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Letter From The SAFF to Geoffrey Dickens Granddaughter, Louise

Dear Louise Dickens,

Do you realise the implications of what you've stated?

I have proved to you beyond any shadow of a doubt by using his own words out of his own mouth that Geoffrey Dickens was a liar. Both to his wife about his fidelity and to the public about Satanic Abuse.

The evidence I have provided you with is INCONTROVERTIBLE.
There is no answer to it.
It is FACT.

Yet after 30 years of abject failure of ALL of your grandfather's accusations, after 32 years of literally hundreds of thousands of bigots searching the world for evidence of Satanic Abuse there has not been even ONE case which proves it.

  • In 1988 Geoffrey Dickens claimed many times that 20 children in  the ongoing Broxtowe SRA case was undeniable 'proof' that SRA existed. By June 1990 the official JET report proved that there was absolutely no SRA involved in the case at all.

  • Sandi-Gallant, an early police specialist in Cult Crime had, by 1990 concluded that the vast majority of reports were false and worked-up by fundamentalist activists.
  • January 1992, Kenneth Lanning, head of the FBI Violent Crime Unit concludes his specialist report on claims of SRA and Satanic Crime. It is either fake, or exaggerated petty crime. There is no SRA.
  • In 1992 a £2 million police inquiry into your Grandfather's lies in Hull concluded that there was no SRA.
  • In 1994 the Government's own official inquiry (LaFontaine) pronounced his accusations false.
Not ONE of the accusations Geoffrey Dickens made has been proven. 

No bones, No bodies, No forensic evidence of any kind, not one child ever harmed.

Yet thousands of innocent people have had their lives destroyed by a myth your grandfather started.

Things went quiet for a decade, then a new generation of SRA believers jumped on the bandwagon and you joined them. They began making similar trouble to that Dickens made two decades before.

They caused so much trouble over that period that several detailed police investigations were put in place to answer their hysterical suspicions and false accusations: This was the result:
  • 2014: SRA hysteria about Haut de la Garrene children's home in Jersey, official report concludes no SRA involved.
  • 2014: Report concluding Savile investigation concludes no SRA involved.
  • 2016: February: Operation Midland disbanded - all allegations false.
  • 2016 October: The official Henrique report ruled that allegations were of no substance and many fraudulent.
  • 2017 Operation Conifer (Ted Heath) closure report - allegations false.
  • 2019: January: Sabine McNeil, ringleader of the false allegations of SRA against Christchurch School, Hampstead, is jailed for 9 years for perverting the course of justice.
  • 2019: July: Carl Beech whom your clique promoted as a star-victim of SRA but who turned out to be a kiddie pervert himself and was given 18 years in jail for fraud and perverting the course of justice by making false allegations of SRA which you in your twitter feed have retweeted and promoted.
  • 2020: February: The governments own Historic Abuse Inquiry, after taking the most extensive evidence judged that the idea of a conspiracy of abusers in Westminster (which your grandfather started) was bunkum.
Yet despite all of these hundreds of pieces of evidence proving that Geoffrey Dickens was a liar who made the most heinous accusations any human can make against another, without one jot of proof, you still insist 32 years later, that SRA exists and have conjoined with others to promote the idea. You can point to absolutely no evidence to support your views and you reject irrefutable facts like the ones given above.

Please tell me Louise, just WHY you believe in SRA?

The reason why the world remains consistently full of evil is because people like you ignore what is staring them in the face.

Tony Rhodes, 19 May 2020.

The Most Persecuted Man in Britain.

The following never before seen  chronology from SAFF files is a diary which charts the persecution of the owner of the Sorcerer's Apprentice bookshop in Leeds which was falsely accused of being some how connected with SRA on the flimsiest of pretexts. 

It makes horrendous reading but is clear proof of how a gang of fundamentalist Christian agitators were given carte blanche by the British Media to do their worst and establish the lie of SRA in the public mind.  Moreover other fundamentalists are continuing the lies about the Sorcerer's Apprentice even unto this day.  An amazing insight.

Please note that this diary is not an exclusive list of SRA happenings at the time, it is just a list of those things which contributed to the persecution of the S.A.  SAFF files are bulging with other instances, articles, cuttings on Christian Fundamentalist propaganda and letters which parallel the timings below.


Diary Begins:

OCTOBER 30 1987: Dianne Core, founder of the Childwatch Group lambasts Halloween in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph. Although
no outright accusations about child-abuse linked to witchcraft are made the embryonic allegations are fielded in epithets such as ' a leading campaigner against child abuse  gave a grim warning
that youngester taking apart in trick or treat adventures could find themselves victims of sex perverts.'  
JANUARY 3 1988: Sunday Sport reports "EVIL - Satanic Guides are sold to kids". A picture of Geoffrey Dickens accompanies the article
which goes on to accuse the S.A. of selling devil worship kits to innocent youngsters.  Dickens says 'we must crack down on the
pedlars of evil'. "We are living in a mad society when perverted cults which worship the devil can freely publish guides on how
to dabble in the occult. The Home Office must Act." 
JANUARY 1988: The Colchester Evening Gazette publishes picture of 'Satan's Cop' Sandi Gallant as she poses in bomber jacket against a wall of graffitti proclaiming "SATAN LIVES". " 666"" and a showing a crucifix with Black Sabbath written on it. "They call her Satan's Cop, ten years ago fellow officers laughed when she said the Devil was on the rampage. Now, thousands of demon related crimes later they listen when she says 1989 could be a particularly bad year for Satanic crime, not only in the U.S.A. but also in Britain" GALLANT AND HER EMISSARIES KNEW EXACTLY THE TYPE OF SCAREMONGERING WHICH  WAS TO BE INFLICTED UPON THE U.K. BECAUSE THEY HAD ALREADY SUCCEEDED IN COMMANDING THE U.S.A. POPULATION WITH THE SAME HYSTERIA THE YEAR PREVIOUSLY. The article continues with Gallant alleging that a 15 year old shot his 10 year old brother on Candlemass last year. He said the devil made him do it". The rabid idea that the biggest lies and distortions incite the greatest bigots continues and is soon to become all too familiar. "Figures vary but the most conservative place the number of devil worshippers in America at more than FOUR MILLION. Last year TEN THOUSAND  pre-teen American
children were involved in crimes which included sacrificing animals and other demonic cult activities.  There are more than 200 unsolved ritual murders in the U.S.A  for 1988. ...there could be as many as 500,000 ACTIVE SATANIST CULTS in Britain alone."  Other similarly ridiculous quotes in the article come from Geoffrey Dickens and Kevin Logan proving beyond doubt that both Dickens & Logan had cross-connections with the Stateside witch-hunt and knew of what had happened there. (Ed: Two years later Gallant admits that she was utterly wrong about SRA and recants her statements: click on the image below  to see full size version )

Sandi Gallant Cult Cop admitting she was wrong about SRA

FEBRUARY 6 1988: The Weekly News reports on 14 year old Thomas Sullivan a U.S.A. schoolboy who after writing a paper on Hinduism began to read 'occult books'.  "The lad was brought up amongst good, God-fearing folk in Jefferson but within weeks he had become obsessed by the forces of darkness". After getting a 'B' grade for his paper Sullivan stabbed his mother to death during an argument and then set fire to the house afterwards killing himself by slashing his wrists.  This terrible tragedy, obviously caused by the pressures of school and adolescence is then whipped into the usual hysteria about SATANISM to support the fundamentalist's claims.
FEBRUARY 1988: Chat magazine indulges in a bout of self-righteousness titled SATANS CHILDREN and includes an interview with Audrey Harper but her identity is obfuscated, she is only shown in silhouette and is given the pseudonym of Anna Dixon. Audrey Harper is a Christian fundamentalist who travels  the country lecturing to evangelical audiences about her supposed past links with witchcraft.  She begins to make her obnoxious and disgusting allegations which she will later repeat and enlarge upon at length but at this point in the campaign she is more subtle
and no direct claims of child-murder is included.   Harper admits that she was 'delivered' from Satanism after counselling with a Christian Minister, (Ed; Roy Davies, of the Emmanuel Pentecostal Church). A full blown exorcism presumably.   The usual
distortions and mistruths are peddled. The article uses the Father and Four Daughters sex- abuse case tried during July 1988 as an
example of what can happen and grossly distorts the evidence given during the trial. The report does not include other pertinent information which was disclosed during the trial such as
(a) The father was Dominican
(b) The 'Black Magic' was a form of ethnic voodoo and had nothing to do with devil-worship or Witchcraft / Paganism.
(c) A detective on the case said in court that he thought the man used black magic as a sham to influence the girls. 
This perversion of the truth will be shown to hallmark ALL the distortions and untruths perpetrated by the fundamentalists in this campaign.  (Ed: click on the image below to get a larger version you can read)

 Audrey Harper as Anna Dixon delivered by Christian Minister
MARCH 14 1988: Telegraph reports that Dianne Core & her Childwatch 'agents' are to travel to Tyneside to 'pursue leads in that area' "WE ARE NOW INVOLVED IN INVESTIGATING A MORE FAR-RANGING SITUATION INVOLVING BLACK MAGIC ALL OVER THE COUNTRY " Core says.
MARCH 15: 1988: The Northern Echo prints two connected articles which throw a great deal of light upon what is to happen during the next 12 months.  One piece is  by Tony Metcalf and  concerns the relenting and conversion of STEPHEN MORGAN a self-professed Chaos magician after being caught grave- robbing. Morgan had previously freed himself from the fundamentalist movement in which his relatives  were involved, then turned to occultism but now, in line with a 2 year prison sentence he "recommitted his life to Jesus Christ; he was terribly upset and asked me for forgiveness said Pastor Darrill Dowden a Newton Aycliffe Pentacostalist who visited Morgan who was sentenced to two years.' Morgan, had been very 'pushy' in making contacts within the occult and his involvement before grave-robbing was about 2 years. .  He had even started up his own magical order ITOV to teach
other occultists though his knowledge of real occultism was obviously home-schooled. In the article Morgan says "The subtler areas of the Black Arts are fascinating. People Don;t understand the powers of darkness and how it can drag you down." What a GOOD excuse the occult is for one's lack of responsibility, eh?   There is of course no requirement in Chaos magick for robbing graves.   Alongside  this article was one written by MARTIN SHIPTON . Shipton was the hack who did a hatchet job on Margaret Bruce and had done some reporting about LEE & JANET JAMES who owned an occult supply business until  they went bankrupt in 1986.  In this article Shipton again interviews Lee & Janet James who are now giving him detailed behind-the-scenes information on how
black magicians and Satanists go about their work.   In a statement
oh so reminiscent of a fundamentalist compulsion Janet James says
"People of all ages join covens for what they think is harmless fun - they soon learn different. Music and incense laced with drugs are used to numb their senses and before long they find they are dancing in the nude and become sucked in for slave-labour obeying the awful rituals of devil worshippers."  These are the people who took out full page advertisements in occult magazines supplying customers for years whom they are now despising!   It is easy to see how turncoats and informers can be created when a witch-hunt starts. The link between the Northern Echo and Sunday Sun group of newspapers, is a journalist
by the name of John Merry who is in touch with Dianne Core.  There is no doubt in my mind that Dianne Core's trip to Co  Durham was in order to interview either or all of these 'turn-coats' and cross-pollinate information from Merry & Shipton to further pursue these unfounded suspicions about child- sex abuse and the occult. 
MARCH 15 1988: Bradford Telegraph & Argus reports that Core says that once recruited the innocent youngsters are drugged and forced into sordid sex acts with Devil Worshippers. Core makes reference to 3 boys  under 11 being "snatched from a coven after being subjected to the most bestial sexual acts" She continues the interview with  "We are following up leads from our many informants."  The article continued " Mrs Core said HER ORGANISATION WAS FULLY GEARED UP FOR A  YEAR-LONG PURGE AGAINST DEVIL WORSHIPPERS who sought to sexually exploit children.
MARCH 16 & 18 1988: Hull Daily Mail reports that local Vicar Rev  Michael Vernon voices fears after Childwatch founder Dianne Core claimed that 8 year olds were being forced into satanic rituals.
MARCH 24 1988: Dianne Core invites in an ex-FBI agent (Ed: Ted Gunderson  - see APRIL 9 1989 later) and a US child psychologist to 'deprogram' youngsters supposedly caught in 'black magic' ring. Obtains front page publicity from Hull Star. In the article reference is made to Rev. Kevin Logan's survey of 300 Blackburn children forging the link between Core and Logan. 

(Ed:  Logan's survey is oft quoted by the Media as though it is some kind of proof  of occultists preying on kids but it is in fact just fundie propaganda. He distributed a tick-box questionnaire
in one Church of England school to 300 teenagers. Included were questions about Ouija-Boards, Rock Music, Tarot Cards, TV 'magic'shows and almost anything which had a mysterious or esoteric content.  It was impossible for any child NOT to end up incriminating themselves as having an interest in the occult because Logan was so hypersensitive to it.  e.g.: He also complained about Harry Potter books acting as a doorway to occultism! )
MARCH 25 1988:  Northern Echo (John Merry's Paper) carries letter from a Rob & Anita Pennell of Darlington which says that young people must be warned not to get involved with Satanism following
the several anti-occult articles the Echo has printed. "I intend to write post haste to the Home Secretary to get the witchcraft laws repealed. Like The Homosexuality Act of 1968 it unleashed a whirlwind covered with a cloak of respectability. ...this Act needs to be changed as it is the very foundation of decaying standards in our youth. ..The police have been warned about youths increasingly involved with the occult and because they do not understand such
things they thought it was a big joke. Let me warn people it is no joke, stay clear." The clearly fundamentalist right- wing approach is evident in the Pennell's letter.  (Ed: The Pennells later contributed 'evidence' of SRA to Dickens SRA Dossier. These are people whom even the local paper called 'Bible Thumpers'.
MARCH 1988: Beth Gurevitch a self-styled 'white witch' joins with Diane Core to compile a sensational black magic report to put before MPs says Hull Star. Details from this dossier are to be discussed during a commons debate called by Geoffrey Dickens MP. Article says" report gives background information on many 'very dreadful cases' and details of black magic rites, contact magazine shops regalia and paraphernalia. Much of this information has been supplied by white witch Beth Gurevitch'. IN fact Gurevitch is a Tarot Reader and 'psychic counsellor' and has no connection with mainstream occultism. The Blind leading the Blind, and giving credence to the most damaging accusations since the sixties. 

(Ed: Gurevitch appears to be a major player in the promotion of the harmful SRA myth.  She
later started an occult supply shop in Birmingham supplying the very people she had berated with occult equipment she is here condemning.  And her appearance on CTV's 'Weekend' programme on May 13 is mystifying as she produced an image doll of Geoffrey Dickens with pins in it. This caused enmity towards occultism from the audience and outrage which 'proved' the evil nature of occultists even though she was actively collaborating with Dickens and contributing to his  SRA Dossier at the time! )

MARCH 13 1988: Sunday Sport Trashpaper includes an interview with Audrey Harper in full spate.  Her repetitive obnoxious allegations about sexual abuse rape murder and drugs makes good reading for Sunday Sport people.  Audrey is more bullish  about her SRA experiences?   The connection between The Sunday Sport and Dickens on anything to do with occult and child-abuse has already been well-forged. Does this article denote a link between Dickens and Harper?   We shall see.   (Ed:  Yes it does. In 1990 Dickens wrote the forew
ard for Audrey Harper's 'Dance with the Devil' a biographic account of her supposed 5 years in a Satanic Coven.  'God Bless you Audrey and keep you safe'  Click on the image below to open up to read in large format)
Dickens Foreward

MARCH 21 1988: The Times reports that senior Tories are bringing pressure to bear to insist that children in Britain's schools should receive Christian education as the dominant component of RE in the Education Reform Bill. Would it be too conspiratorial to suggest  that the churches have used witchcraft as a scapegoat to bring
pressure to bear on the Government to re-instate their dwindling power base? Lady Cox alleges "Preoccupation with the occult and with phenomena such as witchcraft is a recurring theme in many RE courses" Mr Michael Alison the Second Church Estates Commissioner and Lady Cox headed a powerful Christian lobby which eventually
GOT ITS WISH. Would it have done so had the Witchcraft-linked sexual abuse scare not been so successful? 
APRIL 7 1988: Beth Gurevitch is reported as performing an  'exorcism ceremony' on 3 people in Hull.  She says" Satanism is on the increase and people are being pulled into it.... The cult of Satanism
time I would get one call a year for help, now it's one a week.. the threat of satanism is very real indeed...'  In fact Gurevitch has only ever performed one ceremony of this type and it failed miserably.  Dr Keith Hearne, a psychotherapist, who works out
of Hull University and who has written a number of books on his researches into lucid dreaming and occult phenomena knew the three people who were 'exorcised' and was aware of the situation behind the event which he considered to be both a shambles  and unneccessary.  Gurevitch's attempt to 'exorcise' these three people succeeded only in giving credence to the fundamentalists' claims that Satanism
was rife in the Humberside area and that involvement in the occult was dangerous. When it isn't.
APRIL 15 1988:  Hull Star reports SATANS PERVERTS MAY BE UNMASKED and reveals that the Childwatch Dossier will be presented before parliament earlier that day. 
APRIL 15: 1988: Dickens speaks in The Commons: "Will the Leader of the House set aside time for a debate on the workings of the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 which repealed the Witchcraft act 1735. IT IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE IN THIS HOUSE THAT MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CHARGED WITH AND CONVICTED OF OFFENCES AGAINST CHILDREN WERE INVOLVED IN WITCHCRAFT INITIATION CEREMONIES We need a chance to discuss the workings of Witchcraft AND HOW IT CAN BE CONTROLLED IN THIS COUNTRY." ........ The WITCH-HUNT has begun.  The hysteria to be generated will be unheard of in modern times and will reveal the extent to which the 'burn the witch' syndrome is still with
APRIL 16th 1988: The Northern Echo (Merry's paper) reports that Dicken's Dossier which is eventually to be sent to the Home Secretary  now includes a letter from a Darlington couple by the name of Rob & Anita Pennell of Darlington who have asked for Dickens' advice. (see March 25). It now becomes clear of what kind of 'evidence' Dicken's Dossier consists. Gurevitch's end-of-the-pier antics and prejudices and ignorance coupled with information from biased and prejudiced fundamentalists.  Later this year the Reverend Kevin Logan publishes his book "OCCULT & PAGANISM- a manifesto for Christian Action" which, in its foreward, states that much of the information contained in his book was given directly to Dickens to form part of the Dossier.  The much acclaimed dossier is held as proof of the allegations by Dickens & Core and their ilk  but WILL NEVER be presented to the Home Secretary because it is propaganda tosh.  ( Ed: Official Home Office letter from SAFF files dated 7th March 1989 shows Dickens never sent them his 'SRA Dossier'.  Why would that be?  Because it was a collection of lies and unproven suspicions and worthless anecdotal nonsense. It was worth more to the fundie gang unsent, because they could continually allude to it whereas if they had sent it then it would be in the public domain and criticiseable - SAFF would have blasted  apart their 'evidence' and they knew it.)

Official Home Office reply saying Dickens never presented his dossier to them

APRIL 19 1988: LBC Radio hold controversial phone-in on occult and paedophilary following Dickens outbursts in parliament.  Self styled black witch Brian Leftwich 23, states that he knew of people who had carried out human sacrifices. Wow! Big spread across national newspapers the day after, BUT.... 
APRIL 20 1988: : Telegraph reports police swoop on London Broadcasting Corporation's HQ during the programme following Leftwich's claims and their investigation concludes that Leftwich had NO first hand knowledge of human sacrifices and his information was hearsay.  In other word's fundie lies.

  APRIL 20: 1988 Despite the police denial of Leftwich's outburst the Hull Daily Mail which has supported Core almost daily  throughout this controversy  runs front page headline "SATANIST BACKS CHILDWATCH CONCERN" "Self confessed black witch, Brian Leftwich denounced
the worst forms of satanic rituals in a radio programme in London last night. He spoke out in support of the Childwatch campaign against the menace of drawing children into black magic rings." Leftwich is quoted as saying ' Humberside based anti-child abuse group Childwatch was right to warn children against being lured into evil rituals.'   It's a LIE.  He can't prove anything he is claiming, yet he get's front page headlines validating an utter lie about human sacrifice.  

APRIL 22 1988: Daily Mirror reports "CHILD ABUSE TESTS ARE AS BAD AS WITCHCRAFT' The Marietta Higgs-Cleveland Child Abuse Affair is said to have been due to ' A MODERN VERSION OF WITCHCRAFT INVOLVING THE INVENTION OF TELL TALE SIGNS". What the newspaper meant was
not WITCHCRAFT but a WITCH-HUNT and even whilst the editor was pontificating about how this state of affairs was allowed to happen the hysteria fuelled by the fundamentalists  was gaining momentum in other areas aided and abetted by the media itself. The 'Tell Tale Signs' euphemism was never so true.
APRIL 28 1988: Bradford Telegraph and Argus carries interview with Dickens who claimed that he would soon  hand over a full dossier to the Home Office detailing cases. This dossier was NEVER received by the Home Office. Dickens continues to speak of Witchcraft and Satanism as being synonymous in the press even though he has elsewhere agreed to the distinction between Neo Pagans and Satanism when in the company of argumentative Neo Pagans. 
APRIL 28 1988: Without warning I am besieged by reporters about Dickens' latest statement in the House which specifically singled out The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The local paper carried banner headlines "LEEDS FIRM MENTIONED IN HOUSE OF COMMONS" and went on to report Dickens' statement verbatim "There was a shop in Leeds which was the Flashmail order centre of the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Nearby was another shop called Astonishing Books. Both shops were under the Same Control. The Shops specialised  in books on witchcraft Black Magic Satanic Rituals and other occult practices. False Altar Images such as a Phoenician Goddess statuettes
and a  Satan skull ring were among the objects on sale. The Growth of this business and other such shops reinforced his warning that Britain could SOON FOLLOW THE PATH OF THE U.S.A. Dickens claimed to have spoken to parents who said their children had been assaulted in situations associated with the occult. Dickens repeats his overall condemnation of Witchcraft and Paganism:   "  It was common knowledge that many people convicted of offences against children had been involved in witchcraft initiation ceremonies".   These are out and out LIES, no such cases have ever occurred.
APRIL 28 1988:  Radio Aire, local independent radio broadcast a verbatim recording of Dickens statement in the House of Commons and an interview with Dianne Core about Dickens' accusations concerning the S.A. "Shops like this should be stopped" Core says.  Why should my shop be 'stopped'? It is legally in existence, has been for  13 years and we have done absolutely nothing wrong or illegal during that time. This is just fundamentalist censorship and oppression.
APRIL 28 1988:  Having never met or seen Dianne Core I decide to telephone her and put her right.  I reach her on her car phone.   I explain that she has it wrong and that she obviously doesn't understand occultism.  She prattles on about the dangers of Ouija
Boards. I begin to suspect she is a fundamentalist. I tell her quite clearly and categorically that all genuine witches would as much like to rid the country of these paedophiles as she would and I offer that if at any time she needs any help or advice or any explanation or background information on any technique or style of magick or group or anything at all then she should contact me so that I and  my friends throughout the U.K. can help her all we can. She replies that THE COOK REPORT is now planning a programme on child-abuse and witchcraft for screening in the summer of 1989. This sounds like a threat.   She takes down my telephone number but does not contact me again.  In later circumstances she even refuses to answer any of my letters.   (Ed: In ten months time, 19th January 1989, Dianne core will appear at a fundamentalist conference in Rome spouting scripture and demanding Spiritual Warfare against Satanist-Freemasons. Yes folks it's the old New World Order madness she's spouting. Click on the image below for a larger format which you can read easily)

APRIL 28 1988: I write to Dickens stating that the S.A. is a bona fide business and that we are not doing anything which is illegal.  Furthermore we are open to any investigation he may care to instigate.
 I tell him about wholesomeness of genuine Paganism and warn him that he is starting a witch hunt. I arrange with him or ONE OF HIS  REPRESENTATIVES  to an on-air debate over local radio (arranged in advance) and challenge him to come to my shop and point out those items he thinks unacceptable and I will explain away his fears. He does not reply. IN fact, although he does reply to some other pagans who write him letters, he refuses point blank to answer three of mine, including one from my solicitor, yet still continues to make accusations and defamatory remarks about the S.A. using parliamentary priviledge. 
MAY 1988: The 21st Century Christian fundie magazine carries an article on Childwatch. "The organisation's founder Dianne Core, A COMMITTED CHRISTIAN , claims she has uncovered a case where 3 young boys were submitted to a terrifying ordeal as part of a Black Magick ceremony."  If we didn't already know it this is proof of Core's vested interest in slamming the occult over and above any possible risk that children may run in occult involvement. The campaign hinges on child-sex abuse but in reality it is a HOLY WAR.
MAY 10 1988 : Spiritualists in Hull take out a solus display advertisement under Religious Notices in the Hull Daily Mail distancing themselves from any connection with Witchcraft & Satanism, presumably to avoid the intense prejudice which has been stirred up by M.G. Wood the fundie editor of this despicable rag who has repetitively featured claims of SRA from Childwatch and created intolerance to alternative beliefs in the locality.    
MAY 13 1988: Central Television's  WEEKEND programme is broadcast
including a debate on Witchcraft related child abuse. Present is David Austen; Geoffrey Dickens; Dot Griffiths and Beth Gurevitch.  During the programme Gurevitch makes no mention of her prior
connection with the Childwatch-Dickens campaign and produces a doll of Dickens with pins in it. This considerably antagonises the audience and effectively undermines any genuine case the other
occultists desire to put forward about the validity of Neo Paganism. Yet we already know that Gurevitch has been instrumental in 'grassing' on various aspects of the occult in order for Dickens to compile his dossier.  In fact an interview with  Dickens in the April 24 Grimsby Evening Telegraph underlined that  ' Mr Dickens who received much of his information on black witchcraft from North Humberside white witch Beth Gurevitch and said that disgusting ceremonies were being held in which children were being sexually abused by Satanists'.  Just WHAT skullduggery is going on here?
MAY 16 1988: My MP agrees to talk with Dickens and tries several times to see him but Dickens is always 'unobtainable'. 
MAY 20 1988: Editorial in Hull Daily Mail concerns the local and national uproar about witches and child molestation allegations ( which the editor accepts as proven) and then Wood goes on to again commend Brian Leftwich for revealing the facts about Human Sacrifice on LBC radio. EVEN THOUGH THE POLICE SAID IT WAS UNTRUE.
JUNE 16 1988: M.G. Wood the editor of the Hull Daily Mail who has washed the brains of his Hull readership over SRA refuses an advertisement for a pagan moot which was  intended for publication under religious notices because 'paganism is not a religion'.
JULY 1 1988: My MP eventually collars Dickens. He writes: 'frankly he seems to not know a great deal about your business but he is convinced that what he calls a list of sales items HAS BEEN COMPLAINED ABOUT BY VARIOUS PEOPLE. '     So based on unproven third hand anecdotal evidence from people which has absolutely no basis in fact, Geoffrey Dickens is prepared to smear and stigmatise an honest man to the nation with the most heinous accusations one could make against another person, just because he is a committed Christian and hates non-believers. Here in one foul swoop we have confirmation of the fact that Dickens SRA 'Dossier' was not evidence but a pack of lies and suspicions. 

