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The Debil and The Jews

 Ritual Murder 
The Devil and The Jews,
by Joseph Trachtenberg

The first “ritual murders” had nothing to do with Passover, or
indeed with any Jewish festival. Let us listen to a contemporary
chronicler describing the fate of the very first boy martyr, William of Norwich, who disappeared unaccountably in 1144:

 “The Jews of Norwich bought a Christian child before Easter and
tortured him with all the tortures wherewith our Lord was tortured, and on Long Friday hanged him on a rood in hatred of our Lord, and afterwards buried him.”

Not a very plausible story, but
it was based on the statement of a Jewish convert to Christianity, one Theobald of Canterbury, who obligingly came forward with the explanation that the Jews were required to sacrifice a Christian child annually at Easter; the choice of place was made, according to him, by a yearly conference of rabbis, which had met the year before at Narbonne and selected Norwich. His tale evidently did not command much credence at the time, despite the chronicler’s  tone of assurance, for no Jews were tried or punished for the alleged crime — there was no evidence that a murder had been committed. Yet the mere statement of this convert led to the bringing of identical charges at Gloucester in 1168 and elsewhere.

It will not be amiss to repeat here an extract from a contemporary
account of the martyrdom of Harold of Gloucester in tribute both to the author and to the logic of the times:

“The boy Harold ... is said to have been carried away secretly by Jews, in the opinion of many, on February 21st, and by them hidden till March 16th.  [Ed: The Jewish Festival of Purim] On that night . . . the Jews of all England coming together . . . they tortured the lad placed before them with immense tortures. It is true no Christian was present, or saw or heard the deed, nor have we found that anything was betrayed
by any Jew. . . . [ But, the boy’s wounds having been examined ]
those tortures were believed or guessed to have been inflicted on
him in that manner. It was clear that they had made him a glorious martyr to Christ.”

Similar charges were made at Blois in 1171, at Bury St. Edmonds in 1181, at Pontoise, Braisne, and Saragossa in 1182, and at Winchester in 1192. There was no trial  in any of these cases; rumour was sufficient to establish the martyrdom of the children.

Theobald’s fable of the required Easter sacrifice did not hold up for long, but his story of the annual rabbinical conference enjoyed a much hardier career.  It struck a responsive chord in the public fancy, for it spread rapidly through Europe and was often repeated in connection with supposed Jewish crimes of this sort.  In time it was expanded to make room for a secret Jewish society whose function it was to kidnap and kill Christian children and distribute the blood to the major Jewish communities, at the bidding of the Council, whose permanent meeting place was ultimately fixed in Spain. All sorts of traitorous criminal acts were laid at the door of this mythical body.“

A Timeline of Audrey Harpers ascendency from druggie to doyen of Fundie False accusers.

25 December 1939 Born In Crewe. Put in Barnardo's Home in Kelvden when a few months old.

1955: Left Barnardo's when she was 16 years old.

1957: Joined WRAF signed on for 4 years but left on medical reas
ons when first child born. 

1958: first child given up for adoption.

1961: Initiated into Virginia Water Coven

1962: Got pregnant a second time with 'Rosemary's Baby'

1962:  entered in Warley Mental Hospital , Brentwood

1962: Gave birth to 2nd child and gave it up for adoption, didn't even know what sex it was.

1963:  Spent summer working at Southend

1966:  Admitted to Psychiatric Ward, London July 1966.

1967:  Admitted to Severals Hospital  in Colchester for eight months.

1967: Joined Christian group Life for the World in early 1967 at a crusade meeting, but then shied off.

1973:  Harper's third child born.

1981:  Recommenced Churchgoing.

1986: Exorcised for 3 hours by preacher Roy Davies

1986: March 23rd:  Baptised by Roy Davies

1987:  Joined Reachout Trust

1987: October 25th: Gave interview to Doorways to Danger which did not include claims of sacrificing a baby.

1988: February:   Chat magazine  SATANS CHILDREN  includes an interview with Audrey Harper
who is only shown in silhouette and is given the pseudonym of  Anna Dixon. No claims of sacrificing babies.

1988: December 1st: Harper announces she had seen a baby sacrificed on Time and the place

1990: February 14th Caroline  Marchant took an overdose in Kevin Logan's vicarage.

1990: March 5th: Caroline Marchant died in hospital with Harper by her side.

1990 October 5th. Dance with the Devil first published.

The Charge: "Lift Up the Veil" from the Gardenerian Book of Shadows (1949)

Magus: "Listen to the words of the Great mother, who of old was also called among men Artemis, Astarte, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Diana, Arianrhod, Bride, and by many other names."

High Priestess: "At mine Altars the youth of Lacedaemon in Sparta made due sacrifice. Whenever ye have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when the moon is full, ye shall assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of Me who am Queen of all Witcheries and magics. There ye shall assemble, ye who are fain to learn all sorcery, yet have not won its deepest secrets. To these will I teach things that are yet unknown. And ye shall be free from slavery, and as a sign that ye be really free, ye shall be naked in your rites, both men and women, and ye shall dance, sing, feast, make music, and love, all in my praise. There is a Secret Door that I have made to establish the way to taste even on earth the elixir of immortality. Say, 'Let ecstasy be mine, and joy on earth even to me, To Me,' For I am a gracious Goddess. I give unimaginable joys on earth, certainty, not faith, while in life! And upon death, peace unutterable, rest, and ecstasy, nor do I demand aught in sacrifice."

Magus: "Hear ye the words of the Star Goddess."

High Priestess: "I love you: I yearn for you: pale or purple, veiled or voluptuous. I who am all pleasure, and purple and drunkenness of the innermost senses, desire you. Put on the wings, arouse the coiled splendor within you. Come unto me, for I am the flame that burns in the heart of every man, and the core of every Star. Let it be your inmost divine self who art lost in the constant rapture of infinite joy. Let the rituals be rightly performed with joy and beauty. Remember that all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals. So let there be beauty and strength, leaping laughter, force and fire by within you. And if thou sayest, 'I have journeyed unto thee, and it availed me not,' rather shalt thou say, 'I called upon thee, and I waited patiently, and Lo, thou wast with me from the beginning,' for they that ever desired me shall ever attain me, even to the end of all desire.

This much of the rites must ever be performed to prepare for any initiation, whether of one degree or of all three degrees.

The Initiation Rite

First Degree. From the Gardnerian Book of Shadows,(1949)

Magus leaves circle by the doorway, goes to Postulant, and says,

"Since there is no other brother here, I must be thy sponsor, as well as priest. I am about to give you a warning. If you are still of the same mind, answer it with these words:

'Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.'"

Placing the point of the sword to the Postulant's chest, he says,

 "O thou who standeth on the threshold between the pleasant world of men and the domains of the Dread Lords of the Outer Spaces, hast thou the courage to make the Assay? For I tell thee verily, it were better to rush on my weapon and perish miserably than to make the attempt with fear in thy heart."

Postulant: "I have two Passwords: Perfect Love and Perfect Trust."

Magus drops the sword point, saying,

 "All who approach with perfect love and perfect trust are doubly welcome."

Going around behind her, he blindfolds her, then putting his left arm around her waist and his right arm around her neck, he pulls her head back, says,

 "I give you the 3rd password, a Kiss to pass through this dread Door,"

and pushes her forward  through the doorway and into the circle. Once inside, he releases her saying,

 "This is the way all are first brought into the circle."

 Magus closes the doorway by drawing the point of the sword across it three times, joining all three circles, saying,

"Agla, Azoth, Adonai,"

 then drawing three pentacles to seal it. Magus guides Postulant to south of altar, and whispers,

 "Now there is the Ordeal."

Taking a short piece of cord from the altar, he ties it around her right ankle, saying,

"Feet neither bound nor free."

Taking a longer cord, he ties her hands together behind her back, then pulls them up, so that the arms form a triangle, and ties the cord around her neck, leaving the end dangling down in front as a Cable Tow.

With the Cable Tow in his left hand and the sword in his right hand, the Magus leads her sunwise around the circle to the east, where he salutes with the sword and proclaims,

"Take heed, O Lords of the Watchtowers of the East, (name), properly prepared, will be made a Priestess and a Witch."

Magus leads her similarly to the south, west, and north, making the proclamation at each quarter. Next, clasping Postulant around the waist with his left arm, and holding the sword erect in his right hand, he makes her circumambulate three times around the circle with a half-running, half-dancing step. He halts her at the south of the altar, and strikes eleven knells on the bell. He then kneels at her feet, saying,

"In other religions the postulant kneels, as the Priests claim supreme power, but in the Art Magical, we are taught to be humble, so we kneel to welcome them and say:

"Blessed be thy feet that have brought thee in these ways." (He kisses her feet.)

"Blessed be thy knees that shall kneel at the sacred altar." (He kisses her knees.)

"Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be." (He kisses her womb.)

"Blessed by thy breasts, formed in beauty and in strength." (He kisses her breasts.)

"Blessed be thy lips, which shall utter the sacred names." (He kisses her lips.)

Take measure thus: height, around forehead, across the heart, and across the hips. Magus says, "Be pleased to kneel," and helps her kneel before the altar.

He ties the end of the Cable Tow to a ring in the altar, so that the postulant is bent sharply forward, with her head almost touching the floor. He also ties her feet together with the short cord. Magus strikes three knells on the bell and says,

 "Art ready to swear that thou wilt always be true to the Art?"

Witch: "I am."

Magus strikes seven knells on the bell and says, "Before ye are sworn, art willing to pass the ordeal and be purified?"

Witch: "I am."

Magus strikes eleven knells on the bell, Magus says, "Ye have bravely passed the test. Art always ready to help, protect, and defend thy Brothers and Sisters of the Art?"

Witch: "I am."

Magus: "Art armed?"

Witch: "With a knife in my hair."

Magus: "Then on that knife wilt thou swear absolute secrecy?"

Witch: "I will."

Magus: "Then say after me. 'I, (witch-name), in the presence of the Mighty Ones, do of my own will and accord, most solemnly swear that I will ever keep secret and never reveal the secrets of the Art, except it be to a proper person, properly prepared, within a circle such as I am now in. All this I swear by my hopes of a future life, mindful that my measure has been taken, and may my magical weapons turn against me if I break this my solemn oath.'"

Magus now unbinds her feet, unties the Cable Tow from the altar, removes the blindfold, and helps her up to her feet.

Magus says, "I hereby sign thee with the triple sign.

"I consecrate thee with oil." (He anoints her with oil on the womb, the right breast, the left breast, and the womb again.)

"I consecrate thee with wine." (He anoints her with wine in the same pattern.)

"I consecrate thee with my lips" (he kisses her in the same pattern), "Priestess and Witch."

Magus now unbinds her hands and removes the last cord, saying, "
Now I Present to thee the Working Tools of a Witch.

"First the Magic Sword. With this, as with the Athame, thou canst form all Magic Circles, dominate, subdue, and punish all rebellious Spirits and Demons, and even persuade the Angels and Geniuses.

With this in your hand you are the ruler of the Circle. [Here "kiss" means that the initiate kisses the tool, and the Magus then kisses the Witch being initiated.]

"Next I present the Athame. This is the true Witch's weapon and has all the powers of the Magic Sword [kiss].

"Next I present the White-Handled Knife. Its use is to form all instruments used in the Art. It can only be properly used within a Magic Circle [Kiss].

"Next I present the Wand. Its use is to call up and control certain Angels and geniuses, to whom it would not be mete to use the Magic Sword [Kiss].

"Next I present the pentacles. These are for the purpose of calling up appropriate Spirits [Kiss].

"Next I present the Censer of Incense. This is used to encourage and welcome Good Spirits and to banish Evil Spirits.[kiss]

"Next I present the scourge. This is a symbol of power and domination. It is also to cause suffering and purification, for it is written, to learn you must suffer and be purified. Art willing to suffer to learn?"

Witch: "I am."[Kiss]

Magus: "Next, and lastly I present the Cords. They are of use to bind the sigils in the Art, the material basis, and to enforce thy will. Also they are necessary in the oath. I Salute thee in the name of Aradia and Cernunnos, Newly made Priestess and Witch."

Magus strikes seven knells on the bell and kisses Witch again, then circumambulates with her, proclaiming to the four quarters,

"Hear, ye Mighty Ones, (witch-name) hath been consecrated Priestess and Witch of the Gods."

Ceremony ends here, close circle with

"I thank ye for attending, and I dismiss ye to your pleasant abodes. Hail and farewell."

Doorways To Danger

Audrey Harper's First telling of her story about being initiated into a Satanic/Witchcraft Coven published in 1987. 

There were NO claims of sacrificing babies at this time.  Click on the image to open it up full size to read.

Audrey harper on Doorways to Danger


'I could not give them names and addresses, times and dates, phone numbers and car registrations, the nitty-gritty details needed for a successful police investigation'

 In other  words Harper could not produce one jot of proof of her fantasies that the police could go on. 

Why couldn't Harper take them to the places she lived at and frequented with the 'Satanists' for five years? 

Why couldn't she name any of the commune?

Why couldn't she remember any telephone numbers or dates or addresses of anyone else? 

Why couldn't she remember their 'drug suppliers'?

Why couldn't Harper remember where their Satanic paraphernalia was purchased from or made?

Why can't she describe in detail the paraphernalia used?  

Why was she the only person who left the 'coven' and told about it?

Why was there only one sacrifice of a baby in the five years she was with the 'coven'?

We hear nothing of these things.  The truth of course is that Harper's story was fantasised. There was no sacrificed baby and there was no Satanic Coven in London in the 1960s. 

Front Cover of Audrey Harper's Dance Wth The DevilAudrey Harper's DANCE WITH THE DEVIL is a pack of Sectarian Lies

We dismantle the wickedest fundie book of the 20th Century.

Dance With the Devil is lauded by second wave Satanic Scaremongers as original proof that Satanic Ritual Child Abuse and Human Sacrifice has been going on secretly for Sixty Years.  Yet it is a Fake Memoir, as we shall prove below.  

Dance with the Devil is in fact a religious treatise dressed up as pulp-fiction.  The modern Christian counterpart to the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a hoax document which has caused the deaths of millions of Jews since it was first published in 1905.  It comprised a deceitful sectarian hatred, presented as an expose of an (imagined) Jewish conspiracy to bring down Christianity. And it lead directly to the Final Solution and the industrial murder of six million Jews.

Audrey Harper on Time and Place December 1988

Harper's Dance With the Devil sets out to do exactly the same thing for Pagans as the forged Protocols did for Jews, by inventing the threat of a secret Witchcraft Cult and writing a false narrative to encourage prejudiced people in Christianity to believe the worst about human nature and act to suppress the world's oldest religious belief. 

The direct comparisons between the Protocols and Dance With The Devil can clearly be seen below where in the first image we reproduce a copy of the Nazis Dur Sturmer propaganda magazine showing a drawing of Jews sacrificing a Christian child by slitting it's throat and catching it's blood in a dish and then drinking it.

Der Sturmer cartoon of Jews sacrificing a Christian BabyNext to this is the vile text from Dance With The Devil where Harper makes up this despicable Sectarian lie:  

"It was a baby girl nine days old, she lay on the altar without making a sound, as if she was drugged or something..... The Warlock picked up the dagger while muttering a sort of ritualist speech, something like, 'We offer this sacrifice and hope it pleases you'. Then with no more emotion than a butcher  shows when he's slicing off a steak, he cut the baby's throat.  I thought I was going to pass out I just stood there and turned absolutely numb,  I watched him take the chalice and catch the blood as it gushed from the gaping wound.... The Warlock raised the chalice to his lips and drank the still warm blood. He then moved around from behind the atlar and  handed the challice to the witches in the circle, she passed it to the next witch and so on round the circle. " (page 54)

Of course the intention is to put all Witches and Pagans beyond the Pale, to suggest, just as the Nazis did about the Jews, that they had secret rites to abominate Christianity and sacrifice Christian children.   In the left-most column you will find an extract from 'The Devil And The Jews' a historical review of the first accusations in Britain of the Ritual Murder of Children by Jews.  Yes dear reader, this despicable blood libel accusation is eight hundred years old!  To Christian fundamentalists in the 12c Jews were the Witches and Satanists who worked against Christianity.   Today they can't get away with such anti-semitic lies, so have projected them onto Pagans instead!

Are we saying that Audrey Harper purposefully wrote the book to cause the deaths of Pagans? Of course not!    But neither did Theobald of Canterbury  a convert to Christianity from Judaism who dreamed up the idea of a secret committee of Jews who met each year to select a Christian child as a blood sacrifice in the twelfth century.  ( see full historical account in the leftmost column under
'The Devil And The Jews' ) .  Theobald probably made that up to out-Christianise the Christians he was now dependent on.  His invented tale of this imagined conclave of Jewry was over 800 years later worked up into the Zionist New World Order Myth of the  Protocols of The Elders of Zion and so Theobald's  irresponsible inventiveness which probably didn't seem so radical at the time, ended up causing millions of deaths in the 20th century.  Converts to any religion are often more extreme than the religion itself, take another Jewish convert to Christianity, Torquemada, who originated the Inquisition and was responsible for over 2,000 executions for heresy. The Inquisition went on to kill hundreds of thousands more. 

