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Gravedigger Case
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Occult Motifs A Dastardly Pretence

William Lambert, a 74 year old former church sexton and youth club leader who sexually abused four young girls on Church premises twenty years ago has today (Friday 13th May 2011) been found guilty of one count of rape, two counts of indecent assault and two counts of procuring girls to have sexual intercourse by false pretences and representations.

St Dunstans Church All the offences took place over several years between 1985 and 1990 at St Dunstan's Church yard in Cheam, Surrey where Lambert, an old soldier, had worked as a gravedigger and then been given the job of tending soldiers' graves. He also ran a youth-club in an outbuilding within the environs of the church called The Shed which provided a lair for him to groom and manipulate his four victims.

Undoubtedly the sickening abuses did occur and justice has at last caught up with Lambert. To all intents and purposes this is another example of a Christian do-gooder who worked with children using a church as cover for appalling abuses against kids in his care (see here). How then did this get converted into a case of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse?

The investigation was kick-started by one of Lambert's victims, now aged 37, after she underwent recovered memory counselling which featured occult motifs. These motifs were prominent in the trial and she was the prime source of such evidence in court.

The prosecution maintained that Lambert had posed as a 'Warlock' and pretended to have magical powers in order to inveigle the girls into sexual activity. There was absolutely no suggestion that Lambert was an occultist or had any genuine occult connections let alone satanic ones. The emphasis is on the word 'pretence'.

The fact is that witches do not use the term 'Warlock', it is a pejorative word for a male witch. It was originally used in ancient times as a hate word. Genuine witches do not call themselves 'Warlocks' because it would be like members of the American Tribal Nations calling themselves 'redskins'. If Lambert called himself a Warlock he was a fool who didn't know what he was talking about - and that probably sums it all up rather well.

"That old black magic has me in its spell...
That old black magic that you weave so well...."

One of the four girls admitted to being complicit in the abuse of other girls because she was 'spellbound' by Lambert . This was obviously meant as an indication that Lambert had gained their trust because there is no scientific evidence that anyone can be bound by a spell, but in court the prosecution used the term 'spellbound' to convey occult connotations even though spells were not used or involved in any of the abuses.

The prosecution said that Lambert had claimed he ''had special powers that could only be "transferred" through intercourse'. The main prosecution witness termed this an 'initiation', but full details of Lambert's attacks which came out at the trial showed that the abuses occurred in different ways and different situations, none of which could be seen as a genuine occult initiation rite; the 'special powers' ruse was of course simply a pretext so that Lambert could perpetrate his abuses.

One witness gave evidence from behind a screen, describing how she had been previously physically abused from the age of six by an alcoholic mother in a dysfunctional home life. It was explained that two decades later, after taking her own 12 year old child for therapy, she underwent counselling herself and began to recover detailed memories of her abuse by Lambert, after which the police were called in.

William Lambert In a video of a police interview shown to the jury she described how she would hold Lambert's victims' hands as he raped them in an "initiation ceremony" after claiming he could pass on his magic powers by having sex with them. She said she was so 'spellbound' she convinced her two closest friends to undergo the same 'initiation ceremony' as her and held their hands during it. She said: "He made me feel like I was helping them while I was there holding their hand." She described "laughing and joking" with one of the girls. When asked how she now felt about what happened she said : "I feel cheap and I feel bad that I got my friends involved."

She said Lambert claimed he could give her powers, which "seemed a lot better then the life I had got." and added

"He (Lambert) was lovely. He made us feel good and that's when he started talking about witchcraft or 'witchy-poo' and 'Golden Dawn' - the witchcraft he was in.... I was fascinated.

The problem with this is that The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn has been defunct since the early part of the 20th century and its teachings had nothing whatsoever to do with Witchcraft so Lambert couldn't have 'been in it'. However the Golden Dawn is often wrongly attributed as part of witchcraft in post-SRA fundamentalist literature.

'The Shed' in the grounds of St
Dunstan's Church This witness also said that Lambert would lock the door, light incense and make them lie naked on a table before hanging a red sheet above their waists so they could not see his vile acts. This was later reported as 'drawing across a red velvet curtain' which appears to have more occult significance than 'a red sheet' and might lead readers to believe it was some special rite. However she also said Lambert once had sex with her on the floor of the youth club and also on a tombstone in the graveyard, all of which indicates that the abuses were opportunistic rather than ritualistic.

" Witness A alleged he raped her on a tombstone saying she would 'get power from the black floating monk' who haunted the church, the jury was told. Source:

A Man of Letters?

