"This proves what we've been saying for years: Wiccans drink the blood of Christians!"

See how Born Again Christians Lie For Their God

"After my encounter with Satan I found that I was now a true member of the group. Everyone in the coven had dedicated themselves to Satan and with my new friend Stargrove's enounter taking place just days after mine there were now no secrets in the coven.

We regularly met to praise Satan, Baal, Astarte and all the other old opponents of the God of the Bible. We hated Christians and tried hard to think of ways to destroy them for good. We had some success in this area - lukewarm Christians could be attacked, but true believers were impossible to get to. We put it down to our weakness and went on trying.

We summoned the dead on many occasions, asking long-dead witches for advice. It was from these that we heard over and over again of the power of blood. We had been using our own blood to make our spells more powerful for some time but the spirits told us that sacrifices worked better. We were so debased that out only query was what we should sacrifice and how to avoid calling attention to ourselves. We began by using cats - as long as they were well buried, or eaten by dogs then no one would suspect anything. We practised cruel tortures on those poor animals for our own pleasure. We got worse and worse the more spirits we called, and started to use dogs, pigeons - anything we could get our hands on. Satan was leading up to something, and we understood what when he spoke to us himself one day and ordered us to sacrifice a child. We were Satan's servants, we did not object, but were worried about getting caught. Satan laughed at our worries and told us that we had brethren in all sorts of unlikely places - there are thousands of missing children every year and the pagan police officers would be sure to say our victims were either just missing or, in case of any bodies being discovered, dispose of them if possible or blame a serial killer.

The next day we enticed a ten year old girl in from the street. We held her in the warehouse, and held a disgusting ritual where her still-beating heart was held aloft as an offering to Satan. That poor child suffered terribly and I can only hope God has her at peace with Him now. The spells we performed using her poor little body had added potency, weaking havoc and causing serious problems to Christians and all who opposed us. We used our connections to have her body destroyed after we had finished.

I spent over a year serving Satan in this way. It got so that I could not have a relationship of any form with anyone outside the coven - I truly belonged to Satan now, not anyone else. Even people who were casual aquaintances began to be affected by what I was doing - my newsagent became a rapist, my next-door neighbour killed himself. I had the opposite of Midas' touch - everything I touched became evil.

The coven was my family - I didn't even see how disgusting we all were until I met Christ. I would have stayed in the coven until I died and went to hell if God had not intervened. Satan made a demand so high that even I could not stomach it. He announced to us one day that in order to get enough power to summon many demons to torment the saints in a church we knew, another sacrifice was necessary. We thought nothing was unusual until he announced that one of us had to die. He did not anticipate any objection and carried on telling us about a further rite involving the defilement of children, when Stargrove asked why one of us had to die. He told us that the death of a "dark saint", his servant, earned much more power than any other except a true Christian - who were protected. By drinking the blood we would increase in power and by using the body our spells would be many times more powerful. He also wished us to recruit more Satanists - we had not made any since me and with the occult explosion going on, he wanted us to increase numbers.

Everyone went along with it, but I felt strangely reluctant. I asked if we couldn't kidnap a Christian instead and the coveners started to question my dedication. I protested that I would always love and serve Satan, but Satan decreed that my friend Stargrove should be sacrificed to test my loyalty. I was not happy - even though I had witnessed many sacrifices, this was my friend. The warning tone was unmistakable, and I knew what the coven could do, so I said nothing more. Stargrove went quite happily to her fate, pleased to serve Satan, and it grieves me very much that my friend will be in hell. She was brutally sacrificed, her blood and heart eaten by the coven, her body used for potions. She didn't even scream when the blade plunged into her chest. This was too much for me, Stargrove had been my biggest friend in the coven. Seeing her fate made me worry about myself for the first time - Satan did not care about us, and would sacrifice any of us without a second thought. It w as like a revelation - everyone cared only for power and not for each other, our cameraderie was only skin-deep. I decided that night to leave. My sleeping conscience was waking up - as I found out later, the Christians I had attacked were praying for me. God enabled me to see what I was doing, though I did not meet Him for some time.

With the death of Stargrove, I decided to leave Satan for good."

[Scared and Lonely] [Know Jesus] [Contact]

� Keziah Thomas, expagan4christ[at]yahoo.com.

Are you one of those who believes that the above account is real or can you see that it is complete fiction designed to pander to the worst fears of Christian Fundamentalists?

