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Peter Sellers resists the temptation to give a Nazi Salute

The Rise of Street Nationalism and the Dangers of Subliminal Religious Conformity

“The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life….”

Adolf Hitler, Berlin, February 1, 1933

How Right-wing politicians are Radicalising the Self-Image of Britons

I smell serious jeopardy today in the rise of numerous xenophobic groups that are allegedly formed to defend our homelands against foreign inroads.

Many of these one-sided groups are quietly egged on by egocentric politicians who care very little for the damage to social harmony that their jingoistic propaganda creates.
Admittedly, it is not hard to understand why some communities feel threatened by foreign invasion. This is an age old problem for any community. It is also one that lethargic politicians who preach political correctness should address properly. We elect the fools to properly govern us but they let us down, time after time. They rely on ancient stereotypes and communal fear of change to keep us under control (obedient to ‘their’ preordained agenda) and we let them get away with it.

Our Land and our religion – oh, is it really?

Some perceptive religious activists shrewdly drift into the ranks of the anxious natives then sooner or later start to call the shots, via grabbing the moral high ground.
I have seen through this facade recently in my home town with one Tory hopeful candidate, Brian Duckett, arrogantly telling the rest of us..
“We need to accept that Britain is a Christian nation and we must stop pandering to politically correct intolerance of those from other religions.”

Cameron has already been taken to task, even by his own deputy Prime Minister, for waving the Christian Militant flag.


Cameron Confirms Christianity's Stranglehold Over British Society

Now that there is incontrovertible evidence of harm to hundreds if not thousands of children coming from Christian Teachings it is little enough to ask that they are banned from involvement in exorcism ceremonies. Note that we do not demand that exorcism of adults should be banned (even though we see it as highly dangerous) but complicit adults are not victims in the same way that children always must be.

However the Christian church has a stranglehold over the government, institutions and charitable groups in the U.K. just as it has in the Congo and so this will of course never happen and sadly other children will probably end up tortured to death because of it.

David Cameron Musing To see how much of a hold Christianity has over our society one only need look at the recent ignorant remarks made by the Prime Minister David Cameron when he visited Oxford in December 2011. Cameron said:

Britain is .. a 'Christian country. And we should not be afraid to say so'
... what I am saying is that the Bible has helped to give Britain a set of values and morals which make Britain what it is today.
....a return to Christian values could counter the country's "moral collapse" Source
Are we to assume that Cameron actually believes this drivel? Even C stream sixth formers know these things are lies so why did Cameron think he could get away with saying it? The Christian vote perhaps?

Historians cannot and do not deny that Britain was run successfully by people of the Celtic pagan religion for thousands of years before Christian Missionaries came to our shores and usurped the old religion with their own. This is a matter of historical fact.

Celtic civilisations gave Britain (and the known world) a fabulous and valuable heritage which underpins almost everything we do today. Our major festivals now considered Christian were all originally pagan, our laws, our manufacturies, boatbuilding, crafts, jewellery and art, our language, why even the names of the days of the week are remnants from our vivid and beautiful pagan ancestry.

To infer, as the ignoramus Cameron has, that the people of the British Isles were uncivilised and immoral before Christianity educated us in their ways and gave us the Ten Commandments, is PRECISELY the same colonial imperialist arrogance which hallmarks the missionising of Africa and the attack on traditional beliefs there......


This type of selectively offensive mind-spin, that equates nationalism with the Church, is not only outrageously flawed but also highly dangerous. Duckett’s quasi-patriotic, bible-banging, spiel is of course nothing new and the Tory Leader David Cameron tried a comparable self-promotional line, to grab supplementary Christian right wing votes, quite recently.

Mr Cameron and Duckett are playing the same game to ingratiate themselves, as the ‘Good-guys’, with the trusting masses in a very similar fashion to Germany’s leader some years ago.
Eager to win Christian hearts Hitler previously stated…

“The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life….”

Adolf Hitler, Berlin, February 1, 1933

Many more examples exist.

NB. Of course, inflammatory and callous leaflets like Mr Duckett’s are now often produced at Tory HQ to the equivalent dictums ready for the next election in order to outflank UKIP. Like all career politicians Duckett will say and do anything his Tory overseers tell him to do to acquire influence. Such is the shallow nature of politics. The latest appeal to Christians is to try to undo the widespread damage done by the Tories to their voting base over same-sex marriage, which lost them a lot of voters!

The almost identical way in which the above politicians all link Nationalism to the Church is astounding. The comparisons are authentic and they are extremely alarming. More disturbing still is the credulous way in which the controlled masses persistently fall for the subterfuge, without as much as a question.

The politicians’ well-worn words, us, we and ours are bandied about in an attempt to create a misleading visage of a body of opinion supportive of the one selected principle. This in fact is an exceptionally basic yet most ‘successful’ method of mind control that relies on sightless conformity (herd instinct) to ensure compliance toward a given creed, etc

The swing to the right in the European elections and the prominence of Christian democracy parties is ongoing. The SAFF in fact predicted this accurately when commenting on Anders Breivik's killing of 70 young people in the Utoya Massacre’ in 2011.

