Women are Brainwashed into Believing they have been Abused

A Review of MPD & The Origins and Development of The Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth 

The Child Abuse Industry generally has been in the doldrums after over-selling the risk to children in the 1970s in order to gain public and fiscal support. After a string of scares child-carer activists are left in an ideological cul-de-sac and very little raison d'etre. The Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth (SRAM) is an ultimate scare which is the only thing providing a large proportion of activists in social work with an occupation at the moment and gives certain people a unique professional opportunity which has made their professional reputation.

Lesser known social workers and therapists can become stars overnight with all the professional kudos and recognition that brings in its wake. Regular social workers always have their hands full but the middle-management exist solely by virtue of the one-upmanship of such doctrinal invention.

The system itself aids and abets this situation because only those who make the loudest political fuss obtain funding. If we ignore those who are simply opportunists following every fashion which protects their self-interest we see that the people most actively involved in promoting the SRAM in Social Work and Therapy are those who are suspicious and distrusting of all male motives. Fanatical feminists.

This has become an extension of their own social theories which have played themselves out in regular social work over the years. Although there are very many intelligent and aware women satanists the stereotype of the SRAM is of an ultimate manipulative male sadism. The fanatical feminists (and I am not a femophobe) have an ultimate icon to discredit men in the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth and a false-memory syndrome which allows them to accuse their fathers by proxy.

The parallel current of torrents of circumstancial and imagined evidence from disturbed victim imposters within and without the fundamentalist movement gives a pseudo authenticity to doctrinal claims providing a psychological feedback loop for 'carers' which allow a display of crass emotion and sympathy which convinces the gullible and wrong-foots critics thereby providing activists with the moral high ground and political leverage.

All this would be bad enough at a therapeutic level were it not for the fact that, in order to overcome the specific failures and lack of proof of the doctrine, both therapists and fundamentalists have, of necessity, to promote the idea of a Global Satanic Conspiracy as motive for these imagined acts.

The Satanic Conspiracy stems from the ingrained psychology of End-time Christians who have been imprinted with the prophecies outlined in the Book of Revelations. From obssessed religious fanatics who pore over every word and nuance in that psychopathic tale, to those from a strict Christian background where the images and interpretations have been implanted during childhood, the paranoia of Global Satanic Domination is an integral part of the psychologies of people who, because of their self-appointed duties as do-gooders, always form a large section of the infra-structure of social workers and charity workers.

The idea that Freemasonry embodies Satan's campaign for a single world-government and money system is a direct projection of prophecies in the Book of Revelations which alludes, in the eyes of the fundamentalists, to a single global state and money system controlled by people on the payroll of satan. This is the 'Zionist New World Order Conspiracy' nonsense which has flooded the internet of late. (see below centre for latest example).

There is literally forests of literature in the fundamentalist circuit about this supposed conspiracy. In my view any assumed conspiracy of self-interest in Freemasonry pales into insignificance when compared to the actual conspiracies and hidden agendas played out by the Fundamentalist Christian Leaders themselves but that is by the way.

In the Viewpoint 93 programme In Satan's Name, you will see that claims of global conspiracies related to Freemasonry are evident not only in the O.T.T. fundamentalist preachers, but are de rigeur for evangelistic leaders like Bob Larson. What really shocked was the fact that Catherine Gould (the creator of the satanic abuse symptoms list which largely brought about the identification of false cases in the US and UK was also interviewed in the programme) was selling the same conspiracy.

Click on This image to see a clip of In Satan's

Kingpin of the Satan Myth is the idea of released or recovered memories obtained through regression hypnosis. It has become accepted as a bona fide therapeutic method by many therapists. In fact Regression Therapy is not new. It was tried by Freud himself but then abandoned in favour of regular psychotherapy. The recent upsurge of interest in it was West-Coast inspired and evolved in several ways.

The earliest modern example method was devised by a group of Australian Christians during the late 1960s ostensibly to provide a doorway to past-lives. It was originally known as the Christos Experience because the occultists concerned were Christian Mystics and believed the technique was revelatory.

