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 Tim Tate pulls a rabbit out of a hat: The PIE List.

Panorama special Westminster VIP paedophile Rings: What's the TruthPanorama exposes the deceits behind the Westminster VIP Ring

But it takes the SAFF to reveal the core agitators who mould the fantasies of pathological liars

"Pathological lying, also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania,  and closely related to compulsive lying, was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck. Pathological lying has been defined as "falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view. It may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime". The individual may be aware they are lying, or may believe they are telling the truth, being unaware that they are relating fantasies. Wikipedia

Daniel Foggo's excellent BBC Panorama documentary 'VIP Paedophiles: What's The Truth?' cleverly exposed the complex network of false allegations which have obsessed the U.K. over the past few years in relation to a rumoured clique of paedophile politicians and high-flyers in the Establishment.  The Panorama investigation, which itself lasted almost a year, restored our faith in the journalistic profession but there were a few areas where the BBC dared not go, the most glaring being that the programme missed out, consciously or not, the links between the Westminster VIP Paedophile Ring myth and it's progenitor The 1990 Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth .  In this latest SAFF special we will reveal those links and publish information to prove if beyond doubt,  but we commend Panorama for the fantastic job they did in ferreting out information which proved that the accusers making these vile allegations against innocent people are simply pathological liars.  The first question which comes to mind therefore is this: Why couldn't the police have done the same?

Dolphin Square and The Elm Guest House

There are two interconnecting locations in central London where these Westminster VIP Paedophile Ring abuses were rumoured to have taken place. These addresses have been repeated endlessly across the internet and been the foundation of all the recent headline-grabbing allegations.  One was the prestigious luxury block of flats known as Dolphin Square, where, it is well known that some MPs had their London flats (near Vauxhall Bridge) -  and The Elm Guest House, on the opposite (South) side of the Thames which has featured in rumours and speculation for the past 30 years.

A view of the terraced street in which the Elm Guest House was situatedTHE ELM GUEST HOUSE SAGA:
How rumour becomes reality in the minds of susceptibles.

The Elm Guest House opened in 1979 and was closed down in 1982.  One of Panorama's key witnesses was a man who had worked at the Elm Guest House in the early 1980s. He stated on camera that when he first started to work there he was doing basic cleaning duties. After he had worked there a while he said he became  involved in providing oral sex and masturbation in a top floor room.

This witness said that there were no high-profile visitors when he worked there and to his personal knowledge no young children were ever taken to the Elm Guest House to be abused.  This man's testimony is perhaps the only first-hand account of the Elm Guest House now extant and completely overturns the wild accusations made about it by conspiracy-theorists on the internet.

In June 1982 The Elm Guest House was raided by the police and shut down.
For the past  thirty years or so it has been a private residence.
The people who originally owned it and who were involved in the brothel were Carol Kasir and her husband Harry Kasir.
In court they were  given a suspended sentence.  

Portrait of Chris FaySeven years later (1989) Chris Fay, a social worker, met Carol Kasir.
According to Fay's testimony Kasir told him that it had all been a cover-up to protect MPs and other pillars of the Establishment. 

Key-point 1: Fay said that Carol Kasir showed him a 'guest book' which contained a list of 'nicknames'. 

Key-point 2: Fay said he copied some of the nicknames down and said that Kasir then told him what the real names behind the nicknames were. He says that she said that some powerful men in government and the Westminster clique were named.

This scrappy hand-written list has subsequently come to be known as the infamous 'Elm Guest House List' and is held by believers across the internet to be first-hand evidence of the Westminster VIP paedophile Ring.  A 'dossier' of child abusers.

It is of course nothing of the kind.  It is a casually hand-written list of meaningless names. The correlation with real Westminster VIPs was predicated solely on Carol Kasir's say-so.  There is no other evidence to back up the claims of  child murder made today by internet freaks and victim-imposters

The secondhand-written Elm Guest House list by Chris FayNo one knows what state Carol Kasir's mind was in when she confided these 'names' to Fay and nobody has yet ferreted out her medical history, however a year later in 1990 Carol Kasir was disturbed enough to kill herself.   The long and the short of it is that we only have Fay's word that she did in fact 'name names',

Because scraps of paper have no date confirmation it is possible for them to be glossed and updated at any time.  In the screen-shot of Fay's list (see pic on right) it is possible that the note "Various calls up to Early June" could indicate that the list was being modified  relatively recently by contributors who Fay was corresponding with, most probably from the Westminster VIP paedophile ring conspiracy clutch.  People who are being charitable might consider the opinions of these people as 'evidence' but in reality its just suspicion. It is certainly not proof of what believers maintain; that there is a clique of Satanic Child abusers in Westminster.

Carol Kasir's Inquest:

photograph of carol kasir taken outside court 1982Much weight is given to the fact that Chris Fay attended Kasir's inquest in 1990 and told his story to the Coroner but there was of course no actual forensic evidence for any of it
Fay says that the incriminating photographs Kasir had shown him (of high-flyers in the Westminster clique) could not be found.
Fay also claimed that Kasir had a box of videos and papers from Elm Guest House which he had earlier viewed, but that these could also not now be found.    
Of course in true internet conspiracy fashion the lack of Fay's evidence is seen not to be a sign that we only have his word for any of it, but proof that it was stolen by government spooks intent on hiding the VIP conspiracy!

We do not know if Fay gave the Coroner the original list or a copy of it but if so it will of course still be in the archives and it would be interesting to see it and compare it with what is being circulated at present.

Chris Fay Carol Kasir Inquest Newspaper CuttingAccording to the newspaper report (see cutting alongside: House of Porn, bylined Chris House and Ian Miller,) Fay also insisted that there were also: photographs of a top Russian Spy and Sir Anthony Blunt, ( one of the Cambridge spy ring).
Fay also claimed that there were videos of 'A Bishop, a high court Judge, a top businessman and, lest he had left out anyone important, ' a director of social services', all caught in the act. 

There are a number of  inconsistencies here which the Panorama programme did not address and Fay was not questioned about.

  1. Why did the police who raided and searched the Elm Guest House for obscene material to complete their case, not find those photographs and videos and confiscate them in 1982? 
  2. Why did Carol Kasir and Harry Kasir not mention any of this at their trial? 
  3. Why did Harry Kasir not mention it after Carol's suicide?
  4. Did Fay give the Coroner the original list or a copy of it?
  5. Why would anyone attending Elm Guest House for nefarious  purposes actually bother to sign a register?
  6. How could Fay identify the naked photograph of 'a Russian Spy'?
  7. As a social-worker himself we are ready to accept that Fay might have recognised 'a director of social services', but why didn't Fay identify him in 1990 or, indeed during the 25 intervening years?  Why has he not named him now in this current bout of publicity? Similarly, if he did NOT know the identity of the 'director of social services' then, as with the Russian spy, how could he have identified his vocation from a naked photograph?
  8. Did journalists House and Miller who wrote the Inquest news report investigate the allegations further?  If not why not?  The lack of a follow-up article from them suggests to us that there was no real evidence.

Conspiracy Theorist Heaven:

Chris Fay's Elm Guest House list became a template for conspiracy-theory rumour-mongering. We can't understand why the police don't see it.
Look at this:
The Era of Spies:  The Cambridge Spy Ring, in which rumours of Sir Anthony Blunt's involvement was well-documented by the tabloid press, occurred in the late 1950s and early 1960s They were all home-grown British turncoats from the upper echelons of society.    During 1961 The spy George Blake was put on trial, found guilty and given 42 (forty two) years in prison in an orgy of Establishment pique which ran and ran in the tabloids for months. Also during 1961 The Portland Spy Ring was broken and ' Gordon Lonsdale' a Russian sleeper spy was arrested along with four others.   Spy mania was rampant; but the only 'Russian Spy' involved in any 'sex scandal' to come within the scope of the tabloids at this period was the Soviet Naval Attache Yevgeny Ivanov whose sexual entanglement with Christine Keeler and the Profumo Scandal in 1963 was crucial to bringing down Macmillan's Tory government.   Allegations and rumours about cover ups at a high level  appeared in the tabloid press day after day for months and formed a template for suspected outrageous sexual activities in Westminster.   Anyone who lived through that 'Spy Era' would have all these occurences (and others we haven't mentioned) intermingled in the public mind.   The 'Russian Spy' accusation in Fay's testimony is to us, highly suspect.
All of these Spy events are stock grist to conspiracy-theorists. Fay lived through that era and would have undoubtedly been influenced by it.  To us his comments at the Inquest reveal his own beliefs about Establishment cover-ups, not that of Kasir. The only thing that hasn't yet been woven into the tale from that period is the assassination of John F Kennedy in November 1963!  Of course  that awful event was the one that gave rise to the entire Conspiracy-theory genre which has flourished ever since.

The first Westminster abuse Claims

Geoffrey Dickens MP (the political buffoon of the Conservative Party) began a campaign against child pornography in 1981 following the arrest of a number of men for possession of it.  These men were also members of PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) a group openly lobbying for a relaxation of laws against homosexuality.  Dickens, a member of the 'flog 'em, hang 'em and stick 'em in the army' brigade, began his allegations about homosexuals in Westminster in spring 1981 and gained massive amounts of press coverage about it for weeks on end.  By Autumn 1981 it had all died a death but in April 1982 Dickens claimed that a break-in at his flat and office were masterminded by the British secret services.  There was absolutely no evidence of this but Dickens was a consumate publicity monger.  You can find a detailed timeline which the SAFF has compiled on Dickens false allegations and publicity stunts in the leftmost column of this page.  Dickens allegations were regurgitated by Conspiracy Theorists in 2012 and lie at the root of the idea that a Westminster VIP paedophile ring  exists in Westminster.  If you check the link we have just given you will see just how far from the truth Dickens allegations were but the point we are making is that they were happening at the time that Carol Kasir was being prosecuted for running the Elm Guest House.  In relation to that period and the front page headline press coverage that associated claims by  Dickens were getting, genuine evidence  of a Westminster paedophile Ring at the Elm Guest House would not have been ignored, either by Dickens or by the Press or by the Coroner.  If Carol Kasir had wanted to spill the beans at her trial all she needed to do was telephone Geoffrey Dickens and it would have been splashed across every national newspaper in the country.

The Satan Effect: 1989 child abuse hysteria and Westminster Claims

Daily Mail: lifelong labour activist smeared Leon Brittan with false rape claimsIt is important to realise that, at the time Fay was in contact with Carol Kasir, the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth had gained great traction.  Geoffrey Dickens MP was again grabbing headlines throughout 1988 and 1989 (see here for full background).  By mid 1989 with the broadcast of the infamously tabloidesque Cook Report 'The Devil's Work' causing nationwide controversy, the idea of a child-abusing clique involving powerful people, usually freemasons ( which dovetails nicely with believers' allegations against the aristocracy)  was frequently portrayed in epidemic proportions by the British media for months on end.  The term Satanic Ritual Abuse was on everyone's lips at the time.

It would be understandable if Carol Kasir might have worked this up in private conversation with Fay. We can also conjecture that Fay, a life-long left-wing social-worker might be indulging in a class-war from his council flat in his autumn years. A trying to make sense of his life-choices, might find conspiracy theories about Pillars of the Establishment attractive.   

Panorama did not ask these important questions to give Chris Fay an opportunity of putting them right. This is particularly important because of Fay's later links with Tom Watson MP who pressed the police to investigate Tory politicians over the accusations over a woman who alleged that Leon Brittan raped her in 1967 but whose claims turned out to be false. It was then discovered she was a life-long Labour party activist with a hatred for Tories (see cutting on right).

Notwithstanding the lack of real evidence  Fay took  the story to John Oakes an experienced freelance reporter for investigation. Panorama tracked John Oakes down and he candidly admitted on camera that every lead given to him came to a dead end. He could do nothing with the story and gave up. Presumably that's also what happened with House and Miller who wrote the news report of the inquest shown above.

A Dangerous Gestation

Tom Watson MP demanding action on Westminster VIP abuse 24th October 2012The Elm Guest House legend then gathered dust for 20 years until, in 2012, the 'giant killer' of the Labour Left, Tom Watson MP, reignited suggestions of a VIP paedophile ring in parliament and was put in touch with Chris Fay.  According to Panorama, Fay told Watson that 22 children had been 'trafficked' for abuse from a nearby children's home (Grafton Close - now closed) and said 17 of them had been abused by VIPs. One of these victims was 'Mark' who Fay had apparently tried to cultivate in the past.  Mark wasn't having any of it, then or now.  He relinquished his anonymity for Panorama and made a clear statement on camera that he had never been taken from the children's home to the Elm Guest House. He said he had not ever spoken to Fay.  So that was at least one victim who denied the claims Fay had made.

