An Arial view of Broxtowe Housing Estate

Shocking Truths Behind the Broxtowe False Satanic Ritual Abuse Case

SAFF Time-line Reveals How Obsessed Satan Hunters Imposed Satanic Motifs on the Broxtowe Case.

In this exclusive timeline we have interspersed important dates from the Broxtowe case and the progression of the SRA myth happening around it so  that observers can see just how the Broxtowe case was infected with fundamentalist lies.  To make separation a little easier entries specifically referring to Broxtowe are shown in blue.

Timeline Begins 1980;

1980: November 1st"Michelle Remembers" a well publicised book alleging Satanic Abuse of Children based on the false therapy-memories of one Michelle Smith. Published by her Canadian psychiatrist Lawrence Pazder.  This book is seminal to the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Some people think it created the scare. The book has since been proven a confabulation of what Pazder wanted to believe based on twisted understandings of Freuds' work and his vulnerable patient's imagination. 

1980: [Alice] taken into care aged 2.5yrs

1981: July 27th: Adam Walsh, a 6 year old boy, abducted from a mall in Hollywood, FLa.  and murdered by perpetrator/s still unknown. Adam's father inaugurates The Adam Walsh Centre.

1983 August: The notorious McMartin Infant School claimed SRA case erupts. Will not be finally thrown out in court until January 1990.
1983: TV drama screened in USA about Adam Walsh
1983: September: This was closely followed by the Jordan Minnesota case in which there were allegations of babies being stabbed.
1984: Video made about child sex abuse made with the Adam Walsh Centre - it used the Childrens International consultants chiefly Kee McFarlane of McMartin 'fame' 
1984 June 28: Richard Ramirez (the Nightstalker serial killer) begins his reign of terror in San Francisco. In a year he kills 13 people and the U.S. public is in a state of hysteria.

1985 August 30: Ramirez is caught bang to rights. He declares himself a Satanist and more or less single handedly starts the cult-cop genre. Actually NOT ONE of his killings had any satanic connection. He used any weapon to hand, most killings were impromptu during burglaries etc. Nothing 'ritual' was involved. He was just an evil killer.

1985: Randy Emon the most widely interviewed 'Cult-Cop' in America begins his personal Christian campaign against Satanic Abuse. 

1985: Hamilton, Ontario SRA case trial begins. One of the longest in Canadian legal history, after two children were lead to make false accusation by believers in SRA.

1986: July 9: First children came under suspicion of being abused in Cleveland. In her book Speak of the Devil, Prof. Jean La Fontaine makes it clear (pp18) that allegations of SRA did first occur in the U.K. in relation to some of the Cleveland mass lifts children.

1986: Ray Wyre teams up with Norma Howes and discredited SRA expert Pamela Klein. Howes and Klein start an independent child care agency.

1986: July - December: [Colin] was only 3 years of age when he went into care in Nottingham in December 1986 and was only 4 years of age when he was trying to recall events 'that could only have happened between July and December 1986', when he was two and a half years old.

1986: August; Australia was host to the largest child abuse conference in its history, the Sixth International Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect. It was held in Sydney and was attended by Summit, MacFarlane, Heger, and Finkelhor, All key players in the McMartin Pre-school scandal. All supporters of the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

1986: September 9th-12th. Sandi-Gallant speaks at The Emergence of Ritualistic Crime seminar hosted by CCIN (Cult Crime Impact Network) a group of sectarianly prejudiced Christian fundamentalist policemen who invent indicators and tick-sheets of Satanic and Ritualistic Crime as well as promulgating specious dates of abuse ceremonies and sacrifices. Other speakers were Pat Pulling (the first to scaremonger about children being sucked into the occult by Fantasy Games, particularly Dungeons and Dragons), and psychiatrist Lawrence Pazder who helped Michelle Smith remember what turned out to be a shed-load of fantasies about SRA

Emergence of Ritualistic Crime 1986 CCIN satan seminar in U.S.

In this sect-fest of prejudice and untested assumptions Gallant tells the audience:
  "Satanism is the worship of the Devil and of yourself. It is a self-centered, self-gratifying religious system... Satan's goal is to defeat God's plan of Grace  and to establish his kingdom of evil In order to ruin man.  Satan needs men and women alive to accomplish his  work for him, because he Is a disembodied spirit. "  
By November 1990 Gallant repudiates her approach at this conference and admits bias but before then she helps spin the SRA myth in the U.K. in the Colchester Gazette (see below)

1987: January:  [Colin] had six therapy sessions between January and August 1987.  These included NSPCC 'disclosure toys' designed to symbolically represent good  and evil which the children played with to elicit information about their abuse. They included
*  Witches costumes
*  Monsters placed in a circle in sand
*  Flowing gowns
*  Snakes
*  Spiders
*  Small unclothed baby dolls buried in the sand
*  Toy syringes for extracting blood
*  A toy medical kit
*  Masks
*  Mr Pooh Bear
[Alice] and [Christine] were also involved in therapy sessions at the NSPCC Unit.

1987: March to August: "All we have been able to learn from [Colin]'s records is that he was involved in eight play therapy sessions at his Area Office... when he would have been three and a half but we do not know the content of these." When the JET report asked for these records and transcripts from the director of social services he said they shouldn't be investigating the social workers and refused to let JET have them. Cover Up!

 "Likewise the NSPCC Unit refused to let us have the video tapes and records of the work done there with [Alice] and [Christine].  In view of this although we have never doubted that the children were sexually abused we cannot come to any informed  conclusion as to whether any earlier therapy work with the 'Broxtowe' children has influenced  their subsequent disclosures about SRA and we have not had the opportunity to check with the social workers our judgements on their work with the children or [June]
Cover Up! 

1987: Cult-Cop Randy Emon
founded the Christian Occult Investigators Network (COIN) to 'provide balanced and accurate information to the law enforcement and Christian community on occultism.' Later Emon was to say:   "I now realize that during the intervening years, misinformation was disseminated."  his full retraction is given in the main article on the right. Note: Maureen Davies a fundamentalist Christian who headed up the SRA section of the U.K. Reachout Trust was in touch with COIN and accepting information from them when lecturing at Satan Seminars and talks to British police officers to convince them that SRA existed.

1987: Evangelical Alliance publish Doorways to Danger: a religious tract attacking all forms of esoteric and occult activity and belief, including Astrology, Hypnosis, tarot cards, ouija boards etc. See main article for importance.

1987: October:  Seven children of an extended family in Nottinghamshire were removed from home on suspicion that they had been sexually abused by their parents and relatives.

1987: October 20th:  A foster parent took [Laura], [Maureen] and [Donald] to visit [Colin] on the 20.10.87, the day after they came into care, and again two days later and that there was continued contact between the children.

1987: November: 27th:  After being in care for a year [Colin] beings to talk about 'Witches'.

1988: January 21st [Colin] first talks about 'killing sheep' and babies being killed  

1988: Colchester Evening Gazette runs FIRST full page article on SRA allegations in UK by interviewing Sandi
Gallant, U.S. 'cult-cop' . The Author of the interview is Gordon Thomas.

Talk of the Devil, Sandi-Gallant and First article on Satanic Ritual Abuse

Later on, in 1990, Sandi Gallant admits that at the time of this article her opinions were 'not objective' and says she has 'never issued warnings' nor said that Satanists were sacrificing animals or killing children.

1988: January: Having been prompted by her sister's talk.  [Alice], now 11 years old but who had been in care for the past 8 years, then talks about witches, a "baby doll" with a willie being used, being buried in the garden, eating spiders.

1988: February: 9th:  Ray Wyre's  first briefing of the foster parents about Satanic Ritual Abuse occurs, having been contracted to Social Services as an expert he, gave a presentation to the foster parents using the Satanic Indicators of an alleged American Expert .

1988: February 19th:  After Ray Wyre's presentation on the 9th February 1988 social workers said Lily talked about the murder of babies and the bath being full of blood.

1988: February: 27th: [Colin] first talks about 'blood in the bath',

1988: March: 3rd: [Colin] first mentions the name 'Selina' (3.3.88),

1988: March: 10th: [Colin] mentions the name of Mr. Brown, 'the first stranger'

1988: March 16/18th Hull Daily Mail reports that local Vicar Rev Michael Vernon voices fears after Childwatch founder Dianne Core claimed that 8 year olds were being forced into satanic rituals.

1988: March: Tim Tate first interviews Pamela Klein in Chicago about paedophile rings.

1988: March 24th: Dianne Core invites in FBI agent and confirmed Satan Hunter Ted Gunderson and 'a US child psychologist' to 'deprogram' youngsters supposedly caught in 'black magic' ring. Obtains front page publicity from Hull Star. In the article reference is made to Kevin Logan's survey of 300 Blackburn children. (See 8th Sept 1991 for outcome)

1988: March 26th. Pamela Klein and Jacquie Balodis (who claims to have more than 100 'alters' (multiple personalities) are reported as training Kansas City area police and mental health professionals. Source: Kansas City Times

1988: April 15th: The  Hull Star reports SATANS PERVERTS MAY BE UNMASKED and reveals that the Childwatch 'Dossier' will be presented before parliament earlier that day. In fact there is no dossier. Childwatch's parliamentary representative,the odious Geoffrey DickensMP spoke in an adjournment debate and made sensational allegations about a supposed conspiracy of witches and satanists who are abusing children in the U.K.  These were picked up wholesale by the Media and became a national issue.

1988: June: [Colin] passes the Church at the back of Wollaton Park (previously identified by the other children) and stated that it was the 'Devil's Church'.

1988: June:  The Police refused to accept any more of the diaries drawn up by the foster-mothers of the Broxtowe children.  They indicated that they would no longer be prepared to investigate disclosures claiming ritual abuse. 

1988: June 9th: Hull Star reports that the childwatch group has employed a private detective to investigate claims that two East Hull children are missing school regularly in order to attend 'black magic sessions'.

1988: July: The Broxtowe children only start to identify other locations in the context of witch parties when the foster parents had been asked to take the children around to identify locations. 

1988: July 7th: [Colin] claims that his daddy took a baby up in a balloon and stabbed it and then cooked it.

1988: August: After questioning by her foster mother [Roberta] claims that her father cut her stomach open in the living room and that the doctors and nurses at the hospital were witches who came to the witch parties. It is later established that the scar is from an old incision.

1988: August 22nd: [June] the third member of the extended family who had earlier 'corroborated' the children makes a statement of retraction to the Police.

1988: August 31st: after his social worker left that day [Colin] talked non-stop about ghosts and snakes.

1988: September 15th: "It is not exaggerating to say that in the past year I and others working for childwatch have stared Satan in the face. I see him in  the eyes of children who  have  been involved in Satanic cults.   Innocents drawn into the most sinister and evil spider's   web  woven by depraved and  corrupt adults who live permanently in the shadow of the devil. We  will  do everything we can to expose and to break these people.  Children  are born in Gods name and in Gods name they must be protected."  Dianne Core in  Hull  Daily Mail.  

1988: October 17th: The Independent runs article supporting  Maureen Davies' accusations about the occult. Including an interview  with a mother who claims her son became possessed through occult  involvement.  Also contains supportive expert advice from Dr Stuart  Checkley and  Dr  Russell Blacker (psychiatrists)

1988: October: Sandi-Gallant gives detailed 3 page interview to Green Egg magazine. Admits fundamentalists have tainted cases in the U.S.. Admits that social workers ramp-up instances by misinterpreting what children say.

1988: October: Just in time for Halloween, Geraldo Rivera U.S. talk-show  screens 'Devil Worship: exposing Satan's Underground.' The title based on Lauren Stratford's best selling book of what turned out to be abject lies 'Satan's Underground' (still on SRA hunters' reading lists) institutionalises the idea of SRA in the American Mind.  Includes Interviews with 'Ozzy Osbourne, Michael Aquino, Jacqui Balodis, Ted Gunderson, amongst many others. Osbourne and Aquino were also later interviewed and filmed for the Cook Report The Devil's Work, released in Britain a year later.

1988: October: The first Australian SRA case was caused by a woman in Sydney, New South Wales, who  reported to police her suspicion that her three-year-old daughter was being abused at her day care center by a man named "Mr. Bubbles."

1988: November 3rd  Dianne Core is interviewed by Lyndon LaRouche's mouthpiece, The New Federalist. The extensive article is published on November 15th, and says she is : "Investigating the people who run these satanic groups but we have not yet gotten to the hierarchy of individuals and entities who actualy control Satanism in Britain. The hierarchy she added 'cover their tracks very well and are protected at the highest levels. But there will be quite big court cases in relation to Satanism and young children she added ' For example, in Nottingham we have knowledge of 17 children who have been put into care after being subjected to horrific rituals. This shows that Core was exchanging information with insiders in the Broxtowe case at least as early as 1988.

1988: December:  At the December 1988 meeting the Police reported that there was no evidence to suggest SRA in the Broxtowe case.