The method was first published in Windows of the Mind by M. Glaskin. (1971) Paralleling the development of the Christos experience was the growth of free-association therapy into the rebirth experience which was being tried at the same time as the technique of 'regression hypnosis'.

This last also sought to discover past lives by regressing the patient under normal hypnotic methods into a pre-birth state. Genuine occultists see all this is nonsese of course. The mind is so powerful, and clairvoyance so real, that one can never be sure of which memories or conceptions are ones own, which are telepathic images, which are future occurrences and which are confabulations.

Therefore occultists don't take any of them seriously and find the only people who do are those who need an excuse of some kind to escape the reality of their situation. In fact the book Reliving Past Lives By Keaton also comes with a disc containing recordings of subjects undergoing hypnotic regression and they are remarkably like the antics of MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) sufferers. The point is that, as far as we are aware, thousands upon thousands of people with an interest in the supernatural have undergone regression hypnosis over the past thirty years but NONE of them have come up with tales of Satanic Ritual Abuse. On the other hand we understand that none of those suffering MPD have ever come up with tales of past lives either! The one disproves the other.

Click on the image below
to see Vera Diamond's slap-dash
recovered memory technique

Vera Diamond's
                  Interogation Technique

The point is that the feminist biased therapy sub-culture has refined these techniques into a doctrine of MPD which can be applied by anyone virtually anywhere. With the urging of provocative self-help books like Courage To Heal within a self-help cultural more, we are now seeing Survivor Summer Camps where free-style regression sessions are scheduled daily as an emotional 'fix' by people who are in the vast majority of instances incapable of a sense of proportion.

 If this doesn't give rise to an epidemic of victim imposters and the waste of millions of pounds of taxpayers money in the next few months I'll eat my hat.

(c) world copyright holders: The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (S.A.F.F.) Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K.


13th July 1993

NOTE: Since this piece was written criticism of the theory of Multiple Personalities by observers both within and without the psychotherapy movement has grown to such an extent that those in favour of the idea have renamed it DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) - presumably in order to defeat the sceptics and disguise their intent. See here:

The Strange Case of Anna Hunter and her
                          false Satanic Memories


Anna Hunter went to see her doctor because of an eating disorder and came out believing she had been satanically abused by her family. 

Her 'recovered memories' were shocking but unlike those truly mentally ill people who fall into the clutches of believers in SRA and have their entire reality forever reordered, Anna, with the love of her family, was able to break the spell of the satan hunters in the medical profession and escape their clutches. 

She is one of the few people to have been brainwashed with so-called 'recovered memories' who has returned from that twilight zone to tell the truth about how some members of the medical profession are willing to create false-victims regardless of the effect it has on their lives.   Click on the image above to see her story in this stunning BBC documentary

                            in the consulting room?

VOODOO THERAPY: Read What believers in Satanic Ritual Abuse think constitutes recovered memories


By Sarah Nelson
Dept of Sociology, University of Edinburgh

Extracts from a Paper given at Ritual Abuse Information Network Support (RAINS) Conference, Warwick University, 13 – 14 September 1996

I believe this issue needs much more attention, for the mental health professions may prove to be the major repositories of the "SRA secret": just as they were of the "incest secret". I believe new knowledge about SRA should now impel a radical, wide-ranging, top-level review of symptoms and treatments in many mental disorders. Those of us who are outsiders need to build alliances with courageous voices within those professions - in order to support them, to strengthen their demands for radical review, and to force the subject into the public arena......

.....We need to learn from them how that support could be most effective, and how we can exert any influence on professions..... Perhaps a joint commitment to hearing, supporting and empowering SRA survivors, in a range of community and institutional settings, will be the most important route to building alliances and planning strategies for change......