(Ed: Dickens was a clever self-publicist, he eventually, at various times produced no less than 7 (seven) 'dossiers' which he waved in the air as 'proof' of various wrongdoings. His last dossier was the SRA Dossier.  His first 'dossier' was the Hayman Dossier which became conflated with recent false accusations against a supposed Ring of VIPabusers in parliament.  In fact Dickens Dossiers formed a sizeable plank of questioning in the government's Historical Abuse Inquiry (IICSA) and this is what they had to say after hearing extensive evidence: click on the image to open up  large version) However the SAFF has traced ALL of Dickens Dossiers and has analysed and listed them in detail here:

Dickens Dossiers
AUGUST 3 1988: Dickens thirst for publicity for his campaign knows no bounds. He claims, following the disappearance of 15 year old Lee Boxell that runaway children are being murdered at satanic rituals. Police searching for Lee Boxell become angry and say  " He's spouting nonsense.   Lee's parents are worried to death and if they read Mr Dicken's nonsense it will not help them. All is fair in Holy Wars.   (Ed: In hindsight Lee Boxell wasn'ta Satanic Abuse victim and there was nothing in the case which pointed to it being so, it was just another perverse attempt by Dickens to get coverage for his Chistian Crusade against occultists.  Yet Dickens along with Rev. Kevin Logan and Dianne Core jumped in to back that terrible idea in the cutting below. They had absolutely no evidence of ANY case which indicates that Satanists are abducting and killing children, yet they spout it as though fact. Click on the image below for a larger version.

Lee Boxell - Satan Victim Storm. Dickens lies to further his anti-occult campaign

AUGUST 17 1988: The Sport Trashpaper has two page article 'SAVE MY BABY FROM SATAN' and includes what are to become familiar quotes from Dianne Core and Geoffrey Dickens, and Kevin Logan who reveals his own U.S.A. fundamentalist connections by saying "In the U.S.A. police forces hold teach-ins on the occult and they are very open on these matters" He was referring, of course, to Sandi Gallant's campaign and the resultant Activity Profile/Data fact-file as well as CCIN (Cult Crime Impact Network) a group of Christian fundamentalist policemen who were networking to try to prove Satanic Crime.  In the same  article Dickens announces that his 'dossier' naming
'perverted members of a sinister Satan Cult' HAS GONE MISSING ON ITS WAY TO THE HOUSE OF COMMONS.  "The sensational Document was passed to CHILDWATCH supremo Dianne Core by a terrified defector from the mysterious O.T.O. whose depraved rituals end in unbridled black magic orgies of sex and violence".  Core sent the dossier to Dickens home but ' the package whose full contents could have blown British society apart' - never arrived.  Hardy har.  Not only are we supposed to believe that such valuable information was sent through the  post without registering or recording the package but that Dicken's Dossier became irretrievably lost in the post. We are expected to believe that no-one thought of making a copy of any part of such valuable information before it was sent as a safeguard against loss and that the people who originally donated the information had also not kept copies and are, furthermore, completely unable to re-construct the data.   How CONVENIENT for Core & Dickens. Now the existence of the dossier cannot be DISPROVED and like Harper's rantings they are free to refer to it as though proven FACT.  Throughout the whole child-abuse/witchcraft bogey the fundamentalists make more use of mystery than the occult does.  (Ed: The SAFF managed to obtain an early photograph of Maureen Davies who, along with Rev. Kevin Logan was an activist and  director of Reachout  Trust, they appeared together in almost every SRA article and broadcast. Though poor in quality Davies is stood in front of a bookshelf which contains box-files almost exclusively from American Christian Fundie groups, such as CCIN, Mike Warnke and the notorious File18,  which had spawned the idea of SRA in America  BEFORE it occurred in the UK.  Therefore it is conclusively clear that Davies imported ideas on SRA from the U.S.A.

Maureen Davies and her USA fundie connections
Later in the summer of 1989 Davies travelled to the U.S.A. to meet with all her US fundie contacts. This extract is from Reachout's Winter 1989 newsletter. Proof of them here also collaborting with CRO, The Christian Response to the Occult. It's a conspiracy folks! )

Maureen Davies reporton USA trip to see fundies

AUGUST 24 1988: Hull Daily Mail reports that Dickens' claims his life is being threatened by vengeful satanists but that he pledges to carry on the fight against black magic rituals and is building up a file to present to the Home Secretary. "Evidence is growing of witchcraft & crimes against children" Dickens says.
SEPTEMBER 13 1988: Hull Daily Mail report that SCARF (Hull parents watch committee) and Childwatch join forces to press action from the local education authority over their allegations about two boys supposedly involved in a 'Satanic Vice Ring'
SEPTEMBER 15 1988: Hull Star carries front page article about three Satanic 'obscene' telephone calls to Dianne Core under the banner heading "SATANISTS IN HATE CAMPAIGN". On the wave of public indignation and emotion her campaign has so far generated she reveals more of her motives. "..I am determined to smash the groups who have been involved. ...CHILDREN ARE BORN IN GODS NAME AND IN GODS NAME THEY MUST BE PROTECTED.  Just like a fundie. Tell heinous lies about a competing religion and provokes people to breaking point, then when one of them loses their temper phones up and swears, use it as proof of  the lies being true.
SEPTEMBER 18 1988: Daily Telegraph reports that members of the Beacon Christian Fellowship in Elgin have been banned from preaching in the street by the local council because they were relating terrible stories about how an 8 year old girl had been raped and abused for devil worship, to passing children and adults. The 'FACTS' about SRA are now common currency.  Without ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE THE FUNDAMENTALISTS HAVE BEEN ABLE TO HIJACK MEDIA ATTENTION AND THE PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS AND MANIPULATE BOTH TO THE DETRIMENT OF MINORITY BELIEFS. 
SEPTEMBER 19 1988: Dickens featured in Daily Telegraph article; 'BABIES AND YOUNG CHILDREN ARE BEING SACRIFICED TO THE DEVIL IN WITCHCRAFT RITUALS ALL OVER BRITAIN.  with witchcraft sacrifice
nothing is ever found, he says....I AM BUILDING UP A DOSSIER WHICH WILL
PROVIDE CONCRETE PROOF on the evils of Satanism. Then you can rest assured I will go to the police'   Dickens is fiddling the same old tune, yet again I reiterate. NO DOSSIER WAS EVER PRESENTED FOR OFFICIAL OR PUBLIC GAZE.  How long do we have to wait before a promise becomes a lie?  
SEPTEMBER 19th  1988: Radio 4's TODAY programme carries interview  with Reverend Kevin Logan who made the now usual fundamentalist statements about child sacrifice. When cornered by the interviewer Logan said that there had been ritual murders on Pendle Hill.  Knowing this statement to be false I write to The Chief Constable of Lancaster and ask him to investigate.  He responds "The Reverend Logan has been seen and has explained that the one particular case of satanistic murder, in which he described the locality as 'here' did in fact occur in the Midlands  in 1986." I know that the case was against one Paul Bostock of Leicester who was 21 and the link with the occult was UNPROVEN. ANOTHER UNTRUTH  by a fundamentalist in a position of responsibility whose testimony is likely to be accepted at face value by Jo Public. Kevin Logan is no stranger to exaggeration and contortion.  He made headlines during 1986 by publishing the results of a questionnaire he conducted with 300 schoolchildren. The outcome was that 87% of these children PROFESSED TO HAVE BEEN INVOLVED WITH THE OCCULT. Nobody cared to enquire further. Had they done so they would have seen that the questionnaire qualified as being 'occult' fantasy games and horror movies. What teenager DOESN'T play fantasy games and watch horror movies?  And what have these Media productions got to do with Satanism?   And so these people manipulate the population with their absurdities.
SEPTEMBER 21 1988: SHE magazine publishes most deplorable article by Bill Williamson , (the then new assistant editor). The four Page article is the most horrendous and absurd pack of lies and
distortion about Witchcraft. This article is the one that most occultists remember for its audacious uncorroborated allegations and it includes characters which are all too familiar including: Geoffrey Dickens; John Merry; Dianne Core; Audrey Harper; Kevin Logan; Doreen Irvine.  In a reference to her Stateside contacts Core is quoted as saying "FLUSHED OUT OF AMERICA a great many paedophiles have now joined covens in my area".  I bet she can't even name one of them!    Again she reveals that she is conversant with the witch-hunt in the U.S.A. The SHE article ends with a reader offer of a SHE campaign pack against Witchcraft.  Presumably this was provided by Reachout Trust.  This is unbelievable even by the low standards of the British Press.    
SEPTEMBER 21  Radio Leeds hope to set up a phone-in interview with Dickens and me over the SHE article.  I heartily agree and cannot wait until I can get to grips with Dickens.  At the studio later that morning I am told that Dickens does not wish to speak with me and instead Bob Williamson (who wrote the article) will be on the line. I tear into Williamson and totally and utterly undermine his arguments showing the article to be 100% hearsay.  He blabbers and excuses but is left with egg on face.
 Hundreds of pagans write to SHE complaining and from the response
it soon becomes obvious that SHE have miscalculated.  Point of interest: When I write to the editor of SHE magazine some months later with the  Home Office statement that Dickens has failed to produced the much acclaimed dossier and that the Home Office do not have any evidence to support the allegations the editor of SHE replies that she's SORRY and that Bill Williamson is no longer part of the She editorial team. "It seems to me that the
best thing to do would be to make redress when we next tackle the subject..." Everyone is always 'sorry' when they are eventually made to listen to the Truth but by then it is too late and the fundamentalist campaign have been given boosts and support which cannot later be corrected. 
SEPTEMBER 28 1988: I give interview about Halloween to journalist from  BBC World Service on positive aspects of esotericism and paganism and arrange for Leonara James of the Pagan Federation to meet in the London studio with an organiser of Christian Heartbeat Organisation for a discussion. 
OCTOBER 1988 : Rydale (North Yorkshire) Christian organiser and nine other Christians who run a local Christian Coffee Shop meeting house write to local schools and call for a ban on celebration of Halloween in the classroom. THIS REQUEST IS HEEDED. The Xtians are winning hands down. 
OCTOBER 8 1988: James Whale TV Show goes out with a phone-in at which Dicken's is present.  He puts foot in mouth over S.A. and  I, sat at home at see it. I ring through and I complain directly to  Dickens over his untrue allegations about Paganism.
In the filmed interview (recorded previously at the S.A. ) I state that we do not and have not ever sold to people under the age of 18 years of age and that people who term themselves occultists are not involved in sexual molestation of children. (Dickens already KNOWS that we have this voluntary age restriction policy as both my solicitor and I have already written and told him of it)  I challenge Dickens to present his FACTS. He bumbles. I accuse him of not having any facts to present. Dickens loses his temper "Your kind are a Menace.".
"You are an absolute Menace".  Dickens refers to the Nottinghamshire sex-offence trial which he says is his specimen trial. "You want proof, you wait until the Nottinghamshire trial, then you'll get your proof."  In the finality 8 of the 11 people arraigned were found guilty of child-molestation but the occult connection did not exist.   The policeman who brought the case to court,  Sergeant Beeton, said afterwards "Although connection with the occult was a feature of the case there was absolutely no evidence to support the allegation. Halloween the family did dress up as witches".  That was it.   As usual the seed of any semblence of truth in any of the fundamentalist allegations is based solely on their rabid paranoia. A Halloween fancy dress party becomes a Satanic Organisation's ritual in the minds of these zombies. There is no doubt that the family WERE sexual abusers but they were NOT occultists.   So another major case, indeed probably Dickens MOST major case of claimed SRA bites the dust. So far he has produced NO evidence whatsoever of SRA. 

(Ed;  On the 7th June 1990 the JET report - the official report into what exactly happened in the Broxtowe case, was published and proved that an ordinary case of familial abuse had been twisted and misrepresented as Satanic Abuse at the political convenience of fundamentalist Satan Hunters involved in it.  THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO STANIC ABUSE AT ALL.  The full JET report on Broxtowe can be found on the net but our overview of it condenses all the wicked things the fundamentalists did to hijack and misrepresent this case.  )
OCTOBER 17 1988: The Independent runs an article supporting  Maureen Davies' REACHOUT TRUST accusations about SRA. Including interview with a Mother who claims her son became possessed through occult involvement.  Also contains supportive expert advice from Dr Stuart Checkley (psychiatrist) and  Dr  Russell Blacker (psychiatrist) - both believed fundamentalist activists. Also included is information from Dickens and one Ian Thain (a self-confessed conversion from Witchcraft - "I saw demons" ) and Roger Forster leader of HEARTBEAT who claimed to have seen FIFTEEN HUNDRED cases "There are rites which include sexually abusing little children". The conclusion of the article is: Halloween is not just harmless fun for children; black magic games can turn into terror and child abuse.  There was not one shred of balance in this despicable Independent article.  Even though genuine witches and pagans and satanists are crying out to talk to the media they were ignored. (Ed. Checkley and Blacker were indeed full-blown Christian fundamentalists. In January 1988 Checkley and Blacker were involved in the preparation and the publication of 'Doorways To Danger' a religious tract against Astrology, Tarot Cards  Ouija Boards etc.  Eventually Checkley, after retirement, travelled around Churches lecturing on the Dangers of SRA!   Linked with Caring Professions Concern and the Christian Medical Fellowship, two fundie outfits which believe in possession, the 8 page booklet, which tells Christian activists how to complain to authorities, schools, etc, ( that is FABRICATE allegations to make a complaint)  includes an interview with Kevin Logan of Reachout and is published by the Christian Response to the Occult, with which Reachout is associated.  In October 1990 a video tape version of Doorways to Danger was made and caused uproar when sent, unsolicited to UK schools.   A new addition to the sectarian hate in the video version was an interview with the fundie Team leader of the social work staff who tried to portray the Broxtowe abuse case as SRA.  Getting the picture?   If the SAFF can discover all this why was the crappy Independent newspaper fooling its readers by publishing blatently sectarian hatred?  Click on the image for a larger version)

Stuart Checkly and Blacker and the Gang of Five make a fool of the Independent newspaper
OCTOBER 19 1988: THE SPORT trashpaper prints defamatory article about S.A. with headline. "BAN THIS EVIL DEATH BOOK STORMS MP". Article misrepresents chapter on re-incarnation in Liber Null as persuading children to commit suicide.  MP quoted in article is Dickens who now knows full well that we do not sell to children but he still supports the defamatory premise of the article which is utterly fallacious anyway. 
OCTOBER 26th  1988: The Sport trashpaper includes article on Kevin (rent-a-quote) Carlyon's repetitive attempts to use the Long Man of Wilmington for his rituals. He has consistently riled the Rev John Ashby in whose parish the Long Man resides. Ashby makes the usual paranoid statements linking Devil Worship with witchcraft. The Sport uses the same naked pictures of Witches as did SHE magazine which came from Janet & Colin Bord's picture library . The SHE article might have caught
them out but there is no excuse in the Bords renting these pictures again in the present climate.
 OCTOBER 28 1988: I am expecting an arranged visit from BBC NEWS film crew. We had discussed and agreed the content of what they were to film and made an appointment for them to turn up at 1:30pm.  At 1:20pm a  car draws up and a camera crew gets out. They photograph the outside of my shop and then come in and ask if they can take a few shots inside.  Thinking these people are the BBC crew with prior agreement I let them in. Just then the real BBC crew turns up and I find out I have been allowing ITN to film my business without knowing where or how the clip was to be used. Such subterfuge will soon become common currency with the evil British media in their anti-occult campaigns.
OCTOBER 30 1988: The ITN film  of the S.A. was used in Sunday 2.00 am news as a backdrop to the most incredibly hysterical comments and allegations by fundamentalists including interviews with Dianne Core and the Cheshire Mother whose son is said to have tried to knife her. Her.  I don't have any connection with this story of any kind.  Her son was diagnosed by a fundamentalist psychiatrist (probably from the Christian Association of Psychiatrists) as possessed by the devil when he attacked his mum.  The newspiece Also includes contributions from, guess who? Kevin Logan  and Maureen Davies. The whole premise of the piece was that it was easy for children to obtain occult items and books. Nobody seems to care that the shop used as an example in this piece, my shop,  has a voluntary ban on serving minors and HAS NEVER KNOWINGLY SOLD OCCULT ITEMS TO UNDER 18s during 15 years in business.  The deceit is shocking.
OCTOBER 31 1988: After telephoning Independent Broadcasting Authority to complain, and being met with middle-management procrastination I telephone ITN direct and complain. They waffle and say that they can't find the news item in their computer but will take my number and get back to me.  They don't,  so later in the day I telephone my solicitor to ask him to send an official letter to ITN. demanding a copy of the tape and their comments.  First he telephones them. They agree to let him have a copy if he applies  by letter. He does so but the tape is never supplied - see later.
OCTOBER 31th  1988: Daily Express carries account of warnings by Dianne Core against children becoming involved in the Occult. "Halloween is a major date within the occult calendar.... and there is every danger of them being abused by paedophiles".  There has never been a case where children have been abused at Halloween. Dickens is quoted in the same article" Most Halloween parties are just fun and games but have been used to entice youngsters in to the occult. Satanism is a dangerous menace which is quickly spreading"  Also in the same article were quotes by Rev Kevin Logan. Again the three campaigners are all connected Core -,Dickens, Logan. Passing information and journalists between them the fundamentalists have everything their own way. NOT ONE journalist considers asking  a Witch for the opposite view. Those who perhaps intend to do  so are simply introduced to people like Audrey Harper who because  she claims she WAS a witch (highly unlikely as you will admit)  fits the bill and the conspiracy of lies continues.

OCTOBER 31 1988: Today programme broadcasts an interview  with me about Halloween plus opposing views from anti-halloween  Christians. Goes down okay.  Another interview with me is broadcast by Radio Leeds and is very lighthearted and entertaining.  A BBC  World Service broadcast with Leonara James is a bit reserved but  she does well with a rabid Fundamentalist making ridiculous allegations at her heels.

