th finger missing. Later, learned that he was ok. Didn‘t want to be part of it, but was brought in through his drug habit. S, M and J helped him get off Heroin and he became the 4th of the ones we correspond with by text messages. He died on or around 21.03.08. Given OD of LSD and Heroin. Raped by 5 men.

Jeff Davey. 03,03,06. Lives in Hxxxx Exxx Rxxxx. Andover. Just opposite turning into Cxxxx Close. Neighbourhood Watch. Said to be a Watcher for cult, Has been quite supportive towards H and came round to tell her where her cat was when missing. Talked to him after she had break in and he was again quite helpful. Think he may be used by group rather than part of it.

Richard Ingrams, 10.03.06. Former Editor of Private Eye, current Editor of` The Oldie, magazine for the over 50's, founded in l992. lst edition ever, 21st Feb. 1992, contained an article by Rosie Waterhouse, entitled A Modern Witch Hunt giving details of a RAINS Meeting (7th Feb. 1992) held in Nottingham, to which we naively invited JLF. She was not mentioned in the article but I was, in some detail. Pals have seen R,I’s name in same file as those of JLF, Tony Baker, Bill Thompson and Rosie Waterhouse. (R.I. was seen by them at ceremony 2l - 22 March, I heard later). 

[ The ludicrous inference that Richard Ingrams is a satanic cultist is about as farcical as it gets and illustrates the snide methods RAINS uses to discredit anyone who intelligently criticises their SRA allegations or demands proof from them. The four page Oldie article, A Modern Witch Hunt written by Rosie Waterhouse was a master-class in journalistic research and truthfully represented the detailed history of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. There is not one fact which RAINS can challenge so instead it resorts to its usual inuendo.  RAINS is mentioned only on page 3 of the original article. There is nothing said there which is not absolutely true, yet if you were a new convert to believing in SRA would you ever guess that from this RAINS document? ] 

Peter Mandelson. Former M.P. 11.03.06. British Commissioner of EU for Trade since 2004. Involved in cult in France and Brussels. Likes boys. Pays cult cash for rent boys but seems to be part of it. He ordered severe torture prior to rnurder of boy Kevin, aged 17, a runaway from Newcastle, who had some hold over him and was blackmailing him. Kevin was tenured and killed. Body dumped in sea., South coast, after being cut up.  

Rob Layton. Watcher in Portsmouth.

ME David Richardson: 17-18.3.06. Both killed in ceremony in London.
FE Di Williams:

Andrea Kavanagh or Cavanagh. 20.03.06. New FE. Age 38. 5’ T". Brown eyes, short, dark brown Wavy hair. Shoes size 7 and a half. Clothes 14—l6.

Page 10 Begins  ----------------------------------------------------------

Mark Hutchins. 20.03.06. New ME. 5‘9". Short Reddish hair. Green eyes. Wears large medallion. Tattoo, top of  L.arm, of dragon and snake entwined inside a circle.

Dean Baxter. 24.03.06. Messenger.

Laura James. 05.04.06. Girl mentioned. Plan to sacrifice her on night of 13-14 April 06. 14th is Good Friday. [Ed: Was the girl in fact sacrificed? If not why is this still included? Were the police informed? ]

Roderick Chamberlain. 06.04.06. Scribe of Group. 

Kevin East. 08.04.06. Steve spoke of him as Flying Fairy or FF, because he is ‘gay’ and jumped out. of a window after LSD. Also v. cruel Sc sadistic. Likes watching ‘snuff" movies. [Ed: What? Real Ones? Snuff Movies are an old Myth ]

Graham Loftus. 30.04.06. Messenger.

Lord Drayson. 30.04.06. Bought large house in Gloucestershire, Nether Lypiatt, from Princess Michael of Kent.

Lord Falconer. 30.04.06. Lord Chancellor.

Lana Bailey. 17.05.06, Female Recruiter. V Smart and professional looking.

Shelly Carter. 17.05.06. Aged 11. Tortured, then sacrificed, at Beaulieu. 1-2 May, by FROG. (Patrice Chambres).

