The Second Historic SAFF Document
Which Exposed The World-Wide Scandal of Christian Child Abuse
Which The Child Welfare Charities Kept Hidden From Your Gaze.

The Black Museum Of Priestly Abuse II: Sadistic Statistics


Published by The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (S.A.F.F) 1996

Based on the data we have collected this report finds that:


Over 1,000 innocent children harmed in the most appalling ways whilst their parents continued on oblivious. Of these shameful church-based atrocities the vast majority were perpetrated on boys who are particularly at risk. Our statistics show that these terrible instances of Clergy Sexual abuse took place on children who were aged from several months up to 16 years old, but that;


Boys are at risk from paedophile Clergy at a ratio of two to one over girls. Taking all these findings into account, statistically


Enlightened members of the church itself estimate that


(details in the report below).

A church organisation specialising in treating paedophile priests estimated that


An illustration of the extent of the problem is that


These are the FACTS. It seems inescapable from the data we hold and that which comes in from other researchers, that


There is therefore a time-bomb of Clergy Abuse waiting to happen in areas where parents are totally oblivious of the risk to their children who are like tethered lambs to the slaughter.

This information is the first of its kind and provides the data necessary for action by the churches and child welfare groups to protect children from Clergy Abuse. BUT WILL THEY ACT ON IT? Going on past performance we very much doubt it and shall explain why.

Hundreds of innocent children have had their lives destroyed by Clergymen through abuse directly related to the power and advantages which the churches bestows on them. The tragic thing is that our work is not exhaustive and may be just the tip of the iceberg.

This state of affairs could only happen because the Church is allowed by the Child Abuse Industry to police itself - and as the following cases show, it fails utterly to reconcile the needs of victims of its own priesthood.

These are shocking and heart-rending facts, yet how many of the Clergy's victims did our survey miss? How many cases were swept under the carpet before they got into the national press; tucked away in limited circulation local newspapers perhaps? We logged 1,000 instances of Clergy Abuse but that is likely to be a very conservative figure. In 'BLACK MUSEUM I' we estimated on figures going back to 1978 that two children per week are suffering Clergy Abuse; however our most recent sampling (with the additional accuracy they bring) lifts this figure to at least three children per week.


and have their lives destroyed. When alerted to it, the child protection agencies will virtually turn their backs on them! Many abuses are going on RIGHT NOW as you read this, and are being swept under the carpet by the conspiracy of concealment by the church which is self-evident in many cases? Hard facts, but facts our society has to face.

We make no apologies for the shocking content of this 'BLACK MUSEUM II'. It is an indictment of the intransigence of government and the social services in the U.K. in failing to deal with the horror of Clergy Abuse. Since the S.A.F.F. first exposed the extent and nature of Clergy Abuse in 'BLACK MUSEUM I', early in 1991, thousands more cases have occurred throughout the world yet no concerted practical action whatsoever has been taken to provide a route of escape for the victims of Clergy Abuse in the U.K. In other countries governments and child welfare organisations have responded. Many self-help groups have been formed, but in Britain the torture of children by priests is still swept under the carpet.
In contrast, plenty of clergy positively bask in the publicity gained by ferreting out and assisting in the arrest and detention of child-abuse suspects who are not connected with the clergy. E.G. The Catholic Times prints glowing reports that an Irish priest in the Phillipines has been active in the arrest of an Australian man on child sex abuse charges. The priest goes on to demand an overhaul of British and International law to stop Sex Tourism happening - but the response from British churches to the epidemic of Priestly Abuse is half-baked and half hearted. Hypocrisy indeed.

In BLACK MUSEUM I we warned of our earlier findings and demanded that the Child Abuse Industry take action to avoid the sufferings of little children. Nothing happened. None of the Child Welfare organisations got in touch with us - but they valued our research sufficiently to try and mis-represent BMII as 'evidence' in the Orkney Child Abuse Inquiry. The Department of Health didn't bat an eyelid. Social Services Departments wrote our report off as 'reactionary'.

Why hasn't the Department of Health taken action over Clergy Abuse?

Why haven't Childline and other telephone help lines set up a special phone line for Clergy Abuse victims?

Why hasn't the NSPCC developed special training to detect and assist Clergy Abuse victims as it has done with other types of abuse?

Why haven't Social Services Departments inaugurated guidelines on dealing with Clergy Abuse and the special requirements necessary for protecting its victims?

All these things and more could have been done, but no action was taken because the Child Abuse Industry is inherently blind to Clergy Abuse in the same way that many mothers' are oblivious to abuse being perpetrated by step-fathers or family friends most of the people who work within the voluntary Child Care organisations are Christian do-gooders.

Based on the data we have collected this report finds that:


Over 1,000 innocent children harmed in the most appalling ways whilst their parents continued on oblivious. Of these shameful church-based atrocities the vast majority were perpetrated on boys who are particularly at risk. Our statistics show that these terrible instances of Clergy Sexual abuse took place on children who were aged from several months up to 16 years old, but that


Boys are at risk from paedophile Clergy at a ratio of two to one over girls. Taking all these findings into account, statistically


Enlightened members of the church itself estimate that

(details in the report below).

A church organisation specialising in treating paedophile priests estimated that


An illustration of the extent of the problem is that

These are the facts. It seems inescapable from the data we hold and that which comes in from other researchers, that


There is therefore a time-bomb of Clergy Abuse waiting to happen in areas where parents are totally oblivious of the risk to their children who are like tethered lambs to the slaughter.

This information is the first of its kind and provides the data necessary for action by the churches and child welfare groups to protect children from Clergy Abuse. BUT WILL THEY ACT ON IT? Going on past performance we very much doubt it and shall explain why.

Hundreds of innocent children have had their lives destroyed by Clergymen through abuse directly related to the power and advantages which the churches bestows on them. The tragic thing is that our work is not exhaustive and may be just the tip of the iceberg.

This state of affairs could only happen because the Church is allowed by the Child Abuse Industry to police itself - and as the following cases show, it fails utterly to reconcile the needs of victims of its own priesthood.

These are shocking and heart-rending facts, yet how many of the Clergy's victims did our survey miss? How many cases were swept under the carpet before they got into the national press; tucked away in limited circulation local newspapers perhaps? We logged 1,000 instances of Clergy Abuse but that is likely to be a very conservative figure. In 'BLACK MUSEUM I' we estimated on figures going back to 1978 that two children per week are suffering Clergy Abuse; however our most recent sampling (with the additional accuracy they bring) lifts this figure to at least three children per week.


and have their lives destroyed. When alerted to it, the child protection agencies will virtually turn their backs on them! Many abuses are going on RIGHT NOW as you read this, and are being swept under the carpet by the conspiracy of concealment by the church which is self-evident in many cases? Hard facts, but facts our society has to face.

It is a damning illustration of the injustice built into our child-care system that the uncovering and tracking of the national scandal of Clergy Abuse has been left to a non-profit making special-interest group run by a handful of volunteers. Our statistics clearly show that


So why does the child-abuse industry insists on treating it as some kind of joke whilst chasing after mythical ideologies such as Satanic Child Abuse as though real.

The S.A.F.F.'s resources are minuscule when compared with these child-welfare organisations, yet in a few short years we were able to do what they couldn't... or wouldn't. Our statistics are undoubted proof of the epidemic of Clergy Abuse but these factual cases were already in the archives ready for the picking. So many in fact that they almost fell out of their boxes into our hands. Anyone could have discovered this scandal; the question is, why wasn't it seen by the army of child welfare workers who get big bucks for being experts in the field?

When a child-welfare tragedy occurs the child-scare-Industry falls back on the excuse of lack of funding, arguing that more money would make them more effective and better prepared. Yet these very same people wasted monumental time and child-welfare resources over a five years period in hunting mythical Satanic Child Abuse. Built entirely on a scare, the wild-goose chase of Satanic/Ritual Abuse cost the taxpayers of this country over twenty million pounds. Money which could have saved the tragedy and torture of hundreds of real cases of Clergy Abuse which are occurring RIGHT NOW as you read this. Whilst the Satan Hunter Social Workers wasted twenty million pounds worth of YOUR money in chasing 'Ritual Abuse' cases and coming up with a blank a further 800 children were disgustingly sexually abused by Priests. 800 children who could have been saved if the Child Care experts had only looked over their shoulders when we told them to.


So what are the child welfare agencies going to do about it? Chase more Satanic phantoms? Or do the job they are paid to do - protect children at risk. How on earth was Clergy Abuse continually overlooked by these people when cases span the past twenty years? The evidence of Clergy Abuse has been cropping up almost as long as the child abuse industry has been in existence.