Blood Libels against Jews in 1990The Blood Libel against Jews is so ancient that civilised people often consider it an aberration from the past but that is not so, it is always with us. The cutting on the right shows that in the middle of the 1990 Satanic Panic far-right groups were publishing Sectarian Lies and distributing them freely in Britain.   If you click on the image it will open up to larger format so you can read it but one part says: 
'Jewish Tributes to our Child Martyrs'
and refers to the anniversary of the massacre of 150 Jewish men women and children at Clifford's Tower in York in 1190. The pamphlet describes the atrocity as 'an act of atonement by today's Jewish community in memory of Christian children who were crucified, tortured and bled to death all over Europe in mediaeval times to satisfy Jewish religious rituals'
Yes dear reader this evil pamphlet was being distributed in 1990 just after Audrey Harper had published her despicable Dance With The Devil with the very same blood libel accusations aimed at Witches and Pagans.  The SAFF has already exposed the historical lies about Clifford's Tower here:    Ironically in 1990 the Crown Prosecution Service actually had the gall to refuse to prosecute the publishers of this pamphlet because it wasn't anti-Semitic enough!  A situation which could not happen in today's more sensitive climate of course.

I shouldn't need to say that Audrey Harper's account of her time in the Virginia Water Coven  is an utterly false representation of Paganism/Witchcraft but there are literally hundreds of thousands of stupid people on the internet who actually believe that Harper saw a baby sacrificed.    Of course anyone with any sense can read her biography Dance with The Devil and see that it carefully avoids any identification to enable outsiders to check her accusations. She cannot remember locations, address, phone numbers, or the names of anyone in the Witches Coven she claimed to have spent five years with.  How convenient. It has allowed fanatical people like Wilfred Wong and Jon Wedger, and many others, to portray Dance with the Devil as crucial proof of SRA when in fact it is a pack of sectarian lies as we shall prove below.

Worse, it was a cocktail of Sectarian Lies which the Media simply could not refuse.  Printing her completely unsubstantiated claims was bad enough, but printing them without carrying any response or comment from anyone who actually was a Witch or Pagan to refute the Sectarian Lies was unforgivable.  When some jumped-up hack next tells you that the media is important for protecting freedom-of-speech, point to their track record on SRA!  Amazingly that is exactly what happened; the vast majority of newspapers and TV programmes published her claims without any form of critical questioning. They just accepted claims of child-murder, and by doing so gave her book a gravitas which it clearly did not deserve.

But they can't get away with this any longer!   In this SAFF special we go the extra mile and have found ample evidence to show that Dance With The Devil is absolute bunkum.  Anyone who believes in it after reading our research below is an absolute fool!

In fact when she first began making these accusations to closed church audiences 'witnessing' to god about her redemption from 'evil' in 1986  Harper told her story without any accusations of baby sacrifice.  Those outrageous human sacrifice claims caused a sensation when she first made her baby killing accusations in December 1988. But earlier that year she had appeared in numerous interviews and newspaper articles recounting her story of being initiated into a Witchcraft Coven and did not mention human sacrifice at all.   

Harper 'came out' as an accessory to child murder in December 1988 on the Time and The Place TV show.  It created sensational headlines nationwide. The police immediately started an investigation into her horrendous claims but found 'NO CASE TO ANSWER'.  That is a legal phrase which means there was no evidence that what she was saying was true.

When she first made her baby-killing accusations on TV the police immediately started an investigation and  found NO evidence that what she was saying was true.

The Surrey Police investigated her claims minutely.   Interestingly, before going to the police the first thing Harper did was to take the unusual step of getting a 'Christian solicitor' to go with her.   This Christian solicitor was a member of the Evangelical Alliance, a group of fundie activists who were at that moment (1988) campaigning to establish SRA as a threat to children.  The police questioned Harper for 3 hours but as the terminally ambiguous Harper admits:

'I could not give them names and addresses, times and dates, phone numbers and car registrations, - the nitty gritty details needed for a successful police investigation'... next time a child is reported missing or next time the body of a baby is found the police might look towards Witchcraft as a possible cause. (page 14)

Harper tries to imply that the police believed her tale but couldn't do anything about it for lack of evidence!   That is of course because she never gave them any real evidence.    However, after unique detective work the SAFF has found evidence indicating that Harper may not have been wholly helpful with the police. Our finds show that her story is a collection of fantasies which have manipulated many of her readers who sucked it in. 

We will outline the proof in detail below, but you should know that Dance with The Devil was first published in 1990 in the midst of the Satanic Panic of those times and that literally HUNDREDS of such accusations were made against innocent people. The police did indeed 'look towards Witchcraft as a possible cause' as Harper wanted them to,  but in the intervening three decades there has not been one case of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse, Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism or Child Sexual Abuse related to Satanism and Witchcraft which has been proven real. Not one. There has not been one other case which supports Audrey Harper's claims of a secret cult killing babies and drinking their blood as part of their religious liturgy. Not one.

There has not been one other case which supports Audrey Harper's claims of a secret cult killing babies and drinking their blood as part of their religious liturgy. Not one.

Children Trapped by Lure of The Unknown 1988So Harper's intention, to smear another religion in order to 'Drop Christians to their knees in prayer'.
has almost worked.  She and her awful book are now a cause celebre in fundie internet forums. This is how the hoax played out:

Harper hit the fundie big-time when she joined the Reachout Trust  and became a colleague of Maureen Davies in 1987.  Reachout is a founder member of the Evangelical Alliance. The EA was specifically set up to bind together disparate Christian churches to campaign against SRA. 

Reachout became so influential in the 1990 Satan Scare that Davies actually ended up 'training' and lecturing to Police Officers at Bramshill police college.  All helped along by Harper's sectarian lies against Witches.

So from 1987 until 1990 when she published Dance With The Devil Harper told her false tale of initiation widely, but did not include the bit about sacrificing a baby until December 1988.  Why didn't she make this a key feature of her testimony during those early months?  We will explain this in detail below, first back to how it developed.

Travelling Satanic Sideshow

Harper was the prototype victim-imposter of the Satanic Panic and was rolled out whenever journalists required first-hand-proof of the threat of SRA.  She appears in almost all of the most sensational tabloid articles about SRA, and always with the Gang of Five in tow.   It was a travelling Satanic Sideshow.  Once she had written and published Dance With The Devil, it monumentalised the idea that Satanists and Witches were killing and eating babies. 

The anti-social effects were immense.  On the Time and the Place TV show where Harper first said she had been present when a baby had had its throat slit, another member of the audience was literally, nearly lynched, and Mike Scott, the host had a hard time regaining control as the audience went for him.   Such emotionally triggered responses are still occurring today, because, thirty years later this wicked book is hailed as a first-person true account of Satanic Ritual Abuse by millions of fundamentalist Christians around the world who really believed it happened, when in respect of the Witchcraft tales in it, it is fiction.

Astoundingly Harper's bigoted prejudices abound in Dance with the Devil.  As well as a fixation on Satanism and Witchcraft Harper is also prejudiced against Jews and Lesbians, whom she mentions pejoratively eight times in the book.

Another Anti-Semitic Christian Like Luther

Of Jews she says this:
Her first child was the product of a relationship with a RAF airman. They made arrangements to marry and Harper became pregnant. Inconveniently David then died in an accident three months before the baby was born.  After the birth, David's devastated parents wanted to help her and the new baby, their grandson, but cold-hearted Harper refused to let them adopt their natural grandson because
they were Jewish and she didn't want the child brought up as a Jew (Page 32).  What a nice woman Audrey is.  Especially when you learn that she later gave that child away to someone else to adopt through her social worker. Presumably that family were Christian and not Jewish?

Christian Homophobia

Audrey Harper condemning all Gay people as Satanic child AbusersTo Audrey Gay people are both evil and child abusers.  Lesbianism is a product of the Devil.   In an interview she gave in the infamous Cook Report Special 'The Devil's Work' in 1989 she said:

' (Witchcraft ) attracts homosexuals they attract Lesbians they attract paedophiles because they can get away with it'

You can see by the way that Harper's eyes move that she's dissembling, that she has no evidence, that she's spouting fears and not reality. It is pure bigotry in action.  Listen to a short clip and watch her Sectarian Lies  pour out by clicking on the photo (right).  Roger Cook should have cut this deplorable accusation ( for which he had no proof ) out of the programme but he didn't because what else did he have to prove his Hoax about SRA?
Nothing as, 30 years later, it can now be seen that every one of 21 cases of SRA he alluded to in that programme had failed in the courts. 

Harper's false link between Gay/Lesbian people and child abuse was attacked by viewers who phoned in to complain. The TV TIMES magazine printed a letter from a viewer about  that programme which pointed out that it  is not a qualification of homosexuality to indulge in witchcraft or child-abuse, whereupon a spokesperson for Central TV apologised  in general to the gay community.  (Ed: if you want to see the full show, the most despicable Trial by TV in Media History which sold the British public an absolute lie, then it is here )

On page 65 of Dance with the Devil Harper says:

"...many of the witches were hugging and kissing, there is a lot of Lesbianism in witchcraft, I think many women join covens because the female predominance means they will find others of the same sexual inclination."

But as I point out elsewhere Audrey Harper is fabricating to suit her own prejudices. There is no predominance of women in witchcraft, it is one of the rules of the Craft that each Coven is 'balanced' sexually, that is, has equal men to women.  I have never noticed a predominance of Lesbians in Witchcraft and I know a lot more about it than Audrey does.  Here Harper is simply inventing to suit the narrative of fundamentalist Christians for whom her book is exclusively intended.   In fact there are no less than 8 derogatory references to Lesbians in Dance with The Devil - I think she must be obsessed with it as the following extracts prove.

On page 65 Harper speaks of a desecration she took part in at a graveyard and says:
People were drinking quite heavily, including me and many of the witches were hugging and kissing. There is a lot of Lesbianism in Witchcraft - I think many women join the covens because the female predominance means they will find others of the same sexual inclination.
On page 72 Harper fantasises a paedophile witchcraft orgy with young boys and girls who had been drugged:
The drinks, I suspect, were spiked with some drug, probably LSD, that soon took effect. The youngsters began pawing each other. And the witches who were there, obviously Lesbians, homed in on the young girls.
Obviously!   On page 75 Harper waxes to her anti-Lesbian theme:
I witnessed horrible sights as those evil people, spurred on by the warlock and witches, abused those children.  There were dreadful Lesbian scenes where some of the women used contraptions to sexually interfere with little girls.
On page 78 Harper infers the other female members of the coven were lesbians and tried to seduce her but she complained to the Warlock and he stopped it. (?)

On page 87 Harper decamped from London to Southend for the holiday season and lived next to two Lesbians who were drug pushers.  Apparently Audrey Harper has never met a Lesbian who wasn't into some kind of criminal or immoral activity. 

The reason I mention these asides in detail is that I want to give the reader a perspective on Harper's reality.  The average reader will find her anti-semitism and hatred of Gay people despicable but what it shows is how she is prepared to use black propaganda to demonise and discredit others based on a purposeful misrepresentation of facts.  You can see her dissembling here about Lesbians, do you now understand that her accusations in the book about Witchcraft and Paganism are also Sectarian Lies?    Fundies will often lie for Jesus (I give examples later on) and think that because the cause is a good one that their lies will be forgiven them.  In fact in one unguarded interview with a Christian magazine Harper clearly says:

".... if God tells you to do something you've got to go and do it regardless of cost".  
and, presumably, regardless of fact?

Harper's Dissolute Early Life:

To understand why one person making completely unsubstantiated claims about the sacrifice of a baby in a Witchcraft/Pagan ceremony could be taken seriously and, furthermore, how that false claim  was used by the Media and other fundamentalists to wrongly extrapolate that ALL Witches and Pagans and Satanists were by qualification abusing, torturing and killing children because it was demanded in their rites, we will have to look into  the Biographical details in Audrey Harper's book:

Barnardo's Childrens Home Kelvden 1956Harper was born on 25th December 1939 in a two room rented flat above an opticians in Crewe.   Her father had died three months before the birth.  In those days it was not uncommon for mothers, trying to make ends meet without a man in work,  to send younger members of a family to charitable institutions because they could not look after them properly. They could not work and keep themselves and look after toddlers.  

Harper and her three year old sister were packed off to the Dr Barnardo's home at Farm Hill in Kelvden, Essex.  The image to the right shows some of the attendees at Kelvden. If you click on it you will see a short video of how happy and well fed and cared for they were.  Ironically from the 1970s Barnardos was hit by a number of scandals related to forcible emigration of children for adoption but as you will see from this clip Harper had as good if not better childhood than she probably would have got in Crewe.

Harper admits to hating her mother for dumping her in Barnardo's, though, in lesser circumstances she later gave up two of her own illegitimate babies to others with little qualm.  Even so Harper, like many of her type, was looking for someone to blame for her lot in life and in the early days it was her mother whom she found at fault.   In fact in 1966 Harper was in such a state from taking heroin and other drugs that she was sectioned in Severals Hospital in Colchester for eight months. During this time she attempted suicide with a plastic dinner knife. More a cry for help, the wrist cuts didn't need stitches but when she recovered Harper hatched a plan to murder her mother, blaming her for everything that had befallen her.
(page 154)

This seems typical of Audrey Harper's history, everything negative that happened in her life was always someone else's fault.  If it wasn't her mother, it was Satan.  Yet her history of crime, deceit, antisocial actions, self-harm and mental instability was entirely due to her own poor decisions and actions.  Time and time again when she was at the lowest ebb and literally near to dying she was given a chance by various good people and charities who cleaned her up and gave her a stable home, yet time and time again she used and abused them, taking advantage of their goodwill and resources, then leaving, sometimes secretly in the middle of the night without even saying thanks and goodbye;  to go back to the Drug subculture she felt at home in. 

For instance, in 1962 she was on the game and got pregnant. She got into her head that the baby was a 'Rosemary's Baby' and obtained a back-street abortion which didn't work. Then she was admitted to Warley mental hospital at Brentwood after telling police she wanted to kill her baby.  She gave up the child for adoption immediately it was born, never even bothering knowing what sex it was. Presumably the poor baby was born addicted to heroin, but as far as Harper was concerned:
 'Once the baby was born my mental illness vanished. With the devil's child nestling in my womb I had become deranged.'  (page 85)
It's never Audrey's fault is it?  No matter to what level she descends there is always someone else to blame isn't there?  If it's not the Witches, it's the Devil, or a baby in her womb.

Once the hospital had organised the birth for her, and stabilised Harper they then  got her a job at an old people's home, but, typically, she packed it in within 3 months after arguing with the Matron, going back to London's West-End drug culture as before.

Then in early summer 1963 she travelled to Southend for the summer season, got a job as a 'Clippie' (conductor on a bus) which lasted a few more months during which time Audrey bragged about bilking customers and short-changing them.  When she wasn't bilking passengers she was having affairs with other bus company employees, one of them married, causing confrontations and all out slanging matches at the Christmas Party.   She was amused at the irony of having a sexual relationship with a local detective from the drugs squad, whilst, in the flats where she lived, her next door neighbours were drug pushers who supplied her with drugs. Then her life fell into the usual pattern, she began absenting herself from work and turning up late until she was sacked. Without income her landlord began to put pressure on her for the rent. She got an evening job at a Cafe to help but couldn't pay her way so she stole money from the Cafe till, and absconded her debts, going back to her Druggie friends in London's West-End, resorting to prostitution and stealing to get money for fixes.  

At one point Harper says she was on THREE packets of Heroin a day.   So this inability to live a normal and decent life dogged Harper throughout her youth and it had nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism or Witchcraft.      Her story of her heroin dependency reveals how Harper works-up stories to suit herself. Watch carefully:  Although Harper several times blames 'The Warlock' for getting her on Heroin it is clear that most of the people she mixed with in the 'Dilly' drug subculture prior to being 'initiated' were Heroin addicts and she admits to taking pill drugs and marijuana regularly.  On page 63 of Dance with The Devil Harper says:

Later with the help of my new friends in the coven. I graduated to heroin.

I Told him (the warlock) that I was needing drugs more and more and I needed money to pay for them, and I was in a mess. He said ' As long as you keep coming here, and working for us, we will provide drugs for you.'  He gave me a small sachet of white powder. It looked like talc but it was heroin.  I had taken most other drugs before, but never heroin. .....  The warlock was given me enough for a couple of fixes (page 96)  

She states that she received a packet of a 'couple of fixes' at each coven meeting she went to.  Harper says that she went to meetings every three weeks or so (page 97) .  We have pointed out that Pagans actually meet every four weeks at the full moon, but if we allow three weeks for Harper's imaginary coven that would mean she obtained free heroin sufficient for two fixes every three weeks. Obviously this isn't enough so (page 98) Audrey says that she was left a packet of heroin in between time at a local pub in Curzon Street which acted as a message drop off for the coven.  Did Harper tell the police about this pub, drug dealing etc?  She was investigated and questioned by Surrey Police in December 1988 following her sensational confession live on TV when she first told her Baby Sacrifice story on  The Time and The Place, (1st December 1988).   Harper says in Dance with the Devil that she used to telephoned the coven and the packets of heroin would be left at the bar.  She admits in her book  that she regularly phoned Dianna's number for details of the next coven meeting, yet on page 13 she says that when interviewed by the police she couldn't remember any phone numbers.
Harper then says about her drug supply obtained via the pub:

This was just a small quantity, enough to tide me over until the next meeting' (page 98).

But on page 122 Harper says she was needing up to THREE fixes a day.   Allowing for reduced drug effect over time we could conservatively estimate that Harper was using at least one fix per day during her time with the coven.  Most heroin addicts require at least one fix a day.  But allowing for Harper's supplementing the Coven's supply through prostitution and crime,  let's be even more lenient and say that she took a fix every couple of days.  That means she would have needed at least ten fixes from the Coven at a street value of, by her own pricing, £40.00 a time
(page 96) from each three week coven meeting to the next.  She says she was given one packet of two fixes at each coven meeting so would be telephoning the coven once a week for more.  By the time she got to the next coven meeting they would have subsidised Harper to the tune of over £400.00.   In today's money that would have cost the coven £6,344.67 a month!  I mean honestly, do you REALLY believe this?  At a time when the average man's wage was £20.00 a week and many unskilled workers earned a lot less?  When two months worth of heroin was equivalent to the price of a brand new Hilman Super Minx car?   What was she to the coven? A druggie or The Queen?  There is something very wrong here. Harper has exaggerated or misrepresented the Truth in some way we cannot see but as Witchcraft covens DO NOT deal in heroin, my belief is that this is just a Sectarian Lie and she got all of her heroin supply on the streets.  

