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Felstead Family Campaign to uncover  the Truth about why their daughter died after being indoctrinated with false ideas about Satanic Abuse, wins a new inquest on Carole's death. What dark secrets will be unearthed when they can publicly question the SRA therapists who were involved in Carole's 'treatment'?

.See full story as The Times newspaper reported it, here:

U.K. Satan Hunters involved in another Death of a Young Woman at Her Wits End.

We Reveal The Truth behind  The Tragic and Avoidable demise of Carole Feldstead.

New Book Exposing Fleur Fisher and the Satan Myth Now Out on AmazonThe Creation of A Satanic Myth in the United Kingdom

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The Complete Story In The Feldstead family's  own words of the part Satan Hunters played in their daughter's death.  Read an exclusive extract from the book on our site below here:

First Read How Private Eye Saw It and how the British Medical Establishment Ducked the Issues.........

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Justice for Carol

By Rosie Waterhouse

THE damage caused to vulnerable mentally ill patients and their families by therapists who treat them as survivors of Satanic ritual abuse is revealed in the shocking and extraordinary case of Carol Felstead.

Carol (pictured), later known as Carole Myers, was found dead in mysterious circumstances in her flat in Wandsworth, south London, on 29 June 2005 aged 41. She was naked from the waist down and surrounded by medication. A post mortem examination found no dangerous levels of drugs in her system, however. The cause of death was "unascertained" and an inquest recorded an open verdict.

In a six-year battle to uncover the truth, the Felstead family, from Stockport, Cheshire, have unearthed a scandal surrounding Carol's treatment over 20 years by a medical profession and a therapy industry using high doses of medication and dubious "recovered memory" and mind control techniques.

It is another indictment of the recovered memory movement of doctors and therapists who believe in the long-debunked notion that people can recover buried memories of Satanic ritual abuse (see Eyes passim). Between them, practitioners who are "believers" claim to have treated hundreds if not thousands of adult survivors since the Satanic panic reached the UK from the US in the late 1980s.

Carol Myers / Felstead Using the freedom of information act the Felstead family have obtained limited access to Carol's medical records. All notes from the first 21 years other life are missing as are all the counselling notes by four key therapists who treated her as a victim of Satanic abuse.

From the records that do survive, the family have pieced together horrifying details of a tormented life. As they have sought official investigation into her death, they have encountered obstruction, impotence, lies and cover-up.

Carol drifted away from home after qualifying as a nurse, aged 21, in September 1985. She kept casual contact with her family through birthday and Christmas cards but eventually moved to London and disappeared from their lives. The estrangement was heart-breaking for her parents.

Carol died after almost 20 years of "treatment" in psychiatric hospitals and private clinics by a succession of doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and unqualified counsellors who implanted the notion - and then perpetuated a false belief- that she had been a victim of Satanic ritual abuse.

Her parents were supposed to be the High Priest and High Priestess of a Satanic cult who dug up graves and performed ritual sacrifices, including murder.

Carol's medical records reveal that these therapists included Dr Fleur Fisher, a former head of science and ethics at the British Medical Association; Valerie Sinason (see Eyes passim), then a child psychotherapist based at the Tavistock Clinic in London; Dr Rob Hale, a consultant psychotherapist, psychiatrist and adult psychoanalyst, based at the Tavistock; and the late Vera Diamond, then a Harley Street self-styled psychotherapist who specialised in mind numbing relaxation therapy and deprogramming brainwashed cult victims.

Carol met Dr Fisher in 1985 when Fisher was working in the family planning clinic at Carol's GP's surgery in Macclesfield, Cheshire. [SAFF: See here for Manchester SRA links]

In August 1985 she was referred to the Withington Hospital, Manchester, where she was given "relaxation training and thought stopping procedures". After receiving two sessions Carol was diagnosed as a victim of extensive physical and sexual abuse. Recent police inquiries, instigated by her family, into the allegations against them - which they only leamt about after Carol's death - established they were demonstrably false. In 2009 Del Supt Grant Lander of Wandsworth police wrote to Carol's father, Joseph: "The relationship Dr Fisher developed with Carol in my opinion was

misguided. There is absolutely no evidence that I have obtained in my investigation that showed Carol ever suffered abuse by yourself or by any members of your family."