1988: January 10th:  [Maureen] claims that all the family killed and ate a man on a boat  and Mr. Pooh Pants burnt a body

1989: January 19th:  Helga La Rouche opens the Martin Luther King Tribunal  on  Satanism in Rome at which Dianne Core, paid advisor to the Cook Report and official representative of Geoffrey Dickens MP who had for a year previously scaremongered about SRA, attended. HLR says: " In England, as we will hear from Mrs. Core, per year approximately 4000 children die in human sacrifice."  The JET report notes elsewhere: We had previously been made aware that an extreme right wing branch attaching itself to the Republican Party run by Lyndon La Rouche had been spreading material throughout the USA claiming that Day Centre Workers, Social Workers and other 'lefties' were Satanists abusing children and that this was part of a communist conspiracy to undermine the family. (N.B. The Martin Luther King Tribunal has nothing to do with Martin Luther King or his legacy)

1989: January: 22nd: [Colin] first mentions 'Mr Pooh Pants' Pooh of course being one of the 'disclosure dolls' he had been playing with at the NSPCC unit.

1989: February:   Ten adults, both male and female, appeared at Nottingham Crown Court charged with 53 offences of incest, indecent assault and cruelty against 21 of the children of their extended family and extensive terms of imprisonment were imposed.

1989 March 13th  The NSPCC hold a press conference to make their first sensational allegations of SRA being prevalent across Britain. It causes massive nationwide publicity (see main text for implications) 

April: 1989 : Chicago Satan Hunter Pamela Klein 
"who specializes in ritual child abuse cases, conducted training seminars in Great Britain to social workers while in the city of Nottingham.  Not long after her training course where she stated, "Satanism will sweep Britain," reported cases of satanic ritual abuse begin to surface.  Children began to describe bodies being cooked in microwave ovens and eaten, tunnels where children were taken to be abused, and people dancing around a circle while children were being abused." Source:

1989: April 9th:  Jacquie Balodis's first entry into the British SRA hysteria was in a front-page article for the Sunday Sport The infamous headline ran: 'I Skinned My Baby For Satan'. The paper reported that Balodis said she had confessed to skinning and eating her babies in satanic rituals and 'bred' children to be sacrificed. Although she hailed from Garden Grove in California, the newspaper reported Balodis saying that her experiences had happened 'here' in the U.K.which ramped-up the hysteria even more. 

I skinned my baby for satan - says Jacqui Balodis with help from Pamela Klein

APRIL  1989:  First Satan Seminar. Held in  Royal Society of Medicine rooms in London. Sponsored by and organised by the Association of Christian Psychiatrists. Dianne Core and Maureen Davies lecture to an audience of 150 people about Satanic Ritual Abuse.
Maureen  Davies 'shares' Satanic  Abuse  information to 'bring  about  an introduction in the medical field of the problem of  Satanic  Ritual Abuse.'  

1989: May 5th:  Kevin Logan, a colleague of Dianne Core and compatriot of Maureen Davies at the Reachout Trust performs an 'exorcism' ceremony on kids from Hull and Nottingham  who are 'wards of court' . The 'exorcism' ceremony in which the kids 'looked bewildered' was filmed for the Cook Report and shown in The Devil's Work in July. Daily Mirror 5th May 1989.

1989: May 8th:  After watching a Blue Peter programme on the caves under Nottingham a Broxtowe child identifies this as a place where there were monsters.

1989: July 10th: The Joint Enquiry Team (JET) is  set up and immediately commences work. It arranges meetings with the social workers responsible for the children of the extended T. family.

1989 JULY 17: The Cook Report Special: 'The Devil's Work' is broadcast. Designed to reveal the  threat of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  Researched and co-produced by Tim Tate. it features, Maureen Davies, Dianne Core, Kevin Logan, Audrey Harper,  Ray Wyre.  The programme refers to the Broxtowe Case as proof of the existence of SRA.  Judith Dawson works on the helplines afterwards.

1989 July 17th:  Headline: OFFENSIVE LAUNCHED AGAINST SATANIC CHILD ABUSERS, The NSPCC child protection society warned tonight that it was becoming "increasingly concerned" about the ritualistic abuse of children in occult ceremonies. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children urged parents and professionals not to simply dismiss childrens' accounts as "fantasy" but to listen and offer help and protection. A national network of counsellors is to be created to offer support to both the youngsters and adults lured into satanic covens and abused. In the last year about 20 cases have come to light of children being subjected to abuse by occult worshippers and it is widely thought such a figure is just the tip of the iceberg." Yet six months earlier the NSPCC had told JET that 'they had no information to give us on SRA!'

July 1989: Gordon Thomas is a freelance writer and sometime Associated Press editor who is bylined as sub-editing the NSPCC Satan Scare Press Release (July 1989) giving the already sensational comments an extra twist towards the occult.  He is also the author of the book 'ENSLAVED' (Bantam) (published in september 1990) about child slavery.  In May 1990 he appeared on the RTE Gerry Ryan Radio Show concerning SRA and also wrote THE KNOCK EVERY MOTHER  FEARS  article which during the same month featured in the Manchester Evening News (May 16th 1990).  The NSPCC's report did not include any mention of witchcraft or satanism or satanic ritual abuse or any other occult term but these statements were added to the AP wire and this sensationalism was subsequently taken up widely by the British Press, national and local.  There was a hysterical SRAM article in the Sunday Independent which was also  Thomas' work. Enslaved includes contributions from Sandi Gallant and Susan Davidson, (a recovered memory survivor who became the head of the Adam Walsh Centre in 1984). Kevin Logan is also featured in Thomas's book. When the SAFF wrote to Kevin Barratt, the NSPCCs Press and Information Officer about AP hyping their press report he replied "It is not our job to correct any misinterpretation by the press"

SEPTEMBER 1989: Norma Howes & Pamela Klein (Child Abuse Consultants group) organised a crucial conference on satanic abuse at Reading where 230 child protection workers attended. Judith Dawson and Christine Johnston leaders of Team4 in the Broxtowe case disclosed the 'horrors' of the Broxtowe case publicly for the first time.  U.S. Cult-cop Jerry Simandl claimed a baby had been cooked in a microwave oven during a satanic ceremony. According to the JET report one week later [Norman], one of the Broxtowe children made allegations of babies being cooked in a microwave oven.  "Coincidentally he made this disclosure within a week of social work staff attending the Reading Conference on child abuse and learning there from Jerry Simandl (who produced the second set of Satanic indicators used by Social Services) that children in the USA had reported babies being cooked in microwave ovens."

1989: December: Join Enquiry Team report finalised. Concludes that Satanic Ritual Abuse did not happen in the Broxtowe case and was the result of crusading social workers and foster mothers who pushed the children into fantasising it.

1990: January :  The McMartin case, the largest and most expensive criminal trial in USA history ends with the acquittal of all those falsely accused of SRA. It was all completely untrue.

1990: May: The satanic cult scenario was introduced to New Zealand, when Pamela Klein spoke to a child sexual abuse conference, she referred to "horrific satanic cult situations," and went on to claim that children in satanic cults were "purposely programmed to develop multiple personalities"

1990: Bishop of Oxford Richard Harris tells Radio 4 listeners on the BBC that by the year 2000, Satanists would be sacrificing one baby a minute.

1991: Sept 8th: Daily Mail reports CAMPAIGNER BLAMED AFTER SEX ABUSE SUSPECTS GO FREE: 'The actions of Dianne Core lead to two accused men walking free...'  The gist is that police say Core interfered in a regular 'cast iron' case of child abuse in 1988 and compromised it by trying to impose Satanic Abuse onto it.
1992: November: The mother of a child, whose reported abuse managed to list all 16 of Pamela Hudson's satanic indicators, demanded at the depositions hearing that Hudson be brought to New Zealand as an "expert" witness. Her son, for example, had told of how he had been "forced to kill a boy and animals" (Christchurch Press, November 13, 1992).

Sandi Gallant admitting she got it wrong

Timeline ends - N.B. This Timeline is not exhaustive.  For clarity we have not included hundreds of similar articles and accusations which we have in our Research Library but which  were either peripheral to the Broxtowe players or which duplicated the points we were trying to make.  Fuller background on some of the happenings in the Timeline are covered in the main body of the article alongside. 

World Copyright The SAFF June 2016

List of SRA allegations which appear in the Children's Diaries (the diaries kept by the Foster-Mothers and written up by them for each child)

The JET people said: "We decided that we needed to undertake a much more detailed study of the Children's Diaries as they were the "foundation stone" for the belief in the existence of Satanic ritual abuse in the Broxtowe cases and the view that other children were at risk. The children in the Broxtowe case talked about the following:-

  1.   babies being killed by being jumped upon and then left in the garages

  2.   babies being cut out of female members of the families' tummies

  3.   babies being shot and put in the garages

  4.   babies being taken from next door and from across the road and having their heads bashed on the floor

  5.   babies being thrown on the bonfire

  6.   a naughty policeman killing babies

  7.   the family having dead babies hung around their necks

  8.   babies being killed and buried in the front garden

  9.   a monster getting our babies

  10.   digging up babies in a field

  11.   babies being stabbed in a balloon and cooked in the oven

  12.   killing people at witch parties

  13.   a lady and little girl being shot, chopped up and put in the river in a bin (or variant - buried by the river)

  14.   a Highman, living in a big castle full of sharks and boats, eating children

  15.   Jesus being chopped up and eaten off a silver pad

  16.   all their family eating a man killed in a boat

  17.   an uncle killing a man cutting him up and putting him in a bag after going to a fantastic castle in a boat with Mr. Pooh Pants and the local vicar

  18.   a child being cut with a knife and being made to drink the blood put in a cup

  19.   killing children with a knife in the stomach

  20.   one of the children's tummies being cut open by her father in the living room and then taken to hospital

  21.   the children themselves being killed and magicked better

  22.   the witches killing a baby taken out of a female member of the family's tummy and then making it better

  23.   the children eating the spiders and being killed

  24.   all of the children being killed at parties

  25.   "I'm Superman at the parties and I kill all the witches"

  26.   the family witches kill a big sheep brought in a plastic box with their finger nails and take it to the hospital to get better and bring it back

  27.   we sit in a circle with the neighbours' kids - ten of them. They stick a knife into the sheep - the witches laugh and put the blood into a jug and then uncle shoots it

  28.   Aunty brings the sheep in a cage - they stab them and put the blood in a jug

  29.   the family chop the sheep's head off - wanted the blood to drink

  30.   a Church where the murderers hang you  being sexually abused in an underground room at the Church, all the family and neighbours dressing up there as witches, clowns and ghosts

  31.   witch parties in pubs and Churches

  32. all the family going to hospital dressed up as witches and ghosts, clowns and monsters to abuse the babies - there the doctors and nurses watched

  33.   doctors and nurses dressed as witches attending witch parties

  34.   big house with little house nearby with circular raised swimming pool, secret room four poster bed and grandfather clock where you are sexually abused

  35.   a swimming pool with crocodiles, sharks and dragon that kill the children

  36.   swimming under water to a big room from Captain Calais' boat

  37.   a real lion in a cemetery

  38.   underground rooms, tunnels, sharks, eating spiders, snakes, burning sticks, a bath full of blood, a red drink that makes you sleepy, a table with a purple plastic cloth with snakes, moons, stars, pigs, spiders and donkeys on it.

  39. a member of the family putting on a cloak and flying the children being turned into frogs by the witches  it

SAFF COMMENT:  We will not grace any of these 39 fantastic 'allegations' with a repudiation. Every single one of them is simply a confection of childish fears wrapped up in the prejudice of Social Workers and Therapists and Foster Mothers with a sectarian axe to grind, seeking out Satanism where non existed.

Not one of the 39 allegations could in any way be associated with the known ceremonies of the religions of Satanism or witchcraft either now or in the historical past.   It's quite simply NONSENSE and anyone thinking there are keys here to finding any Satanic Abuser needs their head examining.

Ask any child who has been weaned on books and television programs about 'wicked witches' to draw a meeting of witches and this is what you will get:

Drawing from Pamela Hudson's book "Ritual Child Abuse"

Real witches do not wear pointy hats, capes and fly on broomsticks!  Satanists do not have horns and pitchforks!  Anyone who thinks these things are 'evidence' after 30 years of these ridiculous allegations is quite plainly stupid and needs a refresher course before they are allowed back into dealing with vulnerable kids.

How the NSPCC used the SRA myth

BROXTOWE EXCLUSIVE!  Learn the secret history Satan Hunters don't want you to see

After the NSPCC made a mess of the Baby P case and failed to seize the chance to save the poor boy's life the public has become punch-drunk with propaganda about the Child Abuse Industry. The exaggerated statistics about the prevalence of abuse and the constant demand for more resources has become a multi-million dollar industry, but much of it is wrong.  Today we will reveal a tacit social work conspiracy that has remained secret for nearly three decades. A political scandal which governments turned a blind eye to and which has destroyed the lives of thousands of innocent people. 