.....But my own discovery of SRA directed me, and I suspect many others, towards mental health as never before. A huge impetus is given to the questioning which is already taking place of diagnosis and treatment in mental disorder. This prompts whole chains of speculation. Puzzlement about specific behaviours or symptoms brings renewed doubt about the whole medical model of mental disorder, and leads to absorbed speculation on how massive a role life-trauma actually plays. SRA is, of course, only one extreme form of trauma, and all forms deserve urgent attention but given the extent of torture and privation it inflicts, we could justifiably expect that many survivors will have found their way into the mental health system, and that they will be a significant population within that system.


.........As many mental health professionals working with sexual abuse have increasingly questioned their theories, diagnoses and treatments, issues around dissociation and multiple personality have often dominated discussion. The subject of recovered memories and the role played by therapists in their retrieval has also been much debated, not least as a result of vituperative media attacks by the "false memory syndrome" lobby. These are all major issues I would not wish to diminish. For instance, the majority of cases of "multiple personality disorder" may prove to be linked with a history of Satanist abuse. But there are many other important questions for psychology as well as psychiatry......

.... For psychoanalytically-trained therapists, for instance, theory has determined how certain behaviours and statements are interpreted. Many come to question what they have been taught by asking "what if these inexplicable, extreme fears are based on real experiences?" or "What if these accounts I am hearing are not fantasy after all?"

Outsiders in contrast may start by learning about the forms and techniques of SRA and the known impact of these on some survivors, especially children in publicised cases. Thus they expect fear or terror, and look for settings in which it may manifest itself. They wonder, "Where are all these terrified children when they become adults?" Then familiar bells begin ringing in the brain, connections are made with pieces of mental health knowledge and that knowledge is revisited with a more critical eye. Instead of tending to see the fears of people with phobias, panic attacks and anxiety states as irrational, for instance, they will tend to ask what might have frightened these people so much.

In SRA living creatures are used to terrorise children in several ways: as agents in themselves, as objects to be killed, mutilated or ingested, and as supposed watchers and spies (the spider will tell us if you talk). In later life the same creatures may well invoke all these different fears, and for people whose memories are repressed, they may be one of the few phenomena which "ring a bell". ...

 [Ed: So arachnophobia which is a prehistoric fear response in 90% of the population is now categorical evidence that people who don't like spiders may have been satanically abused?]

I now feel it will be important to consult those working with phobias, including self- help groups; to build more detailed information on common objects of terror and aversion, and to check what proportion of phobics also have other symptoms common in sexual abuse survivors. Research across countries would also be valuable.

I learned of the disgusting defilement SRA victims must endure, the use of filth, excrement, blood, body fluids, the innards of animals and humans. This offered powerfully suggestive reasons for some common obsessive-compulsive behaviour around repeated washing and cleaning, behaviour which could be seen as both symbolic and literal.  .....

[Ed. So obsessive cleanliness, widely recognised in psychiatry as an evocation of unconscious guilt has now become first-hand evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse?]

It would seem absolutely predictable and understandable that many SRA survivors would develop eating disorders or problems. How far might these be linked, not with theories about the "diet culture", the loss of a loved parent or perfectionism, but with forced eating of noxious things, with starvation and oral sexual abuse? The bulimic may be literally and symbolically rejecting, over and over again, both what had to be tasted and swallowed, and the horrified guilt of collusion as a child in murder or cannibalism.

[Ed So now Anorexia Nervosa, psychiatrically recognised as fear of obesity, has been redefined as the result of oral abuse by satanists!]

.... I had also assumed that various powerful and negative feelings about themselves accounted for self-mutilation, cutting and blood-letting in many sexually abused people. I now believe there are extra reasons for some SRA survivors, like the impact of programming, special triggers and even, in some cases, addiction to tasting or drinking blood.  This last insight was passed to me by several workers with SRA survivors......

[Ed: Is there anything which is not somehow connected with Satanic Abusers? ]

.....Many people with OCD also suffer from morbid preoccupations, phobias and depression: fears about death and dying, graveyards and cemeteries seem common....

