The True Facts About St Winebald's Day

The first thing to bear in mind is that there are NO days in the satanic or pagan calendar when sacrifice is required - it just doesn't happen, is not required in any liturgy and is not included in any books on Satanism or Witchcraft, hence the entire precept of Police claims are counterfeit and based on mediaeval lies by Christian witch-hunters which have been regurjitated by modern Christian witch-hunters.

St Winebald's day is December 18th, NOT January 7th as the police keep on insisting.

In Chambers' scholarly Book of Days (1864) which is one of the most reliable sources of ancient festivals, December 18th is shown as being sacred to "Saints Rufus and Zozimus, martyrs AD 116 and St Gatian, first bishop of Tours, confessor, about AD 300." After these comes the obscure "St Winebald, abbot, and confessor, AD 760..."

The information being circulated to police is in error. There's no festival or celebration on January 7th connected with Winebald. In the old Gregorian calendar it was considered St Distaffs day. January 7th has nothing to do with Winebald. According to Chambers' Book of days January 7th is the " Feast Day: St. Lucian, of Antioch, priest and martyr, AD 312. St. Cedd, bishop of London, 7th century. St. Thillo, AD 702. St. Kentigerna, widow, AD 728. St. Aldric, bishop of Mans, AD 856. St. Canut, AD 1171." BUT NOT WINEBALD.

There's LOTs of festivals and celebrations on January SIXTH of course, being the last day of Epiphany or Three King's Day. All of these celebrations around Christmas are the Church's attempt to monopolise/usurp Saturnalia, which was the original pagan feast celebrated at this time for thousands of years before Jesus.

Epiphany originally ran from 25th Dec. to Jan 6th.

Saturnalia marked the turning of the year for the Winter Solstice (21st Dec) and originally spanned seven days from December 17th until December 23rd. There is absolutely no record of any human sacrifice occurring or being required at the Roman Saturnalia.

The atmosphere for Saturnalia was one of licentiousness and revelry; enjoyment and fun. Most all of the 'enjoyable' bits of Christmas, yule logs, carolling, christmas trees, feasting, mince pies, xmas puds, etc., are derived from the pagan winter festivities.

The Northern Pagan Tradition has the Yule Festival which began usually on December 17th and lasted 13 days until December 30th. There is therefore no possibility of December 18th being a day of sacrifice.

Thus there is no combination of dates and events which, even in error, equate with what the Met. have accepted.

Whichever way you look at it the information given to the MET is WRONG. It is either factually in error or purposefully obfuscated.


In Satan's Name

Dr Jim Phillips is a deluded believer in Satanic Ritual Abuse. His interference in the proper treatment of mentally ill patients created many of the 'victims' of SRA who acted as the foundation of the myth for those who wanted to persuade you it was real.

Jim Phillips was featured in award winning documentary maker  Antony Thomas's  1993 film  "In Satan's Name" (click on Jim's photo above to see a SAFFutube excerpt of his interview with Jim)

An article reproduced below from the Birmingham Post reveals how many of the early SRA 'victims' were worked up from a pool of mentally ill people who needed proper help but got sucked into the SRA controversy and were indoctrinated with SRA motifs and ideas.

When the Police tell us that there have been 500 calls and cases  of abuse following  a  TV appeal on the issue it is people of this ilk, with unsubstantiated and mostly imagined cases,  who often ring in and in the process distort reaction to the claims.


A Birmingham doctor who claims Satanism is rife in Britain has vowed to carry on treating patients despite a General Medical Council ban.

Dr Jim Phillips who runs a controversial project for victims of child sex abuse, plans to move his clinic to Hertfordshire to make new start.

The GP was suspended from practice by the GMC last Thursday, days before the screening of a televison documentary in which he claimed one in ten Britons was a Satanist.

Dr Phillips alleges at least one member of the Royal Family and a former prime minister are active devil-worshippers, along wth half the Conservative Party, Cabinet members and 20 percent of the police force.

Yesterday Dr Phillips said:

"There is one great big conspiracy of corruption against me but I am not going to be beaten.

 "Members of my group here are dedicated to the work I do and several have promised to move south with me."

The doctor, who lives in a one-room flat above his surgery in Bristol Road South, Northfield, set up the Jupiter Trust in 1989 to treat adult victims of sexual and satanic ritual abuse.