We will reveal to you, how it happened, who took part, what they they did, what they said and how they manipulated the public mind to make you think something awful was happening when it wasn't.  We will provide you with evidence of how some things were covered-up and may caused hundreds more children to be institutionally abused.  This expose reveals how some forms of radical social work actually psychologically abuse the very children they are supposed to protect.

Bias in the Nation's Press.

The Black Museum of Priestly AbuseWhen the SAFF first published its incontrovertible research highlighting the scandal of the world-wide Priestly Abuse of small children in 1991 (see here) , the authorities and the media refused to believe it, in fact they ignored it in inverse ratio to the amount of column inches and glaring headlines they were giving the then new allegations about child abuse by Satanists!    Now, 25 How The Daily Mirror campaigned to persecute witches and satanistsyears later Priestly Abuse  is an accepted fact with a government public inquiry looking into it and with numerous enquiries overseas (e.g. the Ryan Report and the Murphy Report in Ireland see here) already concluding that the SAFF research was correct.  The SAFF had been the first to throw a spotlight on a scandal that everyone else had missed.  We confidently expect a similar response from the Child Abuse Industry over what follows bellow but at least YOU will know the Truth if you read it.  Here's one for starters:

For every social worker in the field who rolls up their sleeves to get stuck in and truly help disadvantaged people there are 10 hangers-on draining resources.

Parasites in Child Protection

For every sincere grass-roots social worker in the field who rolls up their sleeves to really get stuck in and truly help disadvantaged people there are ten hangers-on draining resources for no good reason.  We call these people the Child Abuse Industry
  •  The £500 an hour therapists who dream up new mind-bending techniques to prove a point even before they've actually seen a patient.Dark Side of The Rainbow RAINS 2001 satan seminar
  • The 'independent child-experts' who charge councils £450 a day for every social worker who attends useless talking-shops where madcap theories like Satanic Abuse are promulgated.
  • The plethora of astronomically paid charity executives and their expensive phalange of PR and advertising staff who spend more time massaging the importance of the charity than actually doing good. In 2014 the NSPCC's own financial report boasted it had 10,000 volunteers, yet it's staff wage bill was nearly 60 MILLION pounds. How many kids could have been helped if £60,000.000.00 had gone to local social services departments?
  • The next hangers-on are the holders of 'seminars' and the writers of impenetrable books which form the 'demonology' of Child Abuse, providing the 'authoritative' justification for any prejudice an individual social worker holds.
  • Then come the paediatricians who crusade to find a 'witch-pricker' technique to discover the millions of cases of abuse they are SURE exist but can never find. Like Marietta Higgs and Wyatt's Anal Dilation Syndrome (looking at the shape of a child's anus to see if it confirmed suspicions of abuse - as happened in the 1987 Cleveland Mass lifts)
  • After that we get the  'child specialists' who will say anything the prosecution wants to blame parents who come under scrutiny and rob them of their children. As long as they get £500.00 for doing it.
  • The 'academics' who teach child-care and indoctrinate new generations of social workers in the Fallacies of Abuse even though many have never had personal experience of dealing with abused people.
  • Christian Counselling produces victimsThe growing army of Christian Counsellors who prey on hundreds of vulnerable people to recruit bemused 'victims' for the rest of the Sex Abuse Industry to forage on - and confirm the existence of satan as well as their sectarian 'supremacy' in the process. (Ed: Few people realise that 'Counseling' was a missionary method invented by Christian Fundamentalists in the early 1990s spearheaded by Christian fundamentalist group Ellel Grange who provided false 'victims' of SRA to the media and Waverley College who, because the did it for free and the cash-strapped British government saw an opportunity to save money, were being called in to assuage trauma after any public tragedy, train crash etc. Waverley actually helped set out the rules for the latest government 'qualifications' in Counselling! Maureen Davies is a leading fundie who was active in the Broxtowe Case and  who contributed to the infamous Cook Report on Satanic Abuse, handling the helplines afterwards. She wrote a three page special on Satanic Ritual Abuse for Waverly in 1991)
  • Then, always in the wings like vultures looking for scraps of moral outrage, comes the avaricious Media who perpetually stoke disproportionate fears in the populace about the risk to their kids;  just so that they can sell their newspapers and TV programmes whilst making fortunes in the process. I was a Slave of The Devil  says Audrey Harper
  • The pretend do-gooders who man the 'survivor' groups to get influence and funding, often these unfortunate people are products of the social service system and have a back-story of being in care. Whether they are getting their own back on a system which has failed them or simply providing themselves with credits so they can remain 'in the loop' is conjectural, but a few of them do it for the now sizeable compensation awards for victims (60,000.00 in one instance). 

How Radical Feminists Invaded the U.K. from the U.S.Behind it all, pushing the boundaries ever forward to press governments into enacting knee-jerk laws against threats which do not exist, to imperceptibly criminalise anyone they like, comes the radical feminist movement which seeks to prove that all men are, ultimately, uncaring violent abusers of women and children. They maintain that "Satan Is the ultimate Male Rapist".

The SAFF estimate that regular social work which is always short of resources, is denuded of millions of pounds of GDP which goes down the sink-hole of the Child Abuse Industry.  The 1990 Satan Scare, a completely false hysteria created by that very same Child Abuse Industry (as we will show below) wasted over £20 MILLION of taxpayers' money, YOUR money, and diverted it from grass-roots social work where it could have gone to people in REAL need, but which instead end up in the pockets of money-grubbing self-appointed crusaders, therapists, so called experts and ambulance chasing lawyers. Not only did this fail to protect children who were at risk, but it actually promoted the abuse of hundreds of other children, as we shall detail below.

The Broxtowe False Satanic Abuse Case

The 'Broxtowe Case' was the first case in the U.K. where the Child Abuse Industry claimed that Satanic Ritual Abuse had been uncovered but we will here prove, beyond doubt, that all they had really done was to select a most disgusting high-profile case of 'ordinary' intra-familial child abuse and grafted claims of SRA onto it afterwards.

The Timeline in the leftmost column shows that the Broxtowe case really began in July 1986 when one of the children from the T family [Colin] was taken into care.  The boy was 'therapised' for a whole year without mentioning anything remotely esoteric or occult, but,  as the Timeline shows, in 1987 SRA was becoming the latest social work fad in the U.S. and without official approval Christian social workers and Christian foster mothers involved in the case began to indoctrinate [Colin] and the other children with the motifs of Satanic Ritual Abuse which they had been given from crusaders in the U.S. We will show you how this happened and how these people, unconsciously or not, invented the SRA components of Broxtowe, and forced false memories of horrific criminal acts into the minds of children so young that they were unable to resist. The long-term trauma to these children caused by this indoctrination has yet to be revealed. 

The 'T' family at the centre of the horrid activities were  a typical example of the worst of the human condition. living in squalor in Broxtowe, a 1930s built Nottinghamshire sink-estate where they were always causing trouble with their neighbours and, their neighbours claimed, neglecting their kids.  Already in the hands of social services, most of the adults and children was classed as ESN - (Educationally sub-normal) and therefore already lived a life half-way in and half-way out of reality.

No Doubt About It. The Broxtowe Kids Were Awfully Abused Sexually and Physically But There Was Absolutely No Evidence of Satanism

 There is absolutely no doubt that incest and physical violence took place and as the timeline records,  in February 1989 TEN adults from the extended family both male and female were given extensive prison sentences.   The case involved 21 children linked to an extended family.   The trial proved that there was absolutely no involvement of Satanists or Satanism in the case - it was all the figment of the minds of the Satan Hunters in social work as we shall show below. 

According to the official JET report, which investigated the claims, the clique of believers in SRA in Broxtowe had linked with and been manipulated by fundamentalist Christians from the U.S. and the Media, (in particular The Cook Report who were working an an 'expose' of SRA for that summer) but Nottinghamshire police had thoroughly investigated all the claims, from children and adults involved in the case, in great detail and found them false.  The police dispensed with the SRA claims and proceeded to prosecute on the clear evidence of regular abuse in the case.

How a Clique of Satan Hunters tried to take over Nottingham Social Services

This created a conflict between the Social Workers and the Police.  The Satan Hunters in Nottingham were involved in a crusade to 'prove' SRA.  They wanted to feature what they saw as a Satanic Conspiracy to abuse.  The police said it hadn't happened.   After checking all the evidence Nottingham Social Services backed the police view which enraged the Satan Hunters in Team4 (the special social services team set up to oversee the Broxtowe case) who had by that time already made a name for themselves amongst believers in SRA in social work and the child therapy movement.

These crusaders defied the police and their social service director. They began lecturing at Satan Seminars and conferences. They organised a new clique within social work called RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support)  a group of radical therapists, social workers and doctors who are active even unto this day in pushing the idea of SRA.  Using sensational media articles both in the national and trade press to ram home their original contention that Broxtowe was a case of Satanic Ritual Abuse. 

Social Work Today, article promoting Judith DawsonThe Social Work press of the time, in particular Social Work Today, the magazine of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW), gave Team4 and RAINS members extensive coverage and support for their contentions with no balancing evidence whatsoever.   The cutting from the Guardian (below left) shows Valerie Sinason (a founder member of RAINS) pushing the SRA Myth - she's still doing it today.   The Guardian and other left-leaning newspapers also promoted SRA as part of their feminist bias.     The image on the right shows a two page special which Social Work Today used to promote the idea of SRA to its rank and file.    There was never any balancing reporting of any kind from dissenters in social work who didn't believe in SRA or from representatives of the beliefs which were being accused (Witches and Satanists were never ever consulted). 

 In fact at the time the SAFF was so worried at this bias that we spoke with a member of BASW's committee, Mr Brian Todd and convinced him there was an alternative view. He was so angry at being deceived that he promised that if we put together a report for the next BASW committee he would present it to them on the day.  We did. We wrote, printed and published a 40 page presentation explaining everything about the inner workings of Witchcraft and Satanism.  When Todd tried to present it the contingent of SRA How the Guardian helped along the SRA Mythbelievers on the committee used the race-card to refuse it.  They accused us (falsley and despicably) of being Fascists and said that as BASW rules repudiated fascism they couldn't accept our report.   So 40 copies of an important report from us, with key assertions and proof that SRA did not exist, which might have saved lives, was consigned to the bin!   The BASW committee also refused the SAFF affiliate membership and sent our cheque back!

When we discovered this wicked act we telephoned the secretary of BASW to complain about the untrue Fascism allegation and to find out whether there was any other way we could contribute. He became angry at our persistence and slammed the phone down on us!   These people didn't want the truth, they wanted lies about Satanic Ritual Abuse. Remember this well.  One of the things believers in SRA always say is that nobody but them can understand the implications of SRA because nobody else in their profession knows enough about it.  But when a group like the SAFF or the Pagan Federation who DO know far more than they offer to help they are not only rebuffed but viciously lied about.  They seem to enjoy keeping others in the dark, better it be for them to manipulate the debate.  Back to Broxtowe.

To halt the controversy caused by the crusading of a small number of his social workers the Director of Social Work in Nottingham ordered a full joint social services and police enquiry into how the Broxtowe case had been handled.  This Joint Enquiry Report became known as the JET report. It had a total overview of the situation and went through all the SRA allegations with a fine tooth comb, building a comprehensive view of what had happened using the diaries of the foster mothers, the police witness statements, tape recordings of interviews with the kids and one-to-one interviews with all the people involved.

The JET report was published in December 1989.  It resoundingly criticised the social workers and foster mothers involved for the practices used in interrogating the children and also strongly complained of outside interference from crusading child specialists and the media who combined to import notorious Satanic Abuse Indicators from the U.S. into the case at an early stage which corrupted the disclosure of the children.  The panel below right contains it's main conclusions which are unequivocal. Satanic abuse did NOT occur in the Broxtowe case.


1. That there is no evidence of Satanic ritual abuse in the Broxtowe case or its aftermath.

2. That there is no evidence of any other organised abuse in the Broxtowe case or its aftermath.

3. That there is no evidence of ritualistic abuse in the satellite cases.

4. That we are unable to identify any other children at risk or any other perpetrators arising from the Broxtowe case and its aftermath.

5. That it is doubtful whether the practice of the type of Satanic ritual abuse being promulgated by the Social Services Department actually exists.  It has never been substantiated by empirical evidence.  We have come to the hypothesis based on [Melanie]'s case that evidence can actually be "created" by social workers as a result of their own therapeutic methods.

6. That the lack of joint working in the follow up to the Broxtowe case led to a serious polarisation of the Police and Social Service Departments.  Initially it was the Police who declined to work with Social Services on "bizarre cases", latterly the roles have been reversed.

7. That parts of the Social Services Department appear to have developed, over the last two years, a belief system in ritualistic Satanic abuse which is unwittingly resulting in children being encouraged to believe in and allege bizarre abuse. This could lead eventually to grave injustice and if unchecked it has the ingredients of a modern "witch hunt".