 [Ed. So now universal fears about the inevitability of death which every single person experiences are redefined as evidence of Satanic Abuse! Who can escape the pointing  finger of the Satan Hunters? ]

 ....For instance an anorexic is making herself as unattractive as possible, and is less likely to be made pregnant by her abuser/s. .....

[Ed : Which is entirely opposite to how psychiatry looks at it. Anorexics, who universally rationalise their compulsion not to eat by stating that they want to look more presentable and attractive, have been redefined by Nelson as people who want to make themselves look LESS attractive so they are not raped by Satanists!  Down is up and up is down.]

.....Finally, knowledge about SRA brings questioning of some diagnoses of major mental illness. To learn about its brainwashing techniques, to read the testimonies of children who believe their mothers can hear them through walls or radios, to listen to survivors who are "multiple", means looking differently at paranoid and hallucinatory symptoms critical to many schizophrenia diagnoses. Could the process of torture, brainwashing and early programming produce the voices people hear in their heads, and their "paranoia" about being watched or controlled? How many false diagnoses of schizophrenia have there been?....

[Ed. Schizophrenia is categorised by a dopamine imbalance in the brain. This can be tested for and all drugs for Schizophrenia attempt to control that balance. It has little to do with skill in psychiatric diagnosis or whether or not you believe the patient's stories. Nelson is flying a kite. ]

The symptoms of many people incarcerated in special hospitals need, in particular, to be reviewed for possible connections with a history of SRA...... 

[Ed: Fertile ground. Of patients recently discharged by psychiatrists from Broadmoor over two dozen killed again.]


The challenge of SRA merely serves to highlight more urgently two basic problems in traditional mental health practice. The rush to diagnosis, within days or even hours, may be appropriate for people with broken legs or heart conditions. But it ill serves people with very complex problems„ who may take months to trust someone enough to reveal any of their past trauma and may themselves have repressed the memory of it.

Secondly there is a basic contradiction in most conventional treatments. So often they work to contain, damp down, suppress, alter or ignore powerful emotion and feeling. (They also risk throwing away the clues revealed by behaviour which may be the body's symbolic, reactive or adaptive way of speaking loudly what has happened to that person, if we had ears to hear and eyes to see).

Yet so many victims of trauma need just the opposite: they need to be reconnected with powerful emotions and feelings in order to begin healing. They need to express them openly, often disturbingly, sometimes violently, in a safe environment and be supported to make that experience manageable.

[Ed: Tell that to Caroline Marchant, Carol Felstead and Maxine Berry who was persuaded by therapists to sterilise herself so as not to give birth to a child which she might compulsively satanically abuse! See rightmost column ]


The concluding issue I want to raise is about the impetus given to proactive inquiry about where SRA survivors are located, and how numerous they may be.

The logic of accepting that SRA will cause a range of mental health problems for many survivors is that instead of being sceptical, reactive or waiting for evidence to drop from the sky, you begin looking for people in places they are likely to be. This could range from outpatients' clinics and self-help groups in the community, to schools for "challenging" or "disturbed" children, right through to penal institutions, secure units and special hospitals.

This creates a climate in which certain mental problems, symptoms and behaviours will be re-examined critically along with their diagnoses and treatments. It creates a climate of accessibility and support for survivors, as well as permission to speak out and share experiences with each other. ........

Suppose 5% of the adult population over 16 have a childhood history of sexual abuse. Suppose only one in ten of these abused people experienced SRA. In the adult greater Edinburgh population of about 333,000, more than 1650 people would have been involved in SRA,
 [ Ed. There are 5,600 registered psychiatrists in the U.K.. Suppose 5% of  them are bonkers and chase after phantom satanists. Using Nelson's flim-flam  that means  there are 280  who are insufficiently trained in both psychiatry and maths who are likely to believe in any old tosh.]

......That is the kind of evidence which needs to be harnessed in the future - to call for long-overdue changes in theory and practice, in diagnosis and treatment, in professional and public accountability.....