Panorama pointed out that the Metropolitan Police were aware that Chris Fay had been jailed for a shares fraud in 2011 but dutifully followed up his leads. The police contacted many prior residents of Grafton Close, now adults. They discovered that abuse had occurred in the home itself, by the children's home manager and his friend but never at the Elm Guest House. The police could find no connection between the home and the Elm Guest House.  The manager of Grafton Close died before he could be tried but his friend, a catholic priest, was jailed for three years for multiple abuses.

Panorama gave the following ringing conclusion on the Elm Guest House Legend

"During month's of research we found no evidence of a VIP paedophile ring using Elm Guest House. Neither have we found any other evidence that the photographs Chris Fay told us about existed. "

The Exaro Scandal: 
The Race to do a Woodward and Bernstein.

The truth about how the media proprietised the Westminster VIP Paedophile Myth

Mark Watts from Exaro News advertising more VIP allegations on Russia TVOn 18th December 2014 the BBC Six O'Clock News lead with a sensational story that "three young boys had been murdered by a paedophile ring which included people at the heart of the British Establishment."

The accusations came from a man known only as 'Nick'. For legal reasons his full name cannot be published because all victims, even self-styled ones, are allowed anonymity.

'Nick' made many allegations including having been sadistically abused when a child at a flat in Dolphin Square and that he had personally watched VIPs involved in the abuse murder three boys.  This astonishing first hand account was scooped by Exaro News, a four year old on-line news agency run by Mark Watts and financed by Jerome Booth.

Originally set up  'to bring politicians to account'  it had been cultivating 'Nick' for five months and went public with the first expose of the cataclysmic VIP paedophile accusations in July 2014.  Exaro was so closely linked to Nick's interests that Exaro reporters were actually allowed to be present when 'Nick' gave an official statement to the police!

Like Topsy, Nick's story just grew and grew...

Nick posing as 'Stephen' to tell more tales this time of Jimmy SavileHowever Panorma discovered that this was not 'Nick's' first foray into making accusations of abuse. Earlier in 2012 he told Wiltshire police that as a boy he had been abused by his step-father.  Because the man was now dead the police could take the matter no further but notably "Nick" did not make claims about VIP abusers at that time. 

Later (March 2015) under another pseudonym 'Stephen' (see pic left) 'Nick' appeared in silouhette on Channel5's 'Jimmy Savile; Britain's Worst Crimes', explaining how he (Stephen/Nick) had been abused first by his father and then passed over to a paedophile ring which included Jimmy Savile.  These additional allegations apparently also did not appear in his earlier story to Wiltshire police. 

allegation of the murder of three children by an MP was first mentioned in the Autumn of 2014 but strangely was not included in Channel5's programme in 2015.   Nick then wrote a blog on-line detailing his allegations, swapping information with others across the net.

 Our 27 years experience of analysing the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth shows that this is remarkably like the profile of Satanic Ritual Abuse victim imposters.  This is the cycle of what happens.

The result is an epidemic of inquiries, investigations and reports most of which are simply cosmetic, at a horrendous and unnecessary cost to the taxpayer.

Police go over-the-top

All these things should have rang warning bells but media frenzy was at such a height that, a month after listening to his story, the police astonishingly  backed 'Nick's' tale 100% and started up a triple-murder inquiry codenamed 'Operation Midland'   They were indicating to the media and the public at large that that Nick's story was true.

Det.Supt.Kenny Mcdonald"Nick has been interviewed over a long period of time by experienced detectives from the child abuse command and he has also met an investigator from the murder command, they and I believe what Nick to be saying is credible and true, so yes we do believe what Nick is saying.
Det. Supt Kenny McDonald.
To emphasis their position the police repeated the statement backing Nick's story in subsequent interviews in which Kenny McDonald said: 

"I believe what nick is saying to be credible and to be true"

Initially this statement gave great impetus to the Westminster VIP paedophile Ring myth-mongers and Nick's allegations were given extra credence in the media but  it back-fired. There was an uproar of dissent and the police retracted saying that it was an unwise statement.    By October 22 The Times was reporting that Kenny McDonald had been 'sidelined' from Operation Midland as the taskforce went under reorganisation following a merger of the Operation Midland and Operation Fairbank child-abuse inquiries which began to dovetail. We say they dovetailed because the allegations were from the same pool of myth-mongers! 

Are the Westminster VIP paedophile allegations simply a gay witch-hunt?

One of the people falsely accused in 'Nick's' story was ex-MP Harvey Proctor who in 1987 resigned from politics after pleading guilty to gross indecency. Mr Proctor had consensual homosexual activity with a man whom he believed to be over the legal age of consent  (at that time 21) but who was in fact younger. The law was changed several years later to allow consensual homosexual sex between people over 18 years old.   In 2003 laws were enacted to equalise human rights and allow the age of consent for both homosexual and heterosexual sex to be fixed at 16 years.  Thus although guilty of 'indecency' the person with whom Mr Proctor had sex was a man, not a boy, and there was never any suggestion that the sex was sadistic, harmful or otherwise perverted.  However the massive publicity and news coverage surrounding Mr Proctor's 1987 resignation became folklore. After living a honourable life since then, he was dragged into the net again 28 years later. 

'Nick's' accusations against Harvey Proctor were numerous, specific and sensational but only he, Exaro News, and the police knew the full extent of them. Suspicion over Proctor's alleged involvement  became common knowledge following unsubstantiated internet rumour and he was pilloried by the press whilst being in a state of limbo, unable to see the formal allegations which the police were investigating and therefore unable to answer or comment on them directly.

On 19th June 2015, the police officially interviewed Harvey Proctor and gave him the formal allegations. Amongst other things these involved accusations of sadistic and sexual child abuse;  and of being an accessory to the murder of three children and actual murderer of one.  Stunningly serious accusations, yet after answering all the police questions he was not arrested.  The internet was rife with rumour, enflamed by Exaro and Needleblog and many other commentators who supported the idea of the Westminster VIP paedophile conspiracy.

Harvey Proctor Press Conference outing 'Nick's' allegationsBy 25th August 2015 Harvey Procter had had enough  of the trial by media and held a now famous press conference where he outed 'Nick's allegations to get them into the public domain and stop the rumour-mongering It was a risky and courageous thing to do but once the full allegations could be seen it was clear that something was seriously wrong.   In his press conference Harvey Proctor, voice trembling with emotion, read out the accusations:

"Mr Proctor then stripped the victim and tied him to a table, he then produced a large kitchen knife and stabbed the child through the arm and other parts of the body over a period of 40 minutes.  Mr Proctor untied the victim and anally raped him on the table. Mr Proctor then strangled the victim until the boy's body went limp...... On another occasion at the same location Mr Proctor sexually assaulted 'Nick' before producing a penknife and threatening to cut Nick's genitals.....

I was asked if I knew Jimmy Savile, I told them I did not......Nick alleges, surprise, surprise, that Savile attended the sex parties... I was asked if I visited the Elm Guest House, I am sorry to have to disappoint the fantasists on the Internet but I did not visit Elm Guest House.   "

Other important people were named in the statement; Maurice Oldfield, (former head of MI6), Sir Michael Hanley, (former director general of MI5) and most astonishingly of all, former prime Minister Sir Edward Heath. 
Proctor continued...

"I was asked if I could recognise images of the pen knife mentioned earlier. It was suggested it was Edward Heath who persuaded me not to castrate Nick with it.  It is so far fetched as to be unbelievable. It is unbelievable because it is not true. "
Harvey Proctor went on to say 'the Metropolitan police's Operation Midland Inquiry Team,  set up to examine claims that boys were systematically abused by an establishment paedophile ring, should be wound up and its head be put in charge of parking offences.' Proctor claimed ex home secretary Leon Brittan (also previously drawn into the Elm Guest House / Dolphin Square accusations) had been driven to his death by police action.
 "In summary, the paranoid police have pursued a homosexual witch-hunt on this issue, egged on by media, Labour MPs and a ragbag of internet fantasists."
Mr Proctor's press conference threw the cat amongst the pigeons.  Some journalists now began to ask detailed questions about the fantastic and so far unproven allegations. The police were put onto the back-foot.   Exaro News which had orchestrated the scare with 'Nick' from start to finish was also heavily criticised by the journalistic community for stoking the witch-hunt and Mark Watts was asked to substantiate Exaro's reports in numerous interviews.

Political intrigue?

The whole motivation behind the involvement of several Labour MPs who campaigned on this issue in the lead up to the 2015 general election was also questioned.  Some drew parallels between these paedophile allegations about Tory mandarins/ex-MPs and the so-called  'anti-sleaze' campaign which some say won the general election for Labour in 1997 with a landslide majority. (see:   Unofficially some police sources were reported as saying that Operation Midland should be wound up but said that the Met were in a 'the king has no clothes' situation and couldn't.  

Although shocking Nick's story was very short on forensic evidence. No bodies or sites of crimes could be firmly established. The only checkable part of Nick's story was when he claimed that a child he was walking down the street with was deliberately run down and killed in a hit-and-run murder by a member of the paedophile group as a warning to stop him (Nick) from telling the authorities.  Strangely Nick could not remember the boy's surname so there was little to go on, but Panorama did it's job well; it searched out most pupils who went to school with Nick at that time, traced down all the ones with the same first name. All were alive and kicking and none of them remembered any accident in which pupils had died, or indeed any similar accident ever occurring. There were no official records of any similar accident in that area at that time.

No bones, no bodies, no blood, and no victims....

Another warning flag occurred when the extensive publicity about Nick's claims resulted in a paucity of victims.  The Savile debacle had proved to the police that wide media coverage of abuse resulted in many people coming forward to confirm first-wave allegations. There were 450 responses in the wake of the Jimmy Savile allegations.  However even though the publicity surrounding Nick's claims was extensive, no other victims came forward to support his stories.

Latest: Latest: Latest: Latest: Latest

'Darren' admits his allegations were fantasies!Nick admits his Westminster VIP accusations were false

Step forward 'Darren' and Australian Tabloid TV - The Cook Report reincarnated....

 Exaro then produced another 'victim' codenamed 'Darren'. His abuse was said to have occurred ten years after 'Nicks' but details were remarkably similar.  'A Cabinet Minister' was involved', said 'Darren'.   Exaro and Darren worked extensively with a well-established Australian Tabloid TV programme called '60 Minutes'. A series very similar in format to the Cook Report.  Their choice of title says it all: 'Spies, Lords and Predators'. No need for any caution in their reporting!  On 19th July 2015  '60 minutes'  told 23 million Australians that there WAS a paedophile ring embedded within the British Establishment solely based on 'Darren's testimony and unproven rehashed internet nonsense about Leon Brittan which had become 'common-knowledge'.

As if the links between the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse myth of the 1990s and the Westminster VIP Paedo myth of today were not clear for all to see, we point out that '60 Minutes' worked with the Cook Report in 1989 to produce a copy-cat 'documentary' on the since disproved Satanic Ritual Child Abuse allegations.  '60 Minutes' used the same 'victims' passed onto them by the Cook Report. In the Cook Report's 'Devil's Work' the star victim was codenamed 'Natalie' and her face was blacked out just as Darren's has been in this 2015 re-run.    In the '60 minutes' report on 1989 Satanic Abuse Allegations 'Natalie' was renamed 'Theresa' and apparently didn't mind her face being shown.  We have appended stills from both programmes below.

Natalie as shown on the 1989 Cook Report 'The Devil's Work' Natalie appearing as 'Theresa' in the 1989 Cook Report look alike '60 minutes' Australian TV documentary60 minutes Australian Trial by Tabloid TV

Banned Doctor Vows to Continue War on Satanism

In Satan's Name

Dr Jim Phillips is a deluded believer in Satanic Ritual Abuse. His interference in the proper treatment of mentally ill patients created many of the 'victims' of SRA who acted as the foundation of the myth for those who wanted to persuade you it was real.

Jim Phillips was featured in award winning documentary maker  Antony Thomas's  1993 film  "In Satan's Name" (click on Jim's photo above to see a SAFFutube excerpt of his interview with Jim)

An article reproduced below from the Birmingham Post reveals how many of the early SRA 'victims' were worked up from a pool of mentally ill people who needed proper help but got sucked into the SRA controversy and were indoctrinated with SRA motifs and ideas.

When the Police tell us that there have been 500 calls and cases  of abuse following  a  TV appeal on the issue it is people of this ilk, with unsubstantiated and mostly imagined cases,  who often ring in and in the process distort reaction to the claims.