8. That if children in care continue to allege the most bizarre abuse to Social Services staff who appear to accept it, and the Social Services staff present these children to the Police weeks later, with the final outcome that the ensuing Police interview discredits the disclosures, then the relationships between Social Services and the Police will completely collapse.

The Initial report, which was never intended for public consumption, ran  to 600 pages and caused eruptions within Nottinghamshire Social Services at every level.  By naming and blaming the unorthodox practices which some of the social workers had used to elicit 'evidence' from the children  the JET Report had exposed the inconsistencies in what was being claimed.

For example, foster mothers ferrying the children around in cars to supposedly identify locations where 3 year olds had indicated babies had been ritually sacrificed.

Or selectively constructing toddlers' responses to suit themselves  e.g.: 

 "When a child said they had '"Killed a baby and "then it was alright", and then in the next sentence said that they had also killed a relative (who is of course still alive)' the Satan Hunters simply accepted the bit about killing a baby and omitted the rest! ',

The JET report not only threatened the entire facade of the Satan Hunters it also damaged the justification for the The Cook Report's special on Satanic Ritual Abuse, The Devil's WorkRoger Cook's 'The Devil's Work' programme which had been designed to 'expose' Satanic Abuse to the British Public. The social workers in  Team4 had worked closely with the researcher for the programme and actually manned the helplines after it was broadcast. But at this point everything was being called into question.    The Satan Hunter clique began a campaign to contradict the JET report. They went public in Seminars and conferences to indoctrinate other social workers and therapists with their faulty evidence. Not only that, they also insinuated that there was a police conspiracy to cover up the evidence. 

Nottinghamshire Social Service Department responded to this campaign by ordering the JET people to condense their 600 page report into a smaller 'sanitised' version without names, which could be published to reveal the ridiculous things the social workers and foster mothers had done to try to create an SRA case out of Broxtowe. 

This caused further eruptions at a national level when politicians and government ministers got involved in the controversy.   Eventually Nottingham Social Services capitulated. They not only failed to publish the JET report but actually legally threatened anyone who tried to leak it.  

This created one of the first instances of the use of the internet to breach official cover-ups when interested parties uploaded the JET report to mirror sites across the net where the public could see exactly what had been going on.   It is still there and if anyone wants to read the full text they can download it from here. (See The JET Three, below, for full background).

Since then those who believe in Satanic Abuse have consistently ignored the facts and referred in their manifold literature to the Broxtowe case being the first 'proven' case of SRA in Britain.  It is an abject LIE, but the Broxtowe case is absolutely crucial to those who believe in the existence of Satanic Abuse. The case is a foundation stone of everything else which has happened afterwards.  The whole edifice of the millions of SRA believers who traverse the internet is built upon it.  Those who were involved in it but who were never publicly censured, have gone on to promulgate the idea of Satanic Abuse in books, meetings, lectures, seminars, television programs and articles both here and abroad and it ha also spilled out into the general  'survivor' network where continued insistence upon recovered memories of historical abuse now takes up enormous  amounts of police time and resources.  We shall show how this happened.

All claims and cases of SRA which occurred in the U.K. post Broxtowe were based upon the interrogatory techniques used to elicit false memories from the  Broxtowe children and have over the years spread out not only to infect regular child protection but also to create the massive adult false-memory industry which has produced hundreds of thousands of 'victims' in Britain and created satellite hysterias such as  untrue allegations against celebrities and VIPs.   We will prove that this is the case by showing how it was done, blow by blow, below, but this next section explains just how those who believe in SRA try to interfere with natural justice and censor facts which go against their obsessions.

The Jet Three

How Satan Hunters tried to suppress free speech on the internet

In 1997, in response to the continuing misrepresentations of the conclusions in the JET report by the clique of Satan Hunters who were involved with sensationalist media, three award winning journalists David Hebditch, Nick Anning and Margaret Jervis saw that Social Workers and therapists were being greatly mislead.

They  were all professionally experienced and insiders in the areas of social work/child protection who had been tracking the myth since it's inception. Hebditch and Anning had a few years earlier published the seminal Porn Gold which was the first book to expose the tentacles of the International pornography business.  When they tried to organise articles and documentaries on SRA Hebditch and Anning had met with a media conspiracy to hide the truth about the false claims of SRA. They experienced refusals for the commission of documentaries containing evidence of the falsity of the scare, and even the cancellation of one documentary half way through its production. Channel 4's Dispatches series was particularly prejudiced over this and gave Satan Hunters a free-hand to disseminate their poison. See Bogus Devil Video here as an example:
How the leaked JET report was first exposedThe 'JET Three' saw that history was being re-written and that society was being damaged by it because the JET report (they had been sent a copy of it anonymously) discrediting the first SRA case had been purposefully censored from public view.   This coincided with the explosion of information being uploaded to the then relatively new world wide web. They made a conscious decision to upload the JET report so that the public could read it and judge for themselves.

The JET Report itself had warned that if the presentations of ritual abuse information were not stopped there was the likelihood of a "witch-hunt" developing which would result in grave injustice and further harm to the children concerned by professional staff. "Tragically , our prediction proved to be well-founded with the subsequent misery involving children and parents in Rochdale, the Orkney Islands and Ayr."

The publication of the JET Report caused panic in the ranks of believers in Satanic Abuse.  Immediately Nottinghamshire Council sought legal action and the JET Three were injuncted and charged.   John Gwatkin, who had actually been one of the ten  people running the Enquiry (personnel were drawn from the police and social services) was additionally charged with Breach of Confidence. Being a whistleblower to get the facts of the SRA Myth out is a risky business when dealing with an autocratic corrupt system which has a bottomless pocket of ratepayers' money to waste!

The 'JET three' were all members of the National Union of Journalists so the NUJ were informed and took on the case. Disappointingly their legal people recommended the JET report should be taken down and that the three would go to trial on the civil charges.  With this withdrawal of NUJ funding, the JET Three were in a precarious legal position and it looked like the pro-SRAMists had won another battle to hide facts from the public.

Margaret Jervis went home dejected but the more she thought about it the more she brooded and the more she brooded the more outraged she became at this travesty of justice. The JET Report was full of important FACTS about Broxtowe which the public should see and yet it was being censored. This courageous lady then cast around to organise alternative funding, when she succeeded she told the lawyers that the JET Three would fight on in the public interest.  They began structuring their legal defence and obtained the support of Prof. Jean La fontaine whose own 1994 report on SRA for the government, which also concluded that SRA did not exist, has been suppressed and slandered by the pro-SRAMist lobby.  Soon their case was ready and their lawyer presented it to Nottinghamshire council's lawyers - when they saw it they caved in! 

Events had outrun the power-shadow of the myth-mongers. By this time the Broxtowe files were all over the world anyway through mirror sites in the internet. Nottinghamshire Council then tried to threaten the mirror sites with injunctions (not just the links)!  This was what made it a legal cause celebre at the time regarding free speech because if that had succeeded it could have brought down the entire internet.  At that time there was no case law on the liability of servers so search terms in the UK would pick up the mirror sites across the world. The JET Three case had excited a massive 'free speech' response relating to internet freedom and thus  Nottinghamshire Council's lawyers could see that the 'public domain argument' was lost anyway, so they lifted the injunction and with it the charges. The council agreed to meet John Gwatkin's legal costs as an ex-employee. So it was a moral and a legal victory for all.

Had the JET Three not had the facility of the internet there's no doubt that the hard copy injunction to cover-up the JET report would have stood and YOU would still be in the dark about the machinations surrounding the Broxtowe case. Freethinkers everywhere owe the JET Three and particularly Margaret Jervis an eternal debt of gratitude for their historic stand.  What follows below is a partial review of the JET report, don't forget that you can read a full unexpurgated copy of it here

How The Satan Hunters Conspire to Shuffle Their Evidence

The way that the pro-SRAMist lobby presents its 'evidence' is regularly found to be partial, misleading, manipulative and often economical with the truth. 

Tim Tate's Children for The DevilFor instance, on page 25 of Tim Tate's book Children for the Devil ( Ed: not now available in the U.K. because it was pulped for inaccurate defamatory allegations but widely circulated and referred to by Satan hunters in the U.S. and other areas outside the jurisdiction of the U.K. Courts. See here.)  which he compiled from his close relationship with social workers in Nottingham he has Judith Dawson, leader of the Broxtowe social work Team4, say:

"It was a way for these very young children to explain to us what had happened. But we were very careful to prevent them discussing or agreeing the content between themselves. All the children were in separate foster homes and contact was minimal. "

But is this the truth?  In the JET Report it was pointed out that many of the children were fostered with their siblings and that cross-contamination of their 'evidence' had occurred not by accident but by design when the foster-mothers conducted open discussions about  SRA claims made by the other children.  JET had access to the tape-recordings made by the foster-parents from which they say: 

"Interestingly [John] tells his foster-mother that [Roberta] was wrong about the babies. Of similar age to his sister and in the same foster home with her, his disclosing cannot be separated from [Roberta]'s as it is clear that the foster mother discusses things with them together."
There is ample evidence throughout the JET report in the written statements given by the children that they have been speaking and discussing things together.

Another mis-statement by Tate is when, in the book's Introduction he insinuates that the police failed to do their job in the Broxtowe case.
"To give one simple example; had detectives in Nottingham carried out research into satanic worship they might have understood the significance of the testimony from the small boy who described what he called 'poppets' being used in ceremonies. Because the police did not know that 'poppets' are a common feature of many occult rites they dismissed the story as nonsense - and , with the story, the credibility of the ritual-abuse allegations"

But this is NOT what happened. The JET Report, which had access to the taped interviews, puts it this way.

[Colin]'s speech is never clear and on questioning he answers 'S'Lina' which becomes 'Selina' (because of the significance in the SRA literature of a Selina as a Satanic figure). Likewise he mentions a little puppet but corrects himself, this was translated by social workers into 'poppet' as these are the dolls that witches are supposed to stick pins in.

Of course because the JET report was not then publicly available, critics could not see this error and so it was allowed to stand and is often quoted by believers in SRA as a 'fact'.  Additionally the JET people, who had access to police records in the investigation  as well as those of the social workers  clearly said the police had done everything they could to check out the claims that Team4 had worked-up from the Foster-mothers' diaries. 

"The police had investigated locations thoroughly, they were sceptical at the idea of the family murdering children in a semi-detached council house, (particularly after interviewing neighbours). They were aware that the adults (recalling SRA) were totally unreliable, they were suspicious as to the validity of the American literature and they had doubts about the interpretation of the diaries. We were surprised to discover that the Police had actually researched witchcraft and Satanism quite thoroughly. "

Of course, it was misrepresenting the Nottinghamshire police in such ways that got Tate's book pulped when he defamed Detective Superintendent Peter Cole who was in charge of the Broxtowe investigation. He would have none of it and ordered his solicitors to sue Tate and his publishers.  Tate lost and Children for the Devil was withdrawn.

Tim Tate's  Credit Card BillIn 1989 when Tate was liaising with Team4 and in the middle of preparing his programme on SRA, he went to the occult bookshop in Leeds which he had, months before, targeted as the 'patsy' for his Cook Report on Satanic Ritual Abuse. Tate went there incognito to purchase occult paraphernalia. Paraphernalia which was later used in a mock Satanic Initiation which Tate filmed and put into his programme to 'prove' the prevalence of Satanism in Britain! The manager serving him smelled a rat and asked him outright who the items were for and whether he was a journalist.  Tate, flustered, replied that he worked at a the Satanic Initiation Rite performed for cameras for The Cook ReportKeighley News, a parochial local rag.  This was not a lie, because in his past that is where he had worked, but of course it was a key misdirection. If he had been honest and said ' I work for the Cook Report' the manager would have thrown him out minus the paraphernalia and made the 'entrapment' of the shop very much more difficult.  The inset illustration is of the credit-card voucher Tate signed when he made that purchase. (Full Story here).

The assertions of everyone involved in promoting the idea of SRA should be questioned for often they are not what they seem.

Portrait of Tim Tate

The reader may ask why are we treating at such length with the mistakes of Tim Tate? The answer is that he is one of those most responsible for promoting the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse in Britain and therefore must answer questions upon it if his research has been found faulty.   He may not be comfortable with the SAFF regularly testing his research and writings but Tate has been the 'Witchfinder General'. He has acted as a bridge between the radical feminist lobby in social work and the Christian fundamentalists who have kept the myth alive. We have tracked him in detail over the years and have discovered recently that he is also now involved in the controversies about VIPs in Westminster supposedly abusing children (see here). Not only that but by his own admission he is actually providing the Metropolitan police with information on ritual abuse.   By questioning Tate's track-record we can get an objective perspective of the perspicacity of the claims he and his Satan Hunter friends make.  Some people would say it is the SAFF's duty to take him to task.

Poppets? or Puppets? or Witch dolls?
or just NSPCC flim-flam?