Christian fanatics such as this exist at the opposite end of the scale to militant Islamic ones. Essentially they are two sides of the same coin and hate begets more hate!  Before you know it the mass of supporters are indoctrinated into fighting an ‘us against them’ war of attrition that is based ‘not’ on noble patriotism but on blind conformity to a fantasy belief system (Holy War) such as the one dished out by the sanctimonious Church.

Many vigilante - type groups like to grab the Christian banner and stand behind it as some sort of indisputable ‘proof’ that they are the ‘Good guys’.  I am not just alluding to King Richard’s chums at the Crusades, the Nazis in WW2 or the somewhat intolerant KKK lads in white hoods.

Over the centuries well-meaning but ridiculously naive populations in the West have permitted the powers of fundamentalism to hoodwink them into believing that Christianity was ‘their’ religious foundation stone. As with the early Nazis, today’s jingoistic zealots also seek to tell us that this faith imported from the Middle East is somehow OUR religion. What utter poppycock.

Britain for instance had a thriving spiritual ethos in Celtic dwellings long before the first intolerant Christian missionaries set foot on our green isles. In fact we had a successful and balanced earth-based spirituality long before the Roman legions arrived.

Thus, the smug ones who now try to delude us into believing that the western lands are ‘Christian’ in heritage must be challenged at source!

Such misleading religious propaganda simply will not do! It is an ethos based on blind ignorant conformity to religious dogma and has no basis in historical legitimacy! Moreover, self-satisfied assertions that the UK is a Christian land have been challenged by many scholars as bogus spin.

Calling Britain a “Christian country” sows seeds of dangerous division, a coalition of 50 leading scientists, writers and academics has said, criticising David Cameron for his spoken desire to infuse Christian values into society.

Nazi Gott Mittuns (God is with us) Badge.

‘Gott mit uns’ (meaning God with us) was a common belt buckle feature of the ‘Christian’ soldiers of the Third Reich.  German Christian priests blessed the soldiers of Germany and Christian vicars blessed the soldiers of England before they went away to kill each other!

History undoubtedly repeats itself because consecutive generations fail to learn from the mistakes of the past. Today therefore we have a situation in which religious fanatics in vigilante apparel and smug vote-seeking politicians are seeking to equate national pride with the Church. The collective dangers associated with such a defective form of political elitism remain as strong as ever! 

So yes, be proud of your country for Britain has a lot to be proud of, but DO NOT let religious or political activists, with hidden agendas, delude you into a false perspective of history!

If you do then l sooner or later we all end up with an extreme situation, like Nazi Germany did in the 1930s-40s.

By Pat Regan,  July 2014

Goebbels and Nazi Brass Sand Side by Side with Catholic Bishops
Picture shows Joseph Goebbels (extreme right) and Nazi gaulieters standing with German Bishops, all giving the Sieg Heil salute.  Goebbels controlled Nazi propaganda and used hatred of the Jews and fear of the 'godless' Russians to coalesce nationalistic fervour. Sound familiar? 


Now you may think that after 26 years of hawking the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth and failing the Satan Hunters would have dropped it but they can't because as long as just one person resists their fantasies about SRA their position is insecure.  So in July 2014  ( almost to the day the 25th anniversary of when the fundies burned down his book store )  Chris Bray of the Sorcerer's Apprentice bookshop in Leeds was attacked again on  the Russia TV website.

Tony Gosling's pack of Lies about Chris BrayThe ill-informed hack Tony Gosling, who wrote this barrel of dross (alongside) works out of Bristol community Radio, hosting a programme which often relies on internet rumour and conspiracy for its content.   It is no coincidence that Roger Cook who has conducted a 25 year campaign to smear Mr Bray  lives just outside Bristol and that the radio station earlier broadcast libellous statements from Cook about Chris Bray in an interview for the Drivetime series, then refused to retract them when Chris asked.   This  is  what Gosling wrote in his RT article above.
"Sinason has not been the only one to talk of satanic ritual abuse in connection with Savile. Britain’s most popular TV journalist ever, Roger Cook, also exposed what he believed was a satanic ritual abuse ring in Savile's home town of Leeds, Yorkshire. During the airing of an edition called the 'The Devil's Work'' (Cook Report' series), witnesses told Cook that a certain ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice shop’, run by one Chris Bray, was connected to a ritual abuse ring in the city."

This is an absolute fabrication but incontrovertibly illustrates the evil little way that SRA hunters create spurious links by association. 

The justification for this poisonous and dangerous allegation is, apparently, that the Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop is located in Leeds where, years before, Savile grew up!   The fact that Chris Bray and Savile never met nor communicated  is irrelevant to Gosling even though there are over three quarters of a million people living there.  Can you imagine writing something like that without checking out the accusation first?  There's a reason why Gosling didn't (see later).  For the record here's the real background.

(1) There is no anecdotal evidence from a 'victim' who spoke to the Cook Report.   If there was it would have featured in the programme, not been kept for 25 years until it can now be conveniently used to confirm some imagined link between Savile and Satanism.

(2) Cook did not feature any SRA ring in Leeds in his programme. The idiot Gosling has obviously never viewed it.

(3) Mr Bray is not a Satanist.

(4) There is no SRA ring in Leeds and never has been.