James Bolam. 25.05.06. ( Was first mentioned to me in this connection by B.S. in l987 ). [Ed: Interesting. Not because of James Bolam, the accusations are utter rubbish, but because of the date.  The very first case which created a caucus of believers in SRA was the Broxtowe Case which Nottingham social workers started as a case of  'regular' abuse in 1987 - it was later redesignated by a coterie of SRA believers as a case of Satanic Abuse (it wasn't SRA - see here). This comment indicates that RAINS was compiling ludicrous tittle-tattle from BS to support the idea of SRA long before there were any actual cases!]

 Princess Michael of Kent. 25.05.06.(See later)

Margaret Hodge, MP. 21.06.06. (b.08.09.44). Previously on Islington Council. Friends with Ruth Kelly, JLF, Bob Woffinden and Lord Montagu. V dismissive of SRA case there.

Simon Thomas. 30.06.06. Vicar in United Reform Church. In jail for abusing boys,? in Soton area.

Bob Woffinden. 10.07.06. Joumalist. Wrote sceptical article about SRA for Private Eye. Wrote anonymously. Has written other articles in similar vein. Said to be friendly with Margaret Hodge and JLF.  [Ed: the rush to condemn and discredit anyone who resists or challenges RAINS' on the SRA issue  is clearly illustrated here.  The Excellent journalist Bob Woffinden ( who in 1987 published the seminal book, Miscarriages of Justice, so knows what he is talking about) disagreed with RAINS' take on SRA and, purely because he is said to be in contact with Margaret Hodge and Prof. Jean La Fontaine (who have nothing against them anyway and are two people with impeccable honour and honesty but who have also disagreed with RAINS in the past) the three are lumped together as friends of the 'cult' , possible satanists and enemies of the truth as RAINS sees it!  Talk about guilt by association.  Such hypersensitive paranoia is a hallmark of RAINS' allegations and it is sobering to think that some police are listening to their mania. ]

Kay Edwards. 14.07.06. (Referred to by Pals as KE. ) Age 45. Medium length grey hair. Medium build. Wears thick-lensed glasses. Has calliper on one leg following polio. Has indwelling catheter. Comes from Nottingham. Brought in by FROG. Hates women. Was given to group by mother. ls very cruel and sadistic. Address in Cxxxxxx Rd, Sxxxxx, Sxxxx, but often at Lxxx Pxxx, Havant  where Pals are kept. On 18,05.08, I was told by Pals that they had been on trial previous night. Also that KE was tried and tortured too. Judge was Russian? KE was very sadistic previously, but since her own torture, has been kinder to Pals.  [Ed: the phrase 'on trial the previous night ' here refers to some imagined 'cult' method of disciplining members and not to an actual court case ]

Prof Gisli Gudjonnson. 03.08.06. London University Prof ln with BFMS. [Ed: BFMS = British False Memory Society. RAINS is at total war with the BFMS which is an academic body with a long list of impressive advisors and psychiatrists who have worked on many cases as specialist advisors to avoid recovered/false memories being presented in court and causing injustice.  RAINS appears to think that anyone with any BFMS connections is a 'facilitator' of SRA.]  Frequently acts as Expert Witness, esp. in Child Abuse cases and SRA cases.  Paid £6,000 by cults for every SRA case he successfully discredits. [Ed: Is RAINS inferring that Sinason, Coleman and other RAINS members do not charge similar  professional fees?  Yes folks, there's a lot of money in this SRA lark . ] Associated with Tony Baker, Charles Clarke, Bill Thompson and JLF. [Ed: Guilt by Association again!]

Page 11 Begins    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Debbie Campbell. 03.08.06. Victim. Andover. Has new baby after being raped by Martin. Is to be punished.

William Grosvenor. 07 08.06. Lives in Pxxxxx Axxxx, Hxxxx, Lxxxn. High in group. Could be a Commander.

Michael Vorster, 18.08.06. German. Also high in group.

Philip Casson. 02.09.06. London Enforcer. Age 37. Dark hair, blue eyes. 6‘ tall. Has tattoo of RA badge, R.upper arm.

James Smithson. 11.09.06. London.

James Admonson. 23.09.06. On 21.09.06, he came to HG’s house, posing as gas man.