What the NSPCC therapists gave  [Colin] to play with immediately before he began talking about Witches for the first time.
  • Witches costumes
  • Monsters placed in a circle in sand
  • Flowing gowns
  • Snakes
  • Spiders
  • Small unclothed baby dolls buried in the sand
  • Toy syringes for extracting blood
  • A toy medical kit
  • Masks
  • Mr Pooh Bear

The Timeline (leftmost column) shows that the first inklings of Witches, the sacrifice of sheep and the killing of babies which occurred in the Broxtowe case came from [Colin] a disturbed FOUR YEAR OLD in January 1987.  He had been taken into care a year earlier. 

During his first year in care he made absolutely no references to occult things.

During his first year in care [Colin] made absolutely no references to occult things Then suddenly it happened;  immediately following a course of therapy at the NSPCC's child-unit in Nottingham which just happened to employ an experimental and now discredited method of disclosure therapy with children which involved the use of Character Dolls.  One of the forerunners in the use of this 'Sand-Pit' method was the U.S. fundamentalist Satan Hunter Catherine Gould who was also the first to draw-up the infamous Satanic Indicators - a list of things which supposedly showed whether a child had been Satanically abused (see later)

The children were allowed to play with the dolls and describe their 'abuse'.   What were those toys that [Colin] was encouraged to play with?
Take a look at the blue panel on the right

The image below shows the Independent on Sunday reported it (Children's games that bred alarm over Satanism).  There was massive publicity about this at the time so that 'Witch Dolls' became a shibboleth of the case just as allowing the kids to watch 'Video Nasties' became the keynote of the Children's Games That Bred Alarm Over Satanism, Rosie WaterhouseRochdale false SRA case in the minds of the public sometime later.   

 At this point when it becomes obvious to readers that Broxtowe was a travesty observers usually fall into two camps. Those who still insist in believing in SRA at all costs (cognitive dissonance) and insist that we are lying (despite the documentary proof we provide) and those who start to see how most of the false allegations were generated. To try to bring these camps together we have reproduced an extract from the second police investigations into the Broxtowe SRA claims (the investigation which the JET team ordered to get to the bottom of it all)  Here they are:

What Happened When The Police Checked out the Allegations of Children and Adults at Broxtowe?

"A decision was made at the start of the Enquiry that these investigations would include both the Police and the Social Workers in order to obtain a balanced view.  We started the Enquiry with an open mind and did not know where it would lead us. All of the team were prepared to believe that Satanic abuse could be a reality and we approached our task with an initial premise that it was true until proved otherwise.  A number of places had been indicated by the three adult witnesses and by the children during 1988 as locations for Satanic ritual abuse ceremonies. Many of these had been investigated during the earlier Gollom enquiry but were reinvestigated. They included the following:-

Wollaton Hall The children and [Mabel] and [June]  (Ed: both adults) identified tunnels and a room. They do not exist.

St Mary's Church The children identified tunnels and an underground room. They do not exist.

Private Dwelling, Ruddington [Mabel] identified a room under the stables.  It does not exist.

Old Lodge Gates The children and [Mabel] identified tunnels running to Wollaton Hall. They do not exist.

Private Dwelling, Derby Road The children, and [Mabel] and [June] alleged an underground room, tunnels leading to Wollaton Hall and an outdoor swimming pool. The former do not exist and the latter which is indoors did not exist at the time of the disclosures. (On audio tape [Mabel] claimed that it was an outdoor swimming pool and that the police must have been blind if they could not see it.)

Private Dwelling, Lenton Avenue [June] identified a swimming pool. It does not exist.

With respect to these premises it is clear that the children and the adults of the extended family had not been telling the truth.

As [Mabel] and [Vanessa] were the corroborating adults from the extended family we interviewed them and the audio-tapes are available. [Mabel] gave us an amazing description of the rooms under Wollaton Hall, the entrances and the tunnel lit by torchlights leading to Derby Road. On being taken to Wollaton Hall she could not identify anything and it was apparent that she had little knowledge of the place.
The Enquiry Team took [Vanessa] for a trip into Derbyshire and although it was obvious that she had no idea where she was she identified a house that she claimed had a butler, a secret passage and an underground room with four dead bodies in it. The Enquiry team later visited this property and found that it was a complete fabrication.

[June] the third corroborative member of the extended family had already made a statement of retraction to the Police on the 22nd August 1988. She confirmed to us that this second statement was the truth and that she still stood by it. In it she states that she was interviewed by her social worker about 20 times before she made her Affidavit to the Wardship Court about witch parties and big houses. In this statement [June] claims that the information she gave subsequently misled the Wardship Court and that her evidence was the result of "pressure" from her social worker. She comments that the only things that she knows about witchcraft and magic are "the things I've seen on the telly" and with reference to [Mabel] "I know she is telling lies".

(Ed: if [June's] statement above is true it means that her social workers interfered with the course of justice and could be prosecuted for contempt of court, no wonder they didn't want this stuff out! )

All of these educationally sub-normal adults will tell you anything, have suggested the impossible and have been found to be lying in every respect that could actually be checked. They are highly suggestible and will relate anything that comes into their heads. We would suggest that the video tape made by [Mabel] is a good example of this. In our view they could not be considered corroborative witnesses of anything that the children have said.

At the end of these investigations we could not find any evidence to support the children's disclosures and in our view the apparent corroboration by the adult members of the family   (claimed by believers in SRA) was illusory.

So nothing, absolutely nothing, checked out from the allegations of satanism made by the adult victims in the Broxtowe family.  A Big Fat Zero. Nada. Zilch.

All that Team4 were left with were the prompted ramblings of the small children in the case. Of course very young children aren't expected to have an adult's memory or the insight to explain what is in their minds and so their words must be interpreted by adults and here lies the problem. How would Team4 and their foster-mothers interpret? 

Well an example of how Team4 approached the questioning of [Melanie] who was 17 years old at the time will give us a clue.     [Melanie] had 'intimated that young children had been murdered' and so according to the JET Report  Team4 worked on her for three months before providing the JET with a 35 page statement which they said proved their contentions that SRA was involved.

What the statement provided was clear evidence of interrogation techniques which bordered on brainwashing.
The JET people were so shocked by this that they included one section in their report to convey the pressure [Melanie] was put under to 'confess' and we have reproduced it in the panel below:

"The following gives a flavour of the type of questions asked and some of [Melanie]'s answers (which are in brackets and italicised in red).

"Your father's killed a baby more than once."
"We know that your father delivered a foetus and aborted it - he drank the baby's blood"

(M. I didn't know anything about that)

"You tell us about things that happen when you were there"

(M. I ate the stomach my dad ate the head)

"What part of the head?"

"What's special about the stomach?"

"Did anybody say why you should eat the baby?"

"Dad brought the baby and the wheelie bin, what then?"

"When you ate the stomach, were you told it was good for you?"

"Did you say any words, prayers, chants?"

"That's one occasion when you had to eat part of a baby - I'd like you to tell us about parties where that happened."

"Other parties where babies are killed."

"You had to eat babies more than once"

(M. I can't remember)

"We think you did."

"Whose baby?"

"Who brought it?"

"A name?"

"Difficult to remember who asked you to kill the baby?"

(M. I didn't kill it)

"Who told you to?"

"Did she give you a knife?"

(M. No)

"I think she did."

"I think you had to do it you were scared something might happen to you."

"Did the social worker stay?"

"You were asked to kill the baby."

"You had to do it."

"How was it killed?"

"Last time we met you talked about an 11 year old boy being killed"

(M. I heard it on the news, he was murdered and thrown in the Trent, I don't know who by)

 "Let's have names of older children you've seen murdered"

(M. At a house someone murdered a kid that's all I remember)

"How old?"

"Who was there?"

"Who ate it?"

"Did they have to drink the blood?"

"We think you were made to."

"Did many people get buried in mum's back garden?"

"That's not right you said babies were buried somewhere else."

"Who was buried in the front garden?"

"Mum put the knife in and made you do it."

"You did it that's why you're frightened."

"You quite liked drinking blood and that made you guilty."

"She made you eat him."

Does mum wear special clothes?"

"Tell us about the adults that have been killed"

"and the Church."

"Did you sexually abuse the little boy before you were made to kill it?"

"Did someone give birth to that baby at the big house?"

"When you got there was the lady aborting the baby?"

"What did it taste like?"

"What parts did you eat?"

"What other reasons did people in your family kill babies for?"

"At the Church drinking blood"

"Who told dad to kill?"

(M. Don't know)

"I think you did."

"Does he murder on any special days or times?"

"[Colin] talked to me about granddad drinking blood what would [Colin] say he drinks blood for?"

"[Colin] says [Melanie] was there"

(M. To please the Devil)

"That's what [Colin] was told is that what [Melanie] was told?"

"You were told the Devil would be pleased."

"[Colin] was told it would do special things for him.

Things your family did for the Devil."

"Things happened to [John], [Roberta], special things I don't know if special things happened to you, you haven't told us yet."

"Your family did this because they believe in the Devil"

"Who else had the same belief outside the family?"


"Outside the family"

(M. Robin, the whole Church)

"Some people in this are important people."

"You killed at least one baby, more than one, 3?, 30? how many?"

"If you didn't feel (guilty) you might go on killing."

Team4 and their media supporter, Tate, have told many people that the answers elicited from people and children under questioning like this is reliable and trustworthy.   I don't think so do you?

Nottingham Social Services 'disclosure' DungeonTo an outsider this interview smacks of a clique of obsessive believers in SRA who are ready to go outside all normal social work rules and regulations to browbeat peoplea child into confirming their obsessive ideas of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  

Other people might see it as a modern form of the Inquisition, where Inquisitors of the state 'use any and every method to 'put the question' and press people in their clutches into naming others whom the inquisitors will queue for the same treatment to confirm the devil's work.

There is another imperative, that of the power-shadow of the social workers in Nottingham. The tacit control that social workers have over the lives of their 'clients'.  A comment uncovered by the JET report makes the tangled web of intrigue and false allegations frighteningly clear, as well as the terrible hold that crusading social workers have over the lives of their charges when [June] an adult in the extended family who had earlier confirmed SRA, recanted and says:

"I have seen [Mabel] many times over the past few months and she's told me she's been telling the Social Services about witch parties. I know she's telling lies... [Mabel] has told me that if I tell the Social Services about witch parties at big houses I might have a chance of getting my daughter back (June's child is in care) my social worker's told me if I 'tell the truth' I could get my daughter back...

...everything I have told (the social worker) is lies. I've told her the truth more than once but she wouldn't believe me so I just said anything.... the only things I know about witchcraft and magic are the things I've seen on the telly.

What the little Broxtowe Children actually said:

So eventually we get around to the children themselves. They were from three to seven years old.  Although Tate and his SRA buddies like to insinuate that all 21 Broxtowe children were satanically abused. The JET report states that only FOUR children made allegations, under prompting, that could have been significant: In particular [Colin] contributes a mammoth proportion of the 'tales' when compared with the others.
"Although it has been stated that social workers were convinced by the number of children telling the same story the significant diaries really reduce to four children in three foster homes."

How the Clique of Believers in SRA unconsciously twist the ramblings of children to suit themselves and their narrative.

The very first chapter of Tim Tate's  book Children for the Devil, is titled.  A Conspiracy of Toddlers, and seeks to convince the reader that all the cases which Satan Hunters have logged over the years have consistent evidence of the same type of Satanic Abuses and that the very similarity of the accusations from disparate children is proof that they are telling the truth. On 19th September 1989 Tim Tate was interviewed on the BBC World Service Outlook radio programme and said:

"Yes. And the details do appear to be very similar across the world. I think the best way of summing it up is the way it was put to me. If children all over the world are giving you identical details of bizarre abuse either you have an international conspiracy of toddlers, which seems unlikely or you have something rather more organised on an adult basis."

Judith Dawson, leader of Team4 also appeared in the same programme backing up Tate and opining her belief in the existence of satanic Ritual Abuse.  Bear in mind two things here: (1) the Broxtowe trial had finalised earlier that year and had proved that there was NO Satanic abuse involved in that case yet the Satan Hunters involved in it were still trying to convince outsiders that there was.  (2) The JET inquiry had opened in July 10th 1989 and had yet to report on how the overall investigation had been undertaken and whether there were any faults in it. 
Catherine Gould's List of Satanic Indicators

Two years later on, in his book Children for the Devil ,  Tate introduces Pamela Hudson, a Christian fundamentalist Satan Hunter from the U.S.   In 1991 Hudson published her book Ritual Child Abuse which has since become required reading for believers in SRA.  The 'research' she used in that book was refined over earlier years and developed in  conjunction with the fundamentalist Christine Gould (Ed: who works out of the Calvary Chapel of West Covina in the U.S.A. and the Los Angeles Ritual Abuse Task Force - the latter is a collection of feminists who never ever found a guilty satanist but who did cause evacuations of buildings claiming that Witches had tried to kill them with poisoned gas - it was all nonsense of course).