Thousands of poor child victims are suffering right now in silence because the people whom society pays to help them simply don't believe that Clergy Abuse exists. So why are Christian Social Workers, Christian Churches, Christian Child Welfare Organisations and Christian therapists still pursuing the wild-goose chase of Satanic Child Abuse which died a death with the Orkney case in 1991 and was pronounced a myth by the Governments own report in 1994? Here's why!


The truth is that the barmy theories of a worldwide conspiracy of Satanists who abuse children was a convenient smokescreen to redirect the public's attention from the scandal of Clergy Abuse - and the Child Abuse Industry fell for it hook-line- and-sinker. Check out the statistics and see for yourself.

And what better way is there for a Clergy Abuse victim to call for help than to blame their priestly abuse onto a mythical Satanist? Allegations about priestly abuse are not taken seriously (as the response to 'BLACK MUSUEM I' shows). Priests are well-connected and influential, often working closely with the local child-protection agencies and having insidious power over parents in their congregations due to their privileged knowledge of family circumstances. Clergy are often favoured by authority and given the benefit of the doubt. Paedophile Clergy can cover their tracks and countermand allegations on a number of levels; they are often given a chance to do so before the police are involved. Renegade clergymen are regularly protected by their Bishops and there is an overly sympathetic infrastructure within the churches to 'launder' their mistakes. So yes, Clergy Abuse victims can be doubly victimised by having to fight pillars of the community in order to get help - so much so that many decide not do so and suffer in silence. In one report featured below the Archbishop of York called into question the evidence of a 13 year old abused girl saying that such prosecutions were generally unsound. The Archbishop did not appear to know that the priest had admitted the abuse.

Blaming a mythical Satanist for the abuse a priest has perpetrated is a way of escape for both victims and the Establishment. Indeed, a priest who has abused a small child in the disgusting ways outlined in 'BLACK MUSEUM II' can ONLY be perceived by them as Evil incarnate and so the confabulation of bizarre, religious locations and backgrounds under therapy is a small next-step. When investigations into claims by such victims proves them unfounded in the particulars, the abused person will continue to maintain that it is true in order to obtain 'uncompromised' therapeutic help. This is not simply wishful thinking. Social Worker guidelines include the well-known psychological phenomenon where abused children invent perpetrators in order to obtain help without running the risk of their father or close relative being put in prison. How much more compromised is a child who has been abused by a spiritual father who transfers his guilt onto them and then holds the key to future repentance and admittance to he aven?

Clergy Abuse is a Scandal which plunges the church and its associated voluntary child-welfare bodies into a crisis which is so big and which has so many implications on their own careers and beliefs that they quite simply refuse to face it and are allowing children to suffer most horribly.

The long and the short of it is that


In 'BLACK MUSEUM II' we have consciously excluded the very many cases where priests have broken their oaths of celibacy and cannon law by carrying on affairs with women, and the very many instances where Church of England Vicars have committed adultery or broken up other people's marriages with affairs. We have also ignored the regularly occurring exposes of homosexual activities of priests with consenting adults and only included those cases which are relevant to a breach of the law or which contain some aspect which is illustrative of Priests living a double- life hidden from public view or employing successful subterfuge. That they can pursue these double-lives so successfully and secretly is another warning sign which the Child Abuse Industry has ignored. As Dianne Core, head of Childwatch said when a priest whom she had worked alongside for three years was found guilty of abusing children in his care,

'Little did we know that the very paragon of virtue that we moulded ourselves on was a paedophile and was secretly undermining our work with the vulnerable and hurt children - hurting them for life'


There has got to be a drastic rethink from these people in order to protect our children.

As libertarians we have no wish to victimise the gay community, nor make self- righteous moral judgments on the complexities of human relationships, (even if moralising churchmen repetitively fall prey to their own hypocrisies on that score). We have concerned 'BLACK MUSEUM II' solely with the continuing terrible and UNDENIABLE scandal of Clergy Abuse of children and it makes terrifying reading. We are willing to provide fuller details and sources to interested inquirers. We have left out the very many cases which were reported as 'proceeding' but which we could not locate judgments on. We have also left out many other cases which involved allegations of long term abuse of children but which were settled out of court by the Church agreeing to pay damages but insisting on a gagging clause. We are also interested in receiving supplementary cuttings, information and background on these and cases we have missed, if readers wish to donate them. Please note that the vast majority of these despicable abuses occurred right here in the U.K. Although we do include a few reports which illustrate how this horror is happening throughout the world, we clearly mention location if cases occurred outside the U.K. The British Churches cannot escape their responsibility for Clergy Abuse.


BLACK MUSEUM II : Sadistic Statistics

February 20th 1991: A French student told how she met a man at Bible classes who later raped her while two devout Christian friends held her down. All three perpetrators regularly attended Bible meetings at a Middlesex church. [D.Sport]

February 21st 1991: George Austin Archdeacon of York 'says his sensibilities have been shocked by events at the World Council of Churches conference' 'A church leader is alleged to have beaten a woman delegate after he refused his request for sexual favours'. Archdeacon Austin described how he had to stop himself overturning a table of pornographic literature in the foyer of the conference which included a couple performing an unnatural act.' [Yorks. Eve. Press]

August 7th 1991: Vicar David John was discovered sexually fondling another man through a partition wall in a public toilet in Carmarthenshire. He pleaded guilty to gross indecency. The court fined the vicar œ75.00 [Carmarthen Journal]

October 26th 1991: The Methodist Minister at the church where caretaker Trevor Wilson was employed yesterday spoke up for him in court as 'the kind of person who cements a family together'. Wilson admitted four offences of indecent assault and was jailed for 18 months. The judge said 'it was a melancholic duty for him to have to imprison a man of hitherto good character'. (but see Feb 6th 1992 to see how misguided both judge and minister were when Wilson reoffended after 'uncementing' someone else's family) [D.Sport]

November 16th 1991: The Cannon Treasurer at York Minster 'pleaded for mercy for his gardener who had sex with a 10 year old girl'. But Alfred Flower was jailed for four years after pleading guilty at York Crown Court.

November 17th 1991: A Born-Again Christian preacher is accused of raping his 10 year old step-daughter and is also accused by her 11 year old sister of indecent assault. [D.Sort]

December 1991: Father Dino Cinel had stockpiled an enormous cache of commercially produced hard core pornographic films, photographs and magazines featuring young children as sexual objects. Along with these investigators discovered 160 hours of home made pornographic videotapes in which Cinel performed anal sex, oral sex, group sex and a dizzying array of other diversions (often including his dog) with at least seven different teenage boys. But the uproar over this cache of filth in Louisiana (where the mere possession of such material carries a mandatory jail sentence) was the only public eruption of a scandal that 'the church had kept secret for more than two years'. The local district attorney decided not to prosecute Cinel(!). In a television interview the DA admitted that one reason he hadn't prosecuted the case, DESPITE A RECOMMENDATION BY HIS OWN OFFICIALS THAT HE DO SO was his unwillingness to embarrass "Holy Mother the Church". [Vanity Fair]

YEAR 1992:

January 4th 1992: The Reverend Paul de Fortis, Chaplain to Middlesex hospital is found hanging naked in the bedroom of his north London vicarage on Christmas Eve whilst surrounded by bondage equipment and pornographic literature. He was strangled accidentally by a metal collar after manacling his hands and feet to a four poster bed. [D.Telegraph] [The Sun]

January 11th 1992: Senior Catholic Altar Server Patrick Lee hangs himself by accident in another sado-masochistic piece of auto-eroticism involving manacles, ropes and rubber. [D.Sport]

January 13th 1992: A Midlands Vicar who had earlier spent seven years doing missionary work in the Caribbean pleaded guilty to indecent assault of young boys aged 10 and 12 after inviting them into his vicarage to play games. He also pleaded guilty to one offence of assault causing actual bodily harm on another 11 year old boy through spanking sessions. He was fined just œ450.00. The Judge told Reverend Andrew Cooper 'in the course of what no doubt was a valuable part of your ministry you, on occasions, succumbed to certain temptations'. [Wolves. Eve. Mail] (Oh, well, that's all right then. As long as he only abused children 'occasionally'.)

January 29th 1992: A woman who went to a gospel meeting for help was sexually abused by a Pentecostal Pastor of an Isleworth church. He said 'I am a reverend and I am here to save you', told her to strip naked and then committed the abuse. [D.S.]