 His clientelle is largely made up of vulnerable young runaways with histories of severe mental illness, crime and drug addiction.

 Most joined the therapy programme after visiting his NHS surgery.

 Multiple Personality Disorder diagnoses 100 people in one Body

 Dr Phillips claims his patients are all suffering from multiple personality disorder, a condition unrecognised by medical authorities in Britain. He believes the trauma of abuse causes separate identities to be created within an individual, with up to 100 different personalities in a severly disturbed  patient.

 Through group counselling and hypnotherapy sessions, he claims patients can gradually cast off their adverse identities to be left with their 'virgin' unspoied self.

He alleges at least half a dozen schizophrenic and psychopathic patients of the 350 who have passed through his clinic have been cured.

 The doctor admits many of his patients do not realise they have been sexually or physically abused until he tells them.

30 Minute Questionnaire Finds SRA from Dreams

 He claims h
e can make the diagnosis within 30 minutes by studying their responses to two questionnaires and asking them about the contents of their dreams.

 References to fire, water, crucifixes and witchcraft indicate the patient may have fallen prey to Satanic abuse.

The more ticks a patient places on a questionnaire about their emotions the more seriously Dr Phillips says they have been abused.

Patients Do Not Remember Abuse Before Phillips Diagnoses It.

"Some patients are shocked when I tell them they have been abused as children, but they come to realise my diagnosis is correct" he said "

Anyone With a Mental Illness Has Been Abused

"If my theory is right, anyone with mental illness has suffered abuse as a child."

Dr Phillips underwent psychiatric treatment himself after attempting suicide twice in the last year.

He funds the Jupiter Trust himself making no charge for therapy, and says he is close to bankruptcy.

 He plans to appeal against his suspension. A locum is currently running his 1400 patient NHS surgery.

Source: Birmingham Post, 18 July 1993

Undoubtedly Jim Phillips' is a sad case and he obviously has his own inner demons to tackle.

He is as much a victim of the SRA myth as  are his patients

e have great sympathy for his personal predicament but it is not acceptable for a general practitioner who does not specialise in psychiatry to be encouraged to use his authoritariain position to interfere with the proper psychiatric treatment of  patients by indoctrinating them with ideas and fantasies about Satanic Ritual Abuse of which they were previously oblivious and over which they have no defence.

This locks them into  being a statistical commodity to be exploited by therapists on the make to  'prove' the existence of SRA to the police and government. Because  SRA is a myth it leaves these patients in an incurable position.

The government and the police should now get a firm grip on this phenomenon which has corrupted and tainted child protection for the past 25 years.  These people need help, not another witch-hunt.

Pure Hell At St Winebalds

How British Police
Fell For The
St Winebald

Despite the tragic consequences of Social Workers starting false cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) after they had attended lunatic Satan Seminars in the 1990s, the Metropolitan Police decided it was alright for them to hold the first in a series of Satan Seminars to teach police how to identify SRA in October 2004! - We reveal the evidence below which shows how the Met was fooled.

Organised by Detective Inspector Spindler ( later to run the MET's Operation Yewtree about Jimy Savile's alleged abuses )  the Satan Seminars were done in conjunction with Lee Moore. the head of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL), who claims to have recovered memories of her own Satanic Ritual Abuse.

How British therapists used false information to convince their supporters about satanic ritual abuse datesAmongst the madcap methods given to the police were 'indicators' of Satanic Abuse which were derived from those originally developed by fundamentalist fanatics in the U.S. in the mid 1980s and subsequently misused in all the flawed cases in the 1990s (Rochdale, Orkney etc). It was the use of such 'indicators' which was specifically singled out by the inquiries which followed as the prime cause of creating false allegations of SRA.