 OCTOBER 31st 1988: A protest group of over 30 Christians assemble  outside the S.A. to protest Halloween.  They hand out leaflets warning passers by and  customers not to involve themselves in Halloween for fear of God's  wrath.  We try to talk to them but they are off on one so inreturn S.A. staff give out THE DAILY BIBLOS the antidote  to fundamentalist broadsheets and neutralise their effect ( On line Copy of  The Daily Biblos available here)   to passers by.
NOVEMBER 1 1988: BBC Six O Clock News screens interview with me  at S.A. recorded earlier. Typically my offering is countermanded  by the usual fundamentalist accusations and fantasies. The Christian  lobby gained at least 75% more airtime than the occult lobby to  put their case across but at least I get to say their accusations are  bull.
 The IBA eventually  report on my complaint. They say  that the ITN filmcrew say that they DID  ask for permission to film. This is a LIE and I can prove it with  witnesses but so what? The media have closed ranks.  So THIS is  the great crusading organisation which continually harps on about freedom of information and the great intent of professional journalism  eh?  When they exceed fairness & impartiality ITN cover up their  mistakes just like South Africa and other countries whom in their  bloated self-righteousness ITN target for their hypocritical condemnation.
NOVEMBER 4th  1988: The Guardian reports in article on Dukakis and the  controversy over repetitive and well-organised incursions by religious  based anti- abortionist groups at political rallies  in the States  and includes an interview with a Raymond Chen a student at Berkley  university and a member of the radical CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST  which lead the fight against the film Last Temptation of Christ  in the U.S.A.. ( TODAY newspaper had already reported that Christian Fanatics had injured 10 people by torching a multi- screen cinema  in Paris which was showing the Last Temptation of Christ. ) Doug  Bradley 28, who works on a Middle East research project says that  as a Christian  he deliberately chose Berkeley because of its  radical politics and the chance to spread Gods word through the CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST. The Campus Crusade for Christ has a branch in Leeds University and is represented in this country by a Mrs Mop of a lady called Doreen Irvine who  is an Audrey Harper allege-alike and who was involved in the SHE magazine SRA article above. Irvine also attends lectures and evangelical  meetings throughout the U.K. repeating her obnoxious stories of  how she was a WITCH QUEEN and found salvation through Jehovah.  This clearly shows the international reach of fundamentalism.
 (Ed: You can read a detailed review and analysis of Doreen Irvine's book From Witchcraft To Christ' here.)
NOVEMBER 8 1988: ITN write back still behaving bloody mindedly.  They refuse to supply the newsreel tape and even now deny that  the lady whom my solicitor originally requested the recording  from exists as their employee.  I complain to the IBA that it surely  must be unprofessional for a person who claims to have been filmed  without permission not to be allowed to see what was screened?  These Media people are utterly deceitful.   Eventually the IBA force ITN to supply the recording but ITN begrudginly put hurdles in the way.  I must pay £33.00 for the 3 minute tape.   (Ed; the equivalent value today is £75.00 ! )  Over  the next few months the IBA try to dodge all responsibility. By  a process of refinement of my complaint the chairman of the IBA  eventually agrees that the piece did focus on the ease of availability  of occult goods by children but that my shop was used as an illustration that such shops existed.  BUT I DO NOT SUPPLY GOODS  TO UNDER 18s AND I HAVE A PLACARD OVER THE SHOP DOOR WHICH SAYS  SO; I have for 15 years voluntarily NOT SOLD goods to under 18s  and each order form is printed with this exclusion.  Moreover  I tell the IBA chairman that I do not know of any occult shop  which would sell to children. The ITN piece was not adequately  researched; was incorrect on its main premise and that an apology should be offered.  George Russel's reply is "I find it hard to  believe that viewers will have associated the entire remainder  of the report with the brief shots of your shop".   CAN YOU BELIEVE  THIS?   The man who controls the entire commercial television networks  in the U.K. which is financed SOLELY from income resulting from  advertisements which cost thousands of pounds a second is trying  to argue that viewers don't associate what is said with what is  seen.  Thus the conspiracy grows to deny me my inate human rights and religious freedom to operate in a supposedly free country.   They just don't give a toss.
NOVEMBER 15th 1988:   The American fundamentalist  newspaper The New Federalist headed CHILDWATCH GROUP WARNS OF  SATANIST THREAT. The article is comprised of information gained  during an interview with Dianne Core.  Amongst the usual Christian  Propaganda from Childwatch the New Federalist also defames the  Pagan Anti-defamation League and mentions me "One individual highlighted  ... is Chris Bray of Leeds, Runs the Sorcerer's Apprentice shop,   the self-professed "largest Witchcraft shop in the Northern Hemisphere'  with 40,000 customers from 66 countries...." The New Federalist  also goes on to say that "Bray participated in a conference on  the Devil held in Turin Italy on Oct 17-21." I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO TURIN IN MY LIFE AND WHY WOULD I HEAD UP A CONVENTION ON THE DEVIL, I AM NOT A SATANIST!   I wonder whether they made up this utter lie or whether someone gave it to them?  What do facts matter when these untruths are published in the  U.S.A. where I cannot access justice or put right the lies? 
NOVEMBER 22nd  1988: Hull Daily Mail prints small 1" x single column  piece which concerns Alvin Wilkinson of Hull who has been remanded  accused of indecently assaulting an 8 year old boy. Wilkinson  is an evangelist who ran "Helpful Christians" group which was  instrumental in gaining and supporting publicity AGAINST  the occult  in liason with the Hull Daily Mail.  The HDM ran two very large quarter page spreads when the pervert Wilkinson's accusations of children at risk through Ouija Boards and Halloween were made during October.   M.G.Wood, the editor who was prepared to print Lethbridge's SRA lies;  Gurevitch's claims and Core's allegations in headline type can only manage to find a 1" space to record the remand of another Christian preacher  on child-molestation charges. Why spoil a good bought of hysteria  with actual facts eh?
DECEMBER 1st 1988: 9.30am  Border Television screens The Time and  The Place hosted by Michael Scott, on paedophilary and the occult.  The bandwagon of fundamentalists are there again : Merry; Maureen Davis;  Logan; Audrey Harper ect;.  95% of the audience are churchgoing types, Sally Army, NSPCC etc so immediately anti-occult  and the programme was totally hysterical. Very  dangerous situation this. The fury of the fundamentalists loses  all reason and their vicious hate nearly turns into physical assault  one man who is accused of having a past conviction for child abnuse.  If some self- possessed fundamentalist had began to  chant 'burn the witch' we could have easily had a murder on screen.
DECEMBER 1st 1988: I write letter of complaint to Lord Lonsdale  of Border Television and to Emma Marshall of the IBA on the basis  that the IBA rules on impartiality and balance have been exceeded  yet again on this subject. The answer is a forgone conclusion.   "The programme was about THE VERY REAL DANGERS of children becoming  involved with the occult".   Very real dangers which simply do not exist.

DECEMBER 4 1988: Sunday Sun's front page headline declares  OUR  MAN EXPOSES CHILD MOLESTER ON LIVE TV SHOW.  In same issue the Peter Munro  column actually has the headline "ITS TIME FOR A WITCH HUNT".  Amongst further hysterical statements comes " there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that horrible things involving children are going on  behind the closed doors of these foul cult gatherings. "WE HAVE  GOT TO BELIEVE IT, THESE DISGUSTING AND HARMFUL RITUALS are frighteningly  widespread. They have got to be stopped." MUNRO'S COLUMN MENTIONS THAT THE COOK REPORT INVESTIGATIVE PROGRAM HAS A BROADCAST CONCERNING CHILD ABUSE AND THE OCCULT PLANNED FOR APRIL 1989. 

DECEMBER 6th 1988: THE POST newspaper carries front page headline  POLICE QUIZ TV WITCH. This story is a result of the public outrage from the appalling  Time and Place programme  where Christian Fundamentalist Audrey Harper who claims she was at  one time a witch and said she had witnessed a child having its throat cut.   Harper can make these claims of being a witch repetitively and nobody bothers to ask for names, dates, places, or any form of  orroboration whatsoever. Amazing.
DECEMBER 6th  1988: I write to Brian Hayes Chief Inspector  of Surrey Constabulary who are investigating Harper's claims which happened on their patch at Virginia Water.  I ask them  whether these claims have been investigated before ( I know they have) and whether  they will caution Harper about wasting police time for doing it again?  He writes  back that she is under investigation but that when the results  are forthcoming he will not inform me in any case.   And then they wonder why these false accusations continue.
DECEMBER 7th 1988: I write letter to Dianne Core asking her if she  will answer some pertinent questions. That if she has nothing  to hide then she will do so. Ask about her Church connections  and the interview she gave to The New Federalist. She does not  reply.   (Ed: In March 1989 Dianne Core travels on an American Tour highlighting SRA for the Martin Luther King Tribunal - this organisation has nothing to do with the real Martin Luther King group but is an agitprop outreach of extreme right-winger Lyndon LaRouche, later jailed for offences in the U.S.A. -   A critical report on Core's liaison with LaRouche is printed in the Hull Daily Mail and Core quickly distances herself from LaRouche. No more is ever said. click on the image for a larger version. )

Dianne Core and Childwatch's links with Lyndon La rouche
DECEMBER 7th  1988: The Post morning newspaper has printed a follow  up to Audrey Harper expose headed SLAVE OF THE DEVIL and concerns  one 13 year old boy supposedly victimised by satanists.  Core  and Dickens again make the same disgusting  allegations.  Dickens has  now abandoned any differentiation between Pagans and Satanists and  condemns all Witchcraft as evil. Photographs accompanying article include picture of one journalist Simon Schofield who holds aloft  a Lamp of Thoth; Techniques of High Magic book, A ceramic Skull  and a wax doll.  This journalist posed as customer to shop December  6. Spent £59.50.  My shop manager sussed him and began to question, but Schofield lied and said they were  for a friend in Harrogate. When asked by the manager he lied again saying that she was already an established customer. The article contains  one paragraph on the S.A. The evil paraphernalia of Witchcraft is  openly on sale at a shop where devil worship is a roaring trade."     Dickens is also interviewed for this article. He says " Paedophiles  are infiltrating the Craft, as it is known, ... MANY PEOPLE MIGHT  THINK THESE COVENS ARE MADE UP OF SLIGHTLY DOTTY PANTOMIME CHARACTERS  WITH POINTED HATS AND BROOMSTICKS BUT THEY ARE DEADLY SERIOUS,  VERY SINISTER AND A DANGER TO CHILDREN. " So much for those who  trusted that Dickens would discriminate between devil worship and the religion of Paganism. 
DECEMBER 6th  1988: The Post again prints details of Audrey Harper's  allegations. Knowing that she has already made similar accusations  throughout this year we find  her response  revealing when she  was asked why she confessed on the Time & Place show; "I just  found myself telling the presenter...I'm glad that I did this  problem has got to come out".  Nobody reading that would ever think that Harper was a fundamentalist agitator who has told her story at least a dozen times before on-cue in various articles and programmes.  It's just black propaganda, man. 
DECEMBER 8th 1988: Before it goes bankrupt the Post continues its  campaign with an article BAN THESE EVIL GAMES including quotes  from Maureen Davies and Kevin Logan. Logan compares fantasy games,  ouija boards & tarot cards with drugs and again lambasts Dungeons  & Dragons, one of the most successful fantasy games of all time. Maureen Davies claims that children were able to buy  magazines offering a contact service for covens in a large newsagents'  chain.  She referred to Prediction Magazine owned by Link House which used to run classified contact advertisements for over 18s.   The Post contacted Link House with their claims but high-powered  barristers then slapped an injunction on the Post and threatened to sue;  so the Post left out the Prediction name. Subsequently  however contact advertisements were axed from the magazine. As  you can see this Xtian pressure does achieve results for them.   The unwitting public have absolutely no idea how their feedom of thought and choice is being eroded.
DECEMBER 15th  1988: Having had no reply to my earlier letter to  Dianne Core (Dec 7:) I now write to David Hall Chief Constable of Humberside Constabulary and ask him to enquire into Dianne  Core's claims (in the New Federalist article) that 4,000 child  sacrifices occur each year in the U.K.. He writes back that "  is inappropriate for me to comment on any issues raised by this report unless they affect my own Force area and are supported  by evidence."  (!)   I reply that if 4,000 children were sacrificed each year in the U.K. the law of averages states that some of  these crimes would be committed in Humberside and therefore ARE  his business but the Chief Constable does not write back.   (Ed. Because she was allowed to get away with making unsubstantiated allegations  Core repeated the utterly false statistic that 4,000 children were killed in sacifice rituals every year on various occasions. Once in the Daily Mirror here; click on the image for a larger version)

Presposterous fundie lies - 4,000 kids sacrificed every year by Satanists
JANUARY 2nd  1989: Today newspaper reports MP BLASTS DIAL A DEMON  which refers to a telephone game linked with the horror video 976 Evil. Included in the article is an interview with Maureen Davies  of the REACHOUT trust ' which is now billed as rescuing youngsters from bizarre and Satanic cults'. Davies says "We would like these film-makers  to spend a  few days with us, studying young people whose lives have been shattered by dabbling in the supernatural. We will now  mount a major campaign to force closure of this horrifying line."  The line was eventually axed by BT.  
FEBRUARY 26th  1989: Sunday Telegraph reports DEVIL WORSHIP LINKED  TO CHILD SEX ABUSE. In an article by Elaine Fogg based upon an  interview with JUDITH DAWSON, principal professional officer for child protection with Nottinghamshire Social Services,the journalist  reveals that Judith Dawson is planning a conference of child-care  agencies to investigate the incidence of child sex-abuse cases  linked with devil worship.  It is revealed that Dawson was involved  in the same child-abuse prosecution which Dickens and Core had  both earlier referred to. But the Detective Sergeant in charge
of the Case (Alan Beeton) said that although ritual abuse " was  a feature of some of the allegations . BUT WE HAVE NOT FOUND ANY  EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THAT IT TOOK PLACE'.  Further Beeton commented  ". the family did dress up. On at least one occasion family members dressed up in witches costumes for a Halloween party." So the  great specimen trial which Dickens had hoped would bring positive  evidence about the link with witchcraft and child abuse fizzled out into being the usual Christian anti-witchcraft paranoia.    I immediately wrote a letter to both the Home Office AND Mr White  the Director of Nottinghamshire social Services pointing out that  such a conference as the one his social worker (Judith Dawson  ) was proposing would amount to institutionalised religious prejudice  and put at risk hundreds of young pagan families who although  they were loving parents might be split up by the establishment  if professional social workers adopted 'symptoms' of ritual sex  abuse resulting from the twisted minds of fundamentalists.   His  reply ran "I am in receipt of your letter of March 10.  The press  report to which you refer was totally inaccurate. There are no  plans to hold a conference of the type you describe", and indeed,  none was ever held; in Nottingham at least.   (Ed: Dawson later - October 1990) appears in Doorways to Danger - the video version of the infamous Fundie tract leaflet, stating: " we have learnt that some families some adults get involved with satanic groups whose main aim is to destroy everything that is good everything that is good about human life and human values,  and one particular target in that would be that they should hurt and defile children. As you are probably aware Christ said 'Touch not one hair of this child's head', satanists believe that they should do the opposite of that. " -  Of course Judith Dawson has never come across a satanist who has ever done that and the three decades since she made that statement without any case being won proves it was simply bigotry. Is anyone involved in these false accusations NOT a sectarian we wonder?)