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE:  Sarah Nelson is author of "Incest: Fact and Myth" (Stramullion Press 1982 & 1987), a pioneering British feminist analysis of sexual violence within the family. A professional journalist, she wrote extensively about the "Orkney child abuse affair" and subsequent Inquiry. She is currently writing her second book on sexual abuse, and is planning a research study on women survivors' experiences of psychiatric services.

  [Ed. I wonder if Ms Nelson will be including the experiences of Carol Felstead and Maxine Berry in her book?]

Two Nuns Talking

Nun, sent
'white powder' to parliamentarians
Nick Clegg,
accusing them of being 'evil devil worshipping freemasons'

Nick Clegg was sent envelope with 'sex with 30 plus women'and 'your poor Catholic wife and children' scrawled on it Baroness Scotland was sent envelope with a swastika on it'

By Anna Edwards PUBLISHED: 18:14, 23 July 2012

A Catholic nun is alleged to have sent six envelopes containing white powder to parliamentary figures including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, a court heard today.

The defendant, who is known as Sister Ruth Augustus, is accused of scrawling 'devil worshipping' on envelopes filled with white powder that she posted to Nick Clegg and Baroness Scotland, Harrow Crown Court was told.

The letters were intercepted, three at a time on two separate occasions, at a mail screening centre and the powder was found to be non hazardous, the court heard.

The defendant, of Leyton, east London, denies six counts of hoaxes involving noxious substances or things.

Mark Kimsey, prosecuting, said Augustus accepts that she sent envelopes with letters in them but says police put the white powder in them.

Mr Kimsey said three envelopes were intercepted at a mail screening centre in east London on June 17, 2011.

One was addressed to Mr Clegg and on the envelope was written 'devil worshipping', 'freemason', 'sex with thirty plus women' and 'your poor Catholic wife and children'.

The second was to Baroness Scotland, and had a swastika on it, and two crosses, and 'stop this evil devil worshipping'.

The third was to Baroness Kennedy, and was endorsed with a swastika, and 'stop these evil devil worshipping freemasons'.

The envelopes contained a gritty substance, but it was found they had already tested negative for anthrax, and specialist police who were called in found them to be non hazardous.

On October 1, at the same mail centre, three more envelopes were found, addressed to Mr Clegg, Baroness Kennedy and Edward Leigh MP.

The envelopes carried similar endorsements and slogans and contained white powder which was found to be non hazardous.

Mr Kimsey told the jury: 'The issue is whether she herself put the white powder within the envelopes, and, if so, was it with the intention to induce the recipient to fear they were hazardous.

'Albeit this is a hoax, it's a serious matter, when what was sent was white powder, with the intention to make the person believe they were receiving a noxious substance.'

On December 7, Augustus was arrested at a hotel in north west London where she was staying and told police 'It's a load of lies', Mr Kimsey said.

The court heard that Augustus told police during interview: 'I'm Sister Ruth, a 71-year-old disabled nun.'

She also said: 'I look like a terrorist, don't I, working for a charity all over the world, with orphans?'

The jury heard that she told interviewing officer Detective Constable Anne Adams: 'The police are run by freemasons. All the top women are in it.'

Asked why she had sent a letter to Mr Leigh, she said: 'He's a Catholic, and goes to Westminster Cathedral.'

As for Mr Clegg, she said he 'lied about all the tuition fees and everything else, keeping those Tory millionaires and rats in government'.

She added: 'He boasted about all the women he's had sex with. He's an atheist singing hymns in the Albert Hall.'

At one point she said: 'I'm not a Muslim terrorist, I'm a Catholic nun.'

And she said of the police: 'They opened the envelopes, and put white powder in, to frame me. I know they monitor it all.

Asked if she was sending the letters for 'attention', she said: 'Of course I am. I'm deliberately writing on the envelope as well so all the postmen will know all about it.'

