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Most of the claims of Satanic Animal Mutilation result from hysteria which has no basis in fact but a very small percentage of cases appear unfathomable and the satan-hunters will point to these and challenge us to explain them? So we will...

Most horse-rippings and violent kills of smaller mammals are caused by natural predators but the Winnie The Pooh mentality of city-dwelling animal lovers cannot accept Tennyson's statement that 'Nature is Red in Tooth and Claw'

When city-slickers who join the country-set go to their paddocks in the morning and find deep cuts on the underbelly of their favourite horses their limited perspectives indicate only one thing. SATANIC HORSE RIPPERS!

But people brought up in the country know that there is often a conflict in nature. As dusk descends Horses and Cattle may unwittingly come into contact with badgers whose powerful sharp claws are their only defence against being stomped. During skirmishes the flanks of horses make a nice target.

But what about the violent kills where carcasses are ripped open? Badgers don't eat meat.

SAFF director Tony Rhodes has spent years researching and locating information on the existence of Big Cat predators in the U.K.

He says that for years the Home Office and the RSPCA has denied that a self-sufficient population of Big Cats are thriving in the U.K. even though there are HUNDREDS of sightings to prove it.

Some people think that the RSPCA itself caused this situation when they lobbied for the Dangerous Wild Animals Act in 1976 which brought such onerous restrictions on the keeping of Big Cats and other exotic species that many owners could not afford or, indeed would not want to impose the new rules on their loved pets. [Note: Although the SAFF originally voiced this fact many years ago The Daily Mail confirmed it in a two page special on 29 May 2010 (Leopards ARE loose in Britain - the truth about big cat sightings.. and why the authorities don't want you to know) .]

The belief is that hundreds of owners who thought they would be forced into incarcerating their animals in zoos, instead set them free in the wild places of Britain.

The purpose of the Act was to force registration to control the numbers of Dangerous Wild Animals so because the animals weren't registered nobody knows how many were actually released. Estimates range from 50 to several hundred.

Despite having one of the densest population-to-land ratios in Europe Britain still has plenty of wild habitat in which medium sized big cats (leopards, panthers, pumas etc) can thrive, particularly when their food (mainly sheep) are so easy to find and kill.

The idea that Big Cats who had already existed in this country for years before being released into the wild could not acclimatise is just bonkers (consider the snow leopards of central Asia for example). Wildcats still exist in some areas of Scotland though rarely seen.

Of course it only takes two to tango and today we may have the tenth generation of Wild Cats firmly established, roaming and thriving in the wilds of Britain.

Although the Dangerous Wild Animals Act probably provided the greatest source of feral Big Cats the phenomenon of releasing big cats and other predators into the wild is certainly not new.

Tony Rhodes found what is probably the earliest instance on record of a Big Cat escaping into the wild circa 1929. This one was originally brought into the country as a pet by a sailor and subsequently given to Blackpool Zoo from which the canny beast escaped. Nobody knows how many Big Cat 'pets' were simply let loose by other sailors who didn't live near zoos.

Earliest Big Cat Report


There are literally hundreds of these, including one from an off duty policeman whose car broke down on the Yorkshire Moors at dusk. As he was sitting waiting for the RAC a Panther nuzzled his window and then walked off nonchalantly across the road!

Police appeal for big cat sightings near Kincraig
13 July 2010

Police have appealed to hillwalkers to report sightings of a "very large black cat" seen by a member of the public in woodland in the Highlands.  

Northern Constabulary said the animal was reportedly seen in woods at Inshriach, Kincraig, at about 1115 BST.  

Police said: "The person who reported the sighting was certain the animal was a cat and was the size of a German shepherd dog."


Is this the Beast of Exmoor? Body of mystery animal washes up on beach

By Paul Harris

Last updated at 2:03 AM on 09th January 2009

A carcass of an animal that has washed up on a beach in North Devon has left many of the locals speculating that it is the body of the infamous Beast of Exmoor

The puma-like creature has allegedly roamed the countryside here since some fleeting glimpses in the 1970s.

In 1983, it came to national attention after 100 sheep were mauled and killed. Blurred photographs and a succession of intriguing sightings followed.

Yet countless bounty hunts, safaris and expeditions - one conducted by Royal Marines - failed to pin it down. Sheep and farm animals continued to be mysteriously slaughtered across Exmoor.