The only other 'occult' connection was when one witness said Lambert showed his victims letters he claimed were 'written by a witch', instructing the girls to sleep with him. Of course if these existed they were forgeries used by Lambert to get his way, because witches do not solicit children for sex and if they did they wouldn't be dim enough to put it in a letter. No accomplices were ever found by the police and no evidence presented to back up this claim. Lambert worked alone and was not part of a coven, or ring. All the other 'occult evidence' in this case is plainly part of a pretence to manipulate the girls. This 'witch connection' is also make-believe but you can bet your bottom dollar that, when the public's memory of the case has waned, satan-hunters will claim it as proof that Lambert was involved in a multi-generational satanic network! Source:

The Abortion Which Never Was

Some of the tabloid reporting of this case was shameful. The court heard that one 14 year old girl believed she was pregnant due to under-age sexual activity which took place before meeting Lambert and, being terrified of telling her parents, was taken to Lambert for help. She wasn't pregnant but Lambert is said to have used the fear of it to abuse her telling her that having sex would be a kind of magical abortion and end the pregnancy.

This allegation was reported in one newspaper as though Lambert having made the girl pregnant and then performed an abortion on her!

He 'spellbound' the girls, aged between 11 and 15, in to letting him have sex with them, the court heard, saying his powers could solve their problems, including aborting the baby of one girl..
Completely false in both particulars, yet this falsehood incorporated two indicators high on the pro-SRAMists list of confirmations of SRA and will undoubtedly be included in the fundies' versions of this case so we print the truth hereunder:
'The 37-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the jury at Croydon Crown Court on Tuesday, May 3, how Mr Lambert, 74, of Malden Road, Sutton, lured her to his churchyard shed under the pretence he could 'cure' her pregnancy.
As she was then only 14, the girl was too frightened to tell her parents she was pregnant, but desperately wanted to '.get rid of the baby'
A mutual friend, who was also allegedly repeatedly sexually abused by the gravedigger, told the 14-year-old she knew someone who could help her with her pregnancy.
The pair agreed to meet Mr Lambert at his shed, in the grounds of St Dunstan's Church, Cheam, where he ran an informal youth club.
Once inside the outhouse, she was asked to lie down on a makeshift table.
A curtain was laid across her midriff preventing her from seeing what Mr Lambert was doing, the court heard.
She said: '.It was strange, I knew it didn'.t feel right but you don't want to go home and tell your mum you're pregnant, she would've killed me.
'He said he would sort me out and told me to lie down while the other girl held my hand. I couldn't see him because of the curtain, but I could feel him.
'.I should've walked out there and then, I was so silly.'
The court later heard Mr Lambert's alleged victim, who had missed her period by a week, was not actually pregnant but this led her to assume Mr Lambert's 'procedure' had worked.'


Whether the occult motifs in this case were invented by Lambert or inculcated from popularist media via leading questions during regression is a mute point because the case still does not fit the SAFF's Satanic Footprint profile and many of the terms used by the victims are contradictory.

Where is the Sense of Proportion?

Amongst the thousands of prosecutions of paedophiles every year occur a handful of cases where the perpetrator has controlled and manipulated his victims using occult fantasies either to gain the complicity of children or to frighten them into compliance. Those with an interest in promoting the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth sieze upon these infrequent cases in the hope that they will validate their position that there is a world wide network of satanic child abusers which is yet to be uncovered and exonerate them from the terrible mistakes and suffering their beliefs have caused over the past two decades.

In every instance, when the full truth comes out, these cases do nothing but prove the opposite. Yet whilst the British media fall over themselves to misrepresent these cases as cases of SRA the British public are kept ignorant of the REAL threat to children in our midst from perverts hidden within the Christian culture, which is precisely what Lambert's situation was. Here's the extent of the problem:

Ten Thousand Child Abusing Priests

" BishopAccountability.org maintains a Database of Accused Priests and other accused clergy. As of April 11, 2011, there were 3,566 names in that database, including 3,206 priests, 19 bishops, 47 deacons, and 18 seminarians, for a total of 3,290 accused clerics in those categories. But the USCCB counts a combined total of 5,948 accused priests, bishops, deacons, and seminarians. This means that there are at least 2,658 accused clerics whose names are still secret. In other words, of the 5,948 total, at least 45 percent of the names are being kept secret by bishops and superiors of religious orders.

The 5,948 priests who are now counted by the U.S. bishops as accused comprise 5.4% of the 109,694 priests in ministry 1950-2002. Yet as recently as November 2002, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, stated in an interview: "In the United States, there is constant news on this topic, but less than 1% of priests are guilty of acts of this type."

In U.S. dioceses where there is something like full disclosure, the percentage of accused priests is approaching 10 percent (see examples). If 10 percent of priests nationwide are ultimately accused of abuse, the total would rise to 10,969 accused priests."