The trial was adjourned until 10.30am tomorrow. Source:

Daily Mail article on
                        False Memory February 2014

Women brainwashed by therapists to believe their parents abused them

By Amanda Cable

Carol Felstead, a trained nurse, went to doctor about headache age 21. She had 20 years of Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT) - but sessions sparked False Memory Syndrome - memories of terrible events that never happened.   She was convinced that her loving family were really a group of murderous Satanists

Maxine Berry, 41, contemplated suicide after believing father had raped her.  Afraid of also becoming an abuser, Maxine had herself sterilised aged 23. Maxine later discovered her memories had been replaced
Carol Felstead was unequivocal in the accusations she made against her family.

Portrait of Carol Felstead Age 10

Her mother Joan, a nurse, and father, Joseph, an engineer, may have seemed like a respectable couple with five children.

But behind closed doors, she said, they were Satanists, who subjected her to years of childhood abuse.

The 41-year-old psychology graduate recounted in disturbing detail the night her mother murdered Carol’s older sister, Joan-Julie, before setting fire to the house to hide the evidence.

Such a catalogue of horror would cause lasting damage to any child. No one could blame Carol for cutting off contact with her parents and her four brothers.

Yet, shockingly, not one of Carol’s claims was true.

Though she seemed to believe every word, it later emerged that her recollections were false memories, which had been dredged up during controversial recovered memory therapy (RMT) sessions throughout her adult life.

Carol is just one of thousands of people believed to be victims of False Memory Syndrome, a phenomenon whereby a person is encouraged through therapy to ‘remember’ forgotten childhood trauma that is supposedly affecting them as adults.

‘But these so-called experts are often unregulated,’ says Carol’s brother Dr Kevin Felstead, 53, a former university lecturer from Stockport, Cheshire. ‘Anyone can go online, pay a fee to do a part-time course and be accredited to give therapy after just two weeks. Into their hands are placed vulnerable young women, such as my sister.’

A growing body of research shows that childhood memories are unreliable at best.

Indeed, a study published last week in the Journal of Experimental Psychology concluded that the higher the level of detail of a childhood memory, the less likely it is that it is accurate.

Other clinical studies have shown it is possible to plant false memories in a person’s mind, then have them ‘recall’ them in convincing emotional detail that they believe themselves..

Madeline Greenhalgh, director of the  British False Memory Society, a registered charity, says they have records of 2,500 cases of untrue claims of sexual abuse after RMT, and receive thousands of phone calls from worried relatives each year.

 Carol, fell victim to False Memory Syndrome, whereby a person is encouraged through therapy to ‘remember’ forgotten childhood trauma that is supposedly affecting them as adults

‘Just yesterday a father rang to say his daughter, who is in her 50s, had suddenly made an allegation of abuse following sessions with a counsellor. He was distraught,’ she says.

‘We’re talking about fathers who  give away their daughters at weddings, decorate their houses and babysit their grandchildren. Then something goes wrong in the daughter’s life and she sees a therapist as she searches for answers.

This isn’t about people who have a feeling that something was wrong in the past and then remember more during therapy. This is about people who produce a ‘memory’ out of the blue.

‘Suddenly, parents are hit by an allegation of abuse. The strain often ends their marriage and we see fathers lose their families, homes and jobs.’

Once the allegation has been made, Madeline says it proves difficult for the women to backtrack.

‘They have often grown close to their therapist, who believes they are saving them. They wield a huge influence,’ she says. ‘In Carol’s case, she found herself surrounded by therapists who took her stories at face value, though they remained utterly unsubstantiated.’

Carol’s birth in 1964 had heralded a new beginning for her devoted parents after a run of devastating bad luck.

The year before she was born, a fire had destroyed the family home, and the year before that a much-loved baby, Joan-Julie, had died in hospital from a heart defect at the age of two months.

Carols’ parents had three sons, Kevin and twins David and Anthony, who were older than Carol. Two years later, they went on to have another son, Richard.

‘Carol was the only surviving daughter, and though my parents didn’t have favourites, she held a special place in their hearts,’ says Kevin. ‘She was adorable and we couldn’t help spoiling her.’