Panther Alert at Nuclear Plant

latest panther sighting UP to 13 black panthers are living near a UK nuclear power station.

The big cats are blamed for a spate of attacks on sheep on Romney Marsh near the Dungeness atomic plant.

Wildlife expert Dave Riches has seen panthers on the Kent marsh several times and believes there are up to 13.

Farmers have found dead sheep up. trees where panthers eat.

Dave added: "There are big claw marks on the trees."


Source: Daily Star, 15 January 2011

RSPCA Bites Off More Than It Can Chew

RSPCA Drops Campaign Against Shechita Slaughter

The RSPCA has dropped its anti-Shechita campaign, thanks to the efforts of Neville Kessleman of the Campaign for the Protection of Shechita.

The RSPCA were hoping to persuade the government to introduce legislation which would require pre-stunning, Mr Kessleman complained to the Charity Commission that the RSPCA's activities were interference in the freedom of religious practice of British Jews and that this was imcompatible with the RSPCA's charitable status.

Ater a year's investigation, Mark Seymour of The Charity Commission reported that the early policy of the RSPCA , involving a pre-stunning requirement, appeared to be inconsistent with Shechita.

However, he now states that this policy has evolved to a stage where the RSPCA will no longer suggest any requiremement that is inconsistent with Shechita or unacceptable to the Jewish community.


Source: Jewish Telegraph, 26 September 1997

So, Abattoirs are forced by law to electrically stun animals before they slit their throats. Jewish butchers can slit the throats of animals without stunning, so can Moslem butchers. But there is no requirement for any animal slaughter in Satanism! Who's the RSPCA after and why?

More background on Schechita and why it is used

Latest News: Latest News: Latest News: Latest News

Photographic Confirmation! Wild Puma Loose in The Highlands Credited with 18 Sheep Kills

His menacing prowl is enough to send shivers down anyone's spine - and with good reason.

This big cat is believed to be behind a string of 18 attacks on sheep savaging their throats and leaving their blood-covered carcasses to rot.

The mysterious feline, believed to be a puma, was photographed creeping steadily through the long grass, eyeing his target, by brave on-lookers.

Student Lisa Sydenham, 29, caught the beast on camera when she was walking near Embo, Ross-shire, with her sister Alana.

It was just a few miles from fields where a farmer has suffered repeated attacks on his flock.

Police in the Highlands say there have been several credible sighting of big cats in the area.

George Ross of Rheguile Farm, near Edderton, on the shores of the Dornoch Firth, said nothing but the skins of his sheep remained after a series of incidents. In all cases their throats had been crushed.

The sisters say they were stopped in their tracks when they spotted the beast about 8.30pm on Wednesday.

source:Daily Mail 30th April 2011

But The Stupid RSPCA Prefers To Blame It All On Satanists!
When a Big Cat Takes It's First Human Baby They'll Probably Say The Same.

Recent Reports of Big Cats in the U.K
YorkShire Evening Post Scare Headline

RSPCA Buy Into Irrational Panic No.2


Stalled by public condemnation of their excesses in Rochdale and Orkney the Satan Hunters are slipping in more of their sectarian poison by the back door. The worn out Satanic Child Abuse Myth has been recycled into the Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare. Unbelievably the RSPCA are buying in to it. The new scare is guaranteed to cause further injustice and hysteria in Britain. Is there no-one out there who can stop it?  Well yes there is, read on.......

  Unlike the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth, which caught Britain with it's pants down, this new SAMS scare is well documented. The S.A.F.F. has identified the origin of the rumour during the 1970s. We tracked it throughout the 1980s in America where it was cleverly combined with the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth during 1987 / 1988.

It all turned out to be yet another scare-tactic by Cultural Supremacists intent on commandeering moral platforms to wage their war on freedom of choice and alternative beliefs.

Ironically the history of the Satanic Animal Mutilation Panic provides the clearest evidence yet to DISPROVE the doctrine of Ritual Abuse


"Cases of Animal Torture and horrible mutilations of animal carcasses have been discovered throughout the U.K. in mysterious situations and bizarre surroundings which point to Satanic ritual Sacrifice.

Self-proclaimed experts insist that this is the tip of the iceberg and proof of the existence of an evil pan-global Satanic Conspiracy to debase humanity. As the hysteria builds more cases are being uncovered in YOUR locality!