It was Catherine Gould who developed the very first Satanic Abuse Indicators which listed 29 things which would tell you if your child had been satanically abused. It is infamous for indicating false cases of SRA and causing suffering around the world ; see pic (right)  
Hudson's work amplifed and expanded on that, though neatly left out some bits such as where Gould maintains that 'farting at the dinner table is a sign of Satanic Abuse' and other things which were clearly stupid.

As you can See Gould's list included 29 'indicators', Hudson's  Ritual Child Abuse was an attempt to statistically analyse claimed (but as yet unproven) incidents of SRA around the world to portray a consistency in childrens' claims. She did this through a 'questionnaire' to believers ( which was first distributed in March 1989 almost synchroniously with the Broxtowe trial) and by cross-referencing claimed cases in the U.S. (such as the McMartin pre-school case) which were later, like Broxtowe, proved false.  Hudson came up with 8 primary indicators of SRA: These were:

l .  Compulsive, erotic behaviour, acting out the sex acts.
2  A  sudden extreme fear  of the bathroom, bathing, washing, rain.
3.  Nightmares, Night terrors, Night Sweats.
4.  Extremely high anxiety, fearful of  being separated from parents,  school refusal.
5.  Hyperagression,  temper tantrums,  oppositional behaviour and school disruptiveness.
6.  Sudden eating disorder, refuses meat, catsup (ketchup), spaghetti, tomatoes.
7.  Fearful of going to bed, the dark,  resists bedtime, will  not sleep alone.
8.  Vomiting for  no apparent reason, abdominal pain.

Portrait of Pamela HudsonIt will be clear to all parents that using this checklist 99.9% of children would be diagnosed as having been Satanically abused. It could only have been written by a spinster!   The child who never has nightmares, eats everything put in front of him,  washes and cleans his teeth without being asked, and rushes to go to bed simply does not exist.  Even more telling is the phrase 'Vomiting for no apparent reason' when all mothers know that kids regularly fail to wash their hands after going to the toilet and then suck their fingers afterwards, causing occasional tummy upsets.

In bigging up Hudson and trying to establish the 'pattern' of SRA Tate writes:

"What Hudson was hearing from the children she counselled in 1984 — and still hears today — was a bizarre litany of serious criminal offences apparently committed in the  course of obscene religious ceremonies.  Simultaneously other therapists and law-enforcement agents were picking up remarkably similar stories from children - mostly under school-age — throughout the United States." (Children for the Devil pp2)

On the next page Tate introduces Sandi Gallant to his readers to 'corroborate' the fact that all the children appear to be talking about the same 'pattern' of abuses.
"....but therapists and police couldn't ignore the pattern that was emerging, the more so since it appeared to correspond with earlier intelligence reports which law enforcement had been unable to substantiate. According to San Francisco Police Intelligence Officer, Sandi: Gallant
"In 1980 rumours about animal mutilation and human sacrifice began circulating throughout the law-enforcement community. Despite the bizarreness of the stories, law enforcement was concerned because the accounts came from such different parts of the country. However, during the next four years investigators were never able to prove that any of the rumoured homicides had occurred. Today the stories are not only more widespread, but also more bizarre. Young children throughout the country describe either participating in or observing homicides of other young children or adults in connection with ritualistic activity."

Tate says: "Police officers like Gallant took the emerging pattern sufficiently seriously to compile intelligence dossiers on the major satanic organisations based in their areas. " (Children for the Devil pp4)

This all sounds like a large weight of evidence to suggest that leading edge social workers and child protection groups were discovering a new type of child abuse.  However what Tate fails to mention to his reader is that three years before he published his book Gallant had actually had a public dispute with Pamela Hudson at a 1988 U.S. SRA Conference over the fact that she (Gallant) believed that many of the stories being related were contaminated by preconceived ideas from parents and therapists.

So the police were not in agreement with Pamela Hudson and other Satan Hunters. As early as 1988 Gallant and Hudson clashed on the veracity of the tales.

This is what Gallant actually said:

Q: Is contamination of the witnesses a problem?

A: Sandi Gallant:  "I see it as a real serious problem. In fact. at this conference that I spoke at where Pam Hudson was also speaking, we disagreed on that. l feel that it's extremely imperative  that there be little if any contamination of a case; that questions be very broad-based. The children should actually respond in narrative form without really point-blank questions being asked.

Hudson feels quite the opposite of that.

I also feel it’s very important that parents and adult survivors—even though I think it's very necessary that they have support groups—what concerns me about these groups is that I believe there's a lot of contamination going on, and people feed off of one other, and then what happened to their child yesterday is happening to someone else's child today, because the parents are asking very few questions. Or what happened to adult survivors, that's talked about in the group, tomorrow is happening to another survivor in the group, in the memories, and that concerns me greatly. I don't think it's helping this whole issue at all. I think it‘s just further confusing it. 

Source: Green Egg magazine,  October 1988.

Portraint of COIN founder Randy EmonRandy Emon's Public Contrition Hereunder
Shows How Dangerous Mixing
Religious Beliefs and Policing can be.

I am personally convinced I helped create the hysteria that put Paul Ingram in jail. In 1986 I participated in a video called AMERICA'S BEST KEPT SECRET in which Mike Warnke also appeared.

See Timeline for the September 1986 cult-crime seminar at which Gallant spoke alongside fundie Mike Warnke (of Mike Warnke Ministries). Note also that fundie Maureen Davies from the Reachout Trust who was instrumental in propagating the SRA myth in UK during 1988-1994 and who handled the helplines on Tate's ill-fated Cook Report was also in touch with and obtaining 'evidence' from Mike Warnke Ministries). 

Because I was a cop and also a Christian I believed other Christians who told horrific satanic stories would certainly not fabricate their accounts.

I later taught some 5,000 law enforcement personnel. After about 4-5 years of teaching the existence of satanic criminals rife in America I was challenged to examine the evidence.

I realized it was I who had been buffalloed.

Prior to that I participated in other video documentaries such as:


DEVIL WORSHIP, THE RISE OF SATANISM - 1989 Jeremiah Films. (Ed: Maureen Davies also appeared giving 'evidence' in this sectarian propaganda video , as did Audrey Harper, a director of the fundie Reachout Trust who was filmed as an SRA 'victim' on the Cook Report even though her allegations had been fully checked out years previously by Surrey police (TWICE) and found 'no case to answer!)


and a few other local documentaries in L.A.

When I changed my viewpoint due to the lack of empirical research or physical evidence to support the SRA claims I was quickly ostracised by my colleagues.

America has been hoodwinked and many other cops have also bought into this modern myth.

Randy Emon: Sergeant (retired) Baldwin Park Police Dept., Calif.

[Source:] Reproduced with kind permission of
Now of course it may be that Tim Tate didn't know that Sandi Gallant had changed her position and had found through her detailed investigation of claimed SRA cases in the U.S. that many of them were based on hysteria.  Tate's universal expertise in this issue as a founder member of the clique that imported the SRA myth to U.K. shores, who injected the Satanic Indicators into the Broxtowe case, who supported and campaigned for Team4, who appeared at satan seminars with them, and who researched and co-produced that despicable Cook Report which unveiled allegations of SRA to the British public in July 1989 but eventually turned out to be wrong in almost all respects, might not have heard about Gallant's scepticism about SRA. 

"America has been hoodwinked and many other cops have also bought into this modern myth".

But did Tate also not hear about the unfortunately named U.S. 'Cult-Cop' Randy Emon's public retraction of his prior beliefs on SRA?  See the panel alongside and weep for the small children sucked into this maelstrom of lying, left to go through life by being brainwashed and traumatised by people who set out to 'help' them.   This is what Emon said:  "America has been hoodwinked and many other cops have also bought into this modern myth".     It does rather undermine the advocacy of Tate's, writings, don't you think, when the SAFF can find SO many instances where his research can be countermanded?  Is it right that he continues to try to persuade readers that there is a PATTERN when in reality no pattern exists save in the minds of  obsessed Satan Hunters? 


Tim Tate has spent considerable time in interviews and in his own writings insisting that there is a 'pattern' which proves the existence of SRA but there wasn't any pattern at all.  There wasn't a 'Conspiracy of Toddlers' but a conspiracy of therapists and hysterical parents pushed ever onwards by media voracious for sensational stories. We will show you it now, below.

Further on in his book Tate is upbeat when he introduces Pamela Klein on page 266. He describes her as

'a highly respected Chicago-based child sexual-abuse therapist.' 

Judge dismisses expertise of Pamela KleinDo you believe him?
If Klein is respected it is only within the confines of the obsessive SRA clique because in 1989 she gave a lecture to Social Workers in Nottingham about SRA in the same month her 'commrade in arms'  Jacquie Balodis who had earlier joined with Klein to give a lecture on SRA to Kansas City police officers, was telling the UK Sunday Sport that she had 'Skinned her Baby for Satan'. It was of course a lie. 

I skinned my baby for satan - says Jacqui Balodis with help from Pamela Klein

I'm afraid Klein's own work on SRA didn't turn out too good in the long run 
" the Chicago area, Pamela Klein conducted over 50 interviews with a young girl, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Fittanto.  Their daughter revealed to Pamela Klein vivid details of their parents' involvement in satanic cannibalism, including mutilation.  The judge ruled that Ms. Klein was not a bonafide therapist and that she was responsible for teaching the child to believe the horrendous fantasies.  The father was charged with molestation, but the charges were later dropped.  John Fittanto subsequently filed a million dollar lawsuit against Pamela Klein. Source:
Pamela KleinPerhaps Tate thought a lot of Klein because she had been used as a consultant by the Cook Report to advise on his trashy Devil's Work' programme screened on July 17th 1989?

In fact Klein was very active in the 1990s - she helped export the SRA myth to Australia and to New Zealand.  Look what the Mail on Sunday said about her activities:
The cutting on the right came from the Daily Mail 25th April 1994, they didn't think much of Klein's expertise in SRA either.

To convince readers of his 'Pattern' Tate  then unveils extracts from one the Broxtowe foster-mother's diaries (The foster mothers had been told to keep diaries by the Wardship judge ) where they recorded conversations with the children in a casual manner.  The child's words are in Red, the foster-mother's in black and Tate's comment is in Green.

"Wednesday, 17 May 1989

’When Mr Pooh-pants goes to the witch parties — well, he’s


‘ ’Cause he’s the boss. We have to call him “High Man".’

’Do you?’

“Yes, and Mr Brown [a coloured adult male identified by several
children] because they say, “Children - come here.”

“’Children come here?" — what do you mean?’

’Well, Mr Pooh-pants says to me: “Number One, come here." We
have numbers — but Mr Pooh-pants and Mr Brown don't have

Tate infers that a coloured adult male has been categorically identified by three children independently as a 'High Man'. The implication is that 'Brown' is some kind of 'Man in Black' for the Broxtowe 'coven'; an outsider who runs things, but when the evidence Tate does NOT tell his reader about is revealed it shows that this is a step too far. The JET report states:

"The style of the diaries changes with the foster parents taking an interrogative approach in a desire to elicit more information and using many leading questions e.g. Have you been to this big house?  Do you know Tony? Is Mr. Brown there? Have you ever been to a farm?"

Tate appears to ignore the fact that children, particularly young children who may not yet be totally in control of their own bowels
frequently mention poo. Tate says that 'the conversation he quoted could have been replicated 3,000 miles away'.  PRECISELY!

Tate appears not to notice two things. Firstly the significance between 'a number one' and 'a number two' being common questions to not-quite-potty-trained children, as is 'wee-wee' and 'poo-poo'. Secondly  he also overlooks the fact that the NSPCC unit which therapised these children had a model of Pooh Bear that they played with along with the Monsters and Witch Costumes! Mister Pooh!

Listen to the Children Beatrix Campbell, Channel 4 dispatchesIt is often difficult to take to task the accusations made by the advocates of SRA because of the secrecy and confidentiality of the documents they are privy to.  Tate for instance appears to have access to the foster mothers' diaries and other insider information from Team4 whereas we are denied it, but thankfully some of the SRA crowd reveal their hands. In Beatrix Campbell's discredited documentary Listen to the Children (which you can see extracts from here )  there are momentary shots of some of the scrappily written 'diaries' which the foster mothers completed, including the one Tate refers to. When we checked that page we found that Tate had omitted some of the conversation,  because the child went on to say:

— but Mr Pooh-pants and Mr Brown don't have numbers, but my mum and my family all do"

"What number is your mum?

"Number 1"

So although the child has contradicted itself in the course of the conversation the contradiction is either ignored or censored. Firstly he says he is No.1. Then in the bit Tate did not record he says that his Mum is No1.  Now, the child's evidence is either all to be relied on, or all NOT to be relied on, one cannot pick or choose to prove one's point but Tate appears to be doing exactly that.