Gosling's allegations are an attempt to convince readers that Valerie Sinason (a founder member of RAINS who has made many madcap accusations since 1989) has been right all along about SRA and therefore it does exist.    This procedure is strikingly similar to one which occurred in the early part of the hysteria when a fundamentalist Christian called Andrew Boyd, with Sinason's help, dutifully produced a Dispatches documentary which claimed to  'prove' the existence of SRA . It turned out to be a complete hoax - see here.

Of course the true background behind Tony Gosling's intent might make things a little clearer:  In May 2013 Gosling interviewed Sinason at length about her manic SRA allegations about Savile being a Satanist on Bristol Community Radio. The SAFF reproduced the interview in a critical review here: 

Our analysis made both her and him look stupid so it may have angered him  but what Gosling fails to make clear in his article is that he is a died-in-the-wool Christian fundamentalist who believes in the rabid Bilderberger myth which blames the Jews for killing Jesus.  You can look at the extremist language and the unproven fancies he writes about on his own private website:

Gosling is a fundamentalist Christian who believes in the Bilderberger myth which blames the Jews for all the trouble in the modern world.

Tony Gosling at work at Bristol fm not mentioning his fundie agendaGosling Writes:

 "I have looked at many spiritual beliefs but nothing has spoken to me on as high a level as Jesus' teachings and actions. The sermon on the mount (Matthew 5-7) shows that no-one has ever understood the importance of love, nor exactly what it means, more than the Messiah long-promised by God.

Many problems have been caused by some of the Jewish people's refusal to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah. Many Jews, for example, live in old Testament Torah Times - believing they are still 'God's chosen people'. It seems clear to me that God cut off the Jewish hierarchy from his favour after they pleaded successfully for the unjust death of his only son. The Israeli state's brutal and racist treatment of the Palestinian people makes it clear to me that Israel is no longer interested in the will of God."


Gosling's  strong belief in the existence of SRA and his willingness to make despicable accusations at the drop of a hat now take on a new perspective do they not?  Same old Same old!  If you look on his website you will find that he speaks at Christianised workshops.  Did Sinason know about Gosling's hell-fire and brimstone when she gave him an interview? 

The cadre of Satan Hunters who were given the prototype Satan Myth by  evangelical Christians in 1989, took it from them; and ran with the ball.  They cut out the biblical nonsense and hyped the fantasies of individual fundies who claimed to have been 'victims'. They pushed evangelical activists into giving interviews to the press to  convince outsiders. They created the fear of the greatest threat to children the world has ever known with the aid of Christian activists. RAINS is doing it again with Gosling's help.   But it was and is all bunkum.

Jean La Fontaine's government report, The Nature and Extent of Satanic Ritual AbuseWhen Prof. Jean La Fontaine  looked at the facts and inspected all the cases for her 1994 official government report on SRA it pronounced that the whole thing was a figment of the imagination of Christian activists. (see news report here)  RAINS  has ever since tried to belittle this amazing research (Coleman does it again in the 'secret' document here). RAINS said they had evidence from adult patients not child cases (you can  read the 'evidence' in Coleman's secret document here and see what you think )  but RAINS have never commented to our knowledge on the way that SRA believers worked with fundamentalists who were later discredited.

Now, 20 years after the publication of La Fontaine's definitive report  they are again roping in  fundie reporters like Gosling  to push the untruths a second time on the back of the Savilemonster allegations.  As before, with Andrew Boyd and his Devil Video, the fact that Gosling is a Christian agent-provocateur ready to print any old tosh against people who hold beliefs he doesn't agree with, is kept under wraps. His personal agenda is not mentioned.  He is first and foremost acting as god's emissary in fighting the devil wherever he is found - not  writing a balanced article  on whether or not  SRA exists. 

New World Order Christian Nazism?

For two decades the SAFF has warned politicians and journalists in this country of the dangers of the New World Order Myth which has gained credence on the internet.  It is no exaggeration to say that prior to the 1930s  the NWO myth gave justification for the Nazi death camps and the killing of millions of Jews in WWII.

In recent times clued-in Islamic minds  have seen the fault-lines and teach the NWO to the next generation as a double-think designed to manipulate the West into weakening itself.  Islamic agents of influence have injected the NWO idea into forums peopled by crass minds who promote the idea of a Zionist-satanic conspiracy.  The official Hamas website is 'befriending' Christians and driving a wedge between them and the Jews here:  After all, as Gosling points out,  The Jews killed Jesus didn't they?  What could be more satanic than that?  Stupid people like Gosling just fall for it all if it confirms their sectarian prejudices.

This meld of minds has resulted in another set of strange bedfellows.  Not only did we have the sight of leftist  intellectuals joining right wing Christian fundamentalists to further SRA but we also see common ground between the extreme political right and Islamists;  both of whom hate the Jews.

Poster portraying the jew as a stereotypical devil / satan figure

On 16 October 1991 Lady Birdwood was found guilty at the Old Bailey of distributing propaganda leaflets which claimed that Jews 'ritually sacrificed' Christian children. 

The comparison of this allegation in relation to the then ongoing hysteria surrounding completely unfounded allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse by Christian fundamentalists  was lost on our tunnel-vision media who continued to print uncorroborated allegations of Satanic Abuse as though fact whilst agreeing among themselves that it would be immoral to give Birdwood 's theories space.