The medical records show Carol did suffer from "urinary tract" problems which required surgery. But the first reference to Satanic abuse in the records comes in a letter dated 25 April 1991 after Carol was admitted for three months to Parkside Hospital, Macclesfield, a former Victorian mental asylum, where Dr Fisher was the manager.

A letter from one consultant psychiatrist to another said: "As you are aware, the original referral was made through Dr Fleur Fisher because Carole (sic) was experiencing a great deal of emotional distress because of the work she was doing with the Police in re-living distressing details of the alleged satanic ritual abuse she suffered as a child." The Felsteads have established there was no such police investigation.

In June 1992 Carol was sectioned under the mental health act and placed on the Mental Health Register. From October that year she was treated by Sinason and Hale at the Tavistock Clinic in London where Carol had relocated. Letters from Hale and Sinason confirm they had diagnosed her as a survivor of "chronic sadistic abuse" and "Satanist abuse".

Carol, who changed her name to Carole Myers in November 1992, was Sinason's first such patient in the UK. Sinasonhas since said in an interview that over the next two years she and Hale treated 51 "ritually abused patients".

In October 1994 Carol was referred to Vera Diamond, who had achieved publicity as a "psychotherapist" specialising in ritual abuse.

Three years later, in a letter to Dr Frances Raphael, a psychiatrist at Springfield psychiatric hospital in Tooting, south London, where Carol, now Carole Myers, was being treated, Sinason reveals her tormented state of mind. Sinason wrote that while being treated by Hale and Sinason Carole was "often in trance states", suffered flashbacks (recovered memories) and nightmares; that she had multiple personalities, one of whom threatened to kill Carol, and suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Sinason recommended Carol should be referred to the Henderson NHS Hospital, a therapeutic community for psychiatric patients in Sutton, Surrey, where, she wrote: "Dr Norton has worked with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and ritual abuse."

From 1998 to 2005 Carol was under the care of Central Wandsworth Community Mental Health Team and given continuous psychiatric input. The notes reveal that she was hospitalised on numerous occasions as she suffered from depression and had suicidal thoughts which led to her taking overdoses. She also self-harmed and had alcohol problems. Her family never knew.

Out of the blue Carol sent her parents a Christmas card in December 2004 saying she would visit soon. Then, in the last week of her life she twice spoke with her brother Richard and said she wanted to come back to Stockport to be near her family. In the week she was due to visit, Carol was found dead in her flat following a 999 call to the Met Police by Dr Fisher while she was on a train to Manchester.

Carol's family were not notified of her death until two weeks after she died. In the meantime Fisher had told the police, Battersea Coroner's Office and the housing association which owned Carol's flat that she was Carol's next of kin and executor, and she started to arrange her cremation.

The Felstead family are determined to secure the release of the 999 call Fisher made to police and are planning to seek exhumation of Carol's body to confirm her identity. They want to hold to account those who treated Carol for more than 20 years for "ritual" abuse which never occurred by a Satanic cult which never existed.

www.justiceforcarol. com

Eye 1302: 25 November 2011

Private Eye Subscription Department:01795414870: / Editorial:

NOTE: This case has astonishing similarities to that of Caroline Marchant,
another victim of Satan-Hunters, who died in strange circumstances - see here

British Press at last begin to catch up
on the Appalling Carol Myers Scandal

How The Observer Saw it
Click here for Full Article


Autumn 2012 Newsletter of the British False Memory Society

Page 1:


Justice for Carol

Editors note: readers may find
some content disturbing

The Justice for Carol web site was launched on
30 January 2011. It draws attention to my
sister’s complete mental collapse following two
decades of recovered memory therapy, prior to
her premature death in 2005, aged 41. Carol
was estranged from the family: she made the
occasional telephone call and sent Christmas
and Birthday Cards, but she drifted away and
severed contact after commencing therapy. Out
of the blue, in June 2005, she rang my brother
to say that she was lonely and unhappy and
wanted to move back to the Stockport (Greater
Manchester) area to permanently re-establish
contact with her family. One week later, she
was dead. We do not know the cause of her
death because the Inquest returned an Open
Verdict. While Justice for Carol provides a
chronological outline of events, as my brother,
Richard, has written:

What is missing from it is the pain, suffering
and misery inflicted on us. There’s a com-
pletely different personal side to this story that
gives a wholly new perspective to the course of
events described, and the interactions with the
various actors in this narrative. ln reality, our
story is so extraordinary most people on hear-
ing it would instantly dismiss it as being unbe-
lievable, if it were not the case that we can
support every claim we make with fact and
documentation". They will ask themselves,
how could it happen? We live in the 21st Cen-
tury; surely there are checks and balances in
place to protect the vulnerable from the un-
scrupulous behaviour of high ranking profes-
sionals in positions of power? There are, but
they were systematically ignored time after
time, after time, after time, over an entire 20
year period .... I can tell you that the website
tells the truth, but misses out on another di-
mension altogether of what it is like to dis-
cover the despicable behaviour of these indi-
viduals, to speak to them, to hear their eva-
sions, to receive their letters containing down-
right lies, and to face one obstruction after
another from every single authority that is
supposed to act on the part of truth, justice and
humanity. These people are without pity, and
need to be exposed, to uncover the truth about
Carol’s life and death, to find out if this has
happened to anyone else, and to prevent it
from happening ever again...

Page 2:

Our pain and suffering has not been alleviated
by the acquisition of Carol's voluminous psy-
chiatric notes, which run to several thousand
pages and were finally released to my father in
June 2012, following a number of protracted
inquiries instigated by various members of our
family. We now know exactly what happened
to Carol and her notes show that she experi-
enced a devastating mental breakdown after
commencing therapy in the mid 1980s. Plagued
with mental health problems thereafter, she
was depressed, suicidal, self-harmed and spent
most of the 1990s in and out of various psychi-
atric institutions. Carol was sectioned repeat-
edly and placed on the Mental Health Register
in June 1992. My family were completely un-
aware of Carol’s mental deterioration (which
was conducted in total secrecy from us and
supported with vast quantities of medication
and psychotropic drugs). Prior to commencing
therapy, Carol’s mental health was exemplary.

According to her medical notes, Carol’s problems
began in 1986 when she presented to her doctor
with repeated headaches. As one specialist put it,
Her headaches could well represent migraine but
may well be associated with the recent tension of
the run up to her finals. She was a pupil nurse
at this time. In every other respect, her health
was normal and another consultant who exam-
ined Carol gave her a clean bill of health.

Carol’s headaches persisted, however, and her
doctors could not pinpoint an underlying physi-
cal cause. In consequence, she was referred for
therapy to ascertain if her symptoms were in
fact psychological. The input of her therapists
had an immediate and disastrous impact on
Carol and our family, resulting in the oblitera-
tion of a hitherto normal family life.

Following two sessions of recovered memory
therapy Carol was encouraged to make disclo-
sures of Satanic Ritual Abuse which sup-
posed to have begun in early childhood and
continued into adulthood. Carol’s real memo-
ries were subsequently eroded and then com-
pletely erased. Carol told one treating psychia-
trist that: "the abuse started aged 21'3 years"
but she did not recall it until (her) early twen-

Page 3:

lt was at this point that Carol began to drift
away from our family. We know now that she
received psychotherapy from a number of indi-
viduals, including Dr Fleur Fisher, who was
subsequently promoted to Head of Ethics for
the British Medical Association. Dr Fisher is
on the record in The Sunday Times newspaper
as stating that Carol had no memories of Sa-
tanic Ritual Abuse when she met her in
1984/5. ln a startling admission affirming her
belief in recovered memory therapy, Fisher
told journalist Daniel Foggo that “Carol had
‘no knowledge’ of any ritual abuse when she
first saw her. Very often people who have had
difficult experiences repress them, then they
suddenly come back in dreams or flashbacks",
she said.

Carol was estranged from her family at this
time, yet her case was so well known among
health professionals in the region that when in
1992 Dr Bernard Gallagher led a research
team, funded by the Home Office and Euro-
pean Social Research Council, Carol was re-
ferred to him by child protection workers in
Cheshire. Dr Gallagher’s study focused on
organized child sexual abuse, including Satanic
Ritual Abuse. His research findings were pub-
lished in academic journals, including Child
Abuse Review.

