Culturally Blind BBC Continues to Promote Christian Extremist Doctrines

Archbishop John Sentamu CofE exorcist


Classic example of the need to axe the House of Lords as Sentamu Calls for Spiritual Amendment to Health Bill

On the same day that we learned a mentally ill Asian mother had stabbed her four year old daughter to death and then cut out her liver because she thought the poor little girl was possessed (see here) , we have the spectacle of The Archbishop of York trying to legitimise possession as a cause of mental illness. An action which informed observers will see as likely to create more dead four year olds.

Instead of lambasting Sentamu for his return to mediaeval ideas of treating mental illnesses the typically irresponsible BBC, whom we have taken to task many times for bias and unprofessionalism in its reporting about exorcism - (see here for a timeline of children killed in Exorcism over the past decade) allows one of the main players in the Church of England to drivel on about the occult whilst tacitly accepting the idea that children can be possessed and must be exorcised

Look at this dangerous garbage:

Dr John Sentamu told peers:
"I am one of those who believe that human beings are psychosomatic spiritual entities."
The archbishop then told how he
freed the spirit of a young girl, left petrified by seeing a goat sacrificed.
Sentamu reportedly said:
"Illness can be physical or mental but it can also be spiritual."

Witches' Coven That Never Was

He also told how when he first became a vicar in south London,
he was invited to a home where there was "a presence"...
At the home, he said, he found a young girl who had been unable to move for nearly three weeks and would shout out in the middle of the night.
He was told the family had been to a witches' coven where a goat had been sacrificed and the young girl was petrified she would be next.
Visits from a GP, psychiatrist and psychologist did little to help, he said,
but then The Archbishop said a prayer, anointed the girl and lit a candle on his visit.
Shortly after, he received a phone call saying
the girl was no longer terrified and was talking again.
"That was not mental or physical illness; there was something in her spirit that needed to be set free,"
Sentamu told peers in the upper house.


Christian Press In
Hysterical Fit Over
Spray-painted Corrugated Sheeting.
Would They Benefit
from Exorcism Perhaps?

666 Daubed On St Pauls, London

This is the manic way the Daily Express reported an "up-your's" by teenage hooligans. Note (below) how the 'anarchist' organisers of the anti-capitalist protest fall into line and blame it on Satanists!

"VANDALS yesterday sparked fury by daubing the Satanist number 666 on St Paul's Cathedral in a sick hate crime on Christianity.

Translation: The paint was sprayed onto cheap corrugated sheeting designed to protect St Pauls from damage. The result was that St Pauls was NOT damaged. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Satanists were involved therefore it could not have been a religious hate crime.

Yobs made the ultimate insult by spray-painting the "disgusting" graffiti as anti-capitalist protesters encamped outside the sacred building continued to cause chaos. Last night there was no suggestion that any of the protesters had carried out the attack.

Translation: What we really want to do is provoke the dim British public into hating the anti-capitalists so exaggerated tales of Satanists attacking St Pauls are the order of the day but let's just exonerate the protestors anyway and then they'll be trapped into supporting our pretence.

Tory MP Patrick Mercer said: ''Obstructing St Paul's is one thing, but putting Satanist grafitti on one of the Church of England's most revered sites is just disgraceful and sinister.

Translation: The battle for St Paul's Square is not a battle between an illusory democracy and young revolutionaries; oh no; it's actually a Holy War with evil Satanists who are attacking the prime bastion of English Christendom! By the way, did you know that the Christians built St Paul's after destroying a Pagan Temple which had stood on the same `spot for thousands of years in order to steal the sacred space for Christianity? Best not mention that in the same paragraph as 'Atrocity' Hate Crime and 'Abhorent Act' eh? After all I am an MP and subject to the Human Rights Act and we don't want the buggers asking for it back.

A City of London police spokesman said an investigation into the atrocity had been launched with the possibility that hate crime charges could be brought.

Translation: Look mate the police are sick and tired of playing ping-pong between smart-Alec protestors and the terminally indecisive leaders of St Paul who might feel like burning the protestors at the stake but can't do so just yet because the TV cameras are rolling. The next best thing would be to infer that they are all Satanists hell-bent on destroying the church. That usually works when the CofE wants to demonise someone. If we can find anyone to pin the wrap on this would be an excellent opportunity to misuse hate crime laws originally brought in to avoid conflict between religions to support Christianity and attack all those silly people who believe in the religion of paganism. After all what are religious hate laws for? Most of us here at the nick are Christians anyway. Who gives a shit?