Judith Dawson appears in Doorways To Danger the video
MARCH 7th 1989: At last after many months of continuous letter writing  I managed to obtain a definitive statement from the Home Office.  Perhaps the Nottinghamshire development had precipitated some  action. The H.O. had been particularly inactive to my 12 other  letters. This statement is MOST welcome, it reads
 "Firstly, as you point out, according to press reports, Mr Geoffrey  Dickens MP has sent the Home Secretary  a dossier of child abuse cases allegedly connected with witchcraft. However, this has not  been received and the Home Office has no other evidence that there  is a problem of the kind Mr Dickens describes. The Government  is satisfied that the existing law on child abuse would be sufficient  to deal with any offences against children which might be connected  with witchcraft. "  
There we have it; Dickens Witch-hunt was a tissue of allegations  without any factual evidence to support them.  However, now that  the lies and deceit have been injected into the consciousness  of the public their untruths have become reality in their minds and the wave of persecution cannot be halted and the damage done  may be irrecoverable. 
MARCH 16 1989: Dianne Core's new Agony Aunt column in the Hull  Daily Star includes a letter from someone complaining that their  13 year old son is playing with a ouija board. Core says. '  remove  the object immediately  Ouija boards are dangerous and should  not be used at all.. some children have had to have treatment  for shock. Please get rid of this awful game NOW.'. 
MARCH 19th  1989: John Merry writes a typically biased and conjectural  anti-occult story in the Sunday Sun newspaper based on an interview  with a couple of idiots who claim to run a group with the rather unimaginative name of the Order of the Black Dog. Their heinous  crimes include biting heads off pigeons and lashing women with  whips. In the text Merry is lauded by his editor as a 'campaigning  journalist' who has been invited to address a ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE conference with more than 150 prominent  child pyschiatrists. The conference is looking at the problems  created by occult activity. Also at the conference will be, surprise  surprise, Dianne Core and Maureen Davis. Subsequently my investigations  revealed that the conference WAS NOT organised by the Royal Society  of Medicine at all, but in fact was organised by the REACHOUT organisation  in rented rooms AT the RSM.  When I contacted the RSM about this obvious misuse of the kudos and authority of the RSM  the Club  Manager refused point blank to reveal who had rented the room and hung up. Further questions levelled at the Head of Psychiatry  at the RSM produced vehement and absolute response calculated to distance the RSM from any such conference.  (Ed: This was the first 'Satan Seminar' held in England. It was organised by the Christian Association of Psychiatrists who, as pointed out earlier, are a fundie group linked with other fundie activist groups with a stake in the SRAmyth and all the main SRA sectarian pushers attended. )
MARCH 21st 1989: Dianne Core, normally very reserved and low-key  when making statements in the U.K.  Again shows that she is willing  to  go OTT when outside of the U.K. (remember her '4,000 children sacrificed  per year' interview with the New Federalist) and sends a blatantly   self-promotional Western Union Mailgram to Michael Aquino at the  Temple of Set . " I Dianne Core, founder of childwatch from Great  Britain hereby, this Day March 21, 1989 IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD  Challenge YOU Michael Aquino Head of the Temple of Set, one of  the most insidiously vicious Satanic Institutions in the U.S.A.  to debate me. ...I hold you personally responsible for the hideous  abuse of our children's minds...."etc.    Strange that Core thought it fitting to challenge Aquino to a debate on TV in the U.S.A.  but Dickens, who is still in close contact with her over anti-occult  strategy) refused ON TWO OCCASIONS to enter into debate with me  in the U.K.  Of course her offer to 'debate' did co-coincide with  an expenses paid visit to the U.S.A. to speak to the Christian  based Martin Luther King Foundation committee on Human Rights  about Satanic Abuse. The MLKF  is a Lyndon LaRouche agitprop outreach and has nothing to do with the real Martin Luther King group.
MARCH 23rd 1989: The Early Times (a 'quality' format non-sectarian  newspaper aimed at schoolchildren ) carries a report on the evils  of fantasy games.  The REACHOUT trust has them dancing their tune and  blames Dungeons & Dragons  for Michael Ryan's Hungerford massacre in 1987 because he played  DD through the mail.      This is the kind of stupid evidence Reachout major in.           
MARCH 30th 1989: Hull Star newspaper features Dianne Core's Agony  Aunt column again. Her star letter is from a mother about a son  who is 'addicted' to heavy metal music. "I went to my son's bedroom  and was horrified when I looked at the words on these records.  The lyrics consist of  death, rape, murder, ripping babies to  bits and Satan Worship.  I would like to ban my son from listening  to this filth. How do I go about it?  Dianne says "In America   some children have been very badly affected by Heavy Metal. Kids  have needed counselling. Others have become violent and suicidal." Again Core reveals her links with the U.S.A. fundamentalists and  her support for barmy Xtian allegations.
MARCH 30th  1989: Hull Daily Mail reports on Core's recent visit  to the U.S.A. Core has returned from a 10 day fact-finding mission in America and described it as "heart-rending". "If we don't  address ourselves to the problem soon it will get as bad as it is over there".  " I HAVE LEARNED WE MUST COMMUNICATE MORE IN  THIS COUNTRY BETWEEN PROFESSIONAL AND VOLUNTARY SERVICES"  This  is a clue to the second stage of the fundamentalist strategy.  Co-operation between 'voluntary' (i.e. Christian fundamentalist  busy bodies) organisations and professionals (child day care;  psychiatrists; counsellors, police etc) is the clearly scheduled  next stage of the fundamentalist campaign.    Maureen Davis' REACHOUT trust clearly revealed this strategy in her partly  illiterate monograph SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE which is sent out with  other Reachout literature and which intends to muster the fundamentalist agitators. In this document Davies gave four ascending courses  of action which her ilk planned to take as long ago as 1987. 
"(1) Expose it through public media and professional agencies.
 (2)  Organise a national contact point 
 (3) Conferences with all agencies to expose and give case studies  must be  held. 
 (4) Encourage the police and social workers to be alert to the  problem.  
As you can see stages 1,2 and 3 had already been successfully  inaugaurated during this year. 
The article on Core's tour to East Coast USA cities continued:  'She was invited by the Luther King Human Rights Commission and  they have a asked her to return and lecture on the West Coast  later this year. "People over there are desperate to find ways  of dealing with abuse; many wanted to set up Childwatches in their  own communities. The article continues that Mrs Core is going to Munich in April to discuss the possibility of opening a Childwatch  centre there. All this activity is being paid for by Lyndon La Rouche's agitprop magazine The New Federalist. LaRouche was an extreme right-wing activist who specialised in black propaganda. He was eventually jailed in the US.
APRIL 1st 1989: Bella Magazine produces a by now familiar article  on Satanistic linked sex-abuse with the usual queue of characters.   Logan; Harper; Davies; Dickens; Core; et al.  We discover that  Dickens is yet again 'preparing a report to present to the Home  Secretary'  (it is now almost a full year since duplicitous Dickens first announced his intention of sending his SRA Dossier to the Home Secretary.  There obviously isn't one, it's a ruse.  The article continues revealing that the journalist  Laurie Mansbridge has suckered in to all the usual Reachout misdirections " This  week the Royal Society of Medicine have organised a special conference  on Child Abuse and The Occult." (NO it was organised by the Christian Association of Psychiatrists, somewhat different).   "There are 40,000 to 100,000  Satanists active in Britain" NO, the Occult Census estimated less than 3,000 and none of them commit illegal acts anyway.  Again the allegations, totally unsupported   by any facts whatsoever, are paraded and the public again confuse   Witchcraft / Paganism   with Satanism and Devil Worship, tell the plebs that every single one of them is abusing kids.  Mansbridge is a disgrace to journalism. 
APRIL 8th  1989: Yet another woman, now safe in the hands of Jesus,  claims to have suffered abominations when she was a witch. The  Cambridge Town Crier, like most of the rest of the deplorable  press in this country is willing to publish any  sensational allegation  without recourse to fact or substantiation and without giving those they accuse the opportunity to reply. The allegations have  a resounding ring of deja-vu. "Deborah is not willing to divulge her age or her identity"..." Deborah says she can recognise people  involved with the occult by a 'dark shadow' over their face"...  Deborah was whipped by her father for refusing to eat human flesh  exhumed from a local Graveyard"..."Babies born into the coven  are not registered and can be used for sacrifice". " Compared with these capital crimes Deborah's other revelations are somewhat timid. She says  reading horoscopes, playing Dungeons & Dragons  and participating  in spiritual healing are inroads into black magic."  It becomes obvious that these people have a bad case of 'monkey see  - monkey do' resulting from the continuous barrage of sensational publicity which are giving fundies who have been in the wilderness for decades new traction with the masses .
APRIL 9th  1989: The Sunday Sport trashpaper carries 'exclusive'  "I SKINNED MY BABY FOR SATAN" headline over an unconnected picture  of two new-born and crinkly Siamese twins with the caption 'pickled...sacrifices'  Yet ANOTHER , born again supposed ex-witch parades her obnoxious  tales. Why shouldn't they?  The idiot hacks never challenge them whatever they say. This one , Jackquie Balodis isn't even British, but her  claims are substantiated by Ted Gunderson , former Los Angeles  bureau head of the FBI "I've talked to hundreds of people across  the U.S.A. with similar stories and I just had to believe it".(
Could this be the same 'FBI AGENT' whom Dianne Core hosted in   March 1988?  Well YES it was, Gunderson is another fundie doing God's Work) Needless to say Jacquie Balodis now runs a Christian  group  called Overcomers Anonymous which helps people who are  'wrapped up in cults'.  
APRIL 13th 1989: The epidemic of those willing to now claim, after  being saved by Jesus,  that they were witches and can tell the  most horrible stories, is gaining hysterical proportions. Milton Keynes Citizen  reports that Betty Weltz (a member of the local Pentecostal Covenant  Fellowship lead by Andy Forbes) says "The power source witches  have, whether white or black, is directly from Satans Kingdom".   Yes folks God will love you all the more if you lie without reserve  in his name and for his Kingdom for all things are permissible when fighting Satan. 
APRIL 14th 1989: Daily Mail again hype the Satanic connection with information from their man in New York concerning a   Mexican  Drug ring which allegedly involved human sacrifice.  Nothing whatsoever  to do with Satanism of course but what does that matter?  In the  1920s the Chicago villains used to give their enemies concrete  boots, now Drug barons chop 'em up in little pieces and burn them.   Only the hysterical wave of anti-witchcraft mania can link the  two and the convenience of Sandi-Gallants mega-reason fact-file  for ascribing a ritual killing lets hard-pressed cops off the  hook and gets the public involved and  concerned. 
APRIL 18th  1989: We learn that Trust House Forte, the owners of  the largest chain of hotels and exhibition halls in the U.K. have made a corporate decision to ban further psychic fayres or occult  exhibitions on their properties following the anti-occult propaganda  and fundamentalist protests at fayres throughout the country.
APRIL 23rd : BBC RADIO broadcast their SUNDAY programme which includes  a piece about witchcraft related child-abuse based mostly on an  interview with, guess who? YES, Maureen Davies of the REACHOUT trust.  The usual  lies are paraded and there is no counter-argument or attempt to question the allegations. I write and complain to the producer.   Eventually I receive a reply which gives as an excuse the fact  that BBC 4 could find no-one to represent Paganism. Considering  that Maureen Davies has boasted that her fact-file contains details  of all the occult groups and satanic organisations in the country  this is something of a weak excuse. 
APRIL 25TH  1989: The fundamentalists are winning the propaganda  war hands down. Any newspaper will print tripe which previous  to the Witch-hunt would have been ignored. The Edinburgh Evening  News prints an article "DABBLING IN EVIL" Charles R. Strohmer  , the president of the Paisley branch of the evangelical THERE  IS HOPE movement claims he used to be a professional astrologer  in the U.S.A. and he was brought to Astrology through the advice  of Ouija Boards yawn, yawn, yawn. 
APRIL 27th 1989: Hull Star reports that CHILDWATCH IS TO GO INTERNATIONAL
and remarks that 'Several German Churches have agreed to finance  the operation' and that Dianne Core will return to SAN FRANSISCO  (Sandi-Gallant's stomping ground) to sit on a panel made up mainly of medical experts to discuss the question of child-abuse in that  city.  Core says " I manage to cope somehow. I don't know how I do  - by the grace of God I think". 
MAY 3rds 1989: Daily Star carries front page headlines "GO TO HELL"  accompanied by a picture of Michael Aquino arriving in the U.K.  from America. The Star newspaper complains that the 'fiend' has been brought
to the U.K. by Roger Cook , all expenses paid, to appear in his  Cook Report on Witchcraft & Child Abuse and that he is 'under  investigation for allegedly having sex with a two year old girl'.   Also within the article is a picture of Dianne Core who says "It  is horrendous that Roger Cook brought him into this country when  we are fighting to keep him out" The piece continues, Mrs Core  is also angry because she helped Cook research his programme which  aims to expose the link between Satanism and the sexual abuse  of children."   (Ed. What the Star didn't mention is that Aquino was falsely accused by a fundie preacher in the U.S.A.  He was investigated and found innocent.  The Cook Report was even worse. They used Aquino as 'proof' of the existence of Satanic Abuse (they couldn't find a UK satanist to hit with the charge and so imported Aquino to film) but they omitted to tell viewers that he had actually been cleared BEFORE the programme was broadcast. Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies. Lies and More Lies.  The public are treated like fools.)
MAY 4th 1989: Fred Harrison does hatchet job in Daily Mirror on  Michael Aquino (TOS praemonstrator) with allegations of Aquino being investigated for child abuse. The piece is built around;  Guess Who?  Rev Kev Logan, that's who. 
MAY 3rd 1989: Jimmy Rocket a client of the S.A. from the U.S.A.  with connections in a U.N. Mission receives a reply from The Home  Office to further underline the completely bogus nature of the  Dickens Witch-hunt. The Home Office letter reads " The Home Office  has no evidence of any link between child abuse and Witchcraft. ...There are no plans to return to medieaval laws against sorcery."
MAY 5th 1989 : The Daily Mirror reports that Kevin Logan had exorcised  a group of young children (some even below school age) behind  closed doors in his Blackburn church in front of cameras for The  Cook Report.  Logan said "Some of these youngsters have been victims  of child abuse and Satanism is at the root."     I just don't believe that but in any event I would have thought that an exorcism on small children was a form of abuse in itself yes?
MAY 7th 1989: The Sunday Mirror carries interview with Dr Lynne  Drummond (psychiatrist)  about Michael Aquinos arrival from the  U.S.A.. "This man will definitely petrify any one who is in fear
of being possessed." Drummond says that many of her patients had  their condition sparked by the horror films the Omen and The Exorcist.  "Sometimes it is possession by the Devil".  Is it not time that  the BMA ruled against such ridiculous outbursts from professionals who allow their sectarian beliefs to interfere with orthodox treatment? 
MAY 9th  1989: I write to Dianne Core again and ask her to confirm whether  or not Christian Fundamentalist literature was being distributed  with Childwatch literature. She responds with a handwritten note  ' I am in receipt of your letter and a reply will be forthcoming  from our solicitors, God Bless,'. I haven't heard from her since.
MAY 14th  1989: "WE HUNT DOWN THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLES" . News of the  World runs story on David Austen and several other members of the Temple  of Set. Allegations and downright fantasy are mixed in a cocktail  which implicates three of the TOS members in child-abuse. Three  lose their jobs and one is sent a bomb through the post which  is disconnected but has a note attached "the next time you won't  hear the bang". 
MAY 17th  1989: "PLIGHT OF THE DEVIL CHILDREN" Western Daily Press  print another load of codswallop from Audrey Harper under 'innocent  young victims of sex abuse in Britain's New Wave Satanism.'  In this article we learn that Harper was a former Barnado's Girl.   Also interviewed in the article are Guess Who? Maureen Davies and Dianne Core.  The article is illustrated with a photograph of  a standing robed figure reading from a book and holding a sword  at the shoulder of a hooded kneeling figure. The very same stock provocative photograph  which was used by John Merry in his article for Bella Magazine  about Lee & Janet James. Within the spate of publicity supporting  these horrendous allegations it should be noted that NOT ONE of  these newspapers has bothered to ask for PROOF. The reason why  is obvious; why spoil a good story with facts.    
MAY 18th 1989 The Home Office acknowledges receipt of their copy  of THE OCCULT CENSUS RESULTS  which I posted to them;  ' which has been read with interest' and filed for future reference.   Unlike Dickens Dossiers, when I promise to do something it gets done.
MAY 18th 1989: The Daily Mirror disregards Aquino's letter of complaint about his unfair treatment and publishes  a  follow on article linking Satanism with child abuse and featuring  another twisted story of hearsay about a young boy whilst again repeating the libellous allegations of child abuse made against  Aquino by fundamentalists. The article written by FRED HARRISON  Includes the by now well known claims and quotes from Core but she goes on to complain that she has been gagged by Humberside  Social Services who have applied for court orders  to stop anyone from pressing the boy about occult connections.  The Social Services  obviously realise that whatever the boy has suffered in the way  of sexual abuse any further use of his case by the fundamentalists  might become abuse to him personally. Included in this awful write-up  is some really flimsy piece of fabrication concerning how an amusement  arcade in Hornsea, a small  Humberside Coastal resort (a more unlikely place for a coterie of Satanists would be hard to find)  is used as a meeting  place. A photograph of the amusement arcade is shown. Postscript: According to Humberside police Core completely undermined their investigation by showing the boy photographs of one of their suspects which meant they had to drop the prosecution.  This was 'ordinary' abuse,not Satanic Abuse and  the Social Services said Core had repetitively interviewed the boy putting him under stress. The court order to ban her from doing so was taken in his own interests and was not a 'gag'.  Core and Dickens tried to pass this off as a cover-up.  Dickens demanded an investigation into Humberside police's conclusions.  It took 18 months and cost nearly £2 Million pounds. It confirmed the original criticisms of Humberside police against Core. 
MAY 21 1989: The Mirror Hack Fred Harrison again continues to hype his  support for witchcraft related child-abuse allegations in the  Sunday Mirror with another conglomeration of heresay including  interviews with Maureen Davies Reverend Robert Law "There is no  doubt that satanic worship takes place all over Britain today...I have spoken to doctors, police officers and social workers who  have investigated this evil practice aand the evidence is CLEARLY there." Then Harrison goes on to reveal that 'Samantha' the alleged  13 year old victim of satanic child abuse was raped to produce foetuses which were aborted and she was subsequently made to eat  the foetuses. This only came to light after her mother discovered  her burying one of them and called in the police. The gullibility  of these people is amazing.  I mean, what was the girl going  to say; it's my first child but please don't send my boyfriend to prison' or perhaps, 'this bastard has ruined my life I want him nailed to the floor' ?   This kind of 'foetuses for sacrifice' allegation is now epidemic  because such allegations are difficult (though not impossible) to disprove, whereas allegations  of murder of a person with a registered birth can be checked quickly.  In the end  the Crown prosecution service dropped charges of rape and the  prosecution never got to court. There is ALWAYS a fuller and more  obvious explanation to all of these horror stories but ignorance  allows the hysteria to magnify. Another of Harrisons examples  is the story of how a couples' baby was allegedly chosen ,out of the blue, to be used in a satanic sacrifice.  The police  were sent a letter telling them this and so they visited the family  who were frightened out of their wits. Shortly afterwards a John  Burgen pentecostal minister turns up; he had 'heard about the  sacrifice threat independently" and stayed the night to save the  baby for Jesus.   They're all loonies.
MAY 21st 1989: The Sunday Sport trashpaper has double page spread  of interview with  David Austen and background details about the  Cook Report. We learn that Cook " exposes an entire family who  practise witchcraft coupled with sordid sex acts." This is a reference  to the Nottinghamshire case and reveals that Cook was prepared
to use discredited evidence in his report. We learn that the Cook  Report has been temporarily shelved but that the cook Report's  horrific Satan special will STILL be shown but at a later time  and that Cook is 'furious' over it being banned.   
MAY 22nd 1989: The Home office , with whom I have been in continuous  contact for many months replies to my letter asking them to take  some action to stop the anti-witchcraft lies by writing to the
IBA and BBC and making an official statement that, as they previously told me,  the HO has no  evidence that the allegations are true.  They reply " In view  of the constitutional independence of the broadcasting authorities  this would not be something I COULD PROPERLY DO. .. MINISTERS  AND CIVIL SERVANTS HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO INTERVENE IN THE DAY TO DAY AFFAIRS OF THE BROADCASTING AUTHORITIES. 
MAY 22nd 1989:The  Telegraph reports in TWO SENTENCES that a 56 year  old Halesowen Magistrate was remanded charged (along with another  man) with procuring males under age 21 to commit acts of gross  indecency. Consider what space would have been used if an occultist had been arraigned? 
MAY 24th  1989: Daily Star reports "KIDS SAW BABY BEING SACRIFICED  TO SATAN' and reveals that Nottinghamshire SOCIAL WORKERS say  that the corrupted kids were forced into cannibalism and subjected  to terrifying rituals by the sect. The sickening catalogue of  child abuse has been compiled by two investigators who claim they  and their families have been threatened. 'Detectives in Nottingham  have investigated these claims TWICE  but say they can't back  them up.' One of the social workers is JUDITH DAWSON (remember
her?). She and her colleague CHRISTINE JOHNSTONE  the  Social Worker's Team Leader say the youngsters, witnessed. a 'goat-man'  sacrificing a baby born after a caesarean. A boy being crucified  on a cross with pins through his hands and feet.A man strangling  a sheep with his bare hands and passing its blood around in a  bizarre communion and the discarding of dead babies bodies in  polythene bags.  The children some under eight, drew pictures of ghouls and witches and a man carrying goat horns into a darkened  room to select the night's victim.   (Ed: This was the Broxtowe SRA case, the first in which SRA 'indicators' imported from the U.S.A. were used in repetitive questioning over long periods of time to force kids into giving the answers that prejudice social workers wanted in the first place.  Putting words into a kids mouth was the key method social workers used to change a regular case of abuse into an SRA case.  After Rochdale and Orkney cases folded new rules were imposed that stopped social workers doing this questioning. The result was that claimed cases of SRA involving children stopped happening and the SRA hunters had to move on to putting fantasies into the minds of adults during Recovered Memory sessions.  A detailed inquiry concluded that there was absolutely NO Satanic Abuse or occult connections in the Broxtowe case but you'd never know it from the writings of hacks like the above )
MAY 26th  1989: The Hornsea Gazette investigating the allegations  concerning the amusement arcade featured in The Daily Mirror's  earlier report carries an article which includes a denial by the police that any such connection existed. They say "ANY  ALLEGATIONS OF  BLACK MAGIC IN THE HUMBERSIDE POLICE AREA HAVE BEEN THOROUGHLY  INVESTIGATED. IF THERE IS ANY BLACK MAGICK WE DON'T KNOW ABOUT  IT".  This rather pulls the rug from under Core's 13 month campaign  but mainsream media ignore it and bump along regardless. The article also mentions  that The Cook Report stormtroopered their way into the amusement  arcade shortly before the Daily Mail report was printed, much
to the astonishment of the innocent owner.
MAY 27th  1989: Psychic News reports that a firm of Christian solicitors  in Crawley has joined a fight to stop 'an occult shop' from opening  in the town. The firm, Lewis and Dick refused to say whether the  solicitors would give the campaign against the shop any legal  advice but Eric Bardell spokesperson, did say: "Pornography leads  to sexual perversion just as soft drugs lead to hard drugs. In  the same way we know from experience that there are forces at  work in the occult realm which can, and generally do drag people  in deeper".  Do they?  Seen it have you?  Bigotry is SO certain.  Gallant  Core's and Davis are succeeding. Now more and more Christians have been primed to oppose any New Age centres  regardless of logic or the facts.
MAY 31st  1989: Daily telegraph reports "CHILD SEX OFFENDER SACKED  AS BMA'S ADVISER ON ABUSE" in a two column piece which reveals  that John Hopkins the assistant secretary to the BMA committee dealing with child care and child abuse had been jailed for child  sex offences during NOVEMBER of 1988.  AMAZING. Hopkins had been  prosecuted and sentenced during a period of intense media activity  about spurious allegations of occult-related child abuse whilst  a real case like this was swept under the carpet. No wonder the  RSM didn't want to talk to me about such controversial issues after  the REACHOUT conference.
JUNE 23rd  1989: Daily Star reports SATAN SQUAD full page article  about a Los Angeles Detective sergeant Randy Emon who is intent  on replicating the attention Sandi Gallant has achieved with the  press. Now, the Child-sex abuse bogey has played itself out somewhat  and the new buzz-word is OCCULT CRIME. Emon, revealing his fundamentalist  background says "Satan is not the type to come quietly" and "I have friends praying for me all the time". Later Emon says of  a patch of bad luck whiche he attributed to some kind of satanic  curse.  "I only got over it by praying".    Later (December 1992) in an interview with Martin Bashir (In Satan's Name?', Panorama ) Randy Emon retracts all of his earlier allegations and admits that though he WANTED the stories of SRA to be true and searched for two years to discover it, there is absolutely no evidence. He says the stories are false and points the finger at  fundamentalist Christians who make them up!    (Ed: Indeed MANY of the evangelical leaders and activists who got caught up in the 1990 Satan Scare eventually realised that it was driven solely by self-generated hysteria and recanted.  Most of the fundamentalist footsoldiers backed off when the media began actually demanding proof to back up their heinous allegations. Maureen Davies activities and misrepresentations were exposed by BBC Wales (Week in Week out) and they proved how mentally fragile people were manipulated by Reachout's activists, Logan, Harper, Davies were at hand when poor Caroline Marchant who was being groomed by them as a 'star SRA witness' killed herself in a Reachout 'safe-house'. The BBC also featured another woman who was virtually kidnapped from a mental hospital and kept in a Reachout 'safehouse' away from her family to be 'saved' from Satanism. What Reachout did was truly appalling and as far as we are concerned they never saved one child from harm.  Click on the image below to see a video of it)

Maureen Davies, prime mover in the 1990 Satanic Panic is Doorstepped by BBC Wales


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  • And a conspiracy of religious extremists within the heart of democracy itself pulling the strings of the population.

You will be shocked as we unearth the secrets of the mediaeval mind-set which is infecting MILLIONS of people in Britain.

Thre Blind MiceThe SAFF was started in 1988 to counter `hysterical allegations made during the Satanic Panic. SAFF''s first investigations proved that the source of the wild allegations and apocryphal rumours of SRA were caused not by the discovery of cases but by false stories put out by grass-roots religious fanatics whose paranoia  had been worked-up  by Christian leaders from the U.S. and Europe.

These Christian leaders inaugurated an initiative called 'The Decade of Evangelism' in the last years of the 20th century.   Some big names put their stamp on the Decade of Evangelism, including Billy Graham and the Assemblies of God which had created the Christian TV Ministries which put the Religious Right into power in the U.S. in the 1980s. 

Their intention was to shock
The Decade of Evangelism was a Fundamentalist outreachhum-drum Christians into action to save their own and others' souls prior to the Second Coming of Jesus'; and this is why:

 The Bible predicted that in the 'Tribulations' just prior to the predicted Second Coming' Satan would remanifest to fight a last battle in which pious Christians could prove their faith by battling with evil. The SRAmyth is simply self-fulfilling prophecy.  

A quick look into history repetitively confirms a predictable surge in Fundamentalist activity at the end of any century but the year 2000 was even more important to evangelists as it was a Millennium, two thousand years since the birth of Jesus and an important biblical timing.  So, they expected the End Of The World at this time more than any other and made extra efforts in the build up .  The completely unnecessary panic surrounding the Millennium computer Bug where planes were supposed to crash out of the sky at midnight on 31st December 1999, was a spin-off Doomsday scenario which now looks silly but which was thought terrifyingly real at the time.    

Victim Imposter Audrey HarperThe general media, government, police and other commentators resisted SAFF expertise about the source of these batty claims of a world-wide secret network of Satanists sacrificing thousands of children every year.  They pointed to self-declared 'victims' of SRA like Audrey Harper. Was she not  'proof' of it happening? Didn't she say she was there when it happened? 
They simply couldn't accept that 'good Christians' could so blatantly fantisise about SRA on one hand, whilst secretly working in league with other Christian fundamentalists with the other. They controlled the national debate so that MPs and other influential people fell into it without knowing that they were taking part, not in a campaign to save children from harm, but a Christian missionary outreach to suppress Paganism and other new religious movements using , literally, mediaeval demonology to do so.

Like many people today, the authorities had not seen the difference between the mass of ordinary devout Christians and a cadre of Fundamentalist religious extremists who had hijacked the Christian Faith.  A Christian Fundamentalist is someone who overrides and replaces the teachings of the Orthodox Church and, consciously or not, misuses the Bible to suit their personal psychological needs.   Very often the psychology of many such people borders on mental illness, megalomania and delusion.   The story of how freestyle fundamentalists created the Satan Myth has never before been told but the SAFF will explain in detail the sequence of events which created a divisive anti-social conflict within our society which did great harm in the 1990s and which is still operating today three decades later.

 The Satanic Panic wasted an estimated £300 million pounds worth of taxpayers money and misdirected major police, social services and government resources over the past three decades.  It destroyed the lives of thousands of innocent people. What is worse, it redirected resources from catching real child abusers into chasing phantom Satanists.  More children were abused because of the false SRA claims, not less.  It was the biggest hoax of the 20th century, and it is still causing problems today in the 21st.

Geoffrey Dickens Lying about his witchcraft law on SAFFutubeNo better overview of the hysteria of those days can be seen than in the private diary of the owner of the Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop (see Timeline in the  leftmost column) who was singled out for the most blatant persecution. Not because he had actually done anything wrong, but simply because he was being successful at freeing up people's minds and offering religious alternatives.

The first Satanic Panic was essentially a campaign of sectarian hatred disguised as child-protection.   This was proven by Geoffrey Dickens', the MP and lay-preacher who was at the head of the Crusade on SRA in the UK, who caused a nationwide outrage with false accusations about witches / pagans abusing, killing and eating children and then, on the back of this, attempted to force a bill through parliament to outlaw witchcraft and paganism.  He originally deceitfully promised witches / pagans that his new law would not harm them and that Pagans had nothing to fear.  This was a lie and you can see the man speaking that lie here:   Eventually his real intention was made clear in an American newspaper article when he was quoted as saying

'These are extremely devious people...we must bring in new laws to wipe witches off the face of the earth'.

That statement could have come right out of the ecclesiastical courts of the 15c witch-hunts, because, in fact, that is what the Satanic Panic was, a plain and simple witch hunt.  Of course this sentiment chimed with his main audience, other intolerant Christian fundamentalists.  So when you hear someone assert that Geoffrey Dickens was a hero in child-protection, this is what they mean. A hero for doing God's Work. His sectarian attempts to suppress Witchcraft/Paganism are lauded because Christian fundamentalists see Paganism as their ultimate enemy. The religion of Paganism pre-dates Christianity and therefore by its very existence casts doubt upon its doctrines.  A doubt which fundies cannot allow to exist and so they typify the Oldest World Religion as 'Satanic'. Yet:

Withcraft / Paganism holds Entirely Separate Beliefs To Satanism.

Generally people do not know that witchcraft/paganism and Satanism have nothing to do with each other.   This is because fundamentalists consistenty and purposefully confuse the two distinct beliefs.

Witchcraft/Paganism is the prehistoric religion of Britain and most other continents.
The complex Pagan Fylfot cross symbol was carved into rocks in the UK by original Witches / Pagans 3,000 years before Christianity reached these shores. There is another rock carving exactly like it in Mycene in Greece which proves the universal existence of Paganism across the world in prehistoric times.  Pagan stone circles / temples were established 12,000 years ago (e.g. Gobelkli Tepe) long before Agriculture was invented.
Witchcraft/Paganism was universal in the ancient world and humanity evolved and thrived under it  long before the Christian church came along.  You can see what questions this creates for modern day fundies.   The Church has historically always tried to discredit its opponents with black propaganda. For instance the 'debauchery' of Babylon has become a fixed idea in the minds of billions of people yet Hammurabi, the pagan King of Babylon, was so far-sighted and wise that he invented and had cut in stone the very first articles of law which civilised mankind, and from which our laws today descended. These laws were very human and very balanced and fair, yet the Babylonian civilisation has been disrespected and misrepresented in our history books ('The Whore of Babylon') for thousands of years, so that YOU don't ever get to see and read the truth about how Paganism is a foundation stone of our culture.

Pagan brilliance underpins our entire society.

Original witchcraft/paganism has contributed uniquely to the culture and traditions of the British Isles. Even our days of the week are named after Pagan gods . 
Almost all church ceremonies have their origins in Pagan rites (e.g. today's  Easter Festival comes from the Celtic Goddess Eostre  (Eostre's Eggs)
The first religious artists and musicians were Pagan.
The first natural healers were Pagans.
Pagans invented and developed many things we take for granted, industry, metallurgy, boat-building etc. All the crucial things for mankind to evolve.
Paganism and witchcraft has done good throughout humankind's history, and is doing good today, but you would never know it if you listened to the fundies.  The bottom line is this:
There is no devil/satan figure in the Witchcraft / Pagan pantheon, they simply don't believe in a devil so why would they 'sacrifice children' to it?

Satanism on the other hand is a Christian invention.
'Satanic' was a term employed by the Church to define HERETICS and was used against Jews and many other dissenters.  Just look up The Synagogue of Satan.  meme which has been used against Jews since the time Christianity was first inaugurated.   Watch very carefully Lord John Mann, because a rise in anti-semitism is always a precursor of a hunt for Heretics.

So the bottom line is that to be a Satanist you have to be a lapsed Christian or a Jew, NOT a pagan.  Satanism has nothing to do with Witches or Pagans.  

If you want to know what modern witches / pagans actually do and how they think, you should read The Pagan Credo here,  and not listen to fundamentalists like Audrey Harper, or Vicky Ash and John Wedger and the rest who will without exception fantasise all manner of 'dangers' about witchcraft which simply do not exist. That is why I know that Audrey Harper's story of being present at a ceremony where a baby was sacrificed is unbelievable. It is unbelievable because it is untrue.  The kind of fundie fabrication which created the Satanic Panic in the first place.  The kind of rumour which has continually been cycled around by troublemaking religious extremists throughout history. Do you know that Britain was the first place to impose yellow stars on Jews, hundreds of years before the Nazis ever copied it?  Such rumours regularly lead to mobs killing Jews. 150 Jewish men, women and children were massacred in one day here in York.