Carol moved to London in 1992 where she
received psychotherapy from Dr Valerie Sina-
son and Dr Robert Hale in the Tavistock
Clinic, Carol’s medical records reveal that she
was their first joint patient to be treated for
Satanic Ritual Abuse. The relationship with
Carol’s therapists was far from plain sailing,
however. One health professional wrote: Carol
has recently severed her ties with the Tavis-
tock because of the feelings of being used in
connection with a book that has been pub-
lished. and we are working through this an-

Page 4:

Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse (edited
by Valerie Sinason) was published in 1994. The
book has the distinction of being voted in a
peer review as the second worst psychiatric
publication of the last hundred years. Simon
Wesley, professor of psychiatry at King’s Col-
lege commented that one nomination for the
book stated it was ‘credulous, superstitious,
iatrogenic, illness- inducing, self-righteous,
incendary garbage’ Chapter 32 is a jointly
authored essay by Robert Hale and
Valerie Sinason. It focuses on three adult
case studies who they treated in the Tavis-
tock Clinic. Using the pseudonym of 'Rita’
to disguise Carol’s real identity,
the authors state that she was their first
joint patient. As another of
Carol’s many psychiatrists would write a few
years later: "With regard to the special nature
of her case, I do believe she was Valerie Sina-
son’s first case at the Tavistock and it was
based on Carol’s experiences that Valerie wrote
a book and started her interest in Satanic
abuse.In other words, Carol’s case propped up
the whole field of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the
UK. Carol’s history is demonstrably false; it
begs the question of how many other patients
treated for Satanic Ritual Abuse have befallen
the same fate.

Here is an extract from a recent interview
between Valerie Sinason and investigative
journalist, Will Storr, who reported on Carol’s
case in The Observer. The interview took place
in December 2011:

Sinason arrives, in her north London counsel-
ling room, tanned and relaxed in a loose smock,
dark leggings and trainers. Theres a chaise-
longue with acrowd of teddies resting in its
crook. On the floor, shoved beneath a table, a
large cloth boy gazes sadly into space. We're
joined by her husband David, who takes notes
throughout our talk.

Page 5:

Sinason insists she doesnt use recovered-
memory techniques. 'Tm an analytic therapist,"
she says. "The idea of that is someone showing,
through their behaviour, that all sorts of things
might have happened to them. " Signs that a
patient has suffered satanically include flinch-
ing at green or purple objects, the colours of the
high priest and priestess's robes. Mind if some-
one shudders when they enter a room, you know
it’s not ordinary incest."
Another warning, she says, is the patient say-
ing: "I don't know." "What they really mean is:
"I can’t bear to say."A patient who
"overpraises" their family is also suspicious.
"The more insecure you are, the more you
praise. ’Oh my family was wonderful! I
can’t remember any of it!"'
In the medical records, Sinason noted that
Carole was her first chronic _ sadistic-abuse
patient. Today, when I ask about her first patient,
Sinason describes the
arrival of two medical professionals a nurse
and a psychologist - one of whom was limping.
"I just had that nasty feeling, " she says. "It's
her, and she's been hurt by them."
"You could tell that from the limp? " I ask.

Soon, we get to the actual satanism. Sinason
talks of a popular ritual in which a child is
stitched inside the belly of a dying animal be-
fore being 'reborn to satan'. During other cele-
brations, 'people eat faeces, menstrual blood,
semen, urine. There's cannibalism." Some
groups have doctors performing abortions.
"They give the foetus to the mother and she's
made to kill the baby."
"And the cannibalism - that's foetuses?" I clarify.
"Foetuses and bits of bodies."
"Raw or cooked?"
"The foetuses are raw."
"Not even a bit of salt and pepper?" I ask.
"Raw. And handed round like communion. On
one major festival, the babies are barbecued. I
can still remember one survivor saying how
easy it is to pull apart the ribs on a baby. But
adults are tougher to eat. "
She describes large gatherings in woodlands
and castles, with huge cloths being laid out.
"That's normally when there’s a sacrifice, " she
notes, Wand because the rapes are happening all
over the place. There's a small amount of can-
non fodder in terms of runaways, drug addicts,
prostitutes and tramps that are used. There's
sex with animals. Horses, dogs, goats. Being
hanged upside down. In the woods, on a tree. "
"How do they get an animal to have sex with a
human?"I wonder.