Jeff Manting    }
Kevin Mahler }. .28.09.06. New Minders / Messengers.
Jonjo Kennedy }

Michelle Jennings. 03. l0.06. (AKA Shalomi). Messenger from Portsmouth.

Christopher &. Christine Downs. 23.10.06, Reckoned to be a risk to the group. Told if he didn't kill himself and wife, group would do it after torture. Both found dead in car, in Wherewell, Hants. [Ed: No record of these deaths found post 2000]

Cheri Walker. 08. 11 .06. Unregistered child. Killed at Halloween (sacrificed), at Beaulieu. [Ed: Halloween is NOT a satanist festival]

Denise Mills. 08.11.06. Mother of Cheri Walker. Jerome Rischka. 08.11.06. Father of Cheri Walker.

Michaela Sontani. 14.11.06. Martin‘s new woman. Had Cult marriage Ceremony in London. l7.11.06. [Ed: What pray tell is a 'cult marriage ceremony'?. Is that like a normal marriage ceremony but where they all wear black? Why would Satanists need or want to marry? Historically there is no such thing as a Satanic Wedding Rite. ]

Wyatt Anderson. 20.12.06. Age 49. Pilot. Flies KM and FROG around. Also brings in illegal immigrants & drugs. Recently sentenced to 2 years in jail. [Ed: Not the whole story. Anderson is a recidivist confidence trickster with 92 previous convictions. In 2004 he got mixed up in a Turkish crime cartel and , under duress of violence flew in illegal immigrants. The entire thing had nothing whatsoever to do with satanism or cults as you can see here: ]

Bridget Vance. 10.01.07. (From U.S.) Owns Charleville Forest Castle, Tullamere, Co Offaly, EIRE. S taken there by group in Jan 07.

Tony Miller. 17.01.07'. Reader or Curate in C of E. First seen by me at pub called The Pilgrim at Marchwood in Hants, in January 2001. He probably recognised HG because he took a great interest in us. We were looking for a certain church that HG remembered in rhat area She described it as ‘The church with a tower with a hat on', (a lot of cult activities had occurred there). He was wearing a clerical collar, so we asked him if he knew where the church was. He denied all knowledge of it but was very curious. We later found it less than half a mile away. It has carved wooden goats` heads at the ends of the front pews. lt is the Church of St John the Apostle, Marehwood. Apparently, Miller now has severe emphysema and is in a wheelchair. 

[Ed:  Another misdirection. A church had goats heads carved on the pews. So what? A lot of churches have bizarre carvings or stonework.  Goats in plenty related to the Jewish scapegoat of the Old Testament.  Look at this:  "Lapford and Down St Mary, has `the characteristic union of these Renaissance details with purely Gothic forms and workmanship In 1915 Miss Prideaux noted the carvings in that church and observed that the ‘asp, amphisbena, dragons of all kinds, fish, hairy men, mermen, goats, serpents, a griffin and a sheep all figure in this motley array, besides grotesque human heads of surpassing hideousness arrayed in head dresses of equally exaggerated character’....." Source: Yet to any silly person seeking confirmation of their prejudices a goats head carving is absolute proof of .... something or other. ]

Page 12 Begins  ---------------------------------------------------------

John Curtis. 17.0l.07. Vicar of St John the Apostles Church, Marchwood. Turns a blind eye. Rewarded financially. ( Not sure if money kept by him or goes to the church). We saw him in the church on 16.01.07

Brian Miles, 18.01.07. Watcher/Minder. From Bxxxxxx. Followed HG & me to Marchwood on 16.01.07.

Peter Kellerson. 19.01.07 ?German.

Denise Forton. 26.01.07. ‘Handmaiden’ to KE. Made series of threatening phone calls to HG. from 16.01.07 onwards.

Peter Krausen. 23.02.07. German, ‘bigwig` in cult.