If you think there is ANY credence in the above extract which is just one of hundreds the SAFF has collected over the years which were originally taken seriously and then, when checked out, found to be totally false, (see here) you should reflect that those collective preconceptions are a root cause of the evil which manifests in our society in many ways and which has historically claimed many innocent lives. Christians cannot therefore complain about evil if they are willing to partake in it when it suits them. Well-meaning christians may be 'doing the work of the Devil' far more efficiently than any pretend Wiccan ever could!

Read Detective Constable Charles Ennis's analysis and disproving of the above Ex-Pagan4Christ story here:

Family of Samford's Victim Says Wicca Link is Bunkum

"In March 2010 Angela Sanford murdered my Uncle Joel.... Today was the 3rd time she was offered a plea deal. (The past 2 times she called it off the morning of [court appearance]. ) about 20 of his family members (his wife, 2 of his sons included) gathered in the court room. The 1st time she got up we heard from her was that she was "emotionally overwhelmed" because of the amount of family members that showed up.

Ugh, she makes me sick, she just laughs the entire time. Not only that she will get a max of 20 yrs. because of the plea. Had we gone to trial she would have gotten life. (1st degree murder, It was meditated) It's 15 for 2nd degree, + 5 yrs for it being aggravated.

posted 27th Aug : Quoting Mandi:" I'm so sorry, sweetie. Many prayers to you and your family."


posted 27th Aug " That is awful...why did she murder your uncle? That bitch needs to ROT."

Niece: The first time she was asked, she said she was defending herself because he tried to rape her. (no one bought it, witnesses heard no screaming, she had her clothes neatly folded and he was in a vulnerable position) Later she said she was a Wiccan. He was listed in her phone as sacrifice. (which does not add up lol, as Wiccans are generally peaceful) He had met her at a casino in town a few days before and [she said] they went to the mountains to celebrate Beltain (also this is supposed be in summer lol, she is just a nut)....

-she is just a nut - she is just a nut - she is just a nut - she is just a nut -

Source: baby-gaga.com

Sanford Sentenced to 20 years

Angela Sanford being led away from court


Fundies Claim It Was Ritual Sacrifice
But Was It?

Angela Sanford leaves court in Albuquerque New Mexico, after pleading no contest to the second degree murder of Joel Leyva on an Albuquerque Hiking trail in 2010.

Fundies and SRA satan-hunters have been praying for a case like this for the past 22 years - since they began their campaign to besmirch and suppress neo-paganism. For decades they have been circulating amongst themselves unproven, fictitious stories like the 'testimony' on the left which has set the scene for any copy-cat criminal to follow. It's a wonder it took so long for one to turn up!

The story appears cut and dried. Sanford 30, a self-declared Wiccan who says she follows the pagan religion of Wicca meets her victim, 52 year old Joel Leyva, in a Casino and a week later invites him to attend the Wiccan Spring Rite of Beltaine. They set off on a remote hiking trail in the Sandia foothills. There, on the Vernal Equinox, she lures him into sex and whilst straddling Leyva stabs him 13 times with her Wiccan Ceremonial Dagger as 'a sacrifice to the gods'.

A horrific and outrageous story and one that immediately chimed with the claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse; but it wasn't quite as sound as the fundies would have you believe.

For a start Wiccan's don't sacrifice any animal or living thing. It is totally against their creed and because of this they don't have any ritual in their liturgy which involves a sacrificial rite. So where did Sanford get hers from? (see the Pagan Credo [right] for what Wiccans actually believe and do). If Sanford did kill Leyva it wasn't because of pagan philosophy.

Many news reports featured the 'fact' that Sanford's victim was 'stabbed 13 times'. The inference being that the number 13 had some occult significance - but the police press release was not clear cut. It stated that her victim Leyva was actually stabbed '11 to 13 times in the head and torso'. A few reports including one from CBS stated that he had been stabbed eleven times. It appears that the tabloid media siezed upon and featured 13 stab wounds because it spiced the story and cemented prejudices already in readers' minds.

The SAFF have many cases where random cuts and wounds have been similarly misread as being a satanic number when in fact they were just plain random.


The fundies also see similar indication of occult activity in the position of bodies. One case was considered an occult murder because the corpse was found with arms at right-angles to the body indicating a cross. In yet another case they apportioned an occult murder to one incident because the arms and legs were akimbo in a figure of X. Experienced police know the reasons why bodies end up in those kinds of positions and I will not rehearse them here save to say that fundies appear to be able to find some pseudo-occult indicator in any situation.