Last night no arrests had been made. But the action sparked anger from visitors and tourists appalled a Satanic symbol should appear on a place of worship.

The act was last night condemned by the church, which has vowed to find the culprit, as an "abhorrent" act. The Rev Bob Marshall, speaking for the cathedral, said: "It is abhorrent that anybody will do this. We condemn those who deface the cathedral in this way.

"We have no evidence who is responsible for this until our security guys look into it... but I think it's satanists and they want exorcising. Whoever daubed 666 on the outer wall of the great cathedral performed a disgusting act of desecration.

Translation: I'll say anything to stop the embarrasment of our impotence at dealing with the protesters and rally some supporters. Actually the vandals didn't 'daube the outer-wall of the cathedral' - the photo clearly shows the kids spray-painted a sheet of corrugated metal but it's not my job to contradict useful lies. After all we've spent the last thousand years condemning pagans for things they never did anyway.....

Naomi Colvin, an Occupy London spokesman, said: "We have arranged to have it cleaned off. "If you look at how we conduct ourselves, it's probably not us, but we take our responsibility as good neighbours very seriously.

Translation: Oh, shit, we're gonna get lynched! We don't mind pretending to take on the Hooray Henry's in the City but some of us are Christian too and why should we get the blame for making a mess of St Paul's when we can shift it onto imagined Satanists instead and all come out smelling of roses? Okay, here we go...... "THE DEVIL MADE US DO IT!"

Lies from The British Press: primary cause of truth decay

Source: Daily Express Saturday 5th November 2011

It's barmy to think that one of the most influential people in the hierarchy of the Church of England who has a historical right to interfere with the democratic process in parliament can feel confident in talking about the existence of demons and devils.

Truth Versus Propaganda - The Lexicon of Sectarianism

The original headline to the BBC article read: "Archbishop calls for NHS bill to cover spiritual health" but we disallowed this euphemism because evangelicals tend to sanitise their language when talking to ordinary folk and we want you to realise what this means. When Sentamu says 'Spiritual Health' he means nothing less than POSSESSION.

We challenge John Sentamu to publicly confirm or deny that he believes in possession and the necessity for exorcism to cure it.

Let us analyse some of the Euphemisms in the BBC's report.

  • 'Spiritual Health': What can this possibly mean other than a person's susceptibility to fears about supernatural happenings and occurrences. What has this got to do with NHS treatment?
  • 'Human beings are psychosomatic spiritual entities': This suggests that psychosomatic illnesses (which make up more than half of all illnesses) are caused by spiritual entities (i.e. discarnate spirits, demons and devils and ghosts) . Of course every first grade psychology student knows that ALL psychosomatic illnesses are caused by hysteria, not by devils and demons. Sentamu may need Devils and Demons in order to retain his church's mediaeval world-view but medically it is utter bunkum and certainly no reason to modify the NHS bill.
  • The Exorcist Rides Again Sentamu 'freed the spirit of a young girl': This is a euphemism for Exorcism. The Archbishop is saying that he exorcised a girl who was in a hysterical state because ordinary medical help couldn't succeed. Like Karras, the priest from the 1973 blockbuster The Exorcist, John Sentamu takes it upon himself to confront what he sees as evil. Others may see it quite differently.
  • "Illness can be physical or mental but it can also be spiritual.": No it can't. There is absolutely no verifiable scientific evidence that illnesses are in any way spiritual. Sentamu appears to have used the word 'spiritual' when he really meant 'supernatural' because that is what the Archbishop of York is asking us to believe. That illnesses have a SUPERNATURAL cause. It is an assertion which scientists and atheists everywhere should be criticising but the culturally blind BBC dutifuly reproduces every word without a murmur.
  • 'He said a prayer, anointed the girl and lit a candle': Bell Book and Candle. There we have it. The Church of England's response to the nightmares of a disturbed child is to pronounce them possessed, anoint and pray over them in a magic ceremony involving lighted candles.
    But isn't this exactly the mindset which has produced dead Witch-Children All Over Africa? A Scandal Which is About to Explode now in The U.K. (see here for background).