Ali Dizaei. 05.03.07. Ch.Supt. Met. Police. Iranian. Bribed to damage reputation of Met. Police.  [Ed: Misreprsentation. You can see all about Dizaei on his Facebook page here.   there is no suggestion of occult or satanic links. ]

Kyle Banter. 17.03.07. From Pxxxx. Dxxxx. Minder Aged 40. Medium height, dark hair, soft US accent, likes boys. Often at LP and made to go to HG and others to collect ‘dues’. Has often damaged HG‘s garden and tried to enter house. Not trusted by Pals.

Alan Johnson MP. 06.04.07. Took over as Education Secretary from Ruth Kelly. Friends with her. Attended crucifixion ceremony (cross inverted) in New Forest early this moming, Good Friday. 

Jack Walston. 18.04.07. Aged 19. Crucified (inverted) in New Forest, Good Friday, 06.04.07.

Kelly? 28.04.07. Girl in Earls Court, 'run’ by Andrew Baxter.(See below).

Andrew Baxter. 30.04.07. Earls Court. Runs girls for group.

Lydia Brooks} I7.05.07. Two girls who escaped 4 years ago. Have been caught. Currently being
Cara Swindly}   held awaiting punishment, first in Newcastle, later in London. [Ed: presumably Coleman means to say that the two girls were escapees from the cult and were later caught and punished by them. ]

Pete Symons. 20.05.07. Messenger.

Franz Vogel. 01.06. 07. German. Belgian or Dutch visitor. Given smart party by ‘Frog’ at large house near Wandsworth Common. Fluent in English. German. Dutch, French and Italian. Works in Justice System.

Sir Stephen Richards. 14.06.07 Appeal Court Judge. On fringe. ?Helper. Recently accused of 'flashing'.  [Ed: Richards was found not guilty in this case - why is it still included in this list? Why would flashing denote a cult link anyway?   True background here. ] 

Nadinia Chevkovia. 22.06.07. Illegal immigrant from '?Rumania, brought into country at Liverpool, for prostitution. Later taken to London, then Hants. Died when her baby was taken for sacrifice in New Forest on 21.06.07.

Michael Haines. 08.07.07. Former Det. Supt. NSY, Obscene Publications Unit. In Group but only expected to attend important ceremonies. Friendly with JLF.   [Ed. Outstanding idiocy this.  During his time with the OPU Haines was very successful and became a supporter of the early claims of SRA in 1992  when he actually lead what the press termed the Met's Satan Squad.   Haines retired from the Met to work with a child care charity - absolutely no cult connection. ]

Paul Kernaghan. 12.07.07. Chief Constable of Hampshire. ln records that he has attended Satanic Meetings at Masonic Hall. twice this year.  [Ed: Aha! so here we have an inkling of why so many pillars of the establishment are included here in this list on such flimsy evidence - they are suspected of being freemasons!  The conspiracy theories on the internet regarding freemasons and their origin in Roman catholicism has provided grist to the mill for all protestant sectarians.  To them the papacy IS Satan and the holy war between catholic and protestants (the original source of the troubles in NI) has continued for hundreds of years with each side deprecating the other.  There is no link between Satanism and freemasonry. Freemasons are Christians, not Satanists!  The word 'cult' in RAINS' list appears to be a euphemism for freemasonry as well as satanism. ]

Page 13 Begins :   ---------------------------------------------------

Peter Hain MP, 12.07.07 . Formerly, Sec. of State for Wales & Sec. of State for Work and Pensions, until lan 2008 when he resigned from ministerial office over his failure to declare donations to his campaign for Deputy Leadership of Labour Party. Also in cult records as having attended Satanic Meetings in Masonic Hall twice this year. Unlikely could attend without being members of cult. [ 'Ed: Ditto!]

Fiona Montague. 16.07.07. Lord Montague's second wife. Has son, Jonathon.

Craig Newcomb. 27.07.07, KE‘s new man. (She got v angry when found out he’d cheated on her!).

Gail. 27.07.07. Watcher from Kxxxx Axxxxxx Wxxx, Andover.

Linda Mothersole. 08.09.07. Works for Testway Housing Assoc. (Testway own bungalow HG lives in). She is boss of Testway Support System. Helps group. Gives them info and has access to tenants Key safe codes and files. 