From her myspace and facebook pages it is clear that Sanford's approach to spirituality is eclectic. She takes upon herself many titles and believes in a hotch-potch of things and talks about the Apocalypse. As well as calling herself a Wiccan she also terms herself a Vampire! No true Wiccan would ever denigrate the religion of wicca by associating it or themselves with a rare psychopathological disorder involving the urge to drink blood.

In short it appears that Sanford is a fantasist. We know for sure that she is not a member of any coven or local or national wiccan group so appears to be a lone Maverick. Anybody can call themselves Wiccan but they aren't Wiccan unless they adhere to the tenets of that religion.

From her Myspace page her most active contact/friend on the internet appears to be a woman who swaps extracts from the bible with Sanford. This clearly also contra-indicates true Wiccan involvement.


In fact Sanford's grasp of the fundamentals of Wicca is so poor as to throw doubt on her claim to be even a beginner-Wiccan. For example she is quoted as telling the police that she was celebrating the festival of Beltaine with Leyva. Beltaine is an ancient pagan festival held on May Day but in fact the murder took place on the Spring Equinox which is one of the four cross-quarter festivals of Wicca occuring two months earlier. This is an elementary mistake no real witch would make.

Secondly, although Sanford claimed that her knife was an Athame, or witch's knife, it does not prescribe to the requirements of a sacred knife in Wicca and was not traditionally sigilised. (see the panel below for the true reasons of how and why Wiccans and Pagans use knives)

In my mind's eye I seem to see, those things I fear the most. but one fine day they will occur and I will be just dust. (fra M)


One bright-spark actually tried to create a link in this case between Wicca and Satanism (which are entirely different and opposed beliefs) by suggesting that the victim, Joel Leyva, had been chosen because his name is an anagram of LaVey. Anton Lavey was the man who started the Church of Satan in the U.S. in 1966!

The Basilica of Radna Of course one can take this kind of thinking to the other extreme. Angela Sanford is an anagram of Angels of Radna, a Christian Basilica on the pilgrim route in Romania which holds its patron's day on March 21st every year. Using this logic I could make a case that Angela Sanford is actually an avenging angel. A Christian crusader seeking to eliminate womanising gamblers for Christianity and did set out to kill on the patron saint's day, afterwards putting the blame on Witchcraft..... Yes I could make that case... if I was as bonkers as the fundies on the left!


There's much more to a Wiccan ceremony than a walk in the woods. Invariably a genuine Wicca ceremony would include a magic circle, two altar candles with candleholders, incense and an incense burner, images of the god and/or goddess, a wand, a chalice, an inscribed platen, votive lights for the quarters, red white and blue magical cords and numerous other ancillary items including a script of the rite to read from. None of these were present. The only things found by the police in this case were the body and the knife. That's what's usually found at any common-or-garden murder.


There is no injunction to kill or sacrifice any living thing in any of the annals of Wicca or Neo-Paganism. Fundies always hark back to prehistoric days when most civilisations practised forms of human sacrifice. Even the tribes of Israel on whose cosmic beliefs and laws Christianity depends, used a form of human sacrifice in those distant uncivilised days.

Pagans do not point the finger of guilt at modern Christians for the hundreds of thousands of pagans who were burned alive as religious sacrifices in mediaeval times. Yet let just one instance of someone who was peripherally involved in Wicca murder a victim and the fundies immediately jump on the 'we told you they were still sacrificing humans in their rites' bandwagon. It's plain silly.

No sensible and rational individual would consider it proof of anything other than the evil outpourings of sectarians with an axe to grind.


When Christian Fanatic Anders Breivik sacrificed nearly 100 people at Uttoya Island in Norway, pagans did not scream 'Christian Ritual Sacrifice' yet here was definite evidence of a man killing for Jesus.

There are literally THOUSANDS of cases of evil people who have used Christian religious justification to commit the most atrocious crimes but we don't immediately jump to accuse the entire caucus of Christians of being ritual murderers.


Anyone with any sense can see that the Angela Sanford Wiccan Dagger case is actually the exception that proves the rule. After 22 years of consistent world-wide publicity and scaremongering over satanists and witches sacrificing children by literally millions of evangelical Christians who have searched far and wide for evidence, the Sanford case is the only one which comes close.

During these two decades the SAFF have compiled lists of hundreds upon hundreds of crimes, including murder, which had a Christian motivation.

Like all right thinking individuals we welcome the prosecution and punishment of Angela Sanford. What she did was against all the tenets of paganism and she will suffer for it throughout many lifetimes. She rightly deserves the 20 years sentence.

We don't want evil people to pretend to be part of our religion and then commit crimes which are forbidden by our religious laws.