But Today Audrey is Passe, now there are new Fundie Fantisisers on the block taking up her mantle.

Today, three decades after Audrey did her worst in the 1990 Satanic Panic, a new generation of people who are ignorant of the need to protect freedom of thought and resist the dead hand of sectarian censorship are having their minds twisted by the same lies.  Unbelievably a new wave of Christian fundamentalist agitators are on the warpath making the very same false Satanic Abuse accusations as they did in 1988.  Why, they are even trying to use the very same cases which were held up as proof then and utterly undermined by researchers at the time. Perhaps they think the public has forgotten about them and will suck the lies in again?  Not with the SAFF here they won't!  See: SRA Book Breaches Human Rights here

Even more astonishingly, one of these new SRA crusaders is the grand-daughter of Geoffrey Dickens MP, the main fundie agitator who pushed the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse back in 1988!  History is repeating itself through ignorance of what happened last time!

Be under no illusion, these people are not just well-meaning child-protectionists with whom you have something in common, they are  linked to  vindictive, sectarian vigilantes and conspiracyloons.  Their view of SRA is mediaeval and they appear to have little or no discernment. They talk glibly about horrible imagined crimes using false accusations and untruths whilst constantly condemning people they have never met and do not know.   We shall prove this below when we show you the true happenings of the Satan Myth and how the populace was so easily twisted into believing fantasy. 

'They're Missionaries Jim But Not As We Know It'

Jon Wedger, Louise Dickens, Vicky Ash praying for the souls of witchesThe Three Blind Mice. (Jon Wedger, Louise Dickens and Vicky Ash) have just posted their latest Youtube video offering which we are going to take apart (below) to reveal their true intent.  These three well-meaning fundies epitomise the type of ill-informed people who caused the Satanic Panic the first time around. 

Louise Dickens is the granddaughter of Geoffrey Dickens and has announced in this video that she is continuing her grandfather's work against Witchcraft and the Occult. This is religious prejudice writ large, and just to prove it, the video ends with all three joining in a prayer for the help of Jesus to save the souls of those who want to escape Witchcraft and the occult. Yet this bout of arrogant spirituality will not exonerate them from the lies they just told about the SAFF in their potty video. Neither will it wash away the stains of their rumour-mongering about serving MPs.  The bible clearly states that false witnesses who pour out lies and anyone who stirs up conflict within the community is an abomination to God.  The bible also says God HATES such people, ( Proverbs 6: verses 16-19 ) so it might be wise for the Three Blind Mice to start with praying for their own souls first.   

The Historic Truth about How and Why the SAFF was Started.

This video put out by the Three Blind Mice is full of lies, inuendo, rumour and falsehoods.  To counter their lies we must define what the SAFF is and does so that the misdirections of Jon Wedger about the SAFF and the outbursts of Louise Dickens are shown to be LIES.   Remember, if we can find just ONE untruth in this video then you must check everything these people say.  We found DOZENS of errors and untruths so will outline them hereunder for you here, but meantime here's the true history and origins of the SAFF.

The SAFF was started in 1988 by the owner of the Sorcerer's Apprentice Esoteric Bookshop in Leeds after he was unjustly persecuted by a cadre of Christian fundamentalist troublemakers whose actions shamed the name of Jesus.   The owner of the bookshop was NOT a Satanist and never has been, he was a mystic brought up in a loving Chistian family who saw spiritual parallels across all the ancient religions and which taught him liberal thought and empathy for others.  

His sole purpose in running the S.A. was to provide information right across the rainbow of comparative religions and ancient philosophies.  He saw how each had influenced the other throughout history. For example, the story of Jesus' ecstasy on the Cross is an almost direct lift from the rites of the Dionysian Mysteries, traced back to the Minoan Civilisation 3,000 years BC; as is the use of wine in the Mass. A parallel Christ Cult was Roman Mithraism descending from Zorostrianism, (the oldest continuous religious belief in the world). Mithraism and Christianity ran parallel in Ancient Rome, for a time and interchanged ideas. 

His range of books included many Christian classics such as the Dark Night of The Soul, (St John of The Cross) and classical Helenistic works in his stock of 3,000 titles.  He figured that the best way of finding a common denominator to avoid the sectarian hatred which had blighted religious freedom for hundreds of years, ( particularly in Northern Ireland, where the Catholic vs Protestant conflict was unnecessarily killing innocent people at the time he opened the S.A. in 1975) , was for all philosophies to be seen side by side and compared.  A book is not a deadly thing.  One can read it, take from it what one wants, and then put it down.  The idea was to provide information across the board. Only those who wanted to monopolise the minds of mankind could object to such an ambition. 

The bookshop was started in 1975 and for thirteen years his business thrived without any criticism whatsoever.  He is on good terms with the local police, neighbours, and politicians.  Indeed at that time he was a go-to for local and national media who wanted insight into the New Age and he welcomed Media interest.   Customers came to see him from all corners of the world.  He ended up servicing 40,000 regular clients across the globe.  He expanded into publishing rare works on spirituality and magic. He appeared on dozens of TV and radio programmes talking expertly on all aspects of the occult and ancient religions and acting as a go-between to assuage any misunderstandings between sects. 

For example he arranged with Janet Street-Porter to do the first ever genuine programme on Neo-Paganism in the BBC TV 'A-Z of Belief' series in February 1989.  An S.A customer, Kevin Jay, volunteered to stand surrounded by a jury panel of Christians and others who challenged him on every facet of Neo-Paganism / Witchcraft.  It went off admirably and the panel was shocked at their previous misunderstandings about Witches and Pagans. Everyone left as friends.

Chris Bray, thumbnail James Whale ShowYou can view some of these appearances on the S.A.'s Youtube channel here:    where in answer to James Whale's question, 'Aren't Ouija Boards evil', he utters the immortal words ' Evil resides in the heart of Man, not in any board' .   After the dastardly things said about him over the past 30 years you can marvel at how approachable, unthreatening and amenable the owner of the S.A. is.  You will find many other extracts from his work including TV interviews which have since been posted on Youtube and Facebook by long-standing clients, and mentions all over the net of how he personally helped individual people through difficult times. 

He also did good work with the United Nations Association on Religious Rights, he liaised with the Commission for Racial Equality on the definitions of religious belief and rights which enabled them to expand their remit into protecting people from Religious Hatred,  and he inaugurated the Sacred Trees Trust eco-charity and many other projects. Including writing his own series of manuals on the Ancient Wisdom, forgotten healing techniques, spiritual healing, self-motivation, theurgy, ancient spells, precognition and many other facets of the human mind.  You can check out some of these here  and you will see that Satanism is notable by it's absence.

The Satanic Trigger Word

The SAFF's remit is to protect ALL minority religious beliefs and philosophies, including Satanism and we do have a few Satanists as members, however the vast majority of SAFF volunteers are not Satanists, the SAFF is NOT a Satanic organisation, members are predominantly from the Pagan and Hermetic schools of philosophy and right across the gamut of free-thinkers.  Mr Bray is not and has never been a Satanist.  It is annoying to have to continue to repeat these things time after time because when we distance ourselves from the claim that we are Satanists it kinda gives the fundies' claims that Satanists are up to no good, some credence, when in actual fact there is no evidence that this is the case and no current Satanic liturgy involves the biblical lies which today's fundies are trying to pin on them.  The religious rights of satanists are exactly the same as the religious rights of everyone else, no more, no less.

The Fundies move in for the Kill

Christian Fundamentalists picketing outside Astonishing Books January 1989However, it was this very success in trying to bring Orthodox religions together that caused enmity to rise against Mr Bray in the cadre of Christian Fundamentalists that had been jealously watching him from afar.   When he opened a second shop, Astonishing Books! at Hyde Park Corner in Leeds they started a concerted campaign to shut him down. In the first week of opening a dog-collared Vicar turned up and told the owner that he would be out of business in six months.  Local fundies then began a campaign of hatred. This picture (right) was taken of some fundie protestors with a loud hailer, spouting Holy Writ against the shop in January 1989.   Ultimately in August 1989 fundamentalists of similar ilk, in response to lies being insinuated about Mr Bray and SRA by Geoffrey Dickens and others, those evil fundies resorted to firebombing Astonishing Books! and burned it down. 

Today Louise Dickens has actually had the astounding cheek to falsely accuse the S.A. of being a clearance house for child pornography and paedophiles. Yes she actually wrote that abject lie.  At least her grandfather hid behind Parliamentary Privilege when he lied, his granddaughter is completely irresponsible and will now be sued. 

The 1989 Firebombing  followed the despicable Cook Report on 'The Devil's Work'. Now seen rightly as The Biggest Hoax in Tabloid TV  Full story here.    Such is the vehemence, ignorance and self-righteousness of Christian Fundamentalists.

Astonishing Books!
reopened a week later after a quick clear-up, in a war-time atmosphere, on tressle tables out of the delivery entrance and with customers flocking to support the business.  Of course he rebuilt the S.A. and began trading again.  You can read exactly what happened here:

 Mr Bray had thought that we lived in a free-country, with intelligent people enjoying freedom of religion and freedom of thought.  He was wrong because  In a range of over 3,000 titles on ALL subjects he had outrageously included SIX books on Neo-Satanism.  He sold far more books on Christianity than he did on Satanism, yet the fundies would not countenance the public having ANY insight into what Neo-Satanists do.  They saw those six, small, books as some kind of crime and started a campaign to destroy him and his business.  To falsely accuse him of promoting Satanism above other religions.   A blow by blow account of what they did, and how Geoffrey Dickens lead the Gang of Five (Dickens, Reverend Kevin Logan, Maureen Davies, Audrey Harper and Dianne Core) who made it their life's work to crush the S.A.  And failed.  

Davies, Harper and Logan were directors of a fundamentalist agitprop group called Reachout Trust, they all had one aim in common, and worked in unison but were always portrayed in media reports as independent specialists. For example,  Davies was portrayed as an expert in the Occult, Logan was portrayed as the mouthpiece of the Church of England and Audrey Harper was portrayed as an escapee of a baby-murdering Witchcraft Coven. Had readers / viewers known they were all working for the same Church War on Satanic Planundie outfit and working up their stories together then their claims and words would have had very little weight.   Separately they seemed to confirm that SRA was a threat to children. 

Probably the best illustration of this was when Harper, Logan, Davies and Core all appeared together on The appalling The Time and The Place, (Border TV)  24th April 1990)  for a studio debate about SRA with an invited audience   They did not sit next to each other but were spread out in the audience and each called to 'witness' about SRA by the gullible Michael Scott, without viewers being told that they were from the same group and working in concert.  

Their planned strategy to close occult shops was clear when in the space of three days ( 14- 17 July 1989) Maureen Davies was interviewed for Radio Leeds demanding the closing of The Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop whilst mentioning the killing of children;  and three days later appeared as a prime mover in a church campaign in Gwent in South Wales, where she opposed the opening of an 'occult centre' in the town. Even though the centre did not actually exist, so she could not have possibly known what it would sell, Davies trilled the same disgusting false allegations about child abuse and murder.

In 1989, in response to the growing black propaganda against Alternative Beliefs Mr Bray inaugurated the SAFF (Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation) to act as a dissemination point for research into fundamentalist groups and their propaganda.  Many customers became members of the SAFF to fight for their religious rights. Within a few months nearly a thousand had signed on and were doing sterling work to combat the downright lies being put out by fundamentalist agitators about Witches / Pagans.

The SAFF was probably THE key organisation which saved society from the worst effects of the 1990 Satanic Panic.  Without SAFF input, the errors of the Rochdale and Orkney false SRA cases might not have been spotlighted and put right before more innocent families had their lives destroyed.   It took six years or so to undermine the fantasies which had caused the destruction of many families through glib and false accusations of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse.   By then the documentary evidence and Research Files of the SAFF had grown to become a unique specialist archive and a very valuable insight into how politics and religion interface in the U.K. 

Child Campaigners Hunting For Satanists under every Sofa

6 Years on the last Rochdale SRA victim is allowed back homeToday The Three Blind Mice claim that the Gang of Five did a good job for Jesus but did they? 
Did they REALLY do the best for children? 
No they did not, what they did was emphatically NOT in the best interests of children and only a fool would say otherwise. 

In the tragic Rochdale and Orkney cases children were ripped from the arms of their loving parents in dawn-raids and were kept imprisoned from them for years, in one instance one innocent child spent SIX YEARS in local authority care!  Every claimed case of SRA during that period meant children being kidnapped from their innocent parents, usually in terrifyng infamous Dawn Raids which shamed the legal system of the UK. and caused an outcry across the country.  All created by the same glib suspicions of Satanic Abuse by fundamentalist troublemakers.  Later, media investigations claimed they found Reachout Trust had input into Rochdale and Orkney.

Whilst distraught parents robbed of their children had to spend years fighting the inertia of the legal system to get back their children, the social work mafia used every trick in the book to stop anyone seeing their errors, including banning parents from even visiting their kids AT ALL, and blocking legal access to the disclosure reports on which claims of SRA were being made. 

When the media complained to the evil social services they lied and said that the children feared going back to their parents!  It took the combined resources of the Daily and Sunday Mail newspapers to break this Stalinist plot to kidnap children from innocent parents, it was they who challenged court injunctions at enormous expense to force the truth out.   When they got the documents they saw that there was absolutely NO evidence of any SRA at all.  
Yes, Geoffrey Dickens did a good job for those children didn't he?  
The Rochdale case first hit the headlines in August 1990. 
When asked about it in an interview with the Rochdale Observer, on 7th August 1990, Dickens CONFIRMED the case and exaggerated the incidence of Satanism in the locality to add weight to the claims.   I bet the TWENTY poor children removed from their loving parents by strangers in the middle of the night were very grateful for Geoffrey Dickens' attempts at do-gooding.

And whilst all this torture of small children was going on Louise Dickens, his granddaughter, was having a lovely charmed childhood, as she remarks in the Three Blind Mice video,  without a clue of the disastrous effects that her bigoted grandfather was causing in other families around the country. 
In fact NOT ONE CASE that Geoffrey Dickens promoted as SRA actually turned out to be true. NOT ONE.
Not a single one in 30 years. 

Fiona Bruce - Real Story - When Satan Came To TownAlthough the SRAhunters kept these poor kids  locked up for years, eventually at age 16 they HAD to let them go by law and when they did you can see what the children themselves had to say about what they had to suffer at the hands of self-righteous religious obsessives just because some social worker or do-gooder glibly made false accusations of non-existent Satanic Ritual Child Abuse in a similar vein to the allegations made in this new Three Blind Mice Video

You can clearly see the effect this had on the poor kids in a clip on the SAFFutube channel ( Click on image to view the video )  from the Real Story documentary series called 'When Satan Camne To Town'.   One boy, now a teenager, looks as though he would never recover.  Louise Dickens and Jon Wedger have the effrontery to admonish the SAFF for 'bullying' self-declared survivors of SRA. You must be joking Wedger.   Where is your support for the child survivors of false accusations of SRA?  

Fiona Bruce narrates details of the torture which self-righteous Jesus freaks caused to the lives of seventeen innocent kids.  Note that Geoffrey Dickens capitalised on this false SRA case and never said he was sorry afterwards when it was proven false.  As far as I know he never ever apologised for getting any of them wrong.  Just like he refused to apologise to Dr Birt, a GP whom he falsely accused of child-abuse in Parliament in 1986. Dickens only had the word of the mother of the child. He kept on pushing. The Sun newspaper paid for a private prosecution. During the trial Dr Birt was found not guilty.  Instead of apologising Dickens just shrugged his shoulders.   Later when dealing with failed SRA cases he just doubled-down on his SRA accusations. 

He wanted to protect children, he claimed, but turned a blind eye to those Rochdale kids who disproved his own bigoted ideas about SRA.  You didn't see Dickens fighting the local authority to let a mother get her kids back. Instead he insisted that the case WAS a case of SRA and the social workers had it right. By their actions are they knowest!  Geoffrey Dickens was an evil man because SAFF were telling him he had it wrong and he wouldn't listen, just like his granddaughter Louise Dickens is ignoring our evidence today yet perpetrating the same lies. The Sins of the Grandfathers.

During the two year period when Dickens was on the warpath fronting lewd SRA claims from the Gang of FiveEighty Six innocent children were caught up in the hysteria that Geoffrey Dickens had caused.  Did you hear that Louise?  86 children had their lives trashed for no good reason other than your grandfather's religious paranoia.   

Not only were those children traumatised by being snatched from their loving families but they were then subjected to the torture of continued repeat questioning by social workers and therapists who instead of treating these small  children lovingly, force-questioned them, literally, for hours on end in interrogations which filled their little heads with the most disgusting and horrific images, in a bid to get them to 'confess' to having been Satanically Abused.   This was institutional abuse which will have altered and affected their entire life and personality.   The Gang of Five helped create this situation - that was 'Satanic' for sure.   No Wedger,  Geoffrey Dickens was not a child-protection hero - he was a child-protection vandal and an ignoramus.

Poppets and witch-dollsYou can see the twisted ideas and irrational statements the 'Satan Kids' were forced to fantasise because it seeps out in the claims in the newspaper articles and TV programmes which the Gang of Five were involved in at that time.   Every single one of the terrible claims of torture, talk of cages, caves, spiders, rituals, killings, baby eating, ghosts and all the rest which made headlines, were a direct result of fundie social workers priming children with leading questions about death and horror and witches.  Astonishingly in most disclosure sessions they even gave the kids Devil and Witch Dolls to play with. What did they expect them to come up with? 

This brain-washing of children to force them to  invent SRA fantasies formed a key feature of the Nottingham Broxtowe case which was also proven false. You can see our analysis of that including a blow-by-blow account  from social services' files of how Witch and Devil dolls were used to force them to talk about Satanists (instead of things the kids might have naturally spoken about such as Bagpuss and Morph!) here:  .   Fiona Bruce's excellent When Satan Came To Town documentary shows exactly how the social workers and therapists brainwashed the kids using actual tape recordings of the sessions. When you listen to these you will be incandescent.   Those self-righteous bigots have a stain on their souls which will never be eradicated.   

Core Childwatch, Hull SRA caseThe rationale behind fundamentalist Satan Hunters is that they are doing gods work to save the children yet despite wall to wall publicity on SRA for 30 years SAFF has shown that not one child has ever been 'saved from 'satan' because Satanic Ritual Child Abuse was a fiction.  However, due to child campaigners like Dickens children have been traumatised for life. 

Geoffrey Dickens was Childwatch's Parliamentary Representative. The group, started and run by Dianne Core provided him with almost all his SRA claims and cases but she had never actually found one herself, first-hand.  In May 1989 she made banner headlines with a Hull case she designated as 'Satanic' (Click image for a full-size copy).  Core was absolutely convinced that she had found her first case of SRA.   The police investigation was already ongoing but after the Daily Mirror splashed the story the police reiterated that they had found NO link with SRA in the case!  The Mirror never corrected the impression they'd given their readers.

Core wouldn't let it go. She began visiting one teenage victim and questioning him repeatedly but apparently overstepped the mark so much that Hull social services took out an injunction to stop her questioning the child and traumatising him.  Core then claimed in the press that she was being 'gagged'.  But why would Hull police gag her?  There were no VIPs involved, and there was no reason for them to cover anything up.

Dianne Core blamed as Sex Abuse Suspect Goes FreeThen came the  bombshell, the police said that Core had ruined their case entirely by showing a photograph of their main suspect to the victim.  This technical breach of the law meant the case would be thrown out of court. They actually had to let the abuser go!   So rather than catch abusers, in this instance Core was allegedly responsible for letting one off.    You can click on the images (right) to see full-size versions for a detailed read. In particular how the astonishingly hysterical allegations of SRA in the top one 'Black Magic Sex Peril Of Our Children' all came to absolutely nothing in the end because they were simply a teenager's invented replies to Core's nattering about SRA. 

None of the claims in the top story held out when the police investigated.  There were no claims of VIPs or important people being involved in this case, (The current Westminster VIP Abuse claims were created long after the Satanic Panic of the 1990s)  so there was absolutely no reason or motive for the police to hide or cover up anything.   They were mad at Core for 'ruining their case'.  The fact is that the SRA part of the story was nonsense and a good early example of Fake News.   Every single SRA case Childwatch was involved in fell through in a similar way. 
Hundreds of sensational headlines came to naught. 
The organisation for which Geoffrey Dickens had agreed to become their Parliamentary Representative and which he worked very closely with to hunt down Satanic Abusers in the U.K, which had made the most certain allegations of child murder and cannibalism, simply could not find one.  They never found one.  We haven't heard a peep out of Core for the past 30 years.   But people like Jon Wedger and Louise Dickens today still believe that SRA is real so are still Chasing Satan in their  Three Blind Mice video.

Perhaps the most important thing to realise is that the legacy of the Gang of Five has permanently injected a fundie myth into this country with literally hundreds of thousands of Christians believing it exists. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the fact that Geoffrey Dickens' own granddaughter has been sucked in as a believer three decades later.  In the Three Blind Mice video she states that she has contacted all Geoffrey's political friends and every single one of them has dodged the issue.  She implies this is some kind of 'conspiracy' to stop her getting at the Truth. But the truth is they are family friends and  don't want to tell her what a buffoon and idiot her granddad was in pursuing the SRAmyth. They are trying to save her emotional upset,  and she's accusing them of conspiring to cover up a Satanic plot! 

The Gang Of Five, Where are they now?

 So what happened to the Gang of Five since their 1990 claims of 4,000 children sacrificed by Satanists every year?  

Maureen Davies - Holy Crusader on the Trail of SatanismMaureen Davies'  fundamentalist anti-occult crusade was exposed in the Daily Telegraph in April 1991 as being a facade - although she had claimed to have 'evidence' from children to convince the public about SRA she now admitted that her informants were all adult victim-imposters.  The fundie-group which gave her some credence, Reachout Trust backtracked about SRA and Davies hived off to start the Beacon Foundation specialising in continuing to supply her discredited SRA information on her own to other fundie groups. She's still prattling about SRA to this day, but nobody other than  out and out fundies now listen, whereas in 1990 she was actually teaching SRA at Bramshill Police College and indoctrinating Social Workers in conferences and persuading MPs with the stupid idea at lectures in the Houses of Parliament!

Several months later, in June 1991 the press turned on Dianne Core and began criticising her previous SRA claims.  The marked contrast between the endless unquestioning publicity which the Hull Daily Mail gave her when she started making SRA claims in 1988 compared with the cutting in June 1991 can be clearly seen from the two front pages below.  The bubble had burst. This is what they said:

Evil Rites Threat To ChildrenControversey over role of founder

  • Our inquiries reveal that Dianne Core's actions:
  • Prompted police to drop charges against suspected child abusers.
  • Led to allegations of Satanic abuse against innocent p[eople who suffered arrest and questioning;
  • Brought her into conflict with a High Court Judge following her contact with a boy appointed a Ward of Court.
  • Linked her with an American group of right-wing Extremists, who sponsored her tour to U.S.A.
  • Prompted social workers to take back into care children kept in a Childwatch 'safe' house.

Rev. Kevin Logan with his book Paganism and The OccultAnd still a year long nationwide hunt for Satan by police, social workers, thousands of fundie activists had not found a single case, not one shred of evidence.

In October 1991 the BBC Wales documentary series Week-In Week-Out heavily criticised Maureen Davies and Kevin Logan for their part in stoking the Satanic Panic and being a cause of the Rochdale case.  Logan was doorstepped about the tragic Caroline Marchant, an SRA victim imposter who became their Star Witness. She was passed around the fundie circuit but ended up killing herself with an overdose in a Reachout 'safehouse' under the care of Logan.  Audrey Harper sat by her hospital bed in tears as the poor girl expired.