The Westminster VIP paedophile accusations are inextricably linked to the 1990 Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. 

Didn't you realise that today's Westminster Paedo allegations were first floated in 1993 as part of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth?

As our regular readers will know the SAFF has been tracking the Wesminster VIP Paedophile Myth since it began within the bowels of the 1990 Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth. We keep on telling people in authority how dangerous and costly the SRA myth has been to our country but our expertise is ignored in direct relation to the way that the government sucks-in scares invented by  the child-abuse-industry. So we'll try again.

Ebryonic Westminster VIP paedo scare began in early 1990s attached to the Satanic Ritual Abuse MythThe  Wesminster VIP Paedophile Myth was circulating in almost excactly the same form you see it today in 1993 within SRA 'survivor' circles, ( see cutting left, and see full details of Jim Phillips' training camp for SRA 'survivors' in the rightmost panel) which he started in 1988. 

Patients who need proper psychiatric care were brainwashed by Phillips into believing this VIP Satanic Abuse nonsense and wasted millions of pounds worth of taxpayers money in the process.

Allegations that 'Members of the Royal Family and government ministers were involved in ritual slaughter of children in sacrificial ceremonies' were made in 1989, developed more detail in 1993 and have resurfaced regularly since then, each time being honed and perfected until it is now making our political masters look like fools. Why weren't the authorities watching? We told them often enough as you can see by the content of this website.

What ordinary folk don't realise is that after 27 years of this corrupt therapy there are now literally thousands of people out there with implanted False Memories. Thousands of people ready to tell horrendous tales for the media to suck-up. 

Royal Family Expurgated from the public face of the myth until 2015

The Independent reports on Prince Andrew's 'Sex-Slave'You will see from Royals in Satan Storm, ( published in the Daily Sport, 16th June 1993, cutting above ) that the PRIME accusation, beyond any allegations of the involvement of MPs or Ministers, is that our Royal Family are the head of a ring of Satanic Child Abusers in high places. 

This was, of course, a step too loony even for these left-wing inspired class-war rumours, because  the vast majority of the population have great respect for the Queen and found the accusations irrational and unbelievable.  Which is why at that time few other newspapers reported on it.   That is why for 20 years the original claims of the involvement of the Queen and Prince Philip have been expunged from the media's reporting of the Westminster VIP Paedophile Ring allegations , however the fact that nutters still believe this outrageous lie and promulgate it in their 'survivors internet cliques' was clearly proven by the massive publicity surrounding the January 2015 allegations that Prince Andrew had an under-age 'sex-slave'. 

This rumour was picked up not from direct allegations by Virginia Roberts, the girl involved, but from Deceit! British Media, Leading Cause of Truth Decaythird-hand written testimony used in a legal battle in the U.S. to try to blacken the reputation of someone Andrew had stayed with years previously when the 'incriminating' photograph was taken. It amounted to proof of nothing but the twisted strategy of greedy lawyers but it was pounced upon and worked-up by the conspiracy-theorists and dutifully massaged by the ever deceitful British Press to whom it is always open-season on minor Royals. 

The Leveson Undercurrent

Of course another factor in the media's willingness to print uncorroborated atrocious stories about MPs ( and in particular Tory MPs ) was as propaganda in their fight-back to resist the findings in the Government's Leveson Report which recommended new legal responsibilities and (as they saw it) 'restrictions' for press excesses (e.g. phone hacking etc). Notably Leveson's recommendations have still not been implemented 3 years later. Not so coincidentally the Leveson report was published in November 2012, around about the time the latest batch of Westminster VIP Paedophile accusations began.  Yes dear reader, there are many threads, many self-serving lobbies, and many 'strange bedfellows', interwoven in this despicable myth.

Here's the Proof that the Westminster VIP Paedophile Myth and the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth are one in the same: We expose the network of Agents of Influence who have promoted these child-abuse scares since 1988

The SAFF covered the birth of the Westminster VIP Paedophile Myth when it happened in 1993 and in particular we spelled-out its development and inevitable damage here . Look at the document reproduced at the foot of that web-page

It will prove beyond doubt that the same people who pushed the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse nonsense in the 1990s are a major cause of the Westminster VIP paedophile Ring Myth today. 

The RAINS SRA VIP Suspects ListIf you check out that link you will see at the bottom of the page a 'RAINS Satanic Abuse VIP Suspects List' compiled as early as 1997 which includes a whole tranche of VIPs and Aristocratic names, along with a smattering of Celebrities who, long before the Savile scare had manifested, were being entrained for 'the treatment' whenever some indoctrinated victim imposter could be brainwashed into accusing them by Satan hunter therapists who should have been sacked and professionally discredited 27 years ago.    

RAINS is a pressure group set up in 1988 by key figures in the child-scare-industry who created the 1990 SRA panic. It's full title is Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support and it's intended plan was to form an association of believers in SRA, including both victims and professionals, to campaign behind the scenes in a 'long-march' through social work, government, the police and the therapy industry to establish SRA as a world-wide threat to children.

They did this by publishing books, holding Satan Seminars, and moulding the training of social workers and police towards the idea of SRA.  It worked. In 2004 one of their number held Satan Seminars to indoctrinate the Met police child abuse team run by Peter Spindler, later head of Yewtree.    The people involved in RAINS run across the gamut of child-care. Social Workers, Therapists, Solicitors, Barristers, Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Child-Welfare experts, Academics, and many Media people.  Some of the key  supporters who have been most active in the promotion of the Westminster VIP Paedophile Ring Myth and which we will speak of here are Joan Coleman, Valerie Sinason (see her involvement in Savile here), Sarah Nelson, Beatrix Campbell and Tim Tate.  Like the religious fundamentalists they often work with, these people obviously sincerely believe that they are campaigning to help stop the suffering of children but they are chasing a phantom of their own making and will not let it go regardless of the damage it is doing to innocents.

The RAINS Satanic Abuse VIP Suspects List is nothing other than a prototype 'Elm Guest House List' compiled by a key promulgator of the 1990 Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth from the paranoic delusions and fantasies gained during so-called 'recovered memory therapy' from her patients over a number of years.   As well as treating her patients orthodoxly she compiled a list of their ramblings and accusations to confirm RAINS belief in a conspiracy to abuse children in high places, and then distributed it to contacts in the Satan Hunter clique.  The people which her patients' confabulated libelous accusations about include august figures like:

Lord William Rees-Mogg : Lord Montagu : Mike Hancock. MP for Portsmouth : Duke of Norfolk : Lord (Peter) Goldsmith : Charles Clarke MP :  Ruth Kelly  MP :  Lord Caernarvon : Sir Edward Hulse : Lord Porchester : Marquis of Blandford : Paul Boeteng. MP : Marquis of Bath : Mark Oaten, MP : and yes, the doyen of them all, Ted Heath who has been stigmatised as a child abuser on the Satan Hunters' 'hit-list' since the early 1990s! 


Jimmy Tarbuck Framed but InnocentWas it lunatic accusations of this kind which prepared the ground for the suspicion against and subsequent arrest of Jimmy Tarbuck under Operation Yew Tree in May 2013?  Did an undercurrent of tittle-tattle amass in the Satan-hunter subculture to almost destroy a nationally known celebrity and was only stopped by the fact that Tarbuck could  completely exonerate himself?  Tarbuck is mentioned in this RAINS document as 'having been seen' during 2008 at the location where human sacrifices took place!  Did the police question him about this incident we wonder?   After the police investigated him,  Jimmy Tarbuck was exonerated and released without charge in March 2014.   It is therefore clear that when checked the  allegations of  Helen G are not upheld in his case which strongly suggests that all  the other allegations are also fantasy.
Not to mention a host of celebrities including Jimmy Tarbuck (fully exonerated after another waste of police time and resources)- see panel right.
The vile slander perpetrated against the late Lord McAlpine, whose reputation was almost destroyed by  Channel 4  when they ran with the inventions of Steven Messham, a fantasist who 'fingered' McAlpine as being a member of the Westminster VIP Paedophile Ring in 2012 and then, when McAlpine threatened to sue everyone in sight, Messham immediately retracted and said he wasn't sure it was him after all - leaving Channel 4 having to make a public apology on air for their stupidity in believing these false accusers.  (full background here)

What none of them knew was that McAlpine had been included years before this in the 1990 RAINS Satanic Abuse VIP Suspects list. Did Messham have access to the RAINS Satanic Abuse VIP Suspects List?  Did Messham's therapist have access to it?   The innocent people mentioned on this list have been set-up for false accusations in the future. They should be quaking in their boots if Jimmy Tarbuck's and Harvey Proctor's experience is anything to go by.   

The RAINS Satanic Abuse VIP Suspects List  includes totally innocent people whom the Satan Hunters have had in their sights for decades.  These self-appointed moral arbiters act as judge and jury to stigmatise anyone they like.  For three decades they have been creating their own demonology, mind-bending their victim-imposters, building up a network of 'believers' in parliament and elsewhere.

The police are chasing phantoms and being lead-on by dysfunctional people backed by pathological liars most of which have a history of mental illness who are being used as pawns in a game of power politics by left-wing social engineers, class warmongers, religious idealists and  feminist revolutionaries who want to destroy the power-base of patriarchal society. 

Here's an example of how RAINS works to allow the lies to gain momentum.  

Front Cover of Namaste Joan Coleman's SRA articleYou will see in the images below an article advocating the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse by Psychiatrist Joan Coleman, head of RAINS.   The article was published in an on-line magazine called Namaste. It normally concerns itself with a wide range of conspiracy theory nonsense. Just the type of magazine which would coalesce and enthuse anyone who wanted to make hysterical allegations about Westminster Abusers.

 In 2010 and 2011 the editor of Namaste, Carl Sims, got involved in the  Holly Greig myth where a teenage Down's Syndrome girl became the centre of allegations that she was being systematically sexually abused in a paedophile ring in Aberdeen.   The people involved in these wild allegations were very similar in psychology to the ones who perpetrated the Hampstead SRA hoax in 2015.  The allegations fell to pieces under their own weight after many months, though there are still claims about it being true on the internet today. 

Sims was involved at the heart of them by organising a support group for Holly Greig.  In 2011, presumably in relation to the Holly Greig allegations, Sims re-published a long article written by Joan Coleman on Satanic Ritual Abuse which basically repudiates all the cases over the past 30 years which were found to be false; and insists they were real cases of SRA.   Against all reality Coleman also refutes all the government and judicial inquiries as well as any academic or specialist who disagrees with the idea of SRA.  To give you an insight into what this long article (which has been reproduced in many other places ) promulgates in respect of the Westminster VIP paedo ring myth we have reproduced these extracts:

Joan Coleman SRA article in NamasteSATANIC RITUAL ABUSE

Brief Recent History - Part 1

By Dr Joan Coleman 

Legal Cases

Despite frequent claims that there has never been any evidence of satanic crime and that no cases have been convicted, this is far from the truth. This article was compiled in 1998 since then, there is less scepticism and more organisations supporting therapists and survivors. Even though in the 1990s the (DoH) Department of Health in England released a dimissive book entitled Speak of the Devil: Tales of Satanic Abuse in Contempory England published in 1998 by Cambride University Press in an attempt to undermine and quash any belief in the existence of ritual abuse. Ritual abuse has been going on for centuries. Shockingly though it may seem, it has been reported that many prominent and influential people are involved in such activities......

........Many survivors have provided names of abusers. Often they have clear and consistent memories to back these claims. Some of these are prominent in their professions. The disclosure of these names could be an embarrassment to any government and it is infinitely more convenient to deny the existence of such abuse....

......Some courageous journalists such as Tim Tate, Bea Campbell, Sarah Nelson and Jean Rafferty have tried to expose ritual abuse, but they are a minority. ........

So here we have Coleman, in at the start of the 1990 Satan Scare trafficking with internet loonies and inferring that their is some substance to their manic belief that people in powerful places who control our society are part of a paedophile network.  Presumably anyone who reads this and asks for more proof will be sent the
RAINS Satanic Abuse VIP Suspects List?

Note well her acknowledgement of Tim Tate, Beatrix Campbell, Sarah Nelson etc.

The article then goes on to include a Satanic Festival Dates calendar (completely and utterly fictitious as it was complied by American fundamentalists to be able to designate any crime as a Satanic crime) and libelously defames a dozen or so academics, who have in the past ridiculed the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Read about the Gang of Five who have spent 30 years perpetuating a myth.

Tim Tate, the SRA lobby's friend in the Media

If you needed any more evidence that the people who invented and promoted the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth are the same people on the Westminster VIP paedophile bandwagon all you need do is check out Tim Tate's latest blog on the issue here   where he once again assumes the moral high-ground, attacks Exaro News for being tabloid.