The major take-away in respect of her sojourn in Southend is this:   She committed multiple crimes and bilked other people, kept on taking drugs, had affairs with married men, worked-up debts and broke trust with many people she came into contact with over a six month period without any influence or contact with anyone involved in Witchcraft, Paganism or Satanism.  During this time Harper was free of the occult for half a year and STILL continually messed up her life.  Audrey Harper's behaviour was clearly a result of personality problems, not Satanism.

Audrey Harper's behaviour was clearly a result of personality problems, not Satanism.

Her life , as detailed in her own book, is a panoply of missed opportunities and selfish actions.  Note that many of these traumas had occurred prior to her story of becoming a Witch and continued in parallel with it.  In the main problems in her life Harper was not corrupted by Witchcraft but by her own actions.

In the main problems in her life Harper was not corrupted by Witchcraft but by her own actions.


Much of Dance with the Devil is not about Witchcraft or Satanism, it is about Harper's dissolute life in the Drug sub-culture and the victims she leaves by the wayside.   From what is written in her book Audrey is a one-woman crime wave.   I think a profile of her criminal activities and deceit is important as it sets the stage for how reliable her word is.

She becomes proficient at wholesale shoplifting stealing multiple items at one go 
(page 42/43) which are then passed to a 'fence' for money for drugs. 

She becomes a street prostitute to get money for her drug fixes
(page 40) and then after charging for her sexual favours she steals her clients' wallets and money (Page 44),

She steals money from places she works at, Turns to mugging old lad
ies for loose change
(Page 91),  Begs on the street for money from passers by, then pulls a blade and threatens to knife them if they don't cough up. ( Page 119 ).
She forges prescriptions for drugs
(page 120)
Harper goes along with a seasoned cat-burglar and learns how to spot the best houses to rob and then goes on her own crime spree carrying a crow-bar to jemmy open doors. After breaking in to other peoples' homes and stealing valuables,  she coolly raids the fridge as well because 'crime always makes her hungry'. 
(page 118)

There is not much one can say about this depraved catalogue of anti-social, and vicious acts save that you would have thought that Harper might have been bright enough to threaten a man with a knife and take his wallet BEFORE she had sex with him?

However the main take-away is that all this criminal activity has no connection whatsoever with Satanism or Paganism and simply illustrates th
e lack of moral fibre and corrupted character of Harper at that time in her life. 

Let me correct that, there is one instance which did involve the occult and here it is:
When Harper tried to steal a purse from a woman's handbag, she is spotted and a chase ensues during which Audrey is caught by the woman and recognised. Harper breaks free and escapes, but fears the woman can identify her and will report her to the police so sHarper goes back to her flat and works a Satanic Curse on the woman by drawing a pentagram on the floor with a woman's shape in the middle and then sticking pins in it.   Harper then records that the woman, who was pregnant, lost her baby the very next day
(Page 100).  What a selfish, stupid and vindictive person this Harper really is.  But of course, whenever she reveals these sins, she always adds the corollary that it was the 'Devil that made her Do it'. 

Oh, and to add to the string of law-breaking above we mustn't forget these very serious crimes which the police don't seem remotely interested in investigating:

  • Harper failed to report the fatal drug overdose of her friend Marylin, leaving her dead on the floor ( page159)
  • Harper solicited and attempted an abortion from a back street abortionist whom she was bedding and dodged police questioning about him in hospital because she was 'too ill'. (page 83)
  • Harper recruited young run-aways for child-abuse parties and attended them herself. (page 71)
  • Harper Failed to report the child abuse parties to the police even though she says she was revolted by them.
  • Harper confesses to vandalising many churches but did not report the damage to the police. (page 105)
  • She failed to report the murder of the baby in the supposed Satanic Sacrifice to the police. 
And she complains about what Witches do!

Later in this review of her book we challenge almost all of her story about being involved in a child-sacrifice. It never happened and we will prove it.  Meanwhile let us see how much Harper really knows about Satanism and Witchcraft after supposedly spending 5 years as a member of the Virginia Water coven.

 Dirth of Detail In Her Tall Tales of Witchcraft:

Dance with the Devil was primarily written for Christian readers and published by KingsWay publications of Eastbourne, a Christian publishing company.  Their range of books espouses fundamentalist Christianity.  Their Christian customers would have no understanding of the real things that go on at Witchcraft meetings, nor any knowledge of the ideology of Witchcraft so can be mislead very easily.   I don't know how many copies of Dance With The Devil they've sold but it must be in the hundreds of thousands.  This company, Kingsway publications is equally responsible for the Sectarian Lies within it.

Daily Sport Review of Harper's Dance with the DevilWe append some examples of how the pearl-clutching Christian fundamentalists received and reviewed Dance With the Devil below, the example on the right shows what the Tabloid Press did with it. They took Harper's imagined account and added further falsification to it.  The artists impression of the 'chilling moment Audrey became Satan's sex slave' is completely fictitious going by the description given in DWTD but what does fact matter?

Most Christians swallow the constant mediaeval black-propaganda on Witches/Pagans which lies at the base of Audrey Harper's stories.  They do not understand that Paganism is as complex and well defined religion as Christianity is.   Fundies are therefore quite willing to accept Sectarian Lies that Harper puts out.  For instance,  Harper continually and purposefully confuses Satanism with Paganism.   Only as a final adjunct to her book does she in her penultimate chapter
(page 227) add a one-page perfunctory definition of what she calls 'white witchcraft' and Paganism. Only then does she introduce a perspective on the separate religion of Neo-Satanism (inaugurated by Anton LaVey in 1966).

I have a sneaking feeling that this sop to reality was done to avoid charges of Sectarian Hatred, (since 2006 a crime in British Law).    Harper's understanding is corrupt and ignorant and reads to me as though it is an attempt not to define the true nature of Paganism, but to ally it to the evil Satanic Deeds she has spent the whole book trying to establish.

It is an attempt not to define the true nature of Paganism, but to ally it to the evil Satanic Deeds she has spent the whole book trying to establish.  

In places
(Page 227) she actually undermines her own story.  For instance, before La Vey's opening of The Church of Satan in 1966 there were no 'Satanic' Covens in the UK.   All Witchcraft covens in the UK are Neo-pagan covens. That is, reconstitutions of ancient Pagan religions of various types, interest in which began in the 1890s during what has been termed 'The Occult Renaissance', when interest in Theosophy, Spiritualism, Freemasonry and Classical religions became common.

We go into detail at the bottom of this webpage about how this resurgence happened but obviously if Neo-Satanism didn't exist prior to 1966 how does Harper portray them as being a blight on Britain in 1961?  Audrey HAD to confuse Witchcraft/Pagan covens with Satanic Temples depicting all as Devil Worshippers, which they are not, otherwise she wouldn't have had any material. 

Look at this:  In Dance with The Devil Harper mentions Satanists and Satanism a hundred and two times (102), but she apportions blame to Witches and Pagans one hundred and fifty four times (154).  Thus her target is neither Satanism or Witchcraft but the mediaeval stereotype of the Devil Worshipper.   

Thus her target is neither Satanism or Witchcraft but the mediaeval stereotype of the Devil Worshipper. 

Even a cursory look at Paganism reveals that there is no devil figure in the Witchcraft Pantheon.  Pagans/Witches DO NOT WORSHIP THE DEVIL or SATAN.  Why then would Audrey Harper's  'Warlock master' want to sacrifice anything in order to get Satan's attention?  It is utterly illogical, and it is illogical because it is untrue!

The figure of Satan is an adjunct to the Christian Religion not an enemy of it.  Satan is a component part of the Christian mythos.   As Harper frequently points out, Lucifer was an angel expelled from heaven for conflicting with God.   Witches do not have a Lucifer deity in the Pagan pantheon.  Why then would Harper's 'Satanic Coven' give her the magical name of 'Luci'?  She says her 'coven name' was chosen as Luci because it is:

'supposedly the fallen half of Lucifer' (page 53).
This is meaningless mumbo-jumbo indicating that Harper doesn't know what she is talking about. .  No self-respecting Pagan/Witchcraft coven would ever choose Luci as a name.  In fact Lucifer means 'Light Bearer' (as in Lucifer matches). There are many 'bearers of light' in ancient religions.  The most famous one in the Celtic Witchcraft tradition is Lugh who is worshipped at Lughnasadh on August 1st.  That is a major Witchcraft/Pagan festival, yet here is Harper trying to convince you that she is being named after a Christian Angel on Halloween (October 31st)  by a Witchcraft Coven whose light-bearer festival is on August 1st.  It just doesn't make any sense. It doesn't make sense because it is a fantasy.  

Harper appears to know absolutely nothing about Paganism/Witchcraft other than several token words which she peppers throughout the book.  For instance she frequently uses the term Warlock.  Warlock is an old Scotts word for a male witch - Pagans themselves NEVER use it because it was a term of derision, an insult!   No leader of a Witchcraft coven is EVER termed 'A Warlock'.   Later in her book Harper tries to convince her readers of her expertise and knowledge of Witchcraft and Satanism by saying:
'there are four main witchcraft festivals - February 2 (Candlemass), May Eve (Roodmass), August 1st Lammas, and November Eve (All Hallows eve)'
Their are in fact EIGHT main witchcraft festivals not four.  If she had worked with a coven for 5 years how could she possibly make that mistake?  

Harper has proven herself ignorant of Witchcraft ceremonies. She claims to be an initiated Satanic Witch yet is an ignoramus about the basics of Witchcraft/Paganism.   There are eight festivals in the Witchcraft year, which is why it is called the Eight Fold Way and there are plenty of books explaining this such as 'Eight Sabbats for Witches' (Farrar).  Harper obviously doesn't know anything about the cross-quarter festivals of the Spring equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.  These are KEY festival dates which ALL witches/pagans must observeYet she's oblivious to them. She obviously didn't attend any. She didn't attend any because her time with the Coven is a fantasy.

Additionally, instead of using the true Pagan/Witchcraft names for her 'Four main festivals' she attaches CHRISTIAN feasts to them. (e.g. Roodmass;) Additionally she, again, makes a faux pas by calling August 1st 'Lammas' (A Christian festival) instead of Lughnasadh, which is the ancient festival which the Christian church tried to hi-jack by renaming it Lammas!  She calls the pagan feast of Samhain,  Halloween.  Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows Eve, a Christian festival which the church tried to impose on Samhain to wipe it out.   Her 'coven of Satanic Witches' is looking less and less real the more she opens her mouth.

Harper goes on to fantasise that the Coven met much more frequently than on these festivals 'almost every month'.  She obviously doesn't know that Witches MUST meet every month to 'catch the lunar tides' in their Esbat meetings.  Getting the picture?

Clearly this woman has never ever been in a Witchraft/Pagan coven. She must be making it all up.

The more she talks about what she was taught in her Witchcraft classes the more she reveals that she is confabulating because she drops really serious mistakes which no witch, even a newcomer, would ever do.  For instance she says that she was taught by the Coven that witches were

'persecuted tortured and put to death in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and had to go underground.
(page 69)

In fact church witch-hunts against Pagans began 200 years earlier in the 14th century with two trials at Carcassone and Toulouse during which 600 people were burned alive as witches.  Harper knows NOTHING about Pagan History.

Then on page 69 she makes the absolute corker of a Sectarian Lie by saying that the Warlock taught her that:
In British law, a witch is 'a person who hath conference with the devil to consult with him or do some act'.  
This is absolute bunkum.
Firstly it would never have been taught to her that way by any genuine witch because Pagans do not worship the Devil and secondly it is a fiction anyway. 

In the seven witchcraft laws enacted in Britain since 1541 (which was the point at which witchcraft was taken away from the jurisdiction of the Ecclesiastical courts) not one of these Acts has any mention of the Devil or Satan.   I don't know where Harper got this quote from but it was probably researched for her afterwards in some fundie book about pre sixteenth century Ecclesiastical Law!   In fact one of the purposes of later acts, particularly the 1735 Witchcraft Act, was to divorce superstition about Devils and Satan from laws intended to avoid gullible people being tricked for money by people who pretended to be Witches for fraudulent purposes. A belief in the supernatural was NOT outlawed, what was outlawed was the fraudulent manipulation of those beliefs.  British secular law has never supported the idea of the existence of an anthropomorphic deity called The Devil.

A true definition of Witchcraft/Paganism would be:

Paganism aims to offer a way to recognise and attune oneself with the manifold forces of Nature, which already exist within and without us, and which are vital to our survival, fulfilment and evolution. By celebrating the seasons and becoming one with other living creatures, Pagans synchronise intimately with the planet, and liberate their personalities and magnify their perceptions and talents, in the interests of themselves, their groups and communities, and humankind as a whole .

Which is taken from the Pagan Credo first published in 1990. Read it in full and learn about genuine Paganism  here : not the vicious stereotypes pushed out by Audrey Harper and her fundie mates.

I'll tell you what I think,  I think that Harper boned up on Witchcraft history from encyclopaedias long after the supposed baby sacrifice which she claimed had taken place in 1961.  I bet she only began learning about witchcraft in 1986 after she had been exorcised by Roy Davies. I believe she knew little or nothing prior to that because her Pagan/Satanic teachers were as imaginary as the sacrifice of the baby. It never happened. It's all a Sectarian Lie. The only proof she has about her claimed time in a Witchcraft Coven is her insider knowledge of Witchcraft/Paganism and I've just shown that everything she says about it is a Sectarian lie.

I've just proven everything she opines about Witchcraft is a Sectarian lie.

There are hundreds of similar contradictions to the testimony of Audrey Harper throughout her wicked book.  For instance, she says;
Beltaine is witches new year's day. (page66) 
Beltaine is actually a celebration of Spring, The witches' new year festival is Samhain/Halloween.

On page 50 Harper says that witches must have no trace of alcohol in her system before initiation. In fact there is no Witchcraft or Satanic law in any of the rune books demanding this and many recommend imbibing a little Bacchus to loosen inhibitions .

On page 101 she says that her coven was all female except for the 'Warlock Master'. 
In real-life all covens MUST be balanced in sexuality. That is, equally male and female. This is a strict rule.

On page 102 of her disgusting book Harper recounts what she thinks are the Differences between a Coven and a Satanic Temple

"A Coven and a Satanic Temple are similar, but there are technical differences. The coven tends to be the more secretive, more protective, more cautious about who they invite to join them, and then they are attended only by members who have been initiated.  The Satanic Temple is more open. They often have a building where meetings are held regularly. They hold masses at the temples using the Satanic Bible, and they have a form of communion.  But at both Covens and Temples the main objective is to worship Satan, (Page 102).

Where shall we start dissecting this nonsense?  Well the above paragraph is largely meaningless and certainly not 'technical'.  In this one paragraph Audrey Harper gets so many things wrong it shows that she's never ever met any real witches let alone attended any of their rites.

Audrey Harper gets so many things wrong it shows that she's never met any real witches let alone attended any of their rites.

1: There is no similarity between a Satanic Temple and a Pagan Coven. They are two entirely different philosophies. Only a fool like Harper would mix them up.  Because of this their rites and ceremonies are completely different.  The ceremonies of most Satanic Temples are a dramatised catharsis to free the Satanist from the thrall of dualistic thinking therefore they will involve those things considered forbidden, unhealthy or immoral by small minded puritans. By 'exorcising' any guilt for these things within themselves Satanism becomes a form of ritual self-analysis and frees the Satanist's mind. The object is to free the mind, not worship Satan. Most Satanists don't even believe in Satan, to them it is a psychological construct. 

'There is a beast in man which needs exercising, not exorcising'. .
.Anton La Vey

Paganism/Witchcraft is entirely different. It is nature religion based on the immutable cycles of the earth, which is why they meet at the full moon for Esbats and the cross-quarter festivals for the turning of the Sun.  These natural cycles have far more of an effect on human consciousness and health than most people realise.  The object of Paganism/Witchcraft observance is to attune each member of the coven to the natural and cosmic cycles of the Earth. Their ceremonies involve symbolic rites which do this.

For instance, monthly meetings (Esbats) are held at the full moon because the lunar force makes divination more effective at the full moon. Divination is then used to divine methods of healing best used to cure a human or animal's health problems etc.  The entire motivation of Pagans is to atone with the planet, recognise their place in the ecology and perfect their awareness and understanding of natural magic (i.e. Herbalism,  healing, divination, self-awareness etc). 
Evil is not a part of their thinking and never has been. 
Pagans have no interest in Christianity whatsoever and do not believe in the Christian Devil.
The only person who appears to worship Satan is Audrey Harper because she never shuts up about it.

2:  Harper insists that Satanists are more open to new members and Witches Covens are more careful about who can join them and be initiated.  This completely contradicts her own story of when she was initiated. On page 45 she recounts being touted in a pub by two women who recruit her to a party without mentioning Witchcraft, and then, on page 51, she is tarted up by them and taken blindfolded to a Coven Meeting in Virginia Water which turns out to be her 'initiation' and before she knows what is happening a baby is murdered and she is raped on the altar.   This is an outright Sectarian Lie which we will dismantle in detail later. At the moment it is only necessary that the reader know this:

Witchcraft/Pagan covens DO NOT harm children, they certainly do not kill them and there has never ever in history been evidence to suggest it.   What Harper recounts is a ceremony completely unknown to all Pagans. It is unknown because it is fictional.  Pagans do not rape people on altars or anywhere else for that matter.  One of the first runes of the Craft learned by ALL initiates is
'Do what thou wilt, providing it harms no one!