They tried to say that she overdosed because she was terrified that Satanists would find her, but an incontrovertible piece of Journalism by the Independent on Sunday here, proved conclusively that there were no Satanists. Caroline had made it all up!  Caroline knew her own lies, why would she have taken an overdose if there weren't any Satanists coming to get her?  The independent conjectured that it was the stress of trying to keep up the pretence for her fundie audience.

Week-in Week-out tried to interview Maureen Davies but she was keeping her head down so they doorstepped her at home.  In contrast to her verbosity in speaking to all and sundry when the SRA claims first started, she refused to speak to BBC Wales and slammed the door on them.  See the doorstepping here:   Logan was doorstepped the same way but blustered with excuses and probably for the only time in his constant media appearances, never made any SRA allegations. He admitted that he had taken Caroline's SRA claims at face value and had not checked a single one of them.

So by the end of it all, every single claimed case of SRA failed and every one of it's promoters was utterly discredited as the fundamentalist agitators they were. 

No children were ever 'saved' because the threat was imaginary;  but thousands of people had been vilely attacked, slandered and defamed in a modern witch-hunt of astonishing proportions, the collateral damage of which was traumatised children who had their childhood stolen from them by do-gooders wielding sectarian hatred, like the Gang of Five

Worse, because the Media wanted to cover up their complicity in promoting insane ideas about Satanic Ritual Child Abuse they didn't publicise  the demise of their Star accusers,  therefore the lies about SRA from that period were left latent in the minds of the masses with the utterly fraudulent idea that there was ' no smoke without fire'.  That somewhere some Satanist might actually be killing and eating babies.   Shockingly, in 2020, thirty two years after the SRA insanity was first floated,  we're off again on the fundie SRA merry-go-round with the latest crass offering from a new generation of the Dickens Dimloe Dynasty:

The Gospel According to Three Blind Mice

Three blind miceThree blind mice, three blind mice,
See how they run, see how they run,
They all ran after the farmer's wife
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife
Did you ever see such a thing in your life,
As three blind mice?

After 30 years of amazing success in detecting, repudiating and charting apocryphal rumour and religious panics  the SAFF is now well-known by most journalists and MPs.  We warned them about the SRA myth in 1988 and they didn't listen.  

After we proved SAFF research and predictions absolutely on the button in three decades of brilliant work on the social impact of religious hatred, will they ignore us again?  YES THEY WILL,  and what this means for YOU dear reader is another bout of  false accusations, shock-horror headlines, suicides, deaths and collatoral damage of vulnerable children and adults.  

Most people think you have to be in a position of political power to affect history; that you have to be a Very Important Person with a high degree of intelligence. In reality the great changes in history have been turned on a sixpence by the most mundane, unaware and lacklustre people imaginable. Often by people which the history books have entirely forgotten. Underestimate the Influence of the Ignorant at your peril! 

Beware Parliamentarians Seeking a Cause

This SAFF webpage is an attempt to put down a marker, so that thinking people can be brought up to date with this complex story and historians a few decades hence have all the facts at their fingertips to see how our government and police will fail us all yet again.  Look at this:

 In the Three Blind Mice video tanscript below Jon Wedger discusses with Louise Dickens how they can rope in British MPs  for their loony witch-hunt. He mentions Andrew Bridgen MP whom he is cultivating (Bridgen gave an exclusive interview to Wedger's girlfriend Anna Brees, another fundie, recently) and they applaud the work of Lord John Mann, whom Wedger implies is a colleague.  They mention Wilfred Wong (a long time fundamentalist agitator within the corridors of Westminster) and regrets the loss of Tom Watson MP (who mistakenly championed the convicted pervert Carl Beech's made-up survivor stories and dropped out of politics in shame).

Wedger turns to Louise Dickens; 'How, can we get more support from people in parliament?' he says. 
She replies: 

I dunno, maybe I'll get there one day and finish it off eh?  I bloody will!   I've mentioned that to my mother a number of times...
Her boast that she may take up the gauntlet of SRA in parliament isn't just castles in the air. She spent some years as a Tory councillor in Richmond (North Yorks) and nepotism in the Conservative party counts for a lot.  

So here we have, right at the start, their clearly stated intention of infecting democracy with the old Satanic Abuse lies AGAIN.   These sectarian troublemakers have been enthused and motivated by the ease with which rumour can be presented as fact on gossipy forums and in streamed media to tens of thousands of like-minds.   Within a few minutes their live video below has 500 conspiracyloons watching it!  Five hundred people who will email and tweet the abject lies they hear to another 1,000 people before the night is over.  The Three Blind Mice video is clear evidence of the wickedness and the stupidity of the fundamentalist mindset.  At first glance it looks like a collection of the usual fundie nonsense, yawn, but look closer, because the SAFF has skilfully unpicked it to reveal the REAL stories behind their statements. You will be astonished at what they reveal. 

Transcript of the Three Blind Mice Video

Christian Crusaders Slight the Pagan ReligionThree blind mice, three blind mice,  
See how they run, see how they run,
Did you ever see such a thing in your life,
As three blind mice? 


2:26 Jon Wedger sets out his stall and the 'story so far' for his viewers. Main takeaway - Geoffrey Dickens is a marvellous hero.

3:17 Geoffrey Dickens gave an SRA dossier to the Home Secretary but it was covered up. This is actually untrue, see factual analysis below.

5:29  Wedger drags in the Jill Dando murder (absolutely no SRA connection here) Michael Horgan, Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile.

6:41 Peter Hayman and MI6. (absolutely no SRA connection here)

7:52 PIE and IICSA (absolutely no SRA connection here)

10:12 Wedger: Darren says, 'wealthy men beat them with sticks and sodomised them with a ritualistic orgy'. 

Darren withdraws claims made to police about Leon BrittanNote the use of the biblical charge 'Sodomy' which of course was a crime in the ecclesiastical courts.   The truth is that 'Darren'  made false accusations to the police about Leon Brittan then bailed out of the investigation retracting his story when he saw the way the wind was blowing with 'Nick/Carl Beech', ( another SRA victim-imposter who eventually got 18 years for perverting the course of justice).  Why Wedger would still want to mention Darren's case when he himself stopped it is mystifying. Particularly as Darren had previously spent time in prison for a bomb-hoax, extortion, making false 999 calls and committing criminal damage. There could not be a more unreliable witness of anything, yet Wedger believes it all, tells his audience it is real,  they suck it in like idiots and Louise Dickens and Vicky Ash tut-tut in the background, nodding in disgust at something which never happened.  (click on the images to get larger versions to read in detail)

12:50 Wedger:  Holly Greig Myth & Robert Green. Green is a hero, like Geoffrey Dickens. 
Green was a vicious liar who was imprisoned for criminally defaming a Lord Provost. He also had his fingers in many other lie-pies including the Christchurch School, Hampstead SRA claims . The Holly Greig case is easy to disprove but fundies like Wedger simply won't believe the facts. Here is the Scottish Herald's definitive exposing of the Holly Greig case:  but the fundies simply will not let it go. There's always a 'cover-up' somewhere.
There was no SRA in the Holly Greig case.

13:29 Wedger: Talks about the great work of Chris Fay. 
Fay was a convicted fraudster and class-war anarchist who popularised the Dolphin Square / Elm Guest House scares which conflated rumours about Politicians, Celebrities and other VIPs using Rent Boys and frequenting a Gay Brothel in London.  It was a kingpin of the Westminster VIP abuse claims but had nothing whatsoever to do with SRA .  The claims and the list have been proved a hoax.  See full story here:

13:39 Wedger:  Geoffrey Dickens is marvellous, again.  He campaigned against Satanism and he also warned children about the dangers of Halloween. (All three Blind Mice nod rapidly in unison)
 Halloween is a Christian festival imposed upon an ancient Celtic ceremony of Samhain which honours ancestors. It was an attempt to try to suppress the old Celtic Pagan Religion.  The Celtic feast was called Samhain and it is a PAGAN ceremony and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism or Satanic Abuse.  There has never been a case of any child being harmed by involvement with Halloween, they all have a really fun time, but every year for the past four or five decades fundies on the make drag out these Hallowen is Harmful lies because they think the popularity of Halloween detracts from their Christian mesage.  It is unadulterated sectarian poison with no basis in fact.  Here's SAFF research on it:

And here's another  stunning expose of how Key fundie players responsible for promoting The Satan Scare whom the Three Blind Mice will sanctify in their video,  were heavily involved in a push to ban Halloween in concert with the Church of England by expanding the Halloween is Harmful claims to full blown SRA lies about abduction and killing children, in 2008. Yes that's right folks. The very same liars who sold you the fictional Satan Myth in 1988, ten years later were selling you the Halloween is Satanic lie.  Read it and weep:

Dianne Core complaining about Halloween, again.Unfortunatley for the Three Blind Mice SAFF knows more about Geoffrey Dickens than they do.  Actually Geoffrey didn't campaign much against Halloween.   We can find very little other than the odd condemnation of Halloween from him.   He usually left it to Dianne Core to deal with.  Notice in this large article by Core (click on it for a larger copy to read) there are dozens of silly reasons and unproven fundie rumours about why parents shouldn't let their kids observe Halloween but there is only one tiny mention of SRA where she admits that this may be just a suspicion. As this cutting is dated October 1990 right in the midst of the  SRA hysteria it shows that Halloween was not a major theme in the original SRA claims and the Three Blind Mice are flogging a dead horse trying to link it with Satanic Practices.   There was only one SRA case in which Halloween featured and that was the  Broxtowe case, (where a family Halloween party was held) eventually the case was proven false for SRA so the Halloween party was just that. A party.    The Three Blind Mice simply do not know what they are talking about but as long as it hammers Witchcraft / Paganism in the minds of their dim audience why not spread the lies huh?   Just another indication of the type of rumour mongering which constitutes 'evidence' to the tiny minds of the Three Blind Mice. 

14:21 Wedger: Harriet Harman backed PIE so did Margaret Hodge and Patricia Hewitt.
All slandered as quickly as that without one jot of factual evidence to back it up.  The Three Blind Mice video is beginning to sound very much like the utterly false accusations occuring in the confabulated Helen G List which the SAFF first exposed here:   and which eventually worked it's way through to cause the government a horrendous headache in the form of false allegations about Ted Heath and VIP abuse in Westminster.   The fall-out from that list, fantasised by a mental patient, was the sole reason why the government are still spending a hundred million pounds on the IICSA historic abuse inquiry which has, in large part, been hijacked by conspiracyloons.  Jon Wedger strove to give 'evidence' to this inquiry in relation to his allegations about child-prostitution when he was member of the Metropolitan Police force.   Which makes his next lie even more serious.

SAFF is a paedophile group run by Nigel Lee Oldfield  NOT!

15:41 Geoffrey Dickens was attacked by a group called SAFF a pro-satanist group ' very very bizarre', one of their founding members is Nigel Lee Oldfield, a pro-paedophile activist, he would actively harrass victims of abuse, in 2015 his home was attacked by a 1,000 strong mob because he was shouting 'please bring me your children'. He's a convicted paedophile. These groups were going out of their way to class Geoffrey Dickens as a hogger of headlines and a buffoon. yet the truth is this guy was a right house for all whistleblowers true seekers and victims of abuse.

The only 'house' here is Wedger who, completely and utterly without any evidence to prove it, slanders the SAFF with lies.  We do not know Nigel Lee Oldfield, he has never been a member of the SAFF.  He didn't found the SAFF, Mr Bray did that on his own and we have outlined the true history of how and why it happened above.  Oldfield, whoever he is, has nothing whatsoever  to do with the running of the SAFF.  The objective here is for Wedger to dishonestly throw dirt onto the SAFF to stigmatise us as paedophiles or paedophile apologists. 
We are not paedophiles.
The SAFF has never supported paedophiles. 
We have in fact undertaken crucial research to root out and bring to justice thousands of paedophile priests over the years. 
It is a criminal and dishonourable lie from Wedger, yet he must do something to avoid his followers considering SAFF evidence as it clearly refutes almost every single thing he says.  

Wedger perhaps thinks this lie will undermine the voluminous evidence SAFF has published over the 30 years in which we have been tracking this myth for the best benefit of society in general. Our research incontrovertibly shows that people like him are conspiracyloons who will say anything to get attention. Even to the extent of making downright lies for which he can produce not one jot of evidence. His opinions therefore are untested, inaccurate, often untrue and sometimes, as in the above, utter lies.   SAFF demand that he retracts that lie IMMEDIATELY. If he fails to do that then other Christians should remember Thomas and think thrice before they trust anything that comes out of this man's mouth in relation to SRA. 
16:41 Wedger: Over to you Vicky.

17:38 Vicky Ash: It is a privilege to sit with Geoffrey Dickens' granddaughter after hearing all you've said.
18:10 Wedger: Louise, Vicky knew your granddad, how did that come about?

18:12 Ash: I originally had support from Childwatch. Dianne Core was the founder of Childwatch. She suggested I report my case to the police. Geoffrey Dickens was my MP at the time so I got in touch with him.  It was shortly after that, in 1992, that he'd been asked to go on  a programme by Panorama called 'In The Name of Satan?'
18:51 Wedger:  Can People watch this?
18:53 Ash:  No. Nobody can find it.
 The Three Blind Mice do an eye-roll and shoulder shrug to camera, presumably implying that there has been another cover up.  I imagine the 500 other loonies watching them do the same.

 So by her own admission Vicky Ash says she got in touch with Dianne Core a 'short time' before 1992. Let's say 1991.  The bulk of the publicity surrounding SRA occurred in 1988 and 1989. The bubble burst in 1991 when the media turned on Core.  What Ash is admitting to here is that she didn't contact Core until after FOUR YEARS of constant nationwide publicity about SRA.  Why?   SAFF think that Ash's story of redemption from Satan was a product OF the SRA myth itself and the heightened awareness of it by fundie churches throughout the land.

Satanists threatened to Murder Me and then My Kids

18:56 Ash: Many people have looked for it  (In Satan's Name')  and I was actually warned not to go on the programme because if I did I may get murdered and my children also
Wedger lets this astonishing statement pass without comment. 
Did Vicky Ash tell the police about the murder threat? 
WHO told her that she might get murdered?
WHO warned her not to go on the programme? 
Was her contribution to the programme that important?
Did it contain names and addresses or crucial information that the Satanists did not want known? 
If they wanted to murder her to keep her quiet why would they then also want to murder her kids after murdering her?  It just doesn't make sense.
This is just typical fundie baloney designed to ellicit shock-horror support from outraged listeners and brings into doubt every single thing Ash says about her supposed time as a Witch. 

Let me translate Ash's words for you.  Some neurotic believer in her own SRAhunting survivor clique whose tiny mind actually thinks that a pan-global elite of Satanists are killing and eating 4,000 babies a year , has imagined a worst-case scenario and told her fears to Ash who is repeating them to get kudos to a sold audience of 500 other fundies. 
How important was Vicky Ash's testimony on the In the Name of Satan programme? 
Did she reveal names and addresses and other important info?  
Courtesy of the SAFF you shall found out in a second or two.

19:10 Louise Dickens:  Was this James Whale?
(As you will see later, Louise appears to have an obsession with James Whale)

Martin Bashir and the 'In The Name Of Satan?' Conspiracy.

19:20 Ash: It was Martin Bashir. It was Martin Bashir and originally the programme was supposedly... we were asked to go on to help the social workers erm they'd had a bad press over the Rochdale SRA case and the Cleveland case.   I did the filming, in fact, I think i did it in your grandfathers' lounge, It was shortly after I'd done the filming that Dianne Core rang me and said, it's not to help, they've actually stitched you up. They're going to be ridiculing SRA. So I phoned up the producer at the time and asked not to be put on the programme because they had lied to me. When the programme went out they had many survivors speaking out who were blacked out, (she means in silhouette) and then I came on not blacked out, and again they didn't take me off the programme, but I'm glad that I wasn't blacked out and the reason is that I'm not ashamed, and I'm not afraid, because the truth sets you free, and that's what I found as I've kept going on and the dots have been joining, I've always told the truth and I will continue to tell the truth, I've been dealing with this for the past 30 years and I've never gone to it, it has always come to me..... but when I see now that there has been cover-ups in the BBC , when I look at the Jimmy Savile, and all the cover ups there, now I realise why there was a cover-up over the Panorama.

Unfortunately Ash is talking balderdash.  You'll have to forgive the transcript if it appears difficult to read because she only finishes one sentence in every three she starts. Please understand that we haven't left anything out, you can check this by listening to the video using the link above.  

Vicky Ash talking to Geoffrey DickensSee how Martin Bashir is besmirched just as easily as the Three Blind Mice besmirch the SAFF.   Everyone who disagrees with them is somehow an evil-doer.   However, Bashir is a committed Christian,  he is currently the chief religious affairs correspondent at the BBC.  Bashir had no sectarian axe to grind whatsoever.  His excellent documentary 'In the Name of Satan?' is not 'lost' nor has it been hidden by an  imagined conspiracy, the SAFF have a copy and have put several extracts from it on our SAFFutube channel.

 This extract here shows Vicky Ash's actual contribution to the programme. She is being interviewed by the 'marvellous' Geoffrey Dickens.  She spoke typical fundie rubbish about tunnels and pentagrams and 'cloaks' (Witches don't wear 'cloaks' by the way, they wear robes) and it lasted precisely 30 seconds.  It was drivel. 
No names, no addresses, no locations, no details of rites, nothing. 
Why anyone would think Witches or Satanists would want to kill her for talking such unspecific nonsense is a mystery until you realise it's all about getting attention.   The same kind of non-specific drivel she comes out with in the Three Blind Mice  video. Yet the impression given to 500 viewers by Jon Wedger is that Vicky is some pathfinder in SRA who was in at the start and can give an authoritative and detailed insight into the truth that SRA exists. He thinks her 'evidence' outweights that of the SAFF and all other detractors. In reality Vicky Ash really  hasn't a clue, yet she run her own Christian survivor group counselling other people about SRA!  The mind boggles at the pyramid selling of SRA by these religious extemists.

Cult Cop Randy Emon admits there is no such thing as Satanic Ritual AbuseThe critically well-received 'In the Name of Satan' was an important watershed because, as a Christian insider Bashir was well placed to get into the fundie sub-culture and call-out the despicable lies and inventions of the fundamentalist wing of Christianity.  He did so in spades, including the 'confession' of the most prominent Cult Cop in the USA (Randy Emon)  A fundamentalist himself who initially believed in the false SRA accusations of the late 1980s that Dickens and Audrey Harper espoused and which the Three Blind Mice still believe in today.   So much did Sgt Randy Emon believe in SRA that he spent 2 years of frantic searching until he realised it was utter fiction and a waste of time.  In this interview with Bashir he blames obsessive fundamentalists for creating the myth.  Watch Emon say exactly that in a crucial interview in 'In The Name of Satan' courtesy of the SAFF, here: 

In the very same documentary Martin Bashir interviewed the compulsive Christian Liar Laurel Rose Wilson whose book Satan's Underground sold a million copies to eager fundies and will have undoubtedly been read by Ash and Wedger.  Saner Christians eventually proved incontrovertibly that  Satan's Underground was complete and utter fiction!

21:39 Wedger:  So to have someone like Geoffrey Dickens to champion this how did that make you feel?
21:40 Ash: He was marvellous with me and his heart was for children, and that's why we are all sat here. Our hearts is for children and children cannot speak for themselves, what you choose to do as an adult is a choice. A child does not have a choice.
21:57:  Louise Dickens:  Or a voice, that was one of granddad's huge things, every child deserves a voice. Even though I didn't learn about the SRA and stuff until I was a lot older , even when I kind of learned about Childwatch that he did and the campaign he did with Nigel Benn, when I learned about all these things that was always the core thing, every child deserves a voice.
22:25 Ash: Exactly.
22:26 Wedger: (to Louise Dickens) Can you tell us about your grandfather in a personal capacity?  
22:27 Louise Dickens: recounts happy and idyllic childhood memories. .... 
22:28 Louise Dickens:  When I grew older and started googling granddad..I was seeing, fifty, fifty, half these people really positive and loving him and 'hats off awesome job' and then this over 50% were going 'blundering buffoon he only wanted a headline' and I couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. So, me being very much like my granddad, here I am guys! 

A montage of Dickens Self-serving stupidityI don't think the population split 50-50 on Dickens, more like 90% thought he was on the make.  Most of his contemporaries in parliament thought ill of him and other than the Tabloids who could get him to say anything, the rest of the media consistently lampooned him.   History shows that the SAFF had it 100% right , Geoffrey Dickens was a blundering Buffoon, the other MPs who worked with him in parliament nicknamed him 'Bunter' and then 'Biffo' (Big Ignorant Fool From Oldham) . He was always being ridiculed for silly mistakes and making outrageous statements to get coverage in the press. He would hijack any controversy and make himself look foolish.   In one instance he actually walked into the wrong Commons lobby and voted against his own Tory government!   He was a dealer in platitudes and epithets and spoke in cliches.  Louise Dickens takes after him.

Wedger and  his ilk may want to portray Dickens as some kind of martyr, but in effect his career was largely self-serving promotion.  The veteran parliamentarian Walter Harrison in an early interview with the BBC said that Dickens was manipulated by the media who prodded him to start many of his 'crusades'.

10 Cases of SRA that went Wong.

23:56 Wedger: What Wilfred Wong says is , and a lot of people watch his interviews, and he .....
24:07 Louise Dickens: Yes, I really enjoyed those.
24:08 Wedger: Wilfred Wong, funnily enough, said, if you make enemies with the Satanists you are doing a good job.
24:15. Louise Dickens:  Exactly!
24:16  Wedger: Wilfred Wong worked with your grandfather and shared a platform with  him in the 90s in parliament when your grandfather spoke up about anti-semitism. So thank you Wilfred.
24:27 Louise Dickens:  Yes I did read about that.
Wilfred Wong is a long-time fundamentalist activist.  He worked for David Alton managing the Christian group Jubilee at Westminster in the 1990s. Alton supported the idea of SRA at that time and wrote about it in his regular column in the Catholic Universe newspaper.  His intention was to start a Christian Democratic Party to impose Holy Writ  but it fell through.  SAFF research on Alton's evangelical activities and his support of SRA in the 1990s is here:

Wilfred Wong - Ten Cases of SRA which were not cases of SRAWillie Wong ducked out of public view after the SRA myth died a death and remained relatively quiet until the past few years. He popped up again in 2014 when he started a group called CASRA (Committee Against Satanic Ritual Abuse) .    He had made connections with the conspiracyloon crowd and published a paper in the Fresh Start Foundation website claiming to have found 10 definite cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse which were successfully prosecuted through UK courts. (click on image to read) .

As soon as the SAFF saw this we realised that it was in fact not new research but a copy of cases which had already been disproven way back in 1991 when Tim Tate, the producer who made the  now utterly discredited Cook Report on SRA 'The Devil's Work' (broadcast in 1989), wrote his terrible book, Children For The Devil, which was later pulped for containing defamatory inaccuracies.  Tate had tried to float ten cases of SRA to prove his contention but that's not what they were.  The SAFF exposed them as counterfeit here  and our accurate research was picked up by the national media and reproduced there as well as in Private Eye magazine and elsewhere.   Wong's re-telling of these 'cases' was lifted verbatim from Tate's book, in the same sequence exactly.

As soon as Wong published these false cases he seemed to have a meteoric rise in the Conspiracyloon circuit, giving interviews across the internet.  Just shows you how much fundies and conspiracyloons NEED the SRAmyth to power their sectarian hate.    However, when the SAFF outed the fact that these cases had already been disproved 30 years earlier, on our SAFFtweets twitter feed, the CASRA website was taken down. 