These accurate and updated figures are for the U.S. but they totally confirm the original 1990 research and work done by the SAFF to highlight the epidemic of child abuse hidden within the various churches of the U.K. and throughout Europe - see here for European situation



"A total of 272 allegations of child abuse were made against Catholic priests in 2010, a report by The National Board for the Safeguarding of Children in the Catholic Church (NBSCCC) has claimed. Inspectors revealed the final figure was in fact 272 allegations against priests, nuns and brothers." Source:
Well of course you didn't!..... Information which reveals the extent of Christian Child Abuse is neatly buried in the middle of newspapers with small headlines using non-emotive factual reporting. Unlike the wailing front page headlines and tabloidesque language which accompanied Lambert's prosecution for a twenty year old crime.
British Press - Primary Cause of Truth Decay Why do you think this is?
Because Christians don't like reading disturbing accounts about paedophile priests and they wouldn't buy the newspaper if it reported the true extent of what was happening! The prime motivation of ALL newspapers is to have the most sensational headlines on the news-stand; the second is to confirm and massage their readers existing prejudices.

It is a sad fact that the millions spent on therapy for supposed satanic ritual abuse victims could have gone to ferreting out the plague of clergy abuse and probably saved hundreds of children from further suffering in the process but that appears to be too simple a task for therapists and sectarian witch-hunters who have hitched themselves to the SRA bandwagon.

These 'cognoscenti' content themselves with repeating their mantras of SRA whilst laying in wait for those paedophiles who learn from the Satan Hunters' own propaganda that children can be manipulated with fantasy. It is a Self-fulfilling Prophecy which shames our nation.

In this context we point out that Lambert's crimes were perpetrated during the first wave of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse allegations which received massive nationwide publicity. You will have to judge whether the satan-hunter's publicity mongering influenced Lambert's choice of bait for his victims. He is an evil pervert, but he's a Chrisitan Do-Gooder not a genuine occultist.


John Freedom, Mortlake, May 2011.

Occult Motifs
Which Do Not Gel

Brainwashed: The prosecution inferred that Lambert was some kind of svengali who 'brainwashed' the girls into having sex but his 'magnetism' depended more on sharing booze and free smokes than any imagined 'occult powers'

" Lambert... let them drink and smoke before 'brainwashing' girls with stories of the occult, Croydon crown court was told." Source:
Golden Dawn Is Not Witchcraft: The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn was a rosicrucian society started originally by Wynn Westcott the London Coroner in 1887 and its last 'temple' was closed circa 1914. It was a freemasonic style monotheistic group which drew members from the elite of society and included W.B Yeats, Constance Wilde (Oscar Wilde's wife) Florence Farr, J. Brodie-Innes, Arthur Waite, etc., In it's later years it became an order of Christian Mysticism and had no connection with paganism or witchcraft and certainly not with Satanism which the last head of the order Arthur E Waite campaigned against mercilessly.

Occult Style Triangle:

' The girls were often invited in to the room with an 'occult style triangle' on the wall ...' Source:
A meaningless statement. There is no Triangle symbol which is 'occult' in its own right. What kind of triangle? What was it made from? What colour was it? Did it have other symbols or writing on it? Was it three dimensional (e.g. made from wood or metal) or a cloth banner?
Golden Dawn Banner of The East
The Golden Dawn's regalia was highly complex and detailed. And there was plenty of it. The nearest thing from their paraphernalia is their Banner of the East (shown above) but as you can see it embodies a Christian Cross because the Golden Dawn system was based on Judeo-Christian beliefs, not witchcraft nor satanism.

. 'Power from the black floating monk' There have been no reports of ghostly monks or other apparitions at St Dunstan's, Church Road, Cheam, Surrey where the abuse took place. However, in the 1930s 1940s and 1950s there were several documented reports of ghostly monks at another church of the same name, St Dunstan's, Friars Place Lane, East Acton, thirty miles away and north of the river Thames. These apparitions were reportedly clad in gold and purple vestments. Did Lambert purposefully confuse the two churches for his own ends or had popular gossip done the job for him?


"RIOT squad police are outside the Sydney court where three people are about to be sentenced for black magic sex offences. The charges relate to two victims who were told black magic curses had been placed on them and were forced into sex "prayer sessions" to rid themselves of the curses."
Source: May 06, 2011

The above report is a Classic example of the type of Media Lies and Falsehoods which continually indoctrinate the population's minds with anti-occult hate. You wouldn't know it from the account above but the case in question was against three Greek Orthodox Christian Preachers who had made a career out of diagnosing pious Christian ladies as being possessed by the devil. As an adjunct to the exorcisms these preachers raped and sexually abused many vulnerable adult women who came to them for spiritual help in almost exactly the same way that Lambert took advantage of his young victims. The 'Black Magic' came into the report because the Christian preachers had told the women that a 'Black Magic curse' had been put on them and the only way of saving their souls was to submit to rape. Thus 3 Christian preachers invented the idea of occult involvement in order to terrify women into being abused but instead of headlines like


the public are given the impression that yet again some more of those evil witches have done their worst!
See here for another detailed example of Cheating Media Lies
See here for the SAFF's warning about the dangers of Exorcism where we explicitly blamed the BBC for promoting it.

British Press - Primary Cause of Truth Decay

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