Animal lovers should keep a close watch on anything weird and telephone the RSPCA."

Sound familiar? It should do: Change the words 'animals' to 'children'; swop NSPCC with RSPCA and you have the EXACT same psychological mechanism which foisted the Satanic Child Abuse Hysteria on Britain in 1989. Will the scaremongers succeed again?

Fanatics have tried to put the Satanic Animal Mutilation rumour into gear half a dozen times over the past four years. Each time the S.A.F.F. has discredited every claimed case, just like we did with the allegations of Satanic Child Abuse.

During 1990 and 1991 there were over two dozen attempts to float the SAMS scare in Britain. Sensational headlines like:

PUPPY IN RITUAL HANGING (Western Daily Press) or


or how about




Every one of these two dozen British 'cases' of supposed Satanic Animal Mutilation was proved to be falsely attributed. Occult connections were seen where none existed. When the Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare wore itself out in the U.S., fundamentalist troublemakers imported it directly into the U.K.

Compare these American Headlines below with their British Counterparts on this page:


Each of these Articles claimed to contain so called 'proof' of the Global Satanic Conspiracy which threatens society and from which it can only be saved by larger doses of christianity.

The Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth and the Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare are simply hard-sells to whip the masses into line . To create a society based upon values which deprive individuals of their freedom of choice. In the process of casting about to find culprits for these imaginary problems the spiritual terrorists are handed power to affect all our lives, not through the democratic process, but through emotional blackmail based on fear of the consequences.


It was the complete absence of any valid forensic evidence of any kind which HELPED the idea of Satanic Child Abuse to gain acceptance. There were no bodies, no blood, no bones, no ritual impedimentia, nothing at all. THEREFORE NOTHING COULD BE TESTED - but the fear of the consequences became very real in human terms. The dirth of evidence was the single most powerful aid for those who wanted to promote the doctrine. One 'cult cop' actually said that the fact that there was no evidence was evidence in itself.(?)

With the Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare the boot is on the other foot. The carcasses provide ample evidence and these can be inspected objectively and properly. And when they are checked, in every instance the allegations have been found to be hysterical and untrue.

In the American report of 14 January 1991 (MUTILATED DOG CARCASSES FOUND) the reader is 'sold' the idea of Satanic Involvement in the journalist's choice of text. Viz:

(1) Thirteen carcasses were found (a mystic number).
(2) The article remarked that the Dogs had their hearts, heads, bowels and paws missing.
(3) It went into great detail to tell us that 12 of the carcasses had been skinned and...
(4) They were all found in woods laid out in a specific pattern.

The investigating police officer, (who had at that point not properly begun his enquiries,) was reported as saying,

"In 16 years as a police officer I've come across some pretty STRANGE things but this rates as one of the STRANGEST. There is a DERANGED person out there and their next move may be TO DO SOMETHING TO A HUMAN BEING".

But the case of the Dismembered Dogs didn't remain a mystery for long. A day later the Richmond News Leader solved the riddle. The Dog Carcasses were laboratory coyotes, bred for scientific experiments

" which had been dissected by biology students on a nearby campus. It was all perfectly legal and on the up and up".
There was absolutely no occult involvement at all.

In our investigations EVERY such case has ended similarly, whether the accusations concerned Satanic Child Abuse or Animal Mutilation.


The Rev John James of St Johns, Stanstead opened his church to find it had been the location for Devil Worshippers.
The Altar Cross had been laid flat.
Alongside it were the remains of four candles.
In the centre of the Altar was a severed pig's head with a 'Satanic Crucifix' stuffed into its mouth.
Nearby was a page ripped from a bible.

Was this not clear evidence of Satanic Rites, Church Desecration and Animal Mutilation?
Er, well NO actually; it was nothing of the kind.

The uproar was short-lived for the Daily Mirror reported that:

The 'Satanists' turned out to be two girl members of the church's own congregation!

The teenagers owned up and admitted that they had set up the whole thing to see what might happen. They had now apologised for their 'prank'.

Deceit, The British Media,


Cause of Truth Decay These occurrences might be considered harmless, even humorous were it not for the polarisation of social concern that they bring in their wake, and the ever present self-interest groups who jump on the bandwagon to use that outrage as a cause celebre which continuously and inexorably implants the idea in the mind of the public that occultists really do harm animals in the most abhorent ways. When there is not a shred of truth in any of it.