Later in her appalling book Harper actually tries to misrepresent this ancient creed by cutting off half the axiom -(  ie censoring. 'providing it harms no one') and tries to portray Witches as freely breaking all natural and moral laws because they selfishly 'Do What They wilt.'
Another evil Sectarian Lie.

Involvement of Children in Witchcraft Rites:

There is a long-standing rule of the Craft which says that children must NOT be involved within the magic circle in any ceremonies until they are of the age of initiation (usually 16), slightly older than the 'confirmation rites' of Christianity.   Before anyone is initiated, whether young or old, they first have to learn about the history of Paganism and the philosophy of Paganism.  Joining Paganism is like joining any other religion, the priests of that religion want to make sure that the novitiate is serious and intelligent enough to add to the sum of the religion's parts. 

Witches do not 'tout' in bars for new members, usually there is a waiting list to join created by word of mouth, and anyone who requests to join will be interviewed and tested about their current beliefs and motivations.  Far more applicants are rejected than are accepted.  As Harper herself says, many idiots want to join Paganism/Witchcraft for immature and faulty reasons such as the greed for power over others or the wish to get revenge on others.  Unlike in Christianity where every single person who converts is accepted, fools and devious people are quickly weeded out and expunged from Paganism/Witchcraft groups.

Those novitiates who stay the course are taught the history, laws and philosophy of Witchcraft/Paganism. Traditionally this takes 'a year and a day' or '13 moons'.  All of this conflicts directly with Harper's later telling of her story where she says that she was taught the history of Paganism/Witchcraft at the monthly meetings AFTER she was initiated. (actually she even got that wrong, she said that the coven in her story met every three weeks, which is nonsense for it is the 28.7 day cycle of the moon which dictates meetings. You simply can't believe a thing this woman says). 

Lastly despite Harper continually saying otherwise, Paganism is not secretive. There are thousands of books now available explaining the philosophy and rites of Paganism and all of these books will reflect the established rites of Witchcraft which are entirely innocuous.   An estimated 75,000 pagans/witches live in the UK in 2020 and that number is growing.  Pagans have their own public-facing association The Pagan Federation, and various other public events and open-days to allow outsiders to come and see what they do.  To suggest that Witches are secretive and have something to hide is Sectarian Lies of the worst order.

In short this one paragraph from Harper on
(page 102) proves that her story is fantasy and not in any way connected with either Satanism or Witchcraft/Paganism.


Isis freeding OsirisOn page 105 Harper launches into another untrue account of how Witches and Pagans make it their job to defile Christian churches and graveyards.  As we have pointed out above, Pagans are simply not interested in what Christians do.  Why would they want to do such a disgusting thing?   Trying to find a motive to back up her story about them  attacking churches she works-up the fact that many old churches occupy the sites of earlier Pagan sacred sites.

There is truth in some of this, probably one of the few truths in her book.  When Christianity came to the British Isles in the 7th century Christian missionaries worked WITH the beliefs of the local Pagans in order to win them over, and because gods and goddess are paralleled throughout all ancient civilisations they found it expedient to hi-jack local pagan deities.  For instance the Celtic Mother-Goddess Bridget  was equated with The Virgin Mary.   As Mary herself was a symbol that the early Christian church had appropriated from the even earlier Ancient Egyptian pantheon (see image of Isis feeding Osiris on the right) you can see how this religious appropriation worked throughout history.

The early church cooperated with Pagans and built multiple-use churches on Pagan sites. Often these early 10th century churches had two altars. A main Christian altar and a side-altar to the local Pagan deity, with a separate access door (later given the pejorative name of The Devil's Door).  Once Christianity had become politically powerful they dispensed with this cooperation and attempted to suppress the Old Religion of Paganism.   So the idea that Pagan's might want their sacred sites back would be logical, but for two facts:  According to Harper the Coven drove for 15 minutes to get to the church to desecrate it.  That is about a ten mile radius. Within a ten mile area of Virginia Water there are no churches built on ancient sacred sites.

All the village churches in that area were built much later.   So sectarian untruther Audrey Harper's first motivation for desecration is false. Pagans do not attack churches,whether they are on pagan sacred sites or not.  There are no cases of this ever happening.  She is left therefore with the second Sectarian Lie about Witches wanting to 'defile' churches to abominate God.  

The difficulty with this is that there has not been one instance of Pagans defiling churches in modern times.   The idea is a retelling of the legends of when the Vikings pillaged Britain in the 8th century beginning with looting Lindisfarne Abbey of its gold in 793.   Because the Vikings had not been Christianised they became the 'Satanists' of the day and were bad-mouthed by Christian chroniclers.  All they were really after was the gold.  Of course the Christians blame their actions on them being Pagan, conveniently forgetting about all the looting and rapine that was carried out by pious Christian Crusaders in the Holy Wars of the Middle Ages.  Or indeed the defacing of Catholic Icons and Churches during the Reformation.  Fundies like Harper are always very selective about the stories they tell.

Two Girls Desecrate Church with Pigs HeadSadly many churches are indeed vandalised and of course lead and copper stripped from their roofs. Occasionally glue-sniffers and wayward kids may spray-paint pentagrams on headstones or break a few windows and some enterprising teenagers go the extra mile in surprising fashion (see story in image right- click on it for a larger version to read ) which all adds to the false idea that Witches and Pagans have a disposition to attack Churches when they never do.

But Witches and Pagans have no need to attack Christianity and as they do not believe in Christian symbols and icons why on earth would they be bothered to?    What would they get out of it?   Harper tries to convey a feeling of euphoria after tearing up bibles and stamping on crosses.   Weird if you ask me.  You gotta be rather twisted to get a high from that, but there's a lot of other contradictory nonsense in her desecration stories, all of which denoting that they are imagined. 

For instance: on page 106 the 'Warlock Master', walks into the church to begin the process of sullying the church.  How did he get past the lock on the door?   Even in the 1960s churches were locked at night.  Harper says that the Coven chose 'isolated' churches.  There are no isolated churches.  They are all placed squarely within the Hamlets they serve.  The sight and sounds of several car loads of 'Witches' turning up to desecrate a church, parking, slamming doors, turning on lights in the church, breaking glass, stamping on brass crucifixes and chanting would wake the entire neighbourhood,  but perhaps the loudest noise would be trying to break down the big oak deadlocked church doors!  That is nigh on impossible.  It's actually unbelievable. It's unbelievable because it is not true.

Harper cannot name any of these churches. She is always blindfolded or the night is always too dark to see, or there is some other impediment to avoid her having to identify those churches she claims were desecrated. Most churches are quite different inside and have something notable in the type of font, hangings, rood-screen etc. but Harper never notices anything.   Her geography is so poor she can't even remember the direction they went off in and doesn't know which way they came back.  It really is too much.  It is too much because it is untrue.

She imagines this stuff without thinking out the details but of course, as this book is a kind of Christian Parable written for already sold Christian Fundamentalists who are more interested in justifying their hatred of Pagans than the facts, who cares?  Well we do!      

Then Harper remembers that the Witches 'were chanting'.
On page 80 she speaks in tongues and repeats unknown words as if by magic.  As with geography and names, Harper's command of language also diminishes when she comes to trying to remember ANY of the calls, chants, periapts or rituals which she claims to have experienced in the five years she claims she was a member of the Coven.    Most Witchcraft ceremonies do have chants and they are usually associated with 'circle dances', but they are repetitive and simple. They obviously repeat throughout the year.  One well known one is
Eko Eko Azarak
Eko Eko Zomelak
Zod ru koz e zod ru koo
Zod ru goz e goo ru moo
Eeo Eeo hoo hoo hoo!
After five years one would have expected Harper to be able to repeat at least the first two lines of this ubiquitous chant which almost everyone involved in the occult is familiar with.  She can't do so because I don't believe she's ever been a member of a Pagan/Witchcraft coven.  She claims to have been hypnotised by the chanting of the Coven and in some mysterious and convenient way chanted words she couldn't actually understand or remember.  The Eko Eko chant above is used every Samhain rite (Halloween) and in some others too. I've never been hypnotised by it!  If she really was a member of a coven she will have heard it and performed it at least FIVE times if she stayed with the coven for 5 years.  But she can't remember it.  She can't remember it because she doesn't know it, because she never heard any chanting, because she was never there.

In contradistinction her recall on non-Witchcraft things is minutely perfect. For instance on page 137, she can reconstitute a 1966 letter written to a pastor asking for help in drug rehabilitation, word for word.  She wrote it once 24 years earlier and can remember every word. Suspicious?  I'll say.

Here's another impossible thing on page 107.
'The Warlock took the communion chalice and urinated into it. The first witch in the line stepped forward, spat at the cross, then knelt and took a sip from the chalice....Somebody nudged me and I went forward...'   
Where did the Warlock get the chalice from?  All ritual paraphernalia is locked away in churches to avoid theft? 

Then, to ensure she doesn't alienate herself from her Christian audience Harper says in passing:  
I spat at the cross but nothing came out of my mouth it was dry with fear
How convenient. Have you noticed that whenever Audrey is involved in any Satanic act, it somehow never comes off, or there is somehow some excuse, or she ducks the issue?  Strange that.  It's a bit like the old News of the World reporters who visited brothels and drug-dens giving minute salacious detail of everything until it came to the nitty-gritty, whereupon the reporter  'made an excuse and left' so as not to be classed as an accessory.
The Warlock offered me a plate. I couldn't see in the dim light what was on it, but I picked it up and put it in my mouth. It was faeces.  We were eating faeces and drinking urine in a horrible mockery of the Christian communion service. It made me feel sick but I somehow had to stop myself vomiting (page 108).
Earlier, page 107, Harper had said that they had turned on a light. Whether or not the light was too dim to see the faeces properly surely her nose would have told her what the brown stuff on the plate was long before she stuck her fingers in it? 

Nobody can taste faeces without smelling it first.  If it was dimly lit and she couldn't see the faeces she would have smelled them. Why didn't she therefore just pretend to eat the shit?  
Whose shit was it anyway? 
Where did they do the shit? 
Who shovelled it onto the plate? 
It is all completely ridiculous.   
And the purpose of this abomination?
Apparently to make the Witches vomit over the crucifix. 
Why didn't they just smear faeces on it?

Then there is a further abomination.
The crucifix, covered in vomit and faeces, is laid on the ground and a 20 year old girl who was apparently part of the other coven who joined them, is brought in, made to lie on the cross and raped by the Warlock.  The pain of the cross sticking into her back would probably have made the whole thing impossible, let alone the stench of the faeces and vomit, but after this Harper says a witch began tearing pages out of the Lectern bible.  Another began tearing down banners from the walls.  All the witches were chanting (but of course Audrey couldn't actually remember what they were chanting, not even one tiny little word. She has that mental block for those things as we know) and Harper was then made to tear pages out of a Prayer book. 

The whole story is a fabrication. Had it been true there would have been uproar in the county and countrywide headlines to prove it.  There are no such media reports of this or any other such defiling going on at that time, or since, yet Harper claims they defiled about 8 churches every year. One every six weeks.  In police terms that is a crime-fad but the police don't know anything about it all.  There are no recorded Satanic desecrations in the area of such magnitude at that time.  It is inconceivable that a series of desecrations could occur without causing uproar and a long-term investigation. 

She implies that other Witches do the same thing and that there are hundreds of Pagan Covens.  There are indeed, which is why we know that this desecration accusations is a Sectarian Lie, because there have been no such desecrations reported!  The police keep detailed records of crimes against churches.  There are, sadly, thousands of vandal attacks and instances of theft but nothing at all which would even remotely match this fantasy of hers, over the last 30 years for sure.  It is a Sectarian Lie.  Pagans and Witches DO NOT attack or defile or vandalise churches in any way and at any time.   But there's more, Audrey whose personal depravity included living unwashed in a drugged stupor in a filthy squat, covered in lice, whilst having sex with passers by to get money for drugs, can think of one more abomination to outrage her readers.
"These (parties) were when we became involved with the paedophiles who abused young children.  That happened more than once when we raided churches. Youngsters who were drugged so they wouldn't make a noise, were brought along and used in hideous ceremonies to show our reverence for Satan. 

I remember a little boy, who cannot have been more than six or seven, being tied naked to the inverted cross in one church and, while the circle of witches chanted, some of the men who had come along sexually abused that youngster.  I tried to  hide when these awful things were going on. I hid behind the lectern or would find a pillar to hide behind but I knew they were g
oing on and it sickened me. 

Another Sectarian Lie.  I quite simply don't believe this ever happened.  For a start  church crucifixes are far too small to tie the average six year old to. It would require a cross four feet across.  And surely, if she HAD seen this horrible occurrence Harper would have immediately reported them to the police to avoid it happening again to other children? SURELY?  Hiding behind pillars is just too weak an excuse. Any decent human would have immediately gone to the police afterwards regardless, and, particularly when, as she admits, she knew in advance when these abuses were going to take place the coven could have been caught red-handed.  I don't believe a word of it, no ordinary human being could stand by and allow such abuses to occur and she has absolutely no evidence to confirm these far-fetched stories.   That can be seen by the next quote:

'As well as our raids on churches, sometimes we went to Satanic Temples. The activities of these temples were quite different from the covens. The covens did more powerful and evil things.'  (P 113)

But Harper fails to itemise the 'more powerful and 'evil' things they could have done nor explain how they could be more evil than their abusing of children had been.  Perhaps she had exhausted her imagination for evil that day? 

Again, as Satanism revolves around the need for each individual to break-free of the puritanical Christian mind-set it is the psychodrama in their ceremonies which is required and they don't go out to get revenge on Church property.  That would be counterproductive. 

And in this connection here is another impossible happening from Audrey.   Harper mentions Satanist Temples using 'The Satanic Bible'
(page 102).  yet The Satanic Bible was written by Anton La Vey in 1969  -  three years after Harper had walked away and had finished with Satanism and Witchcraft.  Couldn't have happened could it?   It couldn't have happened because it is untrue.

Indeed, the Satanic Bible does not contain any Satanic Ceremonies, it was purely a polemic on Satanic philosophy with the admixture of a handful of invocations. 

Additionally on page 114 Harper says that attendances at Satanic Temples can reach 100.  I think she must be talking about public lectures,  there is no Satanic Temple large enough to hold 100 people in the UK.    Also on page114 she says that
'they even say the Lord's Prayer backwards. ' 
I always smile when I hear this nonsense repeated by people who haven't fully thought it out.  
How does one 'repeat the Paternoster backwards?'
Is it with each line top and tailed like this;

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy Name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
on earth as it is in heaven.
thy will be done,
thy kingdom come,
hallowed be thy Name,
Our Father, who art in heaven

Or is it each line top and tailed AND the words reversed?  Like this:

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy Name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
heaven in is it as earth on
done be will thy
come kingdom thy
name thy be hallowed
heaven in art who father our.

Or is it top and tailed and every letter reversed? Like this:

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy Name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven
no htrae sa ti si ni nevaeh
yht lliw eb enod
yht modgnik emoc
dewollah eb yht eman
ruo rehtaf ohw tra ni nevaeh

Or is it some other combination of those alternatives?

I'm very knowledgeable about the occult and have never ever seen it written out 'in reverse' in any book anywhere, Satanic, Pagan, or otherwise.  It certainly doesn't appear in The Satanic Bible, as Harper implies.  And what purpose would reciting the paternoster backwards serve anyway?  It is just nonsense.  Harper trips these mediaeval memes off her tongue without ANY evidence whatsoever.  If she can baldly state that Satanists recite the Lord's Prayer backwards, which is untrue, what else is she saying that is untrue?  Well most of her book actually. And aren't fundies just so stupid for believing in it.  

Defiling Graveyards and Christian Sacred Places

 On page 114 Harper makes another clear Sectarian Lie when she says:

"Graveyards are frequently attacked....We did however make use of graveyards and I'm sure witches still do, for a purpose more sinister than silly vandalism.  A grave is the perfect place to hide a body. The baby who was sacrificed at my initiation ceremony  was just nine days old and all the evidence that it had ever lived and of its awful death was destroyed by burning the tiny body.   But I had heard tales of older children sometimes adults, being sacrificed. Their bones do not disintegrate so easily in a fire.

The favourite way of disposing of such bodies was in a graveyard.  A grave would be carefully dug up and the coffin opened and the new body placed beside the mouldering corpse.   It is my belief that some of the hundreds of children and adults who go missing every year end up being sacrificed on the altars of the scores of covens which are flourishing today in English towns and cities. and I'm sure that if the police were able to make a search of our graveyards they would find many of those missing people sharing coffins with the official dead."   

Wicked eh?   Audrey certainly has a tortuous mind to fantasise this kind of evil.  The only problem is that it would be impossible to open up an old grave without anyone knowing.  It takes about 3-4 hours for an experienced sexton to dig a grave, even in daylight.  By the light of lamps on a quiet night, the use of pick-axes and shovels would ring out clear for miles around.   Most people today are not buried, they are cremated and so fresh graves in church yards are rare.  Old graves are difficult to break open as the soil has compacted over the years.   Even if Harper's  imagined satanic grave-robbers were able to steal up in their van, sneak into the Graveyard undetected in the dead of night, break open a grave quietly, shovel two cubic yards of soil out, quietly, and dump a new body on top of the old one and then fill it in again without making any noise and without being spotted, it would be immediately seen the next day by the verger as a noticeable mound of soil. Even if the Satanic Burke and Hares carefully peeled off the grass turf and then tried to put it back again neatly on top they could not compress the soil back to the original soil level unless they had brought with them a JCB digger with a very noisy engine!    There is absolutely no way that this imagined crime could occur in any English churchyard without the church warden spotting it within hours and it never has been done. It is a Sectarian LIE.  Records show that over the last 30 years certainly, there has not been one such case ever happening.