Satanic Calendars Drawn Up By Satan Hunters

Apart from fundamentalist dictionaries of supposed occult-symbols and satanic personality profiles so loose that 90% of the population would find themselves in clink, chief amongst those things which were designed by fundamentalist witch-hunters to ensure a maximum net catch was a Diary of Satanic Festivals. Surprise, surprise, there was almost one 'Satanic Festival' for every day in the year, ensuring that whenever anything mysterious happened it would always fall on a 'Satanic Festival' and could therefore be blamed on them. Commander Spindler on Radio4's Today programme on Dec 21st 2004, Telling Us There are likely to be human sacrifices on St Winebalds Day

To illustrate this the 'lecturers' at the Met's October 2004 Satan Seminar focussed on the 'Satanic Festival' of St Winebald's Day. In interviews in the press and broadcast media the Satanic significance of St Winebald's Day was emphasised as though beyond challenge and it was claimed with utmost certainty that it was a day when Satanists would Sacrifice animals and humans! By  commander Spindler himself! (Click his photo on the right to hear him say it on BBC Radio4's Today Programme)

This is what Commander Spindler said:

"Well if you look at January 7th, St Winebald's Day, the suggestion is that there will be animal or human sacrifice or dismemberment."

The truth is that St Winebald's Day has nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism and is never mentioned in any Satanic literature modern or historic. St Winebald is such a little known saint that even most ardent Christians aren't aware of him and even fewer actually know the date of his 'day'. Only the obsessive religious fanatics would know and they were of course, making up the calanders! So obscure was St Winebald that the Met's Satan Hunters Manual gives the wrong date! They have it as January 7th but St Winebald's day is actually on December 18th. Please make a note of that when you read what follows.

Police believe St Winebald's day is on January 7th
but actually it's December 18th!
Riddle me this! Will it matter that the Met are hunting phantom abusers on the WRONG day?

Extract From Metro Newspaper Of course there is no call for human sacrifice on either date in the Pagan or Satanic liturgy, historically or otherwise but that's what you get when policemen begin to believe the irrational outpourrings of self-appointed campaigners against Satanism.

It is interesting to note that today, seven years after those first Met Satan Seminars were held Cornish police are insisting (see Metro article alongside) that a horse was sacrificed by Satanists on St Winebald's Day January 7th!

Well who can blame them? If high-powered internationally famous 'Scotland Yard' can fall for this tripe why wouldn't ditsy Cornish Coppers just follow suit?

Apart from the fact that Satanists and Pagans don't sacrifice animals on ANY day, this report makes the same mistake as the original Met seminar by stating that St Winebald's day is on the 7th January! So here we are seriously being informed by the Cornish police that the people responsible for mutilating a horse MUST be Satanists because St Winebald's day is on January 7th when Satanists Sacrifice Animals and Humans. They've got both the day and the month wrong and there has never been ANY previous cases which prove that Satanists Sacrifice Animals on any day. How did they get it so wrong?

Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare (SAMS) Allegations are Not New.

St Winebald's Day lie becomes Fact- with a twist.The SAFF has tracked the Satanic Animal Mutliation Scare (SAMS) from its inception in the early 1990s. It arose shortly after the fundies thought up the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth and comes from the same source. You can find a very detailed analysis of animal mutilation cases and a dismantling of every allegation which has hit the headlines, elsewhere on our website. Throughout two decades, despite hundreds of allegations, there has not been even one case which has proved the contention that Satanists and Witches mutilate or sacrifice animals. An analysis of statistics from our research shows that allegations of SAMS occur at random times throughout the year. There is no time when an excess predominates and so no link with Satanic 'festivals' . During 20 years the only instance of allegations of SAMS on St Winebald's Day is the one above from Cornwall and when you check into it you find that even this didn't actually happen ON St Winebald's Day as we were originally lead to believe by the reports but rather 'close to it'. In otherwords on some other day!

The real reasons as to why horses and goats etc are found killed and mutilated are outlined in detail here it makes very interesting reading and it would pay London's Metropolitan Police to actually study it and stop wasting time and resources on wild goose chases (if you'll forgive the pun!).

Cult Cops Corrupt Thames Torso Investigation With Tainted Expertise

We know for sure that the Met police have been listening to disinformation from 'Cult Cop' Kobers Jonker (see here). Bonkers Jonkers is a Christian who caused so much trouble over diagnosing 'cult crime' in South Africa that his police department disowned him. He also believes in and promotes the sectarian 'indicators' which are common currency amongst evangelical activists and which have eventually, it would seem, found their way back into Metropolitan Police methodology.

"In February 2000 the Metropolitan Police seconded Acting Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll to investigate Valerie Sinason's claims to have interviewed 76 children and adult victims who, she said, had made allegations of satanic sexual abuse and murder. Although no forensic evidence was found to substantiate her allegations, Driscoll continued to work with her on SRA.