Nobody bothered to check Wong's cases.  All they wanted was to be able to insist that SRA existed.  Indeed in a spat on Twitter Louise Dickens, completely oblivious to the actual history of the fake list, (she's actually quite oblivious to most facts about that period) sent the SAFF a copy of it as 'proof' that her granddad was right about SRA! 
What fools these people are.  How easily they are misdirected. 
24:28 Ash: And another thing I've always said about satanism is if you want to be part of it then that's up to you but  we are a voice for the people who don't. We are a voice of the people who actually don't want to be involved. We've heard Audrey Harper we've heard Doreen Irvine, where people are lauding that they can't get free once they are in, we want to be the voice of... actually saying well you don't have to be in.
24:54 Louise Dickens: (Missing the point) Yeah, you can just leave.
24:56 Ash: And it's faith over fear. And I say that every time.
25:04 Wedger:  So your grandfather didn't have to look into this but he chose to.
25:06 Louise Dickens: Damn right, yeah, he's a man of justice. 

Dickens Hang the Buggers Wants hanging brought back in the UKGeoffrey Dickens was a man of justice?   If you say it often enough Louise someone might believe it but not anyone who lived through those times.  Louise Dickens obviously knows nothing about her grandfather's rabble-rousing.  This is Geoffrey's Justice:  Demanding that homosexuals who have AIDs should have their penises tattooed as a warning, campaigning for all Gay priests to be banned from the Church of England, wanting law abiding Pagans 'wiped off the face of the earth' and supporting and condoning public hangings in Iran saying they should happen here. I wonder if he also wanted gays to be pushed off roofs to their deaths like they do in some ISIS states?   What a just man your granddad was. 

Geoffrey Dickens Was Murdered By Satanists

25:09  Wedger: But all of us, we have to pay a price, but it must have been hard for your granny, they must have been frightened witless?
25:22 Louise Dickens:  I can imagine so , we were really lucky, when I was younger I didn't really understand but I know now that I have started poking beasts over the kind of last six or so years, and both my mum and my dad have been very very worried, but you don't get anywhere sitting on your backside do you. Granddad had the gumption to put his head above the parapet and I believe he will always look after me. (smiles, wells-up and holds her heart) I believe he is with me,
26:12 Wedger:  He probably brought us together today!
26:13 Louise Dickens: He probably did because we are two seconds from his house and where he is, so I'm going to say hello to  him after, but he kinda braved it. So do I not owe him that to try to finish it off because I think he was cut short, I do, and I've said that to you, I think he was cut short and had an awful lot of unfinished business.
26:36 Wedger:  I've spoken to someone who ran a charity and she exposed what was going on in child abuse cover -ups and she said they tried to poison me.
26:45. Louise Dickens:  Yep!
26:46 Wedger: There's Karim Husterbart (?) who exposed the high level Marc Dutroux, she said they tried to poison her with an anti-coagulant.
26:59 Louise Dickens:  It's terrifying, absolutely terryfing.

Something just happened here in the Fundie mind-set. Did you see it occurring?  Together Wedger and Louise Dickens just confabulated an out and out lie which I promise you,  you will see in a few months time as a fleshed-out full-blown claim by some conspiracyloon that watches this video that  Geoffrey Dickens was murdered by Satanists because he was getting too close.

Lay you bets! Watch for it and weep!   If you want to see how the fundies indoctrinate each other it is a classic example. But you'll need to completely ignore the fact that Geoffrey Dickens died from a long battle with Liver Cancer.

Burn the Witch! Burn the Witch!

27:00 Wedger:  The question I think people should ask is when you get people like Geoffrey Dickens going out there and exposing people not just having sex with children but they're whipping, beating, garroting and mutilating them, why are they being attacked why are they being hindered by people like Leon Brittan who was protected by Margaret Thatcher, why are they being attacked by groups like SAFF, when the leader of it is a known paedophile and people are listening to him and they're even backing what he is saying, why is this group SAFF not just shut down, cos it's clear harrassment and he's been harrassing victims of abuse this Nigel Oldfield, why do people listen to it? The legacy of Geoffrey Dickens, not now some sort of society, where they're going out with government backing hounding satanists and hounding paedophiles and crushing them with the power and the mallet (sic) of the law and you know, pulverising them, (Wedger is now in full flight, popping eyeballs,  making hammering movements with his fist) why is this not happening, why are there no MPs with the balls , like Geoffrey, now in parliament. How would you answer that:

28:05 Louise Dickens:  I dunno, maybe I'll get there one day and finish it off eh?  I bloody will!   I've mentioned that to my mother a number of times but like I say they get worried.

Another downright lie from Wedger about the SAFF which has done honourable work on behalf of victimised people in society for 30 years. He seems unable to understand that contesting and challenging lies like his about innocent people is the duty of every citizen if we wish to live in a civilised society, and that for justice to function there has to be a right of reply, particularly where absolutely disgusting accusations are being made as he has done, from a position of bigotry and prejudice.  Even moreso when those heinous accusations have absolutely no evidence at all to support them.

  The SAFF has never 'harrassed victims of abuse'.  Challenging untrue statements and demanding evidence from people who make heinous allegations is not 'harrassing victims of abuse' and it is typical of the fundie mind-set to try that trick on to demonise anyone who questions what conspiracyloons say. 

Eli Ward, giving testimony of the church covering up his abuse by pirestsThe SAFF have every sympathy with genuine victims, indeed, many of our number ARE actual victims of abuse.  So unlike Louise Dickens and Jon Wedger we KNOW first hand what we are talking about and what we are talking about is not denibgrating genuine victims of abuse by allowing fantasists to diminish their suffering by mad tales of SRA torture.  The SAFF have worked with various groups to help the victims of Priestly abuse which is quite terrible.  Our 30 years of highlighting Priestly Abuse to assist the victims who could not be heard over the cacophony of lies about SRA is a matter of record. 

We have helped far more victims than Wedger or Louise could possibly have done, but unlike Wedger we are  not gullible fools.   The bottom line is that for all the hullabaloo in 30 years not one case of Satanic Ritual Abuse has been found. However, even if we allow for the acceptance of Wedger's few cases the fact remains that SRA abuse would be such a phenomenally small percentage of ACTUAL abuse in the U.K. that it is statistically insignificant, less than 1% , yet SRA deprives 'regular' child-protection of funds that could go to children who really are at risk from physical abuse and neglect. 

Whilst Dickens and Wedger pound their bibles and shout from their soapboxes real kids in situations of ordinary familial abuse are crying out for help and don't get it.  Just as they cried out for help to stop THOUSANDS of Priestly Abusers who were getting away with repetitive abuse and being covered up by their churches until the SAFF had the guts to publish the Black Museum of Priestly Abuse in 1991 and push the mainstream media into looking into this evil.  SAFF statistics were the first to show that 3 new children every single week will be sexually abused in the U.K. by holier-than-thou priests and churchmen.  Not only that but SAFF statistical research proved that the children who are most vulnerable to abuse by churchmen are 8 year old Boys.  Week in, week out, year in, year out thousands of young children across the world are suffering at the hands of perverted churchmen.  The cases are real. The prosecutions are real. Their frequency is attested and brazen. Yet Louise Dickens and Wedger are completely oblivious to that and spend their time chasing Satanic Abusers which have never been found, and drivelling on about how Jesus said to bring the children unto him.   Don't accuse the SAFF of being unsympathetic you lying ignoramuses, you know nothing about our history and the many great things the SAFF has achieved whilst you've been twiddling your fingers. 

Get of your soapbox Wedger!  Read these exclusive and unique exposes of the REAL threat of abuse in Christian churches which the SAFF has campaigned against longer than The Three Blind Mice have been complaining about SRA:

Black Museum of Priestly Abuse in 1991  The shocking blockbuster analysis which first exposed Priestly Abuse. - A confirmation of the 1991 BlackMuseum's statistics updated in 1996, showing that the church was not heeding SAFF warnings. :  The Irish public Inquiry into thousands of abusing priests which found the churches were complicit in covering up abusive priests and then sending them to other parishes where they again abused small children. : Where official investigations into the abusive excesses of priests in Belgium found such a cesspit of child abuse and torture, including links with Marc Dutroux. Wedger rightly slates Dutroux but completely omits to mention that his abuses had nothing to do with SRA but were connected to the Belgian church!  Thick Wedger doesn't mention that of course in his condemnation of the SAFF.

Lastly  UK offical investigations into rings of abusive priests which the Church of England turned a blind eye to and even tried to covered up but the SAFF didn't allow that to happen and exposed their machinations.

Who the heck do you think you are dealing with here Wedger, you smug idiot?   The SAFF have challenged thousands of self-styled victims of SRA over 30 years and the sad fact is that almost all of them have turned out to be 'victim-imposters', like Carl Beech, who was accepted at face value by Louise Dickens, Jon Wedger and many others in their circuit but turned out himself to be a pervert who was jailed after admitting to child porn and was then was tried and sent down for a further 18 years for perverting the cause of justice by making false accusations of abuse about innocent people.    Good job the SAFF challenged him eh Louise?  Did your 'toes curl' when you found out what a 'monster' Beech was?  

Wedger may think that Geoffrey Dickens caught people torturing children in the appalling way he describes above but the truth is that HE NEVER DID.  Dickens' SRA campaign never caught ANYONE doing any of those things and it is thoroughly dishonest to pretend otherwise to churchgoers who should be warned of the REAL danger in their midst which Louise and Wedger rarely mention - child abusing priests.

Whether designed that way or not, tales of Satanic Ritual Abuse are a smokescreen which protects thousands of child-abusing churchmen by misdirecting child welfare crusaders away from abuse which is ACTUALLY HAPPENING into wasting their time on a figment. Do Wedger, Dickens and Ash realise the heart-rending repercussions of not getting it right?  Why are they not hunting down abusing churchmen instead of insulting and lying about the SAFF? 

Everything the SAFF says about Geoffrey Dickens is absolutely true.  We never make any statement without having documentary evidence to back it up.  As you have seen on this page we usually print that documentation / evidence next to any statements to prove it.  Wedger and Louise Dickens may not like the truth if their Hero Geoffrey turns out to be a liar and a cheat but that's the difficulty with the truth, it's the Truth.   We are not attacking Bunter for any reason other than to avoid his legacy of lies causing any more harm to innocent children and families in the U.K. 

Satanic Swing Murder Threat

28:18 Wedger:  Now you mentioned an incident when you were playing outside on some rope swings.
28:22  Louise Dickens: Yes.  at the back of Nanna and Grandad's house they had a big bit of woodland and it had a beck running through it and it was lovely. I have an older brother and younger sister, we all chose a different coloured rope and we went out and made rope swings in the garden, they were in the woods for ages. And we went out one day and they'd all been cut down. (Wedger gives knowing nod to camera) cut in half and there was just the coloured rope hanging. And we as the kids were all whisked back into the house, our feet didn't touch the floor, there was no explanation for it and like I was saying to you earlier it was one of those weird things that was never explained, that's probably why it stuck in my head and I remember it because I thought, that was weird, why didn't we just get more rope?  
29:10 Wedger: Yeah because the subtext is quite sinister.
29: 11 Louise Dickens:  Now, if you look back, you think, how on earth are you going to shut Geoffrey up, you'll threaten his grandkids because we were his world. Yeah, the best way to shut him up if you're not going to shut him up permanently, is threaten his grandchildren.

Another mammoth flight of fancy from two people who can't see the wood from the trees (forgive the pun). 
1: A childhood memory recalled decades later.
2: Hanging Ropes
3: Frightened Adults :
Conclusion?  Satanists cut down the swings as a message that if Geoffrey didn't stop his campaign they would kill his grandkids.  What utter nonsense!   There could be many hundreds of different reasons why the swings were cut down. Maybe other kids were playing on them and broke them?  Maybe vandals did it?  Maybe squirrels gnawed through them?  Maybe Louise's young memory was faulty? Maybe the ropes were poor quality and rotted? Without a forensic check on whether the ropes had been cut who would ever know?  And why are we wasting our time with this ridiculous debate when all she had to do was ask Grandma Norma about the incident and find out for sure what had happened?  

During the 1990 panic Dickens awoke to find a large Pentagram 'burned' into his back lawn. He reported it to the police and the local newspaper covered it with associated claims of Satanic Threats.  It remained a mystery until about 10 years afterwards when a man who was perusing the SAFF's Pliner Forum posted a message on a thread talking about Dickens claims, saying that, when he was a teenager he and his friends had got so sick of seeing Geoffrey's constant pronouncements of Satanism in the media that they got in through his back-garden and poured weed-killer on his lawn in a pentagram shape as a jape.  The jokers were not occultists, not Satanists, not abusers, just unruly teenagers having a laugh, but that incident was worked-up by the press to indicate that Dickens was somehow under threat and enshrined in the false history of SRA.  The poser thought it quite funny that his joke had become memorialised in history as a Satanic Threat.   One has to be very careful Louise about the reasons for such stories before pronouncing a threat to murder three children which never ever existed.

29:28 How do you feel Vicky that there isn't someone like Geoffrey out there and the police have got this lacklustre to investigate properly and you are standing up as such a lone voice sometimes?
29:39  Ash:  I believe that there are people in places of power that do actually want to do something. I do. (laughs cynically). But it's fear, it's always fear. And I have to say as a Christian that that's the difference, until you come out of that place of fear, you will always be saying, 'what's the cost, what's the cost' and that's coming back that it is a sacrifice, it is that you have to think of the children, you have to think, well just because I survived this, now I just get on with my life. NO! Every time I hear a child crying, every time, I think, well I was one of the ones who did survive, my heart breaks and I know that Gods' heart breaks, 'suffer the little children to come unto me',   God's heart breaks for the children.

See how Ash, like many self-absorbed fundies, monopolises the moral imperative.  Only Christians can care for children.  As if the parents of all other religions are bad parents and do not care for children. Or their religion means their children will somehow be deprived or at risk.  EVERY decent person cares for children. It is a human instinct to care for children.  Every religion cares for its children Vicky, you don't have any more care for children than I have, you just think you have. 
30:33 Louise Dickens:  Yes.

30:31 Ash: And that's the reason that we do what we do.

30:35 Wedger: We need to empower people that have been through what you've been through. How do we do that?

30:44 Ash:  By showing them that, you know, that faith, overcomes fear.
30: 48 Louise Dickens:  Yes.

30:50 Ash: and the more that you see with historical abuse cases that people who are coming forward, it's a mighty army that arises, it is fear that...the occult means hidden, you see the enemy fears exposure. Once you expose him he loses the power, and that's what's happening.

31:06 Wedger: Would there be like spiritual threats put to these people that they'll come and get them.

31: 13: Ash. Well Absolutely.

31:15 Louise Dickens: Oh Yes all sorts of things like that!
Oh yes, all sorts!  Louise has proved that she knows hardly anything about Paganism, Witchcraft and Satanism but is always ready to agree that whatever they do it must be abusive, criminal and 'vile'. We'll show you how much Louise knows when we get to Grandad's Voodoo Doll Curse. 
31:16 Ash: I say it again and again and again, Satanism is a religion, you are dealing with Witchcraft, We have African ministers that come here who say witchcraft is very open in our country. You either go to the church, the doctor or the witch-doctor. And here it is dressed in suits and overalls. But witchcraft is still the same here.

31:37  Wedger:  Well if you take countries like Benin which is next to Nigeria and Ghana its 70% voodoo. So if you look at our collective (on screen) were running at nearly 500 live views which is incredible and we have, myself an ex Scotland Yard detective and whistleblower and I was silenced and threatened and bullied for speaking out about child prostitution and almost imprisoned. Nearly lost my children and all sorts
 Next to me you've got Louise here whose grandfather was really the pioneer of exposing this on a parliamentary level and suffered as a rseult of doing it and we've got Vicky who is a victim of satanic abuse and....

33:09 Since we've been working as a's almost on a daily basis that victims of SRA are coming forward.

Pizzagate and other Fundie Nonsense

33:14 Ash:  Please, I just want to say, please that we are past, we are absolutely past people saying it doesn't exist. There are convicted cases. I've seen them myself. Watch the film Out of The Shadows, The Pizzagate, hanging children on hooks.   How do people. how are people coming forward with the same stories all over the world?  People who have never even met. Please, we are past that. I understand that it's not a palatable subject, I understand that nobody wants to look at this. I didn't want to look at it or deal with it but the fact is that we have to think of the child it is happening to. 

Pizzagate Conspiracy TheoryVicky apparently lives in her own little Bizarro world.  Pizzagate was a proven hoax debunked years ago. All this stuff is easily checked on line. Why is Vicky Ash still promulgating a lie?  Presumably because people who are even dimmer than she is suck it in?  I also see that in the latest SAFF thread with Louise Dickens she also believes implicitly in Pizzagate. Jeez. The hoax is minutely explained in Wikipeadia here:  )

If some readers think we are being unduly harsh on Vicky Ash they should consider the ramifications of what she is saying for the hundreds of thousands of decent people who ascribe to the Pagan religion, which is basically that they abuse their own kids.  She may indeed be a nice lady who is obviously sincere but these things she is claiming are terrible lies and must be challenged.  

Ironically in an attempt to convince the SAFF that SRA existed Louise Dickens directed us to the hoax Pizzagate documents in her recent Tweets. She thought they would convince the SAFF that SRA existed, because the hoax obviously convinced her.  Louise does not know that it is bunkum and has already been Loouise Dickens trafficking with Pizzagate conspiracy loonsproven bogus.   We told Louise that Pizzagate was untrue but did she believe us?  Nope!  She is a member of the wildly conspiratorial Qanon Pizzagate Forum and actually messaged them for help in contradicting the SAFF's List of government enquiry results here over the past 30 years, which have concluded that there is NO SRA!  Louise simply will not learn or listen. The image (right) shows what she said:  We are still waiting for her to produce evidence to repudiate the official 14 Inquiries which said SRA did not Exist. 

Notice the conspiratorial, I have evidence but can't use it publicly, quip.  Louise if you've got any evidence of SRA you HAVE to publish it otherwise people will suspect you are making it up. 

33:58 Louise Dickens. Yes.

33: 59  Ash: If it's difficult for you, how difficult do you think it is for the children that it is happening to? That's where there's a sacrifice.. there's a sacrifice to what it costs us because.., well, I'm fortunate to have come through it and I just think of the children that don't and the cost to people, people who are locked up right now for speaking out because they can name VIPs paedophpiles and they are imprisoned. ( Lest any of the fundies with tiny minds are getting the wrong idea here let us point out that she is NOT talking about Satanic Human Sacrifice, she is referring to Christian self-sacrifice.  )

34:35 Wedger: And some have committed suicide as well.

34:36  Ash: Exactly. Or they're escaping their memories and end up alcoholic or something because all of those are symptoms of an underlying cause, once you deal with that then you are free.

The 'lost' Dickens SRA Dossier

34:53  Wedger: So you had your granddad Louise and he produced two lists and they were given to Leon Brittan and i've heard from my police sources about Leon Brittan, everyone knew what this guy was, In your opinion why do you think Leon Brittan got rid of these lists?  What was in it for him?  

Disappearing Dickens SRA DossierNo Wedger, Leon Brittan didn't get rid of any of the lists Dickens sent to him.  They are all acounted for in government files  Check out where SAFF has reproduced official papers. 

The only 'Dickens Dossier' that went 'missing' was his SRA Dossier and the SAFF have proved that it didn't really go missing at all. It contained nothing but inuendo, suspicions and false accusations from other fundie-activists. It was so bad Dickens never presented it to the Home Secretary as he promised he was going to do.   He probably realised it would be ridiculed and he would lose the advantage of being able to pretend he actually had some evidence of SRA. 

Geoffrey Dickens promised to be sending his Dossier to the Home Office for nearly a year, and then it somehow got 'lost in the post' on it's way from Dianne Core (who had amassed it all for him) to Dickens' house.  Can  you imagine that? 
Why didn't Core forward it directly to the Home Office? 
Why was a large file of valuable documentation sent through the ordinary post without registering it for a signature? 
When the SAFF challenged Dickens on this tragic loss we asked why he couldn't simply reconstitute it from the originals?  We didn't keep any copies, came the reply.  Really?
Then can you make an appeal to all those who contributed to it to send you their copies?  After all it's only a year since you began compiling it all, why not write and ask them to send another? 
Nothing could be done apparently.
Dickens' SRA Dossier had disappeared into a Black Hole. 
The most important SRA Dossier of all time had simply vanished. 
How convenient for some.   They are still 'trading' on it's imagined content to this very day 32 years later.

SAFF are Awful. Not Just Awful, they're Vile; not just Vile Vulgar!

35:14  Louise Dickens:  Is that a trick question?  (Hilarious laughter all round).
35:17 Wedger: Yeah, a bit obvious that isn't it

35:19  Louise Dickens:  It is isn't it? Come on we all know exactly why, we all know he was clearly in it up to his neck At one point I did kind of flip with the idea, erm, I spoke to a family friend and asked their opinion on Leon Brittan, when I was kind of flip flopping and they said he was just a weak, pathetic little man. And I thought, was he a weak, pathetic little man?  Yes he was but was he also in it up to his neck, yep damn right, he was not a desirable person at all. Vile, but can I just go back to when we were talking about trolling, and going back to SAFF, the problems I have personally had with them on Twitter, constantly, like even an hour ago I get, constant tweets off them trying to discredit my granddad. They will not accept that SRA exists.

36:20 Wedger: Well of Course they wont.

36:23  Louise Dickens:  This organisation, guys look them up, they are absolutely vile. 
36:29  Wedger:  The acronym is SAFF, stands for Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation.
36:35  Louise Dickens:  They're vulgar.
36:38 Wedger:  They are a pro-paedophile organisation and pro-satanic group.

This is the third time Wedger has spoke untruths about the SAFF.  We are not pro-paedophile we are anti-paedophile.  The insinuation that we are a Satanic organisation is false.  We work for the religious rights of ALL philosophies and belief, including Christianity AND Satanism.   He's certainly not getting into heaven if Proverbs 6: 16-19 is anything to go by.   I wouldn't trust this untruther as far as I could throw him.
36:40 Louise Dickens: Yes. And they proclaim that they are sticking up for human rights and (shaking fist in sarcasm) They've protected many children for years.

Since 1991 when SAFF published their Black Museum of Priestly Abuse, and added to it year on year incidences of churchmen abusing children have gone down from their pre 1991 levels.  We reckon we've saved THOUSANDS of children from harm Louise, and this is on top of the many cases that the SAFF has been involved in directly as advisors and go-betweens with social services departments and police investigations to save injustices happening to young families and children in care. 

You may think it's OK to ridicule the SAFF's claims but just as we have proven with your grandfather's SRA antics, we can prove every darn one of them and your complaints are beginning to make you look delusional.    An example of the SAFF's  30 year track record of work on human rights can be seen here:
in the SAFF' submission to the United Nations Association Human Rights Committee in 1992.  We can post hundreds of other examples. 

36:45 Wedger: Well PIE said that, they said they actually loved children, a benevolent society that loved children.

36:57 Louise Dickens:  On their agenda once was lowering the age of consent to five. That was when it was government funded. PIE was government funded and they wanted to lower the age of consent to five. That's vile, that's people in power.
37:03 Ash: Just legalising Satanic Practices.
37:14 Wedger. And these were people who had the backing of Harriet Harman, the longest serving woman MP.

Does Louise Dickens think that Leon Brittan paid a Hitman to Kill her granddad?Just look how these evil people smear the SAFF by misrepresenting what really happened on Twitter and then try to associate the SAFF with the despicable PIE group which has nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism or Witchcraft or the SAFF.  In order to fool their viewers into believing this they then talk about PIE's paedophile activities and slip in a sinful false accusation that we are a 'pro-paedophile' organisation.   The despicable nature of Louise Dickens can clearly be seen when you realise that the SAFF have already made clear to her in the SAFF Twitter thread that she refers to that we do NOT condone paedophiles and in fact hunt them down for their abuses of children in churches.   These two wicked people then slide into a discussion on lowering the age of consent to 5 as though the SAFF in some way condones that awful idea.   These people are just ignorant witch-hunters. Pitchforkers of the worst kind. 