The involvement of the NSPCC in rubber-stamping and promoting the harmful doctrine of Satanic Ritual Abuse has been clearly documented. Their use of the scare to aid fund-raising is not so well known but it happened all the same.

The exclusively Christian National Children's Home used the scare for a national fundraising campaign too.

The doctrine of Satanic Ritual Abuse came at a time when the NSPCC was fighting for its survival. Its powers and influence were being eroded by legislation which conveyed more and more responsibility for child-care away from the NSPCC into the hands of local authority social work departments.

Having a leading-edge issue is an essential advantage for any independent social services organisation. But the NSPCC have no excuse for jumping on the Satanic Ritual Abuse bandwagon as they did because The S.A.F.F. warned the NSPCC that the scare was bogus during 1988, a full year before they made their interest public.

Our correspondence with them specifically warned of the harm which had occurred in the U.S.A. and which was likely to occur both to children and innocent families in the U.K. The S.A.F.F. offered in-depth research and analyses of the fundamentalist scare, but the NSPCC refused to listen. When we pressed the point they actually tried to silence the S.A.F.F. with legal threats.

The Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare has always been a peripheral component of the Satanic Child Abuse Myth. Every time the RSPCA became involved with a spurious case, we wrote to their then director Andrew Richmond and discredited the allegations.

Like the NSPCC the RSPCA wouldn't liase with the S.A.F.F. We first wrote to the RSPCA during April 1989 and offered our help. Instead the RSPCA began their own Laurel and Hardy investigation, just as the NSPCC had done. These front-page shock-horror headlines were apparently too good to miss.

During October 1989 , (six months after the RSPCA had rejected S.A.F.F. help), Mr A.F. J. Goddard, an Inspector from the RSPCA 'Special Investigation Unit' made three visits to the home of a well-known Witch. His purpose was to 'look into claims of ritualistic killings of animals' for the RSPCA. He hoped the witch would be able to help with background. Background which the SAFF had already offered to them!

Why had this man not contacted the S.A.F.F.? Goddard said that he had been given the witch's name by several people who were known to be major players in the promotion of the doctrine of Satanic Child Abuse.

These people had already attempted to discredit the S.A.F.F. on other occasions because they wanted the lies to fly. Such links are important in tracking the way that fundamentalist lies gain credence.

Mr & Mrs R Pennel are evangelicals and were not originally involved in this caucus. They are Christians who live in the North East, their link with promoters of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth occurred during 1988 after they claimed in their local newspaper that they had been driven out of their house by Satanists who had sacrificed their cat, though it appeared clear that local vandals were the actual culprits.

This case is the first instance of the Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare in conjunction with claims of Satanic Child Abuse.

Un-fact, The British Media,

Primary Cause of Truth Decay The Pennel's uncorroborated testimony was printed in their local newspaper alongside an article containing allegations of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse and included an interview with the committed Christian and anti-Witchcraft campaigner Geoffrey Dickens MP. Dickens had that month made his first announcement in the Commons about his campaign against what he termed child abuse within witchcraft, making the perennial mistake that all bigots make of confusing Satanism (a sub-text of the Christian belief) with Paganism (the original religion of prehistory which covered the globe millennia before Christianity was thought of).

Dickens gave the Pennels his personal support because they were Christians and had the same 'values' as he did. Later the Pennels were to 'contribute' information to Dickens' famous 'dossier' on Satanic Child abuse (which never saw the light of day).

At around the same time Diana Core of Childwatch , one of the most obsessive believers in the doctrine, who had claimed that 4,000 children a year were being sacrificed to Satan, visited the Pennel's locality to investigate allegations of Satanic Abuse.

These cases eventually evaporated yet became part of the mythology of Satanic Abuse in the U.K. The RSPCA Special Investigator told the media-witch that he had been directed to her by people in this caucus.

In this one instance therefore we can see the clear lineage and connections between the fundamentalist promoters of the Satanic Child Abuse Myth and the Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare which is now being foisted upon Britain.