Page 6:

Sinason's husband thinks for a moment.
"Well, " he says, ’plenty of dogs have a go at
people's legs." "True," says Sinason, adding
poignantly: "However horrible it sounds, the
dog, at least, is friendly afterwards. "
"Because at least the dog’s had a good time," I
And the child loves the pet,"Sinason nods.
"The pet is made to have sex with the child
but the pet, at least, is still their friend."

ln my opinion, it is a national disgrace that
this dreadful practice, which should have been
completely discredited by the mainstream psy-
chiatric and medical profession, is continuing
today. But no one will take action. Indeed, Dr
Sinason is speaking about Satanic Ritual
Abuse at a conference taking place at the
Harnhill Centre of Christian Healing, based in
Cirencester, later this month.

The impact of Carol’s medical records on our
family cannot be overstated. My mother, who
was affected more than any other family mem-
ber, slipped further into depression when she
first read the notes relating to Car0l’s treat-
ment. She has since died. Dad, who was diag-
nosed with ME following Carol’s death, became
extremely ill after reading the depressing lies
and false allegations fabricated in therapy.
Every member of my family had to read how,
for over 20 years, Carol’s therapists, psychia-
trists and treating doctors adopted and fos-
tered the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse, substi-
tuting our normal and happy family life with a
false narrative of violence. abuse and devil-
worship. No family should ever endure what
we have been through. It is niy sincere hope
that by exposing Carol’s treatment and placing
our tragic story in the public domain that some
lessons will be learned.

But if We look at what has happened in the
United States, we can see that the psychiatric
profession failed to take action. ln the intro-
duction to his book, Try to Remember, the
distinguished psychiatrist Paul McHugh wrote,
I describe my part in the history, when to
the mortification of psychiatrists with any

Page 7:

pride in their profession reform had to come
not from the profession itself, but from the civil
government, which intervened to preserve
social justice in the face of vicious abuse of
authority and licence." Therapists obsessed
with the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse must be
challenged from ruining yet more lives? Carol’s
therapists ought to be ashamed at what they
have done to her. And some of her gullible
doctors and psychiatrists should also look
closely at their own input into this horror story
which resulted in my mother and sister being
sent to an early grave.

The full narrative of Carol’s tragic life and
death will be exposed, in detail, in a forthcom-
ing book, entitled Justice for Carol, which I
have written,

Dr Kevin Felstead

World Copyright

BFMS Newsletter Vol.20, No.1: Autumn 2012: /

Click on the image below
to see Vera Diamond's slap-dash
recovered memory technique

Vera Diamond's Interogation Technique

Review of :

Justice For Carol - The True Story of Carol Felstead: The Creation of a Satanic Myth in the United Kingdom

The Case of Carol Felstead/Myers is not just one of another victim.  After years of hard work overcoming NHS intransigence and courageously ferreting out factual information, personal witness and hidden documents from the NHS and the police and the coroner's office it became clear to the Felstead Family that Carol's Satanic Fantasies, obtained under misguided therapy, were not just the cause of her suicide but were pivotal to the 'confirmation' and promotion  of the idea of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse in the U.K. and beyond.  

Carole was used by those in the child-scare industry who wanted SRA to exist. Her imagined accounts of being Satanically abused were siezed upon as real by her feminerapists and enabled those who are obsessed with SRA to 'prove' the matter to their colleagues, motivate seminars, quell professional opposition, set up SRA victim groups and inculcate other mentally imbalanced young women into the idea of them being victims of SRA.  Thus this heart-rending tale of one ordinary family's persecution by the Child Scare Industry is an exposition of what Satan Hunters did, not just to them, but to almost every other patient who fell into their clutches and the hundreds of innocents who were falsely accused because of that. 