Within a month another batch of similar leaflets were distributed within Cambridge and Oxford Colleges which:

'resurrected medieval claims of Jewish ritual murder of Christian children.'

The recent shifting of public opinion away from Israel and towards the Palestinians has been caused largely by the 're-education' of the masses with the fiction of the New World Order myth which has been powered by and underpinned by the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth.

People who have suckered into the NWO idea should realise their minds have been contaminated. They should read David Aaronovitch's VOODOO HISTORIES which contains the authenticated false origins of the Protocols of The Elders of Zion and chases down  the deaths these teachings have caused in unexpected places over the last century.

Throughout history the Jews have been repetitively accused of sacrificing Christian babies at Passover.  We warned our society YEARS ago that the SRAM was simply a rehash of those mediaeval sectarian blood libels made by the type of literal-minded Christians whose intellectual descendants are still willing to blame Jews today;  but our political leaders are so stupid, and our population so ignorant that even those who trot out the usual platitudes about ridding the world of fascism  are queuing up to pursue this evil path laid out for them by dim people who do their worst disguised as children's rights campaigners and other things.  Gosling is a classic example of it. On one page of his website he accuses Jews of killing Jesus and on another he complains about the problem of Neo-Nazis! 

Now just to make sure you, dear reader, understand our position in all this. We are not Satanists and we are not pushing the Israeli cause. There are many things that Israel does which we find repulsive and only a dimwit could not see the valid case the Palestinians have for getting back a homeland. We are simply pointing out historic Truths and evil gambits which keep the human race in its sinful state.

Many times the people who perpetrate and promote these ideas are so deluded they do not fully realise the dangers of their actions, nor its terrible repercussions. Tony Gosling probably thinks he is acting as an agent of god and doing god's work by slandering Chris Bray. Victimising an innocent man in Leeds is just fair-game perhaps?  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.   Creating a climate which can cause the deaths of those they are supposed to be saving  is unthinkable to them, yet that is what they are, inevitably, doing and in the process damning their own souls.

Breivik Norwegian Christian Cruasder and mass murderer
Photograph of Ander Breivik, Holy Christian Crusader and Mass Murderer of 70 Young socialists on Utoya Island in 2011. In His lengthy European Declaration of Independence Breivik justifies the killings as a necessary watershed to bring together extreme right Christian militias in the Balkans and the West to counter the creep of Islam.   The British media typically passed him off as a lone nutter but you can read the full story here:


Second Wave Attack by Lunatic Christians Throws Britain Another New Age Wobbler.

They're at it again folks! The same wicked people who told you that Britain was infested with baby-eating Satanists are now tricking tabloid journalists into indoctrinating you with the idea that it was the New Age which caused the death of six Million Jews, not Hitler.

According to narrow-minded religious bigots the New Age Movement cultivates homicidal serial killers and 'eco-Fascists' who are supposed to be conspiring to overthrow all notion of Godliness in order to assist Satan to wreak his deadly havoc in Britain.

Despite the fact that Hitler died 30 years before the term New Age was coined and that part of New Age teaching lauds the Jewish Mystery Tradition (The Kabbalah) these preposterous new allegations are being given credence yet again. Such august newspapers as The Glasgow Herald as well as many news-hungry national and local weeklies have swallowed Fundamentalist Scare Number 2. New Age Satanism rampant in U.K. Can British journalists be so dim? You betcha!

Buchenwald Concentration Camp Victims

To cloud the public's analytical capacity to discern the truth the fundamentalist agitators use alarmist tactics to incite emotional hatred aimed at what they see as the 'competition'. This serves to crock the opposition AND avoid embarrassing questions about the fundamentalist's own contribution to the depravity of our society because, lets face it, after 2,000 years of Christian dominance it becomes apparent that any evil occurring in Western society must be caused by, or have a direct relationship with, the culture that controls it!

Nowhere was this propagandist slight-of-hand more ably illustrated than during the Satanic Child Abuse Scare where lunatic Christians claimed that hundreds of Satanists were supposedly sexually abusing, murdering and eating thousands of children every year in Britain. Four years on, and despite a nationwide witch-hunt, there has not been one successful prosecution related to so-called Satanic Abuse of children. Not one! Yet during the same period that Christians were blaming Satanists for abusing children, OVER TWO HUNDRED members of the clergy were convicted of perpetrating child abuse. Some in crimes so horrible that it made the Satanic allegations look positively mild and you can see just a small stomach-churning example of them here.

These 200 prosecutions were incontrovertible evidence of Christian Ritual Abuse, yet they were ignored. (See report: The Black Museum of Child Abuse, July 1991) Whilst gutter press hacks were scavenging the country seeking (and failing) to obtain proof of Satanic Abuse, HUNDREDS of children were being constantly and systematically abused by members of the sect which had invented and promoted the idea of Satanic Abuse. Not once did any journalist who pursued the Satan Myth consider the comparison valid and because of their ingrained cultural prejudices, British Parents were not warned that a scandal of horrendous proportions was occurring repeatedly and continually within churches throughout this country.