By overlooking the fact that only one child (the most voluble where SRA motifs were concerned) volunteered information about 'Mr Brown' but the rest of the children were asked leading questions about 'Mr Brown' by the foster mothers, and then by omitting the full conversation Tate manages, accidentally or not, to give 'the High Man' a significance which it does not deserve.   There may well have been a Mr Brown who was involved in the 'regular' abuse of these children but the police couldn't find him and there is absolutely no indication that he was a leader of satanists. In any event Satanists do not give their members numbers!  

How many other 'therapists' and SRA 'survivors' believe these points?  How many times have they told 'victims' that SRA has been proven because all cases are part of a 'pattern'. A pattern which never really existed except in the minds of fundamentalist Christians and therapists?  

Having followed Tate's pronouncements on these issues and noted the failure of dozens of the historic cases he originally claimed were evidence of SRA  see here  along with the errors and chicanery in The Cook Report  see here we find the 'certainty' he employs when writing about SRA completely unacceptable.

It is no surprise to us therefore that the JET report discovered the following:

"The Police were highly suspicious of the involvement of the media and Mr. Ray Wyre, particularly after they discovered that they ( the Cook Report ) wanted to make a good T.V. programme and had supplied Ray Wyre with the Satanic indicators that he used when briefing the foster parents. The Police speculated that the Social Services Department had been manipulated.

On 9.2.88 Ray Wyre, having been contracted to Social Services as an expert, gave a presentation to the foster parents using the Satanic Indicators of an alleged American Expert. . These were passed around the foster parents. One foster parent claims great stress was laid upon them and they were told what to look for. These indicators emphasize transportation to other places, animal sacrifices, drinking of blood, eating flesh, defiling children with urine and faeces, monsters and ghosts, a mysterious church, killing of children etc.

[Laura] was aged 5 years..... In the diaries for November, December 1987 and January she is consistent with [Colin], [Roberta] and [John] in identifying home and the family, except that she talks about parties but not specifically witches. The main content during this period is of the family at home burning her with sticks. After Ray Wyre's  presentation to the Foster-mothers on the 9th February 1988 [Laura] talks on the 19th February 1988 about the murder of babies and the bath being full of blood.

(iv) Interviews with Experts previously used by Social Services

Ray Wyre speaking on 60 Minutes documentary mid-1989Our fourth approach was to check upon the basis for the experts' views. As Ray Wyre was paid as a consultant by Social Services and used the Satanic indicators to brief the foster parents we interviewed him first. In our view he was extremely vague and evasive and could give no evidence to support his assertions beyond a few cases that we subsequently checked with negative results.

All this is very pertinent. Ray wire was a key instigator of belief in SRA in Broxtowe though he kept a respectable distance from most of the sensational 'victim imposters' (like Jacquie Balodis and others) who were providing quotes for shocking headlines in the British media at the time.  Occasionally Wyre would give one paragraph quotes within articles in the social work press, or in the Broadsheets but he never gave a lengthy interview on his SRA beliefs.    How surprising then to find that in the middle of 1989 when he was being circumspect in the U.K. media he appeared on the Australian TV documentary series 'Sixty Minutes' talking at length about Broxtowe and about another U.K. case of a 15 year old girl who Sixty Minutes chose to call 'Theresa' but who was actually a girl given the pseudonym 'Natalie' when she was shown in silhouette in the Cook Report 'The Devil's Work' which went out around the same time in Britain!  

Did Wyre have any evidence of SRA?  The JET people said clearly that he could not produce any but here we find him giving an interview intended for Australia which is categoric in its insistence that children are being killed in Satanic Rituals.  Wyre, an ex Baptist minister, opened his Gracewell Clinic to amongst other things, 'rehabilitate' Priests who had sexually abused children so they could go back into the church.  He had found and therapised plenty of abusive priests but had never ever personally come across any Satanic Abusers, yet here he was stating categorically that they killed children even though no dead children had ever been found.  You can see him make his astonishing claims by clicking on the TV image above.

Ray Wyre taking calls on the helplines after the Cook Report, The Devil's Work In hindsight of course 'Natalie's' Cook Report claims were all found to have nothing to do with Satanists, but at the time she convinced many as she tearfully pleaded on camera. 

Strangely Wyre did not appear in the Cook Report but as you can see from the JET report and the Timeline on this webpage and the photograph left, he was actively involved with Tim Tate who researched and co-produced it and Wyre was also there behind the scenes assisting with the 'help-lines' after broadcast

The Australian Sixty Minutes documentary ended with the interviewer asking whether Wyre thought there might be some abusing Satanists in Australia. Wyre said 'undoubtedly' but then again, in the programme so did Audrey Harper from The Reachout Trust who also claimed to be a 'victim' of Satanists on the Cook Report, along with her friend Maureen Davies, director of The Reachout Trust who worked with the Cook Report and along with Wyre handled the helplines afterwards, she sat next to Judith Dawson leader of Team4 from Broxtowe.  Beginning to see the pattern now? 

Predictably, by May of the following year (1990) Pamela Klein had introduced her 'Satanic Indicators' to police in New Zealand and a rash of SRA cases then ensued, all of which were proven false in the passage of time.

Witch Drawings. 

Of course very young kids can't say "Well, this man turned up, put on a robe, set up an altar with candles, placed a baby on it and slit it's throat, then we all ate bits of it."  One way to get children to open up is to let them play-act things out. Another is to allow them to draw what they are thinking.  Of course, if you let the children know that you want them to draw, scenes of witches and devils, then this is what you get:

Drawing from Pamela Hudson's book "Ritual Child Abuse" Broxtowe Childrens witch drawings
How to Draw A Witch

The first drawing is from Pamela Hudson's book Ritual Child Abuse, the middle one was drawn by one of the Broxtowe children (the foster mother has written on 'Witches at Witch Parties' in case there was any doubt about what it is (sigh), and the third one is a Wikihow showing kids how to draw a stereotypical witch including "draw a long pointy hat" and "a pointy nose with warts and an ugly set of teeth to make her look wicked".

 Of course REAL witches aren't wicked and don't wear pointy hats. Neither do real Satanists, which brings us to the fundamental point that although Team4 and the Broxtowe foster mothers prattled on about Satanists, the children's comments were all about WITCHES.  They were simply mirroring back the stereotypical kind of 'wicked witch' stories that appear in children's TV stories and books.  

The only people who would today confuse Witchcraft, the prehistoric pagan religion of the British Isles,  who believe in a pantheon of gods, with Satanism which believes in a single divinity, are fundamentalist Christians who believe in the devil.  Witches do not believe in a devil figure, never have; never will. They have no devil in their cosmology.  BASW would have known this if they had read our report that they had earlier binned.   Only Christians believe in the devil and therefore technically only lapsed Christians can become Satanists. Neither witches nor Satanists abuse children as part of their rites.  Assuming that they kill and abuse kids because a 4 year old can draw a witch 'to order'  is absolutely bonkers.

Jerry Simandl and Microwaved Babies Who Never Were

How Microwaving Babies myth startedThe Jet Report says that [Norman] was the child who first spoke about Microwaving Babies.

"Coincidentally he made this disclosure within a week of social work staff attending the Reading Conference on child abuse and learning there from Jerry Simandl (who produced the second set of Satanic indicators used by Social Services) that children in the USA had reported babies being cooked in microwave ovens.

  "Perhaps the  most important conference for spreading Satanic Abuse hysteria, was at Reading University, on 15-17 September 1989. The organisers  were Norma Howes, an ‘independent social worker’, and Pamela Klein, the American who had introduced the ‘Satanic  indicators’ to Britain.     The star speaker was Detective Robert J. (‘Jerry’) Simandl of the Chicago police. He held up a plastic sheet, of the  type which he said was 'used to wrap the bodies of children sacrificed at Satanic rituals' and described how the body would be buried in a freshly-dug grave the day before a genuine funeral. He told harrowing tales of sexual abuse of children in caves and underground tunnels, and of one case in which a child had been cooked in a microwave oven. 
Where the Devil is The evidence?  Mail on Sunday begins to question the SRA allegationsAmong other speakers were Pamela Klein, as well as Maureen Davies, Dianne Core, and Marietta Higgs. Others noted as having made a considerable impression were Nottingham social workers Christine Johnston and Judith Dawson, who recorded their "ritual" interpretation of the recent abuse case there. "  Source: Drammatis Personnae website.

An illustration of the utter lack of discernment in these Satan Seminars is when Simandl held up a plastic sheet and told the conference that Satanists used plastic sheets 'like this' to wrap the bodies of children they had sacrificed.  An ahhhh went around the conference hall.  Nobody said. "There hasn't ever been a case of a child's body being sacrificed, how would you know what plastic sheets they used?"

A year later, Mr Simandl was interviewed by the  Mail on Sunday (16 September 1990). He reportedly said:

‘My superiors and colleagues are sceptical when I tell them these stories.   But it is so interesting being in England and Scotland and  talking to people there. The rooms were packed, and everyone wanted to know more and more what was going on’. "                 

I Bet they did!  Over 230 delegates attended that Satan Seminar to have their minds poisoned by rubbish like this and from it most of the other false SRA cases in Britain occurred, including the scandals of  Rochdale, and Orkney.   Interestingly in January 1990 Ker Khulan an American police investigator attended a US presentation by Simandl. This is what he wrote:
Simandl showed some films by Cavalcade Productions an  outfit run by fundamentalist Christian Dale McCulley:  "Ritual Crime: Guidelines for Identification" and  "Identification of the Ritually Abused Child." Some of  Simandl's therapist associates appear in these films.


How The Battle Was Won For The Lord - with the help of the NSPCC

A Satanic Litany of Childrens' sufferingRosie Waterhouse is an award winning journalist and former Director of ther MA in Investigative Journalism at City University, London.  In 1989 she, worked on the Independent on Sunday newspaper and like thousands of other journalists country-wide, rushed to cover the sensational news conference held by the NSPCC on March 12th which had, to the absolute astonishment of all, said that 14 of it's branches had reported evidence which showed that the hidden menace of the Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children was taking place across the country. She and her co-writer Jenny Cuffe were given access to insiders (including Rev Kev Logan, pictured) who 'confirmed' the threat of SRA. Waterhouse and Cuffe believed everything and wrote it up as you can see in the image on the right.

This NSPCC press briefing was the detonator for the Satanic Panic of the 1990s. It got MASSIVE coverage across the country and kick-started many local controversies. The Kids forced into satan orgiesmassed hatred towards anyone even slightly involved in the esoteric was immense following this NSPCC press release.    To give you an indication of how deep it ran, one spiritualist church in Hull actually took a display advert in their local newspaper explaining that Spiritualism was a Christian belief and should not be confused with Satanism! Within days the British public had been utterly convinced that SRA existed by headlines like the one on the left from the Daily Mirror. The scare extended to the whole of society and of course was soon picked up by mainstream politicians.  On March 13th under the headline

Thatcher Outrage Over Children in Satanic Rites

a commons question confirmed to the whole of Britain that SRA was actually happening, even though there was no evidence of it!

"The Prime Minister today expressed outrage at reports that children as young as five are being forced by adult sex abuse rings to take part in satanic rites. At Commons question time Mrs Thatcher urged anyone with evidence to take it to the police to enable offenders to be prosecuted. Her comments followed yesterday's warning by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children of child involvement in ritualistic abuse. Tory John Bowis (Battersea) asked if Mrs Thatcher had seen the NSPCC report "linking satanism practices with child abuse". To cheers from all sides, he demanded: "Will you do everything possible in the Government's power to support the police and child welfare agencies, to stamp out this loathsome practice?"

NSPCC backtracking on SRAThere was a complete and unquestioning acceptance of the allegations made by the NSPCC. Why would such an august body even say something like that if they were not absolutely sure? But of course, as we maintained at the time, and as we have proven since, the NSPCC opportunistically maximised the SRA myth. There was NO evidence from their branches. It was the result of an unscientific questionnaire sent by the radical wing of the NSPCC, mostly crusading feminists influenced by the SRA panic which had already occurred in the U.S. The NSPCC 'research' asked subjective questions about whether any of the cases handled by that branch might align with the 'Satanic Indicators' which had been imported from the U.S.A. Of course, as we have shown above, the 'indicators' proved that anyone and everything was a result of Satanic Abuse and so many of the questionnaires came back 'positive'. This was all the excuse the NSPCC required to start a national panic.

Despicably the NSPCC allowed this exaggeration to sieze hold of child protection and grow into a panic which damaged child-care at its roots. Only when the NSPCC got the blame following the scandals of Rochdale and then the Orkney cases a year later did they retract and try to minimise the damage that their announcement had caused. You can see a montage of NSPCC irresponsible statements and their creeping retractions as public opinion grew against them in the leftmost column.

Dickens claims Babies being Sacrificed to DevilOf course, crusading Christians were absolutely thrilled with all this. They had already been on-board and cultivating the SRA lie since the spring of the previous year when Geoffrey Dickens MP (the parliamentary representative of Childwatch) had announced Satanic Abuse as a reality in parliament in April 1988. Childwatch was run by Dianne Core, an ardent Christian. Dickens and Core had joined up with Kevin Logan, a fundamentalist ex-Coal Board journalist who had taken holy orders and become a vicar of a Blackburn church a stone's throw from Dickens constituency.

