Fear and Ignorance in the Courts

An article by Margaret Jervis first published in
The Therapist Journal

In 1693 the Salem witch-hunt withered away not because the hysteria had run its course, but because a type of evidence, known as 'spectral', was declared inadmissible by the courts. Spectral evidence was the term used to cover the contents of dreams, visions and hallucinations related with mesmeric effect by the young girls said to have become bewitched by the devilish sympathies of the citizens of Salem. Three hundred years later, spectral evidence has again reared its head in the witness box, with no immediate prospect of its demise. 

This Salacious book written by Cotton Mather, who virtually single-handedly ran the Salem witch-hunt is a prototype of the "Victim Imposter" genre now seen so commonly in modern cases where Satanic Ritual Abuse is claimed.

The modern secular equivalent of spectral evidence is recovered repressed memories of sexual abuse. Such evidence is usually, but not necessarily, therapeutically excavated. Its power resides in the obscene nature of its content. It is vivid, emotive and convincingly articulated with clear details to convey the picture in the listener's mind of obscene sexual acts. External corroboration may be entirely absent and memories outside the alleged acts sparse, hazy and inconsistent with the facts; but the evidence contains a cocktail of images juxtaposed to excite disgust, and titillation which has
the effect of freezing critical appraisal in the unwary. 

The unwary may be members of a jury who, despite being warned of the danger of emotion clouding judgement, may not be sufficiently aware of what those emotions are and how they are created. A more measured response might be expected from the police and crown prosecution service serving the indictments, not to mention the critical discernment of the judiciary.

However, through the climate of concern about sexual abuse and the influence of purported experts who claim specialised knowledge in this area, an uncritical receptivity to spectral evidence has grown up among investigators, aided by the application of therapeutic techniques in training. Recovered memories are like demon masks or amulets - the grotesque and sometimes comical depictions of imagined demons worn to ward off the incursions of evil spirits. Their function is to exorcise fear by presenting the spirits with a mirror. In fact what they project is mortal fear through exaggerated human features and they tell us more about the psychology of  their creators than the noumenal spirit world they affect to represent.

Here is an example of a recovered memory that acts as a 'demon mask'. In the August 1993 edition of Woman's Journal magazine, an American fashion editor tells her story of how she came to recover memories of sexual abuse. The antecedents were a series of upsetting incidents which threatened her and her family's security. In a state of anxiety she approaches a therapist who suggests her problems might have a deeper root, to wit a sexual trauma in her childhood. Already in an excitable state she ponders this, attempting to run her household at the same time as suffering sleepless

The anxiety takes its toll and one day the distraction leads to her burning potatoes for dinner. In an exhausted state she lies down and drifts in and out of sleep. Suddenly she is jolted by an image flashing before her mind. Its form is that of a burnt potato but this, we are led to believe represents something else;  something large and hairy, a memory of a male scrotum held close to a very young child's face. The rest follows naturally; armed with presumed knowledge and fear she runs to
another therapist who helps her 'recover' the full picture of the previously unknown sexual traumas it is supposed she suffered at the hands of her father. 

The image is Dadaesque. Potatoes are food, they excite the sense of taste, but we gag at the image of the hair in the same way as we do when confronted with the classic Fur-lined cup by sculptor Maret Oppenheim. A device which denumbs our senses by making us aware of our reactions and unconscious expectations. Fur excites touch but, if juxtaposed with a cup, excites taste. The resulting entanglement elicits disgust

Put this in a sexual context and the upshot is obscenity, not without, as in the case of the demon mask, unintended comic effect. Readers of the Woman's Journal article, whose attention is drawn by the hairy potato incident quoted out of the main text, may be unaware that they have been swept along by the force of the imagination because, stunned by the power of the image, they experience a minor form of secondary trauma.

Albrecht Durer's The Witch (1498-1502) drawn at the height of the Witch-Mania
With a Ram between her legs and riding a phallic broomstick with which she rubs her pudenda this 15c drawing by Albrecht Durer epitomises the tacit suppression of sexuality and hatred of self-possessed women which the early church Witch-hunts created.  Erotic fantasies of this kind were common in an era of repressed sexuality created by the impossible restrictions the church itself set. 'Confessing' the visitations of 'incubi' and 'succubi' (sexual demons who supposedly 'raped' women and men in their dreams) was one way of absolving oneself of inner-guilt for 'sinful' sexual desires which leaked out of human consciousness and doomed one to eternal Hellfire and Damnation. At the same time hypocritically providing a vicarious public display of otherwise forbidden fantasies which then set in motion a sequence of grossly indecent erotically sadistic tortures upon innocent women who were falsely accused and dragged into the narrative.   It was an officially sanctioned pornography.