The Black Museum of Child Abuse showed that there is on average two serious cases EACH AND EVERY WEEK of children being horribly sexually abused by Clergymen who have the trust of parents and children. And those are just the cases which have been brought to court! How many more long-term abuses are going undiscovered because Social Workers, do-gooders and the police are sent on wild goose chases by the inept moral self-righteousness of the British Media? The Parents have a right to know, but all they see and read about is wild, unproven allegations about so called Satanic Abuse.


The disgusting hi-jacking of Jewish dignity by the despicable article RETURN TO THE CLIMATE OF THE HOLOCAUST (Glasgow Herald 6.3.92) is a typical response from ignorant press-men. New Age Bashing is the next step in the campaign by Christian Evangelicals to train the British public into becoming more and more xenophobic. Little by little they are succeeding in awakening old fears, breaking up our pluralist cosmopolitan society and replacing it with an intolerance which devalues any form of self expression or religious freedom.

Each of these moral panics rides buoyant upon dilemmas of the human condition which no sympathetic person can ignore. But in the process of lending them our moral support, we simultaneously allow these groups to capture power and influence to interfere with our human rights and freedom of expression. Often it is this very back-door method of obtaining a platform which is uppermost in the minds of the activists. These people have a hidden agenda of intolerance which is extremely subversive and pernicious. In just such subtle and hidden ways our society is being changed rapidly by the state within a state of Christian extremism.

To their ultimate shame the media of this country have aided and abetted these gambits with the type of journalistic irresponsibility which fuelled the spurious Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. The reason is easy to fathom. Those hacks who are not simply hypocrites are an integral part of the Christian Cultural Prejudice which controls our society. Those who aren't chronically cynical are unconscious of their deeds. They often don't know just how prejudiced they are against religious minorities and alternative cultures. Just like many ordinary people in the 1950s were unconscious of their subconscious racism until they were educated to see it.

In the infamous Glasgow Herald series of articles, Anne Johnstone produces yet another bundle of sectarian lies couched in alarmist diatribe. The appalling standard of professionalism is well illustrated by the fact that, in a piece dealing with supposed New Age victimisation of Jews the very people she DID NOT consult were Jews and New Agers. She based 90% of her report on the opinions of Christian evangelists and extracts from books by Christian fundamentalists.

She wrote:

"The New Age has its roots in the Theosophical Society ..which propounded a pot-pourri of paganism and Eastern mysticism spiced with anti-Semitism. The adoption of these views by the Nazis created the climate for the Holocaust...The terrifying consequences of redefining evil could be the justification of atrocities and the return of the Nazi mentality" ( Glasgow Herald 6.3.92).

These are dangerous and gratuitous lies which we shall not allow to succeed. It is an insult to those Jews who survived the concentration camps to suggest that they do not know what caused the evil to which they were subjected. It is an arrogance for someone like Anne Johnstone to proffer a solution to a Jewish problem based upon a purely Christian perspective.

We don't know what the editor of the Glasgow Herald was thinking of when he allowed this tripe, but it certainly wasn't the best interests of his Jewish readers. Simon Wiesenthal perhaps knows a little more about this subject than Ms Johstone? He wrote:

"SS guards were portrayed after the war in a way that in reality described only a few of them - perverted beasts always with a whip in their shaft boots ready to strike the face of any prisoner crossing their path. Such warders certainly existed and they created the image of the concentration camp guard in the minds of both the inmates and the public. Yet these sadists accounted for no more than 10 per cent of the camp staff. The remaining 90 per cent were average people, remarkable only for their extreme insensitivity which might have been congenital or might have been acquired in the camps as a kind of psychological self-defence. These people committed crimes only under the exceptional conditions of the Third Reich ... Once the nightmare was over, once they had taken off their uniforms, they put aside their crimes with it and, for the world around them, reverted to what they had been before the war; totally unremarkable. If someone who knew them heard that they had whipped women and children in a concentration camp he would think it just as unlikely as that he himself might commit such atrocities. WE DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE CAPABLE OF SUCH CRIMES TO BE INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM OURSELVES " ( Justice Not Vengeance pp 151).

It was one of Wiesenthal's major fears that when the now aged survivors of the Holocaust expire, the true lesson to be learned from that period would be hi-jacked by people who simply do not know what they are talking about and the sacrifice of an estimated 6 million jews will have been for nothing. He believed that, unless we learn to put blame where it is due (with the weaknesses of ordinary people who selfishly deprecate anyone else's beliefs putting self-interest before the human rights of others) humanity is doomed to suffer the same persecutions again and again.

With Johnstone article in the Glasgow Herald, Weisenthal's fears have been shown to be justified.


Let's make one thing clear before we go any further. I'm not Jewish and the S.A.F.F. is not a Jewish organisation. Neither does it receive funding from the Jewish community. The S.A.F.F. seeks to combat ALL prejudice wherever and whenever it occurs. We comment because we are the only organisation in the world to have studied this problem over many years and that gives us the ability to short-circuit the ignorance which causes victimisation in the human psyche. The S.A.F.F. has no political allegiances. We seek only harmony through right knowledge.

The upshot is so obvious it is screaming at you. Anyone who is capable of shooting a Jewish child point-blank in the face with a pistol or impaling babies on bayonets will graduate to shooting anyone and everyone else in due course.