February 6th 1992: A Manchester Sunday School and Bible class teacher described as 'a pillar of the community and a member of the church management committee' by his council, made porn movies of a 10 year old girl after raping her in a church. Trevor Wilson spent years producing videos and photographs of the girl performing perverse sex acts with a teenage boy whom he had also corrupted and had sex with her himself a number of times. The case was so shocking the judge said he had to leave the courtroom for 20 minutes to cool off, before jailing Wilson for 10 years. Wilson had already served a jail sentence for sex offences against three small girls and a boy yet was still involved with church activities. (see October 26th 1991) [D.Sport] The judge viewed a shortened version of an 8 hour pornographic film and inspected samples of nearly 800 indecent photographs he held. [Oldham Chronicle] & [Daily Sport 6.2.92]

April 5th 1992: The Archbishop of Birmingham is to be called before magistrates by a mother who is battling to locate the clergyman father of her three year old daughter.'She claims the priest has gone into hiding with the help of the Church' [Sunday Mercury]

April 13th 1992: Long serving Salvation Army member David Brereton raped a 16 year old girl. Later he was tortured and then burned to death by two youths and the girl in revenge for the rape. [D.Sport]

May 1992: A church volunteer and pillar of the community appeared before Southend magistrates yesterday charged with distributing child pornography. The man is accused of supplying material involving children as young as six, including videos, magazines and photographs. [D. Mail]

May 19th 1992: Rev. Anthony Davis, a Welsh priest was
jailed for 18 months after admitting three charges of gross indecency and one of indecent assault involving four different boys aged 10 to 13 years. Davis attempted to bribe one of the boys with œ200.00 not to tell the police. [Western Mail]

June 5th 1992: Channel 4 TV screens DAUGHTERS OF EVE; the stories of four women who tell of affairs with priests which resulted in children, and the subsequent cover ups by the church to protect the priests from bad publicity. The Bishop of Gallway love-child scandal started a flood of allegations from women who had been made pregnant by priests and who felt that earlier their stories would not be believed.

June 6th 1992: An AIDS stricken homosexual gives a deathbed confession linking a gay priest to the murder of Jason Swift. [The People newspaper] (Death bed confessions are admissible as evidence in law.)

June 6th 1992: Canberra's Anglican Bishop is faced with charges of soliciting another male to prostitute himself in a public place. [Plymouth Even. Herald]

June 25th 1992: A Catholic priest has fled to a secret whereabouts with a teenage choir girl. Vatican officials urged him to return Rachel to her distressed family but no response had yet been forthcoming. [The Sun]

July 7th 1992: A disgraced catholic priest who has served 15 months of a six-year sentence in an American jail for molesting four altar boys is set to return to church duties. Father Anton Mowat was shielded by his Northampton diocese despite them being aware of an international police hunt in America and Britain. Now the church is 'looking for a suitable ministry that will fulfil his vocation and appropriate to his circumstances' (!). [Northern Echo] ...(and later) ..... July 26th 1992: 'Church leaders looked the other way when police investigators tried to find a priest accused of offences against altar boys. The diocesan authorities knew that the man, Anton Mowat, was in hiding at a monastery in Turin. For two long years they said nothing.' [Daily Express]

July 14th 1992: Four Irish Priests who have been removed from their parishes after sex-abuse allegations are being treated at a Birmingham centre dealing with perverts and sex offenders. The œ450.00 per week bill is being paid for by the Church. The head of the unit, Ray Wyre, said 'in the past priests found to be abusing parishioners' children were discretely relocated... Previously the church has tended to cover up such cases...' [Birmingham Evening Mail]. ....(and later)... 'Ten Catholic priests have been treated at the clinic since it opened in 1988' [D.Mail 15.7.92]. ..... 'Roman Catholic priest Samuel Penny was bailed to a Birmingham sex clinic until September 4th [The Sun] (see May 23rd 1993 below for details of this reprehensible case)

July 26th 1992: Jesuit priest is accused of interfering with young boys at Barlborough Hall School, Derbyshire.' The allegations appeared in a World in Action documentary 'SINS OF THE FATHERS' which alleged the Roman Catholic Church was sheltering paedophile priests' [Daily Express] Following the programme Plymouth's RC Bishop launched a furious attack on any priests who were sexually abusing children and is reported as having said. 'He accepted that there had probably been cases where accused priests had simply been moved in a bid to avoid open scandal.' [Plymouth Eve. Herald]....(later)... World in Action rejects criticisms from some Catholic leaders by stating that 'out of every 40 Priests treated by the Servants of the Paraclete at Stroud 10 are considered to have sexual problems'. [Catholic Universe 2.8.92] ..... See also failure of U.S.A. SoP treatment later.

August 7th 1992: 'Police accused a Roman Catholic public school yesterday of trying to obstruct their inquiries into a priest who molested a pupil. Father Michael Creagh, Benedictine Monk and former deputy house master at Douai Abbey School, Berkshire was jailed for nine months at Reading Crown Court for assaulting a 12 year old boy who was put in his care. Another man claimed to have been given oral sex by Creagh in his church's crypt after he came to the priest for help with personal problems over his homosexuality about which he said he was suicidal. "Whenever we asked for information they refused to give us certain facts' said Detective Serg. Kellagher." 'After allegations were made by pupils the matter was not reported but instead the priest was quietly sent to other parishes'. The Abbot of Douia said allegations in 1990 against the priest had been investigated by the school authorities and 'they did not find sufficient evidence to support the suspicions'. However The News of the World q uoted Creagh as saying 'I expect I'll be moved back and kept away from the boys' [News of the World Nov 24th 1991] - [Catholic Universe] - [D. Mail] - [D.Sport]

August 10th 1992: A Religious education teacher and choirmaster at a top public school in Newcastle has been suspended over an alleged international porn-in-the-post scandal following surveillance by Customs and Excise after large amounts of material were sent to him from Holland. [D.S.]

August 19th 1992: A Catholic Brother convicted of indecently assaulting two young girls from the same family aged 10 and 13 was today given a suspended prison sentence by Chorley magistrates. Michael Rigney of the Brothers of Charity pleaded guilty and was given a six month sentence for each of the six charges to run concurrently. [Lancs Even. Post ] ....(later) .... March 3rd 1995: Lancs Evening Post records that: ' A monk found guilty of indecently assaulting two sisters in 1992 is to
be honoured in a memorial mass. The mother of the two sisters is outraged that the abuse, which spanned two years during which time Brother Rigney was supposedly giving them music lessons, has been forgotten and says the memorial celebrating the monk's life is a disgrace and the 'final insult' to her families suffering.

September 9th 1992: A senior church elder of the Jehovah's Witnesses was jailed for five years at the Old Baily for 'humiliating' sexual abuse of little girls left in the care of his wife. One of the abused was only three years old when subjected to oral sex. [D.Sport]

September 14th 1992: A Roman catholic priest has been accused of committing sex acts with members of his parish youth football team. The priest, who works in Coventry, is under investigation by police and is receiving counselling from the Church in Ireland. [Plymouth Eve.Gaz]

October 2nd 1992: A Salvation Army Officer was arrested three times in three days for plaguing a 28 year old car hire boss with indecent suggestions. He was given a conditional discharge. [Sun]

November 30th 1992: Lay preacher Adam Brown, son of a Minister, appeared to be a pillar of the Californian church he attended, but is now charged with attempted murder, rape and other sex charges related to nine children aged between two and eight. [D.Mail]

YEAR 1993:

January 12th 1993: Priest Kenneth Keeler pleaded guilty to assaulting 3 teenage boys by 'masturbating him to rid him of evil spirits' Keeler is the 56th Catholic priest to be convicted of sexual offences in Canada since 1985. [Source: F.B.I investigator K. Lanning's list of Christian Sex Crimes ( elsewhere indicated [*] for brevity)

January 16th 1993: Compulsive repetitive sex offender Reverend John Pisarcik must serve 5 years without parole at the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Centre after pleading guilty to molesting 2 boy church members. [*]

February 12th 1993: Reverend R.E. Mayer is sentenced to 3 years in prison for molesting a girl, 13. [*]

February 12th 1993: Priest L.R. Davis is given 31 year sentence for sexual acts with 2 teenage boys. [*]

February 8th 1993: Priest Ronald D. Provost is found guilty of photographing a nude boy. Police discover hundreds of photos of nude boys. [*]

February 10th 1993: Ralph Vollmer (54) a Melbourne Salvation Army member sobbed as he realised his wife who died in an attempted exorcism would not return from the dead. Mrs Vollmer died of massive internal injuries at the climax of a ceremony intended to expel demons which her husband believed had taken possession of her body. Two other Christian evangelicals involved in the 'deliverance' said they believed they had done the right thing. [Southern Cross]

February 12th 1993: A secret settlement is reached by an American Baptist Church after one of their ministers sexually abused a girl of 14 by having sexual intercourse with her on a church 'visitation'.