In September 2001, on the very weekend the Thames Torso was discovered, Driscoll was billed as a key speaker at a conference at Reading University organised by Sinason and an organisation called Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support (see Eyes passim) run by Dr Joan Coleman, a psychiatrist who claims . to have talked to more than 600 professionals who have worked with survivors of "sadistic ritual abuse" and spoken to more than 200 victims.

In the event Driscoll did not attend the conference and Chris Healy, Head of Portsmouth CID spoke. One of the other speakers was Kobus Jonker a born-again Christian from the South African police who ran a unit investigating satanism, satanic cults and "occult related crime" manned by officers who were all devout Christians. Valerie Sinason had worked with him when she was based at the University of Cape Town. ...... Jonker gave presentations from the police perspective on "ritual abuse" investigations in South Africa and the UK. Jonker then became a high profile consultant to the Metropolitan police investigating the case of The Thames Torso."
Source: Private Eye No. 1166 September 1st -14th 2006: Page29 (see here for full article)

We Reveal How The Met Have Sucked-up Fundie Satanic Calendar Nonsense from The U.S.A.

Classic amongst their obsessions is the use of The Pentagram symbol mentioned in the Manual which the Met think represents 'a reverse of spirituality' - exactly the opposite is true. We have evidence to show that this same 'mistake' was included in the FIRST Satan Seminars in 1988 and 1989 which caused the mass dawn lifts of children from their parents in Rochdale and Orkney. It would appear that the very same discredited 'profiles' which led to those earlier tragedies in Orkney, Rochdale, Manchester, etc, may be reintroduced to lead the Met. into further false cases.

The crux of the problem with the flawed SRAM cases during the first wave of SRA panic (1988-1994) was the over-eager misinterpretation of a tranche of supposed satanic events and symbols using indicators which were invented by fundamentalist Christians. This meant almost anyone could become a suspect (and did!) They were caused by exactly the same kind of uninformed beliefs about satanism as are again being foisted onto the Met.

The SAFF have copies of the earlier 'profiles' which were used by social workers in all the big cases. There are two points here

Firstly, the original profiles were created specifically by fundamentalist agitators in the U.S. as a kind of new demonology to disenfranchise esoteric religions and beliefs by providing other fundie activists with symbols and dates which they could use to identify 'Satanic activity' and back up the wild allegations about SRA which were then beginning.

So, these largely fictional 'profiles' were photocopied by fundies and distributed en masse to their own networks and anyone outside those networks who was dim enough to listen. They were typed out and reformatted many times by other evangelists (some of whom worked in the Child Scare Industry) and their sectarian origins thereby became so obscured that the lies passed into the social work arena as professional 'research' when they were simply a form of religious hatred. Eventually these false statements ended up being mass distributed in Satan Seminars just like the ones the Met is holding.

Concrete proof that the idea of St Winebald's Day being a date for 

Satanic Sacrifice came directly from Christian Fundamentalist AgitatorsSecondly, These 'profiles' always included a 'Satanic Calendar' which was supposed to tell investigators when Satanists would be sacrificing humans next!

 Professor Jean La Fontaine discredited such profiles in her definitive 1994 report on SRA for the government. The police should be ashamed of being taken in again. In a BBC Radio4 interview in December 2004 Prof. La Fontaine said:

"I feel quite strongly that the persuit of cases which are categorised as Satanic is actually detracting from our search for abusers of children..."

The SAFF has collected many examples of these 'Satanic Calendars' over the past 20 years from dozens of different sources. We are satisified that they originated in the work of David Balsiger, an extreme right-wing Christian Fundamentalist in the U.S.A. who runs Writeway Literary Associates a fundamentalist publishing house. In the first edition of Balsiger's 'Satanic Calendar' (see illustration).  St Winebald's Day is clearly included on January 7th - the wrong date - and this error has been transferred forward upon each copying (see inset A). Even the words Spindler used in his interview are taken verbatim from Balsiger's list.

This Balsiger publication is, to our expert knowledge, the first time that St Winebald's Day was quoted as a satanic festival. Note that Balsiger provided 'information' to Cult Cops and government agencies so they could track down Satanists and Witches (see inset B) in effect exactly what is happening in British police forces at this very moment through their weakness in admitting untested evidence from biased sources; and in note that (see inset C)  His first Satanic Calendar was published in 1987 when the U.S. Satanic Ritual Child Abuse scare was just taking off and right at the moment that the British child care industry was becoming infected with the idea through being supplied with 'sanitised' fundamentalist disinformation via Christian fundamentalist activists in the U.K. who had imported the USA stuff and began distributing it amongst social work professionals, therapists and the police without making clear their sectarian aims.  