These mental tricks have been used inadvertently in the training of social workers and criminal justice agencies who deal with allegations of abuse. The natural response when confronted with explicit descriptions of sexual abuse is repulsion. This happens intuitively when we sense danger (flight or fight syndrome). If we stick around we may be drawn into illicit fantasies which, contextually, are doubly disturbing because the subject is the sexual abuse of children. But precisely because of this, workers are encouraged to 'stay with it'; freeze their instincts and turn their minds to the rescue of 'victims.'

When first confronted with explicit renditions of sexual abuse, many people report dreams and nightmares. They see the propensity to abuse everywhere, even in themselves. Often workers who express reservations either drop out or are forced to leave, leaving sexual abuse work to those with stronger constitutions. A few may maintain their critical faculties, others may be ensnared by a Pandora's box of conflicting thoughts and emotions which give rise to a blinkered crusade of zealotry.

A prime example of this is in the police and social work joint training model known as Bexley (Child Sexual Abuse Bexley Experiment - HMSO 1987). The advisers to this blueprint in 1986 were a number of psychiatrists and social workers who had gained a view of sexual abuse based on imported American disclosure techniques and their own clinical experience. The project's principal source was Great Ormond Street Hospital and the NSPCC who had pioneered British therapeutic disclosure work with children. At that point, few convictions for child sexual abuse were forthcoming and the police were sceptical of claims made about the ubiquity of sexual abuse because it did not tie
in with their experience. Equipping the police with the same skills as social workers became a priority, not least because the police were anxious to portray a more sensitive and caring image in dealing with sexual crimes against women and children.

At Bexley two hitherto disparate and opposing cultures merged. Police and social workers, men and women, were led through a brainstorming session of explicit sexual terminology, role play, true confessions of sexual experiences and hypnotic regression. The regression exercise simulated a fantasy of being abused by a close and trusted relative at the age of ten. Since the fantasy was dictated by the group leader, it met with staunch resistance. The aim was to identify emotionally with the powerlessness and fear of a child victim and to realise how impossible it would be to make up stories of sexual abuse.

But the parallel was flawed; these were adults bombarded by the imagination, not children undergoing abuse. And the question of resistance to making up the story is moot. Both children and adults may be encouraged and motivated to confabulate gradually, once resistance to lying about abuse has been broken down for whatever reason; the exercise addressed only the normal resistance of the group to the ownership of the ready - made script. The exercise was described as 'enormously powerful' and some delegates reported the course had given them 'magical powers' in detecting abuse. Under the guise of sensitivity the course focused on eliciting intimate details of alleged sexual acts.

This was then stipulated as the yardstick of truth. This approach has been critical in framing the mounting number of prosecutions based on retrospective inference of abuse. Interviewing officers urge complainants to remember the experiential details of assaults. Very often these are specimen counts suspended in space and time without external corroboration which are not open to proof or disproof. When interviewing the alleged perpetrator, police officers dwell on 'the details of the assault'
repeating the mantra of the training course; it's not possible for anyone to make up these details.  None of this would matter if it were not for the fact that it is at the expense of objectivity.

Insofar as these details can be made up under the right circumstances (the training officer demonstrated that) and are impossible to disprove, they are poor indicators of the reliability of evidence. In fact, they are likely to be negative indicators, since repeated sexual assaults are unlikely to be remembered like a prescription from a sex manual, as sometimes appears to be the case in retrospective complaints. It makes one wonder whether good evidence in the hands of 'sensitive' investigators is sometimes turned to bad.

With the distorted vision of trance logic, the police often fail to investigate critical factors when deciding to press charges. They do not properly investigate the character of the defendant to see whether the alleged heinous course of conduct is consistent with known facts, nor do they bother to find out whether some other factor in the complainant's life, past or present, might have given rise to the allegations. They fail to investigate the effects of therapy and other forms of suggestion, including their own.

Ironically, the Home Office has issued guidelines which warn against the inadmissibility of hypnotically-induced evidence which is what many of the 'sensitive disclosure techniques' amount to (Home Office Circular 66/1988). The circular describes the process of confabulation, the firm conviction with which erroneous beliefs may be held and how the evidence is resistant to cross-examination.