Felstead family group before Carol was
                          sucked into therapy

But a trip to the GP with a headache at the age of 22 changed the course of Carol’s life — and her family’s.

She was referred to counselling for stress and later began ‘psychosexual’ therapy, which included RMT.

Carol’s family were unaware of her therapy sessions. But they did notice she had become hostile and unhappy. ‘She moved out of the family house around that time,’ says Kevin.

‘On her visits, she was distant and moody. Gradually, she stopped coming to  the house. She moved to London in  1992 and gained a degree in psychology at Westminster University, but gradually stopped keeping in touch.

‘The last time we saw her was in 1994. She sent Christmas and birthday cards, but rang only once a year and never left her address. Then in 2005, she rang my brother Richard, said she was lonely and wanted to return home to live near her family.’

But she never made it home — two months later, Richard received a phone call from the coroner’s office in Battersea, South London, to say Carol had been found dead in her flat, surrounded by medication, aged just 41.

The cause of death was unknown and the inquest recorded an open verdict.

‘Richard was told that Carol had died two weeks earlier, and a cremation and funeral had been organised by a therapist, Dr Fleur Fisher, who had declared herself next of kin,’ says Kevin.  (See full details of Fisher's involvement in Chapter 20 of the Felstead's recently published book on Carol's story, here.)

The family were left reeling, but worse was to come.

‘Dr Fisher had handed police a document, supposedly written by Carol, detailing satanic child abuse and alleging that Joan-Julie had been murdered by Mum,’ says Kevin.

‘My parents collapsed with grief; it was a double blow. They had lost their daughter — then they learned she had made these shattering allegations.

‘We were able to prove our innocence easily — Dad could produce Joan-Julie’s death certificate to show she died in October 1962 and the house fire was covered in the local newspaper in 1963 —but the damage was done.

‘My mother’s hair turned grey overnight, she suffered from depression and died from cancer in 2010. I am convinced the shock helped to kill her.’

Through data protection requests, the family were able to retrieve Carol’s medical notes, which revealed a catalogue of increasingly incredible treatment.

‘One therapist noted that urinary tract infections, which Carol suffered from, are a sign of ritual satanic sexual abuse,’ says Kevin. ‘We believe Carol was effectively brainwashed by her therapists.’

Retired clinical psychologist Katharine Mair is so concerned about the trend for RMT that she has written a book, Abused By Therapy, which was released at the end of last year.

There is an ongoing campaign by groups and clinics to spread the notion that various psychological disorders are always caused by childhood abuse. This really alarms me,’ she says.

‘The therapy is intensive and often the patient is placed in a trance-like state as they are encouraged to “remember”.

‘This is when false childhood memories spring up. The therapists encouraging these “memories” genuinely believe they are helping and, being in a position of authority, are able to convince clients that these visions really did happen.’

According to Mair, families accused of abuse because of recovered memory therapy tend to be middle class.

However, statistically, abuse is more likely to occur in deprived and impoverished homes.

‘This treatment is devastating previously happy families,’ she says.

Today, Peter Jones, 70, a product development engineer from Sheffield, has nothing but photographs to remind him of the happy family he’s lost because of a therapist who still treats his 48-year-old daughter Janet.

‘This therapist must have made an awful lot of money out of my daughter — and yet all our lives have been destroyed,’ he says.

‘My marriage has broken up, I lost my job and my family. I haven’t seen my  granddaughter since she was three.’

After going to the doctors of a headache aged 21, Carol was brainwashed into accusing her loving family of satanic sex rituals, murdering a sister and being high priests of a cult.

Janet, a former banker, turned to a private psychotherapist ten years ago when her career collapsed after a period of illness.

‘A few weeks later she came to see my wife Mary and me. She could hardly speak,’ says Peter.

‘Eventually she said my wife’s parents — her beloved grandparents — had raped and abused her. I couldn’t believe it, but my wife Mary instantly threw her arms around her and comforted her.