February 18th 1993: Illinois priest is sentenced to 3 years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse and the sexual abuse of a boy aged 14. [*]

February 20th 1993: Priest Juan Bazalar is found guilty of six counts of sexual abuse and sodomy involving a 14 year old altar boy. [*]

February 28th 1993: A retired priest admitted to sexually molesting a girl aged 7 in California whilst she was sat on his lap receiving 'counselling'. He was given 120 hours community service. [*]

February 28th 1993: A Catholic priest admits to having intercourse with a female teenager and indecently assaulting another. [*]

February 28th 1993: A Catholic priest admitted that he tied up, handcuffed and raped a boy and also admitted five other acts of indecency. His victim said that after raping him the priest made him confess the act to 17 other priests but none of them helped him. [*]

March 12th 1993: A Catholic priest who had earlier been convicted of gross indecency with another man in a public toilet but was allowed to continue in his ministry at Whitley Bay was raided by police after his name was found in a porn-dealer's address book. The police found 20 pornographic videos, some of a paedophile nature. Father John Flaherty admitted four offences of publishing indecent material of children. The judge fined him œ200 and ordered him to see a psychiatrist. (!) The Bishop of Hexam said that Flaherty 'would not be returning to pastoral duties AT THE PRESENT TIME'. [Shropshire Star]

March 13th 1993: Priest WA Sherwood admits to having sex with 10 teenagers following his arrest for trying to molest a 17 year old male hitchhiker. Sherwood had earlier been convicted twice for exposing himself in X-rated bookstores in the U.S.A. and admitted taking hitchhikers to his rectory and videotaping them in various sex acts, including boys as young as 14. Police confiscated 272 pornographic videos and four ring-binders recording names of sex partners, lists of acts performed, ages and 'scores' rating their performances. Although relieved
from his duties by the church they continued to pay him a monthly salary and car allowance. [*]

March 14th 1993: Glenburn Church Chiefs are to investigate a minister named in a rent boy scandal by the News of the World.

March 19th 1993: Priest Philip Wolfe is imprisoned for one year after he forced a boy to perform oral sex on him. [*]

March 19th 1993: Lutheran Church Pastor Wayne Vetter admits to 1st degree criminal sexual contact with a juvenile and anonymous sex in public places. [*]

March 13th 1993: The American Jesuit magazine runs an article on Clergy Abuse by Chicago priest Andrew Greeley who estimates that between 2,000 and 4,000 (two thousand and four thousand) members of the U.S. priesthood have molested young people with victims 'well in excess' of 100,000 (one hundred thousand)! [*]

April 4th 1993: Roman Catholic newspapers in America have BANNED advertisements for a book dealing with the sexual abuse of children by priests. [Catholic Universe]. Another example of the way influential Church members suppress the vile perversions which infect the ranks of the priesthood from Catholic families whose children are at risk.

April 4th 1993: Martin Woodhead, a Church worker, a member of the parochial church council and Vicar's aide who had ambitions to be ordained was jailed for four years at Leeds Crown Court after admitting seven sexual offences involving three children. The offences were committed over a period of four years until stopped when a girl complained to her teacher that she thought she was pregnant. [Yorks.Eve.Post]

April 8th 1993: 'During the past decade some 400 Roman Catholic priests have been reported to church of civil authorities for the sexual abuse of children according to U.S. News & World Report. ' [Awake!]

April 9th 1993: Reverend Brian Law is found dead in his car outside his vicarage in Southport Lancs after committing suicide following his earlier arrest for indecency offences with children. ...(later).... March 9th 1994: Police have removed video tapes and other items from St Philps primary school during an inquiry conducted by three forces. 'Many parents at the meeting wished to avoid a repetition of circumstances a year ago when investigations into allegations of offences involving children by the then vicar of St Philps, the Rev Brian Law, was only revealed when he committed suicide'[The Champion]

May 25th 1993: A Lancashire church warden pinned a little girl to a snooker table in his parish hall and indecently assaulted her. This began a series of sexual abuse by the churchman which lasted for two years. He was friendly with the girl's parents and often baby-sat for them. [Lancs Evening Post]

May 23rd 1993: Perverted priest Samuel Penny is given a seven and a half year jail sentence after molesting youngsters over a period of several years in the Midlands. Although his Bishops were warned of his activities as early as 1984 complaints from abused children and their parents were repetitively ignored by officials, say the families involved. One family said 'the church tried to persuade them not to take the matter to the police'. There were calls for the archbishop to resign. [The Times] .... (later).... The Catholic Archbishop of Birmingham is to be sued by two families whose children were sexually abused by Priest Samuel Penny on accusations of 'not doing enough' to stop Penny and so become the first law suit which the Catholic Church has faced in Britain over the question of sex abuse. [Catholic Universe May 30th 1993]

May 27th 1993: 'The Disgraced former Bishop of Gloucester' who was enthroned in a ceremony attended by Prince Charles is moving to be near his twin brother the Bishop of Truro. The Bishop resigned in March after admitting to police that he had committed an act of gross indecency with a 17 year old novice monk. The Bishop was formally cautioned but the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to take the case to court. [Yorkshire Post]

May 29th 1993: A New York Bishop has been barred from all priestly duties and placed on a one-year leave of absence following confessing sexual misconduct with a teenage boy. The action came TWO YEARS after the church knew of the Bishop's assaults 'and only after an angry deacon forced the issue into the open earlier this month' [Times]

May 30th 1993: 'The Roman Catholic Church in Britain is considering insurance against compensation claims by families whose children have been sexually abused by priests.....Three Catholic priests have been convicted of sexual abuse ...and two more are awaiting trial.' [Independent]

June 6th 1993: Pervert priest Anthony McCallen preyed on young children for sexual gratification taking obscene photographs of a 9 year old boy, later assaulting him. The priests young victim was a regular visitor to McCallens holiday home on Holy Island. McCallen's activities were discovered after Customs officers found him importing videos from Germany which showed naked children. A search at his presbytery revealed 'mountains' of obscene photographs. McCallen, who was charged with smuggling porn videos, possessing indecent photographs, taking an indecent photo and an indecent assault on a 14 year old
boy, was given a jail sentence. But Father Michael O'Connor said 'he was dismayed that the judge turned down an application for McCallen to serve his time at a special centre for priests with personal problems'. [Hull D. Mail] & [Yorks Eve. Post]....(later) November 1993 the Hull Daily Mail reported that 'jailed pervert priest Anthony McCallen is expected to be freed within weeks'. The paedophile was jailed for three and a half years in June 1993 but had his sentence cut by a third by the court of Appeal - with remission he should be out within 8 weeks.

June 30th 1993: The Australian Catholic church has taken out a multi-million dollar insurance policy to protect itself against damages claims of sexual abuse against priests. The move follows a growing number of victims that have been sexually assaulted by priests or brothers,' usually in orphanages and schools'. But Rod Stinson a member of the support group Friends of Suzannah, who was sexually abused by a priest as a 15 year old, believes the insurance will enable the church to escape without acknowledging the truth. '[Southern Cross].

14th July 1993: An aide to the Bishop of Sheffield is jailed for four months for a string of indecent assaults on a schoolgirl aged 13 which took place in her home and in his van. His victim was a churchgoer who said 'she had wanted the gropings to stop but because the man was a family friend as well as a priest she did not know what to do.' [Doncaster Star]. 'Reverend Patrick Dennis continued to abuse the girl over a two year period but his Bishop 'condemned the jailing as neither just nor appropriate.' 'Some people in his parish had been surprised that Mr Dennis carried on giving sermons after pleading guilty to the offence months ago. However, the Bishop of Sheffield said 'his future rests with the Archbishop of York. My own belief is that it would be a sad waste of his many gifts if he could not continue to serve in some capacity as a minister of the church'. [Doncaster Star] & [Yorks.Eve.Post] & [Doncaster Free Press]....(later)... 'Patrick Dennis - clergyman at the centre of a sex scandal wants to k eep his old job and has applied for appeal'....(later).... [Doncaster Star). 'SEX CASE VICAR CAN CARRY ON PREACHING - Disgraced Sex case vicar Patrick Dennis has been told he can carry on preaching despite serving a two month prison sentence for indecent assault on a 13 year old girl. Dennis was granted permission to continue his ministry by the Archbishop of York who said he 'did not consider Dennis a threat to young people and that convictions such as Dennis's' based on evidence from a single person, were bound to contain an element of uncertainty' [Doncaster Star 11th Sept.1993] (It would appear from the Archbishop's reported statement that he was unaware that Dennis had reportedly pleaded guilty to the charges in court.)....(later)........ 10th Sept. 1993 - The reverend Patrick Dennis who was sentenced to four months imprisonment for indecent assault has resigned from his position and has moved to the South of England' [Doncaster Star].