Bringing Light into the Dark Night of Halloween - HarperThe whole purpose of Dance With The Devil is to provide 'evidence' that Witches, Pagans and Satanists kill children because their religion demands it.  A review of DWTD  shown in the image (right) was part of an anti-Halloween church propaganda leaflet published at Halloween 1990.  DWTD was published in October 1990 and this preview of her book was advance advertising it to fundamentalist Christians.   Harper declares that Dance With The Devil is a polemic to "Drive Christians to Their Knees In Prayer."  This is just one of similar 'previews' set up by the Christian propaganda machine, another (see right, below) from Christian Family magazine, headed DELIVERANCE, gives the book a two full page spread' There are many other examples in SAFF files. In short this was a concerted campaign within Christianity to establish as a fact the very doubtful words of a crusading fundamentalist Christian to push completely unproven Sectarian Lies.  In the review headed 'Deliverance' (a term used by fundies which means deliverance from Satan in an exorcism) Harper says:

"The Church fell asleep and that gave witchcraft the chance to grow....but if God tells you to do something you've got to go and do it regardless of cost".  

Presumably that means that doing God's work to counteract the growing popularity of Witchcraft/Paganism comes before everything, including Truth and Honesty?

Later in the Deliverance article the magazine reports that

' Audrey has suffered two strokes - which she attributes to satanic origin.'

Another absolutely unprovable and irrational untruth from the mouth of Audrey Harper.  It reminds one of the innocent old women burned at the stake in the 15c for causing a cow's milk to dry up!   It all makes disgusting reading but if you click on the images on this page they will open up so you can read the evil words in full.

 Deliverance Review of Audrey Harper's Dance with the Devil in Christian Family magazineWe have seen how these historic Blood Libels were first falsely levelled by Christians at the Jews 800 years ago, and how that transferred in the fundamentalist mind to other 'heretics'.  Many old women executed as 'witches' during the Reformation, were in fact recusant Catholics, as the Protestants began a witch-hunt against then forbidden Catholicism.   The Lancashire Witches was a case in point when 10 women were executed for practising witchcraft in and around Pendle in 1612 who are now thought to have been, not witches, but  recusant Catholics.   The religious mania increased as Catholic and Protestant enmity grew, it was vitally important to feign piousness, declare oneself Protestant and go to church frequently to avoid being caught up in the witch-hunt and killed.  It's more or less the same in NI today.

Baby Sacrifice Claims Tacked on Later   

I was satan's virgin Sacrifice but no baby killedThe SAFF's research shows that  Harper worked-up her claims of Baby Sacrifice AFTER she jumped on the SRA bandwagon.  This important article pictured right, I Was Satan's Virgin Sacrifice,  published by the Sunday Sport on 13th  March 1988, is the earliest known publication of Audrey Harper's story of her initiation into the Virginia Water coven.  It is all here from start to finish and accords almost identically to the ceremony outlined in her book Dance With the Devil, which was published 31 months later at the height of the 1990 Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare, except for one thing.  THERE IS NO KILLING OF A BABY. The only thing sacrificed is a cockerel!

THERE IS NO KILLING OF A BABY. The only thing sacrificed is a cockerel!

Note that the earliest ever press coverage of Audrey Harper touting her Witchcraft experiences, occurred a month before this in an article in Chat magazine in February 1988.   Here she hid behind the pseudonym of Black Anna and was shown in Silhouette.  Again no claims of Baby sacrifice were made. 

Harper then joined the Reachout Trust and becomes one of the Gang of Five who foisted the SRA Myth onto Britain in the 1990s.

After finding God and being baptised in 1986 Harper started to become evangelically active, and a 'counsellor' to people who imagined they had been involved in occultism (e.g. frightened themselves by using a Ouija board)  Through the fundie network she joined with the Reachout Trust, a key player in foisting the SRA myth onto Britain in 1987.  The Reachout Trust had gained massive coverage and promotion of the idea of SRA in the British Media on the strength of the first UK claimed SRA case, the Broxtowe, case in Nottingham  See here:.  That case was officially ruled to have had no SRA content at all, but whilst the controversy about it was ongoing it enabled Reachout Trust to work with fundie Social Workers and give lectures posing as 'occult experts', to inflame the situation.  

Harper held her first public hallelujah meeting for Reachout Trust during March 1988 to an audience of 400 at the Prince of Wales Theatre, Colwyn Bay, North Wales.  (page 208 of DWTD ).  She gave the audience her history of depravity in the Virginia Water Coven but did not mention human or baby sacrifice.

Local newspaper reports featured claims at the meeting that children were being 'trapped by the lure of the unknown' but these child-abuse allegations were still embryonic and Reachout had not yet honed their propaganda shock-tactics, complaining not of SRA but of Ouija Boards, Fantasy Games, Rock Music Tarot Cards, and Astrology magazines.   There were no claims of human or baby sacrifice until ten months later when Audrey Harper caused a sensation by claiming to have witnessed a baby sacrifice when she was interviewed live on The Time And The Place TV show in December 1988.  This was the very first time she had publicly made that Sectarian Lie.  

Harper the Copy-Cat?

However, The text in Dance With The Devil was not unique. When reading it I thought 'I've heard this somewhere before'.   And then it hit me, the exact same claims about Harper's initiation ritual were made 17 years earlier in a lesser known work by another fundamentalist named Doreen Irvine.  Irvine was the very first British Occult Victim Imposter.  Her book, From Witchcraft To Christ contained almost verbatim, the same allegations, which appeared in Harper's DWTD in 1990.    Look at this extract, written by Caitlin Morris. Morris was writing for She Magazine and rounded up Irvine's book in this way:  (N.B. we have underlined in blue the duplicate statements matching in Irvine's 1973 book and Harper's 1990 book.)

" Doreen Irvine was a prostitute at 14,. then a heroin addict and night club. stripper.
A conversation overheard one night in the strip club had aroused her curiosity. 
Satanism was being talked about by two other strippers.
"l was ripe for it," she told me. "I’d tried everything else.
And there were no warnings then, nothing about it in the papers. I was gullible, I was  lonely and looking for a sense of belonging."
Doreen was taken ` to a satanists‘ temple for a meeting- blindfolded
because of the need for complete secrecy.
She found herself in a large hall with with about 500 people who were worshipping the Chief Satanist 
in a ritual involving strange chanting and
the sacrifice of a cockerel.

Doreen was aware of the Chief Satanist`s eyes on her and she was afraid.
‘I saw the most dreadful evil acts that night.
But some power I couldn‘t explain made me ask to be taken to the next meeting.
She learnt that there is no class distinction in satanism.
"There were some of the highest ranks of professional people at those meetings, and there were shopkeepers and prostitutes." Their common bond is the worship of Satan."
The Chief Satanist had recognised Doreen`s openness and
he made her his mistress, and ensured her supply of heroin.
She learnt to believe in the warping of truth, that sin was to be condoned and freely committed.
The more she became entrenched in evil, the more her psychic powers developed, so that she too
could get into other people`s minds.
Dressed in a black robe, she was ceremonially sworn in as a child of Satan.  
Her arm was cut and her blood mixed in a silver cup
with that of the sacrificed cockerel.

She drank the
and also used it to sign a parchment selling her soul to the devil.

She joined a coven of black witches.
"They have great power and should never be taken lightly," said Doreen.
"They are able to call up powers to help them in their evil deeds"
They often exhume fresh graves and offer the bodies in sacrifice to Satan.
They desecrate churches and holy ground,
leaving behind a witch‘s mark.
They are so evil many of th
em go insane." 

Amazing isn't it?  It is virtually word for word the same.
Now I can already see the minds of fundies working overtime.
'Well they both experienced Witchcraft/Satanism so it WOULD be the same wouldn't it?'
but this won't wash - you can't have it both ways.

Firstly, Doreen Irvine's book was also a fable.  The SAFF have researched and dismantled its falsities here:

Secondly:  Irvine's story came first, in 1973, when there was absolutely no talk of  Satanic Ritual Child Abuse. At that time it simply had not been thought-up and so Irvine does not  make any accusations of human sacrifice, baby killing or child sexual abuse.  Those awful false allegations were added to the mythos in Dance With The Devil to suit the prevaling hysterical climate of the 1990 Satanic Panic, just as poor Caroline Marchant added them to her hoax Satanic Diary during the same period.

You can't have it both ways.  If the similarities in Irvine and Harper's experiences in Witchcraft were typical, why didn't Irvine mention baby sacrifice and child sexual abuse as part of her coven's operations?   In respect of the ritual claims made in DWTD it is virtually a template of From Witchcraft To Christ.   I believe Harper has no real knowledge of Witchcraft or Satanism other than what she has picked up from other fundies and read from old Christian books complaining about supposed devilish activities and I will prove it below.

Irvine does not  make any accusations of human sacrifice, baby killing or child sexual abuse in from Witchcraft To Christ.

Remember, the text reproduced above  is a review of From Witchcraft to Christ written by an independent observer. Although published in 1973 the Satanic happenings in FWTC all occurred in the late 1950s so it is contemporaneous with Harper's involvement with her Virginia Water coven.  They are both claiming to have experienced the hidden world of the occult at the same period. Yet in Irvine's account there is no human sacrifice, no murders of babies.   In Harper's account there is.   If you compare the full text with Dance With The Devil, the similarities are even greater.  One might actually think Harper's story had been copied from Irvine's story.  God forbid!  Especially when you realise that although first published in 1973 Irvine's From Witchcraft To Christ made very little impact on mainstream society when published and had been almost forgotten by all but the most fervent fundies by the mid 1980s It was forgotten because it was not venomous enough for modern day fundies.

They are both claiming to have experienced the hidden world of the occult at the same period. Yet in Irvine's account there is no human sacrifice, no murders of babies.   In Harper's account there is.

Caroline Marchant as a girlPretending to be a Victim of Satanism by  plagiarising other fundie books and writings is actually quite common.  For instance the tragic Caroline Marchant used Irvine's From Witchcraft to Christ to write a 'Satanic Diary' of her supposed victimisation in a Satanic Coven.  It was an utter lie.  Anyone versed in these things could see she had copied Irvine's story verbatim and this was publicly exposed, along with illustrations of her hoax diary to prove it, in December 1990 by the Independent on Sunday newspaper.

Why was this surprising?  Caroline had been personally 'counselled' by Doreen Irvine at the Yate Christian Centre, Bristol and was well versed in fundie-speak.  However, note that Marchant had hyped Irvine's story and added abominations of SRA abuse, which Irvine never mentioned, to suit the hysterical climate of the 1990s.   Caroline's worked-up story of SRA was very valuable to the fundie propaganda machine in the Satanic Panic and she was then passed along the fundie network as a 'star' SRA victim until she ended up in the maw of The  Reachout Trust.  Caroline's story was completely untrue and she had never experienced any satanic abuse. The Independent on Sunday tracked her life minutely to prove that what she said had hapened was impossible.  She had worked-up a fantastic story in order to continue to get sympathy and help from the fundie network. Unfortunately as the Independent said: 

'Caroline Marchant claimed to have been a victim of satanic abuse, but there is strong evidence that she was making the story up. In the end, it may have been the pressure to sustain the fiction that drove her to suicide'.
Unable to continue her facade poor Caroline Marchant took an overdose in Kevin Logan's vicarage (the Reachout Trust 'safe-house').  The local hospital was unable to save her and she died two weeks later with Audrey Harper sitting by her bedside.  The Satanic Ritual Abuse myth has caused many deaths but this was probably the least necessary of any.  When Jon Wedger and the odious Wilfred Wong next talk about Satanic Abuse perhaps they would address the fact that falsehoods they are promoting in Dance With The Devil have actually caused untimely deaths of several young people whilst Witches and Satanists have not caused the deaths of anyone at all. (see Carole Myer's Death here)

Christian Fundamentalist Liars Abound

Satan's Underground Front CoverContrary to what many Christians think, people who lie about Satanic Ritual Abuse are quite common, and have many motivations for doing so.  The most celebrated case was that of Laurel Rose Wilson who, under the pen name of Lauren Stratford, wrote Satan's Underground a million copy best seller about her time in a Satanic Coven. First published in the U.S. in 1988 (just after Audrey had joined Reachout Trust), Satan's Underground had all the same mediaeval motifs of Harper's book, evil satanists, abusing and killing children, and more.   The only thing it had to its credit was that it wasn't a copy of Doreen Irvine's tract and had some novel ideas which thrilled the fundie circuit.

Satan's Underground was a sensation in the U.S. and used then as 'proof' of SRA, just as today's fundies are using Dance With The Devil as 'proof' of SRA.    Being from  the USA nothing succeeds like excess and Wilson's story ended up in all the reading lists of fundie counselling and survivor groups, including Reachout Trust.   However two years later ( February 1990) the Christian magazine Cornerstone, exposed Wilson's tale as a complete and utter fabrication.  This extract below from their now world-famous article shows just how these evil fears are projected as real and add to a miasma of belief in fundamentalist circles of the Blood Libel; Satanists abusing and killing children. 

The Christian magazine Cornerstone, exposed Wilson's tale as a complete and utter fabrication.

"Satanism, was, he told Lauren, the ultimate path to power and sexual gratification.
At first he forced her to attend satanic rituals where he and others sexually abused her.
Then he demanded she participate in a child sacrifice ritual.
She refused and underwent brainwashing and torture for an unspecified period of time.
Finally Victor threatened he would ritually kill a baby each week that she continued to refuse.
After holding out for four weeks, she was locked in a metal drum with the dead bodies of four babies who had been sacrified. She finally gave in and evidently participated in an infant sacrifice ritual on Halloween night. She says, “It was the last time I ever participated in a satanic ritual.

Yup, same shit.   

In February 1990, the gaff was up and Wilson's publishers withdrew the book from sale.
It had encouraged many false allegations against innocent parents. 
The publishers were open to writs and killed this and another similar book they had published by Wilson.
Wilson was an out and out LIAR.
All those fundies who had used Satan's Underground as 'proof' of Satanic Ritual Abuse went quiet and said nothing.  Some didn't even bother taking it off their recommended reading lists!
They acted, as they usually do, as though nothing had happened.
They ignored the Truth because they wanted the Sectarian Lies to be true.
The Truth was that they had been made a fool of by a liar who told them what they wanted to hear.
Unforgivably,  you can still obtain new copies of Satan's Underground on Amazon in ebook form. 
Yes that's right, you can obtain copies of an utter hoax, which hundreds of thousands of stupid people still believe is real today, even though Wilson herself did a bunk when she was found out and made no attempt to justify her position because shed been caught bang-to-rights.

There are hundreds of reader reviews on Satan's Underground across the internet, all lauding its praises as though it actually happened, written by self-righteous fundies who want to keep the moral panic going. 
Most of these reviews occurred AFTER the book was proven a hoax!  
Some Christian fundamentalists would appear to be either very dim or very deceitful.

Undeterred, Wilson, a compulsive liar, was discovered later claiming to have been a child victim of the Holocaust!   That's right, Wilson had dropped her SRA allegations, infiltrated a Holocaust survivor group and built another entirely fraudulent childhood history to get attention for herself under the name of Lisa Grabowski. 
And some Christian fundamentalist fools still value Satan's Underground!  
You can read the Cornerstone article which exposed Wilson's lies, here

Carl 'Nick' Beech Leads The Police A Merry Dance

Victim Imposter Nick Carl BeechOf course in the UK our most recent SRA victim-imposter was Carl Beech who was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment on 26th July 2019, for defrauding the government of £22,000.00 victim compensation and corrupting the course of justice by making false accusations against innocent people which resulted in a massive police inquiry which wasted over £2Million pounds of taxpayers' money.   Compared with what poor Caroline Marchant had to suffer I suppose Carl might think 18 years in clink is lucky. 

So let's just run through that all again for you:

Audrey's Story of satanic baby sacrifice came AFTER she was converted to Christianity and became a fundamentalist activist.

She clearly says that her intention in writing the book was to
'Drive Christians to Their Knees In Prayer'

and she has publicly stated that 
"if God tells you to do something you've got to go and do it regardless of cost".

In other words the ends justifies the means.

Harper's story is uncannily like a similar book written to frighten Christians back into pews in 1973, 'From Witchcraft To Christ' by Doreen Irvine.  Indeed in all major respects but one it is a virtual copy of it.  That one major difference is that Irvine never claimed that she had seen or heard of any murders of babies or adults. 
Sacrifices in her Coven were made using cockerels, not humans.

Harper's initial telling of her own story about spending 5 years in a Satanic coven DID NOT INCLUDE allegations of sacrificing a Baby but included details of sacrificing Cockerels.

I skinned my baby for satan5:
Harper's allegations of human sacrifice occurred when she was working with an out and out fundamentalist group whose main intention was to establish the idea that Witches were practising Human sacrifice and abusing children.  Harper made her Baby Sacrifice allegations at a point during the build up to the 1990 Satanic Panic when almost the entire Media of this country had been shocked into backing the hysteria and 21 suspected cases had been 'found'.  It is difficult to remember the all pervading hysteria now, but in 1990 the most shocking untrue allegations had become rational currency, such as the Daily Sport's 'I Skinned My Baby For Satan' headline (right).  Audrey's claims of slitting a baby's throat were relatively tame alongside those headlines.  As time has proven, all of those cases eventually evaporated and were disproven. It was all Sectarian Lies.