John Sentamu cannot be ignorant of the government's Stobart report which looked into this matter. He once worked in London, (the major centre of Christian-induced Witch-children in the U.K.). He must know of the death of Victoria Climbe and the other little children who were tortured and killed because some self-righteous Christians who believed in possession tried to drive the devil out of them. Why then is Archbishop Sentamu trying to establish, in parliament no less, that mental illness is caused by possession and the cure for it is exorcism?

Since the appalling handling of the Thames Torso case in 2001 (background here). the fundies who pushed the satanic ritual child abuse myth in the 1990s and got away with it have been using the (false) belief created by the British media in that period to brainwash moderate Christians into believing in a new Satanic threat based squarely on the perpetual accusation that witches are creating a climate where evil spirits can possess children.

Of course that is what the fundamentalists have always believed, going right back to the terrible tortures of the Inquisition, but their Satan Scare was so bonkers when it first resurfaced in 1989 that it could not be used in its original form. To suit the modern mind the myth was remodelled by feminists and secular social work activists. It was presented to you, the public, as a network of paedophiles posing as Satanists. This was more rationally acceptable to them and to you. A better vehicle for their social engineering pretensions enabling them to drive a wedge into the rights of families and take ultimate control by imposing the state-parent mentality on the back of hysterical fears about imagined threats to children. Now the different aims of the two major lobbies involved in promoting the 1989 scare becomes clear, the child scare industry got it's funding and has moved on but the Christian Crusaders must continue with their mediaeval mindset and Setanmu's outburst is an example of that.

The British Media, leading cause of truth decayAs usual the despicable media of this country are allowing sectarian troublemakers the oxygen of publicity which will result, if unchecked, in the unnecessary deaths of innocent children and adults for no reason other than the whim of outdated religious organisations who are fighting a rearguard action against an unstoppable tide of educational rationalism. To achieve this they must appeal to the most religiously obsessed, superstitious and fearful people in the country to bolster their power-base. Exactly the kind of people who might be prepared to rub chili into the eyes of children, or burn them, or stomp them, or tie them in sacks, or confine them in cupboards, or force them to eat excretia, or cut them with razor blades; as they have already done in past cases in order to punish and drive-out the devils within them. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Christian evangelists and fundamentalists will continue mis-using their positions of influence to sway the course of our society as they have done for a thousand years and in the process keep humankind in a state of fear which makes incidents of the physical abuse and torture of children through exorcism almost certain.

John Setanmu should be reminded of his responsibility to others and give us all an apology for trying to inflict his church's mediaeval mindset upon our democracy.

C'mon John. Put up or shut up.

John Freedom, Mortlake, Samhain 2011.

"Assuming that he would be a brain specialist, I still wanted to try seeing the cranial osteopath that my obstetrician had recommended. But when I eventually saw him he diagnosed my condition as being down to devils and demons in my head. He lay me down, passed his hands across my head and kept repeating. 'Mmmm, aaah, mmmm' . "

Source: Denise Welch's Pulling Myself Together (Pan 2011) where she speaks of trying to get medical help for her post-natal depression.

Christian medical workers in all fields, many of them members of the Christian Medical Fellowship have been autonomously injecting disguised 'exorcism therapy' into their NHS work for years. One wonders how many of the patients they identified as being possessed by devils suffered terribly because of a lack of proper medical attention. One also wonders when the first law suits for damages resulting from INTENTIONAL spiritual diagnosis will hit the courts?

Jut what DOES Sentamu think he is doing urging this kind of thing on an already crumbling NHS system?

BBC Reports Archbishop of York's anti-Gay campaign

John Sentamu attacks Gay marriage and threatens government with political defeat if they legalise it.
Bonkers Bishop leads fanatical wing of fundamentalist Anglicans towards Holy Writ.

The Archbishop of York is worred about black christians migrating to Pentecostal churches but has apparently little to say about the epidemic of children being tortured in exorcism ceremonies in those very same Pentecostal Churches.

Get your moral priorities right archbishop Sentamu!

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