When those guidelines were formulated the situation was not anticipated where the criminal justice system itself became spellbound. But take these examples of the lure of spectral evidence and trance logic. In the Bishop Auckland ritual abuse case in 1995, the police and social services were prepared to go to trial on the oral testimony of witnesses where the allegations included genital mutilation with fish hooks. The medical evidence was in no way commensurate with the allegations but this was completely overlooked.

In a Leicestershire children's home trial in 1991, a witness claimed memories of abuse committed sixteen years previously 'were hidden, deeply hidden. I had to be hypnotised to get it out'. In a North Wales trial in 1994 based on retrospective allegations against children's home staff a witness claimed he had been anally penetrated by a defendant with a large hooked crowbar to such an extent that he felt virtually disembowelled. Despite the horrific 'memory' his medical records revealed no trace of any injury. The first and last case reveals just how insidious 'spectral evidence' is.

Sucked into the vortex of paranoia, the criminal justice system mounts witch hunts to pursue phantom networks of abusers. The new provisions of the Criminal Justice Act 1994 which allow evidence of procuration to be presented in court without external corroboration may start to bite, with orchestrated tales of past vice dens coming to light without the forensic backup which should be key to any crime investigation and prosecution. Buttressed by fear and ignorance, the 'magical powers' of the investigators hold sway and the spell of 'spectral evidence' disguised as therapy casts its net ever wider

Margaret Jervis 1995

How Pious Self-Appointed Christian Witch-Hunters Perpetrated The Most Abominable Evil On Other Human Beings In The Name of Jesus

Woodcut is from Samuel Clarke's Martyrology (1651)

So You Think You Know Who The Satanists Are Huh?

A Blow By Blow Comparison
Between 16c Witch-Hunting and
The Modern Allegations of
Satanic Ritual Child Abuse

If you are one of those people who thinks Evil is Obvious then we've got news for you. After 3 years of hysterical scaremongering the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth (SRAM) has boomeranged back into the hands of Christian fundamentalists who invented the Scare in the first place. If we are to ensure that the terrible victimisations such as has occurred in the Rochdale Case are not to re-occur we have to face the facts. History repetitively confirms that people with an obsession for good have a more than even chance of perpetrating the most shocking evil acts. The facts are that the REAL Satanists are the pious and fanatical self-righteous do-gooders who excelled in evil in their haste to victimise innocent people.

SAFF Runic 1991 In the spring of 1991 a printed version of the SAFF leaflet "So you think you know who the Satanists are huh?" was synchroniously posted to hundreds of MPs, all Police Chief Constables and All Social Services Directors along with the Media, TV companies and all interested organisations to coincide with the collapse of the Rochdale Satanic Ritual Abuse Cases. We did it so that the authorities could not ever again hide behind feigned ignorance.

As the myth of SRA had also created false cases in Orkney we at the same time mailed 300 of these RUNICS randomly to addresses in the Orkney Islands in order to inform the Orcadians of the history of the situation and stimulate their self-defence against the S.R.A.M., If you had been following the news at that time you'll know how well that worked, as the subsequent public Inquiry revealed a catalogue of manic and vindictive persecution against innocent Orcadians.

By their own admission these people were the 'experts' in Satanism and those who claimed to know all about Satanism have, without exception, been religious fanatics. Those who pored over the most sickening detail of every torture supposedly meeted out by Satanists; those who logged the minutiae of the alleged sexual aberrations; those who rushed to speak in public of the distasteful and horrific abuses who had a monopoly on the shock, and abhorrence of those who admitted to having witnessed atrocities, who said the crimes were unspeakable but who went on to speak about them, were, in every instance Christian fundamentalists. Throughout three years of hate and allegation upon allegation aimed at Occultism one thing was proven above all else. When it comes to accusations of evil, fundamentalist Christians have a monopoly on it.

Bigoted religious zealots get their jollies by proxy and thereby dodge the way in the Set of the Sanctimonious. Such self-deceit, designed to bring them nearer the subject without the risk of impiety, is not a new dodge. It has countless number of historical counterparts during the 'Witch Burning Times' of the 15th and 16th centuries. Looking back to those times we see a direct parallel to the Rochdale Cases and to the Witchunt which is current amongst the evangelical Christians. Juxtapositions of statements give us a GREAT insight into the illusion the fundamentalists have been creating today. A false illusion, designed by small people with wicked minds. An illusion which manipulated politicians, national institutions and the media in equal measure. A lie which even now ninety percent of the British population consider to have some truth. YOU think you know who the Satanists are; but do you?