As Anne Johnstone very well knows, there is no connection between the New Age and Nazism.

  • Hitler was born and brought up a Christian
  • and there is ample evidence to show that the Roman Catholic church aided harboured and abetted many Nazi war criminals during and after WWII.
  • Only last month secret Brazilian files exposed the fact that the Vatican, and the Red Cross helped some of Hitlers' worst henchmen escape prosecution after the war, including Joseph Mengele the 'Auschwitz Angel'.
  • The Sunday Express reported during January (12.1.92) that the Catholic clergy kept one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals from justice for more than 40 years hiding him in a priory in Nice.
  • The church's embarrassing war-time deals with Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin have still not been lived down.
  • Whilst quickly recognising most newly independent Russian states the Catholic church has since 1948 refused to recognise Israel as an autonomous state.

The Catholic church has openly blamed the Jews for the crucifixion.

THE CRUCIFIXION: ....although Pilate intended to have Jesus freed after the scourging, faced with the threats from the Jewish leaders, however, Pilate handed Jesus over to them to be crucified. (Virtue's Catholic Encyclopaedia" pp291.

Observers conclude that it is this dichotomy more than anything else which causes anti-semitism in the Western World. Christian children are indoctrinated with the fact that Christ was all that is good and that the Jews horribly and unmercifully murdered him. For the Glasgow Herald to suggest that a re-awakened interest in Odinnic & Celtic religions is likely to spark off another Holocaust is a contemptible slur which flies against all the facts.

There is nothing more historically repetitive than fundamentalists setting one minority belief fighting against another in order to pick up the pieces afterwards. It was the Christians who blamed the Jews for murdering Christian children in the 12th century. This directly lead to the 12 century massacre of Jews at Clifford's Tower in York and thence to the expulsion of the entire Jewish population from 'Christian' Britain.


The above are just a few of the historical illustrations which disprove the lie which fundamentalists would like to hoist into position about the new Age, but we don't have to rely upon historical fact, nor do we seek 'interpretative' opinions from sectarian 'experts' as Johstone did. We have modern proof that it is not the New Age which threatens the Jewish culture but fundamentalism itself.

Many Christian fundamentalists are rabidly anti-semitic as we shall show, and these weak attempts to project anti-fascist hate towards harmless New Age people who are by qualification always towards the centre-left of the political spectrum, will only serve to provide a blind behind which REAL fascists can continue their anti-semitic activities unhindered. Surely Anne Johstone does not want that to happen? Then she should apologise forthwith and the Glasgow Herald must withdraw their accusations immediately.In the interests of justice and truth we demand that they do so and history will record the integrity of their response.


How many have noticed that Bible Belt America also co-incides with the most active Ku Klux Klan chapters? Or that the Church of Jesus Christ Christian Aryan Nations is just one of many para-military White Supremacist groups with highly anti-Zionist perspectives. The CJCCAN were recently busted by the FBI for arms stockpiling, committing robberies to finance terrorism, the planning of assassinations of federal officials, politicians and important Jews. Amongst those on the assassination list were Kissinger, Rockefeller, and Normal Lear. Citing a conspiracy by Zionists to control the U.S.A. as justification for their actions these fascists termed Jewish leaders "satanic and anti-christ leaders".

During 1988 the Jewish Anti Defamation League of New York published a report on Klan and Nazi groupings in the U.S.A.:

Traditional hate groups such as the Klan and the Neo-Nazis who for many, many years were competitive, in the last dozen years have begun to meld together and merge in common cause to set up new organisations such as the Order of the Aryan Nations:" (AP. 2 November 1988)

During September 1991 David Duke, ex Nazi and past Imperial Wizard of the KKK made his bid for governorship of Louisiana after gaining more than half the white votes in his senatorial campaign. Duke declares himself to be a Born Again Christian and admits to having described Joseph Mengele the Angel of Auschwitz as 'a genius'. One of Duke's most important supporters was the head of the state's Christian Coalition lead by television evangelist Pat Robertson (Searchlight December 1991).

No New Agers here Ms Johstone! 

Jewish Couple Stigmatised with The Yellow Star


In March 1991 The glossy Christian magazine ALPHA published a snide piece about the Jewish reaction to the growing number of 'Messianic Jews' groups. ( A Messianic Jew is a missionary euphemism for a converted Jew who becomes Christian but who pretends to be part of the Jewish culture so he/she can poach more converts. ) A number of Jewish leaders and groups had become unsettled by poaching of Jews under stress by Christian groups. Alpha's report made it sound as though the Jewish community was being reactionary, but was it?

On May 5 1990 two Christian missionaries disguised themselves as Chasidim priests and distributed conversion leaflets about Christ as the Messiah. This was just one part of a continuous missionary campaign by Christians to convert Jews to Christianity. (Jewish Chronicle 5.5.90)

On November 2 1990 The Jewish Chronicle reported the rescue by a Rabbi of two immigrant Jews who were on the verge of being baptised by the group Christian Witness for Israel. According to Rabbi Arkush a group of Hebrew speaking Christian missionaries were being trained in Britain to target Israeli expatriates. There were claims that converted jews were obtaining jewish addresses from jewish organisations for Christian mailing purposes.