Whilst blethering on about the need for higher standards in journalism he omits to mention his pivotal role in first promoting the idea of SRA to the nation in the Cook Report's tabloidesque 'The Devil's Work'  

4,000 kids sacrificed to satanTate was the researcher-producer for the Cook Report's discredited special on Satanic Ritual Abuse (The Devil's Work) which basically started the scare in July 1989.  Tate has probably done more in the past 30 years to promote the idea of SRA than any other in his clique.  He works with RAINS people, has lectured with them on SRA, has written a book on SRA and has a track-record of supporting some dubious SRA believers.  Such as Diane Core the head of Childwatch who helped Geoffrey Dickens with his campaign and claimed that 4,000 children a year were being sacrifice to Satan!

Is Tate still chatting to the police?

One would have thought that after that farce and the failure of his programme and book to prove the existence of SRA in 1989 that Tate might not have been the first person the police would turn to for insider information but In his blog recently he clearly stated that

as late as 2013/14  he was meeting with and had input into  Operation Fairbank/Fernbridge.

Yes, you did hear that aright. 
  • The media man who first 'broke' the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse scare in the U.K.,
  • Whose own book on the subject was withdrawn and pulped for libelous inaccuracies,
  • Whose twenty claimed cases of SRA in the Cook Report all failed, 
  • Who trafficked with extremist Christian fundamentalist agitators
  • Who worked with, and lectured at RAINS Satan Seminars, leaders of which compiled the RAINS Satanic Abuse VIP Suspects List  shown here
  • Who regularly writes for Needleblog, the counterpart to ExaroNews which obsesses about Westminster VIP paedophiles and includes comments from many lunatic conspiracy theorists..... 
is still apparently being listened to by the British police and talking to the policemen who are actually investigating the Elm Guest House/Dolphin Square accusations!   

Well I suppose the police have to take all points of view into consideration, but, you know what?  They don't take ours!

So we've made it easy for the Met. They can read more about Tate's approach to Satanic Ritual Abuse here.

And lots about his discredited Cook Report programme, which, like St Peter, of late he has taken to thrice denying, here: 

They can also see the background to why Tate's book aimed at 'proving' the existence of SRA titled 'Children for The Devil' was pulped after a libel trial here

And to give you and them the gist of his influence here's what Tate wrote in his own book:
On 17 July 1989 - prompted by the Cook Report programme detailing evidence of a number of such cases - the NSPCC issued its first public statement of the problem.  (pp268)

Kids forced into satan orgiesOf course the NSPCC was heavily involved in the push to hoist SRA into the nation's consciousness.  It was the backing of the NSPCC and its irresponsible publicity mongering about SRA which gave the myth wings, creating one of the biggest hoaxes in media history. Headlines appeared all over the nation like the one on the right.

Tate worked with the NSPCC and the feministas in the social services who were pushing the idea of SRA in the Nottinghamshire Broxtowe case in which the first UK Satanic Ritual Abuse claims were made. Tate included key Christian fundamentalist extremists who had a sectarian axe to grind in his research,  some of whom not only appeared in his Cook Report programme acting as victims but who also handled the 'helplines' after the documentary was broadcast.  

Tate wrote numerous articles for newspapers stating that SRA existed. He produced other TV programs insisting that SRA existed. He appeared in programs himself arguing for it like this one: 

Tate insisting on the existence of SRA on World SErvice radio
Ignoring Tate's slippery rhetoric, what one had of course, was not a world-wide conspiracy of toddlers but a group of evangelistic social workers forcing SRA motifs into the minds of children in their care. Or as the Daily Mail put it when a secret copy of the JET report into the Broxtowe case was leaked to them in June 1990:

"The report found that social workers used 'interrogation pressure' to make the children believe they had been involved in satanic rites... the method was described as a 'typical psychological ploy to induce confession' which actually worsened the children's emotional upset....After three months of 'therapy' one girl alleged acts of cannibalism and claimed to have seen seven murders. But she later admitted fabricating the story under pressure..."

All the other scandalous failed cases of SRA were caused by the same method of indoctrinating children with false memories. It happened in Nottingham, in Rochdale, in Orkney, In Epping and elsewhere but this didn't deter Tim Tate.   When the owner of a bookshop whom Tate had wrongly associated with SRA in his atrocious 'Devil's Work' wrote to him on 11th March 1991, following the collapse of the Rochdale Satanic Ritual Abuse case in which social workers were found to have been guilty of putting lies into the mouths of children in their care, Tate was as adamant as ever...

"You ask if I am still happy with the term 'Satanic Ritual Abuse'. The answer is yes: for your enlightenment I refer you to my letter in the Guardian of 22 February 1991 detailing six successful prosecutions in Britain and to my forthcoming book 'Children for The Devil' due to be published in August"

Well dear reader you can see what happened to Tate's 'six successful prosecutions' in the review of his book by the New Statesman reproduced in the rightmost column below - they all failed!

Tate liaised with RAINS to promote the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse, lectured at their satan seminars and has consistently refuted all the government inquiries and reports on the issue, all of which have said that he has it wrong.   At the same time Tate has criticised anyone who questioned his evidence. 

For instance, on September 24th 1994 in a letter to the Guardian Tate insisted that the government's own report published that year (which had concluded that SRA was a myth) actually contained evidence to support his contentions.  The following week the Guardian published a letter from the author of the government report (Prof. Jean La Fontaine) correcting Tate's interpretations of her work, adding that his conclusions were 'false'. 

David Aaronovitch has suffered similar treatment from Tate after Aaronovitch broadcast his two-part BBC Radio4 Analysis programme on the Westminster VIP allegations. You can read about it here.    Tate has recently taken to distancing himself from the Cook Report's 'Devil's Work' ( which he himself organised ) and Aaronovitch didn't question him about it when he interviewed him for Analysis.   We challenged Aaronovitch about this and he said:

Aaronovitch stating Tim Tate had minimised his involvement in the Cook Report 

Indeed, Tate has swerved before when dealing with 'insiders' in the media: The following passage is from a letter to a third party about the Cook Report: 

On 19th June 1990, Jean Ritchie (author of many books on crime and the psychology of crime) wrote for information for a new book she had been commissioned to write. This was how her letter went.

I initially made contact with Tim Tate (I did not see the Cook Report, but had heard about it and was referred by their office to Tim Tate.) He agreed to see me, and gave me several names connected with two religions, paganism and satanism. He explained to me that there had been a problem with the programme, in that it did not differentiate between the two sufficiently. 
When we challenged Tate directly about the 20 failed SRA cases in his Cook Report this is what happened:

Tim Tate refusing to address the fact that 20 claimed cases of SRA had failed 

Then he BLOCKED us to stop the conversation continuing! 

SAFF information shows that Tate wasn't just the researcher for that ill-fated Cook Report, it was almost entirely his bag, his idea, his research, he conceived and constructed the programme and was there directing some of the filming.  Tate had worked with Cook for many years since Cook's 'Checkpoint' days and even co-authored books on consumer rights with him. 

An extract from a legal statement by Mr Chris Bray of the Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop whom Cook unfairly 'doorstepped' in The Devil's Work gives the gist of how Tate steered things:

MAY 2: 1989: An unknown first purchaser calls into our retail shop at approximately 10.30 but is seen to be acting suspiciously. The Manager senses something is wrong and challenges the man. Flustered he admits to being a Journalist who 'works for a Keighley newspaper' but says that he is collecting some items for a friend. As none of the items are controversial the manager completes the sale without checking with Mr Bray. The journalist leaves. Later we discover that the 'journalist' was in fact the co-producer of the Cook Report, Tim Tate who had, against the broadcasting guidelines, mislead the manager about his identity in order to obtain altar paraphernalia which was used in a clip of a Satanic ceremony. If this was a police investigation instead of a thoroughly reprehensible trial-by-TV, the case would have collapsed already due to Entrapment.

MAY 3: 1989 7.15am. Workers at the S.A. open up the Mail Order office as usual but during preparatory work in the shop the manager notices that three men are sat on a park bench on the opposite side of the road to the S.A. and one of them is Tim Tate. We observe that one of the men has a video camera partially concealed under a blousson jacket. The Cook Report are illegally filming. Mr Bray calls the police. Police Sergeant No.89 arrives at 8.50.a.m. He goes across to talk to the three men. After 15 minutes of conversation and sheepish looks Tim Tate and the police sergeant walk towards the shop. Tate has persuaded the sergeant to allow him to ask Mr Bray for an interview and, Tate says, if Mr Bray refuses then he and the camera crew will go away. But Tate is being duplicitous - he already knows that Mr Bray has refused permission . Mr Bray takes up the story:

The Police Sergeant stands between Tate and me. Tate asks: "Will you answer some questions/give an interview?" I asked where he was from. He said "Central Television" I responded "You mean The Cook Report?" He said "Yes". I then said "You did not say that you were from the Cook Report when you pretended to be a customer yesterday did you? " He did not reply. I said "In which case you are deceitful and I will not give you an interview." I also said "My solicitor has already written two letters to you informing you that I will not give an interview." Tate said "But there have been serious allegations made against you" and I said " In which case I will sue you". At this point one of my staff saw that the two other men had begun to shoot the scene at the door and it became obvious to me that Tate was 'wired' for sound and that the Police Sergeant had been duped into giving Tate the opportunity of interviewing me, so I curtly cut the interview short. The sergeant then came inside and told us that he had told the crew that they could be prosecuted for obstruction. They had agreed to move on after Tate had enquired about an interview with me. The Sergeant said that if there was any further trouble I should telephone the Police again.
But, as soon as the sergeant had disappeared the film-crew set up the camera on a tripod on the pavement opposite the shop and appeared to be filming through the upstairs windows using a powerful telephoto lens.......

If readers want to follow the frame-up of Mr Bray by the Cook Report and the lies they told about him then they can do so by going here:

What can you do with someone who spouts about high moral standards in the press one minute and films fundamentalists saying they were present at the sacrifice of a baby which had it's throat slit the next? Particularly when that fundamentalist's accusations had already been investigated by the police TWICE years beforehand and concluded there was no case to answer!   

Yes, dear reader, are we perhaps getting a sense of dejavu in all this?

But there is more to come....

The Feminist Connection: Information you will find nowhere else but here:

When David Aaronovitch's Radio4  'Analysis' programme was broadcast in July 2015 it showed that people like RAINS were creating problems in child-care. Tim Tate was interviewed in it, but never mentioned his belief in Satanic Ritual Abuse.  Tate didn't like the program's conclusions so  replied with a broadside of invective in Needleblog questioning Aaronovitch's professionalism You can read about it here.   

Sarah Nelson Satanist Ritual Abuse Challenges to the Mental Health SystemAlmost syncroniously Sarah Nelson, another person who has been involved campaigning to prove SRA for many years did the same.  Aaronovitch interviewed Nelson in his Analysis piece too but he also let her off the hook when he did not mention her appearance at the 1996 RAINS Warwick Satan Seminar in which, to an invited audience of believers in SRA, she delivered a paper which basically redefined all forms of mental illness including depression and other common syndromes as indications of Satanic Ritual Abuse!

Using unproven guesstimates like these: 
"Suppose 5% of the adult population over 16 have a childhood history of sexual abuse. Suppose only one in ten of these abused people experienced SRA. In the adult greater Edinburgh population of about 333,000, more than 1650 people would have been involved in SRA,"
Astonishingly, Nelson has now become something of a child protection celebrity in Edinburgh University and apparently advises the Scottish Executive. Her lecture above was rounded out for Edinburgh University's School of Social and Political Studies in 1997 (Working Paper No 10) and is presumably being taught to wet-behind-the-ears students there today.   Cue another generation of Satan Hunters.

Sarah Nelson's Essay on The Orkney SRA scandal insists that satanism was involvedeIn 2008 Nelson contributed another essay (The Orkney “Satanic Abuse Case:” Who Cared About the Children?) in support of the hopeless and embarrassing-for-the-authorities Orkney SRA blunder ( Pub. Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social, and Political Considerations) Does Nelson REALLY maintain that the Orkney children (now adults) who recently lambasted the social workers who stole them from their parents and cynically forced them to 'confess' to being SRA victims when they weren't,  owe a debt to social work for it's help?  If anything shows that SRA hunters live in a parallel universe this is it.  We now have the unedifying scene where victims of Scottish Child Care are suing the government for persecuting them  whilst at the same time the Scottish Education funding  cliques of SRA believers who are entrenching the same lies which actually caused the Orkney and Lewis and Ayrshire false SRA cases!  