July 14th 1993: Dark secrets of repetitive rape, sexual abuse and public floggings of 8, 9 and 10 year old boys in a Christian Brothers' orphanage in Western Australia are surfacing as 'hundreds' of 'old-boys' come forward to allege extensive abuse over many years. The Christian Brothers organisation has admitted that some boys were sexually and physically abused but said the incidence 'had been exaggerated'. [Southern Cross]....(later).... 'the Christian Brothers took out newspaper advertisements admitting the abuse and apologising to victims.' [Southern Cross November 3rd 1993]

August 15th 1993: A Catholic monk who ran a home for disturbed boys was jailed for seven years after admitting a disturbing series of sexual assaults on boys in his care. James Carragher ran St Williams Roman Catholic Community home in Market Weighton, Yorks. Ironically, Dianne Core, the head of Childwatch, (the organisation which was at the forefront of the campaign to alert the public to the supposed risk of Satanic Child Abuse during 1989) 'worked alongside' the pervert priest at the home for three years without guessing what was going on. [Yorkshire on Sunday]

October 19th 1993: A predatory priest who sexually abused altar boys and other vulnerable young victims over a period of 21 years was today given a record 18 year jail sentence in Australia. The judge told Priest Gerald Ridsdale 'You betrayed parental trust, abused your exercise of power and the trust of vulnerable children... in seeking to satiate your perverted lust it seems no victim was too frail or vulnerable'. On one occasion Ridsdale assaulted a 10 year old girl in the presbytery after presiding at her father's funeral that day. Risdale pleaded guilty to 30 counts of indecent assaults, five of buggery, four of gross indecency, one of attempted buggery, one of indecent assault on a minor and five of indecent assault. Amazingly, Risdale had been previously jailed for two years and three months in May 1993 for a further 27 sexual assault offences involving eight young victims. He served only three months for those offences (!). The familiar hollow church response which consistently refuses to blame a priest for his actions no matter how terrible they have been echoed from Risdale's Bishop who is reported as saying "I express my sorrow and my regret to all those involved in any way....and am also conscious of the devastating effect of this case on Gerald Ridsdale himself" (!) [Southern Cross] ....(later)... by November 24th 1993 the Pope dismisses Ridsdale 'which would remove any ambiguity about his position in the church'. Chris Wilding of Broken Rites, an Australian group that supports the victims of church sexual abuse said they were encouraging many of Ridsdale's victims to sue the church for negligence and found the disowning of Ridsdale 'a turning
point' [Southern Cross]

October 28th 1993: A Scottish church elder who sexually assaulted a beautician was jailed for 18 months. His victim said ' when I heard that he was still attending the church it knocked me for six. How can a man who carries the bible do such a thing?' John Milligan and elder of Troon Old Parish Church talked the young woman into visiting his surgery, he then locked the door and subjected her to a degrading sex ordeal. [Scottish Daily Express]

November 3rd 1993: A senior official of the Catholic church in New Zealand has been charged with sex offences against a 12 year old girl - the daughter of a church employee - involving attempted sexual violation and indecent assault. [Southern Cross]

November 13th 1993: The Benedictine Abbot of Prinknash abbey in Gloucester has resigned after allegations of sexual misconduct by a man who was visiting the monastery with a view to becoming a monk. The Abbot did not deny the allegations. 'Abbot Hargreaves has now gone away from the monastery in order to cause as little disruption as possible ... and is already receiving attention at therapy centre for clergy. The police said that they were 'not aware of any complaint about the abbot'. [Western Daily Press] & [D. Telegraph]

November 28th 1993: Four men who allege they were abused by priest James Porter when they were children will receive 125,000 dollars each from the Servants of the Paraclete, the priest's therapy centre in New Mexico which treated Porter in the 1960s. The four men will also receive two million dollars in damages from insurance companies in the out of court settlement. [Catholic Times]

December 12th 1993: A Roman Catholic priest is remanded to police custody charged with indecently assaulting a boy in Leeds. [Yorks.Eve.Post]

December 23rd 1993: Perverted Pastor William Wiggers is jailed for nine months after indecent assaults on women parishioners which he perpetrated after telling them that he was 'cleansing their sins'. Two women who went to Wiggers for counselling had been abused as children and were doubly vulnerable yet their pastor set up elaborate cleansing ceremonies which involved sexual indecencies which he told the women that 'God had revealed to him in prayer'. When the women went for help leaders of their church in Bridlington, Yorks, asked them to 'keep the matter quiet'. [Derbyshire Evening News]

YEAR 1994

January 2nd 1994: The Archdiocese of Santa Fe is reported to be facing bankruptcy and the seizure of all its assets and properties because of myriad lawsuits related to sexual abuse by priests. The Diocese faced demands of almost œ33,000,000.00 (Thirty Three million pounds). [Catholic Universe]

January 20th 1994: A Roman Catholic Priest is charged in Melbourne, Australia, with 151 (one hundred and fifty one) offences relating to sexual assaults against boys aged between 10 and 16. [Guardian]

February 13th 1994: Parents allege that their son was abused by his priest over a 12 year period from when he was eight. The Archdiocese paid nearly œ20,000.00 for counselling for the boy but denied the attacks took place. The parents say they are not doing enough to ensure that the priest is never again in a position of trust in the Church and want to know how the Priest had left the country before the police had the opportunity to interview him. A month after they complained to the archbishop about the priest he left and went to Australia. Later he is believed to have travelled to the Philippines. The parents say that the priest could not exercise his ministry without references from the archdiocese yet they had said they had no means of tracing him. [Catholic Universe]

February 26th 1994: A Skegness Vicar is charged with indecently assaulting a boy under the age of 16. [Lincoln Adt.]

March 3rd 1994: Church elder Robert Bowman was jailed for four years for raping a 15 year old girl and sexually assaulting her sister who both belonged to the same church. The offence took place on the floor of his kitchen in East Kilbride. [Scottish D.Express]

March 16th 1994: The Catholic Church has apologised to a Queensland woman raped by a Dominican priest when she was 12, and has agreed to pay for therapy for her. [Southern Cross]

March 17th 1994: Another priest has been convicted of raping altar boys in the 'gospel of shame' scandal in Massachusetts. Rev John Hanlon was convicted of two counts of rape and two counts of assault with intent to rape a 13 year old. [D. Telegraph]

April 2nd 1994: 'The priesthood today is seen by many as little more than a repository of perverts and is a fact that these men could only practise so successfully because of our naive trust; What is just as serious is that the institutional church makes no moves against them. It is often alleged that bishops shift errant priests from parish to parish rather than risk a damaging exposure. That they will shield a priest rather than censure him. In Ireland at the moment the name of one bishop is widely linked with a paedophile ring... but the bishop continues his ministry in some
remote corner of the republic... and the scale of the abuse is considerable' [Guardian]

April 23rd 1994: A former altar boy has been awarded one million pounds damages for being molested by his priest Francis Luddy. The bulk of the money is to be paid by the diocese in Pennsylvania after jurors ruled it deliberately ignored children's complaints. The pervert priest admitted sexual attacks on five boys but will not be prosecuted - instead he is living at a rehabilitation centre for accused priests. [D.Telegraph]

June 25th 1994: Pervert Priest Brendan Smyth is jailed for four years for 17 charges of indecent assault on boys and girls aged from 8 to 14 years in Belfast. The offences involved the sexual abuse of five orphan girls.[Scotsman]

July 1994: The Catholic Bishops of England & Wales publish a report on child sexual abuse which concludes that 'priests , religious and lay workers should never be alone with a child.' but do not say how that is to be safeguarded against. (Catholic Universe 17.4.96)

July 1994: A pervert priest abused a 13 year old altar boy companion whilst on a holy mission to see the Pope. Private letters from the priest's Bishop are leaked which show that the Church was aware of and had cautioned the priest about 'another incident' a few years previously.

