Read of the Lengths that Fundamentalist Christian Agitators will go to in censoring and suppressing competing religions and defaming the world's oldest belief.

ATTENTION!   If you are a Witch or a Pagan or in fact any genuine occultist. THIS CONCERNS YOU!

The despicable leaflet reproduced overleaf was widely distributed in Corby and Nottingham by a fanatical Christian evangelical group called The Christian Rescue Service run by one John Celia of Corby.  Note that previously to this fundamentalists trying to promote Satanic Ritual Abuse have accused only Satanists and have acknowledged that White Witches are not the same thing.  This leaflet breaks with that line.  Here John Celia is clearly telling anyone who listens that ALL witches will, through observing their religious beliefs, torture and kill children.

Although activist members of the Christian Rescue Service group are plainly fanatics and are at the moment poorly resourced they have succeeded in obtaining charitable status and doors are now being opened for them in the powerful fundamentalist network..

 Apart from starting a number of local scares in Corby Celia also organised a committee of action against an occult market stall holder in Corby and hounded the authorities and market owners with complaints and trouble-making. This was the Bridge of Dreams which, in its later incarnation in Lincoln, was burned to the ground by fundamentalists, see http://saff.nfshost.com/dreambur.htm 
One of this dope's complaints was that Guatemalan worry dolls sold by the market stall were actually witch-dolls designed to kill and harm!

We hasten to underline that we have knowledge whatsoever that would lead us to believe that John Celia or any of his acquaintances knew about or was in any way involved in that later fire. However it is true that he was one of those who worked exceedingly hard to set public opinion against the owners of the Bridge of Dreams - see http://saff.nfshost.com/dreambur.htm for the full-story.

The CRS have just opened their first 'area branch' in Nottingham, a hotbed of powerful fundamentalist activity. Despite the amateurish look of the leaflet it is MOST dangerous because it signifies the new full-on approaches to suppressing Paganism, not Satanism, which the fundamentalists are now taking.

The leaflet is not unique. All the fundie literature is getting bolder and demanding more definite laws and suppressions.
As you can see, the leaflet does not suggest, it clearly and squarely accuses ALL Witches and Pagans of Child-Abuse related to their beliefs.

The S.A.F.F warned the Pagan community years ago that the freedom of Paganism was bound up with supporting the freedom of belief of Satanists who research shows are just as innocent of any crimes. This CRS leaflet CLEARLY establishes the inextricable link, albeit entirely bogus, in the minds of Christian fundamentalists between Witchcraft and Satanism.

Of course anyone tutored in history will know that Paganism was the original religion of the British Isles and existed here for millennia before Christian missionaries came to our shores.  They will also know that from the 12C onwards various Inquisitions and Crusades set up by the early Church tortured and murdered literally millions of Pagans as 'heretics'.

The fundamentalist doctrine will not allow them to accept the beneficient nature of Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism under ANY circumstances and any occultists who thinks that they are safe is an imbecile.

History is repeating itself. Dickens and Core are asking the authorities to reopen old cases of child abuse to seek signs of ritualised abuse.
New Ritualised Child abuse seminars are in place and planned.
The Fundies originally claimed that Satanic Abuse was rife.
The Social Services agreed.
 The S.A.F.F. proved it wasn't.
 The social Services backtracked and claimed they didn't mean Satanic Abuse but Ritualised Abuse which wasn't necessarily connected with satanism.
Thickie occultists and Neo-Pagans agreed with them giving a sigh of relief thinking that they were off the hook.
The S.A.F.F. said NO! There is no such thing as ritualised abuse, satanic or otherwise.
But the fools had their day and now this despicable leaflet, making the same discredited allegations which REACHOUT did to begin with, does NOT REFER TO SATANIC ABUSE AT ALL, instead it mentions Ritualised Abuse four times in connection with Paganism.
A rose by any other name.
How much longer are  occultists going to resist joining the SAFF?
 The ONLY organisation which can help liberate you from the continuous and certain suppression which your beliefs are undergoing?
Ask yourself these questions:

(1) Literature relating to cases of child abuse is confidential. How did CRS get hold of the abused child's drawings so they could reproduce them overleaf? Because a fundamentalist social worker gave them it to use as propaganda, that's how.
The same Christian Social Workers who have hidden their religious bias and promoted the idea of RITUALISED ABUSE in social work departments around the country.

(2) Why do they always advertise helplines for victims when there have been no victims of Ritualised Abuse found anywhere in last four years?
Because there's always some victim imposter or imbalanced folk waiting in the wings to telephone in and fantasise horrid tales about Witches which will give CRS a platform in the media to attack alternative beliefs; That's why.

Got any kids?
Likely to have in the near future?
Look at the drawing.
There's a magic-circle marked out with candles.
A witch in a sigilised robe holding her athame/dagger and the body of a baby on the floor.
This scenario (all but the lies about the abuse) could fit YOUR style of worship.
The Christian Rescue Service are saying these dastardly untrue things about YOUR religion.
They have absolutely NO evidence to back it up, but they don't need any.
Social workers BELIEVE IT and many police forces believe it.
The Department of Health is drawing up guidelines on 'identifying' ritual abusers but they have refused to accept input from the very people who are being falsely accused.

If these Satan-Hunters come to your home and find the trappings of paganism then you will be considered GUILTY.
It has happened already.
Just one paperback copy of a Dennis Wheatley novel was enough to 'confirm' the guilt of the local priest in the Orkney false SRA case!
For every mistake, false-accusation and injustice you know about there are tens of injustices which the Satan Hunters have succeeded with.
The fundamentalist campaign has not gone away. It has now been building up for four years.
They are making inroads into ALL levels of government and local authorities.
Your beliefs are being CRUSHED underfoot but many  people in our sub-culture are too uninformed to realise it.
Many spokespersons for Alternative faiths content themselves with gossiping and tittle-tatling or arguing the case as to whether a Christian campaign even exists. And whilst Nero fiddles, Rome burns.

You are being HAD but you will soon realise the truth when you get the knock on YOUR door.
Because you are innocent you believe it can't happen to you.
Even though it has happened to others just like you.
Very soon yet ANOTHER Satan Seminar is to be held in Reading.
A copy cat version of the FIRST satanic abuse seminar with imported American 'experts'.
The VERY SAME experts, whose opinions and conclusions SAFF has already discredited, are being invited a second time.

Time after time we at the S.A.F.F. have pleaded with the alternative sub-culture to join us and get wise.
Become informed.
Help yourself and help the rest of occultism too.
Uphold the spiritual and moral principles which your belief espouses.
Rally round NOW because although the S.A.F.F. has conducted a tremendously successful campaign ON YOUR BEHALF the combined resources of the Christian militia DWARF us and we need more activists and a larger network.

Had we all combined together under one strategy to begin with then we could have stopped all this within months.
Now we have perhaps one last chance to get together and stop the suppression and that's no kidding.

Join the S.A.F.F. NOW. A couple of quid is all you need. A fiver is great.
If you are really into doing something a tenner is not out of the way.
Give us the tools to do the job or/and get involved yourself. We will show you how.
Write and tell us about your special talents or knowledge and we'll let you know how they can be put to use.
There are over 600 SAFFERS at present.
You are joining a superb bunch of people who have a unique insight into occultism and society.
Fill in the form,
send in cuttings and gossip,
advertise us in your magazine;
support us in your group;
put posters up for us.
Keep the ball rolling but DO IT NOW because you're already four years behind and most of you need updating on the long term strategy of this continuing religious oppression.

Extracted from a SAFF leaflet 1992.

(c) world copyright holder: The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (S.A.F.F.) Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K.

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