Letter from SAFF to Carol MallardNote that alongside Sara Nelson's essay the book Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century includes chapters from  Sandra Buck, Graham Galton, and Carole Mallard.

Mallard is a retired ex Met policewoman who was given the job of researching into SRA for the Met Obscene Publications Dept in 1991.  The SAFF wrote to Mallard several times in 1991-1992 offering our valuable research to her for free, but she deigned never to reply.

There is another key SRA/RAINS player who contributed a chapter to Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century ;  the inimitable fundie SRA hunter, Ellen Lacter (see here) who also believes in CIA MK Ultra mind-control.  All of these people have been involved in recycling unproven SRA allegations since the early 1990s. 

A CHILD'S SKULL HAS BEEN FOUND!  The Jersey Satanic Ritual Abuse Case: Lenny Harper, Sarah Nelson and the Satan Hunters of Haut de la Garenne.

How the Guardian reported the Jersey Skull find

2008 was a busy year for believers in Satanic Ritual Abuse.  Late in 2007 Deputy Jersey Police chief Lenny Harper had inaugurated an investigation into allegations of mass child abuse at the Haut de La Garenne childrens' home in Jersey.

By early 2008 a succession of sensational 'finds' had occurred including 'torture chambers', metal 'restraint' cuffs, underground cells, 'immersion baths' and, most heinous of all, in February 2008  the now infamous 'child's skull' reported in sensational terms by the hysterical British Media ( see Guardian report above  right) 

Sara Nelson's email to Lenny Harper, inviting herself as an 'expert' on Ritual Abuse. Just a week or so later on 4th March 2008 Sarah Nelson pro-actively contacted  Lenny Harper to offer her 'expertise' on Ritual Abuse. She gave him further suggestions as to where he might look for 'evidence' of it in the case, including trawling psychiatric hospitals for 'victims'.

In a follow up email on 21st May, Nelson provided Harper with biased,  misleading and pejorative information about a number of highly-regarded journalists who had at one time or another published articles denying the existence of Ritualised Abuse.

Nelson took it upon herself to blacken the work of these top-level journalists and denigrate their hunt for the truth. In the process she encouraged Harper in his suspicions that ritual abuse had occurred at Haut de la Garenne. 

Amongst other things she stated that
 'Richard Webster, author and Bob Woffinden investigative journalist are very well known apologists for accused adults who have spent many years rubbishing allegations of sexual abuse and accusing adult survivors of doing it for the money and of being criminals and psychiatric cases.' ....
Nelson then went on to accuse Bob Woffinden of orchestrating personal attacks on herself in Private Eye magazine.

Not content with this litany of bias, she then criticised award winning journalist David Rose for 'specialising in claiming that allegations are witch-hunts and moral panics'. 

What Nelson did not do was admit that the writings of these people had been tested and found truthful and factual in every instance.

In writing to Harper was it Nelson's intention to   focus his mind on the conspiracy of ritual and satanic abuse which she believes exists and to devalue the work and opinions of those who have found that it is all a myth?  Well yes. This is how she put it:
 'Webster and Woffinden are part of what we would call the 'flying circus' who go round every single case trying to rubbish it or appear as so-called expert witnesses."
The Haut de la Garenne case had quickly turned into another phantom sex abuse scandal. It was initially seized upon by the usual players in the Child-Scare-industry and hyped for all it was worth as being THE case which would vindicate their 25 year failed accusations.   When the hysteria died down, the lack of hard evidence brought into question the professionalism of the police running the investigation and, as always happens, the battle lines were then drawn in a PR war between those whose had believed and those who saw that it was all bunkum.

We at the SAFF have seen this procedure played out in every single case in which allegations of ritual or satanic abuse have featured over the past 30 years. They all descend into a vehicle to protect the initial mistakes made by professionals who inaugurated the case.  To do that they have to insist, against all realities, that the first (false) claims of Satanic or Ritual Abuse were true, but, as time and our detailed  expose of the Haut de la Garenne case here shows, it was just another false case of SRA

There is no doubt that  Lenny Harper considered Nelson's 'input' because he quoted her in his long affidavit for the subsequent Jersey Inquiry which heavily criticised the way he handled the HDLG case. 

However the main point we are making is this.  Harper was an accomplished and experienced policeman. His investigation into HDLG should have been on the simple facts, but here we are at the start of the case, finding Nelson, with her career-long history of links with RAINS and other key believers in Satanic Ritual Abuse, trying to influence and offer 'expert' support to a policeman under pressure to confirm a belief in Satanic Ritual Abuse.   Here you see this normally hidden process working in all its clarity.
But SRA 'believers' brook absolutely no opposition and so after the Analysis programme Sarah Nelson put in a complaint to the BBC and also published a scathing attack on Aaronovitch - also on Needleblog ( Needleblog is perhaps the most-read on-line news service for believers in and contributors to the Westminster VIP paedophile ring myth).

Within days another feminist from their stable also made a complaint to the BBC and published an attack on David Aaronovitch on the Open Democracy website. This was Beatrix Campbell. A 30 year supporter of the idea of Satanic Abuse and colleague of Tim Tate and Sarah Nelson.   Beatrix Campbell's support for the existence of SRA has been extensive over the years, including TV documentaries, appearing on discussion shows, writing articles on the 'reality' of SRA. In particular she believes the radical feminist idea that a patriarchal society is inherently abusive to children and that the police and courts are there to hush it up.

Campbell's background:

Campbell was heavily involved in the leading-edge feminist group CAUSE, a campaigning group set up to support the social workers and doctors who caused the dawn-lifts of 130 children beginning February 1987 Cleveland scandal . CAUSE fought the conclusions of the public inquiry which found the witch-hunting methods of the key doctors who diagnosed the abuse [Wynne and Marietta Higgs] at fault.  The full story of the Cleveland push by these radical feminists to 'expose' what they hoped would be multiple instances of child-abuse hidden by the State, is explained here.   

The accused parents were entirely innocent and the children were quickly returned.  Butler-Sloss's report condemning the whole farago and blaming campaigning social workers was published in 1988. It was the first big blunder by the Child-Abuse-Industry and all the headline grabbers closed ranks to protect those involved.  The following image is a teletext of a newspaper article from June 1988 indicating that Geoffrey Dickens MP and Dianne Core of Childwatch (one of the key SRA accusers in the later SRA myth) were already 'on message' supporting CAUSE long before actual SRA cases had been announced.

Geoffrey Dickens and Dianne Core support cause

but in the intervening year Campbell's focus had moved elsewhere.  

In September 1987, eight months after Cleveland,  Tim Tate was first introduced to the idea that a global network of Satanists were abusing and killing children. He was sent material from the U.S. where the myth had been gestating.   

The very next month (October 1987) Seven Children from the Broxtowe council estate in Nottingham were taken into care and had been found to have suffered the worst instance of multi-generational abuse ever uncovered in Britain. There was no argument over the fact that these children had been abused, but once the kids were in care in the course of their investigations social workers from what later came to be known as 'Team 4' who were overseeing the case began to allege that they had uncovered the first case of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the U.K.  

Amongst the other influential child abuse campaigners who were involved in the Broxtowe case was Ray Wyre, an ex-baptist minister who ran the Gracewell Clinic in Birmingham where abusive priests were 'rehabilitated'. He became a key figure in allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse and not only appeared in Tate's Cook Report but was there handling the help-lines afterwards. 

Wyre studied child abuse in the U.S. in 1984 and had obtained information from there on Satanic Abuse.  As soon as the social workers in Team 4 'discovered' what they thought were satanic motifs in the Broxtowe case (that is, had worked them-up with campaigning Christian Foster parents by implanting ideas into the minds of kids in their care) Wyre was called in as an 'expert' and gave them information on SRA.  Of course what Wyre was doing, was simply importing sectarian propaganda from the fundie circuit in the U.S.  Wyre was one of the talking-heads who gave interviews confirming the existence of SRA to national newspapers telling the public that SRA existed.  Quotes from him are peppered through articles published during that period.  On the Cook Report Wyre actually said:
"What's clear is that there is an assumption right through which leads eventually to the killing of the child"
Even though there had never and has never been ANY instance in 30 years of a Satanist killing a child.

Geoffrey Dickens MP  (doyenne of today's Westminster VIP paedophile ring accusers) jumped on the SRA bandwagon at this time. Lots of articles then include quotes from him and Wyre opining about SRA.  That Dickens was closely following the Broxtowe case was shown when even though sub-judicae he slipped and mentioned it on the James Whale show prior to the case coming to court.  His aide-de-camp Dianne Core was also clued-in. She consistently appeared in the media at that time making all manner of sensational allegations and providing Dickens with a 'dossier' on SRA.  She appeared in her local newspaper warning about SRA over 300 (three hundred) times during that year.  But once the press began demanding proof of her allegations she stopped making them and has disappeared from the scene ever since. At that time though she was so involved that Tim Tate 'retained' her as an advisor on the Cook Report.

Tim Tate was heavily involved in the Broxtowe case during its development and his book Children for the Devil was complied from his voluminous research into it.  

So was Beatrix Campbell.  In fact Campbell was so closely involved that after Judith Dawson ,the social worker who was the head of Team 4, left the employ of Notts Social Services after the Joint Enquiry Team report ; she also left her husband, eloped with Campbell and they set up home together in Newcastle. 

Beatrix Campbell doing her impression of Sherlock HolmesThis information may put a completely different complexion on the Channel4 Despatches special called 'Listen To The Children'  which Campbell produced and appeared in during October 1990.  It had no new evidence yet reiterated the Team 4 take on the Broxtowe case. To those in the know it appeared to be simply a propaganda exercise to defend the conclusions of Team 4.  You can see clips from the programme on the SAFFutube channel here:

The programme arrived at just the right time for believers in SRA because their crusading zeal had been severely truncated following the horrendous mistakes made in Rochdale in March 1990 where 17 children were abducted by the local social work department in dawn-lifts following allegations of SRA and the bubble broke. Most people in the U.K. now began to see that there was a serious problem with these manic SRA allegations.   In 1991 Lord Justice Brown pronounced the Rochdale case false.

The JET report concluded incontrovertibly that there was no Satanic context to any of the abuses in the Broxtowe case but various leaks to the press and supportive articles in social work magazines and the so called 'quality' newspapers of the chattering classes, meant that before the JET report was finalised thousands of people wrongly believed that the Broxtowe case included Satanic Abuse when it did not.

When the government's definitive report on the 1990 SRA accusations was published and found that there was no SRA in any of the cases Satan Hunters had earmarked, the child-abuse-industry went onto the attack.  The Independent exemplified the bias of the liberal-elite throughout the SRA allegations by carrying an utterly prejudiced and unfairly written article by Campbell 'Where Satan Goes Unseen' viciously attacking the author of the report (Jean La Fontaine), outrageously infering  that she was part of a paedophile cover-up and quoting her own lover Judith Dawson to back herself up :

"Yet there has been remarkably little curiosity about this crusade to stifle professional debate. Judith Dawson is the child protection consultant who was involved in Britain's first satanic abuse case in Nottingham, which, despite its success in the courts in 1989, has been the object of a critical crusade. She says: 'Never in my career have I been subjected to such an organised and personal campaign of disinformation and discrediting, by occult groups, supported by advocates of paedophilia, and given authority by academics who are so disrespectful of carers and specialists struggling with this problem."

There was of course no SRA case in Nottingham and the misrepresentation of the Broxtowe case as being 'successful' hijacked the good work the police did in bringing family abusers to court and misrepresents it as proof of SRA.  Duplicitous indeed.   The 'occult groups' in the quotation is actually referring to us! The SAFF.  We are not satanists and we are not an occult 'group' but the inverted rhetoric of Satan Hunters regularly accuses anyone who questions their evidence of being either paedophiles or Satanists.

Note how Campbell is still insisting, after the JET report said otherwise that Broxtowe was a case of SRA and that it was a successful case proven in the courts.  What she meant of course was that the trial was successful in prosecuting abusers - only she and her ilk misinterprets them as Satanic to people who are ignorant of the facts. The trial certainly did not confirm the existence of Satanism in the case, which is what she is leading the readers of the Independent to conclude.

Judith Dawson and Beatrix Campbell resurfaced a little time later when two innocent nursery nurses were wrongly persecuted and accused of abuse in Newcastle. See background here.

Beatrix Campbell and Tom Watson MP

What a surprise then to see that,  when the tide turned against 'believers' in the Westminster VIP paedophile ring in October 2015 and journalists  began critically questioning Tom Watson MP about possible political interference in police investigations over the allegations, it was none other than Beatrix Campbell who jumped on the bandwagon to defend Watson's statements and actions.  On Andrew Neill's 'This Week' discussion show:

Beatrix Campbell, Michael Portillo on Andrew Neill show This Week

which may indicate that Beatrix was already in contact with Watson and lending a hand.  