Logan damns Dungeons and DragonsLogan had for years been active in the fundie circuit specialising in creating discord between Christians and anyone involved in the New Age or Neo-Paganism. One of his successes was to arrange a 'questionnaire' for children at the local church school containing leading questions similar to the Satanic Indicators. Had children ever played 'fantasy games' or listened to 'heavy metal music'? When most of them said yes he drew up a report saying that 87% of schoolchildren were being inculcated into occultism! And got lots of press coverage for it.

The fundies had set up contingencies to maximise the NSPCC statement and did so with a vengeance. There was a coterie of fundamentalist activists who came together to create, massage and promote the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse. We have already mentioned Core, Geoffrey Dickens and Kevin Logan (who went on to accuse Harry Potter of inculcating kids into occultism). Now we come to Maureen Davies who was a director of The Reachout Trust a Christian fundamentalist group originally started in 1986 to combat the Jehovah's Witnesses which they saw as a 'cult'. Davies was a long-time fundie activist who in her own words 'started by putting tracts under the windscreen wipers on cars' and ended up lecturing to police top brass at Bramshill police college on how Satanists eat children.

Before she got interested in the SRA bandwagon she used to campaign to have 'occult magazines' (i.e. astrology magazines) removed from W.H.Smiths and also widely distributed a lecture to other Christian activists on 'How to Deal With The Occult In Your Area which gave dubious methods of influencing and biasing local opinion (such as letter chains where fundies are given a boiler-plate letter and all write at once to complain- ).

Davies was in direct touch with manic fundamentalist SRA hunters in the U.S. and based a lot of her 'knowledge' about SRA on what she imported from them. Particularly that from Mark Warnke Ministries, Randy Emon's COIN organisation, Patricia Pulling's BADD (Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons - a popular 1980s fantasy game which Pulling maintains pushes kids into suicide because of occult characters) and in particular the Cult-Crime Impact Network which we have exposed elsewhere in this article. The Logan and Davies fundie double-act was so close that they were almost inseparable. In almost Bella Cults in Britain. The Gang of Five are all hereevery anti-occult newspaper and magazine article in which Logan appeared, so did Davies - (she was quoted in the Ban These Evil Games article above).

To make up what became known as 'the Gang of Five' came Audrey Harper. Converted to Christianity in 1967 she used to travel the 'born-agin' circuit visiting church-halls to give testimony about how she supposedly escaped the clutches of Satan. One of her stories was how she was present when a baby was sacrificed by Satanists. When she first made these statements in the 1970s and early 1980s the police investigated them TWICE and concluded that there was no case to answer but when the SRA scare began in the mid 1980s her previous allegations dovetailed into the NSPCCs outrageous claims and took off.   She was a director of Reachout Trust and therefore compromised; yet whenever any journalist asked to speak to a 'victim' of SRA Audrey was trotted out. Her story was covered so many times they eventually began using pseudonyms so as not to bore readers. 'Black Anna' was one of them, Anna Dixon was another.     She and Maureen Davies appeared together in the U.S. fundie video Devil Worship and the Rise of Satanism made by Jeremiah Films which 'confirmed' the English experience of SRA to the U.S. fundie circuit and in which Randy Emon also participated but later retracted.  Together the Gang of Five achieved hundreds of column inches of sectarian bile with the ever-eager British press hungry for any and all uncorroborated allegations to spice up the bored lives of their moribund readers.   In the 1988 Bella Article shown right, Satanism a Threat to Our Children, every single person interviewed and quoted was a fundie and the Gang of Five are all present.  Bella never bothered to get any balancing quotes or information from the Witches and Satanists of course but what can one expect from a smear-sheet that is not worth the destruction of the trees required to print it.

What Motivates Christian Fundamentalists

Ordinary folk reading this will about now be asking themselves what motivates these Christian Fundamentalists.  Obviously it is their LACK of faith in their own religion.  There are millions more ordinary and nominally Christian folk who don't need to continually prove to themselves that God exists by finding the Devil.  Ordinary Christian folk are confirmed and secure in their beliefs about god but fundamentalists seek evidence of the second coming everywhere.   Like the rest of us, unconsciously they are anxious about the mystery of death and worry about life after death.  Discovering the Tribulations (indicators that the Devil is trying one last time to take over the world before Jesus's second coming) assuages that fear and also confirms that they are secure in their religious path.  As long ago as 1988 we published an article which tried to explain the fundie-mindset to outsiders. Those who want to, can read it here biblos90.htm

When we castigate or criticise people for being 'fundamentalists' we are not saying that they are unsympathetic to children, exactly the reverse.  These people have a compulsion to help children because of their religious ideals.  That is the point.  They want to do good but their world-view is completely different to that of ordinary folk.  They see Satan under every Sofa. They expect the worst. They see mentally ill people as being 'possessed' by the devil.  They see ordinary folk who contract in to our modern society as victims of the devil and in their eyes almost every aspect of modern life is in some way supernaturally threatening and suspicious.   In their paranoia they are constantly scanning for the Devil in case he creeps up on them unseen.  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy because when they meet with anyone who doesn't let them have their own way, like us, they see them as Satanists -  proof of the satanic conspiracy.    These attitudes are reinforced by networking with other fundamentalists.  They do so in arrogant fashion away from mainstream society thinking that ordinary folk are the stupid ones who cannot see the truth.   Because of this they employ what they term 'shepherding'.  Conscious manipulation of those who have not yet 'seen the light' towards their world-view.  They become adept at it.  Identifying a fundie who is 'shepherding' from one who isn't is very difficult unless you know which buttons to press. Press the right buttons (as the SAFF often does) and you see an irrational and obsessed person whose judgement is tainted by extreme religious dogma and who will say and do anything to aggrandise their own religious beliefs.  Otherwise ordinary folk think they are dealing with other 'ordinary folk' and trust what they say when in fact there is a tacit conspiracy and a completely different agenda going on at another level, (wink, wink).  Obviously if the people the fundamentalists are 'shepherding' are nominally Christian they are already indoctrinated by society to trust others 'like themselves' and are not equipped to see the anti-social repercussions of the disguised activities of ardent Christians.   The SRA myth is replete with instances of fundies surreptitiously redirecting the course of cases and investigations and this article here has been written to alert ordinary folk to it.  Now back to the plot.

This is how it can happen

Rosie Waterhouse had initially been a wholehearted believer in the SRA myth as her article for the IoS above shows, and as a believer she was given access to the people who had created the SRA circus, including the leaders of Team4, Judith Dawson and Christine Johnston. In her forthcoming book about the SRA hysteria Waterhouse says that she spoke to Dawson and Johnston who told her that when motifs of SRA had occurred in the Broxtowe case they had got in touch with Stuart Checkley and Russell Blacker , founders of the Association of Christian Psychiatrists. This is categoric proof of the infiltration of the Broxtowe case by evangelical christians at a formative stage. The ACP then sponsored and organised the first ever Satan Seminar in Britain in a room at the Royal Society of Medicine, London in April 1988.

But the Association of Christian Psychiatrists is no stranger to allegations of the devil. A year earlier, in 1987, they were involved in cooperation with the Evangelical Alliance (EA) in publishing Doorways to Danger, a Christian fundamentalist tract which outlined supposed 'dangers' attached to Tarot, cards, Hypnosis, astrology, meditation and other inconsequential New Age type activities.   Kevin Logan and Audrey Harper were involved too; both contributed 'personal testimony' about the dangers of the occult but Satanism and Satanic Ritual Child Abuse were NOT mentioned in the leaflet but note that in an article in Christian News World dated May 1990 Logan and Maureen Davies were interviewed about the EA and the report said:
"Mr Logan is also a member of the Evangelical Alliance which was formed a year ago following reports of child,abuse,rape,animal and human sacrifice in satanic rituals."
Doorways to Danger launch with Stuart CheckleyStuart Checkley himself contributed to Doorways to Danger , saying

Dr Checkley concludes: ’Such things as ouija boards and tarot cards can definitely harm. They open up the mind to outside forces.’

Kher Cuhulain, an American police investigator of the Satan Myth, wrote that Checkley had in fact co-authored  Doorways to Danger. Whether he had or not he was certainly involved closely with it as the photograph alongside at the launch of Doorways to Danger proves. In the article published in Redemption Christian Magazine, Checkley reportedly said:
'I have seen someone who as a result of one experiment with an ouija board, suffered frightening experiences outside his control'.   

 In Doorways to Danger  Checkley waxes to this theme by reportedly  saying

'I have seen patients whose involvement with relatively minor forms of the occult has caused them to suffer mental illness.  I have seen someone who as a result of one experiment with a ouija board suffered frightening experiences outside his control, including automatic handwriting. He found himself writing frightening messages to himself,’

You can see much more about the machinations surrounding the infamous Doorways to Danger leaflet on this website here:

But what follows next is almost too wacky to believe. Dr Stuart Checkley, admitted in an interview in the Mail On Sunday (16th June 92) to having performed an exorcism in hospital on a patient who was threatening suicide. 

Earlier, on 17th October 1988, and much more pertinently in respect of the Broxtowe case , the Independent newspaper reported that:

'Dr Checkley is convinced that the occult can have very harmful consequences. " Sometimes you cannot explain it in a psychiatric way...The occult has harmful effects through unknown mechanisms'. He has seen people who, following lengthy and unproductive psychiatric treatment, will recover after being helped by the Church'.

After Stuart Checkley retired from his psychiatric work he began travelling around churches lecturing to christian audiences about spiritual healing and prayer healing of the mentally sick. In September 2006 he lectured in Exeter under the aegis of Exeter Anglican Diocese on Healing the soul via Dreams:

" They (Checkley and his wife) have many years’ experience of praying for inner healing, and have worked closely with Leanne Payne, who is well known in the area of healing, and whose books and ministry on this subject are internationally respected. For twelve years they have run conferences similar to hers, and they have both taken early retirement to be able to spend more time on this ministry"
There is no doubt that Stuart Checkley is a fundamentalist Christian and, would be ready to spot Satanism in the most moribund places. However for an influential professor of psychiatry, he had some very unconventional beliefs surrounding mental illness. The question is, why did Judith Dawson and Christine Johnston of Team4 go to him to help in their campaign to recognise Broxtowe as a case of Satanic Ritual Abuse?

The situation becomes even more astonishing when you realise that a year later in July 1990 the Evangelical Alliance began distributing a video version of their leaflet Doorways to Danger, entitled Doorways to Danger The Video - in which Judith Dawson personally took part talking about SRA and Broxtowe in clear evangelical terms. This is some of what she said:

"We've had to be taken beyond belief because what we've learned is that children are not only sexually abused but that they are also ritualistically abused that means that we have learnt that some families some adults get involved with satanic groups whose main aim is to destroy everything that is good everything that is good about human life and human values, and one particular target in that would be that they should hurt and defile children. As you are probably aware Christ said 'Touch not one hair of this child's head', satanists believe that they should do the opposite of that. "

 Her section about Satanic Ritual Child Abuse came right after Kevin Logan had wittered on about how 'dangerous' it was for children to play fantasy games and use tarot cards.    The point is that she has no evidence whatsoever to support that view. Nowhere in the books of Satanism has any Satanist ever required harm to children. There is no liturgy for it and there has never been an example of it.  Dawson's assertion is therefore simply sectarian prejudice.

Nottinghamshire Social Services suspend Andy CroallWere there other sectarian influences in Nottingham at the time?  Well yes there was. The Deputy Director of Nottingham Social Services, Andy Croall was a vituperative fundamentalist who said that abortions (legal abortions) were a form of Child Abuse. He made this statement Andy Croall speaking on After Dark TV programmein a TV interview right in the middle of the SRA debate. His statement caused uproar in the ranks of Nottingham social workers and he was suspended. Shortly thereafter Croall resigned and took up a high-profile position in Caring Professions Concern, the Christian fundamentalist body acting as a forum for doctors and therapists and psychiatrists to which Stuart Checkley and Russel Blacker were allied. Croall later travelled around the U.K. giving lectures on Satanic Ritual Abuse.

It is absolutely impossible for anyone involved in Broxtowe to now deny that the case wasn't  infested with Sectarian prejudice and that fundamentalist lies and liars had been imported from the U.S. to corroborate the SRA aspects of the case by those who wanted to find them there, despite the fact that the police after extensive investigations found no forensic evidence ever existed. It is the worst example of a witch-hunt in modern British history.

The Timeline in the leftmost column gives all the references and sources for this article but if anyone wants further clarification then they are invited to contact us at the email address below.

Please note that to ensure that the children involved were protected from identification we took the pseudonyms already given to them by the JET report and then changed them all to new pseudonyms, just in case.

Tony Rhodes and John Freedom,
Summer Solstice 2016


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