During June 1991 Messianic Jews (Jews who had become Christians remember) targeted the large Leeds Jewish community advertising a concert by the Liberated Wailing Wall group. Investigations showed that group to have 'direct links to the San Fransisco based Jews for Jesus evangelistic organisation'

During August 1991 the Jewish Gazette reported that Christian Missionaries are working amongst Soviet Jews and distributing literature outside the Israeli Embassy in Moscow and that many Jews had been issued with New Testaments.

During December 1991 The Christian evangelist magazine The Vineyard proclaimed that its 'outreach' in Israel was currently then reaching 2,000 Jewish homes and that it was their hope that ' many will come to the knowledge of the truth in Christ Jesus'.

During 1992 the American funded organisation Jews for Jesus announced it would open an Office in Britain. Other organisations set up to convert Jews to Christianity include Churches Ministry Among the Jews (CMJ).

In March 1992 The Jewish Telegraph reported that Christian missionaries were ' currently calling at local Jewish homes'. Later that month it was reported that an American Christian evangelical group was attempting to finance a five million dollar settlement in Israel for Jewish immigrants from Russia.

On 13 March 1992 the Jewish Telegraph reported that the plan was not as benign as it might at first seem and revealed that one of the Converted Christians had approached The Soviet Jewry Committee with the idea as long ago as 1981. When asked at that time whether his aim was to convert Jewish emigres to Christianity he is reported as saying

We don't use that term. We talk rather in terms of 'completing'

 In response to such overt missionising Jewish religious leaders listed three Christian evangelical groups which they believed to be subversive to the Jewish community and it was this list which the Christian magazine Alpha took exception to. A half-page article in March 1991 well illustrates the point we have already made about inverting the crimes and projecting them onto the victim. The quote, by the Christian Jew Foundation, said:

They (the Jews) have got away with this for years. I have had filth, abuse and threats and promises of physical violence'.

Where's the New Age threat in all this Ms Johnstone? Why didn't your researches unearth the ongoing Christian campaign to convert the entire Jewish community?

In comparison with what we have listed, just the tip of the iceberg I'm afraid, Johnstone's anecdotal 'evidence' that the New Age poses a 'threat' to Jews is ludicrous, but has she unwittingly aided and abetted the very fundamentalist missionaries who are trying every which way to infiltrate, the Jewish community and exacerbate its divides and insecurities?

Would it not be very possible that the reason why so many fundamentalist Christians are so occupied with the future of Judaism is that they are attempting to control and direct it towards THEIR biblical view of how it should develop?

Is it not quite probably the case that in order to 'pen' the Jews into the Messianic mind-set which the fundamentalists have set for them, the 'frightener' of 'New Age Nazism' is the big stick which will enable them to do it whilst defeating yet another valid alternative belief set in the process?

Well dear reader, uninformed Anne Johnstone, who didn't speak to any New Agers and who didn't speak to any Jews before penning her inciting article, also didn't speak to anyone from the Church of England, even though she appointed herself the guardian of Christianity when she stated:

I decided to write this piece because a number of Christians have told me they believe that New Age ideas are fast eradicating Judeo-Christian belief and that the Church is doing little to stop it.

Johstone rhetorically asks whether this is true and then proceeds to exclude those who can answer the question for her, including the Archbishop of Canterbury who has specifically condemned Christian groups which seek to convert Jews and who at this time was supporting Interfaith co-operation and dialogue. So if Johnstone has not been speaking to the Established church then just who has she been speaking to and why did she feel so confident in publishing an article with such vehement, sweeping, uncorroborated allegations and generalisations? More to the point, what were the motives of the editor of the Glasgow Herald in entertain this piece of gibberish in the first place?

During January 1992 ALPHA magazine (produced by Christian evangelists for Christian evangelists) carried an advertisement for the International Messianic Jewish (Hebrew Christian) Alliance which claimed to be 'Uniting and serving Jewish Believers' This registered charity aims to 'respond by encouraging, helping and teaching our fellow Messianic Jews through national Alliances and through our international network'. Remember that 'international' network' folks! The bulk of the anecdotal testimony in Johstone's article comes from one John Drane who is supposed to be a New Age expert but whose comments so far make him anything but. He is a committed evangelical Christian and recently travelled to California to run an Outreach to New Agers. (see how they play both ends from the middle?) Not only is he peddling alarmist propaganda against the New Age in the U.K. but he travels to America to lead an anti-New Age Christian evangelical group there. It was totally unethical of the editor of the Glasgow Herald to print this biased, inaccurate, misleading and inciting garbage without corroborative evidence.

Today it is the Glasgow Herald which publishes dire warnings to the populace about dangers which don't exist, based upon third hand anecdotal testimony by sectarian 'experts' who display every ignorance and bias possible. A Rose may be a rose after any other name, but there are Christians and there are Christians. The vast majority of Christians are just like the vast majority of everyone else, good people trying to live their lives in harmony with others. We are not anti-Christian and have many Christian members of the S.A.F.F. Nevertheless the fact remains that not all Christians are nice people. Some have very dubious hidden agendas.