She was also given an unprecedented opportunity to defend Watson on BBC News. In both instances there was no mention of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse which both RAINS and Campbell still insist exists. 

Beatrix Campbell defends Tom Watson on BBC News, The hounds are howling.

But just five days later Watson was called to explain his actions in front of the Commons Home Affairs Committee and suddenly was less bullish.  At last he bowed to the inevitable and  officially apologised to Leon Brittan's widow for calling her dying husband

 "As close to evil as any man can get".
when there was no evidence to suggest he had done anything wrong.  Disappointingly Watson tried to squirm out of a full apology by blaming the quote on a 'survivor' who had said it to him! Of course the fact that ALL of the many serious allegations about the Westminster VIP paedophile ring which Watson had made in the media over the past year were from self-styled survivors whose words and allegations which he repeated without apparently ever bothering to check or challenge, seemed lost on the crusading Labour MP. In a bid to protect himself Watson had in fact brought into question  all of the survivors' stories he used to smear the Tories in the lead up to the general election.

So much for Beatrix Campbell's efforts to justify Watson's statements and actions.

Campbell's influence in the uber-feminist world is undoubted but her actions and effects in the allegations of Satanic Abuse are not so well known. The SAFF outlined some of them here:

 and here:  .


The Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth and the Westminster VIP paedophile ring myth will never go away because after 30 years of them conspiring to create it there is now a very large caucus of believers within social work and the social sciences. All of these people have now enmeshed their careers with this new industry of SRA victimhood.  The government should have seized the opportunity to discredit these people professionally in 1994 when their definitive report came out but instead the weakness of the liberal-elite allowed them to work unhindred behind the scenes. Actually gave them grants and money to do it.  Now the weight of their demands and their interference is so great it is not now possible for them to be erradicated from modern society.   Their propaganda is irreversible and has in fact won the war.   It will continue to infect our society for decades.   But is that a surprise?   Don't we all still remember today that Herod ordered the slaughter of all children in Bethlehem?

The truth is that these campaigners have spent 30 years hunting down supposedly abusing satanists and found nothing.  Their activity and propaganda in the media is frequent and influential. Their advocacy has convinced millions of people across the world.  Hundreds of thousands of feminists and social workers, thousands of doctors and teachers, hundreds of policemen and thousands of Christian fundamentalists across the world have been on the lookout for any slight instance of Satanic Ritual Abuse FOR THIRTY YEARS.  During this period we have had childrens' home abuse,  paedophile ring abuse, celebrity abuse,  Asian gangs abuse, trafficked sex-slaves abuse and have also uncovered the most extensive network of thousands of abusing priests -  yet there has not been even ONE case in thirty years where RAINS' SRA allegations have come true or been substantiated.

And could it be that the thing which is most responsible for creating this quagmire is not the ideology of the crusading feminists, or the crusading fundamentalists, or the crusading media, or the crusading child charities but the simple fact that IT PAYS.  Money on the backs of other peoples' suffering.  That is certainly the case in the instance of ambulance-chasing lawyers who help historical abuse victims' get compensation yet whose disbursement bills are larger than what the victim gets. And those conference lecturers who speak on SRA (going to listen to their rot can set you back £400.00 pounds a day.) 

As the SAFF has pointed out many times before. The only thing which will stop these people from expanding their empire is the removal of professional indemnity for malpractice by Hospitals, professional associations and unions.  If each one of these troublemakers were legally accountable there would be some rationality. As it is they can do and say almost anything they like; create a scandal which ruins the lives of others and are never brought to book over it.  If they are brought to court their costs and damage payments are covered by the indemnities. They pay nothing themselves.  Ten years down the line the Hospital or Council they worked for pays YOUR money over to the victims in damages, further denuding strapped-for-cash authorities.

Those who perpetrate the damage just move on to cause more trouble; because they can.  Those who campaign to bring Satanists to account are themselves unaccountable.

By Tony Rhodes and John Freedom: Samhain 2015


"Pathological lying, also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania,  and closely related to compulsive lying, was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck. Pathological lying has been defined as "falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view. It may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime". The individual may be aware they are lying, or may believe they are telling the truth, being unaware that they are relating fantasies. Wikipedia


STOP PRESS:  The latest surprise in the continuing conspiracy to undermine our democracy occurred before we had chance to finish this article: Here it is:

Peter McKenzie fed false information to Tom Watson MP over Westminster VIP paedo Ring Myth

The farce continues as the British People suck it in: Watch this space!

Tim Tate and The Paedophile Information Exchange List

A few days after this SAFF webpage on Panorama was published Tim Tate added to his personal Blog his most powerful evidence yet to convince observers (and his loyal supporters in the conspiracy theory melee) of the existence of a ring of abusers within Westminster. 

Switching from his recent childish obsession in trying to discredit David Aaronovitch's professionalism he at last, most probably in response to the SAFF's complaints about his trafficking with the police (above) , begins to justify his 30 year stance with news that he had secret information on PIE going back to 1987. 

The first question to ask of course is "Why didn't he reveal this earlier?"

And the second is;

 "If he knew all this in 1987 why did he spend the next 20 years chasing mythical Satanic abusers?"

 To the outsider Tate's detailed rendition of The PIE list appears convincing and , at last, concrete evidence of the fact that the authorities turned a blind eye to child-abuse. Yet observers may not be as experienced in detecting Tate's slick misdirections, learned from his  years demonising people on the Cook Report. 

You can read Tate's full evidence in his blog here:  

Our response is this:

(1) PIE existed: Nobody is desputing that an organisation called PIE (The Paedophile Information Exchange) existed, nor that some of those involved in it were close to the Westminster Clique - we underlined as much in our timeline of Geoffrey Dickens campaign to highlight it in our webpage here.

Nor do we disagree that in those far-off days child-protection was not considered a priority by police or politicians.  The law itself which Tate assiduously avoids a discussion about, was highly ambivalent.  It was not a great crime then to possess child pornography,  but it was illegal to be involved in the abuse which produced and distributed it.  Indeed with the advent of the distribution of kiddie-porn on the Internet the government  updated the Criminal Justice Act 1988 to make it illegal to possess child pornography as well as produce it.

The distinction between production and possession was difficult to prove unless the perpetrator was actually in the pictures. This is why, in his open response to Dickens' formal questions to the Home Office about Sir Peter Hayman's possession of child-pornography Leon Brittan wrote on 20th March 1984:

"I should explain that, whilst the importation of indecent or obscene articles is prohibited, a criminal offence only arises when there is a deliberate attempt to evade prohibition. Customs and Excise policy with regard to cases such as those involving indecent or obscene articles depicting children in sexual situations is to institute criminal proceedings where there is sufficient evidence. There have been at least six such prosecutions in 1983 all successful, some of which were against people in responsible positions. If, however, there is not sufficient evidence, they confine their actions to seizure of the articles concerned.  That most often is the case with postal Importation; simply to be the addressee of a postal package is not evidence of an offence.  This is what happened in the case referred to by your correspondent where customs seized and destroyed the photographs and slides but did not have the necessary evidence to prosecute."
Undoubtedly people who today would have been sent to prison then weren't. But ignoring the actions of people working under the unenlightened prespective of those days is a recipe for confusion and misunderstanding.

(2) PIE was not a secret organisation: Despite Tate's intrigue PIE was not an elite secret organisation hiding away in the shadows.  Tate fails to mention that it was overtly political and made attempts to get the homosexual age of consent in line with the age of consent for heterosexuals.   At the time liberal-elite politicians from all sides (and yes, probably many of them were homosexuals) gave PIE credence.  Certainly one leftist London Borough gave them funding and lesser politicians, including some women were supportive of some of their intentions.

Of course at the time many other politicians disagreed with what PIE was doing including Barbara Castle.  During PIE's hayday in the early 1980s she claimed that she knew of 16 politicians who were

'sympathetic to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)'. source

Today of course the word 'sympathetic' would be seen as dynamite and taken to be evidence of involvement in paedophillia ( indeed that was what happened as you can see by the link) , but in the early 1980s it meant  'politically supportive'.  Even the word Paedophile did not have the dastardly connotations of today but rather was defined as a little known psychological syndrome; which is why a clique of homosexuals with paedophilic tendencies chose the name for their pressure group.  

In 1983 Geoffrey Dickens threatened to 'name names' connected with PIE and said:

'eight public figures were on his list of shame and one of them had been a personal friend

Presumably referring to someone he knew from Parliament.  Today this is taken to be evidence that MPs were actually abusing children but as we have pointed out some members of the liberal-elite supported the attempt by PIE to reduce the age of consent for gay sex to that of heterosexual sex.  Bound up in PIE was a push for equal homosexual rights.

Were some politicians of the time gay? YES of course.
Did they hide their homosexuality and have clandestine sex? 
Yes; because for years before the legalisation of homosexuality casual, secret, anonymous, no-questions-asked sex was the only way they could follow their natural proclivities.
Does being a homosexual mean you have an urge to sexually abuse children?
Obviously not.

So of what does the PIE list actually consist?  How many of the people on it were users of child pornography or abusers of children and how many were homosexuals wanting equal rights? 

(3) How reliable is the  PIE list:

Tate's inferences are multitudinous.  He writes:

There are no recognizable politicians’ names on the list.

 Is he claiming that politicians ARE on the list but were using pseudonyms?

Tate  goes on to state that spy Geoffrey Prime who was 'rumoured to be a member of PIE' was not on the list.  Was Prime then a member at all?  Is Tate suggesting that the absence of his name is proof that he is on the list?  If not why mention Prime? 

Is Tate saying Prime used a pseudonym or is Tate admitting that the list is unreliable? 

Firstly we are lead to believe that many of the names are pseudonyms; then that some are real names;  then Tate says no politicians names are included and, most strange of all, that Sir Peter Hayman's name ( who we know from the October 1980 Old Bailey committal proceedings WAS a member of PIE ) was not on the original PIE list but written onto it afterwards.

You will see from SAFF research here that in relation to PIE Hayman used the pseudonym R Henderson.  Was R Henderson on the original list?  

Tate explains that the original list had 1,000 names but that:
The original full register was, in those pre-computer days, cut up and parceled to several police forces. This remaining list – the only one, to my knowledge, still in existence – is the result of that process.
Scare IllogicTate makes Scotland Yard look like fools.  They may not have had computers Tim, but they certainly had photo-copiers in almost every office. Is Tate really suggesting that the police cut up the original PIE membership list (crucial evidence) and pasted it on paper to suit the geographic needs of various police forces?   Absurd. A photocopy of the original list may have been distributed and local police forces may have cut and pasted those addresses under their jurisdiction. Tate obviously has access to one of those.

Tate mentions none of this, though he does admit that " Four of the members were women.". He has the list in front of him yet what he doesn't do is tell us whether any of these women were known politicians.

Tate also acknowledges that because of the 'public' nature of PIE other people were on the membership list who weren't paedophiles. 
"There are three University academics, two in the UK: one, Ken Plummer of Essex University, said last year that he had only joined PIE to facilitate his research. "
Now it is not the SAFF's job to protect or apologise for paedophiles.  Anyone abusing children is a pariah who should be prosecuted and sent to prison. What we are attempting to do is to show how Scare Illogic works in producing apocryphal rumour and contort the truth.

(3) PIE was first exposed by Private Eye in 1980:  Tate writes about his list in whodunit style as though he was instrumental in exposing something secret but as our timeline here shows the PIE + Hayman scandal was exposed to public scruitiny by Private Eye magazine in November 1980.  The public knew all about PIE in 1980.  By the time Tate became involved, six years later, the controversy had abated. 

As usual Tates makes a meal of interpreting facts to suit himself.

Watch this space!


The Hidden Political intentions you Need to Know

The SAFF has for decades maintained that the child-scare lobby invented mass-cases of child abuse, including allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse to suit it's own purposes which were to hi-jack the media and use it for propaganda purposes to restructure society along radical feminist lines, break patriarchal strongholds within it, bring down the political right-wing, disenfranchise parents and impose a state-parent mentality on the courts and government.

The 1988 Cleveland Scandal was in fact the first shots in an intellectual revolution following on from the failure of the Miner's Strike in 1984 and encapsulated a hatred for everyone in the Tory Government which brought the unions to their knees. This can clearly be seen in the constant left wing derision of Thatcher as a 'stealer of milk from children' and the more recent allegations of child sex abuse aimed at most of the people in her cabinet and the Tory party of the time, dead or alive.  