List of some of the financial Contributors to Group found on KM‘s Laptop computer, locked in Computer room. 16.09.07

lan McClellan, Actor
Dale Winton, Presenter, TV. (Gay}. [Ed: Why mention that Dale is Gay? Homophobic Christian 'values'?]
Elton John, Singer. (Gay).
Pam St Clement. Actress, East Enders.
KD Lang, Pop singer — Lesbian. [So what if she's a Lesbian? Hidden Christian fundamentalist agenda again.]
Contributions from this group alone, this year number £80,000. 

Catherine Jamieson. 14.10.07. Wells, Somerset. Poses as counsellor. Wants to try and infiltrate RAINS. Friends with KE. Has no qualifications but apparently sounds v. convincing

Peter Tobin. 1411.07. Raped 2 girls in Leigh Park, Hants. Has killed several. Case reported in press. Convicted of rnurder. [Ed: Tobin is a psychopath, not a satanist. He had a strict religious upbringing and often worked in churches or with church organisations. If his link with the 'Bible John' murders is accepted then he regularly quoted from scripture. The reassigning and redefining of cases of normal criminality by giving them SRA overtones is not a new dodge, in 1989 Satan Hunters published and distributed a similar list which the SAFF discredited here:  ]

Darren Macey. (DM) 12.02.08. Went to HG on 02.02.08. Waited in garden. She went out to put money in gas meter (outside from door). Barged in and jabbed her and injured her. Rubbed animal shit in sores, put something inside. Darren Macey is 25. Stocky, short dark hair. Eagle tattoo top L.arm. Comes from Salisbury. Came with Pat Knight. (See below). _

Pat Knight. 12.02.08. Aged 46. Ex-army nurse. Came to HG with DM. on 02.02.08.Gave HG 2 injections and made threats.

Patricia Thomton. 04.03.08. Worked for 20 years in 'Haut de la Garenne` chiIdren's home in Jersey. KM has photo of her as young woman with girl called Win Lockhart. Patricia Thornton is now 85. Picture of her as she is now in Mail on Sunday 03.03.08. This not seen by Pals.  [Ed: The Haute de la Garenne children's home fiasco was covered by the SAFF in detail here.  It had nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism, every such motif claimed was undermined, but it does again show a link between people who push SRA and the more recent Savile allegations, indicating that one is feeding into the other, probably by ambiguous statements and poor research like this RAINS document.]

Fiona McKeown. 12.03.08. Mother of Scarlet Keeling. murdered in Goa, India. Attends meetings in New Forest.

Page 14 Begins    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mark Oaten. MP. 12.03.08. (Also See 23.01.06). One of ‘Pals’ had to serve as Rent Boy for him. Described him as ‘baldish, plummy voice, lives in posh house in London'. He was not rough and gave Pal £50. Was photographed throughout for blackmail purposes. but didn't seem too worried.

Katrina Williamson. 18.03,08. Hypnotist. Went to HG‘s house on 03.02.08, with KE and Kyle. Managed to get in by giving signal which J had disclosed to them having been tortured until she told them the code. KW used blue lights and music, (as 'Peter’ had done in past), Then hypnotised and drugged her. Took compromising photos, then injured her. HG had severe pain in leg, back and shoulder but no memory of visit. because hypnotised to forget . Re-inforced with subsequent phone calls. Told not to talk to me. She certainly was fairly distant about this time. All in preparation for getting her out at Easter.  [Ed. A terrible story but what does it have to do with Satanism and SRA?]

Sir Matthew Farrar. 31,03,08. Private Solicitor to the Queen. Described by S as ‘ordinary looking‘. There was an article about him, with a photo of him sitting reading a newspaper at a bus stop, in the Daily Mail on 25th February 1993. The title was ‘The invisible Man`. He was Iirst mentioned by VH in 1994. She referred to him as Kali. She said he was the HP in her group. l showed her the photo of him with all writing removed and she immediately responded, ‘That’s Kali’. He has a fiat in London and a large house in Charlwood, near Crawley, E.Surrey.  [Ed. Kali is the name of the Hindu goddess of death and destruction. It has nothing to do with Satanism but featured heavily in the 1984 Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom film where Holywood's best dramatists have thugee priests committing human sacrifice in detailed fashion.  A movie which probably made an indelible impression on VH if she watched it.. ]

Terry Lane. 04.05.08 Agedl 5. Skinny, spotty - faced youth. Sacrificed 30th  April - 1st May this year, in New Forest. (Walpurgis/Beltane.)