The Rochdale Case began when Social Workers wrongly interpreted the fantasies of one small child with an over-active imagination. In other similar cases the scenario had been exactly the same, whether in 1990 Rochdale or 1692 Salem. The Salem Witch Trials report young girls saying they were tormented by spectres of the people they had accused. The idea of Spectral Evidence was drawn from accusations of 'witnesses' who claimed the accused had appeared to them in a dream or vision. Rossel Hope Robbins writes in his seminal Encyclopaedia of Witchcraft & Demonology

"In most witch trials this evidence was decisive",..and ... "On such evidence TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE were executed"

Not a contradiction in terms when you realise that many children were also tortured as witches during the Inquisitions.
"The mere fact of youth did not in itself call for any mitigation."
says Robbins. One Scottish girl of thirteen was let off with imprisonment in place of burning but that was an arbitrary act.


Remy (l595) said he REGRETTED that instead of burning children along with their elders he had merely sentenced them to be flogged while watching their parents burn. What a nice pious man he was. He knew who the Satanists were alright. Do YOU?

The Child Scare Industry maintains that Children cannot think up such horrible crimes. History proves that they can and did, and that Adults who question and cajole them are quite capable of putting words in children's mouths just as the Inquisitors did.

Social Workers and Fundamentalist Christians working through voluntary agencies and charities became the Inquisition here in 1989 and 1990. They developed lists of 'SYMPTOMS' which supposedly indicated Satanic Abuse. Just like Bishop Peter Binsfeld who in 1622 published his Commentarius which instructed 'judges and the clergy' on how to identify satanists, the ludicrous list of symptoms was almost as ridiculous as that peddled by Maureen Davies and the REACHOUT trust; where excessive flatulence at the dinner table somehow signifies that children had been satanically abused! British Social Workers sat riveted through Satan Seminars where they were given a crash course in pseudo-Occultism, told the (wrong) difference between Witches and Satanists and what the witch-hunters thought they believed in. Information which had in the most part been extracted from William West's rabid Simboleography published in London during 1594. West's list was bad but the 1990 Social Workers list was far worse, they didn't even know where the fundamentalists had sourced it from and accepted it as real!

The Malleus Maleficarum British Social Workers and their task-masters the fundamentalists went to town on this one. First they insisted that the lack of evidence was evidence in itself - who else but devilish people could commit crimes and not leave evidence behind? Sound familiar? It must have done to the learned lawyer Henry Bouguet who, during the 16 century and in order to obtain the execution of an alleged witch said

"Witches work at night and in secret AND CLEAR PROOF OF SUCH DEEDS IS IMPOSSIBLE".
The promoters of the Satanic Child Abuse Scare had the same problem, because they were dealing with the same lies. When people demanded proof the Social Workers said that they couldn't reveal details or give the sources of the evidence or even allow the parents to see their children because of fear of supernatural signs which would strike the children dumb. Strike a Chord? It would if you had read the Maleus Maleficarum (1466) the despicable handbook for inquisitors which notes that the accused is stripped;
and later to discover talismans which he imagined that they prepared
"from the bodies of unbaptized infants, that they may forfeit salvation".
Police Deny Satanic Child Abuse Exists When the press called their bluff British Social Workers then floated their manic conspiracy theory and claimed that Satanists had infiltrated powerful positions in the government, police and freemasons and could sweep 4,000 child sacrifices a year under the carpet. They claimed that the police were working against them. They certainly were and thank goodness for that. The police have always remained adamant that none of the cases the social services have entertained so far have had any satanic connection and point blank refused to prosecute in the Rochdale Case. Keep in mind that NO EVIDENCE HAS EVER BEEN DISCOVERED to support Fundamentalist allegations about Satanic Child Abuse. The bigots INSIST they are right despite absence of evidence.