RSPCA Jump On The Bandwagon We can also see the comparison between action taken by the NSPCC to 'legitimise' that fanaticism, and the approach of the RSPCA. Having rejected solid, documented, S.A.F.F. research in favour of prejudiced 'evidence' of this kind the RSPCA followed through in a number of possible cases:

During May 1990 Goddard investigated further spurious allegations of Satanic Animal Mutilation in Wales.

In September 1992 RSPCA officials found 'symbols painted in chicken blood' in Chichester. But it was just fancy.

During April 1991 the RSPCA were involved in a case of alleged 'ritual hanging' of a dog, which conclusion the police later denied.

During June 1991 an RSPCA spokesperson said they feared that two cats recently found dead had been killed 'during Satanic Rituals'. They had not.

In March 1992 The RSPCA were involved in an investigation into alleged Satanic Animal Mutilation in Grimsby. Their inspector said "It appears that some kind of rites have been performed." No such rites occurred.

As RSPCA belief in SAMS increased their statements became more confident.

In April 1992 the RSPCA were quoted as saying:

'Sussex has already been named by the RSPCA as one of Britain's worst blackspots for Satanic Animal Killings'.

Really?.... Do RSPCA supporters realise that their donations are being squandered on such wild-goose chases?

The ease with which the hysteria can build is clearly shown by the RSPCA's involvement in a case in Clevedon, Avon during March 1990. A burnt and 'mutilated' cat was found on the beach. The RSPCA (primed with their new found campaign) pronounced it a victim of Satanic rites.

Shortly afterwards a schoolgirl went to the police and implicated an 18 year old man as the Satanist who had sacrificed the cat. The local newspapers went wild. The 18 year old was located and subjected to questioning by the police.

When he was released he promptly physically assaulted the girl. In the court case which followed the girl admitted that she had made the whole thing up taking the lead from the newspaper hysteria.

The South Avon Mercury finally solved the mystery in an article on 1 March 1990 headed YOUTH ASSAULTED GIRL AFTER CAT RUMOURS. An old lady had come forward:

'The cat had nothing to do with satanic ceremonies it was disposed of by an elderly lady who owned it'.

The scene is now set for a Cook Report meets Animal Squad series. The fiasco over the Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare has a direct parallel with the emotional charge of the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth. The Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare is utterly bogus and any 'expert' purveying the panic should be sacked before they can do any more damage. Distortion, The British Media, Primary

Cause of Truth Decay

Remember: There has not been one instance of any of these allegations turning out to be true. Despite the shock-horror headlines, every single one of them was false. Just like the claims of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse.

Burns 'Devil Dog' To Death

Miriam Fowler Smith Fundie Dog Killer

Miriam Fowler Smith, 65, told cops she killed her nephew's pitbull after the animal chewed on her Bible. The South Carolina woman is claiming an act of canine cruelty was simply an act of Divine Intervention.

She told cops on Monday that she hung and burned her nephew's pit bull after the animal took a bite out of her bible.

She claimed God urged her to kill Diamond, a 1-year-old female dog, because the animal was a "devil dog" and would hurt neighborhood children.

Smith was arrested on Sunday and remains in Spartanburg County jail. She could face faces 180 days or up to five years behind bars if she's convicted with felony animal cruelty.

Authorities said Smith confessed to wrapping an extension cord around Diamond's neck, hung the animal from a tree, and then set the pup on fire.

Police found the dead canine nearby under a pile of dried grass. Part of the orange cord was still wrapped around the dog's neck.

He was shocked by the woman's detached attitude as she recounted the horrific slay. "She just acted like what's done has been done," Nelson said.

Source: N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 25 January 2011

The True Meaning Of A Thing Always Resides In It's Opposite

Since we exposed the Satanic Animal Mutilation Scare in 1992 we have recorded countless examples of cruelty to animals which were officially passed off as being connected with satanic or pagan practices when there has not been one shred of real evidence to support those prejudiced accusations.

Now here, shown left, is the first identified and incontrovertible case of a declared Christian Fundamentalist cruelly burning to death a puppy because of her religious beliefs and being happy to do it.

Twisted though Miriam Smith is, her logic is shared by millions of other self-righteous fundamentalists who could just as easily find scriptural justification to kill or punish animals if it suits them.

Thus as with the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth which the SAFF exposed as a lie designed to smokescreen and cover up the crimes of thousands of child abusing priests, therefore cases of so-called satanic animal mutilation and sacrifice may turn out to be the handiwork of vicious fundamentalists carrying out their twisted version of 'god's work'.