‘My in-laws were on holiday in Spain and I had to ring them to tell them. Six months later, her grandpa died of a heart attack — a broken man. I rang the psychotherapist and left messages, begging her to call me and saying I was worried about Janet. Shortly afterwards, Janet wrote to my wife, claiming I had abused her as well.

‘It was just ridiculous. I’m certain Mary didn’t believe it, but she had no choice but to support Janet or risk being cut out of her life altogether, like my in-laws.

‘She divorced me, but secretly sent me a photo of our granddaughter. Why would she do that if she thought I had abused our daughter?

‘I’ve since discovered that before going private, the therapist had at least one disciplinary hearing while working for the NHS for misleading patients.

‘I still love Janet, but I can’t believe our whole family has been destroyed. I should have been celebrating my golden wedding anniversary this year — instead, I am utterly alone.’

Peter’s only hope is that some victims of false memory syndrome do realise they may have made a terrible mistake.

‘One woman last month did manage to admit it,’ says Madeline. ‘She is an intelligent woman in her 40s and, after ten years of accusations and then silence, she walked up the drive as her father was washing the car and said: “I’m so sorry, dad.” They fell into each other’s arms and hugged.’

Maxine Berry, 41, is thankful her father was just as forgiving when she retracted false accusations that he had abused her as a child.

A senior clinical trial assistant from Leeds, she was 18 when she went to see a student counsellor after suffering with stress about starting university.

(Ed: Note well that  Maxine was sucked into confabulating false memories of Satanic Abuse  in 1996, the year in which Sarah Nelson began the RAIN campaign to persuade therapists countrywide to seek out SRA 'victims'  amongst their patients - see middle column )

‘The counsellor referred me to a private clinic which, unbeknown to me, specialised in recovered memory techniques,’ says Maxine.

‘I was given a book to read about childhood abuse and invited into group therapy sessions. Finally, in one therapy session, I said “Well, perhaps my father did do something to me in the past” and it just spiralled from there.

‘I was doped with a cocktail of anti-depressants and gradually my stories became wilder. I claimed I was abused by my father from the ages of two to ten.

But my dad Gary, a writer, split up with my mother when I was three and moved away. I hadn’t actually seen him since.
'I was told I was bound to become an abuser, too. So I had myself sterilised'

‘Our group counselling sessions became like a competition, with everyone trying to out-do each other with a worse story than the person before. One therapist became really angry when I started to question if these things had really happened, telling me: “You are not accepting things.”

‘My claims started with inappropriate touching and spiralled until I truly believed my father had raped me. I was so unhappy I attempted suicide several times.

‘It was my husband Brian who finally said I sounded as if I was reading from a script. Our marriage had suffered because of the therapy, too.

‘We married when I was 22, but separated within a year because I wouldn’t listen to him. Therapy had taken over my whole life.

Thankfully, we reconciled the following year, but when I told my therapists we wanted children they were horrified, telling me I would probably abuse them in turn because I had been so damaged.

‘I was so worried that I had a sterilisation when I was 23, denying me the chance of having my own family.

‘It was only as Brian helped me come off the medication that my head started to clear. Later that year we saw a TV documentary about recovered false memories and I realised that was what had happened to me.’

Maxine began legal action against the clinic, but they settled out of court. Afterwards, she made contact with her father Gary for the first time in 20 years.

‘He was horrified to hear what I had believed,’ she says. ‘Our meeting was highly emotional. He forgave me, hugged me and now we see each other often. But Mum didn’t speak to me for years.

‘I’m so angry that therapists played with the mind of a vulnerable girl. It almost destroyed my family and nearly killed me.

‘I managed to walk up to my father’s front door and say sorry, but it took all the courage I had to admit I’d been wrong.’

Some names have been changed.

Abused By Therapy by Katharine Mair (Matador, ?10.99, available on troubador.co.uk.)

Justice For Carol by Dr Kevin Felstead and Richard Felstead (amazon.co.uk, 9.69).

Daily Mail: Wednesday, Feb 12 2014

Full background to the Myers case here:

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