July 10th 1994 Catholic Pictorial reports that 'the Catholic Church has apologised for "insensitivity and inadequate response" to hurt caused by physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children'. But it does not add the qualification 'by it's own priests'.

July 20th 1994: Vicar is jailed for four years for six specimen counts of sexual violation against a 13 year old girl which involved masturbation, oral sex and two of attempted anal intercourse. The abuses began when the girls' parents split up and she went to the priest for counselling.

August 7th 1994: A Priest who worked on top religious TV show Stars on Sunday is exposed as a pervert who helps Rent Boys find clients. Although accused some years earlier for similar conduct he is still being allowed to run his parish by the church authorities 'even though they gave an undertaking last time to remove him.' [News Of the World]

August 10th 1994: Church Minister William Robb is given a seven year sentence after he admitted sexually abusing seven young boys aged between 10 and 17 years over a three year period. Detectives who searched his house found scrapbooks full of pornographic pictures of the boys. Robb had sex sessions with up to three boys at a time, showed them pornographic magazines and films and made them pose for pornographic pictures. Robb regularly visited a children's home as chaplain. [Scottish Sun]

August 18th 1994: A Church of Scotland Minister is jailed for seven years for serious sexual offences involving boys aged between 10 and 17 which were committed on church property.

September 8th 1994: A choirmaster at a Yorkshire preparatory school has appeared in court charged with eight offences of indecent assault on boys under 13. He was remanded in custody. [Yorks Eve. Post]

September 18th 1994: Methodist Church caretaker is exposed as having a history of involvement in soft-porn films and photographs kept on Church property.

September 18th 1994: The Christian fundamentalist parents of a two month old baby killed her in an Exorcism ceremony. The pious Italian couple believed that 'Satan' had entered her because the baby cried whilst it was being bathed in Lourdes Holy Water. A devout uncle who believed himself to be the reincarnation of a Franciscan Priest conducted the Christian exorcism ceremony to drive demons out of the baby's body. It resulted in the baby dying from unexplained injuries which caused massive internal haemorrhaging.

October 16th 1994: Controversy begins over Michael Turnbull, recently made the new Bishop of Durham, whose past conviction for an act of gross indecency is brought to light by the media. The general conclusion is that it will not interfere with his new post because he has repented his crime. However it is part of a Bishop's job to decide what disciplinary action to take against any perverted priests who may be discovered in his diocese. Who shall cast the first stone?

November 27th 1994: Scotland on Sunday carry an interview with Cardinal Thomas Winning and quote him as saying 'I wouldn't shop paedophile priest'. Winning denies the quote vehemently saying it was taken out of context. But Priest Noel Barry admits in an article for a Catholic newspaper on the subject that 'a bishop's hands might be tied in terms of contacting outside agencies such as the police if suspicions and allegations (about sexual abuse) are brought to him in confidence and if he is bound by confidentiality in handling the matter.' (Catholic Times 27.11.96)

Apparently some priests believe they have a prior responsibility to their religious oaths of confidentiality with their own kind which usurps their duty under the law of accessory after the fact. This presumably comes from the confidentiality of the confessional which automatically produces repentance, after which transgressors have been theologically purified for past acts. In short the Clergy have a Catch 22 which enables any perverted
priests to evade full accountability providing he can keep it quiet long enough. The time factor is a crucial issue in the apportioning of blame. Dig up a corpse after it has been buried a week and you are termed a grave robber, dig up the same corpse after 500 years and your called an archeologist. So it is with priestly abuse. The most oft used defence to Clergy Abuse accusations is that the crimes happened 'years ago'. Presumably the logic is that perverts who sexually experiment on child victims but who have not been caught doing so since, can get away with it because it is a passing phase. Can you imagine this being offered as a defence in court for a non-Clergy paedophile? It is not only illogical, it also flies in the face of research done into child abuse. Child Sex Abuse studies show that people who abuse children once are more likely to do so again, not less. Statistics from church therapy centres who supposedly rehabilitate paedophile priests are kept secret but we know from the many reoffende rs in abuse cases which have come to court, that their success rate is minimal; yet referring paedophile priests to such therapy clinics appears to be the only action the church intend to take on the matter.

December 7th 1994: Catholic Church is rocked by a child sex abuse scandal about two senior priests who violently abused teenagers at a Scottish college for children being groomed for the priesthood. Although one of the offenders twice confessed his sins to fellow priests, he was allowed to continue as a parish priest at churches across Scotland. ' Further, Church officials knew of the abuse he inflicted on the boy, then 14, but the police were never contacted. ' When the abuse came to light the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh reportedly authorised a payment of œ42,000 in compensation for the suffering of the victim but the matter was again not reported to the police. The priest-perpetrator was moved from the parish to another administrative job in the church. (Daily Express 7.12.94)

December 10th 1994: Father John Archibald is undergoing psychiatric treatment and has been banned from preaching after being sacked from his parish for sexually abusing young altar boys. 'Church officials say it will be up to Father Archibald to decide whether to report himself to the police' (!) (Daily Express, 10th Dec 1994).

December 2nd 1994: The Labour party presses the issue which brought down the Irish Government by asking the Attorney General why he took so long to act - from April to September 1993 - in the case of the extradition of Priest Fr. Brendan Smyth on child abuse charges. [Church of England newspaper 2.12.94]. The crisis occurred when a dying priest received the last rites from two colleagues in a Dublin Gay Club. Then it was shown that the Archbishop of the Dublin Diocese had reportedly loaned œ27,000 to another priest to pay a civil claim for damages by a former altar boy. .....(later) Sept 1995, Smyth is jailed for three years after admitting 26 charges of sexually abusing children. The Observer termed his case 'the most serious to have been' in Northern Ireland. He 'abused children of both sexes for decades'.

December 12th 1994: Scotland Yard begins investigation into sexual abuse allegations against Reverend who was accused of practising 'internal ministries' which involve using fingers internally to make the sign of the cross. Earlier in the year the Reverend is expelled from the Association of Christian Counsellors and also resigns from the Evangelical Alliance.

December 16th 1994: A Church boys' brigade leader and former policeman is jailed for nine years for sexually abusing youngsters in his care. Donald Mackintosh from Manchester got away with his crimes for more than 25 years reports the Daily Express. 'Twice a church cover-up saved him, then the police allowed him to retire with a œ52,000 handshake on the day he was arrested. The boy's parents told senior church officials but it was decided not to report the mater to police of fear of increasing the boy's trauma (!). A church official's son had also been assaulted but that too went unreported.'

December 18th, 1994: Cardinal Basil Hume makes a public statement that there should be 'compassion' for priests in the wake of priestly abuse scandals. It appears that the clergy have missed the message from the glut of cases which have been uncovered. 'Priests should hold their heads up high'. '..he claims the well-publicised failures of a few priests should not detract from others' and goes on to quote from St Paul. 'God chose those who are weak to shame the strong; the contemptible, indeed those who count for nothing;' The Cardinal appears to be using the centuries old argument that such abuse is an acceptably minor part of church activity. 'BLACK MUSEUM I & II' proves the reverse. The facts of the matter show that priestly abuse is endemic within the churches and action MUST be taken to arrest it NOW before more children have to suffer at the hands of these perverts who appear to abuse with impunity due to their social position. Continuous church denials will not suffice and there are many confirmed Christians who are becoming of the same opinion. Professor James P Smith OBE writes 'I want to believe [that priests who sexually abuse children are a tiny minority] but with the increasing publicity about the apparent secrecy on the matter I, like many others, cannot help thinking that we may only have touched the tip of the iceberg... Rhetoric that 'priests are human and fallible' does not help very much... If the selection and preparation of priests does not result in priests who can cope better than ordinary humans.. then there must be something wrong with both the selection and preparation processes. ...I suggest it is now more than timely to review the selection and preparation of priests. [Catholic Universe Dec 18.1994]. Similarly another Christian, M Green, in taking the church to task over an ex-gratia
payment of œ42,000.00 in compensation for child sexual abuse, asks: ' can the church allow a priest to continue his parochial duties after being found guilty of child abuse?....We are constantly asked to help the poor in the Third World.. Could someone in authority please let parishioners know how so much money could be found to cover up a wrong-doing?'

December 22 1994: The Catholic Church in Scotland draw up guidelines on dealing with sex abuse by priests but nothing radical is presented.