Before long the social workers fell back on the old ploy that evidence was IRRELEVANT. Everyone knew what a danger Satanism was to children anyway didn't they? The risk was too great to take and for some reason judges believed this strange logic and families were bust apart for no good reason. Does this ring a bell? It would to Sir Edmund Anderson who addressed a witchcraft trial jury in 1603 by saying:

"The malice of witches is great, their practice devilish, AND IF WE DO NOT CONVICT THEM WITHOUT THEIR OWN CONFESSION OR DIRECT PROOF WHERE THE PRESUMPTIONS ARE SO GREAT AND THE CIRCUMSTANCES SO APPARENT, they will in a short time overrun the whole land".

Often professional opportunism walked hand in hand with religious bigotry. Experts crawled out of the woodwork at a fair pace, all of them toting their 'satanic indicators' and victim imposters generated by recovered memory therapy. Absolutely certain of the existence of Satanic Child Abuse these people were the foil for the Social Services and the Fundamentalists. When in doubt ask an 'expert'. Like Professeur Jean Bodin, learned, respected and powerful. In 1580 he advised that:

"..to diminish the number of evil-doers, to make secure the life of the well-disposed and to punish the most detestable crimes of which the human mind can conceive, it is to punish with the utmost rigour The Witches.".
Was Prof Bodin right? Not really. Bodin was pretty detestable. He insisted that witches were:
'burned over a slow (i.e. green) fire for normal faggots could not last above half an hour before the witches died whereas slow fires gave a much longer agony."
Do you STILL know who the satanists are?

Propganda Fantasy and Lies blur reports of Ritual Abuse THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TESTIMONY AND TORTURE:
Unlike their mediaeval counterparts the modern day Witch-hunters had two difficulties.

  • They were unable to count upon the ignorance and superstitious fears of the populace and
  • they couldn't obtain corrupted testimony through unmitigated torture.
It was easy for the Inquisition to make any adult or child say what they expected them to say, in fact it was a REQUIREMENT of their office to obtain confessions under torture. The rule was that unless a confession was made under torture 'it was not made from the heart'. In much the same way, invasive and demeaning medical examinations coupled with repetitive questioning is admitted to have long term psychological effects yet is the stock requirement of Disclosure Techniques amongst Social Workers. Social Workers intent upon proving the existence of Satanic Child Abuse continued to question children in long bouts, often over thirty times each, under pathetic controls, before selecting from the children's ramblings those indications which 'proved' what the Social Workers wanted to hear to begin with. Once one child from a family had 'admitted' to 'satanic symptoms' other children in the family were roped in for the same Disclosure questioning.

Compare this with the well-documented experiences of poor Clara Geissler a 69 year old widow who was accused of witchcraft in the 16 century. Inquisitors reserved the most despicable tortures in order to obtain names of 'accomplices' from the accused. Clara resisted the thumbscrews but the records show that:

"Her feet were crushed and her body stretched out to a greater length, then she screamed piteously and said all was true THAT THEY HAD DEMANDED OF HER; she DRANK THE BLOOD OF CHILDREN WHOM SHE STOLE ON HER NIGHT FLIGHTS AND SHE HAD MURDERED ABOUT SIXTY INFANTS. She named twenty other women who had been with her at the Sabbats.."
After she had momentarily recovered her senses from the bout of torture poor Clara retracted her 'confession' and said the other people she had named were innocent - BUT THE WITCH JUDGE TORTURED THE PEOPLE SHE HAD NAMED ANYWAY. Of course, under such duress one of them confessed her involvement. Clara was tortured again a further two times. The poor woman confessed but shortly thereafter died from her tortures, her body broken in almost every limb. It is a fact that Social Workers who believe in SRA have selectively used testimony from children which supported their prejudices even when such testimony had later been retracted by the child or subsequently discredited in fact. Do you STILL think you know who the Satanists are?

No Satan Catchers or social workers have yet been able to give a definitive reason why Satanists would want to commit these alleged atrocities, but as we have seen the historical evidence for prejudiced fundamentalists to commit theirs is simply that a belief in Satanism is a concomitant part of a belief in Christianity.

Preparations for the torture of satanists and witches read like a cheap SM novel. Robbins writes;

"in practice records clearly show trials were simply outlets for the sadism of the prosecutors,".
-- Philip Limborch's History of the Inquisition (1692) reveals that:
"The stripping is performed without regard to humanity or honour, not only to men but to women and virgins, the most virtuous and chaste of whom they have sometimes in the prisons. For they cause them to be stripped even to their pudenda...'
Robbins adds:
"More likely the woman, during her stripping would be raped by the torturer's assistants as happened to Frau Peller the wife of a court officer in her trial at Rheinbach in 1631. Evidence proves that Frau Peller was accused of Witchcraft because her sister had refused to sleep with the witch finder Franz Buirmann,"
Nun Madeleine Bavent was 'roughly and indecently" searched for devil's marks by the inquisitor in 1643.
At Bamberg In 1630 the wife of Councillor Dumler, though pregnant, was horribly tortured and subsequently burned by people who thought themselves good Christians.