"THE POLITICS OF GENDER:  Or how feminists plan to create a scare which brands all male authorities as rapists to bring down a patriarchal government Otherwise known as the Westminster Paedo Allegations: With the added frisson of the truth about why Butler-Sloss was hounded out of the Government Child Abuse Inquiry.

........................ Following the publication of the Cleveland Butler Sloss report in 1988, public meetings were held which included journalist Beatrix Campbell and the disgraced professionals. Campbell had taken a stand of supporting the professionals early on in the scandal in 1987. Rallying to their cause, she had monitored the inquiry and published the first edition of her book Unofficial Secrets on publication of the report ( which basically attempted to repudiate the entire inquiry.) As a feminist Marxist who frequently wrote for the Guardian, Campbell was an influential propagandist with a large following among left-leaning welfare professionals. Her platform throughout the Cleveland saga and beyond, was not the traditional class warfare but the new politics of gender. This became translated into a theory where men were substituted for the capitalist ruling class as the oppressors with women and children their captives. In this world vision sexual abuse was posited as a universal means of control of women and children (with boys as well as girls abused by their fathers as a method of induction into patriarchy). This perversion of dogma was not new. It had begun in the 1970s and became closely aligned with what would come to be known as "repressed memory" theory. This methodology of abuse "disclosure" became linked with the family dysfunction model of child sexual abuse that had taken root in the UK in the early 1980s at Great Ormond St Hospital, the Tavistock Clinic and the NSPCC. ........  (source:

It can also be seen in the recent hail of abuse and condemnation of Baroness Butler-Sloss  after she was offered the job of running the government's child abuse Inquiry. Why so vehement? Because Butler-Sloss was the judge who oversaw the 1988 Cleveland Inquiry which found that there was no child abuse in any of the cases and that a coterie of feminist activists combined with crusading paediatricians who had invented a trick method of 'detecting abuse'.  

Much like a Rorschach inkblot test, they checked the shape of the anal sphinctres of children who came to them with other problems when there was no other evidence of abuse, and pronounced over 130 of them positive! This lead to the first ever mass-lifts of children from their (innocent) families.


A Birmingham doctor who claims Satanism is rife in Britain has vowed to carry on treating patients despite a General Medical Council ban.

Dr Jim Phillips who runs a controversial project for victims of child sex abuse, plans to move his clinic to Hertfordshire to make new start.

The GP was suspended from practice by the GMC last Thursday, days before the screening of a televison documentary in which he claimed one in ten Britons was a Satanist.

Dr Phillips alleges at least one member of the Royal Family and a former prime minister are active devil-worshippers, along wth half the Conservative Party, Cabinet members and 20 percent of the police force.

Yesterday Dr Phillips said:
"There is one great big conspiracy of corruption against me but I am not going to be beaten.
 "Members of my group here are dedicated to the work I do and several have promised to move south with me."

The doctor, who lives in a one-room flat above his surgery in Bristol Road South, Northfield, set up the Jupiter Trust in 1989 to treat adult victims of sexual and satanic ritual abuse.

 His clientelle is largely made up of vulnerable young runaways with histories of severe mental illness, crime and drug addiction.
Most joined the therapy programme after visiting his NHS surgery.

 Multiple Personality Disorder diagnoses 100 people in one Body

 Dr Phillips claims his patients are all suffering from multiple personality disorder, a condition unrecognised by medical authorities in Britain. He believes the trauma of abuse causes separate identities to be created within an individual, with  up to 100 different personalities in a severly disturbed  patient.

Through group counselling and hypnotherapy sessions, he claims patients can gradually cast off their adverse identities to be left with their 'virgin'
unspoiled self.

He alleges at least half a dozen schizophrenic and psychopathic patients of the 350 who have passed through his clinic have been cured.

 The doctor admits many of his patients do not realise they have been sexually or physically abused until he tells them.

30 Minute Questionnaire Finds SRA from Dreams

 He claims he can make the diagnosis within 30 minutes by studying their responses to two questionnaires and asking them about the contents of their dreams.
References to fire, water, crucifixes and witchcraft indicate the patient may have fallen prey to Satanic abuse.

The more ticks a patient places on a questionnaire about their emotions the more seriously Dr Phillips says they have been abused.

Patients Do Not Remember Abuse Before Phillips Diagnoses It.

"Some patients are shocked when I tell them they have been abused as children, but they come to realise my diagnosis is correct" he said "

Anyone With a Mental Illness Has Been Abused

"If my theory is right, anyone with mental illness has suffered abuse as a child."

Dr Phillips underwent psychiatric treatment himself after attempting suicide twice in the last year.

He funds the Jupiter Trust himself making no charge for therapy, and says he is close to bankruptcy.

 He plans to appeal against his suspension. A locum is currently running his 1400 patient NHS surgery.

Source: Birmingham Post, 18 July 1993

The venom of the long distance Satanic Accuser?

SAFF experience shows that believers in SRA can become exceedingly bitter when challenged. There have been instances when Tate has remonstrated with his fellow journalists.  His professional pique at Mark Watts at Exaro News being the latest example here

One of the first journalists to question the SRA myth in 1989 was Rosie Waterhouse, now professor of journalism at the LSE.  Her work over the years in puncturing the SRA lies involved querying a lot of Tate's conclusions and there followed a number of clashes in print.  Tate's book 'Children for the Devil' was compiled from the research he did into SRA for the Cook Report and as he was at the centre of the cyclone everyone expected to find incontrovertible proof of his SRA allegations in there.

Unfortunately the book was ill-conceived and ill-fated. It met a hail of derision and was eventually pulped because of libelous inaccuracies 

Ms Waterhouse's review of Tate's 'Children for The Devil' in the New Statesmen undermines his research and reveals that many of Tate's SRA allegations are suspect. We reprint it here:

Tim Tate's book Children for The Devil

Witch Hunt:

Children for the Devil: Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crime: Tim Tate (Methuen, 16.99)

By Rosie Waterhouse

In September 1987, Tim Tate, a journalist researching a book on child pornography, was first introduced to the notion that a worldwide network of Satanists was sexually abusing children, breeding babies for sacrifice and sometimes eating them during depraved black-magic rituals. He was sent literature from the US, where stories were beginning to circulate that a phenomenon called Satanic or ritual abuse ; was rife. Tate, then a researcher for Central Television's Cook Report, began working on a film and his next book.

Since then, the Satanic abuse scare has come to Britain. Tate's role in spreading it is not insignificant. He was active behind the scenes, helping social workers in Nottingham, where one of the earliest full scale panics began.

There have been other sensational investigations, most notably in  Rochdale and the Orkney Islands. But, so  far, police have found no evidence. Spelling it out on radio in March this year, Sir John Woodcock, chief inspector of constabulary, said:

 "Police have no evidence of rituals or Satanic abuse inflicted on children anywhere in England and Wales. A lot of well-intentioned hype has got out of control."

Tate's latest book, Children for the Devil, is positively dangerous hype, which he is about to peddle on the conference circuit to unsuspecting social workers and other child-care professionals, frightened of remaining ignorant of a supposed new form of child abuse.

Tate claims to have succeeded, where police forces in the US, Canada, the Netherlands and Britain have failed, in finding evidence of Satanic abuse. He claims it is "abundant and convincing" and that it is revealed in his book.

There is not one shred of the physical, concrete, corroborative sort of evidence that stands up in court. Apart from its historical research, the book contains nothing new. It is largely a rehash of The Devils Work, the Cook Report of two years ago that was criticised by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission and panned by critics as "tabloid television".

Tate has been promising me for months that the book would reveal six proven court cases of Satanic or ritual abuse in Britain. I thought it would be worth reading for these cases alone. But I was astonished to find that just eight pages were devoted to these potentially important revelations.

It soon became obvious why. In each case, the police, prosecuting lawyers or judge decided that the Satanism or rituals were a pretence, "a mere trick", as Tate puts it, used by sex offenders to frighten their victims into silence or submission. I'm amazed that the publishers fell for it: eight pages that destroy his own thesis.

Tate devotes much more space to the Nottingham affair: an indisputably vile
case of incest, in which ten adults were jailed for sexually abusing 23 children from one extended family. He quotes from ` the diaries written by their foster mothers, based on things the children said. They were clearly describing unspeakable acts; but these acts also appeared to have an occult context. But, as a confidential report on the Nottingham case reveals, the children began talking of witches, snakes, babies and blood only after they were given such toys as witches' costumes, snakes, dolls and syringes to play with during therapy with social workers from the NSPCC.

Tate states that the children's stories were corroborated by three older members of the family. Again, the Nottingham report said that two of them retracted their stories, and that all three "have been found to be lying in every respect that could actually be checked".  According to the report, social workers had inadvertently led the children into making disclosures with leading questions.

Tate is very knowledgeable about historic witch hunts. At first sight, the research is impressive, but he has been cunningly selective, especially in his use of witness "evidence" gained through torture during the witch trials of the 15th and 16th centuries. For instance, he quotes from records showing that a rich Frenchman, Gilles de Rais, admitted murdering 800 children in devil-worshipping ceremonies. He does not mention that two servants were tortured into making allegations against him; nor that his inquisitors offered him the choice of death by being burned alive at the stake or, if he confessed, the "mercy" of being strangled first. '

The book quotes from the autobiography of Magdalein Bavent, a "Satanist nun" who confessed to all manner of atrocities, including eating children. Tate omits the fact that she also claimed to have had sex with a ghost, that she was raped by the Devil in the form of a black cat, saw blood trickling from a holy wafer and consorted with half human demons.

It would take a tome twice as long as Tate's to give the full story behind his historic "evidence".

Tate attacks police officers for their incompetence, judges for their blindness, lawyers for twisting evidence, and journalists for ignoring it.

The accusations and snide innuendo he reserves for me, because of my sceptical articles in the Independent an Sunday, are defamatory, misleading and false. For the record: I left the Sunday Times on a point of principle that would be lost on a journalist such as Tim Tate; for most of the time I worked on the Insight team, not under a by-line, so he could not possibly know what I produced there; and I have never appeared on a television chat show. l wonder how many he will be appearing on to sell his book?

New Statesman: pp36: 6th September 1991

UKCSAPT header

The 1990 Satan Hunters and their links to
The UK Child Sexual Abuse People's Tribunal  (UKCSAPT)

The grandiose-sounding UKCSAPT  represents itself as an authoritative body set up to care for people who claim to be 'survivors' of sexual abuse in the U.K. but is in fact yet another vehicle for the clique of therapists, journalists, feminists, fundamentalists and lobby groups which created the Satan Scare of the 1990s.

UKCSAPT was inaugurated following the tsunami of publicity over the Westminster VIP paedo, and Celebrity Abuse allegations which began in 2011.

Hidden Agenda

If you read theUKCSAPT website there is hardly any mention of Satanic Ritual Abuse but don't let that fool you - their first 'paper' on the state of child-protection in the U.K. which extended to 36 pages actually contained 32 mentions of SRA!  See here:  

UKCSAPT's  intent  is undoubtedly to attenuate the government's own Goddard Inquiry into historic abuse and gain more control over the direction of child-protection in the U.K. so Satan Hunters can pursue their fanatical feminist pogroms against Men and the Nuclear Family.  

The links between the 'old crowd' of Satan Hunters and UKCSAPT is clear and we will reveal them below, however , is it their stated intention to undermine, manipulate or replace the National Independent Inquiry Into Organised Child Abuse (IICSA) ?

"UKCSAPT is a unique volunteer-based attempt to examine cases of institutional child sex abuse.  It runs in parallel (and in some contrast) to the official enquiry led by Justice Lowell Goddard: it has none of that body’s inquisitorial powers, nor its vast budget. But it is nonetheless carefully organised on sound legal principles and has the benefit of expert advice from a reputable firm of solicitors. Its panel of judges include a former UN War Crimes prosecutor and a highly experienced clinical psychologist specialising in child protection. Their findings will, in time, be presented to the Home Secretary.Source:
Is it UKCSAPT plan to bypass Lowell Goddard's Inquiry with a spoiler report of it's own?

History Repeats Itself

That's more or less what the Satan Hunters did in 1994 when the government published the La Fontaine Report on the 1990 SRA scare.   Valerie Sinason, founder member of RAINS obtained a commission and £20,000.00 from the Department of Health to look into SRA and eventually wrote a research paper so worthless that it has never been published for public gaze.  (see full story here)

However her biased conclusions prejudiced towards the existence of SRA by years of prior campaigning found, surprise, surprise, that SRA was 'real'. Those conclusions were published and recycled ad infinitum by the Satan Hunter clique and gullible media to smother the government's definitive report which said that SRA did not exist.