How ironic then, that they may so easily get away with it by relying on the prejudice and hypocrisy of the authorities who are so quick to jump to the moral condemnation which Christianity has indoctrinated into them.

Think this appraisal is OTT? Then think again, In an article in The Times (Sadist Returns to Prey On Horses: 23 June 1997) Reverend Andrew Linzy, who was then researching the theological and ethical aspects of animal welfare at Mansfield College, Oxford, told The Times that he had spent years studying animal abuse and its religious conotations.

'Given that Christainty gives animals the status of little more than things, he believes that their abuse is deep in our culture. '


Daily Mail Report 16th May 2011Detailed Analysis of Barmy statements from the cutting on the right.

Four goats have been cruelly slaughtered in a village, raising fears of ‘satanic rituals’. [Assumption A]

The horned goat is a symbol in the occult, intended to mock the image of Jesus as the ‘lamb’ who died for Man’s sins, after a reference in the Bible to the obedient sheep being separated from the unruly, non-believing goats. [Justification J]

Retired farmer Jimmy Small, 66, who lost two of his goats to the killer in Tipton St John, Devon, said: ‘The whole village is up in arms over what is happening.

‘Everyone is talking about it and locals are keeping their eyes open. I recognise it could have something to do with the occult.' [Rationalisation R]

He said: ‘I found Blacky dead first with his neck twisted back, just before Easter. [Superstition 1] Then two days later Anita was lying dead in exactly the same spot. ‘It has to be some kind of ritual, otherwise it is too much of a coincidence. [A+J+R = Misconclusion M] We clearly have a maniac on the loose here.’ [A+J+R+S1+M = Unfact U1]

‘When I told my vet he advised me to read a book on the occult. He seems to think the way the goats were killed and because they were horned, it may have something to do with satanic ritual. [AA+JJ+M+R+S1+U1 = Superstition S2]

‘At first I thought it was a bizarre accident. The next involved the mother goat, Gladys. We found her the day after Easter Monday with her throat cut from ear to ear. [AA+JJ+M+R+U1+S1+S2 = Superstition S3 ]

‘The body had been dragged to the same spot where the other goat was found. I have had to move my remaining goat, Goblin, to a secret location after the death of its mother and brother. ‘It’s a satanic thing, I’m sure of it. All this is spoiling our lives.’ [AA+JJ+M+R+U1+S1+S2+S3 = Panic Action 1 PA1 ]

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed they were investigating the killings.

Mindwank Formula: [AA+JJ+M+R+U1+S1+S2+S3+PA1]

Source: Daily Mail 16th May 2011

A Goat

Learn About Scare Illogic:  (Scary logic)

D is the sum of your fears.
D follows C therefore C causes D.
ABC precedes D therefore the presence of A or B confirms that C causes D to happen.

'That which you most fear is inevitable because it is your weakness' (Frater Marabas of the S.A.).

See SAFF 2008 prophetic report Cat Kills Satanist for further breakdown of this silliness.

Lies The Glorious British Press Feed Into Your Mind....

Sunday World Sensationalism

ANIMALS USED IN RITUALS (Wales on Sunday) 26.03.90


SAVE YOUR PETS IT'S SATAN'S BIRTHDAY (Wales on Sunday) 18.05.90


RSPCA FEARS DEVIL DEATHS (Sunday Independent) 16.06.91


SATAN RITE BIRD KILLINGS (Bradford Telegraph) 20.07.91

FARM USED FOR DEVIL WORSHIP (Western Mail) 05.11.91

SHEEP KILLED BY SATANISTS (Western Daily Press) 20.11.91


DEVIL PET KILLERS (Sun) 09.03.92


SATAN CULT SLAUGHTER SHOCK (Crawley News) 11.03.92


ANIMAL RITES (Daily Mail) 26.03.92


RITUAL SLAUGHTER - HELP OUR NATIVE PONIES (Redwings Horse Sanctuary) 01.04.92

BLOODY SITE OF SACRIFICE (Evening Echo) 31.07.92



BLACK MAGICK LINK TO FOX BURIAL (Plymouth Independent) 23.08.92

BLACK MAGIC HEN HORROR (Daily Star) 02.09.92


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