So Harper's tall tale of a Sacrificed Baby comes from the above fundie mind-set.   Even though this baby sacrifice is central to the book, the actual Baby Killing crime is detailed in just one ten page chapter, chapter 5, the rest of the book is supplementary waffle. 

We have reproduced that chapter hereunder along with more SAFF research that shows it cannot possibly be true. 


There was a car waiting outside a large luxurious car with a man driving . One of the women put a coat over my robe so I wouldn' t be cold. I got into the back of the car with Shirley who produced a blindfold and told me to put it over my eyes.  She must have seen my anxiety, for she quickly added that everybody had to do the same for their first meeting. So I did.

What type of car? What make of car?  What colour was it?  Who was the man driving?  Was he a member of the Witches' Coven or what?  Did he speak during the journey? If so what did he say?   Why is there never any detailed description of anything?  Why did these evil witches even bother put a coat over Harper to stop her getting cold?  If the driver was an unconnected taxi driver then it might be that the two coven members wanted to hide Harper's robe, but if the driver was part of the Coven then covering her up would not matter.   I cannot imagine a taxi-driver going along with having a passenger blindfolded so I am presupposing he was part of the coven. In which case why cover her robe up with a coat?  In fact when they tried to blindfold her why didn't Harper just stop the car and get out?  
None of this story makes any sense.

We were driving for six or seven minutes before we pulled up.I couldn't see the place then because I was still wearing the blindfold. But I saw it later.  It was a large house with its own drive. The girls lead me alongside the house to another building before they took off the blindfold and I was able to see where I was.

I was inside the Witches' temple.  For the first time I felt a quiver of fear. A tiny voice inside me warned. 'Now Audrey, what have you let yourself in for ?' But it was too late to back out. Anyway, I had the feeling I wouldn't have been allowed to.

The building was obviously purpose-built. There was an altar at one end, and the altar cloth, purple in colour had a golden pentagram emblazoned on it. There was another pentagram,  much larger, set out in tiles on the floor.

So the 'Witches Temple was five minutes from Dianna's house in Virginia Water.  That's about three miles. I believe that the blindfolding incident, identical to the one in From Witchcraft to Christ,  is to avoid the fact that Harper is unable to identify anyone or any place in this story.  There is absolutely no independent factual evidence to support any of it.  I believe she cannot identify anyone because it never happened.  Harper first broke her Baby Sacrifice story in December 1988 on Border Television's, The Time and The Place TV show.  It caused a nationwide uproar in the Media so the Surrey police began an investigation.  They questioned Harper for three hours over it.  We have not seen her police statement but I can hazard a guess that it didn't have all the information in it that she reveals in this book.  Remember that Dance With The Devil was written AFTER the police interview and published two years later in 1990. The SAFF wrote to the Chief Constable of Surrey in December 1988 when he commenced his investigation warning him that he should publish his findings to avoid the untruth about the baby sacrifice gaining currency and causing sectarian hatred, but he failed to do that, instead pronouncing only that 'There was no Case To Answer'.    However, with the extra information gleaned from Harper's published account of the events the police could have easily interpolated a search radius around Dianna's house of say ten miles and then taken Harper on a tour to identify the 'Witches Temple'.  Certainly they would have been able to identify Dianna,  (Harper's key coven contact throughout the entire book), because Harper had her telephone number and used it many times.  The lackadaisical investigation by Surrey Police is a major cause of why this book has not been discredited before.   Note that Harper here contradicts herself over this so-called Witches Temple;   on page 86 it is a 'purpose built' building, but by page 76 it becomes 'an ordinary looking bungalow'

There was very little light just two black candles flickering at either side of the altar. A heady, sickly- sweet smell from burning incense filled the room.  The place was warm and there was a heavy air of expectancy.  It took a little while for,my eyes to become accustomed to the poor light and to make out what was happening. There were a lot of shadowy figures around, between twenty and thirty altogether all of them in hooded robes.

Eleven of them were standing in a semi-circle facing the altar,  with a gap in the middle.  The others wene standing behind. Later I found out why - the eleven were members of the coven I was to join, thus making up the twelve. The others were guests from other covens who had been invited along - an invitation on Halloween night is an important function.
This seems clear cut but inconsistencies in Audrey's story abound. On 13th March 1988 (two years before she wrote DWTD) in an early description of her 'Initiation' Harper had told the Sunday Sport that 'There were 13 women and one man - the high priest.'  That makes 14 doesn't it?   But of course 14 isn't a 'mystic number' so in 1990 the 14 become 13!
I was gently but firmly steered towards  the gap in the front row. I noticed that all the other women were wearing black robes. I was the only one in white.

We stood there in silence for a minute or two. Then from the side of the hall a man appeared.  He too was all in black, a large hood masking most of his face.   He took his place behind the altar facing the witches. They all knelt down, leaving me the ony one standing.

What I could see of his face was deathly pale and skeletal, the face of a man in his early forties. The most striking feature was his eyes. They were dark and sunken. Looking at them I felt I was staring into two black holes; It made me shudder.

I remember thinking perhaps I too should be kneeling like all the others. I was conscious of being the odd one out, and it seemed to focus attention on me and make me feel a little afraid. But then all the others got up and started chanting.

It was a strange sound. Some words I recognised but others seemed to belong to a curious language that couldn't recognise. The chanting got louder, like war drums in the jungle.  The only phrase that I could pick up was 'We Welcome You Oh Master' They sang this several times.

The chanting got faster and louder, and it built up a sense of excitement and anticipation. It was contagious. I got caught up in it - it was impossible to remain unaffected.

There is no rite in Pagan or Satanic liturgy which includes the term 'We Welcome You Oh Master'.  It is a meaningless phrase. It is noteworthy that although the chants were made repeatedly and loudly Harper cannot remember a single one of them. In comparison I append in the leftmost column the full First Degree Right of Initiation from the Gardenarian Book of Shadows.   This was first published  in 1949 so had been in use for over ten years when Harper's 'initiation' occurred.  You will note that there is not one 'chant' in the ceremony and it is utterly different in detail to the one Harper blathers on about.  Harper's imagined initiation is drivel. 
Suddenly, as if at a signal, the chanting stopped. Then the warlock reached under his cloak and produced his athame, the special ceremonial dagger used in such ceremonies. He laid it on the altar.  Then those black bottomless eyes swivelled round and he spoke.  He had a smooth voice with a slight cockney accent.
Several times during this tale Harper will dramatise by saying that the 'warlock' pulled a knife from under his cloak, both to slit the baby's throat and to threaten her with. This obviously could not have happened, because elsewhere in this initiation rite she says that he was naked under his robe.  Where did he put/keep the knife under his cloak?
It doesn't gel because it never happened. It never happened because it is untrue. 

'Where is the initiate' ?

The two witches at either side of me gently pushed me forward. He looked at me searchingly. I was conscious of my heartbeat speeding up as I stood, the only one in white, in the middle of the semi-circle just in front of the altar.

 'Do you want to be initiated'?' he asked.

I can't remember saying anything beyond a mumble, which was taken as a yes.
Why didn't Harper say 'NO! I hadn't bargained for this and want to think about it'?
There was a long pause. He liked to take his time and savour his words. Then he said:
'Do you promise on your life to serve the master at all times in obedience'

All I had to say was yes so I said yes.
Readers may have gathered so far that Harper's tale is so far away from any genuine traditional initiatory Pagan or Satanic rite that it is laughable.  There are plenty of available books written by genuine witches and Satanists that give their initiation rites in great detail.  They are far more complex, far more beautiful and interesting and do not use the meaningless words 'Do you promise on your life to serve the master at all times in obedience'.  which is grade A bull.   The whole purpose of initiation is to get the neophyte to accept and understand his responsibilities in his new life, not force him to obediently comply with some unspecified 'Master'. 

So that readers can check Harper's apalling pastiches of supposed Pagan/Witchcraft rites I have appended in the leftmost column the obligatory 'Right of Lifting The Veil' which is a traditional ceremony used in virtually all Witchcraft meetings, particularly in Initiations.  Note well the injunction in this verse: "..
nor do I demand aught in sacrifice."  

I then had to step forward to the altar. He picked up his dagger and took hold of my left arm. He pricked my wrist and drew a tiny quantity of blood which he collected in a little pot, about the size of a thimble.

Then he laid out a parchment. I didn't read it all, but, having seen such documents since, I know what the words were: 'I am no longer my own. Satan is my master - I live to serve him only.'

He dipped the athame into the blood and motioned me to hold the end of it. With me still holding it he made a mark on the parchment. I didn't even have to write my name or initials, simply scratch the dagger across the parchment so that it left a smudge of my blood.

When I had done that, he took the knife and laid it back on the altar. Then he addressed me, telling me my coven name was Luci (supposedly the fallen half of Lucifer)

'Having seen pacts with the devil since?'   This woman talks utter rubbish.  It is as though she is re-enacting a hotch-potch of images from a bad Hammer Horror film, and that is probably nearer the truth than you might think.    Her version of the pact ; 'cutting her left wrist' clearly links it to the story of Faustus first published in 1587.  This is the first manuscript which created the idea of a pact with the Devil.  The actual 'parchment pact' in that original MSS contains a two paragraph periapt abominating God.  It is of course a fiction because when Goethe first wrote his eponymous play about Faustus he had been dead for 65 years thus any wording of such 'pact' would have been completely re-imagined and fictionalised by Goethe.  There is still speculation about whether Faustus actually existed or was a legendary figure  So it is impossible for anyone to know what a 'pact with the devil' looks like, least of all someone as uneducated in occult matters as Audrey Harper.

Furthermore, as I am tired of saying, Witches do not worship the Christian Devil so Witches do not and never have made initiates sign a pact with the devil or anyone else for that matter.  Why would they?    A personal oath is quite sufficient thank you.  You will see in the Initiation Rite in the leftmost column that NO blood is drawn and the only thing taken from the initiate is his/her 'measure'.
I don't believe Harper's aside that she has seen documents which are Pacts with the Devil. 
I've never seen one which wasn't a Hammer Horror pastiche of Goethe's imagined version.
He then reached out and turned me round to face the other witches. They began chanting again. I felt quite relieved. I thought that was it: I was in and the ordeal was over. The warlock moved away from the altar and returned with a silver chalice.  Then he intoned in that bland cockney accent, 'Who Brings the Sacrifice'?

I was a little bit perturbed, as this was something I had not expected. I had visions of a cockerel or perhaps a cat, being brought to the altar. One of the Women in the semi-circle stepped forward. She was holding a baby. I hadn't noticed it earlier, It hadn't made a sound during the ceremony, The woman stepped up to the altar, unwrapped the child from its shawl and laid it naked on the altar.

It was a baby girl, nine days old as I later discovered. She lay on the altar without making a sound as if she was drugged or something.

Though the room was stiffling hot,  I began to feel cold. I could feel the goose-pimples rising at what I was now anticipating. I couldn't really take it in.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing. One  minute I was all heady and caught up in the excitement and the throb of the chant; then I felt my legs turn to jelly.

The warlock picked up the dagger while muttering a sort of ritualistic speech something like, 'We offer this sacrifice and hope it pleases you'  Then, with no more emotion than a butcher shows when he's slicing off a steak, he cut the baby's throat.

I thought I was going to pass out. I just stood there and turned absolutely numb, I watched him take the chalice and catch the blood as it gushed from the gaping wound.

The babies body was taken off the altar and carried away by her mother. The warlock raised the chalice to his lips and drank the still warm blood. He then moved around from behind the altar and handed the chalice to the witch on the left of the semi-circle. She raised it to her 'mouth and after taking a sip passed it to the next witch, who then passed it to her neighbour.

OK. So this is the false Blood Libel accusation which is of course utterly and completely untrue. 
There is no such sacrifice demanded in Neo-Paganism.
As you have seen Pagans do not employ sacrifices "..nor do I demand aught in sacrifice."    

The Sectarian Lie about the killing of babies in Satanic ceremonies started in France with the  Affair of the Poisons during Louise XIV reign. His  court was so licentious that it required a full-time Abortionist and midwife , Madame La Voisin.
Voisin was a fortune teller, a midwife, and also a provider of poison for gold-digger Parisian women who, being hypocritical Catholics, could not divorce their aged husbands so poisoned them instead to get their money. 
The fortune-teller link was transformed into her being a 'Witch' but there is absolutely no evidence that she was. 
The whole thing was exposed in a public show trial in 1675 which shocked the French population with tall stories from informers wanting to save their own skins.  The universal disgust eventually lead to the French Revolution. 
During the show trials, Abbot Guiborg ( associated with the French Court)  was said to have officiated at mock Christian ceremonies where Christian liturgy was stood on it's head and consenting women and men had sex on altars, ( very much as occurred in the Hellfire Club in Britain in the 18c) .   Because Guiborg was a priest these ceremonies were eventually  termed a 'Black Mass'. 
The concatenation of the shock of the abortions regularly undertaken by Voisin and the abominations done by Guiborg developed the idea that a cult of anti-Christians existed to kill children in sexual rites. 
This was developed into a more defined form of 'Satanism' during the Reformation, often used by Protestants to defame Catholic rites and the Catholic Church.   

Soon it was my turn. The terror of what might happen to me if I fainted kept me on my feet, and the same fear made me raise the chalice and moisten my lips with the baby's blood,revolting though I found it. I could taste the salty flavour on my tongue. 

There are some statements which convey more than the sum of their parts.  I once remember reading Helter Skelter, about the Manson Murders, written by the prosecutor who had him imprisoned for life, Vincent Bugliosi,  In his book he recalls how he questioned Susan Atkins, a young and virginal type who had been involved in the killing of Sharon Tate.   He asked her how she had stabbed the heavily pregnant Tate and then asked what she felt, she reportedly said 'It was like stabbing a pillow'.  I remember being heavily impressed by this statement because it emotionally chimed in my mind.  Only someone who had done such a thing could possibly know that.  But as I later reflected I saw that because she was psychopathic she could have easily practised stabbing a pillow prior to going on her murderous rampage.   Similarly the words 'I could taste the salty flavour on my tongue' seem to convey the sacrifice as a fact when of course people cut themselves all the time and suck their blood finding it salty.   Atkins did kill Sharon Tate.  I don't believe Harper drank baby blood.

Each of the witches in our coven was handed the chalice, but the guests were not invited to participate. When all twelve of us had taken our turn, the warlock took the chalice back to the first witch. This time he held it whilst each witch dipped a finger into into the blood and smudged it on to the left wrist. But he bypassed me, and moved on to the woman on my right.  He went right around our coven missing me out of this part of the ceremony.

Even though I had been left out, it soon became obvious that I, the only one in white, was the focus of attention. At this stage, knowing nothing of the ritual, I was ignorant of the Sacrifice of The White Virgin.   But I was soon to learn.

The warlock had taken up his place behind the altar again and, as he gazed at me, the other witches began to chant.  The two on either side of me then took my elbows and eased me forward. I allowed myself to go, but then I stiffened as the thought occurred to me, 'He's going to kill me. Now it's my turn to be sacrificed.'

The warlock was still staring at me, a strange look entirely devoid of any emotion. I was frightened to look back at him. Then my two escorts tugged at the shoulders of my robes and it slithered to the floor.  I stood there naked.

The two witches then moved the black candles to one end, and half lifted me on the altar so that I was lying spreadeagled on my back. The warlock approached me holding the chalice and he began to daub me with the blood, first on my arms and then on the inside of my thighs. He handed the chalice to one of the witches. I didn't know what was going to happen next, but I had a horrible suspicion. He came towards me, parting his cloak, Underneath he was naked. At that moment I wished he was holding the dagger and would plunge it into my heart. Instead he raped me.

It is difficult to describe how I felt about it.  I suppose most women would have been mortified at the actual sexual aspect of the rape. But to me the sex was not all that important. That part of it was not all that different to what I was doing with men almost every day to get money for drugs. It didn't really bother me.

It was the fact that he showed nothing, no emotions not even lust - that I found so degrading.  That all all those pairs of eyes around the room watching our movements as they continued with their frenetic chanting.

He was sweaty, and there was an unpleasant odour about him. He hadn't been drinking, but his breath and body seemed to exude a strange smell a little like stale alcohol, as though he'd rubbed himself down with some weird oil or spirit.

I have been with countless men, some of them pretty disgusting. All of them had wanted me, desired my body, or perhaps just needed the body of a woman, any woman. But this man didn't even seem to have need or desire. It was as if something lifeless had entered me, like a walking corpse.

There is no such ceremony of The Sacrifice of the White Virgin in Paganism/Witchcraft. 
It is not only infactual, it is tautological.  All Virgins are, by qualification pure/white.  
So is there a Sacrifice of the Virgin in Paganism/Witchcraft?   No. Absolutely not. 
In antiquity there are mentions of Virgins being Sacrificed to propitiate local gods in almost every society but no absolute evidence of it has been found. It certainly does not exist as a formal rite in Paganism.   
An example of a virgin sacrifice is also mentioned in the Bible—the sacrifice of Jephthah’s daughter in Judges 11, in which Jephthah vows to sacrifice to God whatever or whoever comes to greet him at the door when he returns home if he is victorious.
 In the Book of Judges 11:31 in which Jephthah says, “whatever comes out of the door of my house to meet me when I return in triumph from the Ammonites will be the Lord's, and I will sacrifice it as a burnt offering." Unfortunately, when Jephthah returns from battle, it’s his virgin daughter who comes out of his door to greet him. But did he sacrifice her?   
In Harper's tale the 'sacrifice' alluded to is not murder but the sacrifice of a girl's virginity. 
I do not wish to be unkind but I cannot see how Harper could be considered a virgin pure and white considering she admits she was a prostitute at the time.  It therefore does not make any sense.  If this imagined Satanic Coven were really pleasing their 'Master' and had designs on a virgin they would have chosen someone else to initiate, not Harper.