Although minutely detailed and impeccably researched this amazingly compelling book is written in a personal style and includes first-person insights into the emotional turmoil and roller-coaster of events from the initial astonishing accusations levelled against this normal middle class family, how they worked to prove their innocence, how they were exonerated by the police and how they then turned to trying to discover why their estranged daughter had said such vile things about them. Before they could do so, Carol Felstead was dead in circumstances which even today after years of investigation by the family and top-class journalists, are still obscure. 

 The only way this amazing family could get at the truth was to publish it themselves and you owe it to yourself for the protection of YOUR own family to read what the Child scare industry doesn't want you to know to avoid any of your relatives falling into the clutches of these dangerous campaigners who lie in wait ensconsed in the NHS system, seeking vulnerable young women at crisis points in their lives whose already loose grip on reality can be twisted into another 'victim imposter' to suit the SRA pressure groups own gravy-train.

The Felstead family have given us permission to reproduce chapter 20 of their book below.   There are still some gaps in their understanding of how an ordinary nurse who needed help for depression could end up on the couch of Satan Hunter therapists making false accusations such as having been sexually abused with a claw-hammer by a Tory minister at Conservative Central Office;  and how something as stupid as that could actually be believed . 

The more aware of you might also see links and motifs transplanted from some of  Carol's indoctrinated fantasies into the later hysteria surrounding Jimmy Savile and the Elm Guest House.   If anyone needs any reminding, the Celebrity Paedophile Hunt is largely a sub-set of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth come back to haunt the very media which initially jumped on the bandwagon to promote it.    

Tony Rhodes.    

CHAPTER 20 – Dr Fisher and Recovered Memory Therapy

Carol’s medical notes are horrendous, revealing a pattern of self-destructiveness at the hands of a shadowy network of delusional therapists. The records of Carol’s protracted psychotherapy are missing – yet her therapists are alluded to time and time again by Carol’s doctors and psychiatrists. The onset of Carol’s terminal decline began in 1985 when Carol was aged 21 and working in full time employment as a nurse. Carol complained to her doctor about reoccurring headaches and was then referred on to a specialist for further examination.

Mr I

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

5 November 1985

Thank you for asking me to see this nurse who you saw recently, because of an ocular problem but at the same time, she described intermittent headaches and you noted a heart murmur. Her main worry is about her vision and headaches, which she describes as right frontal headaches, sometimes preceded by slight blurring of vision but without any definite flashing lights. These attacks are quite severe and may be associated with light sensitivity. She has tried analgesins without benefit. Her symptoms have been worse for the last few months, during which time she has been studying for her finals which she has just taken, and at that time her attacks have occurred once every week or so. During this period, she has also been noted to have a rather labile blood pressure... I gather previously her G.P. readings have been low normal. There is a moderate family history of hypertension, and I gather one brother had possible migraine. She previously was a moderate smoker but has given up recently.

On examination she was slightly overweight and anxious, pulse 80 regular, blood pressure 145/85, repeat 145/90. Heart sounds normal... Chest (was) clear. Rest of the physical (was) examination normal including neurological examination.

I feel the murmur is benign and of no haemodynamic significance. In addition her blood pressure seems labile rather than definitely suggesting true hypertension. Her headaches could well represent migraine but may well be associated with the recent tension of the run up to her finals...

Mr L

Consultant Physician

To sum up, in 1985 Carol presented with nothing more than a common headache – which appeared to be symptomatic of migraine or examination stress as her studying intensified. The ‘brother’ who suffered from migraine was David. He was admitted to hospital for tests. The headaches were diet-related and he was advised to cut back on dairy products.

Apart from headaches, the notes show that Carol’s health was otherwise unremarkable. She had mild blood pressure, which was not thought to be serious. Carol’s headaches persisted, however, as is made clear from the following (unsigned) letter:

23 June 1986

Dear Mr L

Re: Carol Felstead (DOB 08.06.64)

I recently saw this 22 year-old nurse. Thank you for your letter and photocopies of previous investigations. I note the history of labile blood pressure. She continues to have diffuse dull headaches, approximately once per week. There is no diurnal variation and although she feels nauseated with the headache, there is no vomiting. There is no visual disturbance, nor aura, and the headaches are poorly relieved by analgesics. She made no other complaints. There appears to be no past history or family history of any significance.