As for David Balsiger, Warnke's coauthor, he has quite a stake in the current anti-satanist hysteria. Balsiger owns and operates Writeway Literary Associates of Costa Mesa, California, which publishes his Occult Activity Profile, Witchcraft / Satanism Ritual Calendar, and Occult-Satanic Homicide Clues. He also publishes and distributes Jack Roper's Analyzing Occult Activity Supplement and the Occult Investigation Slide Training Series, aimed at the law-enforcement market. Balsiger has also written a number of "nonfiction" books, including In Search of Noah's Ark, and is closely affiliated with the Christian ultraright. His Presidential Biblical Scorecard, Candidates Biblical Scorecard, and Family Protection Scorecard all rate political candidates according to Balsiger's version of "biblical principles" His other activities and associations read like a shopping list for members of the extreme political right.

Er.. Do we really want our most powerful police force to be sucking up this dangerous nonsense?

The Pentagram and Other Occult Indications

In a radio interview with Angus Crawford for the BBC, Lee Moore said:
'Look at the 5 pointed pentagram, that was the reverse of spirituality'.
She Magazine's The Devil Hides Out four page special unveiling lies about 

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse to the British Public Slandering the Pentagram Symbol also formed a mainstay of the lists of earlier pro-SRAMists during the 1988-1994 hysteria (see panel right) . This leads us to believe that the same misdirections have been represented to the Met.

Readers may be interested to hear that in the very first media expose of SRA in October 1988 She magazine carried a sensatonal four page spread (The Devil Hides Out) of anti-occult claims derived directly from the first 'profiles' and included an illustration of an upright pentagram with a similar explanation as that Lee Moore appears to be using in the Met course .

A pentagram is certainly NOT evidence of 'the reverse of spirituality'. Possession of a piece of jewellery incorporating a pentagram (whether upright or reversed) has absolutely no significance in terms of SRA. The ludicrous suggestion that the sporting of a pentagram pendant indicates that the wearer wants to kill cook and eat babies, would also mean that people who wear a crucifix want to kill others by hammering nails through their hands and feet! Is this modern forensic policing? If the Met course does not make these serious issues clear then innocent people will be victimised. Is this what the MET wants? Remember, the people who originally invented this disinformation are fundamentalist Christians who believe that everyone who does not subscribe to Biblical Writ is Satanic - we are all devil worshippers in their eyes!

concrete evidence showing that Christian fundamentalists corrupted the information on 

 satanism as given to police and social services in 1987-1990 and which caused the scandals of Rochdale and Orkney She magazine will eternally hang their heads in shame for this completely untrue and unfair portrayal of the world's oldest religion. Suffice to say that this mainstream magazine jettisoned every scrap of pretence towards professional journalism in order to run with the howling pack and contributed indirectly to destroying the lives of 86 children and their innocent parents.This is how complete lies concerning the real beliefs of witches, pagans and Satanists came to be published as 'proof' that they supposedly sacrificed, cooked and ate babies! (see here for an example of the knock-on effects).

However in order to explain just how far off the mark the Met's understanding of these symbols could be today we will point out the indiscriminate use by She of lies given to them by Satan Hunters as observed in the blue panel above. First note the illustration to the right showing a page from one of Balsiger's fundamentalist DIY Satanic investigation kits circa 1987. You will notice by comparing this and the She magazine article inset above, (particularly in reference to the crescent with star symbol which is unique to Balsiger)  that in October 1988  (timed nicely for Halloween) She magazine chose to promote sectarian hatred by repeating madcap evangelical Christian falsehoods which were designed to push the authorities into victimising and presecuting all pagans and witches as child-murderers without She bothering to ask for their views on the extremely serious allegations! 

The outcome of course, if the MET use these ideas, will be further tragedies like Orkney, Rochdale et al, because there are THOUSANDS of Neo-Pagans in London and all of them will have an upright or reversed pentagram symbol in some form somewhere in their homes!

Over-arching Threats To Children?