The warlock was a small, wiry man, his hair just beginmng to show signs of greying. When he was close to me I was conscious of his yellow teeth. But the eyes were the most frightening feature, I shall never forget them. I couldn't make eye contact with him. They just seemed to go further and further back like voids.

I try now to think back to my own emotions. I know I felt anger that he was raping me in front of aII the others, although I realised afterwards that each of them, in their turn, must have had to put up with the same experience. '.  He was our Master, and he could call upon us when he wished.

But, looking back, my main feehng soon became one of relief. At least he hadn't killed me. I was also pleased, in retrospect, that I wasn't a virgin. Had I been, the ordeal would have been much worse.

It was most peculiar. I was there. This was really happening. Yet, I suppose because of the fear and the trauma of it all, I was able to detach myself from it„and see it as if I was looking in from the outside.

When he had finished, he got up and I got up and stood by the altar. I was handed a robe, but not the white one I had been wearing. It was a black robe. Another witch put an inverted black cross around my neck. They were all saying: 'Welcome, Luci', and hugged me and greeted me into their midst.

I was in a daze, but the part of the ritual in which I was at centre stage was now over. The coven had other business to attend to.  One of the witches complained that somebody had upset her, and she called upon the Warlock to put a curse on whoever it was.

He moved from the altar and stood in the middle of the pentagram on the floor, surrounded by members of . the coven. He was mumbling words I didn't understand from some strange language, calling on the powers of darkness.

Then he turned to one of the witches and said. 'Your problem is solved,' He meant he had put a curse upon the offending party but after what I had been through my memory is hazy and I wasn't really aware of who was bring cursed, or the reason for it.

That concluded the night's business, and the warlock„ the thirteenth member of the coven, simply walked out of the room through a door behind the altar.  The rest went into a different room where they removed their robes and put on their clothes. I followed meekly behind. I was handed my own clothes  - the dirty jeans. and sweatshirt I was wearing when I left London.

There wasn't much chatter. That was something I discovered later  -  the witches do not socialise or have anthing to do with each other outside meetings of the coven.  But I did overhear one fragment of conversation.  One of the witches asked, 'What's happened to the baby'' and somebody replied; 'It's been burned.

Really?  Who burned the baby's body?    Where did the burning take place?  
Harper says she was told it 'had' been burned (past tense).
How could that have happened in such a short time after the meeting? 
Was it burned on an open fire?  No , that wouldn't have been hot enough to take everything down to ash. 
Was it burned in a furnace?  Where was the furnace?  
It is all such pie in the sky nonsense.
The real message is that there was no evidence left.  Not much evidence of ANYTHING in Harper's tale though, is there?

There are many things wrong with this relating of the Coven's Halloween Meeting and the first is that Initiations and Magic Spells/Curses are by tradition NEVER undertaken at the Eight main Festivals of the year (the Sabbats).  These are reserved solely for reverentially worshipping the Old Gods.  All magic and initiations are undertaken at the monthly Esbats, not the Sabbats.  Harper has things all topsy-turvey.  The initiation would not have taken place at Halloween.   Either way it does not represent the religion of Witchcraft/Paganism. 

 Additionally Harper maintaines that she didn't have her own Robe and was given one when she turned up at each Coven meeting. 
This is very curious because in genuine Witchcraft/Paganism each member is responsible for their own robe and is often made to stitch it up for themselves with certain symbols added. Each member brings it with them to each meeting.  They wash and clean it themselves.  The idea of the Coven providing a laundering service for members is bunkum. 

 Also inconsistent is the idea that everyone leaves the temple immediately after the ceremony and just goes home. 
Normally there is a lot of work to be done and clearing up to do and the person who was initiated last gets the job of cleaning the mucky incense burner, polishing the candlesticks, storing away the paraphernalia etc. etc.   
Harper knows nothing of this because she's never been a member of a coven.  
She's never thought of the down-to-earth requirements of maintaining a temple.  
She doesn't mention that every Witch MUST have his / her own Athame (sacred dagger). 
It is used continuously in the ceremonies.  
Harper claims to have spent five years with the Virginia Water Coven and never had one of her own!   
She doesn't know that An Athame (which is black handled) is the dagger which is rarely used and kept sacred, but that witches also have a 'working knife' which has a WHITE  handle.  
She is  SO oblivious to all the runes and laws of Witchcraft/Paganism.  It is as if she floats in to the meetings and floats out again never speaking to anyone, never being helped by them, or never helping them.
Comradeship is a vitally important part of Coven life but she doesn't even know it exists.
I simply don't believe any of her meanderings. 
She's disseminating untruths. 
Not knowing what actually goes on, she invents stuff which never goes on.

It didn't make much impact on me at the time. I had seen so much, and so much had happened to me, that the fate of the child's body seemed insignificant.

The mother's name was Mary. She didn't seem at all bothered by what had happened to her baby daughter as she got dressed. I didn't know at that time that babies born to the coven, and fathered by the warlock, are bred to be sacrificed.

 That is the whole purpose of having them, and they are sacrificed before they are registered so they are not missed by society.

Sounds awful but of course it is another Sectarian Lie for which Harper has absolutely no evidence.  
The concept of 'Breeders' was first started by the pathological liar Laurel Rose Wilson (Lauren Stratford) author of the hoax book Satan's Underground' which we have already demolished as a pack of lies, above.

'During her years of imprisonment in a down town Los Angeles 'breeder' warehouse, Lauren Stratford (Laurel Rose Wilson) said she was forcibly impregnated so that the satanic cult that was holding her captive could ritually sacrifice a baby she bore ... she escaped from the cult so that she could tell her tale of being a 'breeder for Satan'.  (Breeders for Satan: A sociology of Sexual Trauma Tales) 
In short prior to the publication in 1988 of Satan's Underground there had not been any claims of 'Breeders' in occult victim literature. The idea was  unknown.   Which is why they do not appear in Doreen Irvine's earlier book From Witchcraft To Christ.  
Thus it is clear that Harper is repeating an invention from 1988 which concerned an accusation which did not exist when she claimed to have been impregnated as a breeder in 1961. It is all a Sectarian Lie.

 If I expected the same welcome, the same hospitality, the same friendly fuss, as Diana and Shirley had shown earher when they met me, I couldn't have been more mistaken. Now I was one of them, and I soon found out I had to find my own way.

A luxurious car had brought me, but there wasn't even a bike to take me away. When I was dressed, in the scruffy old clothes of a London layabout, I was shown the door without being told when we were to meet again, or even given a friendly goodnight.

It was between one and two o'clock in the morning. I walked down from the house on to a road.   There wasn't a soul about to ask the way, or any traffic to hitch a lift. But one thing was certain: no way was I going back to ask for directions. I struck off along the road not really knowing where it would lead me. But my head was in a whirl and I didn' t much care. My mind kept flashing back to that baby having its throat cut. Had it been real, or was it all a bad dream?

I knew the answer.  (So do we.  It is a Sectarian Lie  )

I quickened my stride. I wanted to get as much distance between me and that house of horrors as I could. But eventually, after I had been walking an hour or more, tiredness overcame me. I crawled under the hedge of one of those posh suburban houses and went to sleep.

The rumbling traffic woke me early. I stretched, brushed myself down and stepped out to hitch a lift. The driver was going to London  He dropped me off near the Embankment where I was living at that time.

Several times on the journey, and when I was waiking along by the river, I pinched myself and wondered had it really happened? Had a baby reatld been murdered? Had I really been raped? Or was it all some dreadful nightmare, perhaps a trip after popping some of the halucinatory pills I sometimes took? 

I'd like to think it hadn't happened. But it had. The memory was so fresh it hurt. The smel~of t e viarlock was still in my nostrils. Those hymns to Satan the witches had sun so enthusiastically were still ringing in my ears.

As the day went on, I was gripped by more ominous thoughts. These people were powerful. They could harm those who threatened them. They could put a curse on anyone who failed to carry out their will. It occurred to me I might be in danger.

What could I do? Going to the police would be a waste of time. They had been clever enough to ensure I knew no names and I couldn't identify the house because I had been blindfolded.

The coppers knew me  - a young junkie who had often been warned for soliciting. Would they believe me if I told them I had seen a baby having its throat slit?  I doubt it. How much notice would they take if I reported I'd been raped by a man in a long black cloak?  Not very much. The more I thought about it, the more I came to  realise I was trapped. In my head I had this frightening, dangerous knowledge, and the only people I could share it with were my fellow witches. Yes, my fellow witches: I was one of them now and there was no escaping that fact.

One of them had said as I was leaving the house they would be in touch with me to tell me about the next meeting of the Coven.  All I could do was wait. But there was one way I knew to make thc waiting easier and to relieve the pain that seemed to be welling up in my head to the point where I thought it would explode. I  turned up from the Embankment into 'Trafalgar Square and headed for the West End. I needed some pills, and I knew where I could get them. At least they would alleviate my headache, although they would never erase the memory of what I had seen that terrible night. That will stay with me for ever.

Okay, so although Audrey said that she couldn't identify the location of the Temple or its whereabouts because she was blindfolded when taken there. She was NOT blindfolded when she made her own way back to London. 
Thus whilst walking away from the house and finding somewhere to doss for the night she could see where she was and could have identified it later. 
She got a lift during daylight, from where she spent the night, and was not blindfolded then so she could track her way back home and therefore could have tracked her way back to the doss point.  
With a little help from the police she could have traced these murderers and stopped any further baby killing or child abuse. But she did not do that. 
That makes her either an accessory to murder or a sectarian liar.   

Additionally from page 66 onwards Harper introduces another ambiguity.  After her initiation she has to find her own way to Virginia Water on the train to attend Coven meetings once every three weeks and is always picked up by a Taxi which has been pre-paid. 
Did the taxi driver make her wear a blind-fold?  Or did she just daydream out of the window not wishing to know where she was going?
The inference is that there was no consistency in the locations she was taken to, but I believe this is just another obfuscation to alleviate Harper from identifying any place the Coven used. 

Of course this would not matter because all Taxi firms have to keep strict records of jobs, pick-ups, destinations, durations, times and payments.   How many taxi firms are there in a small town like Virginia Water?  The police could have easily located the Taxi company the Coven used and traced ALL of their meetings using Taxi records, including who paid for each trip. 
Did Harper tell this part of her story in her interrogation by the Surrey Police in 1988?  
Ah well you see, the benefit of waiting 27 years to tell your story of the sacrifice of a baby is that all trails have gone cold. 
The police obviously realised she was talking nonsense and threw her and her story out.

Lastly, on page 78 Audrey admits that in all her  five years with the Virginia Water Coven no more babies were ever killed and that when a sacrifice was needed they killed a cockerel instead.   She never witnessed a 2nd sacrifice, which actually makes her tale of the first sacrifice so much less believable. 
In my years as a Witch I never witnessed a second human sacrifice.  I did hear of human sacrifices in other covens, but I only ever saw the one at my own iniitiation.....sometimes there would be a blood acrifice but it was always be a Cockerel.
However as usual, she injects further hearsay to confirm the original sectarian lie.  People did tell her that other sacrifices did occur she says. Omitting to say Who told her that rumour?   Which coven were they a part of and when was she told this?  As usual with Harper's narrative every salient detail is missing to prove her Sectarian Lies. 
Do YOU believe this tripe? 
No, neither do I.

Angel Carving at Highgate CemeteryThe Highgate Cemetery Desecration: 

Chapter 6, Page 64

Having dispensed with any semblance of reality to Harper's sacrificed baby story there are one or two other Sectarian Lies which she intersperses in Dance with The Devil which show how Harper wove her story in retrospect.   That is, 'remembered' things to suit 27 years after the event.    To 'prove' her accusations about desecration of Graveyards  Harper quotes a big get-together event where her Coven met with other Witches at Highgate Cemetery in North London.   This is notable because it is the ONLY accusation of criminal desecration which Audrey Harper actually identifies by name.  All the other 'crimes' which her coven commits  in Dance With The Devil are in places she cannot identify with people she does not know, at locations she cannot remember.

But why would a Coven based in Virginia Water want to travel an hour and a half through the centre of London  to get to Highgate Cemetery?   Well now, there's a story here:

Today the Highgate/Hampstead area has been gentrified and many well to do people live there but in the 1960s Highgate cemetery was a dump.  The Victorian cemetery at Highgate (The Western Cemetery) had been more or less abandoned to nature by the local authority.  It was thoroughly overgrown and nature was taking the area back.  Trees and bushes had grown between the graves and had upturned gravestones and pushed off the tops of tomb-slabs. Vandals had assisted the general air of dereliction. In some parts of the cemetery mausoleums had been broken into and coffins containing corpses were freely to be seen. It was a place few people frequented.

Return of The Vampire Hunter news report 1970In the 1960s the interest in Horror and Vampire movies had exploded. 
From 1966 to 1974 the Hammer film company had produced no less than TEN very successful vampire films and many other film companies had produced movies with a vampire slant to catch the same market. 
All of these movies were what is known as Victorian Gothic Horror and Highgate was the epitome of Gothic Horror with it's creepy mausoleums, symbolic figures, broken crosses and broken tombs. It soon became the centre of interest for ghost and vampire hunters. 

At Halloween in 1968 (remember that Harper wroe that she had severed ties with her Virginia Water coven two years earlier in 1966)  officials discovered a strange occurrence at the cemetery. A tomb had been broken open and an iron 'cross' (actually an iron railing) had been driven into the chest of the corpse in true Vampire Fashion.  This created MASSIVE nationwide publicity and made the cemetery a honeypot for Vampire-hunters.

In 1969 two local occult publicity-seekers, Sean Manchester and David Farrant, maximised this publicity for themselves in a flamboyant attempt to find and destroy the so-called 'Highgate Vampire'.  Publicity about Vampires, Ghosts and Witches was a regular occurrence throughout the early 1970s.

In one instance Farrant said he had seen a 'grey phantom' in the cemetery. In another Manchester, using a psychic to divine the Highgate Vampire's whereabouts, had laced a tomb with garlic and performed a banishing spell on it.  

Soon the local newspapers were full of letters from locals who wrote giving their personal experiences of seeing ghoulish things in Highgate cemetery.   For his part Manchester announced he would hold an exorcism for the Highgate Vampire on March 13th 1970 .  This was covered by ITV news.  Within an hour of broadcast a mob of vampire hunters had descended on Highgate cemetery from all over London.  The police could not control them and they swarmed all over the cemetery.  The ensuing publicity was immense. 

 In late August 1970 Farrant was found by police near the cemetery carrying a crucifix and a wooden stake. He was arrested and charged with desecration.  Manchester and Farrant then 'faced off' in 'magical battles' and other promotional stunts, all of which created banner headlines.

You had to be there to see just how much coverage these incident caused. Acres of column inches across local and national newspapers.  There was no-one living in London during the late 1960s and 1970s who did not know about the Highgate Vampire.  It became part of the folklore of the fundies of those days who also jumped on the bandwagon.  However, there was absolutely no genuine Witchcraft, Pagan or Satanic Connection to ANY of it.   

Dickens Satanists Abuse SkeletonsHow the Highgate Vampire was woven into tall tales of Satanic Abuse

Fast forward twenty years to 24th April 1988 and we find Geoffrey Dickens MP, who was part of the Gang of Five trying to foist false accusations of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse onto Britain,  making unproven allegations to the Sunday Times about Witches robbing graves and 'abusing skeletons' in cemeteries. 

Where did Dickens get this information from?   We know that Dickens, a fundie himself, collated rumours and false accusations from other fundies which he accepted as fact without any attempt to investigate the claims. so the legend could have come from anywhere but someone had told him that Witches had dis-entombed corpses from graves and sexually abused the skeletons.  It was barmy but the ONLY incidence of anything remotely like this happening which we can find is linked to the Highgate Vampire scare and is firmly fixed in the fundie mindset, as well as having its own entry on Wikipedia.   

How Geoffrey Dickens and Audrey Harper got acquainted - the genesis of the sacrificed baby.

Audrey Harper says (page 205)  that she joined Dickens' SRA campaign after a speech he made against Witchcraft in the Commons in April 1988. Her first appearance with him was on May 13th 1988 (a fortnight before he made his wacky Satanists Abuse Skeletons accusation )  Harper sat next to him on Central TVs 'Weekend' discussion programme.  During the discussion Dickens turned to Harper and said

 'Audrey, to your knowledge ,is child sacrifice going on?'
Harper replied: 'To my knowledge, yes.'

This weak opinion did not cause anything like the utter sensation that her appearance on The Time and The Place did later in December 1988 where she claimed she had participated in the killing of a baby; because at this point in their campaign the black propaganda of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse had not gained traction with Social Workers and the Media.   However, earlier on page 205 Harper reveals that she had arranged with Dickens what she should say.  Having told him privately that she had witnessed child sacrifice she said that he said 'We must get this on the programme tonight'. She was worried about her legal position but Dickens assuaged her fears.  

Check the Timeline:  Firstly this 'Weekend' programme went out live and was broadcast on the 13th of May 1988 but according to Hansard, Dickens didn't make his first Commons speech about Witchcraft and child-abuse until 15th of May two days AFTER he had met Harper.  Harper can't have written to introduce herself after his commons announcement  if she had met him prior to the CTV programme two days earlier. We think they were put into contact during February by the Reachout Trust.

This is how Harper got onto the SRA bandwagon.