Physical examination was essentially normal and her blood pressure in the right arm was 120/85.

That statement, ‘there appears to be no past history or family history of any significance,’ is a vital piece of evidence which demolishes the preposterous false history summarized in the Life Assessment document. There was no mention of Satanic Abuse, no mention of Carol being abused and being impregnated by members of a Satanic cult, nor was there any suspicion that Carol had been mute, neglected, maltreated or forced into child prostitution. There is no grey area here. Consultant doctors examined Carol and concluded that her health was perfectly normal, and so was her childhood and family history. From where, then, did those wild allegations about Satanic Ritual Abuse and infanticide originate?  It is at this point that Dr Fisher enters the narrative.

The following letter was the first in the notes to make reference to Dr Fisher’s influence over Carol and to the early formation of a systemic smear campaign against us by Dr Fisher and her associates who sought desperately to promote the concept of recovered memory therapy.

Mr X

Macclesfield D.G.H

27 November 1986

Re: Carol Felstead DOB 8. 6. 64

This 22 year-old is a nurse, at present at Barnes Hospital.... In September, she required to see Dr Fisher for psycho-sexual counselling about a family problem, and I think these problems may have some bearing on her symptoms. It is difficult to say how much. Also in September, she saw Mrs T who gave her a clean bill of health.

Thank you for seeing her.

Mr S

Consultant Surgeon

So Carol was examined by another medical consultant who could not find anything wrong with her. In fact Mrs T ‘gave Carol a clean bill of health.’ That statement provides further independent evidence that Carol’s health was perfectly normal, prior to receiving psychotherapy and psychiatric input. In spite of concrete medical evidence to the contrary, Dr Fisher was supposed to be treating Carol for a so-called ‘family problem’, the nature of which is unspecified. That is not surprising because it didn’t exist.

The term ‘psycho-sexual counselling’ is not defined in Carol’s notes. On the surface, it appears to suggest that Carol was receiving counselling from Dr Fisher for a sexual problem. But we now know that was not the case, because Dr Fisher defined her treatment in interview with investigative journalist Will Storr, published in the Observer Magazine in December 2011. The passages quoted below are fundamental to understanding the origins of Carol’s subsequent physical and mental collapse.

From the article:

Finally, we get to the question of whether Carol’s memories of satanic abuse were recovered. Initially Fisher refuses to speak about Carol. “I have a duty of confidentiality, even after a patient has died. I was never her psychiatrist or psychotherapist or anything like that.” She raises her voice. “I’m not a psychotherapist, for God’s sake.”

Will Storr: “According to her medical notes, she saw you for counselling,I say.

Dr Fisher: “No.”

Will Storr: “I have the letter here, dated 27 November 1986, that says: ‘She required to see Dr Fisher for psychosexual counselling.’”

There’s a silence.

Dr Fisher: “Psychosexual is the wrong term.... “

Will Storr: “What’s the correct term?”

Dr Fisher: “Uh, I really don’t know. People come and tell you things that have happened to them.”

Will Storr: “Things like abuse?”

Dr Fisher: “Things that have happened to them,” she repeats crossly. “I’m not saying anything else. It’s not right that this woman’s privacy should be breached in this way.”

Will Storr: She’s shouting now.

Dr Fisher: “She’s dead! She’s goddamned dead.”

Will Storr: “Was she (Dr Fisher) ever worried that Carol had lapsed into fantasy?”

Dr Fisher: “Never, never.” she says.

Will Storr: “By 1997,” I tell her, “Carol was claiming a government minister had raped her with a claw hammer in Conservative Central Office.”

Dr Fisher: “That’s not something I knew about,” she says. “It may have been fantasy. I couldn’t say. In general she was a common-sense woman.”

Will Storr: “Are you aware of any evidence that any of Carol’s claims actually happened?”

Dr Fisher: “I never looked for any evidence.”

Will Storr: “Then what made you believe her?”

Dr Fisher: “She’s not the only patient I’ve had who told the same kind of stories.”