It is naivety of the highest order for ordinary Christians to sit back and rely upon ephemeral religious doctrine to curb the excesses of self-righteous Christian activists who have been proven to harbour hidden agendas which are upsetting whole sections of our society. We can't sort their religion out for them; they should do it themselves and they will only be able to begin when they realise that orthodox Christianity is being taken over by ambitious extremists who seek to eradicate all other beliefs and the live-and-let-live approach which many regular Christians espouse.

For example, the special edition of the glossy bi-monthly fundamentalist inspired Restoration Church magazine entitled TRUTH ABOUT ISRAEL contained articles which weren't so friendly to Judaism :

ISRAEL LAST BASTION OF APARTHEID? ..Zionism does NOT reflect the ideal of God's law. it said.
WHO ARE THE PEOPLE OF GOD? - Contrary to popular teaching the Jews are not the people of God. The redeemed community constitutes the new 'Israel of God' that supercedes national Israel in God's purpose

It went on in more malefic language.
THE HOPE OF ISRAEL Many jews will believe before the coming of Jesus Christ but there will be no second opportunity for Jews to be saved after then.

Yes, Ms Johnstone, it seems that if the Jews have anything to fear it is not from New Agers whose live-and-let-live philosophy is a far cry from your description of their intents. It was not New Agers who wrote: 

Although God loves the Jews their rejection of Christ means they have forfeited any rights to being included as God's people
It was a pious Christian spokesman (pp11 Restoration May/June 1991).

It was not New Agers but Christians who wrote:

It is a mistake for Christians to exalt Israelis to the position of God's Chosen people'. (pp18. Restoration May/June 1991)

I hope you are listening Ms Anne Johnstone and are beginning to realise what you have done with your ill-considered article?

It is not New Agers but Christians who write despicably in fundamentalist magazines:

The sheer fact of the Holocaust, Israel's trials and tribulations over the centuries and her current problems concerning unemployment, housing, falling economy..all add up to the same thing; that, having rejected Jesus as Messiah, the race as a whole has forfeited God's blessing and is now outside his purposes and protection. ; (Prophecy Today pp10).

Apparently Christian Gary Clayton does not agree with Anne Johnstone's insufferable theory that the New Age caused the Holocaust . Clayton thinks that God visited the Holocaust on Jews because they weren't Christians. This bit of divine rationalisation should send a shiver through the spines of anyone who can see where this type of justification might lead (usually to the gas chambers).  

Note that the editor of Prophecy Today during this period was Andrew Boyd, a fundamentalist agitator who conned Channel 4 into paying for a documentary on Satanic Ritual Child Abuse which claimed to have film of a ritual abortion which turned out to be a complete hoax (see here )

No Ms Johnstone, New Age people don't do or say any of these things. They are not fascists and they are not anti-semitic. They simply seek to live in peace and harmony with Jew and Christian alike. There is nothing in New Age philosophy which is remotely anti-semitic.


One of the most amazing things about Johstone's article is that in so obstinately linking the New Age with Fascism she completely ignores the real wave of fascism now sweeping Europe. Neo-Nazi groups abound in France and Germany and racist and anti-semitic attacks are occurring daily. All this is well-documented yet there has been little other than cosmetic attempts by the German and French governments to stamp out demonstrations, riots and attacks on foreigners.

It is reported, for instance, that the majority of policemen in France are members of the Nationalist Party and sport their insignia clearly on their uniforms when on duty.

On 16 October 1991 Lady Birdwood was found guilty at the Old Bailey of distributing propaganda leaflets which claimed that Jews

'ritually sacrificed' Christian children.
The comparison of this allegation in relation to the then ongoing hysteria surrounding completely unfounded allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse by Christian fundamentalists was lost on our tunnel-vision media who continued to print uncorroborated allegations of Satanic Abuse as though fact whilst agreeing among themselves that it would be immoral to give Birdwood 's theories space because there was no proof that Jews sacrificed Christian children!

Within a month another batch of similar leaflets were distributed within Cambridge and Oxford Colleges which 'resurrected medieval claims of Jewish ritual murder of Christian children.

'On 9 March 1992 it was reported that the 'Black Legion', a Neo Nazis splinter group made up of soldiers from the old East German battalions, had escalated the civil war in Yugoslavia by breaching the U.N. peace initiative. Reporters claimed that they intended to wipe out the Serbians because they were 'sub-human'. (Daily Express 98.3.92)

No New Agers here Ms Johstone! Why wasn't the REAL threat to Jews worthy of a two part double page serial in the Glasgow Herald?

To see just how incorrect was the picture that was being painted, The editor of the Glasgow Hearld only had to refer to a detailed census of the New Age carried out in 1989 which proved what all New Agers know to be the case, that the vast majority of New Age people are liberal to left wing and ANTI-FASCIST. Most were pacifists, nearly 60% indicating that there can never be a good reason for War. Further, nearly 80% decried the use of Nuclear weapons in a belligerent role.

There are a lot of people mis-using the emotional horror of the Holocaust for their own ends. Something that no true survivor of the Nazi death camps would ever countenance. Those people know that suggestions that the hippies did it are trite and insulting to the memory of those who suffered and died. Ms Johnstone should be thoroughly ashamed of herself and write a retraction immediately.


John Freedom, Mortlake, 1992

(c) world copyright holders: The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (S.A.F.F.) Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K.

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