  • Torture for witchraft obligatorily involved Strappado (suspending the victim by the wrists with his hands tied behind his back and then jerking the arms from their sockets by dropping the body several feet.).
  • Then came Squassation which was a severe form of Strappado where lead weights were tied to the victim's feet. Squassation completely dislocated hands, feet, elbows, limbs and shoulders.
These pious' people certainly knew about evil alright. Sometimes the witch judges would deviate from the institutionalised form of tortures and innovate impromptu new tortures of their own , like Judge Schultheis who CUT OPEN a woman's feet and poured BOILING OIL into the wounds,

A common adjunct to this constant and ongoing torture was immersion in baths of SCALDING WATER to which CAUSTIC LIME had been added.

A regular torture consisted of a pair of oversize boots which after being put on the victim would be filled with MOLTEN LEAD.

To vary their evil deeds somewhat these 'good people', following their religious convictions, would use 'water torture' which involved pouring gallons of water down their victim's throat whilst feeding a long strip of thick cloth into their stomach to cause choking. The cloth was yanked out before the patient suffocated and in the process tore up their entrails.

In 1642 Jean Gehauds had his foot chopped off because he had allegedly trampled the host underfoot.

Sometimes victims were impaled by being pressed to a spiked chair and then roasted over a fire until they confessed.

To ensure that these odious and terribly evil inquisitors felt utterly safe from their own paranoia occasionally the accused's dead body would be smashed and its LIMBS HACKED OFF.

The methodical and wicked perversions of these evil Christians defy understanding but these are all well documented and factual tortures which were used repeatedly in THOUSANDS of cases over many decades by influential people who were 'pillars' of the society of the time.

One of the most penetrating observations about their motivations comes from Rossel Robbins when he says;

"Apologists for the demonologists point out that it is illogical and unfair for the 20th century to judge the 16th century by modern standards of right and wrong. In this they are correct but since a rationalist, humanist and scientific approach was being offered as an alternative AT THAT TIME and was rejected, then every thinking person has the right and duty to condemn the demonologists.."
Do you STILL think you know who the Satanists are? When are you going to stop listening to the modern day witch-hunters?

These are FACTS. More shocking and more factual than anything which has been alleged in the Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare, The information has been extracted from the Anals of Christianity and each case is well attested and incontrovertibly documented. We could list hundreds more examples of barbarous cruelty by Judges, Churchmen and zealots against innocent individuals. If you are a nominal Christian such statements will be upsetting but they are nevertheless true and you have to ask yourself why leaders of your churches stooped to such evil and perverted actions. Everyone MUST take on board the conclusions that naturally follow. The badge of Christianity is not an immunity against evil doing. Christian's can be as mislead and manipulated as anyone else. By allowing extremist fanatics within its midst to capitalise on mediaeval superstition and incite the public to hatred of other beliefs Christianity perpetuates evil. And it is doing it again today, in the modern world. The Satanism these people seek can only be found within themselves.
It will NEVER stop until YOU, all of you, decide to decry the pernicious and wicked people who promote it.



The Torture and Murder of Little Children now being perpetrated by Christian Evangelicals in Modern Day Britain is the Direct result of the child scare industry and successive government inquiries ignoring our 1991 warnings. Christian fundamentalists denigrate, torture and kill children they claim are witches today, JUST AS THEY DID IN THE 16th CENTURY. Why is it so difficult for the Great and the Good to see the problem? Why do they always fall into the mind-traps set for them by the fundies and blame Pagans and Satanists?

The next time the Child Scare Industry and the hundreds of hangers-on child welfare charities ask you for money or moral support, show them the above article and ask them why they ignored the deaths and torture of THOUSANDS of little children in favour of chasing the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth which did not save one child (because no children were actually ever at risk from an imaginary threat).

Postscript: Another New Age Shop Firebombed - CENSORSHIP! Censorship of Art, Writing, Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Speech. These are the first casualties when you turn a blind eye to the activities of Christian evangelicals in Britain.

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