YEAR 1995:

January 1st 1995: 'The Church of England's most senior bishops have confronted the fear of Anglican priests sexually abusing children ... The House of Bishops meeting last week admitted for the first time that there is a problem..'. [Church of England Newspaper]

March 12th 1995: In response to the too-little-too-late actions taken by both the Anglican and the Catholic churches to combat priestly abuse Ann Widdecombe complains that 'soon the very sight of a clerical collar will have mothers grabbing their children by the hand to lead them out of danger'. [Catholic Times]

March 19th 1995: The Vatican rush to suppress publication of a historical document consisting of petitions for Papal Absolution by hundreds of priests and clerics throughout the years. Researched and published 'in error' by the Vatican Secret Archives, the list of these confessions by clergymen make interesting reading involving depravity, murder, incest, bestiality, blasphemy and adultery, showing clearly the continuous thread of perversion by a section of the priestly community to the present day and the very definite risk to children from such abuse. Including priests who repented of having sexual relations with the men, women or children of their parishes. One priest recounted numerous instances of sexual perversion and acts of sodomy and molestation. Again parallelling the problem with priestly abuse in modern times the Catholic Times reports that in more than one instance after expressing repentance for their crimes requests for reinstatement to the ministry were approved. This book, like many o ther indicators of the extent of priestly abuse, is now censored.

April 16th 1995: Following Church promises that a perverted Dawlish Priest would preach no more, he is later discovered importing Rent Boys for sex in a remote Nuns convent. The Father, who was originally accused of organising sado-masochistic sexual perversions in a Students Hostel where he was then based, still takes mass and confession at a number of other churches in the area. [NoW]

May 10th 1995: A Merseyside Vicar charged with sexual offences appeared in court for indecency towards a man and a similar offence involving a woman .

May 17th 1995: Dumbarton MP John McFall tries to amend the Scottish Children Bill to make it a legal duty for staff to report suspected abuse in child care establishments after one of his constituents was abused by two Roman Catholic priests at an Aberdeen College.

May 19th 1995: A Conference is held in London on "Responding to Sexual Violation Within the Christian Community" - a long title to disguise the fact that it's mainly about Clergy who Abuse vulnerable people who come to them for help and counselling.

April 19th 1995: The Diocese of Ely invokes a new policy to check clerics and lay-preachers for previous child abuse. They will be required to sign a declaration that they have never abused children. (Church Times) The idea that paedophile priests will rush to admit their guilt in order to obtain a job working with children is utterly illogical but I'm sure these disclaimers will be welcome to the diocese insurers.

May 19th 1995: Seventh Day Adventist Joy Senior was a born-again Christian who was counselled regularly by her preacher in Ipswich but she still went berserk, knifed her three children and then drowned herself. (Church Times)

June 2nd 1995: Amidst European-wide publicity and consecutive and repetitive prosecutions of churchmen for child sexual abuse in both Great Britain and Ireland the churches still appear to turn a blind-eye. Lots could be done but apart from gutless reports and guidelines no other action is taken to rid the priesthood of its coterie of child sexual abusers. In contrast other church aligned bodies fix their gaze firmly elsewhere. The fundamentalists from the Evangelical Alliance still prattle on about risk from the mythical Satanic Abuse scare and Christian Aid along with the Jubilee Campaign launches a massively funded and media orchestrated campaign to force the government to enact laws to prosecute so-called sex tourists in other countries.

June 9, 1995: A Rabbi and his assistant are charged with sexually abusing a 15 year old girl on an overnight flight home from Australia [Jewish Telegraph]. This was the only case of child sexual abuse by a Jewish priest which we could find. We covered a 20 year period. We include it so the reader can get a sense of proportion of the abnormal prevalence of child sexual abuse within the Christian priesthood.

June 15th 1995: A paedophile priest has escaped jail despite sexually abusing four brothers in a children's home run by nuns. He abused one boy after luring him into his room on the pretence of hearing his confession.
Traynor admitted four counts of indecent assault but the judge decided to impose a two-year probation sentence after hearing that he had voluntarily undergone a course for people with sexual problems. Rix told Traynor 'You have suffered a great deal of punishment with the loss of your ministry." (!) The bias towards leniency in cases of Clerical Abuse is here clearly apparent and is an insult to the victims. When has a judge ever said to a regular child-abuser ' I can see you've suffered greatly by losing your job so I'll let you off with a non-custodial sentence'?

July 20th 1995: The Evening Standard features a potted history of 'Dirty Vicars' from exposes by Chaucer to date, but is it's tongue in cheek style a smokescreen for the Establishment? Or simply a complete lack of understanding of the tragedies of the victims of Clergy Abuse? What a contrast to the abject outrage in this newspaper when it reported the unfounded allegations of a handful of cases which were then termed Satanic Child Abuse! One complacent quote is at least honest 'The tabloid's appetite for naughty vicars shows no sign of abating. There is , after all, still plenty of evidence.'

September 13th 1995: The priest who started an AIDS scare in the Irish Republic was being quizzed about his claims that one woman may have deliberately infected as many as 80 men with the disease. But there are growing doubts about the Priest's allegations. Leading doctors say the woman could not possibly have infected the numbers she claimed without having sex with each of the men at least 500 times. [D.Mirror]. (Is this scare a device to whip promiscuous people into line with biblical morality - or perhaps draw attention from the record number of Priestly abuse cases which are embarrassing churchmen and their supporters in Eire and Great Britain?)

September 1995 Chris Brain, Vicar at the much acclaimed Church of England evangelistic Sheffield Nine O Clock Service leaves the country after admitting to sexually exploiting many young women who came for help to the church by involving sexual massage as part of their counselling/therapy. His church is closed down by the Bishop of York amidst further allegations of inappropriate use of donations. However in April 1996 it is opened up again with a new vicar. A couple who signed over their œ250,000 Pennine farmhouse to Brain are reported as now living in a tiny one bedroomed flat. Members move to secure œ100,000.00 in funds from the church's account. The CofE say that the accounts are 'impeccable' but private gifts are 'oustide their scope.' [Evening Standard] & [Daily Express)

September 26th 1995: A priest who admitted sexually abusing teenage boys has charges against him dropped. The priest was instead 'ordered' to resign from St. Augustines, Gloucester by his bishop. The Crown Prosecution Service said it had been obliged to drop the case because it had been brought more than 12 months after the offence had occurred. For prosecution purposes buggery of a boy aged 16 is among sexual offences which are time- limited to 12 months. (!). Had the priest been charged with other sex offences it might have been possible to proceed against him but the other allegations were said to have occurred abroad. Left to the Clerics to sort out, the Bishop's child protection team investigated and passed its findings on to the police who then arrested the priest again. He 'admitted sexual offences quite incompatible with his ministry in a letter to the family of one of his victims' but police said no new evidence had been uncovered and the investigation would not be reopened. (Telegraph - Se pt 26 1996)

September 1995: 47 year old Catholic priest, found guilty of indecently assaulting three girls in Northern Ireland.

September 1995: 56 year old Catholic priest charged with 8 instances of indecent assault.

October 1995: Sums of œ50,000 and œ30,000 were paid to victims of priests in the Dublin diocese. One case had involved a boy of 8 years who had been subjected to 'stomach churning abuse' involving buggery, choking until he passed out, being forced to pose for pornographic photographs which were subsequently used to blackmail him into silence. The priest received psychiatric counselling and was then considered 'fit for ministry' again. Over the past three years 40 priests and monks have appeared in court in Ireland for Sexual Abuse. HALF THE 26 ROMAN CATHOLIC DIOCESES HAVE BEEN AFFECTED. MP Liz O'Donnel said in the Irish Parliament 'What other category of paedophile could in effect buy his way out of the criminal process with the knowledge of the Church authority?" In the U.S. the Catholic Church has paid out an estimated SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS in compensation and legal fees over clerical sex abuse since the 1980s. (Guardian 12.10.95)

October 5th 1995: A Catholic priest has been accused of strangling his secret love child with its umbilical cord. He and the mother, his house maid, are said to have murdered the baby as soon as it was born. [Daily Express]

October 18th 1995: The Catholic Universe reports that 'Church insiders reckon there may be at least 20 cases of child abuse in the Dublin Archdiocese alone' What they didn't say was that all of these involved Clergy Abuse.

October 20th 1995: Wimbledon Vicar is caught by HM Customs officers importing pornographic videos on his return from officiating at a Wedding in France. Videos include bondage and sado-masochistic sex. Police found other perverted videos during a search of his vicarage. His Bishop said 'his decision to withdraw from public ministry FOR THE TIME BEING was taken after consultation with me and is one which has my support."