It must have worked, because even though the official conclusion then was that SRA was a figment of the imagination of activists in social work here we are  22 years later with thousands more therapists on the SRA bandwagon and another vastly more expensive and more extensive Goddard Inquiry looking into it again!

 SRA extremists who fooled the Met

The legal advisor to the steering committee of UKCSAPT is  Alan Collins a director of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL).
ACAL was started by Lee Moore, an ex-barrister who claims to have herself been satanically abused.  It was Lee Moore who organised the first Satan Seminars for police in the Met. along with then DI Peter Spindler who a short time later went on to head Operation Yewtree which more or less hyper-ventilated the British Press about Jimmy Savile and other celebrities many of whom were falsely accused of abuse and later exonerated.

Community Care SRA scaremongers

In May 2005 Lee Moore wrote a detailed article about her own supposed Satanic Abuse for Community Care, a magazine for social workers which played a major part in spreading the lies about the 1990 SRA myth.  The article's hysterical tone is immediately apparent:

"These are familiar dynamics to me for I was raised by individuals who practised satanic rituals, which entailed the killing, torture
and sacrifice of human and animal life. Silence was crucial to avoid criminal convictions.

I have no proof of my experiences. I have no witnesses to the atrocities I suffered, save for the perpetrators who will never disclose and children who were tortured with me. Some of those children are now dead. Others do not enquire into the reasons for their troubled and joyless lives. ...

...So there was no one there to help me on the numerous occasions when, as a child, my ankles were tied with rope and I was hung
upside down from large hooks; nor when I was compelled to ingest bodily fluids and substances and forced to take part in acts of
bestiality; nor to release me when I was buried alive in coffins with snakes slithering over me.

The idea that anyone who underwent such horrible experiences could

(a) not remember any of it for 12 years until Moore was 'therapised' following a breakdown and

(b) not be able to recall any single thing which would give police a lead on hunting down her claimed attackers,

is absolute nonsense. Are these now the standards by which all other 'survivors' are judged in UKCSAPT ?  

In June 2015 following the uproar over the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Allegations, ( a case of alleged SRA which turned out to be provably false and which was ruled on by Justice Pauffley), one of those making the allegations  did a bunk to Europe to escape the legal ramifications of her lies. 

 Private Eye magazine (issue 1395) carried an article connected with this and lambasted ACAL and it's leaders.

"  But the total lack of physical evidence does not deter the compensation chasers. At a child abuse training day in London last week run by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, delegates were told that satanic abuse was a reality. Barrister Lee Moore – a self-proclaimed satanic abuse survivor – and solicitor Peter Garsden, who are respectively the past and current president of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, “kept going on about satanic ritual abuse”, according to a barrister who was present.

    “Lee Moore got quite agitated when one social work expert who was presenting a paper, Dr Bernard Gallagher from Huddersfield University, politely pointed out that these days no one believes in satanic abuse,” the barrister told the Eye.
She went on: “Peter Garsden told the assembled band of lawyers that SRA was prevalent and would be accepted as such, ‘given time’.

Garsden is the senior partner of the Cheshire-based Quality Solicitors Abney Garsden. In a controversial blog in October 2014, he declared his belief in the existence of satanic abuse. “My own belief is that there are several hidden societies in England and Wales which practise ritualistic abuse to the present day, which includes the sacrifice of children… It will be interesting to look back at this blog in years to come, when maybe there have been a glut of satanic abuse prosecutions in this country, and we have uncovered secret societies operating right under our noses… the broadmindedness of the police appears to be limitless, which is gratifying… watch this space.”

I wouldn't hold your breath Garsden.  So far the people who started the SRA myth have been hunting Satanic Ritual Abusers full-tilt for nearly 30 years and have failed to find even ONE case of SRA to prove their allegations.

Collins and the Jersey SRA non-event.

ACAL is now lead by Alan Collins. UKCSAPT bills him as having been involved in the Jersey Haut-de-la-Garrene SRA case, as if this increases his expertise! The Jersey SRA case was 99.9% scare. It was proved to be a fiction from start to finish. Does Collins believe otherwise because UKCASAPT obviously thinks it was real?  Newcomers can read the true background to Haut-de-la-Garrene here:

What does Tim Tate, doyenne of  failed SRA allegations,  say about UKCSAPT:
"For two days the UK Child Sexual Abuse People's Tribunal heard testimony from those who had endured rape and molestation in childhood. UKCSAPT is a unique volunteer-based attempt to examine cases of institutional child sex abuse.  It runs in parallel (and in some contrast) to the official enquiry led by Justice Lowell Goddard: it has none of that body’s inquisitorial powers, nor its vast budget. But it is nonetheless carefully organised on sound legal principles and has the benefit of expert advice from a reputable firm of solicitors. [Ed he's talking about Collins]

 Its panel of judges include a former UN War Crimes prosecutor and a highly experienced clinical psychologist specialising in child protection. Their findings will, in time, be presented to the Home Secretary.

I was privileged to be asked to film the Tribunal’s proceedings, to make a record for future understanding, of the testimony given by its witnesses....

.... I was asked to film the Tribunal because I have a long history (as a journalist) of investigating organised child sexual abuse. .... 

Posted on

Yet the failure of Tate's allegations and predictions on the subject is extensive. There is no mention here of his work with the Cook Report  of wrongly accusing a bookshop owner, of listing 21 cases of SRA which failed,  of incriminating a USA man who had already been exonerated, of writing a book on SRA which had to be pulped for inaccuracies, or of being the one who 'exposed' the very first SRA claims in 1989 in his documentary The Devil's Work

Tate  also does not mention his continued support for the social workers who took children away from innocent parents in Britain's first Mass Child Lifts scandal in Cleveland in 1987.

Many believers in Cleveland still maintain the children HAD  been abused, even though they are now all adults and say they werent!  Even though the official government enquiry said they weren't.  Tate is still pushing the idea that Cleveland was somehow 'covered-up' here:

There is always a 'cover-up' in the SRA bandwagon. There are always claims of conspiracies in high places and of being 'silenced' by threatening forces. It's one of the hallmarks of the SRA myth and it is of course bunkum.  Tate has been prattling on about SRA for 30 years, in TV programs, documentaries, lectures, seminars, books, radio programs and newspaper articles.  Silenced?  I wish someone would get him to take a breath!

This is an important point when you realise that, in his own words the ' highly experienced clinical psychologist specialising in child protection.' who is advising UKCSAPT is Heather Bacon, a child-protection academic who was peripherally involved in the Cleveland Scandal and mentioned in the official enquiry report.  Yes dear reader, the tentacles of the myth goes back that far.  (click on the image below to see what the child victims of Cleveland had to say when they grew up)

Cleveland Kids say they weren't abused by parents

The Cleveland public enquiry was overseen by Justice Butler-sloss. It concluded that mass lifts had been a result of the caucus of activist social workers and therapists involved in it. The children had not been abused in any way.  The pack of cards h
ad fallen following the use of 'trick' anal-dilation checks by Higgs and Wynne.

Included amongst those activists was Sue Richardson, another SRA colleague of Tate's  who in 1988 started a lobby group called CAUSE to support and vindicate those the Inquiry found responsible for the Cleveland scandal.  

Richardson had earlier lectured at the The Dark Side of the Rainbow, a  RAINS Satanic Abuse conference on 22nd September 2001.   She also spoke at the notorious 2009 Bowlby Satan Seminar  The leaflet advertising her lecture ends with the words   'This  presentation does not contain any specific images or descriptions of abuse  which might be triggering' . (For the uninitiated the idea of Trigger Words' used by Satanists to silence their victims is  utterly fallacious but was part of the 1990 scare and is a speciality of Ellen Lacter (see later) who attended the same conference alongside Richardson. 

Note that Richardson is now listed as a 'trainer' for ACAL.  Who is she training and why?

Many of those linked by Cleveland evolved into another group, RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support) which during the past quarter of a century has done very much what UKCSAPT is doing today.  Collating a stable of 'SRA victim imposters', nurturing their fantasies into cohesive narratives for conferences and then presenting their subjective experiences as 'evidence' to mainstream child-protection.    (see here for full story)

Basically UKCSAPT is, if you like, a wolf in sheep's clothing. An extension of RAINS which is outwardly more palatable to the masses.  It's legacy is CAUSE, RAINS, UKCSAPT.

Lunatic Fringe still in the background

In their latest  paper on SRA (March 1st 2016) UKCSAPT lists many references, amongst whom is Ellen Lacter.  The SAFF exposed Lacter as an SRA extremist in 2009 when she attended one of the last Satan Seminars held in the U.K.  She believes in demon infestation of the body and exorcism. She is a close aquaintence of recovered memory practitioners who have been sued in the States for twisting patient's minds and a bridge between formal social work and the David Icke type of mind-control conspiracyloon. You can read her bonkers approach to SRA here:
UKCSAPT certainly haven't lost touch with the lunatic fringe if they are recommending Lacter's research as worthy of study!

How Satan Hunters tried to control a government Inquiry

In 2014 when Butler-sloss was being considered by the home secretary  to head up the Historic Child Abuse Inquiry, her old Cleveland enemies in the CAUSE/RAINS arena began a campaign to unseat her which, due to the despicable nature of the British Press and the kow-towing of government, actually succeeded.    Then Fiona Woolf was also rejected by 'survivor groups' because she was 'too close' to the Establishment.   In a stroke of genius Teresa May brought in New Zealand judge Lowell Goddard, completely detached from any UK VIPs.   The SRA hunters were stymied because one of the KEY  Satan Hunters strategies is to complain of not being able to air their views whilst utterly and completely censoring and silencing any alternative view to their own.  A truly independent inquiry was NOT what they wanted. Believers straight-away began a campaign to side-step the Goddard Inquiry and get control again.  UKCSAPT is clearly part of that move.

This is what Sue Richardson and Heather Bacon wrote in October 29th  2014. 

'The inquiry is seen by those most likely to benefit from it, victims of abuse and professionals trying to help them, as a cover-up of cover-ups....

The main group of stakeholders are surely those survivors who have been abused then betrayed again via inaction and the concealment of evidence... They have been patronised as a victim community by Woolf...

Is it part of a continuing need for containment and denial that acknowledged experts in the field who have thought and learned most about the problems are not being consulted....

In short everyone must accept what the Satan Hunters say and ONLY what they say. 

The Satan Hunters will not cease their false allegations and will not desist from bleating about victims until they and only they are given control of the entire arena so that no common-sense or forensic evidence is allowed to contradict their psychotic view of the world. 

This is the usual witch-hunt employed by such people. Regardless of how many innocent people are harmed, they consistently cry about the unutterable harm suffered by victims, though rarely explain how that works. 
  • Is sexual abuse worse than murder?
  • Can a victim of sexual abuse EVER recover?
  •  Is sexual abuse more harmful than the evil and danger that concentration camp victims were exposed to?
  • Is it more or less worse than having to put down your pet?
  • Or suffer the death of a loved one?
  • On a scale of harm from 1 to 10 where would they put Sexual Abuse?
  • Why exactly is sexual abuse so harmful that SRA victims can't ever get over it, when most Holocaust Survivors continued to live a full and rewarding life following their much worse trauma? 
  • Why is it that 'SRA survivors' are always crowing about needing to TELL their stories, when Holocaust Survivors prefer not to?
And so on.

The people who have made a career out of promoting the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse and it's corollary scares,  Celebrity Abuse and Westminster VIP abuse, have done well out of the hysteria.  So have the self-declared 'victims' some of whom can earn many thousands of pounds in compensation without actually having to produce any actual forensic evidence to prove their case.

The people who carry the can for their irresponsible campaigning are the innocents who've had their lives ruined by false allegations.  

We feel sure that UKCSAPT people are doing what they think is best and their intention is clearly to help people who are vulnerable. A few of their 'victims' may actually be victims and we suggest that they report their abuse to the police and get closure that way.  Most however are SRA victim imposters; the misguided, the imbalanced and the pathological liars who are encouraged by stronger people to play to their tune in the SRA circus.

UKCSAPT has nothing to do with 'the people' and it is preposterous to pretend otherwise.  Neither is it a proper 'Tribunal'. These terms have been chosen to give the group a gravity it does not deserve.  As you have seen from the above, the people behind UKCSAPT are not beyond criticism and have questions to answer.   We believe the organisation is simply another propaganda device in the Satan Hunters campaign to establish SRA.  If Lowell Goddard listens to their oft discredited nonsense then this country will pay dearly for it in the long run. 

John Freedom: Mortlake, March 8th 2016

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