The above names were sent by me to 2 tustworthy colleagues in June 2008 The following names were given to me by 'Pals' between early June 2008 and Feb. 2010. [Ed: latest addition Feb 2010?]  I have heard nothing from them since. These last names have not been passed on to anyone except yourself.  [Ed. which seems to suggest that the other names above have been distributed. ]

Jimmy Tarbuck. 26.06.08. Comedian. Seen at Beaulieu at Summer Solstice. [Ed: Tarbuck was arrested on historic sexual abuse allegations in April 2013. following a detailed police investigation he was released without charge in March 2014. One wonders whether his arrest had anything to do with unfounded accusations secretly peddled by SRA fanatics and which leached out into the general Yew Tree investigation? ]

Earl Spencer. 30.06.08, Brother of Princess Diana. Also seen at Beaulieu at Summer Solstice. Was mentioned to me by VH, in early 1990s.

Wayne Smith. 02.08.08. Works for Test Valley in Hampshire. Lived in same block of Council flats as HG’s son and daughter·in - law. Very intrusive. Broke into their new Council House between Romsey and Southampton. Owns a fierce Staffordshire Bull Terrier. [ Ed: Well That's certain then. Anyone who owns a Devil Dog MUST be a satanist! ]

Jamie Phillips. 31.08.08. Messenger.

Barry George. 01.09.08. New recruit, Was in news regarding the murder of Jill Dando. [Ed: Ingenuine. Barry George was released amid massive publicity after being cleared of killing Jill Dando on 1st August 2008 after spending 7 years in prison - is RAINS really trying to suggest that he was 'recruited' to their pet satanic cult within weeks of being let out of prison whilst the media were still focussing on him? Is it significant that new people tend to be named by HG shortly after they appear in the news?]

Sion Jenkins. 01 .09.08. New recruit. Was in news regarding death of Billie-Jo Jenkins. [Ed: Ingenuinity again. Sion Jenkins was not 'in the news' he was acquitted of murdering his stepdaughter Billie-Jo following a miscarriage of justice which kept him six years in prison. Is RAINS really trying to suggest that he was 'recruited' to their pet cult within weeks of being let out of prison whilst the media were still focussing on him? Is RAINS inferring that he is guilty? ]

Barry Lovejoy . 01.09.08. Has connections with BFMS.

Catherine Bennett. 24.11.08. Joumalist.

Graham Cook. 23.01.09, 'Pals` new Minder. "Bastard!"

Page 15 Begins   -----------------------------------------------

Katharine Mair. 07,02.09. On Advisory Panel of the BFMS. Told by both Pals and another survivor. that she is also into SRA

Kimberly Marriot. 07.03.09. Age 13. Baptised into Satanism by Crispian Hollis. RC Bishop of Portsmouth. (See page 6). Made pregnant by one of the group leaders. [Ed. Satanists don't get baptised, they get initiated]

Mick Cleary. } 26.04.09. Barry Hemstock } 26.04.09. Messengers. Grabbed £l50 from HG outside Sainsburys. 25.04.09.

Paul Tawney. 01.06.09. Messenger. Beat up J.

Kevin Morgan. 27.07.09. New recruit.

David Willoughby. 27.08.09. Age 58. Height 5’5“. White hair, dark eyebrows. Lives in Westminster. Lxxxxxxn Gxxxx Exxx, off Vauxhall Bridge Rxxx Previously, Pimlico. Drinks in pub called Pride of Pimlico. Is a Computer wizard! Into Child Pomography, Sado-Masochism and torture - gets some from USA. 

Michael Vorden. ( Kraut). 20.09.09. Lots of piercing, Was at Beaulieu for Autumn Equinox. 2009.

Other survivors have, over the years, spoken of many people more people (sic) involved - also places. Only those rnentloned by H G or Pals are included In this list.

[Ed: List Ends Here.]

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