November 1995: Totally insensitive to the current epidemic of Priestly abuse A Church of England working Party publishes recommendations which would protect child abusers in their ranks. One of the prime criticisms of the continuing threat to children from paedophile priests is the knowledge that in past instances churches have kept cases quiet and moved Vicars to other areas where they have again abused children. Amazingly this report states that 'There should be no statutory rule disqualifying a person who has been guilty of abusing children or young persons' and so gives the green light to paedophile priests to perpetrate their crimes without risking statutory defrocking. [Daily Express Nov 30]

November 19th 1995: The Pastor a Luton Gospel Outreach church, runs 'sex therapy' lessons which involve the participation of œ175.00 a time hookers in their flat following the 'counselling' of frustrated men at a consulting room rented at a private medical practice in London. His partner, born-again Christian Jane, told a client 'From my Christian point of view I can help you fight against guilt so I will have to watch and take notes' then sat in the corner during the two hour session of manual and oral stimulation. "It is good for you and God is with us' she said. (NoW)

December 1995: Catholic Youth Services publish guidelines in response to the increased problem of priestly abuse and admits that 'RESEARCH HAS SHOWN THAT THE DIOCESAN FAITH COMMUNITY PROVIDES THE PAEDOPHILE WITH A CLOSE FAMILY ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH IT IS EASY TO OPERATE'.

December 11th 1995: A Roman Catholic Priest who was late for a service ran over and killed a hitchhiker. He failed to stop at the scene of the accident as he was in a hurry. He went on to celebrate Mass with the waiting congregation. A witness saw the Priest's car plough into the victim and throw her into the air but a Police spokesperson said that the priest 'firmly believed he had hit a deer' and appeared shaken when he was told he had actually killed a woman. No charges have yet been filed. (Evening Standard 11.12. 95)

DECEMBER 1995: The Evangelical Alliance, a lobby consisting of hundreds of activist fundamentalist and evangelical groups/house churches and missionary organisations, publishes its definitive Guidelines titled 'Allegations of Abuse'. The report continues to lump Priestly abuse and regular/familial abuse together even though the problems are completely different. Of course if priestly abuse is conglomerated into the mass of general abuse its specific problems remain unaddressed and unidentified. Whilst admitting that 'sometimes, sadly, the allegations involve individual the church' they go on to contradict the earlier CofE report and conclude that those with a record of abusing children should not work with children in the church again, nor should they be left alone with them..' The EA definitive report concludes with recommending that Christians who know of abuse should contact Christian Counsellors, but omit to mention that such organisations have recently had to expel abusers from within their own ranks.

YEAR 1996

January 6th 1996: A Retired Vicar is arrested following police investigations into child porn on the Internet. More than 150 indecent 'horrifying' pictures of children were seized along with computer equipment. 'Daily Mirror]

JANUARY 1996: Central Television broadcast a series on CHILDREN IN DANGER, which deals with child sexual abuse. The booklet to go with the series lists contributing organisations and contact addresses, many of which are Christian. In the booklet children are urged to 'Yell, Run, Tell' and given numbers to ring and advice on what to do if approached. They are not given advice on what to do if approached by an abusing Priest/Vicar. A pie chart showing the probability of abuse from adults known to children does NOT include one of the largest offending groups, that of Clerical Abusers. Again an opportunity to face the truth over this crisis is missed and Children continue to be put at risk. Instead of being equally concerned with the Priestly abuse of U.K. children, the authorities appear to give precedence to child abuse in third world countries..

February 4th 1996: Following the unearthing of so many instances of priestly abuse the Irish Bishops publish a 67 page report on sexual abuse. It warns against 'tarnishing the good name of a priest or religious being by unjust or malicious allegations' and insists that 'the fundamental presumption of innocence on the part of the accused must be upheld and respected unless the contrary has been established'. Things simply do not change the Bishops will never admit that priestly abuse is a danger to children regardless of the facts. Past experience clearly shows that the incidence of priestly abuse will never reduce whilst the church is allowed to police itself. New and firm initiatives by secular authorities MUST be put in place to rid our society of Clergy Abuse and protect our children from pervert priests and vicars.

February 18th 1996: A teacher who had sex with a 14 year old boy was forced to quit his job at a Catholic School and now lives by offering himself out as a private maths tutor. Parents who commission him do not know that he was given a six month suspended prison sentence, nor that he was also convicted of an act of gross indecency with a man in a public toilet. [NoW 18,2. 96]

February 25th 1996: Archbishop Desmond Connell declares that the church has not been 'sweeping paedophile priests under the carpet'. He explains that before a Bishop makes a decision on such cases the accused priest is 'sent for
assessment by medical professionals and was not given a pastoral assignment unless he was declared fit' [Catholic Times]. Without the publication of details of therapy used at these rehabilitation clinics and the provision of statistical proof of success rates, such assurances are worthless.

February 25 1996: 'A British Catholic Priest has been banned by the church from returning to his African mission after he broke his vow of celibacy and got a girl pregnant. The girl and baby are now being cared for by the other missionaries. He has been 'ordered' to live in seclusion in a church home on Merseyside 'for counselling and spiritual Help.' In other words this hypocrite broke his vows, defiled the girl and has now, with the help of his Bishops, escaped his responsibilities and left her in the lurch. How many other priests have been assisted in this way by the churches we wonder? The swift replacement and reassigning of wayward priests is easily accomplished with a world-wide organisation which has, effectively, unlimited resources influence and scope.

March 1st 1996: Yet another 'report' by the CofE on priestly abuse. This time the Church in Wales has established a panel of Bishop's Representatives to investigate all allegations of child abuse. 'This will allow Bishops to perform their pastoral role without being hampered by a disciplinary procedure.' (in other-words it takes apparent decision making out of the Bishops's hands and transfers responsibility for what to do with paedophile priests to an anonymous committee who cannot be brought to book by the media). Margaret Kennedy of Christian Survivors of Sexual Abuse is reported as saying that 'the suggestion reflects a complete unawareness of the fact that someone abused by a priest could not possibly turn to another priest for help' [Church Times].

March 10th 1996: Nuns make public apology following RTE TV expose of sadistic treatment of orphaned children as young as 4. The Irish Sisters of Mercy claimed a small group of nuns were responsible for the abuses of children in their care which involved nightly beatings for bed- wetting, the removal of all donated toys, the referring to the children by numbers rather than their names and the use of children as slave-labour in a rosary factory. 'Failure to meet a target of 60 rosary sets daily resulted in further beatings'. (Catholic Times).

March 10th: 1996: The Chaplain of a top public school in Susex, has been suspended after admitting being involved in an international child pornography ring. (NoW)

March 26th 1996: A Manchester Vicar is accused of groping two teenage girls in strip-poker sessions. The vicar admits his actions to the 12 and 13 year old girls, now adults, when they confronted him. [News of the World]
April 1996: When pressed during an Australian Television interview, the spokesman of the Irish Bishops Conference, Dr Thomas Flynn, stormed out fuelling speculation that ' the number of priests suspected of child abuse is far higher than was thought' (Catholic Times 7.4.96)

APRIL 1996: Shrewsbury Catholic Diocese publish a Child Protection Policy Document which states 'there is no evidence to suggest a higher level of incidence of child abuse among clergy and church workers than among any other section of society.' and go on to accuse parents of being the most likely people to injure a child. Such blind justification is par for the course on this issue. BLACK MUSEUM I & II provide the public with the 'evidence' of the incidence of Clergy Abuse. The horrible truth is that statistics show a child is hundreds of times more likely to be abused by a churchman than by any other section of the community outside the family. Yet the Church spends more of its resources actively accusing others than ferreting out bad-apple priests in its own organisations.

APRIL 17 1996: A Monk at, Ampleforth College, Britian's top Catholic school admits in court to being guilty of sexually assaulting a schoolboy whilst asleep on his sick-bed.

Ends: March 1996 We had to leave out a sizable proportion of prosecutions which were reported as 'proceeding' therefore we would be grateful for the donation of cuttings of any missing cases over this period or new cases as they occur.

Please see here for your copy of 'BLACK MUSEUM I' containing another 100 cases of Clergy Abuse covering the period 1978 to 1991.

Please see here:  for the result of the Ryan and Murphy Report on how the Irish government colluded with Mother Church to protect and whitewash abusing priests, allowing the church to move them to other parishes.

Please see here: for the scandal of Belgian and European churches which were found to have allowed abuse within their priesthood and covered up after the abusers.

Do you think these same problems are not endemic in the U.K? 



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