The only silver-lining in this tragic case is that it gives Wiccans world-wide an opportunity to present the true tenets and beliefs of genuine Wicca and Neo-Paganism.


John Freedom
Mortlake, Autumn Equinox 2011

Observe The Wiccan Rede: Do What Thou Wilt An It Harm None : Observe The Wiccan Rede: Do What Thou Wilt An It Harm None :

The Pagan Credo

The Pagan Credo is a key document which truthfully explains the tenets and beliefs of Wiccans and neo-pagans worldwide. It was compiled decades ago by pagan leaders to show what witches actually do and what they believe in. The Pagan Credo has been a reliable and honest source of information to journalists, researchers and outsiders of all kinds. As you will see from the extracts below it completely answers and undermines the usual allegations of evil rites and human sacrifice which have been historically used by our sectarian fundamentalist enemies to portray us as violent and evil people.


Certainly not, they are exactly the reverse: ..."By celebrating the seasons and becoming one with other living creatures, Pagans synchronise intimately with the planet, and liberate their personalities and magnify their perceptions and talents, in the interests of themselves, their groups and communities, and humankind as a whole ."


Pagans do not worship the Devil; that would be totally incompatible ... The Devil of monotheist religions does not exist in Pagan philosophy; Pagans regard evil as an imbalance to be corrected, not as an independent force or entity.


No they do not. Such activities are not only immoral they are diametrically opposed to Pagan teachings. Most pagans are vegetarians for moral reasons and those who are meat eaters are also pet lovers like the majority of the rest of the population. ..."Pagans' ethical attitude is summed up in the Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do what you will." This means achieving full self-development while accepting equally full responsibility towards one's fellow-humans, one's fellow-creatures, and the Earth itself. Love for all of these is a foundation-stone of Paganism...... This is demanded by the Goddess who is Gaia. To attack another human or animal is to attack our own deity and ourselves - a completely nonsensical act.


..Most Pagans believe in reincarnation, in one form or another. This belief further strengthens Pagans' attitudes to Earth as our continuing home for the foreseeable future, rather than as a temporary and restrictive stopping-place. It is also a powerful moral force, because it emphasises that all offences against other individuals, the community, or the Earth, and all failure to learn lessons, must ultimately be put right by oneself, and cannot be evaded by bodily death.

The Full text of The Pagan Credo can be seen here

After centuries of persecution we know we will never change the bigoted views of people like Sheriff Don W. Richards and his ilk. The purpose of this article is to enlighten free-thinkers and middle-of-the-road Christians to what Witches really do and show that they are not a threat to society and do not carry out any form of abuse or sacrifice.

We outline our beliefs here to avoid what happened last time; in the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth during the 1990s, where evangelists and fundamentalists used the ignorance of the populace to manipulated opinion against us and falsely steered activists in the social services by hiding their fanatical religious views and sectarian hate and representing their imaginings as 'evidence' so that they could carry out the persecution of pagan beliefs with which they disagreed.



The advances in civilisation brought about by the wheel are often alluded to but this is simply dwarfed by the improvements which sharp-edged tools brought to mankind. The entire history of civilisation is built upon them.

The use of elemental tools in both magic and religion are a link with prehistoric times when people had to succeed entirely upon their own resources by optimising nature's technology.

The clay bowl, latterly replaced on most altars by a metal chalice, was the natural development of the cupped-hands which prehistoric people used to drink water, the elixir of life, without which all life on earth is impossible.

The Pantacle of Earth is the flat stone or quorn upon which seeds were crushed for bread and life-sustaining food was prepared.

The Wand is the antecedent of the staff or throwing stick or club used to pound food, protect, hunt and kill game at close quarters.

The witch's knife or Athame is the antecedent of the edged-tool, hand-axe, adze, needle and bolin, originally chipped from flint.

This enabled the individual to clear and till ground for cultivation, to shape wood, construct timber dwellings, dug-outs, timber boats and even the wheel.

It facilitated travel and trade, enabled the cutting up and preserving of meat. It was used to prepare food, scrape and tan leather, make arrowheads and spearheads to hunt at a greater distance.

It was used to hollow out bowls and other containers, it enabled one to protect oneself at close combat, make sandals to protect the feet which enabled travel and enterprise.

The knife edge enabled the manufacture of wooden armour, ploughs and a million and one other things.

The ENTIRE foundation of human life as we know it today is as a result of that single sharp edge which was as great an invention as fire and which is today represented in our sacred elemental tools by an sacred knife or Athame.

Full version is available for instant download at:

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