In the Met. seminar's manual is the statement that:

' one would ask why psychologists, psychiatrists, police officers and lawyers up and down the country and abroad are receiving similar accounts from people that have never met each other? '
Well if you read the column about Jim Phillips to the left you will see exactly why similar false accounts are occurring - but it is interesting to trace-down this oft used rhetoric which was first used publicly over twenty years ago by Tim Tate, the producer of the discredited 1989 Cook Report on Satanic Ritual Abuse ; The Devil's Work.  After that programme, which was the first documentary to make allegations about brood mares, cannibalism, etc., whenever Tate was asked for evidence of the allegations he would use that same argument.
The John Hammond Show 18 July 1989- TATE:
"... The one thing I would like to say very briefly is that if you have children round the world saying this goes on extremely bizarre phenomenon, extremely bizarre abuse of children of Two or Three you either have an international conspiracy of toddlers which is extremely unlikely or some rather more intelligent adult organisation doing it."

BBC WORLD SERVICE INTERVIEW , OUTLOOK programme 1.5 GMT 19 September 1989 TATE: "Yes. And the details do appear to be very similar across the world. I think the best way of summing it up is the way it was put to me. If children all over the world are giving you identical details of bizarre abuse either you have an international conspiracy of toddlers, which seems unlikely or you have something rather more organised on an adult basis.

Of course this is simply empty rhetoric when one realises that  CHILDREN ARE NOT GIVING THIS INFORMATION.  The dialogue is from ADULTS who are supposedly remembering what happened to them as children during dangerous recovered memory therapy.  The Child-scare Industry always use the moral blackmail of threats to children to get folk to fall into line because everyone wants to care for kids but in twenty five years they have never ever found a child in those circumstances

 What they are doing is inverting fantastic and largely unproveable memories FROM ADULTS, most of whom suffer some kind of mental imbalance, who, under direction from therapists,  imagine they were abused as kids.  The Satan Hunters in social work then misrepresent that as the words of children themselves and talk as though it is given that children are at risk but in fact there has never been a case where a child has been found in those circumstances.

 Every case and claim made in that Cook Report failed in the course of time. The SAFF disproved each allegation made in the programme and Professor La Fontaine's government report confirmed our evidence independently. Despite millions of fundamentalist agitators hunting down examples from all over the globe in the ensuing twenty five years there never has been any cases which suggest the type of thing Tate and Moore were indicating.

But the appeal works in the minds of those who are predisposed to the idea and puts the police in an untenable position where they have to do something or risk being accused of being part of the problem. The constant cacophony of demands for action from wealthy child-care charities led by the NSPCC which has largely undeserved general public support  (see here ) 
and extensive political influence, puts police forces in a bind and over the years they have been persuaded into believing the SRA lie, if only in self-preservation, to silence the career destroying critics from the child scare industry.  

History shows that the only psychologists, psychiatrists, police officers and lawyers who are 'hearing' these tales are the small clique who listen to people who have adopted recovered memory therapy and have been pushing this myth for the past two decades. The vast majority of professionals are not hearing any such thing. See the blue column (left) to discover how Jim Phillips' victim imposters are created.

Victoria Climbie Case Started it all - but her death was caused by Christians, not Satanists

According to Angus Crawford's comments Spindler's unit was set up following the terrible mistakes which resulted in the death of Victoria Climbe it is astonishing that we have reached the point at which Spindler may be considering Satanists as suspects because in the welter of self-righteous indignation following the death of Climbe the British press quite forgot to report that the Relatives who sadistically and repetitively tortured the poor girl to death were actually fundamentalist Christians who victimised the child because they believed she was possessed by the devil. See here:

It is clear from the above that the research of the SAFF has caused great doubts about the veracity and usefulness of the information being presented to the Met.

St Winebald's day has passed every year since 1987 , when Balsiger first listed it, without any human sacrifices or any other cult crime occurring.

It would appear that twenty five years after sectarian lies produced by a fundamentalist provocateur were first released to compromise truth and justice The Metropolitan Police, one of the most respected and well established police forces in the world, has fallen for the lie, rubber-stamped it with its authority and is now is indoctrinating its workforce with misdirections which at the least will waste millions of pounds of police resources and at the worst create more cases of SRAM injustice.

Tony Rhodes and John Freedom Lammas 2012.


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