Contrary to Louise Dickens' assertion about 'bullying' we first tweeted her in 2016.  A short flurry of tweets back and forth was inconclusive as she kept dodging key issues, such as, was she a Christian Fundamentalist? Obviously with the Three Blind Mice  video we don't have to ask that anymore!  We next tweeted her two years later (hardly befitting her description of 'constantly') in 2018 because of something concerning a previous statement she had made. Another short flurry of tweets back and forth.  The next time we tweeted Louise Dickens was a month ago after a another period of two years. So we haven't 'trolled' anyone, particularly not her.    The SAFF don't 'troll' people but if Louise will keep on retweeting photos of  Vaseline Jars with an innocent VIP's photo on the front and mad insinuations that Leon Brittan hired a hitman to kill her grandfather, she should expect to be challenged. 

 40:35 Wedger: Talking about alliances are you still getting people from the Parliamentary Forum getting in touch with you regarding your grandfathers work? I see you've written down John Mann. John Mann is always at the anti-child-abuse rallies, I've spoken to him  myself, very outspoken individual but he's quite a stalwart when it comes to protecting the children.

41;09  Louise Dickens:  Yes, Unfortunately he lost his seat at the last election which was a real hit because I did seem to find an ally in  him.  I've been looking for a decent ally for quite a while for somebody that will kinda go forward without their own agenda. Everyone has their own agenda so when you approach an investigative journalist or you approach a member of parliament, they automatically see me and say 'Ahah what can I get from you?'  So I've been solo for quite a while because you just don't really know who to trust do you? 
So I've roped you in Mr Wedger. (chuckles).

41:54  Wedger:  I don't mind, there's nothing they can do to me that they haven't tried.

End-Time Derek Prince The Last Days42:05 Ash:  Derek Prince said that in the Last Days, it won't be persecution or poverty, that will be the problem, it will be Deception. It will be Deception. ( N.B Last Days is a fundie epithet for the Tribulations just prior to Armageddon. Vicki apparently believes that we are already in the End Times)

42:07: Wedger:  Of course because He is the Great Deceiver.  (N.B. Great Deceiver is a fundie epithet for The Devil. Vicki and Wedger appear to think that the Devil actually exists)

42:08 Wedger:  John Mann was always one the victim and survival groups would always warm to.  You've got Andrew Bridgen who stands out.

42:15 Louise Dickens:  Yes, he does actually!

42:17 Wedger:  And Andrew did say to me;  Jon, They'll do nothing that's above their pay grade. What can they do?  I sat down with Andrew and one of the leading journalists and this journalist said to me: Look we've known about Leon Brittan for years we've known what he's been up to but every time we put something out it's an editorial matter and it gets withdrawn. 

42:42. Ash:  The police have always told me that they believe me , I've had many officers, all the officers say 'of course we believe you but there's insufficient evidence', but that evidence will come.
It appears here that Vicky Ash is saying that she hasn't any forensic evidence to prove her claims that she was Satanically Abused?  We have never heard the details of her case but gauge from her asides that it is bunkum.  So here's a challenge Vicki.  You tell the SAFF what you suffered at the hands of your imaginary Satanists and if it's real we will apologise.  Fair enough?
42:51 Wedger:  There's something we mentioned earlier, the Official Secrets Act come into it, now what would the Official Secrets Act have to do with child-abuse?   Very strange isn't it? (all say yes).  They're brought in really because something is a hindrance to the political, economic or financial stability of the country. ...Why are we a threat?   Telling the truth and exposing these sick sods, bastards, a threat?  (all, yes).

43:24 Louise Dickens:  If like, my granddad's work, how's that just got lost (makes quotation marks in the air).  How has that been lost somewhere?  If it was all rubbish then hang it out to dry and let us all see?
It got lost because it was rubbish and Grandad wanted to jetison it, Louise
43:35 Ash: Yes, and Why can't we find the Panorama programme? ('In The Name of Satan?')

43:40 Louise Dickens:  Yes, and why can't we find the Panorama programme?
That was never lost either. Stop complaining, you lot are making yourselves look silly. Just watch it on the SAFFutube channel like everyone else.  'In the Name Of Satan' completely undermines your allegations and once you've seen how bad it makes false allegations of Satanic Abuse look you won't EVER mention it again, I assure you.  I don't know what Vicky will do after this as it seems to have been her only claim to fame.  
43:44  Louise Dickens:  And why can't people that have dealt with my grandfather before that I know have been friends with him and I know had had dealings with him professionally, friendships and all sorts and  they won't really talk to me.  I've spoken to Lords, I've spoken to people that were with grandad and they've shut me down immediately and no one will talk to me.

Kiddie MonstersAre Out To KillWhat are they going to say to you Louise?  He was an opportunist political rent-a-quote who hi-jacked almost any controversey to get newspaper coverage.  His false allgations about Witchcraft and Paganism embarrassed us personally and politically and we certainly don't want to go there again. 

I think they are saving your feelings Louise.  But here (cutting right) is an example of Bunter's opportunism and why no intelligent person would want to revisit it.  Note that granddad has no hesitation in declaring that children are being stalked and will be murdered by 'monsters' even though there was absolutely no evidence of that in any of the actual cases that occurred. It was all hysteria, created by Dickens' SRA campaign .  What could this be other than a simple attempt to get free publicity for himself? Click on the image for a large version.

44:02  Wedger:  I mean, Tom Watson was sort of going that way but he's been very quiet hasn't he.
44:06. Louise Dickens:   He has, he got lured in with Exaro News. They, yarrrrm well, yes.

44;15 Wedger:  Well, let's put out an appeal for this documentary , can you just say what it was called again Vicky?

44:20 Ash:  'In the name of Satan?'
44:22 ?Wedger:  And who was the producer? 
44:24 Ash: 1992 and it was Panorama.
44:26 Wedger; Panorama, 'In the Name of Satan?' 1992 If anyone out there can do some digging, let's get that back up on Youtube.

A Black Witch Casting a Phantom Curse on Geoffrey Dickens on The Phantom James Whale Show

James Whale Show title page45:03: Louise Dickens:  Whilst we are on this my granddad was on the James Whale Show and he was on with; so grandad did one of these and I've never seen it and I can't find it anywhere, I've messaged everybody I can think of but unless you are a student or journalist you can't get hold of certain material so I've hit a brick wall.  Basically grandadd went on for an interview and there was a White witch and a Black witch.

45:44 Wedger:  Oh my word! 

45:46 Louise Dickens: There was James Whale, I've heard, my mother watched it, James Whale, my grandad and these two witches and this black-witch sat there with a voodoo doll of my grandad stabbing pins into it.

45:50  Wedger:  No!

45:52  Louise Dickens:  Stabbing pins into it, on my life, my mother has seen it,
45:56  Wedger: Where were the pins going, what part of the body?
45:58  Louise Dickens:  I don't know, my mum wasn't that specific (laughs)
I was more, Oh my god! , I asked what was granddad doing,

46:05 Wedger: And how unbelievable that Offcom allowed that to go on.

46:08 Louise Dickens:  And that went out. That was aired.
So if anybody can find me a copy of that then I would love to see it.
Apparently my granddad just sat there laughing at it.
46:16 Wedger:  Was the black witch a woman or a man?

46:18  Louise Dickens:  Two women I believe.

46:23  Wedger:  So we've got an MP who is out there to protect children against Satanic Abuse and general perversion and this woman was allowed to sit there and basically make death-threats via voodoo dolls to Geoffrey Dickens on the TV!

46:37 Louise Dickens:  On the TV!  Mum said she sat their stabbing pins in this doll.
46:44 Wedger:  Who are these people?
46:48 Louise Dickens:  I don't want to know.

Wow! A Black Witch took a voodoo doll of Geoffrey Dickens on the James Whale Show and cursed him by sticking pins into it to kill him. What more proof does anyone need that these Witches and Satanists are child killers?

Evil Rites Threat To children Gurevitch and Dickens SRA DossierEXCEPT THAT THE VOODOO CURSE NEVER HAPPENED

Yes that's right Louise, you've got just about every single fact wrong.  
It wasn't the James Whale Show it was CTV's Weekend programme.
It wasn't a Black Witch, it was Beth Gurevitch. 
The self-proclaimed White Witch who was holding the voodoo doll was a woman who had for a few weeks prior to the programme actually been working with Geoffrey Dickens to compile his SRA Dossier.
That's right Louise, they weren't strangers, they were compadres.

Gurevitch, a pestilence forever be upon her name,  was the quisling who worked with Core and Dickens to build their hoax SRA Dossier.  Why did Gurevitch bring that voodoo doll onto the programme. She must have known it would make other genuine Witches look bad. 
And it certainly worked in your grandmother's mind didn't it?
You took that incident, conflated by your grandma, and worked it up in the telling, so that it unjustly blamed Pagans and demonised their beliefs whilst outraging Wedger, and probably every one of the 500 people watching as a 'death curse' on Geoffrey Dickens when it was nothing of the kind. Absolutely nothing of the kind.  

Gurevitch had been working with your grandfather for weeks.  
The cutting to the right 'Evil Rights Threat To Children' proves it beyond doubt. (Click on it for a larger version you can read in detail)
This cutting predates the CTV programme by four weeks and is written in the past tense so Gurevitch, Core and Dickens could have been in contact for many weeks before that.
No wonder your Grandfather laughed at the voodoo doll! 
He knew what was going on alright; Gurevitch's 'threat' against him was no threat at all.  We don't know why she brought that voodoo doll on to the programme but it wasn't to curse him. 

The Three Blind Mice have been had by something that appeared to be something that it was not.    What else is Louise telling people that is based on untruths which she is unaware of?  Well quite a lot, in fact almost anything connected with her SRA campaign.  SAFF have warned her that she is being manipulated by conspiracyloons but it appears Louise Dickens is putty in their hands and will repeat false information fed into her tiny brain by Satan Hunters without bothering to check the facts.  

Louise has little first hand knowledge of what happened then but is very quick to point the finger of guilt at others who are, almost always, innocent of her venom.  Here she wrongly implicates James Whale.  We don't know why she has a fixation on him, maybe it was because granddad was made to look a fool on his programme here: 
where he was caught out lying about his strategy to outlaw Paganism?

46:50 Wedger: If we go back to the testimony from Jeanette and she said  there were just as many women involved as men.

46:52 Ash:  Oh yes, it's a religion! And the thing is that the more it is hidden the more grooming and recruitment that there is. It's a religion, like anything else. There will be people who even come out, you've got ex-satanists that are speaking out. I believe that we are all being awakned in these Days and we are all seeking Truth. Many Many people are leaving the occult and finding Jesus and I'll never hide the fact that that's the reason why I'm sat here today.

47:27. Wedger:  Well let's do a call-out today to them because if you are following these practices you are damaging children you are damaging their souls, you are damaging their bodies, you are damaging their minds, you are damaging society.  Stop it! Just Stop It!  Jesus will always welcome you.  Always welcome you. This is not a religious thing. This isn't a call out for the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church, get away from all that.  Now is the time to do the right thing.  And speak out and tell us where these practices are going on  and help us work with law enforcement so we can uncover these people so we can get our country back and we can get the souls back of all these broken children

48:13 Ash: And how many people are just too afraid to ever tell because, you know, they've been involved in something and , that's, that's , The Gospel is repentance, that the vilest offender who truly believes, a pardon from Jesus is received.

Audrey Harper - Satanic Ritual Abuse Victim Extraordinaire

48:47 Wedger:  Audrey Harper does say in her book (Dance with the Devil) she says she got dragged into satanism because she was a street prostitute and she was co-erced into it but she doesn't make any excuses, She said, 'I killed a Baby' and she says it in there, she's told the police.  She said they made me kill a baby.  (all nod their heads in agreement and say yes) and the police said; well she never did any time for it, and she did speak out.
49:11 Louise Dickens: Grandad wrote the foreward for that book.
49:18 Wedger:  Oh yes, he did, and it's called Dance with the Devil.
49:24. Ash:  How wonderful. What bravery for that woman. What bravery for that woman, you see, that's the freedom that the truth brings. But to actually write a book!
It inspires me so much.
49:48 Wedger. It's a hard book to read, a hard book.
49:47 Louise Dickens:  It is a difficult read, it is yeah.

The problem with this is that Audrey Harper's story of her time in a Satanic Coven has never ever been validated and I don't believe a word of it.  She is supposed to have spent 5 years in a Satanic Coven and only escaped when she got pregnant and claimed the 'Master' of the coven wanted to sacrifice it.  She later gave the baby up for adoption. She was hospitalised for drugs and then sectioned in mental hospitals.  She then married and lived a 'normal' life for years until 1986 when she was converted to Christianity, was exorcised and 'delivered' by Roy Davies of Emmanuel Pentacostal Church in Stourport, not a million miles from Doreen Irvine's Christian Centre in Yate, Bristol (see later).    Her early tales did not include claims of seeing a baby sacrificed (something you think she might mention at every juncture when dissing Satanism) but did involve tales of sacrificing chickens.  Coincidentally, stories of sacrificing chickens (which is not something Witches or Pagans ever do) also appeared in  Doreen Irvine's book 'From Witchcraft to Christ'.     As points out, for some reason the chicken got switched for a baby in Harper's book Dance with the Devil which Geoffrey Dickens wrote the forward for.  

In 1989 Audrey Harper appeared along with Doreen Irvine and Maureen Davies in a U.S. fundamentalist video promoting the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse titled. DEVIL WORSHIP and THE RISE OF SATANISM. The interviewer was Carol Matrisciana, an influential U.S. fundamentalist who had encouraged Lauren Stratford to write her book on her experiences as a self-identified SRA victim titled 'Satan's Underground'. It was the biggest selling such book of all time, but was later destroyed by other Christian journalists who proved it was a lie from start to finish.

So after spending FIVE YEARS in the thrall of a Satanic Coven Harper is unable to give us any names of any other SRA victims in her coven, she has not been able to name even one perpetrator, give any location of ritual sites where bodies are buried, show or lead the police to any paraphernalia or impedimenta connected with Satanism nor point out any addresses of anyone else in the group where she stayed.   Additionally what she does say reveals that she is entirely untutored in the terminology of Witchcraft and doesn't appear to know even the basic things about it.

She became a Christian in 1986 and joined Reachout as a star victim imposter in 1988 claiming to have seen satanists sacrifice A baby. That is: one baby in 5 years - what was this dastardly Satanic group doing the other 4 years 11 months and 31 days?. This shocking claim came out just in time for the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth.   Wedger, as usual makes another false statement to  his gullible audience and Louise and Vicky just go along with it. Harper has never claimed to have killed her own baby, her main allegation is that she was present at a ceremony where 'The Master' sacrificed a baby by slitting its throat.

Black AnnaIn her first big appearance (Chat magazine February 1988, see cutting right)  her identity was hidden and she was called 'Black Anna'. Claims of baby sacrifice were not made. Encouraged by Media gullibility and their omission to ask the most basic questions about her claims, by December the same year Harper's  accusations of baby sacrifice were far more bullish when she appeared on The Time and The Place (Border TV) discussion programme on SRA which caused a sensation across the press.  Surrey police had looked into Audrey's earlier accusations and ruled there was no case to answer, but the publicity surrounding TATP was massive and the hysteria overload made them investigate her claims a second time. However there was 'insufficient evidence' for the police and they dropped it.  In otherwords it was guff.

The SAFF wrote to Brian Hayes the chief constable of Surrey where Harper had claimed the murder had occurred.  We told him how dangerous the SRA myth was and asked if he would publish the results of the investigation to avoid any more false accusations.   If he had published his findings it  might have saved hundreds of victims of false accusations in the next 30 years but his Assistant Chief Constable ( who omitted his name on his squiggled signature) said. NO!  'I shall communicate with the proper authorities but the results will not be passed by me to yourself.'  So for the second time the police dropped the case and Harper was free to glibly tell tales of being an accessory to murder without being prosecuted for it.

Wedger, Louise Dickens and Vicky Ash think Harper is a marvellous person.  She was a Barnardo's girl, who was adopted by a Doctor's family but went wayward in her teenage years getting into drugs, prostitution and, apparently living in a London squat with drug-dealers etc. This dissolution nearly ended her life and she stayed traumatised with difficult relationships until she was converted to Christianity by Roy Davies.  Ya know what I think?  I think she rewrote her teenage years exchanging the reality of the Drugs Squat for a 'Satanic Group' and reinterpreted everything else to suit her new back-story.    That's what I think, but as Audrey doesn't seem to want to answer SAFF questions we will probably never know the truth.   

49:43 Wedger: And then we've got Caroline Brammall who goes out there and she therapises people with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

50:01 Ash: It used to be called Mutliple Personality Disorder (MPD) now it's known as Dissociative Identity Disorder where as a child you can't cope so you split off...

50:16  Wedger: Do you suffer from any of that?

50:18:  Ash:  Oh definitely, when I look back, without a doubt, I was always told I had a vivid imagination and was highly strung, i'm not surprised I was highly strung. Just always running, always running from myself. Everybody around this area has seen my journey. They saw my journey coming to church, I'm living proof (laughs) of the results of dealing with it because people saw me come to church and there would be trigger-words, because if I heard the word 'sin' I would be underneath the pews, because I used to remember they used to gather around me with their cloaks on and chant 'She's Sinned, She's Sinned, She's Sinned '. (Makes clawing gesture with hands) 'Punish her, Punish her, Punish her'  So you can imagine when i first went to church if I just heard the world 'Sin' I would just be instantly, you know, I think, seriously I was in my twenties then, I've got better things to do, than be scurrying around under the pews of a church, but they were trigger-words, and all these words, because they use mind control, they use hypnosis, mind-control and drugging so you don't remember where you've been, every single thing, for me it never, you know, it needs to be addressed, to save children, but for me personally, it doesn't , it's immaterial whether people who are watching now believe me or not, I know that I have told the truth, It is for you to get revelation of it. I have told the truth, and for me I can go to my grave, and my children my husband, that I've been with since I was 16, has walked the journey, my friends, that are still my friends today, all know that the whole journey has been a journey, of finding the truth that has set me free.

52:53 Wedger: So Vicky Does her Christian outreach work and it does get results and Vicky was one of the first pioneers in this and I first got to hear about her from UK Column many years ago and as a result more have come forward. ......   I've got a letter writing campaign that people write to these constabularies saying these things need investigating

57:48  Wedger:  Can you lead us out with a prayer Vicki?

57:50  Ash: Certainly, certainly,  .....Jesus you came to destroy the works of the Devil.....Don't blame it on God... It was the Devil who abused me.... Lord please give people the strength to come forward......The sacrifice of the Lamb and was told to smear the blood over the doorpost....Father I believe it's the name of Jesus and it's the pleading of the blood over our lives and our families that is that spiritual protection against Witchcraft... and father I pray for every Satanist that is bound, I pray for everybody that's involved and doesn't want to be involved,  I thank you that the vilest offender who truly believes are pardoned from Jesus. ..... Would  you do what only you can do and bring justice and hope for the survivors and victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse  In the mighty name of Jesus I pray.

Three Blind Mice Transcrip Ends:

Christian Gay Bashing and  A Definition of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

The SAFF does not claim that abuses do not occur.  We claim that Satanic Ritual Abuse is a figment of the imaginations of fundamentalist agitators, which I think we have amply proved above.   

The SAFF accepts that there was a clique of homosexuals in parliament in the 1970s / 1980s who may or may not have networked with each other and had sexual relations within the Gay subculture.  This was a secretive sub-culture because of the  laws against homosexuality which have thankfully been repealed.   Geoffrey Dickens was an out and out anti-homosexual gay-bashing bigot.  His work on trying to persecute gays is outlined here: 
Dickens' attack on Peter Hayman and the PIE scandal were part of this anti-homosexual campaign. 

In 1987 Dickens and other far-right Tory MPs got together in a campaign to stop the normalisation of homosexuality by introducing Clause 28  into the local government bill which made it a duty of local authorities NOT to promote homosexuality.   The MP who introduced this bill was fundie Dame Jill Knight who later joined Dickens' Witch-hunting campaign and organised lectures in Westminster for other MPs by Reachout Trust.  In one, members of the Gang of Five highlight false claims of abuse in Satanic Ceremonies.   )  and try to pass them of as evidence of SRA.

Anti-homosexuality campaigns and anti-abortion campaigns were the stock in trade of fundie activists at that time. Lord David Alton was heavily involved in campaigning to restrict Abortion throughout these years and also believed the lies about sacrificing children attached to the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse myth.  It can be clearly seen that the Myth of Satanic Abuse was a conflation of both of abortion and 'perversion' and enabled committed Christians to side-step the new laws liberating sexuality by piling the horrors they expected to occur onto an imaginary enemy,  Satan.   It's Gay-Bashing by proxy.

In July 1989 Audrey Harper, Satanic victim-imposter, and member of the Gang of Five, gives an interview to the discredited Cook Report special on 'The Devil's Work' which unveiled the first Satanic Abuse claims to the British public.  The interview amply proves SAFF 's contentions. In her statement she made disparaging comments about Satanists being homosexuals and lesbians.  Audrey Harper had inferred that homosexuality and satanic child  abuse were connected in her interview in The Cook Report The Devil's  Work. In fact the only complaint that the TV TIMES printed about  that programme was one from a gay man pointing out that it  is not a qualification of homosexuality to indulge in witchcraft  or child-abuse, whereupon a spokesperson for Central TV who produced the Devil's Work, apologised  in general to the gay community.

A year later, in June 1990  the Sun trashpaper ran a series  of articles critical of homosexuals. A few days later their letters  column predictably re-enforced these ignorant prejudices. Although the original  article had not mentioned any connection with Occultism one letter read: "Your excellent article mirrored my own view on this cult  (homosexuality). It scares me the amount of evil arising from  these perverts and the witchcraft followers who ruin young children and desecrate Christian beliefs." 

There is absolutely no doubt  that fundamentalists target homosexuality and in their own perverse  perspectives see homosexuality as a causal evil of Satanic Ritual Abuse.   As it is all done by proxy, so  casual outsiders don't see the truth of the matter. When SRAhunters seek to demonise and flay Satanist's alive, it is a projection, in their subconscious they are doing it to Gays.  It is the gay community they want to violently attack and destroy.

All this is very, very dangerous and it is about time MPs wised up, did their job, stopped grandstanding with these Pitchforkers and demanded that government and the police begin to see it for what it is, before the SRAmyth  claims more lives.

Essentially Satanism and Witchcraft are heterosexual and balanced in doctrine. If anything Satanism is strongly heterosexual not homosexual.  Whilst there are some gays involved they are in a minority.

For the sake of clarity and to avoid accusations of bias,  I point out that the two authors of this page are heterosexual. 


People who want to make accusations about Satanic Abuse should make sure that they understand the definitions for they will then understand how nonsensical the claims are.  

Allegations of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse means the abuse of  children in Satanic Rituals which are prescribed by the liturgy of Satanism.
There are no such liturgies in history. 
There are no current Satanic groups who espouse such rituals. 
No Satanists have ever been found using such rituals in the past 30 years. 
There is no pan-global satanic conspiracy to abuse children or adults.    
Most children are abused by ordinary perverts, the vast majority of which come from  Christian backgrounds because the vast majority of people in the West are Christians. 
Yet people don't go hunting for Christian Ritual Abuse because clearly the religion is peripheral to the abuse . 
People draw a sensible distinction between the mass of ordinary Christian folk who would never do such a thing, and a small minority of perverts who are an aberration and who DO abuse.
Why then invent the category of Satanic Ritual Abuse?
It is a SCARE tactic used by:
1: Fundamentalist Christians who require evidence of Satanism to confirm their own beliefs.
2: The Child-scare industry which gets more influence and funding the more they exaggerate threats of child abuse. 
Satanic Ritual Abuse does not exist.

By John Freedom with Tony Rhodes

Ambarvalia 2020


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