Children Trapped by Lure of the UnknownBy 1987 Harper had joined with The Reachout Trust which had been cultivating believers in SRA for some months.  The core of SRA believers in Reachout were Maureen Davies and Reverend Kevin Logan, Davies acted as an 'occult expert', Logan gave the 'official Christian view' in any publicity.  What they were short of was proof of their SRA allegations. What they needed was a victim of SRA and Audrey, claiming to have been present at a baby sacrifice, fitted the bill nicely.

Harper's story was repeated endlessly in literally hundreds of newspaper articles and TV programmes over the next couple of years and ALWAYS together with quotes from Davies, and Logan.  They cannot deny that they were working in concert to suppress Paganism and establish SRA as real. It was a roadshow of SRA allegations. 

In  1987 Logan and Davies were at the same time in touch with Dianne Core, who ran the child-protection charity Childwatch.  Geoffrey Dickens was Childwatch's Parliamentary Representative, he had been working with Core for several years on other campaigns prior to the SRA panic.  Anything related to SRA usually came from Reachout, through Core to Dickens (see the Pennells' case quoted elsewhere in this website).  Reachout was also a founder member of the Evangelical Alliance.   As you can see there's a web of interconnected self-interest in this network.

Doorways to Danger 1987 Harper story but no SacrificeAfter becoming born-again in 1986 Harper had appeared at local church halls giving talks on her redemption from Satan but her first move into the big-time was her appearance in  Doorways To Danger in October 1987 (see evil background to this pamphlet here)

This infamous fundie tract/leaflet produced by the Evangelical Alliance, contained unfounded stories from other fundie activists on the usual complaints (tarot, ouija boards, astrology etc) and also featured Kevin Logan warning about the 'dangers of the occult'.   Harper's story was detailed as it later appeared in Dance With The Devil but there was no mention of baby sacrifice.   So, a pamphlet produced by the EA which had been inaugurated precisely to deal with perceived threats of Satanic Ritual Abuse and human sacrifice, went to the trouble of publishing a tract warning people against the occult, included Audrey's story, but did not include any claims of human sacrifice.  

In February 1988 Harper appeared in a Chat magazine story which also included an interview with Dianne Core of Childwatch. Core was part of the Gang of Five.  She obtained much of her 'dossier' on occultism from Reverend Kevin Logan whose contributions were often deceitful. He rigged a 'survey' of 300 children to be able to publicise the fact that the majority of them were in the clutches of Occultism when they weren't.  Dickens actually referred to this hoax survey  in his Commons speech about SRA as 'proof' of the threat to children.  There were other instances of Logan claiming that ritual murders had occurred on his home patch when they had not.  That statement, originally made in a radio interview, is important because it caused a police investigation of his claims, and they were proven untrue, just as Audrey Harper's claims of a baby sacrifice would be later in 1988.   The Chat magazine story gave a round up of Audrey's story in Dance With The Devil but again does not include any mention of baby sacrifice. 

Harper says in her book that the first public meeting she did for Reachout Trust was in Colwyn Bay in March 1988 (page 208).   She related her story to the audience of 400 attendees but again did not make any allegations of baby sacrifice. Interestingly part of this crusade meeting involved the exorcism of disturbed people who thought they had been contaminated by exposure to the devil. 

Dianne Core was in close touch with Dickens who was Childwatch's parliamentary representative, therefore we estimate that Harper must have been in touch with Core/Dickens earlier than she stated in her book, probably January/February 1988. 

Geoffrey Dickens first claims of Baby SacrificeAppearing on Central Weekend was therefore a kind of set-up, where Dickens gave Audrey a chance to force the issue on her claims of SRA.  However, interestingly this entire programme was more of a setup than we first thought because the Witch who produced a voodoo doll of Geoffrey Dickens and threatened to stick pins in it was one Beth Gurevitch. By doing so she alienated the audience from the other Pagans present. However Gurevitch, a fortune teller and 'headshop' owner from Birmingham, had spent the last month actually liaising with Dickens and Core giving insider information to smear occultism with.  She provided him with information to put in his infamous Satan Dossier which he promised to send to the Home Secretary but never did.   Why was she threatening to stick pins in a doll of Dickens?  Why did Dickens and Gurevitch act like enemies when they were colleagues?  By producing the voodoo doll she nicely 'confirmed' the nastiness of Witchcraft in the public's mind and derailed the arguments of the Genuine pagans in the debate!    Viewers sucked it in.   Not only viewers.  30 years later the granddaughter of Geoffrey Dickens also fell for it at face value and made a fool of herself here.

By 19th Sept 1988 Geoffrey Dickens felt that belief in SRA was so strong in the populace that he was able to claim in British newspapers that 'Children were Being Sacrificed to the Devil'.  We don't know what evidence he based this claim on other than the word of Harper.   All his previous allegations had referred to children being physically and sexually abused in Satanic rites, not killed. This is the first time he accused Satanists of killing children.  

4,000 kids sacrificedThe next astonishing claim of child sacrifice made by one of the Gang of Five occurred on 15th November 1988 less than a month before Harper outed herself on The Time and Place.  When talking to the USA newspaper The New Federalist  Diane Core, Dickens' close confidant,  claimed that  4,000 children a year were being sacrificed in the UK alone in Satanic Rituals.  This was obviously a completely ridiculous and insupportable claim, yet Core probably thought no one in Britain would ever see it.  They did, courtesy of the SAFF, and it ruined her reputation in the social work world.  

So let's recap the Timeline:

1986 Harper is converted to Christianity.
1986 Harper lectures to churches and the fundie network about her redemption.
1987 Harper joins Reachout Trust
1987 October: Harper Appears in Doorways to Danger - No baby sacrifice claimed
1988: February: Harper appeared in a Chat magazine - No baby sacrifice claimed
1988 February:  Harper Makes first contact with Geoffrey Dickens through Core after appearing with her in Chat mag article.
1988: March 13th:  I Was Satan's Virgin Sacrifice' article in the Sunday Sport. Harper gives full story of her initiation as it will later appear in Dance With The Devil - not only is no baby sacrifice claimed, a Cockerel is sacrificed instead. 
1988 March: Harper Speaks to audience of 400 at Colwyn Bay.  No baby sacrifice claimed.
1988 May 13th 1988 Appears on CTV Weekend with Geoffrey Dickens.  Baby sacrifice claims first muted in passing but do not create a sensation.
1988 15th of May Dickens makes first announcement of threat of SRA in House of Commons.
1988 September 19th: Geoffrey Dickens claims in British newspapers that 'Children are Being Sacrificed to the Devil'. 
1988 October:  SHE magazine special Devil Hides Out on SRA interviews Audrey under 'The Witch's Tale' 
        No baby sacrifice claimed.
  Here it is a cockerel which is sacrificed instead.
1988 November 15th Dianne Core claims 4,000 children are killed every year in Satanism.
1988 December 1st:  Harper announces she was present at the Sacrifice of a baby on the Time and the Place TV programme.
1988 December 6:  Surrey Police begin investigation, question Harper for 3 hrs and find 'No Case To Answer'.
1988 December 6: The Post prints details of Audrey Harper's  baby sacrifice allegations a 2nd time. When she was asked why she confessed on the Time and the Place programme she replies:

 "I just  found myself telling the presenter...I'm glad that I did, this problem has got to come out".

1988 December:  Surrey police investigation into Harper's story concludes saying there's absolutely no evidence to support Harper's claims. It is utterly ignored by the national and local media, who continue to print SRA allegations from her and others in the Gang of Five regardless.

The result is, dear reader, that today, as you read this, MILLIONS of fundies on the internet believe an outright Sectarian Lie.  Witches DO NOT sacrifice babies, children, adults or animals of any kind and never have done.

Today's self-appointed Witchfinder General,  Wilfred Wong tells MILLIONS of gullible people who trust him

"Satanist covens which committed human sacrifice were in existence in England as far back  as 1961.
So the existence and the extent of SRA that exists today is much bigger than when Audrey joined the coven, back in 1961. And what they were doing is very similar to what the covens do today, "

So, without ANY evidence other than the very dubious tales of Audrey Harper, Wong seeks to Inspire hatred in other Christians against Paganism. This is not only immoral and against the Religious Hatred laws in the UK but it also breaks the Bibles own rules.  Proverbs 6: 16-19 clearly says so. 


Witches DO NOT sacrifice babies, children, adults or animals of any kind and never have done. Anyone who says different is an evil Sectarian Liar who disrupts society and should be shunned in their own community and prosecuted for Religious Hatred.

By John Freedom
with Arnold Frampton



The Modern History of Fundamentalist Agitation:

Fundamentalist Christian agitators almost universally come from the 'new churches' (Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist etc) which hang on the coat-tails of Catholicism and the established Anglican Church.  These people seek evidence of God's Work in freestyle ceremonies and psychodramas which seek to create religious mania to gain influence over nominal Christians whom they consider are insufficiently pious and prey to Satan.  

The development of so-called 'House Churches' where Fundie disciples were sent in to a  'sinful' area and, using the cover of ordinary Christianity wormed their way into the local communal scene and began holding services for small groups in their house or flat, 'seeding' a religious community which constantly sought out evidence of Satan to frighten nominal Christians into line.  This is EXACTLY what happened with the Satan Myth, coteries of Fundies worked together to foist the biggest hoax of the 20th century onto this country and, as can be seen by the Three Blind Mice video are still doing it today.

Part of the process is called in Fundiespeak 'witnessing'.  The religious activists go into the seediest and most deprived areas and seek out vulnerable people who had become involved with drugs, violence, crime and reached a low ebb in their lives.  The process involves befriending such 'lost souls' and slowly making them psychologically ( and often materially) dependent upon the Fundie group set.   The way that these lost-souls paid the group back for saving them from dissolution was to submit to Exorcism, a kind of public hyper-confession where demons ( negative desires and sinful experiences) were rattled to the surface and 'healed'  to drive out 'Satan'.   Exorcism confabulated life-stories were created to account for the evil that had now been assuaged.   From then on these converts had to 'witness' in front of the Church congregati
on and anyone who would listen, as to their 'redemption' from Satan.

'I was on the slippery slope of drugs, fell into prostitution to pay for it, did abominable things (long list of disgusting experiences here) and then just when I thought my life was finished I was saved by Jesus, hallelujah!'


Doreen Irvine at the time she wrote From Witchcraft to ChristHowever, some converts were far more inventive and dramatic in their story-telling.  The first of these Christian Converts to set the scene for claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse was undoubtedly Doreen Irvine who in 1973 wrote the best selling 'From Witchcraft to Christ' . It hardly mentioned 'Satanists' because  Satanists were few and far between at the time, the condemnation from Irvine was concentrated on 'Witchcraft' as the title shows, because in 1951 the Witchcraft Act (which had been in place since 1735) was repealed and the Fraudulent Mediums Act enacted in its place.  

There was already a small caucus of Pagans in the UK which had for decades kept 'The Old Religion' alive, consisting mostly of ancient healing methods and herbal knowledge, divination systems and shamanic lore which were handed down in families.  These few cells of Paganism dotted around the country became  known as 'The Hereditary Craft' and were unknown to mainstream society.   Interest in Ancient Paganism and prehistoric religions was always bubbling under the surface.  In  1899 Charles Leyland had published his 'Aradia, Gospel of the Witches' and in 1930s  egyptologist Margaret Murray wrote her seminal 'Witch Cult in Western Europe' and in 1931  'The God of The Witches', but these were academic offerings, now, after the anachronistic Witchcraft Law was repealed, other people came forward who were ACTUAL witches, in particular Gerald B Gardner (the 'Father of Modern Witchcraft') who published his famous 'Witchcraft Today' a book which purported to chart a continuous sub-culture of Paganism throughout history. 

 The ground was set for a resurgence in 'The Old Religion' and by the 1960s interest was growing fast in 'Wicca'  a modern reconstruction of ancient rites and ceremonies from the Classical religions laced with prehistoric religion and history.  At last, after over a thousand years of persecution and suppression by the Church, the original prehistoric shamanistic religions which our ancestors used and which had affected all our history was being uncovered and practised, sensibly, responsibly and sincerely by Neo-Pagans.  The stories of Black Masses and Human Sacrifice were simply lies put out by the Church to suppress Paganism which had been the established religion of the British Isles for thousands of years prior to Christian missionaries arriving here in the 7th century.   

This unleashed an interest in Witchcraft which extended right across social boundaries and which the Media began to capitalise on for all it was worth.  In typical form the Tabloids featured salacious tales of naked witchcraft orgies and 'Black Masses'.  Basically a reinforcement of the lies of the Church in the minds of the masses. King of the witches Alex Sanders Only later in the 1970s would the media wake up to the fact that Witchcraft/Paganism was a genuine religion which harmed no one and helped many.

A number of 'celebrity witches' worked-up the tits and bums aspect to get press coverage, principally Alex and Maxine Sanders and their coven who were forever being photographed naked in magic circles and delighted in the title of 'King and Queen of the Witches'.  Real witches do not have Kings or Queens but note that when Irvine wrote her book she included a story about having been chosen as 'The Queen of The Witches'.  This denoted that she had been reading Sunday Tabloid nonsense derived from Sanders' articles and worked the lie into her fictional account )  


All this pro-withcraft coverage shocked the Christian community who saw it as the Tribulations prophesied in the Bible prior to Jesus' second coming.

A campaign was started to try to discredit Witchcraft but NO MENTION OF THE KILLING OF BABIES OR HARM TO CHILDREN WAS EVER MENTIONED. Their complaints were about immorality and lewdness.  In reality it was an attempt to try to disgrace Witchcraft in the minds of the populace so that Paganism could not flourish in competition with Christianity.  In fact what the Church had repetitively done over the centuries.

Irvine made tens of thousands of pounds out of her pot-boiler From Witchraft To Christ which captured the Christian Pound and influenced many other Christian activists, Audrey Harper for one and Caroline Marchant.  She donated a lot of it to Christian groups to assist their work in converting nominal Christians to true believers, mostly to The Zion Christian Temple at Yate, near Bristol.  Ironically Irvine was later involved in 'counselling' Caroline Marchant, there.  Marchant was the tragic SRA Victim Imposter who eventually committed suicide in Reverend Kevin Logan's 'SRA Safe House'.  The SAFF have a detailed review of Irvine's book here;

The main take-away from From Witchcraft to Christ was that it was nonsense. A poorly researched, badly written, dull Christian polemic designed to be read by other Christians to help them abominate the upsurge of interest in Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism.  Like all such imagined dramas there is just enough of a thread of reality which runs through the fantasy to stitch the story together but never enough details to actually have anything forensically checked.  Ultimately like all such polemics from fundamentalists it fails to understand the difference between Witchcraft / Paganism and Satanism.


  Neo-Paganism is a reformation of the Classic Mystery traditions. Witchcraft was the ceremonial magic of those traditions.  Neopaganism has nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism; there is no devil figure in Witchcraft cosmology.  Today Neo-Paganism is officially recognised as a genuine religion and hundreds of thousands of good people follow it in the Western World. 

It was in fact Paganism which spawned the rise of a respect for the Ecology and the Green Movement.  The SAFF conducted an important survey of just over 1,000 occultists and pagans in 1989 and published The historic The Occult Census (download a copy from here) which analysed their beliefs and activities. It showed that out of the 1000 sample only 3% had a serious interest in Neo-Satanism, that is, the Hedonistic self-indulgent atheist philosophy first espoused by Anton LaVey.  Neo-Satanism uses the trappings of Church Myth Satanism to shock but true Satanists don't believe in the Devil either!    In short to be the type of Satanist which fundies complain about you have to have been a lapsed Christian first.  Without that it doesn't make sense.


Anton La Vey says do the seven deadly sinsOnce Doreen Irvine had set the (low) standard there were a small number of other high-profile influential books written along similar lines but still the term Satanism was infrequent and the term 'Satanic Abuse' unheard of.

It was the popularisation of Satanism by Anton LaVey which caught the public's attention in the U.S. in the late 1960s and brought the term 'Satanism' into common use.  LaVey set up the Church of Satan in California in 1966 and charged subscriptions for postal membership. Anyone could buy a CoS membership card to impress the girls.    He attracted a lot of the Hollywood/LA entertainment crowd and got a lot of media coverage for his Satanic Hedonism which seemed to reflect the preoccupation of the me society of the 1960s.

This caused shock-waves through U.S. fundamentalist churches (always ready to see the signs of the Tribulation before Jesus' second coming) and they attacked him mercilessly on TV shows and in newspapers.  Precisely what LaVey wanted. 

In Front Cover of The Satanic Bible1969 LaVey did the unthinkable, he published his Satanic Bible.  Although this contained very little to complain about, no direct attack on Christianity and non-criminal liturgies which would offend very few, it was seen as a direct threat to their own teachings by fundamentalist Christians.  The title alone was an abomination! 

Further Shock-horror came in 1972 when LaVey published his 'Satanic Rituals' which outlined the full ceremonies of his reconstituted Satanic Religion. The shock was that there was nothing in the book which was illegal and certainly nothing to do with harming children.  What did that matter to the fundies?  It took several more years for the Church of Satan to make inroads into the U.K. and make LaVey's reconstructed Satanism popular here. 

The fundamentalist agenda now turned to trying to suppress Witchcraft AND Satanism by confusing the two separate philosophies. Though Satanism and Neopaganism were entirely different, had different rituals and liturgies they were all treated as 'satanic' and bad-mouthed by the fundies.   In order to do this the 'converts' who  were being exorcised out of past 'sins' were now lead to confabulate not just stories about drugs, prostitution, and pornography, but false experiences of Satanic Rituals and heinous black masses.    

There  has not been one case in the past 30 years, since the idea of SRA was floated by the fundies which confirms their beliefs. Not one child murder. Not one gang of SRA abusers caught. No bodies, no bones, no forensic evidence of ANY kind to support their contentions.


By Tony Rhodes,

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