Will Storr: “About Ritual Abuse?”

Dr Fisher: “It turned out to be that, yes. The people didn’t remember at first. They weren’t aware. They were memories they’d had a long time and they just came out.

Let’s consider what Dr Fisher said to Will Storr. At first she pretended that she did not give Carol psychotherapy – conceding that point only when the journalist quoted directly from Carol’s medical files. Dr Fisher admitted that she did not bother to check Carol’s therapeutically-induced claims against the facts (“I never looked for any evidence”), yet following Carol’s death she gave copies of Carol’s Life Assessment to officers from the Metropolitan Police Service and Battersea Coroner’s Court. It is worth reiterating that the allegations contained in the Life Assessment were meant to have been the defining traumas of Carol’s life:

At three years of age, my mother smothered my sister who was born with Down’s syndrome; she sat me on top of her and then set the house on fire... I became pregnant from the age of eleven onwards and endured several abortions (as part of the abuse), which were consequently sacrificed...

Another document in Carol’s medical file alleged that Carol:

... Suffered extensive physical and sexual abuse in the past.... She claimed she had disclosed her abuse to someone at the age of 15 who was then killed in front of her by members of the Cult....

But Dr Fisher did not instigate even a rudimentary check to ascertain if these extraordinary claims were valid.

Dr Fisher’s statements to Will Storr about Carol are mind-boggling. She confirms that, prior to receiving psychotherapy Carol could not remember being abused. That is not surprising because Carol wasn’t abused. In an earlier interview published in The Sunday Times newspaper in 2011, Dr Fisher told journalist, Daniel Foggo, that Carol had “no knowledge” of any ritual abuse when she first saw her. “Very often” she said, “people who have had difficult experiences repress them then they suddenly begin to come back in dreams or flashbacks."

Those statements shed light on Dr Fisher’s delusional belief system. If Carol herself could not actually ‘remember’ being abused 

 then who persuaded her that she was abused? Richard was quick to pick up on this. “That showed,” he said, “that all of Carol’s

 problems began and ended with her therapy.” As we proceeded, and uncovered more and more evidence, we began to

 discover the reality behind those words.

The Mystery of Carol Myers,

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Family win new inquest on ‘satanic abuse’ nurse

  by David Brown

The family of a nurse who died in mysterious circumstances after becoming convinced she was the victim of satanic abuse have won the right to a-new inquest. 

Carole Myers falsely claimed that her parents were senior satanists after undergoing "recovered memory" therapy and was used as proof of the existence of ritual abuse by devil worshippers in Britain.

A coroner in Westminster has agreed to hold a new inquest after Ms Myers’s family uncovered her relationship with Dr Fleur Fisher, a former head of ethics of the- British Medical Association. Dr Fisher called police in June 2005 saying she believed that Ms Myers, 41, had taken an overdose.

She later claimed to be Ms Myers’s next of kin in an attempt to arrange her cremation and to empty her flat of its contents. Dr Fisher was not called to give evidence at the original inquest, which recorded an open verdict.

Ms Myers’s family were first contacted by a coroner’s ofiicer a day before her planned cremation and were later devastated to learn that over the previous 16 years she had falsely claimed to
have been abused by her parents. Her untrue allegations included that as teenager she had given birth to six babies, which were sacrificed by the cult, and that she had been abused by two , members of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet.

Her family discovered that Ms Myers’s claims had been used by experts as an example of the existence of ritual satanic abuse and that the untrue allegations against her parents were recorded by police.

They later found that at age 21she had gone to her GP complaining of headaches and was referred to a therapist, who had concluded that they were the result of serious sexual abuse as a child, of which she had no memory. She later underwent psychosexual counselling with Dr Fisher in 1985 before being referred to other experts.

Dr Kevin- Felstead, her brother,. said:
“We are now hopeful that we can ascertain
the true narrative around- Carole’s death.”

Dr Fisher, who was head of ethics, science and information for the BMA from 1991-96, told police she had tried to arrange the cremation because Ms Myers did not want to be buried and she believed that her friend did not want her family to find her. No action- was taken against her.

Source: The Times Newspaper;
Monday June 23 - 2014 

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